Wonderful Adventures of prisoners on the train

So short. I - bald old convict with a 30-centimeter member. We with my Druganov Petrukha going in a train compartment, Vladimir, Moscow, back to the area. We were wearing old, dirty, smelly prison uniforms. In the same compartment on the top shelf, sits a cute college boy twenty years in appearance. He wore a light sweater on two buttons of light and canvas trousers. We Petrukha gat an opened bottle of diluted alcohol, and apply on-line, from time to time casting sidelong glances on the top shelf, where the student took refuge under the blankets, and shaved pubis, occasionally throwing frightened glances down at us. When he finishes, I'm talking in a hoarse voice:
- Hey, Rooster, you want to hit hard vodyary?
- No, thank you, - answers college boy. - I have a whiskey and soda ...
- Whiskey and soda? - We Petrukha poured drunken laughter.
- Hey, Petrushka, we'd damn right now ... here a long time because in males zone is not used, - I say.
- Yes, it would be nice - responsible Petrukha stroking through robe huge mound between his legs.
College boy trying to tie razgovor- Well, in our time in pre-trial detention? The food is good?
- Lousy fed fraerok - meets Petro.
- Let's get down and then not patsanski. You're sitting on the bunk above, and the Godfather - I'm here.
Student tears and sat down on the bottom shelf, scrolling options in mind developments in the situation. I stare at the tanned skin of the student, his made-up eyes, long beautiful hair, and a strip of skin between the edge of the short shorts and topic. Frightened student suddenly notices that something bulge not only Petruhin but my robe.
- Petro, close-ka door, - a hoarse voice I say.
- W-W-W-why is that? - A trembling voice babbles college boy.
Petro gets up and closes the door, after which sits to the right of the student. I jerked off his robe pulls off, I get up in front of a student, and in front of his face jumps out my huge cock, twined with blue veins, with a thick purple head like a plum. At the tip of his made a drop of grease. Member exudes an unpleasant smell of dirty cocks.
- Suck, bitch - I snarl.
The student begins to beat sluggish, but Petro pulls from his pocket a huge rusty sword:
- Substitute the ass by a member or a knife, bitch! - He says, and pulls his pants.
- Undress, Cockerel. You know what real men. - I support a polite request Petrukha.
Student takes off his pullover and our view zekovskomu opened three rows of nipples and a small trunk, growing out of the navel.
- Oh, what a funny rooster! - I say, and then beat a miserable student fucked by, knocking teeth. He waited until he spit out the pieces, I Spreading his fingers and jaw thrust huge cock in his mouth.
- Be gentle, cock ... - I say.
Petro breaks thong panties, it is unclear how trapped on the student, and he spit on the cock, shoves it in his ass, tearing the sphincter. Student shudders of pain, but gathered courage, effort Petrukha heel from the bottom up by the testicles. Petro groaning in pain, takes cock from his ass and grabs both hands on the eggs. I rage thrust member of the student's throat. He wheezes and gasps, and I keep his head, so he could not be released.
Events begin to develop all stremitelnee- a terrible blow with his fist student comes to me just below the stomach. I folded in half, and the student, finally spitting out my dick out of his mouth, pulls out a tiny prick wand and blows on it. The wand turns into a blazing lightsaber. I've wanted to be frightened, but in the meantime Petrukha oklemalsya, and, in spite of everything, again with a sweep zahuyaril member of the student in the ass. Ass torn, and guts, too, along with it. Without turning around student pokes lightsaber random back and realize that the term again jumped out of his ass. Turning around, he sees that his lightsaber Petrukha entered directly into the right orbit and burned the eyes and the floor inside the brain. In Petrukha even no forces on the agony, and he slowly settles on the floor compartment. Already falling, he spews out his cock a red-hot jet, like all liquids in his body, the sperm. Boiling with Concha shmyakanem pierces the student in the left eye. The eye flashed. Blinded in one eye, a student from pain releases from the hands of the sword, he falls to the floor, burning a hole in the floor, and falls under the train on the way ...
In the meantime, I take out of the wide leg zekovsky a knife from a piece of bunk.
- Well, Cockerel, finished badly? - I scream, and, waving a knife and a member, go to the attack.
At this point, a student from the pain and from the moment of piquancy excited and his cock stood up. Valiant Hunter for higher education fell back into the compartment corner and became hard to shrug off my knife and a member of his cock and a piece Petrukhina member that he accidentally othuyaril. With a shout "Quillan"I jump up high and jump roundhouse beat ragged student member on the head. Member for almost reaches his head, but then the train begins to slow down a sharp jerk and stops soon. We fly on the wall at each other, and when the train has stopped, we find that lying in the compartment wall in position 69, and our members are in each other's mouths. I, without hesitation, with all his might bite his penis. Well, of course the student bites me for my cock. Take a bite dickhead, I fling and spit them a student in the eye. By Unfortunately for me I am in the eye, in which the sperm Petrukha pleased, and I understand that the student how the fuck. Monstrous effort, he throws me away and starts hitting me on the head and ribs down. I am a member of the student shoved his feet and stand up. Bitten is a member, and I bent down, they do sweeps, knocking down a student.
At that moment, the door looks half-naked blonde in panties - thongs red peach on the ass, and in combination, of which jump breasts:
- Boys, I've heard a noise! - She says.
- Lousy Petrukha door zakryl- I thought to myself.
The student, not even looking at her, causing her terrible blow to the forces eblu fist and she flies back out of the compartment, spraying blood and fragments were once beautiful teeth.
- What have you done? - I scream. - It's been a living pelotka!
I'm throwing away flown away baba, tear off her leg and her huyaryu student in the balls. The student, through the pain in the eggs, sits on the floor coupe and lights belomorinu. I sit down beside him and also get a light belomorinu. The coupe is creeping on one leg the very leggy blonde and starts an ugly bloody mouth making us turn a blowjob. . I tear off his cock from her mouth, walk around the back, and stood there where before was a leg, fuck a woman in pesdu, and the student is sitting and enjoying blowjob and belomorinu.
So went one of the most interesting trips to train in my life.