New Appointment

New Appointment
(Continuation of the "Moscow of pleasure" and "Fair Play")
Sasha And we do more to himself was not invited. And then he also moved much - that, in short, we had lost sight of each other. The puzzle over too many questions, we decided Alenka enjoy life and our new sexual relationship. We decided not to seek another special man, and if you are lucky to meet, then do not deny yourself the pleasure and him.
Impressions from the meeting with Sasha in Alenkin Birthday been good so much so that his wife could not not share them with your best friend Svetlana. And that, under any pretext asked for soon to visit us. She came with her lover Sergei. My wife and I set the table in the kitchen for the arrival of guests, the guys brought a drink. We quickly overturned by a pile of cold vodka and conversation flowed very naturally. It soon moved to Svetku exciting subject - group sex. Not so easy when Sergei was talking about our zksperemente because Alenka we saw it only the second time in his life. But vodka has done its job, and we reminisce. Suddenly I caught sight of Sergey open on my wife. It was a sweet view of the hungry man to a pretty woman, and inaccessible. In his eyes, it was an irresistible desire to try a female newcomer.
Here he Excitement! Long live his Majesty the excitement! Alenka embarrassed, trying not to meet with Sergey eyes and looked at me then that his girlfriend, who had not noticed the tension that hung in the air. I grew in my chest, which then murmur. I was happy that my half still like other men. I was pleased and proud of it. Word for word, was over a second bottle of vodka and wine. And time after midnight. Guys zasobiralis leave. In parting, we kissed. Sergey Kiss Alenka somewhat delayed, and Svetlana napuscheno jealously pulled his arm toward the door. They thanked us for our hospitality and promised to phone soon, gone.
Get organized in the kitchen, we went to bed, because to work to get up very early. But there was something I could not sleep. Alenka also tossed from side to side and could not sleep.
- You do not sleep - I asked in a whisper.
- No - she replied
- Did you notice the way he looked at you? Probably obkonchalsya whole.
- Yah you. And nothing that was not just watched as the men usually look and all - said Alenka
- Uh no. ... I think he'll call you. And how do you do it, like it?
- How to say to you? But do not be angry, okay? Sasha, in my opinion, was more interesting.
All - taki something stung me in its answer and I said, "Okay, enough talk. Sleep time to "turn away from his wife and quickly fell asleep.
After the meeting, it passed two weeks. One day before the rest day, on Friday, late in the evening, my wife and I looked kakoy- the movie on TV. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I went to open it. What was my surprise when I saw on the threshold of Sergei. He was all covered with snow, with crimson cheeks and how the bundle in her arms.
- Hello! I've walked past your house, terribly cold and decided to look to you
at the light - warm up a bit. Do not banish? And this is to stolu- - and handed me a bundle
- Come on! - I answered him with a smile firmly shaking hands and offering gesture enter.
- The hostess, greets guests! - I called the room
- Oh, Sergei ?! - Surprised and happily exclaimed Alenka went out into the corridor.
She walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek. Sergey modestly kissed, gently pushed her away, saying, "Wait, I at least wanted a coat and then covered in snow and cold", quickly hung his coat on a hanger and gently hugged landlady.
- As if the familiar one hundred years - it flashed through my mind - I wonder if they could have seen and after our meeting, but I do not know about. No, it can not be. Alenka be told.
We immediately went to the kitchen. I put the kettle on, Alyonushka quickly found than to treat nocturnal visitor. The convolution was a bottle of vodka and a bottle of good cognac "Metakhim". Drunk on ryumashki almost immediately for another and warmth spread through his veins corporal. Sergei immediately flushed from the cold and is alive again. Alenka sip drank cognac. Guest pounced on the food, and we are continuing to look at him in surprise, wondering what really brought him to us at this late hour? The conversation somehow turned itself on sexual themes and the men realized that their views are the same. What is the role of women in the main love games. That is, all only on request of the woman should happen and never with violence. If a woman accepts a variety of sex, and a variety, it is permissible. If not, then - no. We rasfilosovstvovalis guest on this subject, and Alenka silently listened to us without ceasing to laugh at our reasoning, only occasionally inserted into the conversation of one or two words.
Time inexorably nearing midnight. Outside, the storm howled and the December frost was intense. The bar has dropped over -25 degrees. Sergei looked at his watch, and Steels going away.
