Sincere love schoolgirls

Alina was tall, slim and beautiful woman, but rather modest. She has already knocked 17 years. On the morning of the last day of school her heart ached from the emptiness in her life. She finished 11th grade. Soon to leave their walls. But her personal life was not undeveloped. Of course, she could find love in college. Many classmates were alone.
But she pressed on the realization that a lot of love already, and she loses her with the end of school. She still did nothing to turn that love into a reality, a declaration of love, make your lover. She interfered with the natural modesty and even shyness. She was embarrassed that lover how she felt crazy about blondes, while Alina was a cross between a brunette and brown-haired. She was afraid that the beloved rejects it. And again played the teenage complex: it is not as beautiful as the others, she had something wrong.
Her confused own age - 17 years old and own position - she's just a student of the school. Before Alina was a difficult choice: either to make an insane act, throwing himself into the abyss of the unknown, that could be a big mistake in her life, or maybe forget all the rest of his life suffer because of lost love as a result of his timid and indecisive.
These thoughts took possession of Alina. Looking for an hour in the mirror, she finally made the painful choice. She began to plan their actions. Heart pounding like crazy, dizzy, sucked in his stomach - it had only to submit their predatory intentions. «Riippumatta siit&# 228 ;, ett&# 228; se »(« Whatever Works "!) - decided to Alina. Her fanatical enthusiasm for the Finnish language was known to all and was considered one of her few oddities. She frantically began to prepare for a decisive day in her life. Make up, she looked in the mirror.
"Hmm, I think I look pretty cool!". And indeed, in blue thong and bra, she looked irresistible. And all this was to hide under jeans and a blouse ... Because she could not come in this form to the school. Something told her to wear a short skirt and a T-shirt instead of jeans and blouses.
At school, she noted the genuine attention of many boys that flattered her. She had drawn the attention of the male in the school, but on this day she caught apparently increasing number of admiring glances. «Painajainen! Just a painajainen »(« The Nightmare Just a nightmare "!) - Alina excitement intensified with the approach of long-awaited hour. And these views are completely withdrawn himself from it.
Since this was the last day, many lessons are not held, and the second was the last lesson. When the bell painfully long awaited call, she literally jumped up and ran out of the class. Everyone was stunned by this unusual behavior Alina. The very same Alina almost ran to the long-awaited date with your loved ones (which he did not know anything). «Kristus!» ( «Damn!"), - Most of all she was afraid that the favorite will leave school early, like many others. And the more successful the moment is not expected and is unlikely to be decided on such a thing again.
She ran up to the third floor, was unusually empty on the third floor. Most teachers already released classes, without waiting for the call. Her fears increased. When she ran into an open room, it all boiled: the fear that she will do, that the favorite could leave, that she did not dare to carry out his plan. She stood in the doorway, breathless, excited, flushed, she lacked air and heart pounding, my head was spinning, his legs gave way from the fear and feelings Nakata. "Alina, what happened ?! What happened to you?! Who hurt you? "- A historian, a young man 23 years old, who was sitting at the table, I was scared and afraid that something terrible had happened to her or to anyone else.
"I ... I ... I ..." - Alina could not finish. There was a pause. It was so unbearable that Alina loudly sobbed and clung to the wall. Alina cursed himself for indecision and shyness. She had to do what planned: turn the head teacher to arrange striptease and seduce him. Alina realized that instead it is now a sorry sight. "What happened, tell me, calm down!" - The historian got up and ran to her. He had showed a genuine interest in her, and she loved him more than anyone else.
He watched her surreptitiously from behind his desk when she was talking with her friends at recess, pretending to browse the log. He would never admit to himself that dries on it, that the love for your ears. He could not imagine how you can fall in love with their own student ?! Alina continued to weep without answering questions. The teacher came up behind her and put his arm around his hands by the shoulders: "Well, what happened kotёnochek? Why are you crying? ". "I ... I love you!", - Said Alina through crying, still buried in the wall face. "What? Are you kidding?!". "No, really, I have long ...".
