Unsuccessful business

(Dunn story is based on real events Changed only the final ... And then -. Not much :)
I was hired as a programmer. As a result of the fact that I was not satisfied with the work in the home province of the low salary, I moved to the nearest big city - largely under the influence of his girlfriend, in many ways - on their own, but largely because one of the familiar start-up entrepreneurs I offered to work for him in the city in private. My girl - my baby was just going to go to college in the same policy.
it was very, very good with it at us all. On mutual recognition, we will meet each other much better than all the previous our partners in bed. Of course, we loved each other. And more forgiving, especially my little girl came into my life when I slowly chew his fifth depression - as always, associated with another painful gap love relationships, and was ready to despair and put bold cross on women in terms of positive attitudes to them. She literally revived in me a love for the world of women. She just came in and began to love me. Including - in bed. Simply, softly and gently.
Before me, she had problems with orgasm, but - cunnilingus, petting - and intoxicated by my approach was awakened in her sensuality. However, with me she could not come, I just fucked her in the vagina, ie, in conventional instrument. Ointments, clitoral stimulation - almost did not help. It helps only one thing: if I, by inserting the penis, began very active stimulation of her clitoris with your fingers, almost forgetting about yourself. But it was more like a very difficult trick than sex.
When there was this story, I was 27, and she - 21 ...
The baby did not like to give me in the ass. But - sometimes, very rarely - still I gave up and did it. There were two reasons - moral and unwillingness to endure the pain that occurred in the development of its rear holes. So they had to keep a very slow and laborious work, in order not to alienate your favorite. Although, the anus was her very erogenous zone. Just her retarded psychological taboos, de, it's disgusting, Missed - and still hurts. Lubricants help, but not enough. anusling "bear" she flatly refused: "it is generally not for me too! Yes, and very ticklish!"
But when hurt fucking in the ass it was only the beginning. Then she start. And she liked to shout out loud. It was a voluptuous scream "Aaaaaaaa!". Firstly, it is the remains of their deadened the pain by switching to the passionate enjoyment regime, and secondly, it was got from the crying, and she became pofigu antianalnye all her prejudices. One day, after a three-week absence, I put her to bed, and she was - so was got by that miss - and finally got me, she did not notice, I immediately got into her sweetie, filler, malorazrabotannuyu ass. I myself do not understand how I got there. But most surprising was the fact that after some time when the joint clitoral stimulation she huddled in orgasm. Probably, it was still the only case when she came for anal sex. But it has inspired me all my life. Moreover, she convinced me in the subsequent conversation that nothing is faked
Sometimes she was angry, and evinced the intention to do a hole in my back, but I did a strange appearance - not something I like that she wants, not what - I do not like, and she was left with nothing. In short, confused. Although a couple of Toyko-time, I agreed, and her playful fingers have been there. But all this was done with one purpose - to her chocolate hole often became mine. In general, I am a person without prejudice. And because such affection for me to wear and will wear a heterosexual character. Naturally, more than one individual of a male ass I said to her without a fight would not let, nor podpuschu. :)
...So, I worked for a private trader. Taras - my boss - was six years older than me, and took me to work on the condition that I will learn from him in the evening, then to take the exam for a certificate for its micro-firms invisible. I agreed - especially once the experience and knowledge will not interfere in my profession.
It was the summer ... After a morning of sex - including - at this time - and anal, Baby said that will never again give me in the ass. I shrugged, but not particularly worried. There was a day off. I got dressed and went to the home to Taras - for his computer, where he stood all the unique software to learn. Learn accounted for on the weekends, and my baby just went crazy from what time we could spend together, we takes a businessman-loser. I did have a fortnight when she began to appear in the evening, and not only at home Taras, and very aggressively to demand termination of employment. I reassured the girl, saying that she wants to see me a rich man, which was true in many respects. But since I did not mind to carry out at least in some ways her dream eiti her fantasies were my hand.
I must say, our class with Taras more like a cross between the preparation of some crazy computer special forces and punitive psychiatry. This crazy mercilessly fucked my brains, referring to himself as the greatest genius of computer science, and to me - as if I had not then that four years programmer on the financial part has not worked, and if and keyboard do not own, and vindozu bad I know, and knock on the keys correctly.
The only thing it somewhat justify the situation: he risked money. And to me, they were also needed. And as I have them all the same received in the amount of agreement, I suffered.
That evening Baby again broke into an apartment in a state of combat Taras, and began grumbling and yelling at us. I was very torment and caught in the middle. Suddenly the little girl became offended, teasing me, flirt with Taras. Or Taras, angry, decided to show their charms ... not so important ... When we left the apartment and went home, we had a very interesting conversation.
