In case it is necessary to repeat

Just want to mention that it's still not a story, and the story - ie, what actually happened.
First 2 words about me. I - a very jealous man, when suddenly someone of something and somehow my girlfriend - can give a turnip without hesitation. That is, the consequences - all this then ... But at the same time I have (both general and probably any normal man) has a mistress. And not even one, but two constants, and even so .... sometimes something somewhere somehow with someone.
It all started about a year ago - the first time I climbed up on some site dedicated to swing. I read the description, climb in the guestbook .... Well, in general, as usual. I was still amazed at how someone can be dragged from the fact that someone fucks him (!) Wife!?! But ... it took a while, and I suddenly became interested in the topic. Or rather not the case - not the topic in particular, and the general theme of the swing. To begin with I really liked the theme - I am one, my wife and even some woman. Naturally began when he started his wife once this decline - not all so simple, it took several months to ensure that in the moments of sex to tell her some stories about IT - that is, about what kind of contact at this moment another woman. Well, as it happens, as a result of this long dripping on the brain, it is still (of course about our final having sex) said she still wants it. What, in fact, I was of her need - the word says, so I do not unscrew here. After some time, I drank a beer, and so is not bad, and clearly told her that this is it - it's time! The second woman. And where can I get it? Naturally, this was a prostitute - try to find normal. Generally I take a taxi - and forward to the victory of communism! Naturally, that is ridden sought candidacy, stopped at the tents, took another beer, in short, when he came home with booty, then he was almost "body". Of course we drank more of an acquaintance for something else, for the ... more ... more ... In the end I just did not. Next it is only from the words of his wife. When I "down"Ie just stopped to think anything (and you thought - brandy after the beer), they decided to take matters into their own hands. They tried to make me a blowjob alone, but neither he nor I it did not react in any way. Then the girl (her name was Nina) has proposed to his wife somehow themselves to do something - after all it is for this, and it took. In general, they have tried, and they did it .... My wife generally konchalka - at a time with me can end times 2-3-4-5 .... And then they just started, and - once already! In this Nina turned out completely different reed than me, and that was enough! Then he caressed his wife Nina, Nina also came, and so on until-oh-oh-LHA, dliiiinno ... From such a wife too had finished with her.
The second trial was a few months later - again had to spin his wife sing to her all sorts of songs. Well, in the end finally agreed. Here already I was a little smarter - did not drink, girlfriend was looking on the Internet. Sam took the wheel and drove to the office, where offered "girls for couples". Julia - was the name of this fairy - was quite pretty, tall and slender girl of 25 years, not vulgar, and stupid enough. I explained to her that his wife is almost the first time - about Nina, and even did not want to remember - this is considered that it was not for me. She understood me perfectly, the only thing she said, it's who pay more attention to - me or my wife what I said of course, that the wife. We came, drank again, and here too I was on top - did not drink nearly all - so purely for the company. Then I held Julia in the shower, and we moved to the bed. Julia - well, did everything just fine - divorced wife in full - first we had caressed his wife - breasts, thighs ... Then Julia told me that I do not interfere, and dropped below - reached Zhenya's most intimate places. I caressed a while breast wife realized that in general, here I once, so jumped on Julia. His wife lay on her back, Julia - over her cancer, so I had to just settle back to Julia that I was not slow to make. Fuck it so minute or two, I realized that my wife is my ends - it has been seen and the movements of her body - she just became bend up towards Yulin language, and of course for those moans that she made. In general, when a wife comes, she is so all there begins to decline, that if I am at this moment in it, just the feeling that you compress your hands (this with other women I have not experienced!). Julia probably felt it, too, and not only felt, but also gave his feelings - at this point it is also finished, certainly not as significantly, as a wife, but also quite sensitive. I still did not want to finish - it was interesting what will happen next. And then his wife just asked me, so I lay down on my back, and Julia would have climbed on top of me, and my wife would be watching how we fuck. No sooner said than done! Julia on me, I'm from the bottom, and his wife simply caresses us and herself - she said to me then, her sight is very excited that her husband fucks extraneous Devchenka from which language though she also finished! Of course such a long time and I could not stand it, finished! But the wife is fucked remained only the language, and not even my - this situation it was necessary to urgently correct! Julia probably also realized it (after all sensible Devchenka!) And started to caress my wife again, only this time his hands. The language of roofing felt she caressed her breasts, nipples wife bristled as pencils - yet it is very much excited. Prior to that, she was just moaning - perhaps still a little embarrassed by Julia, and now his wife began to moan, but in such a way as to me it probably never moaned. And flowed from it ...... Actually my way out again - now I'm on top, to his wife. I fuck my wife, and Julia at this time perched behind the language of my anus. Kaif !! Neither incomparable. Five minutes of such feelings and all, I was once again on the peak - only now lyus pushes his wife into the vagina. With this we have finished - his wife asked me to spend Julia. After that we do not once remembered it while having sex, and from these conversations wife began to flow, it could not even touch it - it flowed from alone talk.
This was the first experience of what I call the swing.
But the woman was sampled, and ... I wanted something new, and what is most amazing to me is the fact that ME (!!!) wanted it to be a man !!!
But how all this had happened, I will write the next time!