There was a silence. Alina calmed down and just stood much embarrassed, waiting for just anything. Internally, it was satisfied: half the work done. She did what she could. The rest depends on the circumstances. She had nothing to blame myself, except that with the weakness shown by the wrong moment. Or maybe the other way around, crying, which caused a pity - a coup? So Alina hesitated when historian embraced it all and hugged her whole body. The girl's face was red scary. She obviously did not expect such a reaction.
"And I, too, love you long time ..." - it is the turn of the teacher blush. "That can not be, do not believe it!" - Alina found it for mockery. "No, really. Come, sit down, "- historian released her and went to the desk. Alina, without wasting time, closed the door of the castle. It is increasingly destructive feelings prevailed. After hearing a click, a historian turned and looked up in surprise. But I could not find the words, and silently sat down at the desk. To his right sat and student. "Well, tell me," - the teacher decided to take matters into their own hands and to defuse the situation. Gradually I began to talk.
In the end they were laughing like real friends, discussing the other students and teachers, as if nothing had never happened. When both reprimanded, there was a pause. Now, Alina grew bolder and decided to take matters into their own hands. Literally. She pressed her body against the historian and tightly hugged him with both hands, while sighing heavily. Pupil has invested all his love in this embrace. The teacher was shocked and wanted to say something, but did not dare, so the pressure was emphatic this young beautiful girl.
It took only a moment of internal struggle in the soul of man, and the historian gave up hugged the girl back as firmly with both hands, keeping their elbows behind her. Come the most exciting moment. Both were breathing heavily from the hug, but break it did not intend to. Suddenly Alina reluctantly pulled away from the teacher and, seizing the moment, kissed him on the lips. Terribly blushing, she lowered her head. Historian embraced her face with her hands and kissed her back. The third kiss was more voluptuous, historian seized the initiative and began to suck and play with Alina tongue, biting and sucking her lips.
This kiss seemed to last an eternity. Finally historian looked up from his lips. «Viile&# 228; "(" Cool "), - the girl whispered, panting. The historian finally demolished tower. He could hardly restrain himself. He did not care or that the school office the wrong place, or that in front of him his minor student. He kissed her on the lips, but without continuing. He switched to her body. He began to stroke her face, then her neck, at some point, once again embraced her. Then again lingering kiss. Kissing with his ward, a historian began to feel, to stroke the elastic young breasts.
"Mmm ..." - it is only able to give Alina, entirely absorbed in that language teacher got up in her mouth. She did not think to resist the inevitable. In the end, that she sought. It was hard to breathe. Interrupting ... kiss, she began eagerly to catch breath, shouting: «Oh, kuinka miellytt&# 228; v&# 228 ;! "(Oh, how nice!). Now she was completely at the mercy of a loved one - his teacher. Historian meanwhile simply sent into the mouth of her lower lip, and his hands began to slowly, centimeter by centimeter lift t-shirt girls, while continuing to stroke and knead breasts.
«No nyt! Ota minut !!! »(« Come Take Me "!) - Alina was shaking with excitement, unusual situation, hitherto unknown sensations. The historian in no hurry. Finally T-shirt was Zadran and his eyes appeared a great moderate size breasts, hidden blue bra. "Oooh, my favorite color," - he thought. Slowly, he began to unbutton the zipper on her skirt and pull it. Alina stood up, helping to lift her skirt, was the next T-shirt. "Wow Wow wow! You're so sexy! "- The historian appeared that still picture.
Alina was confused, she restrained her hands, unconsciously trying to cover up her polunagotu. The teacher stood up and drew her to him. Stroking her, he undid the clasp and the bra fell. He opened a great picture of a great chest rising and falling evenly during inhalation-exhalation and beckoned. Nipples girls swollen and sticking with excitement as the two small pegs. In the eyes of all men swam. He held out his hands to his chest and began to knead again and feel it. «Kyll&# 228; Kyll&# 228; Kyll&# 228; "(" Yes, yes, yes ") - from Alina broke sensual moan.
