Private sex club

End avgusta.My live near the place of love, leisure and children's schastya.Sovsem not far from our house is a park with many trees, with attractions for children, an artificial lake, cafes on one side and a small forest, riddled with a bunch of malls drugoy.Allei were quite broad, it is very convenient for progulok.Vdol alleys were many stalls, which constantly had many lovers, and with the onset of darkness in these benches, many enthusiastically echoed sex.
Around the park, like everywhere else, was equipped with a treadmill, about five kilometrov..Prohodila it all the distant corners in the park, but it was paved and very convenient for fans pobegat.Da and walk around the park, too, was willing to nemalo.My could not use such comfortable neighborhood and every night my mother went running around parka.Otets not support our aspirations and lay at home on divane.Ona ran one lap, and I was two, sometimes when ohotku-tri.Pervy circle I had for my mother, so that she does not bylo.Nu bored and on the second I trained myself not wishing to complete programme.Begali we evening, when the summer heat subsided a little, and that at once come home, rinse in the shower, and my mother in bed to his father, and in the morning on rabotu.Nu and me after the second round, too, rinse and straight from the tin depending on the circumstances.
And today, at about 21.30, my mother and I went to the park, as usual pobegat.Mama was wearing a blue T-shirt with short cuffs, from under which acted boldly mother's breasts third dimension, though she always wore byustgalter.Korotenkie shorts that covered only her lush ass, enticing obtyagivaya it, and completely betraying her trusiki.Na feet were white socks krossovkah.Da in women and in general it I had a very beautiful zhenschinoy.Vse stare at her with delight, especially when she ran with mnoy.A I'm in my 14 years was very happy when she is with me running around in his sports naryade.Bylo 38 s no accident she had blond hair, neatly arranged under kare.Priyatnoe, very charming person with delightful eyes, luscious lips and a lot of fine lines from frequent smiles that often my mother gave vsem.Slegka nalivsheesya the years juiciness body with sweet breasts third razmera.E tummy was just on a daily zaglyadene.Spasibo probezhkam.Ne well certainly not flat and hard, and seductive, very correctly folded appetizing zhivotik.Ochen feminine, delicate taliya.I all this passed in a magnificent ass, always tantalizing fills my mother's dresses, skirts, pants, suits and full hips naryady.Nemnogo dryabinkoy.I with small, hard, strong legs, very juicy result jogging.
Today, we as usual came to the park and small jogging ran along the asphalt dorozhke.Hot was still night and the park was perepolnen.No track was pustynna.I my mother ran a massive part of the park with delight ran through the deserted part of getting pleasure from the natural environment and by sporta.Vdali seemed sobaka.Blin, damn sobachatniki again strolling along the running dogs, and why they can not understand that the park in order to walk people, not sobaki.No ran closer, we saw that there is not one, and 5-7 dogs, and not poodles, and powerful, and healthy dogs and sheep dogs to run and play between soboy.Ne podalku were 4 guys and a girl, its owners pitomtsev.My mom moved a step, so as not to provoke the dog to the invasion of their personal space, they always did unceremoniously, sniffing or oblaevaya you without your consent or trying to play with you, or god forbid, attacking.
-Dogs keep their coming-sobachatnikam cried my mother.
-What you need, all the trained and educated, indignant said one of them.
-Well, see, my mother said, and we walked quietly passing by playing together sobak.Vdrug one dog, a German shepherd, ran to my mother and sniffed her ass outside.
-Ai-mom screamed, turned to sobachatnikam and looking at them, start them firmly with utter mockery:
-What is this harassment? Or that I allowed someone to her to approach? And the dog, blame, yes, like, young, stupid, play, and I'm such a bitch does not give herself to him obnyuhat.Da?! You are dangerous to society and generally go from here, here people relax, not stupid sobaki.-prorugalas them mom.
-Stupid dog-speak evil repeated one man thirty years.
-White, faithful to take them, he calmly gave orders to the two German Shepherds pointing at us.
To me immediately flew bared his German shepherd barking and pressed me against a tree not giving me a stir at the slightest rustle of my baring all his teeth and evil rycha.Mama left standing on the track as there was too afraid to stir in the thrall of the second came to sobaki.Muzhik her and slapped her juicy poschchinu.Ona tried to pull, but the dog immediately ran to her again forcing zameret.Menya stretched on a tree trunk to keep other dogs ran sobaka.Ostalnye but nothing had happened.
-So what? Now, to understand how they behave when they told her opasny.-man.
-And now I'll show you how smart they are, said he again slapped her a slap and tore off her shirt, having come from behind and took off her livchik quietly revealing and appraising hesitated behind her mother's chest and patting her nipples in his fingers with mockery he said:
-Well, relaxed baby? Relax like you.
Mom could not do nothing, because the slightest movement of her dog reacted instantly pouncing on her with a fierce growl and bark.
-0tpustite us-she demanded quietly.
-And I'm not your master, and White, or you have not noticed, who keeps you, but if you let it go on all four sides.
-Tell him, my mother said.
