Drunk wife - 4

Everything described up to this was really happening, and then - a fiction.
On that memorable day, when I had no choice but to have sex with his own mother-in a year has passed. During this time, she found all my sexual preferences. Especially for me, she started wearing tights and stockings with girdles, shave your vagina and anus area. From time to time we chose the time and had sex. Once at the front of the May holidays, my tscha called and said that my wife would go to the village for two days. And I should have any excuse to stay home and not where not to go, she said that I was waiting for something special.
I woke up in the morning, washed, shaved, and only had breakfast, I start reading the book, the phone rang. I opened the door and stood in mute amazement, stood on the threshold tscha and her younger sister Tatiana. Tanya younger Tiffany was two years she was in '41. She was never married, and she did not have children, that I was very impressed, Tatiana was a very beautiful woman, long legs, like his sister, the same figure, a great fourth the size of the breast. I stood and stared as the boy, to the sisters. But they and worth seeing, both were not buttoned long coats and high-heeled shoes, but I was struck by the length of skirts, who were dressed in these two women, skirts were thirty centimeters above the knee. Mother-in-law I certainly looks young, and her sister is very similar, but still it was a bust.
- What was the post, 'said Raisa Dementevna, passed quickly, until the neighbors did not see us in these skirts. They undressed went into the hall, I could not take my eyes off the legs tightened in black nylon, I wondered to myself why, mother-in-law dragged my sister, we might well have sex this weekend, and now we had to entertain her sister. But it cleared up after a few minutes when my tscha called to another room.
- I told her everything, and she wants you to be served by it, like me. She really did not have enough sex in the village is only to give a reason and will such a glory that is not otmoeshsya so that its slot for twenty years, in addition to their own fingers or a candle did not see anything, I think so, she added.
- I'll go into the kitchen and shut the door, so you do not get in the way.
Mother-in-law has gone to prepare a gala dinner for the evening, I was standing in the hallway and thought how can I communicate with Tatiana is now. I entered the room and saw that Tatiana is considering bookshelves - well, that's a reason to have something to talk about, I'm happy mentally. I got accustomed to it more closely, and from what he saw my cock began to harden in his pants. She had: high cheekbones, green eyes, full lips. She was wearing a short skirt and a white almost transparent blouse, perfectly encircle her slender figure. Short red hair beautiful were laid. One should not forget about a pair of her luxury legs tightened in black nylon. When she bent down to look at the bottom shelves, and otklyachila ass, I almost pulled the pants are not. Then, the woman crouched down and I was able to peek under her skirt and see the edge of the stockings and garters.
- Hello, rodstvennichek, how are you? - She asked to see me in the mirror.
- Yes ok - I said the first thing that came to mind because - this woman fascinated me. Staring at her breasts, I broke down and whispered rather loudly: "that's chest". Obviously, Tanya heard it because immediately glanced at my reflection in the mirror and gave me a knowing smile. I felt that I was falling into some deep pit. Tanya leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Then she took off her blouse and, putting on display their luxury breasts with large nipples, which were ready to pierce the bra in the end she had removed.
- Well, as - it sounded strange, husky voice - do you like them? I could not even answer her because I was struck by what he saw. She came closer and pressed her breasts against my face. I licked her nipples strained and began to lick. Suddenly, Tanya slipped out of my arms and said: "Wait, let me get rid of the skirt". She unzipped, and the detail of her toilet fell on the floor. On it were only stockings, tight her slender legs, garter belt and black panties. Turning back to me, Tanya pushed her panties to the side and then bent at the waist, and held up my greedy lips a luxurious ass. I licked and kissed her ass. She bent even more, and I saw her Gorny pink ring anus. I immediately reached out to the language of this hole. I slowly describing circles tongue near the cherished goal. Then I began to fuck tongue pink eye, Tanya became podmahivat to the beat of tongue movements. Finally, she stood up with a groan. By this time my cock was ready to break the pants with pants. Tanya turned to face me, and her hands covering themselves abdomen, said:
- Remember what you promised me to meet my sister. And with that, she took off her panties. The aunt of my wife was standing in front of me completely naked except for shoes at the hairpin and belt with stockings, and she stuck a member between his legs. "Wow - I thought. - A woman with a gorgeous body and a good size member".
