These are the pies. Part two. The storm and its aftermath

Olga, without delay, rushed to the balcony, as it is naked, and quickly gathered a T-shirt and a pair of my panties. (And when she managed to wash them?) Back in the room, she brushed a strand with a sweet face and stretched. Raindrops ran over the body and dripped onto the floor.
- Mermaid, as it is a mermaid, luring into his arms, from which not refuse - I told her and Fedor confirmed my mood.
- Similarly, sex maniac, - Olga giggled and tugged at Fedor.
Fedor immediately wanted to get to know, but at this moment a flash of lightning and a crash.
- Let's close the window, but it still flies, - Olga has proposed to close the window and ran to the kitchen.
- Who flies? - I asked, closing the large window in the room.
- Who is who - the lightning, I'm not the same - said, joke, Olga, and something fell in the kitchen. - The potato is almost ready. There will be?
- And, let's - I agreed. - There, I have a beer in the fridge, so we ...
Complete response did not give me a call at the door. We darted in finding decomposed in this case things - shorts and robe. Olga, as always, I quickly got dressed and, without waiting for I will wear shorts, ran to the door. Cursing, I ran into the bathroom and, to determine where to where the ass, put on shorts. These "bisexual" shorts Olga bought me and giggled when it turned out that I was again confused the side. But the shorts were cool, light, with mesh on the sides, not just for our hot tropical continental latitudes sharply.
The hall rustled, splashed her bare feet, and when I came out of the bathroom at once stumbled on the wet Svetka. She was not even wet, and the impression was that it plunged into the pool, and then put in the middle of our apartment. Short light skirt "Death to pensioners", a wide red belt, supertransparency T-shirt, all tightly clung to her figure and shows what kind of underwear dressed on it today. And today was dressed exactly underwear, which I like. Lacy, delicate, causing it to stay in touch, and that's so cute camouflaged them. Olga began to command.
- Light, let's get undressed and in the tub, and then prostynesh - is it. - Well, what are you doing up? - This is me. - Let's get on the table covering.
Olga, not paying attention to me, busily pulled with no resisting Svetka shirt, exposing her breasts in her bra, through the openwork fabric which is made by the two beads nipples. Pleasant sight.
- Come on, come on - it drove me to the kitchen, and she dragged Svetku in the bath.
There's a long time splashing water, the girls giggled, and I set the table. Herring, potatoes, plus fresh herbs on top and a little oil, then cut lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, set up the plates, put the glasses with beer. It seems everything is ready.
In the kitchen came Olga. Bathrobe it was wet on his chest and stomach and relief encircle it. Inspecting the readiness of the table, Olga kissed me on the cheek, and whispered:
- Now disguise - I ran into the room.
Meanwhile rain kept falling, lightning flashed, becoming darker. The bathroom door opened and there was Svetlana. Flushed with hot water, dressed in Holguin gown (oh, why she gave her exactly this very sexy and my favorite) Sveta plopped into a chair and leaned back, propping up the wall.
- How are you managed? - I asked, trying not to look at the charms shine through tissue.
- Do not believe it when got on the bus, it was the sun, and so reached the stop, so it began to rain. First stood under a canopy, but soaked, decided to come to you. Cold rain.
Behind the window at that moment much it crashed and hit a new wave of rain on the window.
- And whips? - She asked.
- Not just gushing, - said Olga, going into the kitchen - and even enhanced. So, I have to sit in the dark.
- Why is that? - I asked.
- Since the light was cut off, - Olga snapped.
I looked around and looked in the fridge. He greeted me with the silent darkness of the cameras. Indeed, there was no light.
- I go for candles - suggested I walked into the room.
In the twilight Olga stood in the kitchen aisle and stood out in this silhouette that it was hard to miss the.
- Come on, honey, let's see together - I suggested, grabbing her around the waist - and after your cleanups will not find anything.
- You see, - asked Olga to Svetka - that it is hard women share - to live with a tyrant.
- You said earlier with a sex maniac? - Making anxiously repeated Sveta.
