In the underground

The whole story is not fiction written and absolutely true below.
Here is how it was. Gathered like the three girls - students busy after school hours, which extended almost indefinitely, relax a little. The play billiards, drink a beer mug. Especially since the weekend was on the nose. The solution appeared as something spontaneous but strengthened rapidly. We have tried to gather more people, but nothing came of it. All cases have been what is. We waved his hand and went to a nearby pool - bar. True immediately decided not to sit for a long time. Let's play a game, drink a beer and go home. But it usually happens in such cases for one mug was followed by another, after another, and the third. In the end, after five beers we decided that it was time to go home yet. Time was getting late, and about twelve to catch the subway, we quickly left the bar. The problem was only one, girlfriend went to the bathroom and I was not. Well, never mind, I thought, I shall reach up to the house and there and I'll go to the toilet. It was nothing but a code, we descended into the subway and went (her friends had to go to the other side) I'm waiting for the train felt that very strongly want to use the toilet. Of course it was possible to get out of the subway and pee anywhere else on the street, but the problem was that the subway is already shut! I decided to wait.
Here at last he heard the sound of approaching composition and the wind blew me. I went into the car. It was almost empty, and only the other end of it sat a loving couple. They were busy kissing and did not pay attention to me. After one stop, they came out and I was left all alone in the car. At this point, the desire to pee was so strong that I barely restrained so as not to describe. His legs crossed, I could hardly keep back urine and realized that home to me vryat be able to get. If I could get out of the subway. The train reached the next station, and set off again. The trip was short-lived for another ten minutes. Passengers were not in the car. In the nearby riding some sort of tipsy pretty noisy company of adults, stunning bottles. To me they were not paying any attention. I Went I was in the last wagon. As soon as the train started from the station, I realized that I could not take it anymore. Getting the train accompanied by the impetus from which I almost let a trickle in the pants. Of all the forces squeezing the legs and instinctively looking car, I suddenly realized that it is empty, and at that moment realized that the longer I can not tolerate. Then I decided! What is the point to wet his pants, and I felt that a couple of seconds and I just obossus, still be a puddle. So is not it easier to sit down and pee on the floor of the car, especially since no one else in the car there? Within seconds, I made a decision and standing firm steps holding his crotch came to the door of the car.
Jeans that I was wearing pressed on my stomach and everything inside is already hurt. I do not yield to the button Something like holding back I unzipped jeans and capturing and together with panties. I pulled them up to his knees. It was just in time. I have not really had time to sit down from both my whistling rushed powerful stream and hit the floor of the car. Drops of urine, spray scattered on the sides settling on the floor doors and back wall. For a moment, interrupting the stream I sat back and spread her legs wider. Once again, a powerful stream of hissing foam has a rather large puddle. Now my jet beat forward. In blast furnace was spreading puddle. Brook flows from it to the opposite door swaying in the car so fluctuations. There was all this much faster than I describe here.
Gradually the stream began to weaken and soon trickle flowed from me. Muscle strength, I pushed the remnants of urine zassany floor. The train has already had to go to the next station. And suddenly someone will go? I quickly jumped up and pulling on the go and buttoning jeans rushed to the opposite end of the car. Leaving wet footprints. I barely had time to sit down as the train slowed down and stopped. Someone apparently tried to go to the car, I heard a phrase something like "Fu then go to the next Nassau".
True next nobody came and I did not know who said it. The voice was female. Next stop was mine. I got out of the car and get home without further adventures. That's the story.