A meeting

Our remarkable meeting took place after a long break. We both already exhausted in lust with each other. We sought each other, holding the last effort. They fantasize how it should happen. In a mail, smskami by telephone. And today we met. I negotiated the apartment. We're going to get in the car. Hurry up in thoughts. We run ahead of the radiator. I feel his tension. Just the thought that now at last it has to happen.
It turns me on your excitement I feel in your palm, gently compressing and stroking my arm. It turns me on your sexy look. A brief blouse that opens your tummy and navel, which I love to lick. Turn me on, you're now in a skirt. I wonder whether there is under her panties. These thoughts excited me terribly. I put my palm on your kolenochki and old accidentally hold palm up on thigh. Catch her fingers through her skirt answer to this question. Of course you can ask. But it's not interesting. Interestingly discreetly verify this yourself. In the end, I can not stand. And I take the palm under her skirt. Your feet apart. You lured me up. I look at you in the eyes and see that you, too, already barely can restrain. My hand was raised above. A little disappointing. Pants on the ground. And a strong wave of excitation from the fact that they have little mokrenkie. My affection and the game in search of pants you already have got much.
We arrived. Rise in the apartment. Very cozy. With a wonderful king-size bed and mirrors on the wall and mirror. I am trembling with impatience. Your very serious look says you can also no longer be tolerated. You stop in front of the bed. And all kind giving to understand that waiting for me. Now the main thing is not to lose balance and does not pounce on you with a snarl, tearing clothes and without controlling yourself. This attack is not the best option when there is time. Time to make you and yourself, and fuck until exhaustion.
I went to see you back. I embrace and pressed his whole body. I hug your waist. I run my tummy. I climbed up under the palms blouse: What a miracle! For you not wearing a bra! Your sisechki fall into my palms. I stroked them, my favorite, my sweet, my lovely breasts. Protruding nipples beg for my fingers. I gently squeeze them. You lean back. You put your head on my shoulder. Hands attracts me to him. Exposing meet the ass. Clinging to him. And he is grateful rests between your yagodichek. I begin to involuntarily move and rub against a member of your ass. You move rhythmically in response. We are starting to moan. Oh no. I have another plan. I unbutton her blouse and rented. As if unbuttoning pants, I take out the strap and bind your hands. I push you and you sit on the bed. I pick up a silk scarf tied to the handle of your bag, and your eyes are fastened. I put you on the back and secured with your hands bound to the headboard. Now you're in my power. I can do with you whatever I want.
Shaking with anticipation, I drop her clothes. You do not see and poetmou shudder when my dick As for your lips. You immediately recognize it and greedily trying to grab his lips. But it was not there. I spend my head around the mouth. You catch her tongue and lips. But I do not give you to do it. I whisper in your ear that if you catch him and polizhesh well, I'll give him to suck and then fuck your pussy as you want. You diligently catch. Finally, you do it. You lick the head, sucking her lips. And then I'm taking. You pull him. Do you want more and more. Finally, I give you it all. I pop in deeply, holding your hair and putting on a member until the end. You're so amazing suck. I do not hold back, fuck you in the mouth and a voice asking to suck more and more. And you try. You do as I ask. Now you deserve to be fucked. My hands climb under your skirt. And a miracle !! On you is no panties! When did you take them? My desire flies to the sky! I clench my palm your pussy. She was all wet. My fingers can easily slip inside. One, two, three. I introduce them deeply. You start to moan loudly. You're asking me to release your hands. But I do not do this. Instead, I get between your legs at the knees and fuck you hand. With the other hand I caress member. You do not see it, concentrating on my fingers in your pussy. Your moans are getting louder. I cleaned the fingers of your pussy. You do not see what I do and freezes. Compresses and ask me kolenochki continue. But I'm just stroking your tummy and palm Kiskin sponge outside. You move forward, trying to catch my fingers to himself. This game does not last long. Because you can not see that I bent down and suddenly you feel my lips and tongue on her pussy. You scream. I climb tongue deep inside. I caress the lips and clitoris. Suck it, enjoying your pussy. She opened towards me from all expire wonderful nectar. How I love to lick and suck it !! I caress clitoris fingers. Massaging it all the harder and faster :. And then I stop again. Do not you see that I do try to cuddle me pussy. But I keep my palm on your tummy, not allowing you to move. And suddenly you feel my cock lightly touch your pussy. You shudder and fed forward. But it disappears, instead, again palm. And once again a member, it pushes your lips slightly. Top down. And disappears again. I keep this game again and again. You do not see when I approach, and every time he touches you you shudder and moan. Do you want. You expect that now he will go with you. But he goes again. You already can not tolerate and ask me to put it in you. So I fuck you. So I had him completely in love with you. And you feel that once again he slowly enters deeper, deeper. I enter it into you completely. You're a long, moaning, feeling it all in himself. I continue to play. And I bring him back. You scream loudly. I again now with the power insert it into your pussy. Again until the end. And you scream again. Again I repeat. And you do not leave them. I already can not keep this up. I want to fuck your pussy. Fuck you, and I want it. How you want it.
I take off your blindfold. Unleash your hands. You eagerly embrace me. Cuddle with me for a moment his whole body. I turn and you go into you from behind. In the mirror you see the side as my cock enters you deeply. As he moves into your pussy. As pussy hugging his swollen lips. How's your ass moving forward. All quickly. How do you pull on the penis. You caress fingers clit. Have you scream out loud. And I'm not holding back your gentle growl feeling hot pussy on my cock.
You picks orgasm. And then I feel it coming. I take out a member and shoots you in the ass and back filling their strong hot jet. You scream and arch like a cat. I join you in his loud cry like a growl. We then calms down close to each other. We try to extend the feeling of bliss. which is called "ottrahivanie as you want".