He chuckled and shook his head, I went into the room. They laughed behind my back and Olga, his hands on my shoulders, and went after him. Leaving the room, I turned to her, pulled her to him and pressed softly asked:
- Why give her the nightgown?
- The first thing that came to hand, and only then to see realized. Do not disguise it well? What lures? I want to cuddle? A? I hope Fedor does not lash out at the table? - She felt through the fabric shorts my cock and gently pressed her hand.
Then I noticed that she wore a translucent nightgown. In that chest, lower abdomen, in short, all the right places are open, or rather, covered by a patterned transparent fabric.
- Absolutely, fool, I decided to bring to mind? - I whispered, pressing her to poluvstavshemu Fedor.
- Brakes, brake, sex maniac, - she whispered, getting rid of my hands. - Candles, in my opinion, in the bottom drawer of your desk.
Candles really are in the bottom drawer. There I found and matches. Olga also rattled the bar and pulled out glasses and a bottle of whiskey. Surprisingly Myk with my hand followed the simple and disarming answer:
- A warm up?
Well, where are warm when the heat on the street? But, just drink I did not mind, and even beyond. Meanwhile darkness prevailed. Although the rain and it was already so much, but dark clouds were moving back and forth with great speed. Even the thought that someone bothers them on a whim. It was getting dark.
Sitting in the kitchen, wrapped Svetlana lower edge in nightie and climbed on a chair with his feet. Her bare knees, neck and half-open chest gleamed in the coming tantalizingly polusumrake. She had called his parents to tell how she got wet, and it obviously will spend the night with us. Olga, continuing the conversation, confirmed this and giggle about something with her mother hung up. I put the candle on the table and began to throw out them candles. They stubbornly refused to become, and by joining forces, we Svetka finally set them in sconces. Touching hands Svetka, I felt their warmth and involuntarily squinting eye in the incision, or rather, in the crucified nightie in which the elastic fourth the size of the chest to the beat of repeating all the movements Svetka. Olga poshurshat something in the fridge, took out the ice, chopped it, making jokes about Chubais and his collusion with nature. Once again, he slammed the refrigerator door and pulled out ... mustard. These sounds create a pleasant fuss dinner by candlelight in the kitchen. When we sat down, a flash of lightning and a crash so that the alarm went off at once for all machines. That under such a racket we drank, ate. Then he drank and then ate again. outside machines to rend, and the hosts jumped peak alarms, trying to calm down the machine. Olga again, reached into a dark refrigerator, pulled out and began to cut smoked while talking to us standing in a half-turn. The topics were all sorts, we quickly jump from one to another, neighing. It was fun, and half a bottle of whiskey strange, but quickly ran out. Whether from drunk, whether from a flickering candle flame seemed to me that Olga is all naked and Svetkina nightie has become even more transparent and delicate, and her charm have become even clearer. I shook my head and put the empty bottle on the table.
- Something a little, - stated Olga, putting on the table a plate. - It is necessary to add.
- A? - I was surprised. - Add?
- Aha, - he has confirmed Olga and looked at Svetka. - How are you?
- Normally, still I want - confirmed Sveta and pulled a face, from which we went from laughter.
- Okay, I will go; I will - I agreed and went to the room.
Rustled in the room brought a candle, took a brandy. Returning along the way went to the bathroom to wash his hands, as the run into some sort of cream or whatever, I am looking for a bottle. Olga loved to throw open Kremnica, tubes and so on. Hobby is called. Bathroom in the light of the candle was mysterious. Polusumrak through which hung stood out male and female underwear, surrounded me, bewitching his darkened nerazgadannostyu. Attach the candle, I began to wash his hands. Turning his head in search of towels, he saw right in front of the bra, who suddenly smelled some fragrance from which I spun in my head. Looking closely, I realized that this part of the intimate toilet Svetka. Right there and hung her panties, the same tasty and tender. And then I so wanted to take it off with her, feel the trembling body under my hands, freed from the imaginary protection clothes. Taken aback, I sat on the edge of the tub and wiped sweat suddenly. Fedor knocked actively trying to escape, but I took a deep breath, calming him. BUT I sucked together with air and take in this fragrance that made me even more spun and Fyodor actively stirred.
