Scenes of family life (episode 2)

I once read in one clever book that sexual feelings are stronger than all the other senses, and a man always striving for sexual satisfaction in spite of everything, both men and women. This thought came to me on Saturday morning, lying in bed and staring at the sleeping next to his wife. I carefully pulled back the sheet with her and admiring the beautiful body, and began to gently stroke her thighs, buttocks. The natural result of this was the gradual raising of the member to a working state. In the brain flashed the thought: - Well, the hell the garage (in the morning I was going to go work out with the machine). Tom opened his eyes, felt my dick getting up and smiled, looking forward to enjoying the upcoming process.
To some it may seem it is old-fashioned, but I love my wife, especially in those moments when it is not necessary to rush anywhere, and you can leisurely enjoy sex. I pulled his lips to hers, she said, and a few minutes we were kissing. Stroking her hips, I gradually moved his hand to her lower lip. Referring to them, I felt that they were swollen and the entrance between the damp, my hands already stroking the most tender place, inner thighs, the skin is so tender: palm pushing puffy lips and joined together thumbs fail in wet, hot pussy, feeling its convulsions, its juice, soft and tender inside of the vagina. One index finger I feel like a small sail gets clit. Another finger easily into her ass sweetie. Bend the thumb and forefinger, and they're almost rubbing against each other, separated by a thin stenochkoy. Tom softly moaning. I begin to make frictions with both fingers, trying to penetrate as deeply as possible. Then, pulling the fingers pripadaet his lips to her beautiful lips.
Somewhere deep into her tender body falls through my tongue, and then I turn on the tight head opened her clit and soon Tom shuddered in orgasm, the tongue perceives the taste of its juice. I can see her vagina, it is right in front of my eyes, it moves like a living, pulsing stretches me. I hold your breath. Tongue dive into it again. The nose pushes the wall, and also placed in the cave bursting with ardor. Tom softly moaning and makes me turn over. Now my hard dick gets her hot mouth. Then she lets out his tongue and touches my testicles. Carefully licked my scrotum, again she lets my rampant cock in her mouth. She did not hurry, gently caressing tongue head, bridle, slightly sucking, then swallow it deeper and deeper. And now my head is rather big body slips into her throat. For some reason it seems that he gets to the stomach. Probably very few women who can take so deep a man's penis. Something came into my anus: ah, yes, it was her fingers gentle massage carried within me, then started sweeping movements to fuck me. Feeling the pleasure of it all, I have tried almost all the head to get into her expiring juice hole. I felt that going to explode and pulled back sharply from her. Putting her on her knees, I go into her pussy mokrenkuyu. Deeper, deeper ... Stroking her half stunned ass, my fingers slide into her dark hole, finger instantly falls, I feel the thin wall itself. I slap his hand on her buttocks, pull out a member and then inserted into the brown tight ring. Tomochka screams, but I literally break through in her ass. She bends. We shout at the same time. Grasp at her hips, her sit down sharply on itself, sinking deeper and deeper, to sit down and sit down on it.
Something suddenly made me look aside in the doorway stood our four Maxim and looked at us with eyes wide open - "What are you doing here?" It was a shock. Tom in confusion even in a strange and laughed, sticking out his ass, she buried her face in her hands, having covered the face with her long hair. I'm entering a member until the end, tightly pressed his stomach to her buttocks. In the confusion, I could not figure out what to do, and his son came closer and, thinking that we are playing with his mother in "train"As we sometimes played with him, he climbed on his back to Tom. "Let's go" he shouted loudly. I thought it was the best option out of the situation and ordered: "Steam locomotive - forward". We Toma clumsily began to move, but then little boy turned and saw an unusual picture and asked: "Dad, why did you put his mom in the ass pussy?" Then his wife still could not stand it and jumped out of my penis. My strained stick slipped out of her priests, and at this time there was a discharge: a powerful jet of white sperm struck between these beautiful halves and flowed down the thick thighs Thomas, for the first and the second followed by a smaller jet, then another and another ... "Dad, what are you writing?" did not let the son - "And why do you have such a big pisya? And sticking up?" - With interest, he looked at my cock, which began to gradually fall off. The wife quickly ran to the bathroom. I, covered by the arm tucked Tomino robe, and a little come to himself, he began to explain, saying that her mother was ill and her stomach had to be urgently treated. "Remember, you have a sick stomach and my mother put you an enema, and so now it was necessary to do an enema mom". And then he tried to turn the conversation to another topic - about drawing and fast trip to the zoo. I like it happened and when, still red from embarrassment, his wife came out of the bathroom, we have already talked about the elephants and monkeys.
One of the many guests, the evening at dinner asked Maxim whether he loves Dad. This idea was picked up immediately and mother-in-law. Son in silence suddenly blurted out: - I'm the daddy very much, because we were with him in the summer playing football, winter sledding, and yet he knows how to be a doctor - yesterday my mom was sick tummy and he treated her. I insert your pussy to her ass and do an enema white waters.