Fellow traveler

It was such a fine spring day, when the evening I want to take a walk when you do not want to rush anywhere. And suddenly, twilight, twilight but also clear when looking at the sky, you can still see far, far away at the top of a cloud lonely, side singed departed sun.
At this time, Ivan Yakovlevich was returning from the country home in his car. It is not a quick driving a familiar route and already seemed outskirts.
And then he saw her. She was seventeen at the edge of the road and voted. Of course, he did not hesitate to stop beside her.
Ivan was ready for that now because of the trees will be a minimum of a crowd of teenagers or, in extreme cases, parents. But, in his surprise, this charming establishment opened the door herself.
On Ascension podvezesh? - Calls golosochkom she asked.
She was wearing a yellow blouse and short skirt. Straight blond hair was pulled into a ponytail at the nape
-Go! - Ivan nodded.
She confidently plopped down in front, and turned to him, smiled broadly. Burknuv under his breath something unintelligible, he started the engine.
His head was spinning vortex mass of all sorts of thoughts. He had always liked pretty girls. But that Ivan could afford, in sixty-five years, is to look at them from afar somewhere on the beach or in the photographs in the magazine. And looking at quietly, as if accidentally bumping outlook on slender leg, imperceptibly flows in the ass.
He especially liked to look at the round popochki hidden only a thin layer of tight fitting material. If we consider that his vision requires wearing glasses, it's easy to understand how difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to carry out this kind of observation.
A year ago, of seeing girls faint feeling spreading through his chest, and was pulling back, concentrating, it rests in the groin. And now: Anyway, all was quiet in his underpants.
"Thank God - gone mad!" - He thought, and, on the last potoskovav youth calmed down. And now ... Next to him, sitting in the car young creature of seventeen or eighteen years old. Ivan looked at her. Catching his eye, she turned to him and smiled. "Oh, how charming this childlike smile! Both directly as naive!"
Ivan Yakovlevich again embarrassed and turned away, but would not pay any attention to his fellow traveler. "And what I do stop? - He thought, trying to concentrate on the road, car, impaired visibility (it was dark), oncoming cars and so on without stopping.

Hands of men and women
- My name is Kate! - Her hand rested on his leg. It could not be an accident, because the car is wide and separates the driver from the passenger's pretty impressive distance. "She did it on purpose!" - From the awareness that he has a little bit dizzy in the head, and Ivan almost flew into a decent hole in the middle of the road. None of this would, of course, did not happen, but it is always better to avoid it.
- And me - Ivan Ya!
"How do I respond? To pretend that nothing is happening? - Stupid. To say something ? - But what:" It appeared for the first time in his life he did not know what to tell him.
- Let's discuss! - She said, and looked back at me.
He felt like an idiot, but, nevertheless, was parked. It was dark, and John stopped the car under trees, very close clinging to them. The young companion, seems not at all embarrassed, she kicked off her shoes and climbed up on the seat with his feet. Rising to his knees seat, she moved through the gap that separated them and began busily unbuttoning his zipper on his trousers.
Knowing what was coming, Ivan Yakovlevich turned off the lights and closed from inside the car. Everything was plunged into darkness. Meanwhile, the girl has coped with zipper and belt, and appeared in front of her process, released on the well-deserved rest.
She wasted no time and began to lick the male organ. At the same time, she played with round balls in a leather pouch, gently squeezing them in the palm of your hand. She kissed a member of the trunk or small lingering kisses so that the skin from the members gather in her mouth, exposing the head.
However, even in this state, Ivan could not miss the chance to pat soi real live girl. It is easily reached with his right hand up to her ass, stroked her, and then pulled the top skirt, revealing her panties, belevshie spot in the blue darkness of the night. Several times gently slapping the ass, Ivan pulled the thin fabric. Delicate panties were very pleasant to the touch, but even nicer was her silky skin, and he pulled up to the knees this mythical barrier.
He had no opportunity to see the charms given to him (honestly, Ivan did not suffer over the fact that he was prevented to do so), and therefore he decided to be content with the sensations that come with the fingertips.
Stroked underbelly charming fellow traveler, John gently parted lips and penetrated his thumb inside. She leaned against his finger, and John saw this as an encouragement to further their research. He entered deeply finger and began moving them quietly. Gradually, he increased the penetration depth and range of motion, then began to make them in a circle, grabbing just a little more hot and humid surface depth. At the same time his index itself turned against her anus, and Ivan carefully made his way there.
Ivan Yakovlevich was at the top of bliss. He quietly moaning with pleasure ... But the most interesting thing was yet to come!
Past raced cars, periodically gives them light beam headlamps. He did not care, and, apparently, they are too. It is unlikely that they could have something to see, and let. He was good.
And then came the long-awaited moment - she arched her back, and left alone pensioner, sweet moan.
- The first time my finger! - Whisper she said, catching his breath. - My guys do not know how! Well done!

Suddenly his pensioner alive. Ivan Yakovlevich seemed to otreanimirovanny body began to live a life that is separate from the host. He wanted her. He wanted that to her charming lips parted and took him inside, allowed him to finally find yourself in a confined space, beaten there and pour out the life-giving sap.
She slowly approached and stuck out her tongue. Quietly, without moving the skin, lips wrapped around the head and placing the tongue in the opening of the foreskin, they began to rotate around the head. Thus, her tongue caught between skin harboring head, and the head itself. Ivan howled.
Tickle me so much, he finally dropped his mouth on my dick head was exposed and rested it in the sky, but at the same time she leaned back, releasing a pensioner. He was naked and filled with blood. In my sperm eggs I raged, and its handle, continue to play them, only increases this storm. He felt that way for a long time not survive.
- Plug in the ass! - She asked, taking a breath.
After waiting a moment longer ... and, looking at him in the light of the next passing car, she stuck out her tongue and began to drive them on the opening of the head. She seemed to be checking whether the way for the sperm ready.
Thumb Ivan Yakovlevich stopped the movement, and the index was stuck in her ass. She tried to dodge, but he grabbed her in a stranglehold, holding her head and ass. At the same time the fingers began to rub against each other through the thin wall and poured pensioner still liquid.
She swallowed all and she continued to lick devastated fighter. "There is life in the old dog yet" - He thought, and felt that she was uncomfortable, removed his hand from her neck, and she just leaned back again licked it, looked up to him and smiled again.
- After all, it is better? - Then her body began to shudder in sweet agony. Without power it fell into his lap.
- Slapped my ass! - She asked, but without brutality: Mom zarugaet!
From slapping the girl jumped up and winced on his knees, prompting the pensioner to life again. Ivan Y. lowered the front seats and the car turned into a sofa.
Then they quickly got to her house. He vaguely remembered the rest of the road. At home, he fell asleep and had a dream, a fellow traveler agreed to go with him to the country and to wash his car. Half-naked girl in the foam on the bonnet: I am what could be better.
After five days on two fingers of Ivan Jakovljevic and his deserved pensioner appeared ulcer. Under the nails they are terribly sick. The anonymous office immediately diagnosed - fresh syphilis.
Good for you, man! - Said the young doctor. - It is a disease of this man. Put a candle that AIDS can not be caught! At other times it is necessary to be careful, and the car always carry condoms and gloves!
We cure Ivan Jakovljevic four injections over two thousand rubles.

Irina Sokolova. (Novikov)