Homeless slave

It happened when I was 17 years old ... At that time I was already working, and therefore earned not bad. Summer vacation just started, and after the last day of classes, I decided to walk. The mood improved by the fact that the parents went to the cottage, and I felt the owner and could do whatever I want. I went out on the street and decided to go to the market for groceries. I reached the subway, pay a visit, and was already wanted to sit in the car, but suddenly saw a girl in a dirty, torn in some places, clothes standing near the metro column with a cardboard sign on which was written:
"Please, help. My mother died. "
My mood was good, and the money was, and I decided not to give her a lot of money. I approached her and took her hand and put it in a rather large bill. She looked at me like a small dog looks at his master, when he gives her a treat. It was indescribable sight, and I realized that I could not just let it go. I asked her if she was hungry, but she said nothing and lowered his head, nodded positively. Then I asked her to go with me, and I'll give her anything ... She nodded again. I've already forgotten about the market and about the fact that I need to buy food, and led her home, as the restaurant it was impossible to carry on in this way. All the way we were silent and just looked at each other, when we arrived, I asked her to wash. And he showed where the bathroom is. I led her to the bathroom and waited, it took some time, and I heard her voice, gentle and timid. She asked how to open taps and let the water. I laughed to myself, but then I realized that perhaps she had never seen the euro cranes. type, and remembered the first time he agonized, opening them. I went to the bathroom, knocked on the door, and found that the bathroom door is not closed. I went into the bathroom and saw her. It was an indescribable feeling. She was completely naked, and looked at me without trying to close. Later, I learned that she was from an unfavorable, large family, and it was normal for her. I could not take her eyes a few minutes away. I looked at her beautiful breasts, then her pussy, which was entirely covered with black hair. It was a bit thin, but her figure was perfect! Then I recovered and went up to her. I turn on the water and offered to help her. She agreed. I took a washcloth and began to gently rub her. It was very dirty, it was kicked out of the house after the death of his mother, and she spent a lot of time on the street. But this I did not know. I started to wash her pussy. I wet a washcloth and dipped it in the white foam from the soap and began to slowly drive it on her pussy. She filed a sound, but I felt that it was a pleasure. Bast was tough, and I will continue to wash off the foam by hand. I felt her soft labia, which were a little excited and swollen, I took them by hand, under the guise that wash off the soap, then I started to rub her back and chest, she is at this time beginning to wash my hair. Well, I'm picking up a washcloth and began to wash her breasts and belly. I have never experienced such a buzz. Whether from embarrassment, or omitted from hunger her stomach contracted, and her nipples strained. Her chest was very soft and beautiful. My cock was already standing, and the only thing I wanted was to pounce on her and rape, rape and rape! But something stopped me. And I know that. Her eyes, which stared at me so sincerely and innocently that I could not move. She looked at me like a sister is looking at her brother. And I could not do anything. After I washed her chest and stomach, I began to rub her back, but then she moaned softly. I quickly washed the water and found a wound on her back, like a wound on the belt. I asked her:
- Where did you get it?
She said quietly, that it often molested stepfather and attempted to rape her, and when she ran or fought him, he beat her, and then drove out of the house half-naked and she had to hide in doorways and basements that it had not seen friends and acquaintances. But he was so angry after the death of his mother that attacked me with such fury, the younger brother tried to help me, but he started to beat them as well. Then, he took off his pants and tried to rape me, but I pulled away and ran into the street, he began to catch up with me, but before reaching the door, told me to piss off, and to his eyes more than I have not seen. With her eyes slowly dripped tears, and she hugged me and started crying in my shirt ... I hugged her and told her that everything will be fine, and I will not let anyone hurt her, then wiped the tears from her eyes and began to domyvat. I have not treated her as a sexual object. Feeling pity for her tormented me. I domyl her and began treating her wounds with hydrogen peroxide. She periodically cried, and I took her hand and asked to wait. And she suffered. Then I took the cream and began treating her legs and pussy. Since there was red, probably because she underwear all the time is not changed. She watched as I do it, and her eyes filled with love. Apparently she knew that I was the first man who tried to touch or come near her treasure, and not tried to rape her. After I washed her and smeared, I told her that she need other clothes, or washing would be useless. She said that the other clothes she does not have. I thought, and went into the room. I had no sisters, and therefore of women's things we had only my mother, but they were great for her, but since there was nothing else, I brought her to them. She dressed, and I led her to drink tea. Since I buy food and do not have time, you have to treat it with tea and wafer cakes, who bought his father, but we have not started because they do not particularly love the cakes of this type. But she ate it with such gusto that I was embarrassed to look at it and I went to the fridge, trying to find there something else .. Umyav entire cake and looked at me, I realized that it is not enough. And then I offered to take her to McDonald's, she agreed. We came to McDonald's, I ordered dinner, and we started talking. She told me about yourself and how hard she had at home. Also, from our conversation, I learned that her name was Luba and her 16 years. Summer we spent unforgettable. We went to the theater, cinema and McDonalds. It has become more relaxed, get in shape and confidence. We were like brother and sister. Often they bathed and slept together. But now not only I washed her, but she washed me. We undressed and climbed into the tub. She looked at my cock still, apparently, she had to see him. She mylila hands and rubbed me and then took my hand in pipisku and began to wash her. Though I did not want to fuck her, but my pipiska automatically got up and I was embarrassed. She, at first, too, was surprised and asked - as I do? - I replied that it was automatic when you touch it, it grows.
