Roughly fucked in elevator

My name is Diana. This story took place not so long ago.
One day, at two o'clock in the night, I was returning from a night club, it was naturally a little drunk. Equip was quite frankly, short denim skirt, a bra that really grips the chest, translucent blouse, stockings, heels with studs.
On the night club I rode in a taxi, very handy. In general, when I was already under the porch, I saw four guys there, but even though the clock was already two in the morning, I was not scared at all is because we often sit under the porch a bunch of boys.
Okay, I will not pull, and start the story.
I went to the entrance and the two men went after him, we went into the elevator together. You imagine imagine that the elevator got stuck and our entrance catches a mobile phone, but I'm still digging in it, trying to get through. A few minutes later, such a dialogue has turned out:
- What beauty can come up with odd, bored something !?
- Guys, look better, is there a connection on your mobiles.
- Nope, you know yourself that there is not catch, so we're stuck here for a long time, so what do we do?
- I do not know, I tell you that clown?
- Can you give us cocksucking do?
- Are you ohreneli?
- Do you like Bazaar bitch? Would you like for a good, yet she'll ask us, what would we have given you our dicks.
And suddenly, they begin to rigidly me to touch, I twisted both arms back, and handcuffed, well and continued to paw, one paw very tightly to his chest, and the other stuck his hand between my legs.
- Look, the bitch in stockings.
- But you see what she herself wore a bra
- Daaauzh and this blyaduha still broken, apparently because once that local whore
And I realized that they are not finished, and began to threaten the guy lives here, they say, I'll scream! And after a couple of seconds, I get a strong slap in the face.
- Bitch, try to shout, we'll fuck then slaughter
- Guys, shook ...
Before I finish, like my blouse and bra just broke,
- It excites me, I've been fucked these whores do not
- Put it on all fours, let me otsost,
And here I am standing on chetvernkah, by the way, I also removed the panties.
- Suck whore, if you do not want it to hurt you
I was so gripped his chest, the pain that he opened his mouth, and I shoved cock in her mouth, and to put it mildly, I was just there to fuck, held by the hair and fucked
- Blyayaya, but it's all flowed, she likes
- Nuka damn tell me, do you like it?
- Mmm ...
- Guys, well ...
- Shit, what are you stupid, right now, you get a bitch, let's say
- You want that we fucked you?
- Yeah, I want ...
- What do you want to bitch?
- I want you to fuck me!
I heard a click, handcuffs flew to the floor
- Well, what a bitch, let us suck
Imagine the scene, I'm on my knees in stockings, heels and sucking guys do not know me.
- This slut probably have sucked all the district
- Yeah, so I still do not who do not suck.
- All right, get up on all fours
And I get up, and after half a minute I have full fucked in the pussy and in her mouth.
The one that I sucked, did not last long, and finished in my mouth, it was very good, it was evident from the fact that the sperm he had very much like half a year not fucked, I could not even all take a sip, and a little It spilled on my lips, but I was forced to lick all.
The one who fucked me in the pussy, then I also finished in the mouth, sperm, he had more than the first, and half spilled onto the floor.
- Are you that bitch ohuel quickly lapped up everything off the floor !!!
So I still do not who do not put down, I licked the sperm off the floor, it was very disappointing.
And then he earned a lift, I closed and went with them to the elevator, by the way was the ninth floor, and when I came out, there was still waiting for 2 guys. They took me to the roof, trailer handcuffed to the bars, put cancer and fucked from behind on the turn. And they said, if I arise, they still fuck me and leave naked on the roof suspended on the bars, and it's all about finding out the sex of the city .. I have so many fucked that had no strength, my whole face was in the sperm, they were finishing do not back me ..
Then they stripped me handcuffs and gave a phone number, they said, if a week does not call them, I will PPC.
But that is another story...
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