My woman. Trenadtsataya Part. "Lolita"

Many thousands of years ago!
"They were cold. The snow under his feet, was almost to his knees. Leader of the Pack, noticed a cave.
He explained to his flock that they should take shelter from the cold there.
He explained not verbally, and mentally.
"The cave is inside people, embracing, warm each other". Approximately so it looked like a mental message.
In the eyes of the people, was questioned.
Then he showed them another picture.
"The corpses of the members of his flock, since their campaign, they lost more than forty men".
This convinced people. And they occupied the cave.
Climbing to the very depths, they embraced.
The leader and his assistant were standing near the entrance to the cave.
"People corpses, cold, diluted hands" - Please, assistant to the leader. This meant that people still die from the cold that we do.
The leader, sent a picture, hands, hand covering the face, which meant, I do not know what to do, I'm tired.
- Wow - said the assistant, pushing the leader and showing the distance.
The leader, followed his hand.
From afar, in their way, he was a tall, broad-shouldered man. He was a long white beard and robe, the color of blood.
The leader, was surprised, like an old man, and his country's clothing.
They themselves wore the skins of various animals. But this they have not seen.
And the leader, and his assistant, baton raised, standing at the ready.
The old man approached them.
The old man sent the picture, "two, shake each other's hands".
They did not understand the value of this image, then, the old man sent another.
"two people hugging", The value of this image "I am your".
People released batons, for some reason, they were inclined to believe him.
The old man raised his hand, palm up.
From his hands emerged, something not clear to them. The old man, sent a hand in the direction of the nearest tree.
Primitive people, watched fascinating the way the snow is melting around the tree.
It was a fire.
And the old man learned a lot of people. It is once a year come winter and bring people the most precious gift, the knowledge.
People are the ones with the time when the learn to read and write (but besides favorites, almost everyone will forget their mental abilities), will call himself Sumerians.
Noise - ery, Selected - Old Man. And to the descendants of the old man remembered and waited for him.
We invented a legend about an old man winter.
As a consequence, known, other nations in different ways.
But, it is most true, Grandfather Frost. Grandfather - old man, Frost - Winter."
Old Man Winter.
From the book Merofa "First days".
I unfolded the map and looking for the end point of our goal.
- I hope we have time - I said
- We'll make it - confidently, Lo said.
I looked at my beautiful companion.
Tall, dark-haired, green-eyed, slim figure.
Thin, but graceful lips, big eyes. .
However, three days without sex, I think I want it.
- Do not even think - she said.
Oh, I forgot to lock my thoughts.
Lolita, a girl from "Fire Temple". Sibyl, who is able to read thoughts.
I quickly, hid his thoughts.
- Blocked? - Lolita smile.
I still do not know how to read minds, but I can guess.
We have a good jolt.
I hit the driver's cabin.
- Denis, be careful on the turns.
In response, I heard a grunt.
Denis, a soldier of our brethren. Next to him, sitting in the cockpit, another girl from "Fire Temple"But rank lower than Lolita.
We were with her in the back.
Here, there are two beds on either side, a fridge, a small TV.
Lolita, was sitting next to me. And when I knocked, referring to the driver, she obviously saw the photo, standing on the splash screen of my phone.
- Beautiful girl looks like Anna, but she did not.
I looked at the photo.
- Yes, this is not Anna.
- I know it "native", Which you mentioned in your diary.
I am not particularly surprised looked at Lolita.
- Look, is not surprised - she said - We have in the temple, there is access to the Internet.
Here, I was surprised.
- What are you eyes bulged - read my facial expression, not ideas Lolita - All our girls' squad, reading your diary. You have in the church, a walking legend.
- Really? - I asked, suppressing a smile.
- Some girls, print your photos and keep close to heart.
- I thought. You have in the church about this strictly.
- Hmm - said Lolita - you can be the custodians and we are worse.
I put a hand on her shoulder.
- What you then behave like impatiens, red girl.
It is distracting me, spread the picture.
- They have one root principle.
I initially did not catch up, of whom she is. But then it dawned on me.
- If so - I said - It means that. .
- This means - interrupted me Lolita - What is this girl, a strong magician and healer. Strong, equally. How Anna.
I looked at the photo. In principle, I have long been aware of the pedigree "Native". Now, it was just a confirmation.
I went to the phone menu, the gallery and showed her a picture of Alexis. Just his drawings.
- Well, this is also not easy. His family, originates from "Gentile".
I remembered a story that he studied with mentor Raun.
Prince Vladimir. Which, on the instructions of higher authorities, was to introduce people to Christianity.
When he came to the Slavs. He went straight to the Gentiles magicians. When he came to their house. He saw three beings. Recalls how dragons and lizards.
It is, without fear, went up to him and held out his hand with an open palm.
This meant "offer friendship".
Three creatures covered with haze. And before him, three men were standing. With blond hair and blue eyes.
One of them came up and took friendship.
They left their strength, but with the condition that they will serve the truth and the faith of New Russia.
- Plus, they both "Indie".
That, for me was news.
It was time, get behind the wheel. For the road, we rode in silence. When it got dark, we swapped.
I, with Lolita. Again, we were in the back.
We are not talking, and immediately went to sleep.
We had to, to sleep.
Sleep, I could hardly. Hormones tortured.
And when I almost fell asleep.
To my body pressed against something warm.
Hand Lolita, went under my shirt. She stroked my chest.
Kissing on the neck.
I turned to her.
- You broke three days. .
I did not finish. So, as her lips collided with mine.
I kissed it, so passionately that I had an idea that she was not a man for a long time.
She straddled me. On it, except for the medallion, there was nothing.
Quickly releasing the outside, my boyfriend. She slowly sat down on it.
I stroked her beautiful, tiny breasts with protruding nipples forward. I love these breasts.
