I would like to tell you a story preinteresneyshuyu, but I want to warn in advance that the real names and the duration, I allowed myself to change, in order to escape from you not the main thing. I would like to share with you this story, because I think that no one except you will not be able to really penetrate it.
So, as they say "it was evening" and do, paradoxically, there was nothing.
Dull and painfully bored training routine, as always begins and ends at the university. Lisa was preparing for the filing of the next project, loaded it a great lot of work remained in the audience a little longer than usual. But pencil fell from her hands, all rkshilos and irritated. "All that's enough for today bullying is, after all, if I do not file anything krimenalnogo project on galactic equation does not happen =)" - She reassured herself that thought and lightweight with a lazy smile on the last call in zhkrnale call number. A minute later it was replaced by lethargy happy face and sparkling eyes, cheerful. I loved too domuchil themselves and want to relax. - "Come here, there was no one to help me drag the folder with plansheetom." - Tired, but still alive piglets Lisa
"Ok, I will in a minute"
However, minutes dragged on and sitting in solitude Lisa accidentally noticed cobbled together by someone from "osobotvorcheskih students" clay dildo. This phenomenon seemed to her a little bit childish and funny, but it prompted her to all sorts of fantasies. Just looking at these things involuntarily have thoughts of a sexual nature (of course, not philosophical) The first thing she imagined was a member of her young man Andrew, for some reason, she saw him right before your eyes, bud right now it is not in school, and the house is kneeling in front of his dignity and is going to do something ...
But here in the doorway of her imagination breaks coming up Andrew. Lisa shivered a little as she thought that he could hear the quietly entered her mind) In the body walked chill as well, and whenever she met him. He kissed her, the truth is very formal, as it usually happens in the first few seconds of the meeting, the general his condition was obvious that he was tired. However, Lisa's head was still spinning the dirty little thoughts and a kiss it can not accept, but she gave no sign. Began to collect things, putting the tablet in a folder she modestly bent, that from under the skirt was slightly visible strip of white panties, she had put the tablet, and fast-paced action and have not been observed, Lisa sensitively pouted and turned without changing the position. "Help me raise Che Russell."
He stood up and wanted to help, when suddenly Lisa made a slight movement of the thigh and held it on his crotch. Minute froze in silence. Here Andrew apparently changed his mind podnimamat gravity of his hand miraculously appeared in two halves. Lisa smiled contentedly to himself. He stroked her buttocks, then gently drawing them by hand, then roughly squeezing them. Then two fingers firmly slid a slice of pink in order to push back the sodden white stripes. Sponges throbbed with excitement, a very enticing look at Andrew. He slid a finger between and held until the beads, Lisa started, and out of her wonderful rotika burst quiet but melodic moan. Andrew took his hand: "Okay, Lisa, we are now engaged in nonsense, bring himself up to take you home, we end up at the university". Lisa is very hurt, no she was not offended, just that she was at the peak of desire and wanted to help her cope with it, or at least not so pleasant teased her touch. Andrew understood everything he was ready to take her right there, but he appeared more convenient plan, which he deliberately did not share.
They got into the car, Lisa was smam not own, a little taken aback, his voice trembled, but she was quite calm. They went. Lisa looked out the window seeing the lights of lanterns, sad, because silly not understand anything. Andrew, seeing what was going on with Lisa wanted to tell her about his plans, but found it too boring and bonalno. Then he got the idea as razvesilit Woman.
"Honey, get me please pack of cigarettes from the back seat, I threw them in your folder, when we left, I want to smoke"
Grunted Lisa got her knees on his seat and reached for a pack, there appeared about the exact same picture as in the audience, only this time the director of the film was Andrew, as well as the last time he ran a finger between the jaw and back on the seat landed already Lisa is quite different
"Stop the car"
"What for?"
"Stop. You know why, do not mock me, if you do not stop the car, I'm on the move You raped!"
Andrew parked in plizhayshem yard cut down the engine and turned to Lisa with the words
"Well, baby, absolutely can not tolerate? My poor, Zai ... Well, get me kolenochki, my good"
Lisa obeyed without hesitation. When she was in his lap, he smiled at her, kissed her on the lips and began to carefully unbutton buttons of, the girl could not bear how he did it slowly, but she was suffering. Expanding jacket, he saw how hard breathing his favorite, but the service in the form of removing the bra she did not has, he kissed and stroked what was dostuano, it is strongly excited, so she made attempts to discreetly rub her charms on his hardened member. Andrew pulled her bra down and began to tease the broken kisses Lisa in her nipples, she broke down and let out a moan as he took the nipples completely fingers and began to encourage, then she just could not hold back more.
Andrew felt that he could no longer hold the male rock and turned to face Lisa steering wheel, so that she could hold on to it. Takes off her panties was not comfortable, so I had to break them. There it was hot and humid, it was 200% ready. No less was ready and friend Andrew, he freed him from under the clothes and leaned his head to the soft juicy pink skin twitched a few times and drowned in the depths of her body. Lisa was delighted, and the second movement she made herself nasazhivayas on his cock as deep as possible to make sure that this happens in reality and not a dream. But the situation turned out to be extremely user friendly and they agreed to climb into the back seat.
There Lisa crawled on his knees, which was very handy, because tolerate Andrew no longer could, caught up, climbed up on her from behind and abruptly plunged so deeply that Lisa cried out in pain, but this cry there and then abruptly changed vozglosami udovolsvie, Andrew wildly like satisfy his animal passion that he was moving very fast and rough, though not pulling the hole Lisa and all her entirely than brought the girl to the unbearable orgasm seemed to have heard her screams all the neighboring houses. All successfully completed that Andrei pulled out of her instrument, grabbed by the hair and brought his head to the swollen, but a solid head and finished it right in the mouth, and then let go girl appreciatively slide your finger on her lips and teeth, kissed, smiled and went to smoke .
....To be continued!