Something new in my life

Dedicated boots
Generally, a person I am not passive. In life, he was neither a henpecked, no whipping boy. But here's one of me there ...
One day in the newspaper, I placed an ad ... "I am a woman, I have a ready command". It's a lot of feedback. I honestly answered all the letters.
After about six months of correspondence, I ventured to meet with several lady. In total, I have appointed seven meetings. Two turned out to be ordinary sadist. All they were interested in, so it's only my suffering. First from the doorway told me to strip naked and then tied to a hook in the ceiling. She pricked me and cauterize, clothespins squeezed my balls and nipples. Then she carved my butt and stomach and released me. All this torture lasted an hour and a half and was accompanied by a dirty swearing. I was stunned, because a few months I got her letter. And in them, it was different! In general, the more I met with her, even though she tried to contact me. A similar story was the second. A third woman I did not like in appearance. Was it some kind of trouble, I would not be able to submit such. The other two lied about his age. Both were youngsters. Sixth she brought her husband, and with men, I do not have a case. And seventh.
She did not looked all that only you will notice. Round as a ball, is much shorter than me, a nasty voice. Yes, and the stink of it is just awful. She tried to give me a couple of orders, but they were stupid and incorrect. In short, I am quite desperate and was about to leave. Suddenly it looked a neighbor. Firestarter! When he saw me naked, only in an apron, she took no eyebrow.
A few days later in his drawer I found a letter. She admitted that she followed me when I left. And now she offers me an appointment for the city. At the appointed hour I stood on the platform of a commuter. I immediately recognized her, and realized that was missing. It was delightful, than in the first meeting. Orders of this woman I will perform all my life! A real queen.
We walked down from the platform, take the bus holiday village, on foot reached the forest. Then he plunged into three kilometers. Here in front of us there was a clearing. The grass is green, the birds are singing, berries - mushrooms, butterflies hover over the flowers ... and a lone tree stump. My landlady came to the stump ... and turned it 180 degrees. Three meters from the stump from the ground rose round cover. Nina pulled it slightly upward, then pushed. Under the hood was a pipe. I went first, for me, Nina. Somehow contraptions she put the lid in place. In the darkness I felt a hole in the pipe wall. When we climbed into it, Nina lit a candle. Then she told me to undress, and she at this time sparked two dozen candles on the walls. Now I was able to look around.
The room was nearly square, 16 meters square. In the floor, on the walls and in the ceiling was a lot of hooks, rings and all other accessories. One wall is almost entirely occupied a huge mirror. Beside him were two chairs and a small table. For curtains on the side was a toilet and a washstand. In the corner over them - hood (Nina said that on the surface of the pipe disguised as a small tree stump in the forest A sewage from the toilet goes into the nearest ravine.). You were in the room under the canopy of the bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers. And a huge oak table. Part of the wall near the entrance took the Swedish side.
Even in the letter I was ordered to take a lot of water. I brought two large canisters. Nina pulled out of the closet three-liter enema hung it does not step. Filling water enema, Nina told me to kneel down. I saw your face in a mirror, while the water filled my guts.
At this time, Nina was engaged in farming. She opened the flap exhaust pipes and sewage systems. From drawing resulted rainwater, her Nina turning point in the toilet tank.
Finally, my gut is filled, but my lady is in no hurry to release me from the enema hose. I, writhing in pain, I watch it leisurely activities. Nina stripped the cabinet. Then he chose a long dress. Dressed. Her short red dress could not hide anything. I've already started to moan, my insides would burst.
But then my cell phone rang. Nina took it out of my jacket. Standing cancer, with three liters of water in the stomach, with the hose in the ass, but still completely naked under the gaze gorgeous woman I had seven minutes to talk to his deputy on the work.
Finally, my meal is finished. Nina took from me the tip and allowed to go to the toilet. When I finished, I was ordered to clean up the room to shine. At the time of harvesting, Nina went into the woods. She returned forty minutes later. In one hand a basket of berries in the other a thick bunch of long rods.
She told me to get up in the middle of the room, hands up. Immediately my hands were drawn handcuffed to a ring in the ceiling. Legs stretched it to the side so that I barely touched the floor with them. Here in this position Nina and my legs buckled. Again, I could see myself in the mirror.
The hostess cooked on a spirit compote, then she climbed up with a book in bed. I stood. Or rather - hung. From time to time I glanced at the clock on the cabinet. An hour has passed. My body was numb, I think I fell asleep.
- Twenty-five - has sounded her voice clearly. - Count.
The next moment left my ass burned hit three bars. Counted to twelve, I thought Nina Now go to the right. But she gave all 25 case. Then it was the same on the other side, then - the abdomen downward.
Finished flogging, Nina gave me a blow job class. And only then he unfastened.
