I was the first erotic with a friend from kindergarten. I was about 6 years and it just as much. Can not believe it, although I do not know, this fucking was not there, of course. We face it in all sorts of "smotrelki"There, playing in the doctor, and so on. D. All in all, almost like at all.
One climbed to the top floor. House - five-storey building. Before loft small playground is this: We started, as always, look: touch each other and play all sorts of "child" games . I do not remember what it is, for the prescription. She took my cock (snip) hand (I stroked her) and such "sly" movements in her prepared: Not as adults do, as something special. I was so kayfovo! Super. She bent down and picked up in the mouth. Not for long, though. Advanced girl, is not it? I was, to put it mildly, was a pleasant shock. And for the first time I came. Sperm then generally observed.
Just a feeling of wild orgasm (at I much later learned the name).
I immediately ran down one flight down the stairs. And so she sits contentedly: "What to write then wanted?" - He speaks.
She herself, of course think of it could hardly. apparently "I taught" someone from the adults. Then, where she learned that the boys (men) then "pee"? We always started to do that. I have at home when parents were not, in her: in the bushes. Where have. Later, her friend joined us. She her "trained" how and what to me to do. Not seriously, of course, but in the course of the game. I'm on their learning games were once very nice, as you can imagine. I have, for some reason, he loved the most intimate place marker to paint (but a great artist, not later became). I imagine how many excuses they have told my mother when she bathed them in the bathroom. Later I learned that Lenka (so called her) met in parallel with my best friend in kindergarten. From him and learned. And they did the same. And he came, just as I am. Then I experienced another new for me and very unpleasant feeling. Jealousy. But his face did not beat. On friendship:
Here such here intrigue.
Another funny thought:
The same age. The same friend.
The apartment I had on the fourth floor. Balcony. Overlooking the nursery. Along the perimeter of the manger wild bushes. Here in the bush, right beneath the balcony, we have arranged a regular orgy, because finding the parents at home. Together with Lenka.
In the middle of the bush not so big heels trampled. There's going to bruise and dirtiest drinking. Boxes for bottles apart. In general, there is where to sit.
Once we started, five minutes passed. In the bushes rustle. We naturally "alarm" once all the underwear pulled back. I have not found anything better than to pretend that something was looking at the ground. It is so concentrated on looking. A Lenka both sat on a box and sitting. Only dressed already. Climbs woman. "What are you doing here?" - Quite strictly asks. I say the first thing that came to mind: "Yes, I've been lost:". "What is lost?" - He speaks. "Yes it: took out of the house my mother's engagement ring, and a friend to see: lost."- Selected in the search for wild upset. "Come on, guys, together look for:". Crawling all three. Are looking for.
"Gold ring then?" - Asked the aunt. "aha" - I say. "Come on" -, He speaks "Now here is useless to look longer, go-ka to their homes, and the parents have probably already looking :: and you just sat here?". "No, not just yet:" - And I show her almost the entire perimeter of the bushes. "Okay. Let's quickly go home. Tired of waiting for you there already:".
We Lenka poshlyatsya still on the street, found a place for his fun. We played then another into something. The point in the evening, went home. At home I ate. Out on the balcony to breathe the air: Look - this aunt systematically systematically, meter by meter bushes combs. On his head is already in place hairstyles hell knows what. She would be mine detector in hand. In I neighing something. In the words of a classic Pechkin: "That's what people are up to someone else's good greedy".