- Can we spend the night? And then, as you get to the house, because it is too late? -predlozhila Alain - plenty of space, do not hesitate ...
- If it's convenient, and you do not mind, perhaps ... - I replied the guest.
- Well, that's great. I'm vidachek charged, we have something - what's new - I said, and went into the room to prepare the video and Alain took up the dishes.
Guests we did not expect and, therefore, the bed was already spread out. I just spread a blanket and pillow knocked lightly. And it's not the same to fill it at night looking ?!
After going through hundreds of tapes in our vidioteke and prepared to "auditorium", I went to the kitchen for the children.
Just I opened the door and stopped dead in his tracks. Alenka stood in front of Sergei on widely spaced legs, and looking into his eyes, pawing his hair, and he was sitting in his chair, one hand touching a thin cloth coat her ass, obviously trying to push a narrow strip of thong to one side and your fingers reach the still unexplored their slits. His other hand expertly caressed the beautiful breasts of a young woman, pulling her out of the bra through the unbuttoned neckline gown. From time to time he stroked hemisphere gentle fingers, took the nipple into his mouth and sucking it, biting it lightly, teasing them with his tongue, looking straight into the eyes of the mistress of the house and watching her reaction. Omitted Alenkina eyelashes fluttered languidly, and from bare chest muffled moans escaped. Sometimes he selflessly sucked her large brown nipples, trying to take them into his mouth both. She, from the flood of sensations, nipples petting tongue of another man, shameless game of his hands on my body, and the piquancy of the situation, when at any moment may come her husband, sometimes the legs gave way, and he had to support her buttocks and breasts. And it is at this time strongly pressed in a strong kiss on his lips. It seemed to me that his wife was not simply crouches on his hand, as it were strung on something. Apparently, Sergey, at which point it turned to get a finger in her womb, and he slowly Alenushka potrahival.
I wonder how it would have ended up if I had not come for half an hour?
They did not immediately noticed my presence and I could some time to observe what is happening
Alenka suddenly turned around and saw me, and pulled away from Sergei in one motion and hiding the chest odernuv robe. He had tried to hold her, but he saw me, too, and did not do, but only removed his hands and lowered his flushed face to the floor.
- Well? We go into the room? You produced the film - severely embarrassed bombarded me with questions from several huddling breath and crimson face Alenka.
- And not only ... I have for a long time everything is ready - with a smile, I said, look showed them to his standing member of the stake and totally not going to a scene of jealousy.
- Then let's go - he said his wife, gently patting me on the tubercle ... his pants and
all laughed. Tension has been removed.
Sergei and I sat on the sofa exploded with his back to the carpet on the wall, and he apologized for his arrogance, and then with genuine admiration, began to admire my wife, her breasts, her hips. Alenka ran to the bathroom to freshen up, and soon joined us. Settled down on the bed so we that Alenka was closely clamped male bodies. It was an easy, short robe with a deep neckline, through which I have always loved to look at her amazing breasts and, of course, it was without underwear. We have incorporated Vidic and extinguished the light. All were brought to the limit.
The film was beautiful. In its 18-year-old girl he went in search of adventure. She was liberated. And sexual adventures happened to her at each change of the place of her stay. The film is very beautiful. Beautiful tanned body, sea, nature and sex could not give us a chance to watch it until the end.
Shortly after the start of the film, I caught the quivering breath wife and corner of his eye he saw her eyelashes trembling, and Sergey again Alenka develops chest gently stroking her and tickling the insurgent through robe nipple. guest's hand moving slowly from the chest to the knee stopped at the edge of his robe as if waiting for permission to touch the body underneath. I turned my head and looked at his wife, showing that see everything. Alenka smiled and how - is either asking for, whether with expectation and prayer, looked at me askance, not even trying to remove his hand. In response, I exposed the other breast and began to fondle her under the eyes of Sergei. A shiver went through her body. Alenka very erotic gasped, closed her eyes and grabbed my arm. She swam ... She wanted a man physically. I have always been pleased with this state of his wife. So I just put her hand on his shorts, and she immediately grabbed my rebellious member. Sergei realized that this all obstacles cleared, began to caress his leg Alyonushka, running his hand under her robe and, by reaching, he pressed his finger on the button of her swollen clitoris. "Sssssss" - she sucked in her breath.
