Adventures Yulechka. Part 4

The day that Julia was trying so hard to distance. The feeling was like before the exam, which did not want to go but have no choice. She braced herself for his room in his dressing room, then I came to entertainers and called her. Julia came on the scene with the first sounds of music and furtively looked around the room. I. sat myself at the first table, drinking and eating. She began to sing, looking at him. In her heart sank.
This man knows that he is doomed, and what role it plays in this, Julia song already sad, it sounded even sadder. Julia could not tear her eyes away from the I. He felt that this song for him, and that she had touched some chord in his soul, making his eyes welled with tears, something that had never happened to him. He turned around. The room was quiet. All eyes were fixed on a figure in a black dress with silver trim, standing almost motionless in a narrow beam of light. Some ladies pressed to her eyes with a handkerchief.
IV felt that rolls up to the throat com. And Julia still sang, looking at Ivan, trying to look to inform him of the danger. Her heart is pierced an acute self-pity, which was replaced by anger at his own helplessness. All that it has invested in the finale, which reached the final point of the u broken sobs Julia. However, she managed to restrain himself to the extent of the desired scene. Immediately music died down and the light went out on the stage. The audience was silent, as if waiting for something. And when the hall lights were turned on, the sound of thunder of applause, followed by shouts: "Bravo! Excellently!" To the singer's feet flew flowers, notes. Julia forced a smile on his face, bowed and thanked courageously. The crowd surged toward her, but Julia had already disappeared behind the scenes and the hurricane rushed to his dressing room and was not going to return, despite the fact that the roaring crowd demanded an encore of her.
Julia fell heavily into a chair in front of a mirror. She was devastated, like a squeezed lemon. She felt like a balloon that has just admired, but that was blown away. She came slowly to himself, remembering that she had to go to dinner with Ivan to be Judas, are pushing Christ to death. She had no strength. But also output.
The door opened slowly and seemed on the verge of I., closing the door behind him.
- What happened, Belladonna? - Asked I.
She turned and looked at him. Her gray eyes shone a strange light. She said dully:
- You - a potential dead. You ordered.
- What do you mean? - Alert I.
- You and I have dinner together and get out of here, and then parted forever. Do you have time to nine hours (currently seven), but the sooner you're gone, the better. So I said to you a lot. Do not worry, and do not try to contact me.
Julia rummaged in the closet, found some rubber bands, belts, wigs. One of the wigs she wore on AI and dress up as him.
- And now it is necessary to arrange a pogrom, and you have to pretend that I was tortured.
- Good. - J. agreed, realizing that it is more visible.
They staged a slight mess in the room, Julia took the money and a small pistol and gave it all I.
- And now tie me and disappear quickly.
- Well, Belladonna, just let me finally leave the memory itself.
He walked over, took off her dress and polurasstgnutoe began to drive her hands over her body, trying to fix it in the memory circuits, he then caressed her breasts, down to the pubis, clitoris tickled. A little caressed Julia, he pulled out his poluvozbuzhdnny member sat down in a chair, put his mistress on and become immersed his masculine weapon in her womb, expiring moisture. Julia moaned slightly. I. started to throw it in his lap, he brought the girl moans of pleasure, which he owned, perhaps for the last time. Ending in Yulee, he dressed up in her dress, tightly tied to a chair and put a gag in her mouth. Throwing a sad farewell glance at his mistress, he took the money, a gun and disappeared behind the door.


I. slipped or territory "Twin Pigz"Who was in the oak grove near Ostankino TV Tower. It was dark, sprinkled with fine snow falling on the hardened crust. I. waited until his eyes adjusted and determined to find the killer, who must be hiding somewhere in the vicinity. In one of the oak trees, he saw a hollow in which flashed a figure. I. crept closer, clutching a pistol Julia, and considered the one who in the hollow. It was a girl Yulia's age, dressed in a dark jacket and pants. Despite the formlessness of her clothes, her figure is quite lush, but stout. The girl was a round face, round gray eyes almost bulging, chubby capricious sponge. She knew I. Similarly, it was Alice, a friend of Belladonna. He thought as it drifted into killers. Alice was armed with a gun with a telescopic sight, she froze in anticipation I.
I., cat, pounced on her, knocked her out of the arms and put it to his head his gun, strongly pressed her to him. His heart beat quickened. He became its searching, probing, thighs, hips, back, butt, and accidentally touched his chest, large and firm. She tried to scream. He wanted to shut her mouth, but his hands were occupied, and so we had to cover her mouth with his. his language has penetrated into the mouth of Alice, she tickled the palate. Both felt that the mind gives way to ancient passion.
- Who are you?
- I - Kaleidoscope, she whispered. - And you?
- I'm the one you ordered. But you will not kill me, right?
- True. If you knew how hard it is - to kill! I want to kill only two people, because of which I am here: Alexis, who disappeared, hanging on me the duty Fat Rat'u and of Fat Rat-a.
