I - abuser

I've been watching her. She was beautiful, she was not so curvy figure, and indeed she was only fourteen years old, while I was seventeen. But she was terribly excited me, and I could not help myself. And I just did not want to sleep with her, I would just rape her, that she resisted. I'd dismissed her dark hair gathered in a ponytail, to spread his legs, threw a couple of slaps and grossly abused. We lived in the same stairwell, but I did not know her name, nor even the floor. I had the opportunity to rape her in the elevator, the blessing I sometimes traveled alone with her, but I, being a virgin, had no experience at all and was terribly afraid of punishment, because he knew what they were doing with the perpetrators in jail. So I lived, until he felt one day that can no longer be limited to masturbation, imagining myself a rapist, and its helpless victim. And I decided to act.
One day, I stopped at the door, supposedly reading the ad. In fact, I decided to wait until this bitch will not return from school, so I go with her in the elevator. No, I'm raping it is not going to, but only wanted to see her floor. I had to wait for long as half an hour a hitch approached the entrance. But she did not open the door with the key, and scored on the door of apartment number! It was a magnificent success. I knew tepet apartment number of knots, which I have dreamed of for more than a month.
In one class with me The girl studied, who also lived with me in a stairwell. She told me once that goes for a walk with the dog, along with some Pauline. At first I did not pay attention to it, but then suddenly it dawned on me that that bitch, too, was a dog, a collie. I seem to have accidentally found out something about the Pauline. She lived with her parents, who were of course the same day on the job. Well, now I was all very simple.
That day I came home from school very early and began to prepare. Took bought on the market a cheap knife vykidushku stocking with slotted holes for the eyes and lips, and dressed in old clothes, which had planned to throw out after all. After waiting a couple of hours, I was sure that she had returned home from school, and her parents yet. I took the elevator to the eleventh floor and, without delay, rang the doorbell, before donning stockings. The plan I had, was not only lohanutsya. A peephole on the door was not naive bitch and asked who was there. I must say that I have a prior look at the disc under the name "Moscow Phones" her name by entering the address. The disc was left, but I was hoping that the name is correct. "Vanilla? telegram accept", - I said. Girl trustingly opened the door. Imagine her surprise when she saw a guy in a stocking!
Taking advantage of her fright, I grabbed her, gagged, foot slamming the door behind him. Taking a knife, I hissed:"Piknesh, bitch, prirezhu, bitch. You will do just what I tell you!" She nodded in fright.
"Come on", 'I said, and led her into the bedroom like her parents, which threw in the wide bed, leaning on top of itself. My heart was beating hard, but my dick was ready to come, besides had nowhere to retreat. She was wearing a T-shirt and short shorts. Sticking a knife in his pocket, I climbed with one hand in her vagina, feeling the hairy hollow. She was wet, the bitch is described in fear! With the other hand, I got a shirt, feeling only began to form the breast. At the same time his lips I eagerly kissed and licked her face. " Please do not, I know where the money is", She squeaked. "Shut up, bitch, and I'll keep you alive"- I replied. She obeyed. Jerk I pulled off her shorts with shorts and threw them in the corner of the room, exposing the virgin damp hollow. "No, please do not!"- She pleaded, realizing that I want. Then I rolled her across the face and she fell silent. Then I took off his pants and underwear, exposing the pulsing hungry dick ready to cum. "Spread your legs, bitch, well!"- I bellowed and put a knife to her throat. She obeyed. I am touched by a member of her vagina, and finished, but not ostanavilsya as wanted even more. "Girth kicking me"- I ordered, and she performed. Then I grabbed her ass hands, putting his fingers into the anus, and began to push through his penis into her. She screamed, but I began to kiss her on the lips and cheeks, and the sound became a moo. I am incredibly excited that she writhed all over, when I went into it, but I'm even more squeezed her ass and my dick fully into the vagina, and then I began to move rhythmically, will drive my friend on the eggs in a hole torn. She screamed and rock the boat, but I continued, clearing his throat with pleasure. I ended up over and over again, and soon her crotch was covered with blood and semen. I did not stop for pooluchasa until she resigned, quietly lying down and looking tearful eyes somewhere aside. Finally, when I was satisfied, I turned her on her stomach and put his dick in the anus.
Again, there were cries, but I gagged her mouth with his hand. A few minutes later I had finished, dropping a good portion of sperm in her entrails. Then I got up and looked at his work. Sorry sight. I got dressed and said: "You did a great job today, bitch, but mind you, if you are someone tell about it, you just disgraced, I still can not find, but I'll come back and kill you, what now do not do. Clear?" She mumbled something. I walked over and punched her in the face: "Clearly, bitch?" - "Yes Yes"- She sobbed. I told her it's a safety net: as if she really would not tell anyone, fearing the shame and my threats?
I'm gone, then threw the clothes, stocking and a knife in the pond behind the school. I remained unpunished. I learned later that my mother is the victim quit her job and has always been at home with her daughter. It is high time, and then you never know rapists in the world!