Graduation 2008

My name is Karina, I'm 20 years old, I have a very beautiful soft brown hair, my cool ass, elastic juicy breasts, I was not very high, but I have a very beautiful body, I married, we happy marriage but I still changed her husband . The story begins like this, my sister younger than me and this year just finished school, they decided to celebrate their graduation at a restaurant, and a sister invited us to her husband. We accepted the invitation, with the choice of clothes I nebylo problems.
I wore a black short dresses that accentuate my figure, and high-heeled shoes, looked just Snog shibatelno standing house near the mirror, I felt constantly think of her husband. He came up to me, I felt like obnal naprizhen his cock but hurried to the door, I was in a hurry because I very much wanted something sharp, exquisite.
Here we are, all have been there all the girls were very beautiful boys all in black suits. Well, in short, all just a class celebration was in full swing, we danced more than once I noticed the guys looks at my ass. I do not deny I also flirted, Oksana classroom is my sister, all the guys look very grown all muscular and strong, even the one I liked. His call, valentine, pretty tall, inflated, spartivnoe body composition, svetlenky like me and like it, then turned without hesitation ballad Valentin invited me to dance.
Her husband allowed because he was very tired, so we dance with him, he clung to me with your whole body, breath in my neck, I could smell his sweat and it turns me on. I began to be excited and to stroke his back, and then I felt his cock rests on my belly. How I wanted him. I was going crazy, I started up, but the music ended. I went to the village about her husband, he pulled me to him, but I'm dreaming about him, Valais. I watched as he wants. Here come to the Vale of his friends Vova, Maxim, and Denis, Sergey, they are also very even nothing.
Then I was approached by my sister and we went to the toilet sney she quickly left. I was standing near the mirror examining herself, oshupivala his ass, I'm pleased to do. Then came Valya I was not like that for myself, I wanted to leave but he grabbed me by the arm, telling me gentle passionate voice does not go away, and began to caress me. I absolutely forgotten, I was terribly pleased, he began shupat my ass, then we were joined by Sergey they began to caress me. There were then only Denis and Maxim and Vova.
Sergei put his arm around my waist, I'm all clung to him, willing to put his lips to kiss, aware of the fact that I'm now all in the power of the senses and forget about modesty. Several hands caressed my body. It was easy to guess that our amusements joined by a third person.
The fact that this was the third man had no doubt: It was Max, three protruding sticks poked into my place. Impatience of my gentlemen possess a woman's body was so great that I began to flow from their caresses. With haste, not without, however, due accuracy and sensitivity, I was released from a minimum of toilet articles (dress and minitrusiki).
Naked with her legs spread wide, I tasted the pleasure of men fondling three greedy mouth covered my body with countless kisses. Labia swell from the carnal desire overwhelms me, but partners, apparently, knew his job and did not hurry, as the inexperienced youngsters to push their members into my pussy oozing. Meanwhile, two dick already knocked into my mouth. I had to suck them first in the queue and then both.
Six hands crushed me at the same time everywhere, chest, belly, pussy, thighs, buttocks. Particularly strong pleasure I felt from the caresses of a man who was between my legs: pudendal cleft burned, it seemed spewing flames. In my pussy zashol powerful and erogirovany penis, which has worked slowly, but more elaborate: when pushing in each he touched my clitoris, and after a few seconds I reached orgasm. Although, as I thought I had finished, and so continuously. To my delight there was no end.
And then I learned my Valya: his manner of movement, pace, panting. Losing control of myself, I shouted: "More, more, my dear!" And I heard a calm and confident voice Wali: "Do not worry, dear! You're going to end up as long as you do not ask for mercy. Sergey at this time shoved in my mouth, but I was let go from enjoying a member Sergei, at this very moment Valya told me looking mna Sergei: And yet zaglotni Single deeper one that you have in your mouth.
Hearing these words, the guy shoved me his flaccid penis into her mouth, livened up and uttered imploringly: "Come on, suck! Swallow deeply and simultaneously caress the eggs. Oh, it is already good! Come on! And, all coming!" A strong jet of sperm hit me deep into the throat, which I unconsciously swallowed, t. To. In the same time, Valya took a furious pace, and so beat your eggs my feet, I thought, how could they not have burst.
His orgasm was accompanied by groans and growls. Before he could move away from me like a pussy, cum crowded again shoved a member of the three pairs of hands continued to caress my body. All my erogenous zones were energized, and I was really very good, I felt the greatest pleasure!
Valya, who was sucking my breasts, fingers aroused clitoris and caused me a new wave of pleasure. I'm all arched, and two strong hands grabbed me with Zadi and then I felt the pain I first shoved in the ass was painful but the pain was accompanied with an orgasm, he did such a pleasure it so skillfully that I did not want to he it from there pulled out, he Caloto my cunt I was confused.
In my hands was a member, even without seeing someone he I began to squeeze him, he began to fill in my hand. Another knocked penis in my mouth. "My God, they have four!" - I only had time to think and swallowed it without hesitation. I opened my eyes and looked back I saw that the one who powerfully fucked me with his huge cock Zadie was a stranger to me man, I realized that we were joined by a waiter.
Once again, closing his eyes, I thought that what he waiter, I was no worse, and perhaps vice versa. And no matter how it was he could not zderzhatsya and finished my ass, his hot jet of sperm dripping from my feet, and I was not like when kayfovo before. I turned to face the rest of the boys kneeling, I began to suck the first Max had finished my chest, swallowing Vovinam member of the throat, as though sucked in the first gave me the most delicious kanfetku.
Orgasm already looms Vova lifted me and turned his back, he dotrahal me and ended my thigh, Denis at that moment gave me in the mouth he had long waited for the same at the end of escape my mouth, he began his push for the throat, and pushed the last time he cumshot on my face, I licked the sperm from his head, he was very good, the guys looking at my body, it was flooded with sperm. I sat up and began to wash off the semen clots.
Guys dressed and left with a smile this time the toilet was only Valya, he kissed me on the lips, I said that the most gorgeous woman, and poshol to the exit! I got dressed and went back to her husband, at that moment I was ashamed in front of my husband, but my soul was somewhere high, high. But the boy had found himself here a pleasant companion, it was a foreign teacher and it was not boring, the husband asked me why so long I told him that helped with make-up Oksana.
Here's a story Karishki.