Wife pussy was completely wet. It flowed like a real bitch. And it was great!
Alain languidly moaned.
This gave us the signal to start the action. Sergei and I jumped off the couch and quickly undressed, dropped their clothes on the floor. Then he carefully lifted the woman's waist and pulled up on the edge of the couch, and I took up the release of his wife from interfering over the robe. She surging ecstasy, wagging her hips, what drove our excitement to the limit. Alenka lay between us taking his beautiful pens both of our highly excited member and slightly podrachivala them.
This riser I had not experienced for a long time. Sergei kissed her passionately, kissed and caressed his tummy, then, kissing thighs, he moved to his feet and then he had already passed his knees. I stayed for kissing Alenkina breast and shoulder. My hands frantically rushed through her body, lightly touching the thighs and squeezed unparalleled hemisphere, pinching the nipples. Alenka dpozhala all over with sweet languor .. breathing was frequent and passed in sweet moans, her nipples harden in highly excited and sticking straight up, and his eyes half-open eyes was veiled veil. Sergei knelt in front of the sofa, pulled Alenka even closer to the edge and widely spread her legs. At first she instinctively tried to connect them, but Sergei did not let the knees closed, and a young woman no longer try again.
Alenka threw freed his hands behind his head, thus giving your body and whole self under our caresses.
Dropping in to kiss her feet Palchikov, Sergei went back up and clung to the inner thighs, and continued to rise relentlessly with kisses to the coveted bud. I engaged her chest on the rights of the owner: kissing beautiful hemisphere, gently biting nipples, put together a breast and captured both the papilla in the mouth at the same time. In Alenushka ekstazno mouth fell open. It is that - whispering something, but I could not make out the words. It was clear that the woman is very good and so I have not asked again. Suddenly she grabbed my head in his hands and all arched.
- Oh, Mom - she cried and then fell over the body on the bed - my God, how good it ... Mm-hmm ... - and tightly closed her eyes.
This Sergei meanwhile, got his tongue to Alenkina petals and deep into her vagina juices expiring. Only once in her womb, he felt the pleasure she opened the thigh, letting his head to his wet shiny treasure. At the same time he began to drive his finger around her still virgin anus gently pushing it gently and trying to enter a finger in the ass wife. she could no longer hold back the moans. I have attached my languishing member to her mouth. Alenka immediately swallowed it almost completely and started to suck. Sucking it selflessly, with a loud smacking.
Licking every crease Alenkina slits, Sergei gave her an incredible feeling. A button of still waiting for their moment. And then, finally, it happened! He gently licked the bead of the clitoris. She did not pull away, did not flinch, and only spread her legs even wider, making it easier to access it. It became clear that the clitoris can be enjoyed close. Sergey liked to spend on it, barely touching, and then fast, accurate licking movements make a woman more passionately sucking dick husband and her nipples harden.
She shuddered all over, extremely arched, almost sitting on meeting our affection and for the first time came. She let out a loud guttural moan, like a howling females during mating and fell exhausted on the bed.
Sergei spread his legs a little wider and a young woman touched the entrance of her womb his rather big member. No, it was not very long, 20 centimeters, no more, but the thickness of ... at least 6cm. in diameter. Adhering to the elbows, he several times ran it on lips sex my wife up - down, smearing grease escaping across the vaginal strip, then stopped at a button and cherished Alenka stiffened, froze in anticipation of his actions. . She stopped sucking my boyfriend and I even pulled his dick out of her mouth, looking at Seregin cooking. Sergei pressed x ... m waiting for the male, live, hot vagina member slowly introduced mushroom head in pussy juices expiring wife, stopped for a moment and suddenly thrust it drove him on the most eggs.
Alenka screamed, not in pain, not with surprise, and he has become a powerful impetus, increasing speed to drive his fat, languishing in waiting womb. Her feet flew from it over the Sergei and fell on his back. He fucked her with inspiration, cool, with a throaty growl. With his mouth dripping saliva hungry beast. He fucked her and on the other it can not be named.
- Alenka, I hurt you? - I asked carefully
- "Sss ... cccc ... .ssss ..." - three times the time to draw in air.
"Ah ... ... oaaa uaaaahhh" - his wife was trying to breathe shaking with tremors
-No ... it ... t ... - she shook her head and her beautiful tresses rasplelis completely.
- Uh ... ... sho..oo ... ...
