Prison training

I was in the United States in summer exchange between our medical college and hospital in Florida. Upon arrival it turned out that this is a small town in N, particularly unremarkable.
Among the local attractions - only a huge shopping center and the county jail. After a couple of weeks, I got used to the local hospital and our manager-curator invited me to earn assisting twice a week to the prison doctor. Of course, I agreed. The doctor turned out to be a guy 35 years, his name was Zack, he was quite pin in communication, tall, with a leaner figure, and with a smooth tan. I assisted him in planning rounds for the cameras, as well as in charge of the instrument and the drugs in the hospital. The prison was a male, very clean. The prisoners were dressed in orange overalls, lived in zareshetchatyh boxes for two or four people. It attended the race - whites, blacks and Latinos. So how to do it was nothing special in my opinion they are all free time shaking their muscles - and were fmgury hoo. By the way the local guard was also as the selection, although some were happy owners of a beer belly.
Once Zach came to me in lechebku and asked to go to the extreme to give boxing a prisoner with a pill. Guard on duty with the significant name of blasphemy took me there - in the chambers there was no one - was hot and everyone was in the prison yard, and returned to his post. The patient was a white, ezhikostrizhenny medium height and age guy with a very relief muscles. He was lying at the bottom of a bunk bed. I asked how are you and what bothers -one said that the attack took place almost. I gave him a pill and told to undress - to inspect it. He sat down again and took off his orange jumpsuit - I was blown away: the laundry was not at the bottom, the boy had a relief press, was covered in small hairs - well, just a teddy bear! Member hung in poluvozbuzhdennom condition and was quite large. I sat down in front of him and began to push the belly from the top down, and then suddenly he took my hand and placed it on his dick reared. I could not resist and began frantically vzdrachivat this miracle of nature - he groaned, and proignul my head to him. Without thinking about anything, I took this to increase significantly (25 * 6) Uncut huische into his mouth and began to crawl on each of its vyemochke his tongue.
The guy started poebyvat me - at first slowly, and then trying to pull deeper into your piston. I tried as much as possible to relax the sky and in the end was able to almost completely take the dick. throat muscles closely rubbed his piston, I feel funky smell of grease, sweat and body - all this has brought me very much and I barely had time to contrive to throw off his pants with one hand to pull rushing out sperm. Reflex I am at this moment squeezed the boy's throat and wheezed, pulled my face in curly pubis and began jerking cum pouring my sperm directly into the esophagus. It was a lot, so I oshutil that it trickle around the edges of my lips stretched. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, bent down and took me in his arms put the bottom bunk bed. He completely undressed me, lifted my legs so I braced them to the top of the bed and began to caress the tongue my anus. I have repeatedly watched the process in porn, but I never thought how it fucking! I started postanovat, podmahnut try to meet his hot and wet tongue, which climbed deeper into me. Soon joined by one language, and then two or three fingers, which turned and stretched my anus in different directions.
Basically, I sometimes like to pomastrubirovat, thrusting with a small object in his hole - you get a very sharp and unusual sensations, but this time, once clearly in the hands of the pros, I quite simply floated. Feeling the light of pokalovaniya unshaven chin touch the most delicate parts of the skin around the hole and language gde-to scurrying inside me, is replaced by several fingers, I completely gave pleasant feelings by giving your partner the opportunity to play with the object of his desire. Stretching my anus, he thought, well enough, he took me by the ankles and lifting, bent my legs, spreading their part. My point was fully open. And it is at this point carefully examined my hole. Then, telling me that I gripped hands your legs in this position, he was still a little work it with his fingers. Kneeling, he lifted a little higher still my legs, "adjusted" the height of which must be my anus, so it was convenient vlupit your dick in it "recorded" this position a pillow and a blanket, tucked them under me. Then a juicy spat on his dick and slowly, podrachivaya him, I put my anus. His crimson healthy zalupen gradually began to sink in me, and I made an effort to relax. When his prick fully entered into me and my anus tightly closed behind these giant mushrooms, my stud stopped. Yes, I tell you, the feeling was just ofiget - I was shaking with excitement and a sense of the absolute fullness of my ass. I was planted to stop, feeling the coarse hair of his pubis on his anus.
My stud started to work its piston, pulling up to half back and pounding his dick from all accrual rate. After a few minutes of non-stop so fucked it with relish, sucking sound pulled his dick out of my ass and ordered me to stand up, legs apart and holding hands on the bars. . Going into me from behind with absolutely no problems, he firmly took up arms for my hips and then started a real fucking ... his movements became sharp and totally ruthless. He then planted me his dick on the eggs, then it completely took out my mangled anus and planted the new: Its a big sweaty balls on my beat I just whines in response to his most vicious tremors. My dick for a long time nalilsya and swayed to the beat of his movements. I felt a wild desire to be on top, slide on it of enormous penis. As if he heard my thoughts, my stud pulled out his dick and sat on the edge of the bed, told me to spread on his delicious cock. Taking me by the hips, he thrust a sharp half vlupil me your dick that I have already laid the ears. Letting go of my plump buttocks, which immediately closed around his powerful dick, he again firmly grabbed my hips and drove the remaining half of its sausage into my insatiable ass. His hips loudly slapped me on the ass, and healthy eggs swaying heavily hit the mine. "Come on, slide - up and down, up and down"- I heard a hot whisper. What I did, holding one rukoyza upper bed and the second podrachivaya his penis. I closed my eyes and bent back her ass began to sit down on the most beautiful piece of flesh that I have known in my life.
Muscles of the anus with power and curtailed my stud moaned loudly with pleasure. Suddenly, someone called me - opened my eyes I saw Dr. Zack who, with a smile jerked off his dick. Deep fitted on the dick, I naturally could not make an innocent look and therefore opened his mouth wide to which my colleague immediately put his impatient tool. Not having even how to suck a dick doctor Zack I've already got a strong portion of his juice into my parched throat. Later, he must say a horse serving. The sperm was thick and viscous. Swallowing everything I did not let go of his dick out of his mouth, and by continuing to gently suck, suddenly resumed its interrupted work his ass. At some point, all trembling, I discharged sperm fountain that devastated my balls. A few minutes later, having experienced harsh cuts my anus, my stud began profusely and for a long time to lower their juices into the bottomless depths of my ass saturate. Dr. Zack at that moment sealed my mouth with a kiss. Then with a smile he said, "Igor done, how you our Pierre?". I'm just exhausted ... I got off limp dick inside me and said - "just super!". Pierre muttered: " kid just a class for a long time I did not have such a muscular ass. Come back anytime!". Quickly dressed, the doctor and went to his office, passing by grinning guard Julio, who probably all seen by the cameras of internal monitoring. That's how I started my prison probation.