Here the historian simply squeezed his chest with both hands and pulled her to his mouth. The next time the two went to the nipple in his mouth. It seems the teacher was ready to teach a good lesson nipples. «On my God ...» ( «Oh my God ...") - Alina was in the seventh heaven, everything floated on the tide of hormones. In the next instant, her nipples were subjected to mild biting, polizyvaniya. But most of all she was a part of courage, when he began to make sucking movements. "&# 196; iti! &# 196;! Iti ... Olet hyvin pines »(!!« Mom Mom ... You're a good suck "), - Alina start to moan loudly. They could hear and break, which is not included in the plan pourochny teacher.
He stopped, pulled the girl's panties and handed it to her. She clenched her without a word of their teeth. The teacher continued "lesson". Alina started up again and rather moaned, clenching his teeth cowards. He sat down on his knees and, while continuing to knead the chest, slowly began to descend lips, licking the body, lower and lower. For language it has reached the navel and began intensively to handle it. Alina again rather moaned, almost releasing mouth panties. She could not think that it could be so nice - when lick and kiss the navel.
When finished, the teacher continued to go down and buried his tongue all disclosed in the tuft of hair in the groin, trying to literally swallow the entire vagina. «Aaaaa, Jumala Jeesus !!!» ( «Ahhh, the Lord Jesus !!!") - screamed loudly Alina. "Hush, hush, my girl! We hear "- the teacher patted her thighs, belly and kissed her again, more confident, and boldly entered the groin. "Oooo ... Ahhh ....", - The girl literally flowed juices and feared simply described by an indescribable pleasure.
How could it be assumed that in the world there is a cool fun - when your pussy suck ?! The teacher, meanwhile, has become simply lick her clit, absorbed in the vagina mouth full. Such abuse sensitive pussy could no longer stand and began to twitch, the girl began to shake, the flow of good feeling intolerably deafening Alina, dark eyes, all over the body was so warm, it has slipped to hand the teacher gave a loud groan.
Now she was lying on the teacher's hands and still twitching from the experience, tears flowed from his eyes, the air was not enough ... Historian embraced his beloved student with both hands and began to lull, as if comforting. «Kiitos, opettaja» ( «Thank You, Teacher"), - the girl whispered. The teacher began as a joke to play with the girl's chest, shaking her and sticking his tongue out. From time to time, the tongue touched her nipples tryassheysya chest. Alina gradually began to recover, pleasant languor swept her body. «Silti, haluan lis&# 228; tietoja »(« Still, I want more! "), - The girl looked pleading look. "What did you say? I do not understand. " "I want you to fuck me, Lenarcheg".
The man felt a pleasant helplessness in front of this young girl, who until recently addressed him by name, and is now said to him "you". "Are you sure?". "Yes". The teacher gently ran his hand over her pussy and began to promote it on a new adventure, stroking and pinching. Alina started up and began to moan. Seizing the moment, she sucked the teacher as she could: greedily, with feeling. Again began to fight languages. Meanwhile, the teacher, without being distracted, tried to take off his pants.
But then the schoolgirl decided to take precedence over the teacher. She poured it on his back and, holding with one hand, he began to unfasten the belt. Teacher breathing quickened, it was unusual to feel in a subordinate role, it is incredibly exciting. He looked and could not believe his eyes: the pupil continued to take pants, that's already been pulled panties. Did he sleep with his own pupil right here, on the floor beneath it, not over it ?! However, it is in your head men raged such thoughts, the girl did not lose time in vain, caught in the grip member and licked her head.