She wanted to see what is so powerful rams her pussy. She raised herself on her elbows and looked. Sergey just pulled penis from the vagina and showed it to her for a moment. "Oooy ouh ... ..." - escaped her and she fell back.
Returning your body in the mouth wife, I, squeezing the tender breasts, watched Sergei furiously almost an animal fucked my home girl. This was beautiful! He inserts his monster it to its full length. Then I take out, so that one could see it drop of grease on his head .. Then, a strong sweeping drives the blow it back. And in the stillness of the night you could hear just as his balls slap on the crotch of his wife, smacking her pussy, but it stuck to our breathing. Each push of his wife trembled all over, fed up and sit down on my x ... d so that it rested against her throat. Realizing that for a long time can not stand, I took her by the hair and began to just stick to your ... Alenka trunk. A few seconds later I was discharged in the mouth of his wife, her face pressed to his pubis. She had never swallowed sperm, but now the options were not, and all the drink got it deep in the throat. Alenka choked him, shook her head, trying to get rid of a foreign object in the mouth. I took the gun discharge. Sperm were many, very strong jet. Her neck was flooded. She swallowed convulsively, trying not to choke. Swallowing every drop, she leaned back on the pillow, swept on it, long, very thick and beautiful hair and focused on the sensations in the vagina.
"Mmm ... Aal ... chi ... Shh ... ki ki ... Ka ... ... e hedgehog ... is ... you ... ... oyyyyy aaaaaayyyyy .... mmaa ..maaaaaa .... "- lamented Alenka.
Sergey at this time even for a second did not interrupt his action and continued to hammer away mercilessly hole of a beautiful woman. He then stepped up the pace to a frenzied, then shook so slowly that it seemed he had fallen asleep and was about to stop altogether. Alenka blissfully moaning, strongly arching to meet Sergey and uttering loud groans with every jolt. Beneath it has formed a huge wet spot on the juice, violently, sometimes with the murmur emanating from the vagina. She ran as the last knot and the current flavor of the female rapidly filled the room. He stupefies us and inflamed even more.
Sergei suddenly stopped, and after a moment continued to act, but even at the introduction of each of the vagina he did rotational movement of the hips clockwise, simulating the movement of the drill. Deep into the woman he strongly pressed against the pubis to the clitoris, what drove her crazy. Alenka no longer moaning. She sobbed, responding to every man's body pressure. Her face streaming tears of pleasure. I put his hand under his wife's ass and touched a finger to the crotch and bottom of her vagina. It was revealed, as if he wanted to cry out with the mistress, "Oh-oh," to meet this powerful tool, pecking her twenty minutes without stopping to rest. Her lips then wrapped inside combination with the member Sergei, on the contrary stretched out behind him as he left, if he did not want to part with him. At the same moment, Alenka large trembled all over, and let out a loud prolonged cry. She came back ....
It was the cry of the female satisfied strong male. Alenka fingers clutched Sergei's back and strongly pressed him to her. She dug her lips to his lips and her tongue began furiously to host in his mouth dried up, quickly moistening it with his current abundant saliva. Accidentally my finger felt all guest member of hardness. He was hard as stone. Sergei groaned, but could not finish. Alenka is finished already three or four times, but did not want a man came out of it and clenching his legs on his back trying to stop him. He took out his monster-taki, despite a plea not to leave the vagina, but not for the rest, she thought with regret Alenka.
-Give Me a some sort of cream - he asked me.
- What for? - I asked
- Now uvidish- replied with a smile and kissed Sergei Alenka lips. He walked first hands over her breasts, then kissed her neck and playfully sticking nipples, kissed navel.
I handed him a tube of children's cream.
Rising from the woman, Sergey took her by the waist and turned and put her crustaceans, causing stretch your hands on the wall. After collecting a drop of grease flowing from the vagina and squeeze a large portion of the cream, it is abundantly smeared her anus.
All realized in fright Alenka wagged her ass.
No, do not you dare, do not, do not want to, I'm afraid I'll never, no ... she begged for mercy.
But Sergei did not listen. He gripped the frightened woman, still abundantly and thoroughly lubricate it will not touch me ever cave and his monster.
- Help me - he asked me - hold it, so as not struggled, and then it will be very painful, and I want to do everything carefully and that she liked.
