Svalny sin

It was the New Year in our office. Office - it's me, my friend
Victor, our boss Valery Andreevich and Oleg courier. And, of course,
better half of humanity - Lena and Marina, advertising managers.
Thirty-first, we decided to celebrate the official - at work, and have
then disperse to their homes.
At five o'clock we drove to VA with her daughter Nika - to look at not more than 16,
although the fact that she was 18, I knew for sure - to draw up documents to
privatization. Here we should say that we have an office elite. That is - is equipped with the latest technology in the center of the city, where even the very rich firm hold closet area is no longer a one-room apartment. Of course, I do not have oil in mind, those offices are not removed - build yourself.
In short, to celebrate the new year was close. TV, champagne,
quick blow to the head, jokes ... So we sat up to half
eleven local time, and suddenly discovered that transport is no longer walks, VA and also to drive Vityok not. Not that much to drink, but then runs into zealous traffic cop little joy. Besides that Victor, the boss to the personal security are very kind, the benefit that the company's profile - trade in the systems of the most security, it even promotes easy paranoia. VA I had to call his wife, Olga - too young, 25 years old, she had the Nike stepmother. She rushed - angry as hell. He broke into the office and shut the door from an excess of emotion.
Here is where the real trouble began. After all, we are trading systems
security, right? And in order to advertise that your office is equipped with Fort Knox. At the door we have - a cunning lock with timer. He locked the door - and it will open no earlier than twelve hours. Yes, and the light - that is to say electricity, as such, for greater safety and economy will turn off automatically. It is fortunate that the ventilation works in the old way - no air conditioning, otherwise suffocate long. Already happened ... adventure. Of course, there is a cell phone. That's only office is equipped with a system of forced jamming - also for promotional purposes.
Telephone ordinary luckily worked, but who to call? Lifeguards?
Taking into account the cost of the door ... it was decided to sit out the twelve
hours. Fortunately, it was not a lack of champagne and chocolates.
The scandal was, of course, terrible. But the darkness did not argue interesting. We are on
touch began to drink up what's left, my pants someone successfully
I opened a bottle of champagne, and I quietly got rid of the pants by placing
of the battery. The darkness, occasionally thin out toasts, quickly began to push. We ease some stories, and then - when all became either podrmyvat, whether portraying a dream, a hand dove into my pants. To my left I sat Oleg, right Nick, but ... it's still in the light. And since we are all in the dark several times changed, so everything crushed Marina's perfume in her purse. In rare, you know, strong-smelling - so that the sense of smell, apparently, all blocked. All scantily clad - roasting terrible all played havoc slightly.
That arm, the leg someone. That someone stroking my dick and playful
handle. Whether in a dream - a habit, whether intentionally. In such cases it is better to pretend to be asleep and to enjoy quietly. You can of course, be indignant, but why put a person in an awkward position? Cuckoo else oh so long! And down there, and the tab is already in the course went. I am thrilled, but the occupation and want to find their own hands.
Then someone - judging by his voice, Olga - tongue stuck in my ear.
- Valia, - she said - I know you here.
Whispers in the dark sound like a cannon shot, but obviously, VA decided not to speak - maybe it one of the advertising managers at this time
sucked. I turned my head, and for a while Olga and enthusiasm
kissing. It is not good, of course, but what confusion can come when
she will understand ... I have studied his hands chest Olga - we often walked version
it silicone. I have something in general do not care I for aesthetics, but
interesting. However, through the silicone bra is felt bad ... more so that his lips to the nipple, and I have not met him. No, you know, friends porn stars.
However, someone helped me - my hands have touched someone's fingers, and Olga turned eagerly licking it. I let his hands below waist woman, pulling her panties to mid-thigh and was taken aback, feeling there is, then there could not be, in principle, - protruding forward the elastic process. Olga gently slumped forward, clutching my shoulders arms, but he was faced with an invisible umelitsy, play with my member.
They began to feel each other, and I crawled out from under the bodies. Judging by
sounds, darkness lived their lives - sobbing, breathing, sheburshitsya,
nestling comfortably. Stretching forth his hands, I came across a delightful roundness of someone's ass. Zadok was resilient, appetizing, but hands down below, between my legs, I came across a smoothly scraped eggs and quite a man's penis. Immediately otdrnut hand I did not dare - or then not avoid finding out "who is my balls touched yesterday?" Hugged ass - do not know that for men, so it is a pleasure to stroke, but then the owner of shaved economy simply sat on my face. Front, according to the feelings, someone has sucked.