I must say, with its first-class appearance, Baby could easily tighten any man to his bed. But after she came to live with me, she left the sport. Although, three times she betrayed me. I laughed - in retaliation cheated on her twice. I have to say, I do not really even like it. One word - revenge. But after she pulled out - literally - a depression of me, and I almost broke up with drugs and began to control insomnia, I forgave her much. Perhaps nothing. BUT ... my heart suggests that this is how one should behave with this little girl still inexperienced in life. Overall, I was against the relationship on the side. If we change - that was the agreement to notify each other that was less problems. Desirable - up "treason"Because ... if I felt that I would not like it or if there is some sort of a bad situation, I was able to stop this thing. Once even I had a quarrel with a friend, when it really went wrong.
But this time it was like a puzzle. The baby became very aggressive in asking me:
- Do you think I can not sleep with him? Do you think I can not seduce him?
- I do not advise it, - I said. - what for?
- No! I can have sex with him! I bet that I sleep with him!
I could not understand, but it is about the conversation went halfway. I pochuvtvoval that it - really - want to sleep with Taras. In the end, I could not resist and said:
- ...Yes, you do what you want! Especially because tomorrow - Ivanova night. But only once! And, please, with PZ! (In our language, this meant "condoms" )
Ivanov night we met the three of us. Taras abundantly treated us, we went out of town, walked, drank a beer, take a taxi back to the center, played billiards. He clearly flirting with the baby, and I looked at it all through your fingers, being very cool. I knew that little girl will still be with me. They are each other today - a juicy game.
When we got home, and Taras offered to have sex threesome, Baby was initially agreed, but then changed her mind, and made me a sign to step back. I took the bottle "Martini"And looked a bit like Taras fucks her crustaceans, wincing slightly left to another room to watch TV ...
Autumn has come. I passed two exams, received two certificates for Tarasova company. After that night, I said with a laugh, baby: "It is now for me - none. Think about it, how can I apply to it is now? I will now be much easier psychologically to treat it properly. I do not think that at least one serious entrepreneur would have done so." It was a psychological puzzle. It could also bo I think everything that could allow it to him "psychologically lowers" fantasy. But I was somewhat amused, somewhat nauseated, but - by and large, I was impenetrable.
Gradually came October. Suddenly, I felt suspicious behavior Babes certain tension, the nature of which was not hard to imagine an intelligent man, is the essence. Using Mobil Dollar Baby and calls at certain times, I have found that it is oddly off regularly at certain hours in the evening. In the end, I asked about everything, calling her and felt that she was almost crying. I said: "Do not be afraid of anything! Tell me everything! Do not be afraid!". And she was almost in tears began to tell that two weeks ago she began an affair with Taras. They met by chance in a bar. And her passionately drawn to him. This type of course, passed different courses transcendental meditation, he studied NLP and hinting that studying Erickson hypnosis, but I did not pay too much attention to it. And this time I have decided to resolve the situation without taking into account the alleged mystical powers "Comrade Taras". Moreover, I myself thought of himself as a Jedi - no matter where. Especially with regard to information and forecast situations strokes cause-and-effect relationships. Situation as ck-Th. I would never have to use clumsy physical fight without the need for self-defense. Moreover, I could have two accounts on prinudlechenii.
Almost crying little girl told me that at first they were all good. It was a delightful sex. Winding it much better than me. But then ... Then my simple Emmanuel began to want more and more ... And this moron, like every busy man became to dismiss from her and laugh at her. A sensuality and power of attraction at my baby, I'd say - the envy of all. So, it was "to lasso passion". Practically already crying she said:
- Choose! Or you stay with me or you go away!
"Well, - I thought. - Care should be clear. Whether he achieves this, he has an affair with the baby, or not - does not matter. But I'll be gone. Especially because he prepared out of me pretty good spices, I put into my training a bunch of grandmothers. Copies of certificates, where just below the name of his company attended my name, I had. The work I'm now able to find the two accounts. As for the Babes - as it will, based on her psychological state (a student, I was fond of the theme of psychoanalysis), but I'll try her to stay with me, or - at least - did not get in the shit. Although she has already started to stumble."
I immediately called Taras and firmly explained to him that I know everything, and, of course, I'm going. He was in shock. He wanted my going or not, but I'm pripodnёs in the most painful form for him. Still would! He laughed at my baby! He brought her to tears! And I could not protect her from that bastard.
So I went on his way of the samurai without a computer of his former master. baby I was loyal and devoted to the same way as a samurai. I asked her to stay with Taras, go back to it. But she knew that nothing good is waiting for her there.
It went another six months or even more. Babes have come spring session. I worked at one of my former clients of the former geek boss. Overwork. And it happened when we were both tired and sleepy, that Baby confused days of her menstrual cycle, and flew, as we mistakenly not protected. It was necessary to have an abortion. We went for it. Give birth was impossible: she had to learn, and I just got into debt trying to not even meet its myth of a generous partner, but simply to ensure the normal course of life, dentist, changing shoes worn to holes, etc.