Sergei heard the plea and the woman, seeing her genuine fear, saying: "Quiet, quiet, girl, do not be afraid. everything will be alright now. Do you really like it, you'll see. If you suffer a little bit, the whole life then you will thank me and ask for more time to take you in the ass. "
Almost wife sitting on a horse and hugging her waist, I deprived her of the possibility of escape. She cried and begged for mercy.
- Maybe you should not be? I really do not e ... l it there has never - I said.
- Do not worry, man, I'll do fine. Then and there he will not be removed, believe me - said Sergey.
Finished lubricate its rear opening, and his penis, he introduced her first one finger and began poddrachivat back of imitating the act. His wife cried out in sharp pain. "Quiet, quiet, quiet patience. You're the clever "- imperative he kept repeating.
Gradually, the hole was slightly opened and he entered to the second, and soon a third finger. Alenka has not ceased to weep and moan, moan but was quite another. He is, l ... her fingers, then entering the straight, twisting them in the ass. When the nest was like a black eye, Sergei leaned neopavshy your dick to the ass of my wife. Gently, lightly pressing down on the chocolate spot he entered her head in. Alenka shook her head and howled louder, but more out of fear than pain. Sergei was in no hurry. Alenka Having become accustomed to foreign objects into the anus and, waiting for the woman to calm down a bit, he continued the pressure and his cock slowly but surely began to fill the new hole, opening to all of us one more page of sexual pleasure. He parted her buttocks as widely as possible in order to facilitate their entry and reduce her pain. I reached for her clit furiously and his fiddling, thereby distracting his wife from the innovations. Going for another 2-3 cm, he paused again, then another 2-3 ... He did it gently, trying not to hurt standing in front of him a woman with cancer, although everything was very well lubricated, but let it not just penetration. The entrance was extremely narrow.
"YYMM ... mmm ... aah ... ayy ..." - he lowed his wife, but now no longer tried to escape. Sergei moved slightly back and Alenka sigh of relief, thinking that he comes out of it. But a moment later, he again moved his hips forward and moved deeper. Soon he was pressed to the pubis of her buttocks, and eggs laid on them the same broken-down slot.
And again on the way out, and then all the way ... Slowly, slowly ... And more and more, more ... become free ... The woman stopped crying. She seemed to be listening to yourself, your feelings and only tihonichko whines as he moves forward. And now, the first groan of pleasure flew from the lips of my female woodcocks.
- Wee ... di ... wb ... - said Sergey broken whisper - her by the NRA ... ... form ... moose ...
Judging by the sounds, which published a wife, this was indeed the case. She began to breathe more often and louder moan.
Sergey more than half took out his penis and stopped. Breathing woman calmed down. He gently stroked her back, hips, gently poshlepyval ass, caressing the underbelly and spoke kind words, but did not shake. I was playing with the nipples of his wife, kissing her neck and shoulders and patting on the head. How I was surprised when I saw that Alenushka she leaned her backwards to meet earrings. But he did not give her so simply strung to your h ... th and stopped her in the ass. She repeated the attempt, but again he did not let her.
- But why…? - Languid and upset his wife asked.
- This should do the man himself - said Sergey
Alenka put her head on his chest and sheets. I straightened up, suddenly, Sergey, at this point, that there are forces vdul her his monster nasty blow to the pubis of her beautiful ass. She screamed, and after about five strokes of the men began to actively podmahivat Sergei into the rhythm, one hand caressing her clitoris and deeply nasazhivayas on his penis. Sometimes, when it became particularly pleased it with pleasure through the teeth sucked in his breath, "Sssssss" and "Aaaaaaahhhhh" - he exhaled back. The smile of bliss are now played on her face.
I lay down under the wife withdrew her hand and began to lick her clit, his hand caught her nipples. Flying eggs were another right before your eyes. I saw his monster rammed the back of my wife. He caught her grease droplets flowing from the vagina ... and saw ekstazno breathed her tummy. And it soon exploded another very powerful orgasm. From broken-down vaginal juices flowed like water from a faucet. It seemed to me that his wife has ceased to think, what to do and who.
To give it a rest, I decided to help a friend to hurry to finish and took both of his balls in her hand and rolled them. He immediately roared like a wounded animal and shot his sperm flow directly into the rear opening of my wife. It was very much part and, while he was still pumping, with members coming to disperse before the invasion of this tired hole, dripping on the sheets. When Sergei finally took out his monster, we had seen how much of gouging hollow ran white trickle.