One day, she strongly rubbed my penis, and I could not stand it and accidentally left off. By this, I was very surprised by it. She had never seen a sperm and modestly said:
- And what is it?
This question troubled me greatly, and I said it was something a type of protein that is released when an excess and that is slightly similar to the cream. Hearing about a cream, she asked:
- And you can try?
I was embarrassed and said:
- As you want.
She washed her hands and gently took my pipisku and started to move up and down. But then I realized that if "cream" begins to take off, he again falls into the water and she took my penis in her mouth. Soon, she realized that she move her head and sucking more convenient than holding head with his hands and stroking his hand and began to suck me in. It was the peak of bliss. I then realized what she was doing and it was from this very well, I leaned on the edge of the Bathing and relaxed, and ... a sense that she does not understand that just makes me excited, but at the same time faded, my conscience, because I did not rape her, and she does not even understand what we are doing! Now is the peak, and I came in her mouth, before I had long refrained so "cream" it was very much, but she did not know that so much of "cream" glass on my eggs. She immediately began to lick them. Its small, but nimble tongue slid over my balls. Lick sperm, she said that her taste on what does not like. Slightly salty, but sweet in its own way, she liked it. After that, she almost every day I sucked, but then noticed that "cream"If every day suck becomes smaller. She asked:
- Why?
I replied that "cream" just do not have time to accumulate, in such a short time, and then she began to suck less that I was not very happy. Days passed and flew months, and the summer coming to an end. I knew that soon shall come the parents, and they will not be happy with her, and especially her manners often walk around the house naked and drink my "cream"Because they then know what it is. Every day I was tormented by the idea that we must somehow get rid of it, and the monotony began to bother me. So I decided to tell her the truth. I approached her and said that I have a serious talk to her. She asked:
- Again, go to the bath?
I said no. Then she looked attentively at me. And I began to explain to her that the parents will come soon and, referring to the fact that we have no place to accommodate everyone, I can not leave her, and she has to leave. She looked at me and burst into tears. And she said:
- Where do I go? I have no one near you, - she said - I can sleep on the floor.
I said I do not know what to do, but to let her live with me I can not, because the apartment is not mine. Then she fell to her knees and began to beg me to leave her. She cried and crawled in front of me. Then he started kissing my hands, and then fell to the floor and realized that I did not razzhaloblyus, started kissing my feet. Then he leaned toward me and grabbed me by the leg, put his head right into my domain member. So we stood for five minutes. Silently. And only occasionally broke the silence of her sincere and compassionate cry. Then, she suddenly jumped up and making a very compassionate person and posture said:
- I'll do whatever you want for you! I will do for you all, I'll cook you'll be my wife, a slave for you!
It's a phrase I liked. I said that if she would be my wife fully in every respect, I think that can be done. She immediately wiped tears from her face and ingenuous smile began to kiss me first hand, and then on the cheek. I was in complete bliss. I realized that now I can do with it whatever I want, and she offered it to me, so my conscience is clear !! I told her to go into the room, well, I will consider myself part. After thinking for half an hour, I came to the conclusion that we can not she stay, but what bothers me remove her normal room or cottage? It was brilliant! Climb over the Internet in search of ads for the surrender of the apartment or the room, I found what I was looking for !! Donating a very nice studio apartment in the next door! For a very good price! And I went to watch it. Everything I liked it. There lived an old granny who lived there alone, and which soon had to move to the grandchildren. A flat, which she slid grandchildren decided to surrender. An old lady was quite harmful and long wondered about who I want to settle here, but when I brought Lyuba, they quickly hit it off with her, and she began to help her around the house and granny even persuaded grandchildren reduce the price of accommodation. Lyuba, after the work done me much in love with me, maybe it was not love, humility, affection and a sense of obligation to me, but she did all that I asked her. I visited her every day after school, and she looked at me and waited for - I tell her to do. I recalled that it was going to be my wife, and a slave, and she said she would do everything for me.
