Cosmic ecstasy

Manager gave "good"Turbines roared and my ship soared into the sky. Soon the old Earth was left far behind. He opened before me in all its splendor of the Milky Way and thousands of brightly glittering, fascinating, shimmering in different colors and shades of stars. How long have I dreamed of this moment! It was my first flight as a space reconnaissance. Despite the fact that I'm only 33 years old, Centre for Intelligence and Mapping Galaxies posted it on my study of the nebula around a binary star in Orion.
Checking instruments and autopilot setting on one of the stars of the constellation, I decided it was time to get acquainted with the bio-robot, which I gave to fellow travelers, so he selected the different samples for analysis, and just would not let me get bored. I clicked the mouse on the monitor of the control panel and the ship in less than a minute later the door to the bridge slid open noiselessly and entered my "companion". As said Byasha, an employee of the Department of technical support, it was a new experimental model of the robot 9V-SS (with a cultivator program), which they dubbed "Anuta". I wonder why they decided that this would be a woman? I, of course, always with my little naughty - portable vibrator "Egorka", As I call it, but still: The man would not hurt.
-Hello - voice is not mechanical, and very feminine - my name is Anna, and, in this expedition, I'll be your subordinates.
-Okay - I resigned. Choosing not necessary.
The first day of the flight passed quickly. We Anya quickly made all current affairs and half sat and chatted, enjoying the beauty of the stars and planets whizzing past and change their color depending on the proximity to them. A fascinating spectacle!
Finally my biological day ended and I went to sleep. Ulёgshis undressed and into bed, I decided to indulge in a little pleasure for the night and reached for the box "Egorka". Taking it, I realized that I have a little bit excited. Holding it in his left hand and holding it on the pubis, the right hand, I clutched at his chest. My chest full of very sensitive. Sometimes it is even a hindrance, especially during operation. Before, I could go down, not even touching her pussy, but only "racking" caresses his chest.
So, caressing his chest with his right hand, I felt a huge rush of excitement. Preheat it that sex in space, among the stars - this I have not tried. Terzi chest, I abruptly shoved a vibrator into wet cunt, and he quickly earned there. Almost immediately I finished profusely, he was wound up so much. And at the crucial moment the door opens and Anya comes. For me, it was so unexpected that I stared in amazement at her, forgetting the included vibrator in her pussy. For a few seconds we stared at each other, then I came to herself, and, bursting into the paint, turned off "Egorka" and shifted his feet. Anya smiled and said:
-Sorry. Actually, I wanted to give you a relaxing massage at night.
"Great!" - I thought - "this I still was not even in my thoughts.
-Well - I said to her and rolled over on his stomach. The idea that I can fuck SHE is so spurred me that I have not had time to leave the excitement began to build with terrible force. The touch of her fingers to the back acted excitingly. I rolled over on my back and muffled asked me to massage the front. She began to hold hands on my stomach, gently touching his chest.
-Above - I moaned. She understood what I was able to gently touched my nipples., With the result that I fell into ecstasy and began to flow. Anna leaned over and kissed me passionately, like a man. Oh, how she kissed! That's what perfection! Then she some subtle movements began to caress my chest so that I ascends to new heights of bliss. But suddenly she plunged her hand down and touched my already wet hump clitoris. It made me immediately pull rapidly. Anna bent down and began to lick my selection, forcing me to fight in an orgasm and scream wildly.
After a few minutes of rest, I wanted more. YET . Reaching out to the cut of her dress, I squeezed her breasts, which the touch was very soft and pleasant. Then pull the breast out of her dress and pressed her to her tongue. Anya groaned (!) And moved to action. Throwing on my back, she again kissed me like no one has ever kissed. A new surge of lust gripped me hot wave of desire went up from within and spreads throughout the body. Anya widely parted my legs and said:
-Look, I'm going to do with you.
She became the one hand to compress my (rather big) butt and the other gently stroking my jaws wide-open vagina. I looked at it and realized that it is a long time can not continue. Liberally getting wet, I moaned deeper and still lingering. Anna slipped a finger into my asshole and began to bestir them there. Two other finger she began to push through my vagina, each time deeper and deeper. The feeling that I was fucked from both sides, and I see it, is so inflated my excitement, I started to bleed profusely, trembling all over. Anya fingers hooked into the vagina there was something that made me scream from the truly cosmic ecstasy. It seemed that it would never end. Realizing that I was running out, Annie pulled out of my fingers, kissed her gently on the cheek at night and went to the wheelhouse.
The window could see bright shimmering stars: With a happy smile, quite exhausted, I fell asleep, and I dreamed that I was in complete nirvana soar between them.