From the diary

the work was hard to find after the institute. My wife, who is still a student, helped me in the search.
After two months of unsuccessful search, his wife found a breath-taking teacher's job in a private institute. I was happy. However, we are taking a job immediately, but after a month of internship, if, as the director said, will suit my qualifications.
During the internship, I lectured for the other, replacing the ill teachers. A couple of weeks after the start of the boss invited me and praised my work, the quality of the analytical study of the material, I was promised a great future.
I inquired about where I live, there are normal conditions for life when invited for coffee.
- "At your convenience"I replied.
Operations was comfortable today, and we went to me. Along the way, the boss picked up a bottle of champagne, brandy, candy, that would not go away empty-handed. My wife was delighted guests gathered in the shop (in the refrigerator was empty, as well as in pockets), but the chief would not let.
We started with champagne, enjoyed the chocolates. Quickly drunk, they began to dance. Dancing, boss laughed and stroked his wife's ass. She blushed and hid her eyes. Music over, sat down at the table. Chef put his wife on their knees, they began to drink cognac brotherhood and kissing.
- "And what are we without snacks", - Said the chief. He gave me a very large bill and sent to the store.
To walk - so to walk. Ordered to spend it all. Buying food took about forty minutes. Arriving home, I discovered that no one at the table. The bedroom door was closed behind her had heard the creak of the bed and moan. Half an hour later there appeared drunk, naked chef. He had a fat body and a good cheerful smile. He told me that we are great, I really liked it and it will insist on the fact that I was transferred to a permanent job.
The word he kept his, gave me a watch. About navedovatsya become to us almost every night. But that is another story. If you want, tell us more ...