After an abortion, it is sad. Our relationship was on the verge of breaking. She often told me that it is still drawn to Taras, about the fact that having sex with him, she woke up so much that began to experience a normal orgasm through normal sex, that she was ready to give him in the ass, even now, but realizes that he can not psychologically return to him. At the same time she was very gentle with me, and I have no doubt I can say that she loved me.
We decided to leave before September to give each other a break. I realized that I might have to give it a go. The most stupid was that while we both loved each other.
After an abortion, it was impossible to have sex, and - as she lightly touched the narrow neck of the uterus, vaginal sex was contraindicated in two months. She was slightly hurt when she went to the toilet in the large.
She first suggested to leave by September. I agreed that it was the right thing. Especially since I changed jobs again, and was the first, on probation in one of the major programming companies, and secondly, until the fall had to get out of debt. She left for the summer to her grandmother in our home town.
I come September. I worked. With the main part of the debt, almost did it. At work they took me. Wages increased. In addition to the basic salary on which it was possible to live, I even went the extra money, the amount of which depended on the number of clients served. I yearned for a baby.
She called me herself. She asked:
- Guess who I'm sitting in a cafe?
- Taras?
- Guessed! And we are now in the same city as you, - she said very clever and playful voice. Depression, apparently, was held. And again she played. I play their unsurpassed psychological games. I play and it gave her happiness.
- Are you fine? You stay with him?
- I will not say! - She giggled.
- Yes? - I asked, frowning.
- Yes! But we both really want to meet you.
I went to a cafe in forty minutes.
They sat in a booth. I sat down, ordered a Coke.
Taras was sullen and unshaven. The little girl beamed.
- You do something wrong? - I asked.
- Yes, it happened! - Taras said. And, looking at the two of us went - almost begged:
- Lord! I beg you to leave me alone! ... I'm a very busy man! We can say - invalid intellectual work! I beg you: do you ebites saaaami! - Here he made a huge break. But with such a serious and dejected look that raid two months of sadness I began to take place. I began to entertain the situation.
- The more that you, sir, - he looked at me - it seems that the woman was very lucky in this life! You seem to have not guessed - like!
At this point, little girl sat next to me, hugged me, and shining innocent and missed the beginning of the eyes, cooing kiss. I thoughtfully and carefully replied, half remaining in a state of ongoing conversation with our business head man.
A conversation is was over! Taras asked account. Together we left the cafe. He got into a taxi. I'm a little stunned, walked beside the baby.
The first thing I asked was:
- You slept with him?
- Yes. - Very simply and innocently she said. And playfully laughed. And then he told me that two weeks ago she called him, and they once again got into a passionate sexual affair. She gave him everything. He cums in her mouth, she gave him in the ass. And she finished, finished, had finished ... She knew what anal orgasm. But two weeks later Taras suddenly changed and became indifferent to her. In addition, he reminded, she said, a squeezed lemon. And she began to mock him. She understood what he was miserable, worthless and closed type, which is simply very good artistically plays and feeds itself in business.
- I just ate it! - She laughed.
- Hmm? - Very carefully, I asked, thinking of the future ratio truthfulness of all that she said, and as someone who "He played" of ocharovashek-lovers in their next two weeks entertayment.
- When he was completely exhausted, we'll call you! - Baby happy, so that even in my heart grew lighter.
- So what's next?..
- Farther! - She giggled. - Guess what I have here! - The little girl waved her handbag. I'm wary stopped dead in his tracks.
She slowly opened her handbag. There lay a pack of dollars. I bury very strange thoughts in my head - crime, prostitution, fraud, theft.
-What is it??? - I just stood there, mouth open, looking at the playful idiot, and then she realized that achieved the desired effect, beaming, said:
- Fool! This is - a wedding gift Taras us with you! Here, eight thousand dollars. And I want a luxury wedding!
I slowly turned the breath, hugged baby. Very passionately he kissed her and asked:
- Idiot !!! Please ... more ... until we are together ... NEVER HEAR, NEVER cheated on me !!!

* * *
The wedding was gorgeous. Taras on it was not.
After the wedding, Babe became a very passionate lover in my bed. It turns me on her languid voice and unrivaled game, it pushes his buttocks and a little wheezing asked to fuck her in the ass ... We are still trying all the arsenal of sex without any taboos - the golden rain, CM, a massage and everything vzbredet our heads.
We live for five years. Our sex - diverse and refined. Money is in short supply. Taras disappeared from our lives. We're going to buy an apartment in a month. And then to have a baby. We are happy.
But most importantly - she has since never cheated on me! And, for some reason I pursued some stupid feeling that it is absolutely not necessary ...