She licked her lips and smiled.
- Well, that saw how I have it, and now I want to see yours.
Not enough does not hesitate to get rid of clothes.
- Suck me, - he told Tatiana. I always wanted to try it, but I could not imagine being with a man, and then a beautiful woman invites me to give my cock mouth. I Trembling began to gently knead her cock and balls. Then I knelt down and kissed the tip member. Tanya moaned with pleasure. At first, I swallowed the head, and then gradually all her powerful tool to the ground. "And now begins to suck"- Tanya said. I lay on the bed and she climbed on me and began to move his hips fucking my mouth. I, myself surprisingly, worked mouth better than my wife or mother in law, and the groans of Tatiana was my reward for their labors. After a while we settled in position 69 and Tanya took my cock. She was so skilful that I barely restrained so as not to pull. However, Tanya, left my penis alone and began to lick my balls, and then the point. I raised his legs to facilitate its work.
- You're a virgin on that side, is not it? - She asked. I nodded. Tanya began to masturbate my cock, from that, he further strengthened. She crumpling it a few minutes. Then Tanya started to move my ass finger. Then she took from somewhere a jar of ointment and began to spread my ass, I mentally said goodbye to their virginity to this side. Tanya, a little sucking my nipples, slowly began to insert his stick at me. The head is surprisingly easily slipped in the ass. Some time passed, and Tatiana came into my ass at the most "do not play".
- You have such a tight ass, my dick like a squeezed - she whispered. Throughout the body I was so warm, and I barely restrained so as not to pull. When Tania pushes her hips back and forth, I became her podmahivat; our room was filled with moans. Fucking me, Tatiana to the beat of his movements wanker I cock. First, it was on me, and then we swapped and I got over it, legs wide apart, and slowly sat down on her dick. I slowly began to move. I tried to pull my orgasm, but then jerked her dick and powerful portion of sperm filled my anus.
- Oh-oh-oh-oh, I go down, I go down to your ass! - I whispered Tatiana. Force left me, I pressed my face to her tits ... and how crazy was the licking, biting, sucking. Cum fountain gushed out of me, splashing both of us. I slowly slid off the still hard cock and stretched out beside her. Tanya, panting, rested her head on my chest. We lay there for five minutes.
- I can not believe it - I said, fuck me in the ass.
- Too good to be true? - She chuckled.
- It was just great, not in the thought that I would have liked!
- How do you think you can get used to it? Well, if it is a female member, on the other I do not agree - I replied. A few minutes we just looked at each other's eyes, for those she kissed me again. Tatiana slowly began podrachivat me. And I went into her boobs, soft and elastic. A few minutes later, I also put my hand on her cock, hot and hard. We spent almost an hour in mutual caresses. I kissed her breasts, then down below, licked his belly and then licked her swollen stick. Mouth wide open, I began cautiously to swallow hot tool. Tanya became podmahivat me, and here it was breathing, body tensed. Suddenly she pulled out a member of my mouth, and a strong jet of sperm splashed her entire chest, I began to masturbate her, milking all the new portions. I then strung her mouth on his penis and remnants of cream she poured into my mouth. I swallowed everything without reserve, to the taste of its semen was gorgeous.
- You just superb - Tanya whispered in my ear.
- A sister knows? I asked, No, not one living soul. But today, with your help, I want to open Raya.
Exhausted, but fine to have sex, we fell asleep. I woke up half an hour later, Tanya was asleep, and went into the kitchen. My mother-in-law has been prepared and read a newspaper, -sudya by your cries, you are granted the poor woman?
To be continued...