I would never take a crap!

"Never. Never again. Never again I will not take a crap" . Thoughts were confused, shrank, giving more and more space in the whole body pain. The pain would like to stand still and not move it fills the whole body - and yet it seemed that the whole body is decreased, disappeared - leaving only a small portion of the rectum, tearing pain from passing through a huge piece of feces.
"Never in the world I can not bear this. It is better not to defecate. What is tolerated. I can not tolerate. I'll die now".
It seemed that the whole external world ceased to exist, nothing has been heard, nothing seen - so Sasha listened to what was happening in his body, staring - it seemed to him that he sees himself inside - in what is now going on down there. Time stopped, or rather, it seemed endless. From the moment when he felt something stir, zakoposhilos him, urging him to go to the toilet, it took only about half an hour, but it seemed to him - an eternity. After all, he still did not realize what he is trying to tell this clear disadvantage organizm- his habitual constipation and laxative, Sasha has not long ago went to the toilet itself and not remembered feeling the urge. Today, however, something happened - and although it is only four days ago, took a laxative and cocoa - albeit not as much as we would like, but still a certain amount of dense small lumps he was able then to squeeze out of himself - even though it took only (for Sasha - all!) for four days, Sasha did not expect having to go to the toilet today.
Perhaps tomorrow or even the day after he would drink a laxative and calmly went to the toilet. But something happened to his body, and now he suddenly felt the urge. On the first point, he even tried to hold back, but the desire grew stronger, and he went to the toilet. There he sat down - and I realized that there is a desire to not exercise, that's what this desire is, it is still very deep in his guts. Therefore, he had for a long time to massage the abdomen, to strain and push, gradually pushing the feces lower and lower. However, the closer to the anus, he moved, the harder it became inside. And now, when the lump of feces, the feelings which had ten centimeters in diameter, was already close to Sasha's anus - but not yet reached it - the pain was already unbearable. Finally cal he stepped to the anus, and Sasha began to push hard, forcing him out of himself. It seemed he tore a piece of feces. Force ended, and Sasha relaxed, leaning back on the toilet. A trickle of sweat, speaking on voltage window on the temple. Sasha decided that more of this torture, he did not make, and it is time to stop this futile exercise - but when you try to get up and he felt close his anus, it is impossible - it seems a huge ball stuck in the anus, preventing it from closing. But that's not all - to his great surprise, Alex felt his cock begins to tighten as if attempts pushed not only the calories in his gut, but also the blood rising in his quivering rod.
Rested and realizing that there is no alternative, Sasha rallied and again began to push. Each long-term effort, accompanied by a grunt and groan, propelled him wearing only a millimeter. It took perhaps half an hour, until he managed to squeeze out at least something - now he could touch it something with your fingers and make sure that the lump of feces sticking out of his priests, really huge size, firm and dry. Sasha tried to grab with your fingers and remove him. He succeeded in part, but it turned out that if this method does not require emptying and straining strong, then the anus it is even harder. Yet he managed to pull out a piece of feces a little more, and then - with peredyhu and the last effort - sensing that the end is near - it tighter, long and hard, even four or five times. During the last effort, he felt something inside him tightened already without his will, and a reflex contraction pushed finally a horrible piece of the toilet. Looking down, he saw a black top hat, reminding somehow doctoral sausage loaf - just short. The end of a long and painful process filled his whole body bliss erection by this time was already so strong that a few hand movements suffice Sasha to rapidly poured out on her stomach.