Feeling the power, I forgot a lot. I told her why there is a cock and her pussy and told her the whole truth about sex, about which she had not heard due to the fact that she did not even have a TV in her family, through which it was possible to know this. She was as innocent as a child, listen to me carefully, without blinking. After my story, supported by videotapes with porn that I brought as a cognitive benefit and replayed it, I ordered her to undress. She unwittingly fulfilled my request. I realized that I can do with it whatever I want, and she will not say a word to me! I felt his power, which is so wanted, I dreamed of it all my life, and sometimes, in my dreams, jerk off to it. And now, in front of me a living man who, like a dog, will carry out all my teams !! Power blinded me. I told her to get on her knees, she stood up. I took off my pants and came up behind her ... and said that now she is my slave, and will do whatever I tell her, and she must now call me master! She just nodded ... Knowing that such a life is better for her wanderings around the city in rags, without food and water, to sleep in basements and begging. It was great for her humiliation, than my team. I began to fuck her in her ass without lubrication and Vaseline. She moaned softly, or pain, or pleasure. After some time, I was very sick and I went for Vaseline. Lubricate her ass and crotch, but it's not like the first time we met, in the bathroom, this time I worked hard as a gentleman who misses his slave. Having greased, I continued to fuck her. I fucked her with such force and aggression that has accumulated in me for all the time that I have abstained from sex, she began to moan and beg me to stop, but it just turns me on. When he finished it in the ass, I began to fuck her in the pussy lips. Oddly enough, she was a virgin, and it has brought me, I realized that I was her first and last man. I broke her virginity and of her blood splattered stream. She was afraid, but I said that everything is fine and as it should be. She calmed down. But then she began to enjoy my antics, as I thought. I always fucked her long and passionately, while she cried:
- Yes, my lord, I want to - I taught her this in advance.
But, fearing that it will fly, I never finished her pussy and pulled out a member, when I felt that I finish. On these days, a lot has changed. I became more uninhibited, fun, feel like a real man, and not paying attention to other girls knew that I was waiting for my slave. But every day I was getting duller and duller. And I began to invent for themselves, new entertainment. I began to make her crawl on her knees in front of me and kissing my cock, then I started to piss on it specifically. Then, I made her a pet. In the evening, when people on the street is not so much, I bought a dog leash and wearing on her, led her naked on the street. She begged me not to do it, but her entreaties only excited me. We went into the elevator. I told her to behave like a dog and bark sometimes. Going into the elevator, I clicked on the first floor and we started to go down, but suddenly, the elevator stopped on the 8th floor, and it became a young woman with a small child, who was on the strength of 3-4 years. Her gaze was directed at the child because he was crying, and she had not noticed my "dog"Who was on all fours in a corner of the elevator. But her child quickly noticed and was very interested. He approached her and began to stroke her in the back and the priests, and then legs and pussy. His playful hands and scurried through her body. I watched it and almost did not finish. Then I told her to bark .... She began to bark, and then turned to his mother and said:
- Once you climb to another's animal, that wait, bite.
She looked at the floor and saw that her son was stroking the girl, which in this case is barking. Her shock was not the chapel. She had eyes like it was worth seeing. At this time we got to the first floor, but none of us could not get out. After a long pause the woman said the child:
- Sasha, as well quickly get away from her!
To which the boy replied:
- Well, Mom, can I have it still poglazhu.
Mother firmly commanded:
- Come get away quickly! - And I grabbed the guy by the arm.
Then she told me that she go to the police and that this arbitrariness, corruption and lack of culture! To which I replied that nothing illegal is not here, and the maximum for which we are punished, it's for nudism, and that this girl does everything on his own and looked at Luba, I told her that she confirmed. Luba was a clever girl and not to put themselves, and I have an even more awkward situation, she confirmed my words and said that she likes to do. What woman he muttered to himself something like:
- Quite insolent youth, lost shame and conscience - and came out of the elevator with a child.
From the elevator we went out into the street, where there was quite dark and the people was not enough. We went to a park where parents walking with their children at bedtime. I ordered Lyuba pee in pieces, like a dog, the children immediately noticed my "dog" and began to ask parents what it is. Parents began to quickly divert children. Then we went to the river bank, where he was some guy. He saw us and greatly excited. Then he came to me and told me to give him my "dog" popolzovatsja and said I would pay well for it very well. But Luba beginning beg me that I did not do it and I agreed with her. This guy followed us for a long time and without hiding, nadrachival. But then we broke away from him and went home. Coming home we were silent for a long time, but then she admitted that she had something even liked it, especially the way I otmazatsya us to the woman with the child.
Since then, we have to live a normal family life. We never tired to be together, and I always come up with something new. Over the years, she has matured mentally and physically, she began to offer me a new fun and we both loved it. Now she, and I, already fully developed, matured and began to take everything from life. We live in perfect harmony, and have never quarreled. Soon, the old forgotten the humiliation and resentment, and even forgotten my help her with housing. We got married, my parents liked it very much. Oh, they knew how we met. Well, now, become a real couple. Now we resort to sadomasochism and often change roles. It has even become more interesting, but that's another story that I will tell you next time.