"No! You're it! I do not want you to do this, you will be unpleasant! I do not want to have you as a girl! I lick you, because I like it, I do not want you to answer me this in return! "- Mumbled historian. «Typerys, Fool, I have this whole life I dreamed of! Suunsa ja anna! Shut up and calm down, dear. " Grinning, she continued the job. Once again, he licked her head and became a member of nadrachivat, like measurements of his gaze. She needed to get used to it. The girl began to make circular movements tongue around the head, caused quite a masculine groan.
She was surprised at how dry a member because of her pussy flowed and was all wet. She kissed the head several times, have fun watching the man's eyes, as the lady. "It was, it was not", - deciding, a student in her mouth gently plunged head and began to make sucking movements, though her mouth was a lollipop. "Maaama mia, what are you doing!" - The historian was completely at the mercy of this young girl, who could do with it whatever he wants - even take a bite of his dignity. And he was unable to terminate this action. When Alina adapt himself and became just suck like a vacuum cleaner, a teacher and the entire dick jerked entered the poor girl's mouth.
Not a bit of resisting, she began to move her head up and down, rather smacking, while uttering obscene noises. Gently move it to the beat of a man. Her one thought cheerleader suck his teacher, a pleasant sensation of limb movements in the mouth, and the friction of the language is also doing his job. Girl has connected the language and began to make their rotational movement in the mouth. Suddenly she felt as a member of the decline began to twitch and pleasant. The next time a flood. The girl jerked her head in dismay. She splashed face, first hitting the forehead, then on the chin, dirtying it.
I realized it, she again grabbed member and tightly closed my lips obediently accepting everything. It is not happy to go home in the semen-stained. Swallowing, she boasted: "Oh, well, you saved up, poika!». Historian stood up guiltily. "Nothing, I myself wanted it." She clung to him. And he had no qualms, clung to his face. After some time, stroking brought poschupyvaniya effect. The man was again ready for action. He stood up and pulled her behind him, summed up to the desk and looked down at her stomach, putting booty.
"You've got a cool ass!" - The teacher said cheerfully. «Kiitos». Alina thrills breathed, when she felt like her back pressed against the man. Historian began softly and gently led by a member of the pussy, thus further inflame the passion of both. «No nyt! Nide Ei »(« Do not Come Tom "!) - A girl almost cried. So she wanted to ... feel the confidence of this monster. The man slowly began to penetrate into the vagina. Stumbling into an obstacle, it is pressed and a member fell so deeply touched that the eggs girl's pubic area. "Aaaaaa, kivulias !!!» ( «hurt») - the girl wailed.
This idea did not seem to her clever. Inside, everything was burning, sharp pain tore her quickly wanted to get off of the spear. The man began to calm her, stroking his chest and nipples. He made no movement until pussy getting used to new experiences and ready to begin adult life. When the pain subsided and Alina calmed member began to move it. Her head covered with a nice wave of new sensations. She compared these sensations with the sensations of the language and decided that perhaps the member better. He did not give such a thrill, but he penetrated so deeply - into the very essence of it, as if piercing through. The historian was rude and make any sudden movements.
Fortunately it was not Alina fat cock. But as long as usual, and poked into her uterus, causing pain and discomfort. From such a deep penetration and contact with the uterus it catches the wave of sharp pain, but at the same time wildly pleasurable sensations. She was also excited helplessness in such a position, in fact the historian could do with it whatever he wants, even to fuck in the ass. She imagined how it looks from the outside and immediately Well start to finish with a loud groan. She covered her orgasm was so strong and sharp, her body twitching. "I want you to cum inside me! Yes! I want you baby, Lenarcheg! Impregnate me! ".
Such a turn of events took by surprise the historian, he was caught contractions of the uterus and then it covered strongest orgasm, which he groaned and barely stay on his feet. In his eyes dimmed, and he fell on his back girl. Both were panting like hunted animals. «Kiitos, opettaja, Kiitos !!!» ( «Thank you, teacher! Thank you !!!")
The story composed by a real teacher of history and social one of the Samara school