Then he took her by the buttocks and sit down its force in its count.
She groaned, biting at your lips.
I turned her over and was on top.
Putting her legs on his shoulders. I held her buttocks and was part of it to the ground. Fortunately, the mouth, have not been not narrow. And, it is now used screaming in pain.
Lolita, moaning with closed eyes. From time to time, biting his hand.
I fully lay down on her, releasing her legs. And move in a circular basin.
Lolita, trembled. I'm switching to orgasm. I trembled with it.
During the ecstasy, she whispered in my ear: "The girls die of envy".
We have lain down as ten minutes. Then I asked:
- Lolita, and Inanna read my diary?
- Yes - she replied
- Perhaps I offended when she read about yourself?
- Initially, yes, but then we have to explain to her why. Like, she calmed down. You even glance toward her. In the temple, will be happy to see you.
We talked a little bit more and slept.
He woke us up, knock on the door.
- Come, we have in place.
We quickly got dressed and went out.
Denis, standing with his gun.
- Get - I said - In addition, against whom we go, your toy will not be affected. You're here to ... order to ritary we did not stop.
He removed his weapon and we moved.
We were at the old cemetery.
Once upon a time, there was a battle. Many people died. People bypassed this place party. And, over time, this place was turned into a cemetery.
I hung up. I looked at the time on his wristwatch. And click on the red button that is on the side.
The edges of the clock, lit up in red.
And the closer we came to the right place. The brighter the light.
We stopped where necessary.
Lolita, sat down and put her hand on the ground.
- The arrival will be here.
I looked around and saw the Christmas tree.
Said eye Lolita. She nodded, agreeing with me.
When we came to eating.
I Lolita, took up their medallions and pronounced words.
Now, we have been disabled, of the total flow.
Egregor, tells another, our last location, by any chance us that something will happen.
A, during "hunting". We should be disabled. Otherwise, it may suffer other keepers himself Egregor.
- Now, get up close to the tree - I said.
Two girls and soldiers did as I said.
I drew around them, a sign of the window.
No evil spirit will not pass through this sign.
- I'm not going to sit here like a coward - Denis said.
Lolita, put a hand on his shoulder. He slowly closed his eyes, sank to the ground.
Then she weaved hands with Oksana.
- We are ready.
I walked away from them, and drew the other two characters.
I saw them, but I have now seen.
I waited. It is a pity that there is a number, the other ate.
You ever wondered why decorate a Christmas tree?
And why is the tree?
Because it, spruce repels evil spirits.
Like a cactus. Ritary, distorted this custom and the people began to replace the live Christmas tree in the plastic.
I looked at my watch. It was four o'clock in the morning.
Soon start. And to validate my thoughts. The land around the corner from me cracked.
I quickly drew the sign-cage around the crack.
The most important thing in time. Now it remains the most difficult.
The crack has increased and from it went black smoke.
Smoke povisel air. Then, obviously, before being realized that it is trapped.
Black smoke began to gray.
I began to get angry bitch.
When he saw me, the smoke has become a yellowish color.
"Who are you?" - There was a picture in my head.
The same question I asked him.
"I Cleaner" - Answer it
"And who gave you the right to be cleaned?" - I asked a question.
Instead of answering, the smoke became gray again.
I understand who I am and angry.
I opened the book and began to read the spell.
Smoke gradually began to evaporate. And while it has not disappeared completely. I handed the picture.
"We know why you're here, give her that old man returned".
Smoke has evaporated completely.
I, of course, could not be able to understand and respond to it. It Lolita, joined me.
I erased the marks, hide me, and went to his.
Ster their mark too.
- I did not think it would be so easy - I said.
- This is because, that you know the signs and spells. Plus, it's just Cleaner.
We woke up the sleeping Denis and headed back to the car.
I turned on the mobile. Immediately came the call. It was his father.
I briefly told how it went. He congratulated me and said that there is bad news.
Keeper Abdul died.
- Look in the news - the father said.
Denis, got behind the wheel. I sat down beside him. Girls were sent to the body.
- Turn on the telly - I said
Denis, including a small monitor at radio.
I Found ORT. In the news it said about the bus that fell off a cliff in Egypt.
Abdullah was of the order of Egypt keepers.
- Maybe by accident? - Dennis asked.
I turned off the news and said:
- You have forgotten that a coincidence?
Next, we drove in silence. An hour later, we entered the city. People scurried back and forth.
Oh, you would know how life is unusual.
Interestingly, you would say thank you to learn that for the life of each from the first day, fighting the three forces.
In turn, we stopped. By passing oncoming vehicles. Next, stop "ford". In the back seat sat a girl about eight years old.
She waved to me. I waved back.
Then she blew on the glass and began to write something.
She wrote from right to left.
the Word was "Thank you".
We set off, and "ford" I turned the other way.
Remember, Lo said: "They Indy".
Indy, from the word indigo.
Scientists are still scratching their heads. Why evolution has reached an impasse.
And the first child of indigo, was for them a welcome gift.
But they came so close behind him that attracted the attention of the dark outer sil.I to save, the next born indigo children, hiding their abilities. Putting ordinary people.
Most of them are already in the casings mother blocked their knowledge.
And children are born normal. But always feel that it is not so simple in life. They are, more and more attracted to the mysterious. And they are confident that there is something else that they have forgotten.
I am sure that even among our readers there are.
I appeal to you.
The reason for the invasion of external forces is YOU! People Indigo.
I'm a simple man with a secret knowledge.
And, indigo, originally born with supernatural abilities.
Girl, she wrote me a thank you was one of the Indigo.
The cleaners came to clean, clean all of the Indigo.
But, we will be on their way.
And, if we do not succeed. It will be a sign!
After that, each Indigo wake.
But we can.
We must!