-Not a.Ty he liked what he smelled you wonder why I have to make him happy? S the man pulled off down the mother's shorts with trusami.Mama tried to pull, but then changed her mind after hearing evil rychanie.I resigned standing with lowered to the ground shortami.Muzhik unceremoniously went to her front, took her by the hair, lifted her head and the other arm running between her nog.Mama sharply napryaglas.No man without noticing it confidently manage for a while there with his hand, and came to the White gave him sniff his hand, the former only that in my mother's perineum, smelling her pussy.
-On korachki., he ordered my mother.
And that she had no doubt took her by the hair and put it on korachki, tearing down her shorts and throwing them away, leaving her alone in krasovkah standing in front of the White dog.
He took the White dragged to her pussy and poked her nosom.Bely leisurely began to lick her mother's pussy.
-Oh God please, begged my mother trying to remove the dog from his crotch.
But White seemed to know what to do
He easily jumped on her front paws hugging her mother's waist and began to poke
depicting sexual act, yet it is a member of the acquired his martial status.
Wailing mother tried to pull away, but White clearly growl once stole her thoughts nepovinovenii.I mother subsided.
-Do not let you white, you'll now his bitch-grinning man said, stepping up and giving risen 20cm in all their canine member finally where nado.I White podtyanuvshis to my mother's ass unceremoniously threw her his penis under koren.Mama still think that on them just mock and ridicule was broken just once from such an unexpected invasion.
-A-ah! -vskriknula It first with surprise and pain
-Oh, God, oh, aaaaa, oh, aaaaaaaaa-nemogla she resist when White began accelerating in a fever to peck her tender body and true feminine essence with the horrific skorostyu.Ona deeply and quickly breathed, slowly moaning and crying out from such a confident and furious unceremonious swotting in the very depths of her kiski.Ona then exploded, then subside, gathering strength completely subordinated to the dog and give him beautifully as a true, real female who took her proudly surrendered male in spite of everything and everyone! After 5-7 minutes White slowed the pace and really got on my mother, and then he turned around and ... they were stuck together zadami.Vse spellbound looking at nih.A man in general, all shot on video.
-Well, as your lover is not stupid? -podoydya To my mother standing slibshiysya backsides with the dog asked muzhik.Ps after 5 minutes tack from her and ran chlen.Iz licking his mother's legs began to flow his sperm.
-So in short before the public you're working class, to work in my private sex clubs, is of interest not disappear for you, or I this video presented to all who you know and not know, not to mention her husband, her son, take my audience does not tolerate hypocrisy, I'll show incest, $ 500 a night and you emu.Zavtra you waiting for here at this location, and he threw a mom vizitku.I they all left taking with them sobak.Ya finally tack and moving from tree stretching zatkshie myshtsy.Mama wearily rose, gathered up his things and got dressed and we went home.
The next day, my mother came vecherom.My to the address, telling her father that her mother seriously ill friend, and that it is necessary to sit vecherami.Nas already zhdali.Nas forced to wash in the shower and nice odeli.Mamu very bright nakrasili on her naked body dressed sexy panties, stockings with suspenders short, brilliant, enchanting dress with frank cutouts, made her beautiful prichsku.Nam explained that very nice sex must be dealt with on the carpet of the club, to give pleasure respected zritelyam.Nam previously indicated, the club and how other aktry.Vyglyadelo like this: Very nice room, in the most expensive places in the world in the center of which was a round arena, about 5-7m in diameter, with a beautiful red-coated kovrom.Vokrug arena were many bed with tables from which could only see the arena well, not as a neighbor lozhe.Posetiteli club were all vip guests and paid big money for living porn predstavlenie.Vot and we explained a short script and made us a little brandy, for inspiration, which however, after previous appearances of actors we had so izbytke.I to us after your ad beautiful entered the arena.
Then my mom kissing and caressing the long section and made me a blowjob, then undressed herself in a striptease and I licked her pussy fucked her in different poses in the pussy and finished it in rot.Hot we were not leaders of incest vechera.No we presented at the full program. We came home late, but with a $ 1,000 .In the next time we had a new program. So that the viewer does not miss us every time is added to the script for something new, the small, we wanted to obviously earn as much as possible, we are gradually dropping lower and lower, forcing to do more and more perverted veschi.Tak example:
the second time I fucked my mom hard in the ass, from the heart otdolbiv it in his mouth, for the third time with us was a girl, and she and her mother have brought each other into a frenzy fondling each other pussies, and I have them at the same time turns fucked in the fourth time with me mom fucked three more men, its semen Bay
For the fifth time we were slaves Mrs and Mr, napoluchala shock whips telu.v for the sixth time we have with the guy fucked mother objects, ripping her holes with his hands and three-dimensional objects, and finally again in the seventh she fucked with the dog, until I gave her in the mouth .Vs this time we otmazyvatsya his father as mogli.Mame lucky that I was always with her, or her father clearly nesdobrovat from ottsa.Dengi we put in bank.Zapis mother's fucking with us, too, gave the White.
My mother is now with pleasure ran through the park, looking, whether there are familiar dogs, and when they were, begging and laughing White took away and left him out of the trees.