I fell on my back, pinned down by a male ass and the guy already strove to spread his anus on my nose. I twisted my head and stuck out his tongue. Falls into the ridiculous situation I do not want at all. Suppose a man thinks that he Marinka licking ass, and then I have a mouth rinse champagne. I turned the language of a tube and put it in the ass of this type - even to think did not want any of my co-workers hungry for "thumb". Man twitching, apparently ending - apparently invisible minetchitsa I sat right with me, providing fully offsetting the inconvenience tactile sensations - and fell to me by the head, right on their impressive buttocks.
Explicit winner female bust switched to me. I grabbed her by the waist, pressed his phallus to the thigh, touched his lips to the breast, found her lips. Nika - I found it on the hairstyle - all mouth was full of sperm. She frantically threw it in my mouth, slipped to the same nimble and clearly a skilled tongue, and we enthusiastically began to kiss. Another's semen running down our chins, and Nick hungrily chasing each drop of this cocktail.
Then Nick blindly crawled off somewhere to the side, and I - to Horny
limit, but did not finish, masturbate. The room already
filled with all the sounds of devotional love games pairs - one,
it seems, it is not hiding - so that the right attitude come immediately. I
Slide finger on his rod, regretting the fact that I do not see your
phallus. I always wanted to put it in his mouth.
And here I thought that after all my adventures today - that I,
in fact, I lose? All the same, his mouth already full of other people's good. Feeling in the dark someone's foot, I hairiness identified undoubted man, and stood over him on all fours - not to touch his own bolt head cupped lips. He licked. And then he opened his mouth
and slowly he took the dick in the throat - the most interesting was how it
happened. I repeated, feeling the roof slowly moves out of the way.
At this time, someone felt my balls, grabbed member, evaluating its
availability, and suddenly I felt his tongue in the ass. AND
He finished by this carefully in the outstretched palm. The man behind
vtr sperm my point. Feeling matter what comes, I tried
to escape, but this time, a guy who I did blow, grabbed my
head and again put his dick in my throat, stifling a cry of protest in
In my ass penetrated member - a slow but continuous motion. Holler allowed to stifle the pain just rushed into my mouth sperm.
I exhaled, spilling ... sperm pubis "client".
- Guys, I think, among us there are homosexual, - said right at me
Victor's voice. I almost swore.
- And that's not a secret, what we do? - surprise
muttered VA - And then I think - what a cool ass this boy! - Sounded a loud slap.
- I'm not a boy, I'm a girl - offended responded Marinka, who had all
reason to be proud of his mane of hair.
He heard laughter - one right in my ear. Gadnysh, taking
my ass rhythmically planting continued its bolt. Endurance from
Oleg - no one else - was still the same.
- And yet, who sucked me? - Said Victor, who loved
certainty. Apparently, the rumors that he Marinka and Lenka
fucked confirmed. Otherwise how then such knowledge on techniques
- And you hate? - Olga's voice sounded ... because of my back. With soul I immediately fell stone - a member of the panties on, what else ...
- But anyway?
- I'm a woman! - Reacted boss.
- I too ... probably - from behind I heard the voice of Oleg. I
chill. From trials with Victor Nick saved me.
- I suck at you, - she said crossly, appearing next to my
shoulder, and then clung to my lips. He interrupted for a moment and added, - I will not.
Someone giggled. In the depths of my virgin ass I hit tight stream.
- Olga - continued roll started VA Victor - You know, I'm not jealous. I relax?
- Oh yeah! - Olga gasped because of my back. - Oleg, do you like other people's butts?
- Breasts too - apparently, Oleg just bust caressed Olga - Even
if silicone. Olga turned without becoming to give someone fucked her.
- I hope you like my dick.
VA Finally laughed - apparently, for the sounds of passion, I took
carefully suppressed laughter.
- My Olga - a hermaphrodite! - He said, not without pride. - She wanted to
become a full woman, but she seems to have liked what she
there is now. Olga resoundingly slapped me on the ass.
- Now, if no one is shocked by this statement, I might add.
My partner - bisexual, so I recommend to use. Can you then tell me that fucking boss. Oleg, judging from the snap shaved too ... not a stranger. A Donut remained silent, because I had just robbed his virginity. Victor, you do not mind to fuck with me? The choice? I love you, or you me? I chuckled - it seems that our spontaneous Group leader appeared. And he whispered a few words of Nike. We kissed again - only member Victor caught between our lips.
Side hissed open the champagne.
- That's nice, - hissed from somewhere Lena side. - Do not forget More
fuck me. And then I somehow bypassed attention.
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