- Because of the last killed my brother. But before he died he told me something because of what I ordered. - The voice was muffled VI, he was breathing often intermittently.
His hands caressed Alice, tickling her back, belly, climbed in panties. Alice did not resist, she stroked the back of I., biting his ear. They caressed each other, bringing myself and partner to the madness. The snow lashed their faces, but they did not notice it. Alice surrendered with pleasure this rather skillful caresses, not knowing that just I. fondled and had her childhood friend. Throughout the body of Alice spread tickling currents, pleasant and intolerable at a time. She felt that her panties were wet, but somewhere deep into her hand fumbled I. why Alice was very good, she instinctively climbed hand in his pants I., found his cock and began to caress it, why I. soon finished. Alice is not finished, but it was close.


Julia woke up on the couch surrounded by the host institution, Dark, Fat Rat-a and Vera, the owner of the Secretary. That brought Julia LMartini glass. Julia drank, and she felt better. She saw leaning over a grinning face Fat Rat-a. He quietly asked her: "Where is your lover is gone, eh?" Julia was disgusted. This Fat Rats courting her, and the oily his eyes on Vera mows. His thoughts about one.
Wrists ached, body ached. Julia thought that I. too hefty beast ... and that he no longer loves her, and he, too, it is now either repulsive, or hateful.
In her mind flashed the thought of her favorite variant murder with one stone two birds with one stone. She closed her eyes and softly called Fat Rat-a. When he leaned over her, she whispered in his ear:
- I. on the site. It deals with the killer. In your best interest to find out one. Kill the bastard, I hate him. - The last words of a cunning knave said fading voice, closing his eyes and leaning back.
Andrew moved to the provocation and quickly disappeared. Here Julia quickened, sat down on the couch.
Dark looked out the door, then closed it and said pretty:
- Good for you, Julia! Let them fight each other, our business - side.
Vera looked coldly at Julia.
- You feeling better? - She asked caustically.
- There is no doubt - Julia responded. - Now I can breathe easy.
- Jealous, Vera something - she thought. Perfect Secretary: slavishly devoted to his master, probably secretly in love, executive, or behaved. Most likely it is sometimes fall to handouts from Andrew Razdolbaeva a brief lovemaking in a rare spare time. She is jealous of him to all v, and women, and to men. The latter, most likely, does not enjoy the success, this type is not in vogue: Short dark hair to his shoulders, a bow lips. Large brown eyes, low, normal figure is not released. Previously, as a child, it was probably meek. Julia jumped up, grabbed the Dark's hand:
- Come on, it is necessary to monitor the process.
He decided that without him she make mischief and followed her.
- You are there not very much! - Andrew shouted after them.


Couple in a hollow did not interrupt his lessons, forgetting about everything.
Fat Rat ran out into the yard, clutching a pocket pistol with a silencer. He heard schoroh in the hollow, and guessed that it could be. He fired at random. The bullet hit Alice's shoulder.
- Fat Rat! We are lost! - She whispered, losing consciousness.
I. Yulechkin grabbed a gun and shot at Fat Rat-a. Do not worry about the hit or not, he picked up the weapon, Alice and dragged her to her car ("Prince Vladimir"Blue).
They decided to go to the empty apartment ALISIN aunt.
Falling Fat Rat-a saw and Julia, in her hand shone smoking gun Dark. Her nerves could not stand, and she settled on his hands run up accomplice Fat Rat-a. Dark grabbed her, carried her to his "Daewoo Espero" Out of the darkness came another of their companies - Clarus. Dark whispered something to him and he dragged Fat Rat.
On the way to Darko, who lived between the Yauza and Kursk Station, Julia woke up slightly.
- He was killed, I killed him? - She asked.
- I do not know the bird - he replied.
- I felt that's what you want too. - She looked at him, and it was growing wave of desire for this man, combining a lot. He was handsome, just as there are beautiful brunettes, but not smazliv. He had almost fluffy dark hair, slightly aristocratic features, a strong, but not Bugajski addition. He spoke a little careful about the words. He could be calm gentleman, and the soul of the company, and prudent businessman, caring family man. As all this, he remained Dark, dark personality and no one ever knew what was in his heart, which has always been a closed book to others. In the eyes of Julia he was a plus, outshining all its disadvantages: it was like Tony Curtis in "large races" all - looks, mannerisms and everything else.
And Tony Curtis was there and will Yulin timeless sex symbol.
- You're overtired, my dear, - she said the Dark gently-calmly. - We will come to me and I will give to your disposal room. Only one problem - my brother, but I will try to settle. It is the surgeon's assistant in "Sklife" and today he has a complicated operation. He comes evil. Although there is probably already arrived.
- We went to the casino. then close "Grand Vinso".
- You have a lot of money?
- No, but I think he is a sleep, and we'll come and sleep quietly otpolzm. More than anything, I do not like anyone to disturb once again.