- Well, now it is you have a real woman. Come on you, until it was closed - Sergei told me breathless and showed a nod to the disclosure of the new gate of his wife.
- No, let him rest a little. She is tired. The night is long. - I said, helping his wife to get a more comfortable bed.
Gently kissed and thanked Alenka, we went next to the devastated female sex. She also said we thank warmly kissed us both and just mash the ends of our fallen. Our hands are lazy and a little wearily slid over her breasts, slightly twisting and pinching the nipples, and stroking slowly calming the stomach, fingering the curls of pubic and excitedly hurried to touch her cunt, not forgetting to touch, as if by accident, to the delicate buttons of the clitoris, and she each time because of it shuddered convulsively.
We rested no more than fifteen minutes talking about swinging, change and diversity in sex and, of course, learning about feelings Alyonushka - if there was any pain or just unpleasant moments.
Alenka was ecstatic. She woke up a little and soon ran into the bathroom. True as that put legs clumsily. Then I also went to freshen up. When I came back, I saw my wife lying on Sergei, and he was hugging, caressing and stroking her ass back. Whose dick is already fully prepared in anticipation of the continuation of merrymaking and peeking between her legs shifted presses it to the lips of the vagina cloistered our common on this night the woman. They are about something quietly talking and kissing. I lay down next to them, and also ran a hand over the back of his wife. She leaned over to me and kissed me on the lips. Sergey freed from under the woman and went to the bathroom.
- How are you? - I asked Alenka
-As in a fairy tale - she told me - he's so cool ... And fuck your affection as always superb. All the bubbles are still nice and underbelly languishes. Ass aches ... Thank you for Sergey, for the pleasure and for the fact that you have been all this time there! You are so cool and so much fun to complement each other. And she kissed me gently caressed my cock.
He stood for a long time I have, and I was eager to visit the nests even my half. I slid down and spread his knees Alenkina. Breathing deeply steamy aroma bouquet smells of podmytuyu pussy, I kissed all his mouth to her cunt and kissed passionately. The woman answered me groan. Taking the button of the clitoris in my mouth, I sucked and playing language for a long time did not let him. Suddenly I felt a torrent of bitter and salty liquid filled my mouth. It finished Alenka. Waiting until dry up the magical creek
I lifted her hips, put on his knees, and stood behind her, one thrust drove his penis into the vagina, causing her to scream, bent and shook all over, clutching his best labia my cock. I realized that she had reached the peak of orgasm, and for a while gave her pleasure to enjoy. When it is more or less came to myself, I began to fuck her with such violent force that she could not resist and shouted.
I returned from Sergei soul. I must say that it was a ram vertically! He brought it to his face Alenka and it sucked! Gradually, his wife came to talk and actively earned over his rod, then toying with the head, then a member of the force pushing down his throat. The pace became faster, sucking sounds were heard from both sides.
Taking her by the hair, he just became much stick my wife on my end.
I ofigel from such a spectacle and earned twice as fast. Head incredibly swollen and vagina more tight, tight on my end. Eggs shriveled in the bag. And I shot. So much I still did not take ever. My wild roar broke the silence of the night. And at that time a member of the guest Alenka released from his mouth, fell face down on the bed, gripped the handle in the jaws and began to beat in orgasm saying: "Yes, more, more, escheeeeeee !!! Oh, my God, yet !!! Come on!!! Come on!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! Come on !!!
The orgasm was devastating. She was lying face down on the bed, lifted high ass wanted to fall next, but I do not let her.
I invited Sergei to take my place. I hold her limp thighs with your hands until it poddrachival its end, and when Sergei put her and rhythmically earned, and began to kiss and caress her back, caught the papillae in the palm of your hand, and then kissed right in the Discard cloudy with delight the eyes and surprised that continues to happen. At this time, Sergei, too, for a long time was not enough. Five minutes later he was bringing Alenushka until the next orgasm, took the barrel when discharged from her vagina. White trickle flowed from the cave unobscured. Alenka collapsed on the sofa with a beatific smile and a tired face.
Dawns. We had to leave. Sergei went into the shower and began to dress. Alenka sat on the couch and sad. Agree on the next meeting was not necessary. And so everything was clear - it was not far off.
But this next story.