The teacher of the Russian language

I'll start with the fact that my name is Grigory Parfyonov, I'm from the city Ufy.Uchus in grade 10, but learning is not very good. And I'll tell you about my first sex, which was in January this year.
I once again failed to comply with domestic zadanie.Uchitelnitsa, Elena saw my tetrad.Ona told me to stay after class. The day passed quickly and I did not have a little forgotten about Elena Mikhailovna. Upon entering the office, I saw no one, but suddenly heard a familiar voice from laborantskoy, it was Elena Mihaylovna.Ona closed the door and fastened the curtains and start a conversation
- Well, Parfenov, why not do the homework?
- Well .... eto..eeee
- I see what you are. You want to fix valuation?
- Yes I want it very much!
She got up from his chair and gait from the hip mne.Prisev came up to me, she undid his pants and went through my body shiver, pulling my cock she was surprised his huge size and began to suck, I have such feelings had never had it I began keeping his tongue over my head and I could not hold the pleasure and let the sperm spray directly into her mouth! She even swallowed my liquor!
She got undressed slowly and sexy, laid down on the desk and spread! their feet. I saw her beautiful body. She had a slender figure, with a great ass and breasts third the size. Her pussy was all wet and I do not hesitate shoved her hero in her pussy! A wave of pleasure covered me and I started to make rhythmic movements.
- Fuck, fuck her the teacher as a last whore! Call me whore, bitch, whore! It makes me so excited!
She moaned with pleasure, and when I started stroking her breasts and kissing she moaned even more, which could not excite me. Ebalsya with her for about 10 minutes and I finished right in her pussy.
She took my cock and began licking the remnants of sperm. We got dressed and then she said: "You anybody about our dop.zanyatiyah not say and you fuck me when it will only be possible.
To be continued.....