Already nearing midnight

Almost certain that hardly any of the stronger sex will master (sorry for taftologiyu) this page. Well, okay. So, my opinion of those from Mars, but, alas, confirmed. But many ladies I certainly support. "Already nearing midnight, and Herman all there". However, no one else either. As there Natasha Rostova suffered: "For whom I have just fading"? Although there might disappear in less than 20 years, when neither the experience nor the sensuality of this, as well - one grind, perepihon. It's not sex, only to realize it is much later. Well, what we have at the moment? Temperametnuyu woman in the juice - and zero point zero guy on the horizon. Urgently need something to do. So, the first option - a letter to the newspaper. "Young, with a child (almost all of us, those with a child), height, hair color and a couple of romantic quirks". From the answers, though, not a lot - the peasants and their offspring some are not needed, and then there was a stranger. Although - it seems that something is. We will see: "How old is your daughter? And what her hairs? And she likes to wear a short dress?" For example, I ran into a pedophile. But still great - ran to being met, and it pleases.
And there seems to be all right. Invited to call, see. Well, no harm in trying. People we, of course, adults, and therefore it is possible to walk in the evening. Even there is something to talk about - just idle talk for life, but it's nice. On the third date to be invited to the country - and accepted. As it turns out, in vain. No, at first everything on the highest level - and nakupleno food at a company of soldiers, and cooked, and put her mouth, and jokes-pribautochki. And then - a quick sniff and stormy admiration "popochkoy"That it would be so nice: spank (oh, damn!). And the proposal to pee in his arms, and a hot whisper about how it would be great when I will have to fuck someone else, and he was at that moment will lick my little hole: Do unyielding view that I am not shocked, because otherwise I get home - come something in his car. Yes, I am not a conservative, just on such x-m-m, fantasies - yes after mating so lame, especially the first. However, the second, naturally, will not.
So, what do we have more in stock? Internet darling? It's even worse than a nightmare on Elm Street. It seems that man has degenerated as a class, and no longer able to have a woman just as nature intended, - himself. It turns out that to raise the morale of the male needed whip, choke, sharp heels, belts with studs. Someone likes to use it on "girlfriends"And someone - to feel in their own skin. Yes: Everyone, of course, going crazy in their own way, but it is - not my madhouse. However, it becomes (to paraphrase Alice) all "grustnshe and grustnshe". Sex with a woman I'm not attracted - just remember the phrase from Sebastian Zhaprizo: "One of us is not relevant accessories". And to use a rubber friend and I alone. Moreover, they have me just two in one - though depicting group sex. The only problem is that the women need a normal, not only a member, but also the lips, hands and the whole body, and whisper in your ear. In short, we need affection and attention that no dildo give not. I wonder how much you can actually sustain such a life - and not go mad? I suspect that a few years - this is already too much. What is there to do? Exit on the street and shout: "I want the guy!"? Well, I will provide Kashchenko, but a normal man - hardly. And thirty years still suffer - also quite cheerful prospect.