The best sex in her life.

She was 18 years old, she had a long, thin, blond hair and bluish eyes with dark gray okoemkoy. Her baby face frowning when she took some kind of thought, mood alternated on her face quickly, she laughed loudly and actively gesticulating.
He was 24, he had temnorusye ryzhinoy with straight long hair, light skin, reddish-chocolate Jewish bulging eyes and a curved thoroughbred nose into the bargain. He was short and did not like when she wore heels - so it was inconvenient to take her by the shoulders with the left hand and the right to make a broad movement, kikim lift the veil on the future.
They had known each week, or rather just the day was the seventh. All this week, it was worth it just zavidet each other, immediately began an active gestures and loud laughter and snide jokes.
It was the end of March and that evening at 7 o'clock on the street was horribly cold, winter has not yet handed over their positions. On the eve of turmoil took a strange sketchy 1 second "pioneer" kiss. Before strange that it was impossible to say with certainty it was or it was not. It is annoying. Her confused.
So it was cold, there was another snowstorm, lamented the fact that he finished the work so late, and they need to see it would be inappropriate every day. All sorts of reasons that would bring it closer to the target, and to give her a reason to zadurit itself down. Going to his house with your favorite music under his arm - "to show"She had intended to "test your willpower". Willpower - hahaha.
For a day or two in the eyes floated the smoke and the smoke that constantly arise purebred his profile. Laptop with music put on the coffee table in the middle of the only room, brought a battery to heat, doing some sort of creative nonsense analysis of the poem about loneliness. He lay on the couch, thinking, staring at the ceiling, imposingly lounging in their suede chocolate foppish pants and steel "home" shirt. Number of series - "Want to see the elegance of negligence - here I am".
On the floor was a Turkish rug. Raising himself on his elbow, and he realized that the girl does not want to hug him and lie down on the sofa, he got up and went to the computer to do something with sound. She now and then shook her head, trying to let go of her damned fog that would gain the clarity of thought that was between them, only the day before, and which she so admired. She came up and stood behind the seated cross-legged on the carpet Turkish young man, which is something intently sought in other electronic memory. She dropped to her knees.
At this point of the speakers poured unearthly. Unearthly was a duet of guitar barely audible chime and dryish Sufi desert wind instrument. It is not just the fog and thick gray smoke drifted across the room, she shivered and shook her head. Then one knows what was sitting on the interweaving of his legs, put their own, bent at the knees behind him. His eyes shone strangely, he did not hurry her kissing or hugging.
His face was surprisingly calm. Then he was played a scene from the ending Amelie (as it seemed to her), he put one of his long, knotty, but youthful, soft fingers to your eyes, cheek, their triangular lips, she barely lifted her head from the dead air touched him lifeless lips. Upper lip hit the angled arms of his lips, which were surprisingly soft. 1 second and they parted. It was his turn. He covered her mouth with short gentle kisses just shrugs.
He kissed her with his lips, it looked like a quiet game with the school's best friend in "husband and wife", The awe of the unknown miracle kiss. His lips parted just a little, they begin to feel soft, slightly damp "wrong side". Lovilos breath and let go. The game lasted an eternity. He began gently laid on his back, she tried to hold his breath in the mouth as her fingers intertwined in his fragrant, feminine soft hair, she suddenly wanted this searing kiss, and it was she who stuck his tongue deep into his mouth, trying to feel the fresh taste of his saliva.
This unexpected penetration, caused him to abruptly turn it back on and start to dig lips pain in her fragile neck. Her blouse ridden up and she took the wrong decision to correct it. At this point, very tempting to bare dekalte (when she still hoped to stop, naive) and he happily took up her sweet soft mounds, squeezing the skin moist lips, but not tverdenkuyu painful glands inside the breast. Gently, silently, slowly moved the edge of his fingers jackets and bra down, exposing finally her pink little nipples.
She closed her eyes when he took it into his mouth and felt a piercing sensation like an electric current, which a person experiences a dream about the kiss, when it comes from the inside of the human body. He fondled her nipples incredibly soft fingers, continuing shelkovichstuyu moisturize the skin of her stomach when he reached the jeans zipper, it is the last desperate grabbed lightning nerazgibayuschimisya fingers.
Followed by warm, crazy waves of pleasure, his nerves caressing tongue and lips were going up to the neck and to the thoughtful, to know kisses parted lips, dropped to the soft abdomen, waist bends, the tips of his fingers did not leave soft tips of her quivering, throbbing nipples. It was a good nevynosivo clenched hand ached from the strain. Finally he got tired and begged penetrating under the skin in a whisper "Please, give me a kiss, just let me kiss you", Her gnarled fingers opened to the sound of this insinuating voice.
Okonchanelno stripped it, and he himself took off his T-shirt. She almost did not feel it prudent oblizovany inside of her thighs, but when his tongue first touched her clitoris, she almost screamed in surprise and freshness of touch. He is in no hurry to delve into her vagina and even open pussy lips, he caressed them from above, from the sides, periodically, kissing the skin around her neat pussy, he revealed how the language tab, and gently pressed them to her sweet skin. Licking her pussy with one hand, he unbuttoned his pants on myself and these cautious thieves sounds, made her body shudder even more than his touch.
Finally, quiet pozvanivanie ended his belt (and she lay with her eyes closed like a virgin, though not for a long time it has been), she held out her hand, wanting to feel his cock in her. Feeling it plunged into shock! Although the term was still quite sluggish, it was huge, just do not fit in your hand! She gently squeezed his fingers in, feeling he poured heavy hot blood, he lifted her pelvis over the carpet, and by pushing with one hand just above her pubic area, tucked in its current hole of his giant.
In doing so, it does not work the pelvis began furiously, and went down on his knees and elbows, lightly touching her with his whole body, completely hairless chest and delicate like a child, but, of course, more abundant hair in the abdomen. He took a couple of slow, deep, and assessing movement gradually began to increase the tempo, feeling her nipples draw a path on the skin of his chest. She felt her orgasm began long before that, and did not end until the orgasm it all their intercourse was for her endless orgasmic flight.
Then there were tears and confusion. provozhaniya it to the bus, a quiet humming complex melody, under which they kissed again neon tears. But what it was, it was infinitely good.