First Fantasy

Your photos awaken imagination in me. Here I come to you. You meet me at the door. Deep neckline dress by the host almost does not hide your magnificent breasts. We go. You sit down, raised floors dresses and opened my eyes your slender legs, from one species which throws me into a fever. You stroked her beautiful hands hips, and I see that the dress - the only thing that hides from me your beautiful body. Waves desires one after another engulf me.
You bend over to me and I can not take my eyes away from your luxury chest. It is not controlling myself, I clench my hands your beautiful shoulders. The dress slipping from them, opening my eyes all the splendor of your luxurious body. I pull you to him and bites his lips to your breast. I feel your nipples swell as the waves rolled sweet shivers through your body. Slowly covering your breasts with kisses, I omit you on the table. My hands slide over your hips, raising floors dress higher and higher. I go down lower and lower, and then, finally, I have to push the luxury of your hips. My playful tongue touches your trembling wet pussy. My hands squeeze your luxury chest. I feel a wave of sweet shiver shake your whole body.
I bow your ankles and breed in your hand slender legs. Finally, sharp push enter into you. I take you more and more. Your sweet moans break the silence. Your gorgeous body - a toy in my hands. You dream of only one thing - that this sweet struggle never ended.