Diana and orangutan

Everything happened in one of the United States reserves ... Diana, green-eyed brown-haired woman with long legs, firm ass and a strong third dimension breasts worked vet.lechebnitse for orangutans ... Once it was brought to an orangutan, a wounded in the stomach. Diana sat with him at night, changed the bandages, nursed. She called him "Jay"Because he had a scar on his forehead shaped DJ. When the animal recovered, it flatly refused to leave the house, and she had to keep him.
Jay was a very clever monkey has learned to brush your teeth, wash and dress. If he could speak, he could freely accept him as a man. The problem was that he did not want to admit to myself a female. Well, since the nature of their demanded, the animal began to go mad. Most were desperate Diana decided to take rash action - to put Jay into his bed.
And at night she called to her monkey.
- Jay, come here. Come, my good.
The animal on guard, but obediently approached Diana.
- Poor boy, I know how you want to fuck, but you do not let anyone. Well, maybe you want me?
With these words, Diana lay on the bed and took off her robe. The monkey looked at her and lay down beside him. A few minutes orangutan lying quietly, but then plunging an air smelled. Scent of a Woman, female. Jay approached Diane and licked it. One, then another and another ... Suddenly Diana was surprised to feel that there was something familiar feeling of heat and moisture between the legs. Breathing quickened her, but she continued to lie still, waiting for what will happen next. Jay continued to lick her. Neck, chest, abdomen, and when he smelled coming from the vagina of a girl he closed his eyes, his mouth began to drip saliva and his penis grew to very large sizes. The monkey began to lick the vagina of Diana, and she moaned, and after a while huddled in the throes of orgasm. Then she got on all fours and beckoned to Jay.
- Come here, I shall set as follows, because you want it. Do not torture yourself and me.
Jay dutifully approached her and just put it in his penis. It was something huge, but Diana was so good that she did not notice that the club almost tearing it apart. She lost control of himself, her trembling excitement, his eyes rolled back and she began to howl. Now it was just a female and surrendered their feelings. Movement it was primitive, like in the Stone Age. And Jay was fucking her faster and faster. How long it lasted, Diana could not remember. After some time on the girl's body took a shiver in my head like a lot of fireworks exploded somewhere in the uterus and everything pulsed she came, moaning like an animal. Jay also twitching, he issued a roar of the winner and fell prostrate on the girl ...
For a few seconds they lay motionless. Then the beast looked at Diana and gratefully licked her cheek.
- Thank you, Jay. If you knew me ... It was the best sex of my life.
When it came time to produce Jay in reserve, it is still a lot of time to come to Diana. Why did he come, you can guess for yourself ...