We had eaten stewed, then there was dancing. Somewhere between the foxtrot and "Rio Rita" I allowed myself to rip Nina dress. Natantsevavshis Nina plopped down in a chair, regal I pointed to the second. At first I thought it was the hedgehog. But I soon realized that the chair lay a blanket of thorns. I tried very hard not to show her how I suffer, but it did not escape from the strict view of my Mistress. Then she climbed into my lap and turned the charming ass. My male organ jumped to meet her. When her narrow ass took me prisoner, I momentarily forgot about the thorns hurt glaring into my body. But then Nina organized a wild ride. And with every movement I was getting sicker and sicker. Suddenly my eyes fell on Nina's back. It was all in small spots. I threw myself to Nina, jumped to her chair. Cover. It was the same blanket. I was very ashamed of themselves. I picked Nina up and carried her to the bed. So all night we loved each other. At daybreak they slept.
Waking up in the afternoon, Nina told me to pull out from under the bed bicycle. I had to go for groceries in the nearby village. While I was away, Nina changed all the candles, gathered mushrooms and fry them. After dinner, she put me on the table, I pulled into the middle of the room. Nina My hands stretched out, fastened to the ring. Each leg separately is tied to the legs of the table. Then he tilted mirror wall, so I could see what she would do with me. Nina took a basket of berries and a long tube. With a laugh, she pounded me a berry in the ass, then insert the following tube and muzzle. About a dozen gifts of nature vdul Nina into my intestines.
Then there were lessons on the wall bars. Nina easily make hundreds of presses. I barely fifty were given. Bearing in mind all your transgressions ... for these two days, I waited with trepidation internal punishment. So I did not even flinch when he heard ...
- Twenty per shot dress, thirty for the fact that you dropped me. Total fifty. Under the bed is a narrow bench. Get.
I put the table against the wall, pulled his place shop. Nina put the pillow into the middle, pulled out of the cabinet and two belt belt whip. I did not have time to understand what was going on, Nina gave me everything that took out of the closet, lay on his stomach on a pillow.
- I should not have let you do it all. I allowed. Fasten the waist and hips. Remember how I beat you? Do the same. Fifty per side, then sit back and fifty dollars along both sides.
I began timidly to flog her ass. Nina thought strikes, ordered to beat stronger. Her ass became crimson. I was terribly sorry for her, but I had to disobey the law. When I undid it, he immediately took Nina's place. I got the same thing - for the wall bars.
Then we walked in the forest, kissing in the grass love. On his return, Nina took me another enema. And at the same time himself. While I was in the toilet, Nina suffered. I'm not in a hurry, she did not hurry. Having taken finally, my space, Nina told me to wait for her in the chair. For twenty minutes I was waiting for her. Finally, she left.
Approaching the wall, where it was on the ropes construction of the two rocker arms, Nina told me to stand in the center of the room. It ended with rope belts. It clipped my shoulders and hips, waist. Then powered the entire mechanism. I found myself hanging booty down. The legs and my hands almost agreed, Nina folded me in half. I grabbed his legs with his hands. Directly below me, Nina has established a potter's wheel. The pedal has been taken out to the side of the chair. In the center of the circle hole. It has established Nina dildo. He was huge, fourteen inches long and three inches in diameter. Liberally lubricate the penis and my own ass, Nina took aim and began to lower my ass for the count ... I screamed. Oral, so that's probably a bird in the woods were silent.
Nina was adamant, stopped when the priest touched the surface of the circle. That is the entire length I took a member. Left me here in this position, Nina took the book and sat in a chair reading. I endured. Quietly pain receded. Nina pressed foot pedal potter's wheel was moved, and a member of me along with him. And again before our eyes swam circles, the thought flashed through my head ... "Probably because women do cleaning during abortion".
After finishing a chapter, Nina stood up and deployed to the rocker pedal. My lady stood there. That's why I remember so much detail that it was the first intrusion into my ass. Before that I was a virgin there. Enema, of course, does not count. Yes, Nina pulled down rocker. I immediately went up the penis. Nina pressed the pedal while simultaneously lifting yoke. Member Screw me like a screw. And I yelled again. It did not last long. After all, soon I was pleased pleasure dizzy. Ten minutes later I had finished. Then Nina left me again on a limb, and she began to gather in the city - it's time ... I barely sat in the train, and Nina quietly reading.
It was almost a year ago, we meet with it on weekends. The things we have not experienced! One day I gave her a rose high. When the flowers wilted, Nina broke them on my back with thorns. A spanking fir paws? Do you think it's nice? My ass was so tattered that I lie down, I could not. Nina also won its time. This we had when the Christmas tree on New Year's dressed up, broke a few toys. Well, sort of like a punishment ... Yes, it was a lot more then. My staff noted my unprecedented activity on Mondays. I'll run the office, give all advice and guidance. They do not know, I just I can not sit!
His Nina I worship. Yesterday, he proposed to her.
October 2001.