Vacation. Part two

When we boarded the bus, Jack (the name of the young man), he appeared behind me and in front of his girlfriend. I felt his hand several times as if accidentally touched my ass. We sat in their seats, and the bus started. With me sitting next to Mike. We enjoyed the view from the window.
An hour later, we were already at our hotel. It was a small two-story building. I approached manager and began to organize us into a pair (the rooms were doubles). When Misha asked with whom he arrived, he pointed at me.
- You are together? - He asked me Administrator.
For me, it was like something unexpected. I did not count on holiday in the company of men. But everything happened so suddenly, and I automatically nodded.
We were given a room key. On the way, we did not say word to each other, as if it was planned in advance. We entered the room. It was a small hall, a bathroom and a shared bathroom. I put my suitcase and went to the window. Misha came from behind and hugged me.
- Yesterday I was in a compartment almost died of desire to possess you. - he said.
I did not say anything. His hand quickly snuck under my dress and one touch down my panties almost to the floor. I realized that it has got so that now even if I start to fight back, it would still take me. I turned to face him. Pants fell to the floor. He has already managed to lower the shorts, his cock was ready to fight. He put me on the windowsill, spread my legs, slender and sharp, one movement entered into me. I hugged his neck. He did not move. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me. A few seconds later he also went sharply. I realized that he was about to finish, and is afraid that it will happen in me.
- Do not worry, I'm taking control. - I said.
His cock immediately re-pierced me. He was moving with terrible force. A few seconds later, he abruptly started and stopped me. He waited. His hands gently stroked my hair back. Then he came out of me, took a towel and headed for the bathroom. I changed into a robe. When Michael left, I also went to take a shower. Water is quickly washed away with me all fatigue.
Coming out of the bathroom, I found out that our room is empty. During the time that I spent in the shower, Misha managed to spread out their belongings, and even pushed our beds together. I looked out the window. It was noon and was hot. Having decided that the first day should not be fried in the hot sun, I decided to visit a small cafe, which was in our case. I unpacked suitcases. She took out a set of underwear, which is acquired specifically for flirting on vacation. It consisted of tiny translucent panties and bra tango, which only supports the breast from below, but leaves the nipples exposed, allowing wear dresses with plunging necklines. Wardrobe completed her short silk dress, which barely concealed my ass, and Red open shoes. I straightened her hair, make-up and turned the light out in:
Since the street was unbearable heat in the cafe was crowded. I went to the bar and ordered a drink. Before I could have a drink and a couple of sips, like me sat a young man.
- My name is Sergey. And you?
- And I am the Light. - I replied.
- Very nice, you will not mind if I keep you company?
- I would be happy, but somehow not very fun to sit alone.
We sat for a long time, talking. Then Sergei suggested I go for a walk. The midday heat was asleep, and I gladly accepted.
We walked along the beach, look at the bathers.
- Here, close to a wild beach, went there?
- I have no with a swimsuit.
- He is there and is not necessary. - Said Sergey hugging me gently around the waist.
I understood his hint. Now I had to decide. To go with it, or be offended and leave it. He was handsome. Tall, broad shoulders, tender hands:
- Well, let's go. - I replied.
He quickly caught a taxi and gave the name of the place. We drove twenty minutes. The taxi driver dropped us off at the path leading to the mountain, and left. The path was very steep. I climbed in front, Sergei walked behind. I imagined what kind of offers it. My ass, covered with a cloth slightly acted on him like a magnet. He kept hugging my hips like insuring. Once again, as his arms wrapped around my ass again, they did not want to let her go. His hand quickly penetrated between my legs and lay down on the almost naked pussy. Through the cloth, he quickly found the entrance to it, lightly pressing down and began to caress me.
- I want you right now.
- So what are you waiting for? - I asked, turning to face him.
He hugged me. His hands quickly ran over my chest, down to her waist. I hugged his neck and kissed him on the lips. His hand pushed aside a thin strip of tissue that conceals my pussy. I felt his finger into me, at the same time touching the coveted tubercle. But then we heard voices. After a few seconds appeared the two young men and a girl. As it turned out, it was the rest, living in our sanatorium. Sergei was familiar with them.
- You are on the beach or the beach? - I asked one of the young men.
- To the beach. - Said Sergei.
And we have joined the company. I went and examined my new acquaintances. One of them was a little taller than me, stocky. It seemed to me that he has great power. The second was high, higher than Sergei, and lean. The girl looked to be about 20-and. Beautiful, slightly full lips, brown eyes and black hair. Her body was not inferior to the beauty of my. I would say that we had were very similar in stature. Beautiful firm breasts, narrow hips. Ass, from which he could not take his eyes of any one man. And long shapely legs. She was wearing only shorts and a bathing suit on a tiny topic that hardly covered her gorgeous breasts.
Finally we went to the beach. The beach was covered with a thin almost white sand.
My companions quickly threw off his clothes. Everyone, including the girl, were only in swimming trunks.
- Undress, shy nobody. - Sergei said.
I did not think to hesitate. I have always been proud of her body and was not afraid to show it. I quickly threw off her dress, following the example of others, leaving only her panties, which can not hide anything.
After a swim, we lay down on blankets. I lay down on my stomach and closed her eyes. The guys a little rest, began to molest the girl. She did not resist such an abundant attention. She lay on her side, and both of her companion went to the back and front of her. They quickly released from wet heats and did not hesitate to me and Sergei, got down to business.
She bent her knee and put it on the man who was in front of her. His cock immediately began to look for the entrance to her pussy. It was difficult to get into. Then she took his penis in her hand and sent it to her pussy. Male one motion entered it.
The first time I watched the sex life. I even turned on its side to see better performance. I saw the second man ... spread her buttocks and introduced a finger in her ass. She gasped softly. While the first man had her pussy, the other wielded in her ass hand. Finally, feeling that it is sufficiently developed it, he began to get a job behind to enter my dick in her ass. He sent the head to the entrance and slowly began to press. The first man and woman froze, allowing him to enter. He went into her ass and left half.
- Let's change the posture, I was not comfortable. - he said.
He took her by the waist and placed it on his friend. Now her ass was opened. He knelt down and quickly went into the girl's ass. I watched as the two men fuck her and it turned me on. At that moment I felt the hand of Sergei gripped my waist, and his cock rested in the entrance to my pussy. I got rid of his arms and pulled her panties unnecessary. I lay back and spread her legs. Sergei stood between them quickly and in one motion drove into me his penis. He moved slowly. After a few seconds, he lay down on me and asked me to bring the legs. I brought his feet, and he wrapped them outside their own. His cock was long enough to have me in this position. I do not know how I go. I've never made love in a similar pose. We have turned over. I was on top of his cock was firmly clamped in me. I even felt like it pulsing blood. He told me to move. I made the first move. Despite the fact that his penis was much smaller than that of my neighbor on the coupe, in this position I felt it no less. Every movement caused the passage of the waves in the lower abdomen. A few more moves and I got one of the most powerful orgasms of my life. When I came to, followed by a sequel ...