"What the hell!" - I thought to myself and splashed in the face with cold water.
It has got also to Fedor, after which he began to subside and complacency. When I was in the kitchen, the refrigerator shuddered and rumbled. The bathroom light flashed, flashed zero hours.
- Light was given - happy girls - can and listen to music. But light is light is not necessary.
Olga ran into the room and dragged the radio. Putting it on the kitchen butcher's table, she turned on her favorite CD - Frank Sinatra. I knew that the sisters had a passion for the singer distant and unnecessary to me America, and so I bought a present and one or the other set of compacts with concert recordings of Frank. we uncork a bottle of the song "Stranger in the Night" and slapped for another. Nenazoylivo singer sang about their feelings and some kind of unexpressed grief, we are having fun talking and more slipping to a dangerous point, after which the topic of conversation became more and more the ambiguous, almost to the point. Passing through which events developed in two directions - either in bed or in philosophical discussions. And so it happened. Pouring another batch, I sat down and badly pinched myself poludremlyuschego Fedor cloth shorts. Squeak, I corrected shorts and sisters burst out laughing.
- What's so funny? - I asked. - What rzhem?
- Do not you know? - Making surprised Olga. - That's how you arranged.
- This is who you are? - I asked, already knowing the answer in advance.
- Men - Sveta said - in general, men are the creation of ...
- What are these? - I straightened her shoulders.
Such psevdospory occurred often, but as always, everything ended in rough sex, in which we, in turn, scored a complete victory. On the street gradually subsided. The temperature dropped and it was not that exhausting heat, drips from your sticky and tyanuchy sweat. The kitchen was also a nice cool, and I turned off the fan.
- Yes, that's such dangles something - handed Olga and drank a full glass - so long ... and that pinch.
- Aha, - he has supported her sister - and yet you are very proud of your ... - Then she hesitated.
Olga finished for her:
- ... Eggs.
- And, you are proud of her virginity and zip it ... - I said, and also "took on his chest."
- Yes, nosimsya, because it is important for us. Let anybody not in itself - suddenly angry voice said Sveta, and also "pulled".
- Yeah, right, - he confirmed Olga and poured more myself and Svetka - here a complex question, and men do not understand.
- Of course, the men - all thick-headed - I was offended - let alone us.
- No, really - hurried Sveta - you think you know how it is?
- What is it? - I did not understand.
And he received from Olga playful slap.
- With that, deflowering, - said Olga, with a laugh, and put her hand on her sister's shoulder. - That's the question, and it just can not be solved. Here she is a virgin, and to lose his virginity, anyhow, does not want to.
Even in the dim light of candles it could be seen that the face Svetka flooded paint. Olga, on the contrary, once razduharilsya and began almost a lecture on the loss of innocence. About how hard it is to go on the pitch, as it feels a sense of guilt, but to whom and for what is not clear and so on. Looks like brandy, mixed with whiskey, did the trick. In my attempts to get away from this conversation, Olga more dispersed and, pointing his finger at me and said bluntly:
- You yourself, then at least once a virgin? Or just the girl you already have?
Although we agree with her for once, we will not touch the old life issues, I took a deep breath, she said, looking into his eyes:
- No, it was not. women only. And I would like to try. But I'm married to you. And you do not intend to change.
Such a response can be seen arranged Olga. She leaned back and shook her finger.
- Look at me! Now, if that - she again put her hand on his shoulder Svetka - there is a good substitute. Umrah - marry her.
- You're something, drunk, in my opinion, come on, honey, do not drink more - I decided to roll a conversation that has already gone once and created an awkward sideways, one might even say dangerous situation.
Sveta sat and said nothing, but his eyes could see that she was uncomfortable and listen, and did not want to interrupt the conversation. Olga did not pay attention to my words, and continued to paint the charms of her sister. From culinary skills to the romantic nature. I belly growing cold bottom sat and wanted either to leave or to wrap Olga in the other direction. But I could not stand up, as Fedor has burst into the open, and every my movement in the vertical plane has detected ... it clearly and prominently on the horizontal plane. A wrap or stop Olga was impossible. It bore.