- Okay, let's go.
- Listen, answer me one question, and I from you lag behind. What do I like the Bold Krys-? He did not like me, or love his country was, rather, he wanted to enslave me, to subordinate sebe-? She stopped and thought, curiosity and passion for unearthing information would ruin it. Dark looked through it and off somewhere in space said:
- You are extraordinary, but do not realize it. I do not know why you needed it most likely - compliant brains. Do you have some more features of which you had no idea that you have to the people. He was advantageous to have under your hand, keeping in submission. Your husband may also his handiwork. Julia listened breathlessly, his voice soft and at the same time powerful, fascinated her, she felt as he gets nice needles in her blood, she felt a strange invisible connection with Darko. He suddenly stopped and braked sharply, as the front lights up red.
But Julia had forgotten about everything she wanted to hear and listen to that voice, Dark continued:
- In rats, it was some of his clandestine affairs, brought him huge profits. I know a lot, and was silent for a time, but he crossed the line. However, the less you know, the better you sleep. As you know, forget it.
He paused. But Julia protested:
- AI? Tell us! I will not rest until I know.
Instead of answering, Dark kissed her on the lips and then again became calm attentive driver.
Julia fell silent, pondering this act Darka.
- No, the casino, we will not go, I'm in such a way that people seem ashamed. Oh to take a bath now! - Julia reasoned aloud.
- Whatever you say, boss. - Dark turned into some alley, then under the arch and stopped at the seven-story pre-war homes of lead-gray light. ? Here we are, beautiful.
Julia wanted to answer, but the words died in her throat: she felt a warm hand on his knee, the second v shoulder. Before his eyes swam fog, everything was focused on the areas touching Dark hands.
- Oh-oh-oh - she breathed.
- What is unpleasant? - Dark asked breathlessly, but without losing self-esteem.
- No, naoborot- Well, my dear, that you spodvignulo on me? -
- I'm all the way the car led to the difficulty, jade. I told you that you are unusual, with me it never was. - He said, stroking her shoulders and legs. Julia felt that he, too, was trembling.
She grabbed his head in his hands, tousled hair.
- Oo-oo-oo! ... Sweetie! - And he dug in the Dark lips a long kiss, his tongue tickling the palate and men are randomly slightly squeezing her arms around his hips. Then she leaned forward, gently unzipped Dark pants.
- Let me do something for you chrtik-
Briefs it was black with white skeletons, fucking in different poses. The most interesting place was the pocket. Julia began to unbutton the buttons pockets: "Can?"
- Yes - I nodded Dark - faster kisulya, I beg!
She took his cock, hot as freshly sausage, unusual smelling something pleasant. She opened her mouth and sucked the head, and then everything else will fit in her mouth.
It is with pleasure licked, tickled a member of Dark helping hands. It was nice to feel in his mouth a piece of male flesh flushed, caress it. She was a good suckling: Dark has already started to breathe deeply shaky and quiet moan.
- I wonder what he's feeling - she thought hard working language. The members had a wonderful flavor, it was the ideal shape and optimum size: pretty impressive, but not to such an extent as to frighten women. Julia tried issledovatetot fruit outlandish tongue, enjoying his stay in the mouth, slowly moving his head, clutching a member of tongue to the palate.
By the time a lover of Julia stiffened, forced a:
- Faster, faster, come on! - And a monster in his mouth his seed Julia, which she quickly swallowed with pleasure. She put her hand his pants, found the small scallops, and quickly began to rub his habitual movements. It was a little uncomfortable, but she was so excited that quickly finished, liberally moistened his hand. She took it, licked his finger: the taste is almost the same as that of the Dark, but more liquid. Then gave the finger Darko. He gently licked his being in the half-conscious.
Then the phone rang. Julia picked up the phone. I listen and gave Darko. He came to his senses, spoke quickly and hung up.
- Julie, thank you for the pleasure - he gallantly kissed her hand, then removed his farm in his pants and continued:
- I've got a rat in the clinic. I'll take you, have, as you wish. I am uncomfortable to ask you, but barely take care of my brother. He must be tired and his duty tomorrow.
- Well, Dark. As far as possible. I will try it without embarrassment. Thanks for the hospitality. - It is again sucked his lips, tongue penetrated inside. He took her hand in his gently squeezed. When they broke apart, he said:
- You're so pathetic, Julia. Despite all your efforts to be like Belle Duke, you're still you remain naive clean, feminine cat. The trouble is your that hard for you to someone in some way refuse. You all passed through the soul. You would have to be an actress or, at worst, Cleopatra kakoy- anything. - Dark mused, stroking his hand Julia. She cringed.
This monologue was not characterized for laconic Dark. She also thought that the Dark somehow associate it with the melody "In the death car" Iggy Pop. Death machine. There's something about it.
Dark held her to the apartment, showed where things are and left.