Volga Beach, sand, trees. The sun was already high enough, when I was going to get out of his house on the beach. After yesterday's disco at a nearby camp site, I returned to the house about six o'clock in the morning, after sleeping till noon, I got up, washed, and decided not to go into the dining room, honestly say that the food that we were given in the canteen, it was only possible to have a snack vodka and drink in this heat is not like I came out of the house.
From the terrace a wonderful view to the water was about twenty meters, each house half-beached, were rowing boats, but through a strait dragged countless islands and islets, which were covered with dense forest, some of them could find a decent place bathing, and only for these islands was fundamental Volga.
Taking from the table a bag with a camera, two spare thumb drives and a package with a cold beer, I went to the bank, stood for a moment near the water, wondering where I go, even though the question was more rhetorical, because in order to take pictures of nature, it was necessary to to sail to the islands. The whole coast as far as could be seen, was built up tourist centers.
Putting things into the boat, I pushed her into the water, jumped into it, and sent it to a small island, which was in the depths of this ridge. This island, I noticed a long time ago, when we were taken on a pleasure boat. I drew a small flat sandy slope and dense foliage, but what attracted me the most, is the complete lack of people there. The ability to be alone, outside his house, in our tourist centers practically absent as such.
It took about forty minutes, quite far away, you can see why this island does not swim vacationers, when the nose of the boat rested in a bank, I sighed with relief. Having tied the boat to a tree trunk, I walked toward the beach, I have a boat specifically tied around trees, there is less conspicuous than in the open sandy shore. Located under the little tree on the cool sand, I took a bottle of beer, opened it, and drank it with relish, almost in one gulp, then opened the second and began to slowly sip from it, prolonging the pleasure. When it was empty, and my hands a little away from the oars, and now I could go shooting. I got up and hid the packet with the remaining four bottles in Tenek under a tree, went to the interior of the island. The camera was hanging on my chest, and deserted bag dangling from the side. I am a long time choosing the right panorama, finally I found what I needed. After a few shots, I heard some voices, trees, sticks, had only to move away from the coast for a few meters, as there is someone managed to appear. Through the foliage I saw the two women tried to pull ashore the nose of the boat, but that they were able to work on the side of the boats adorned the name of their camp site.
They were quite nice, shapely long legs, neat ass, slim waist, in one short dark brown hair, and the other - blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. Sorry, I could not see their faces, but I thought these girls can not be beautiful. Judging by the fact that they were wearing tee shirt and panties from bathing suits, although they could hardly be called panties, they probably were going to swim and sunbathe naked. Instinctively raising his camera and caught the right moment, I pressed the button, and then, looking at the display this image, I was once again convinced that they are very attractive, especially when the Duck Down. Their tanned lithe bodies, smooth skin, caused me excitement, but to sit in the bushes and watch them secretly take pictures, I did not want.
- Hi, - I said, going to the beach - I'm not disturbing you?
- Oh! - Blurted blonde - How are you there?
- Sorry, of course, but I've been here a long time, - smiling, I replied - I photograph nature.
As I expected their faces were very pretty, blonde - big blue eyes, slightly upturned nose, plump lips that conceal the dazzling white teeth; the second girl was almost a copy of the first, the only difference was in the color of the hair. I wondered what they were twins.
- Where's your boat, or you arrived by plane Court? - I took the initiative, the girl with dark brown hair, - How did you get here?
- I won my boat - I said, and pointed to his boat.
They both turned their heads the team in points in the direction he saw a boat with the name written on the side of my camp site, they are noticeably relaxed, the first smile flitted across their beautiful faces.
- So you're a photographer? - Blonde's eyes flashed.
- Well, do not say that a photographer - I said - but it is very fond of photography.
- Yes? And this can not be said the camera down - the other girl continued to amaze me with his observation and judgment, - My friend professional photographer fotoapparatik something simpler your will.
It got to the point, the camera was very cool, my friend brought it from America and gave it to me for my birthday with a bunch of tools and a laptop, which is now lying in the safe of the chief tourist centers. In general, the camera he had brought his wife, who worked in one of the newspapers, but on arrival in the States, he found her in bed with two lovers at once. Being very proud, he immediately filed for divorce, and this technique first was in my apartment like a warehouse, and then moved into my property.
- Yes, the camera is very good, - I replied.
- Please show me the nature that you photographed here, - I asked the blonde.
I picked up the camera, quickly erased their photo and handed it to them. It was evident that the girl with dark brown hair is very well versed in such things as how to stop their attention on those shots that I liked the most.
- Not bad, but why so few on this island? - She asked, looking intently at me.
- I'm just here on the strength of a half hour, - I replied.
She sat on the side of the boat and began to view the footage again. I approached her and asked:
- What you are interested in?
- I can not understand why you took these shots here at such an angle? - She replied thoughtfully.
- And, is it? - Yes, the girl is familiar not only with a professional photographer, - I want to make a photo collage, if tonight I will not find another occupation.
- What you: Oh, sorry, you! And the computer itself? - Her eyes widened.
- Maybe, to meet and pass on you? - I said, - My name is Dima.
- Natasha, - quickly replied the blonde, and, with a nod toward the second girl said - and this boring name is Diana.
- I am very pleased - I replied.
- US too! - Quickly replied Natasha looked at Diana.
Diana showed her pink tongue, then turned toward me and smiled, looking into my eyes.
- Dima, you did not answer.
- Yes there is, if you do not believe me, I can show in the evening, - I replied. - As far as I understand ... you're relaxing on a nearby camp site?
- Okay, let's see - Diana did not want to believe it.
- Oh you - intervened in the conversation Natasha - found a pancake, two photographers. If you are fanatics of this case, I've always wanted me to be photographed - paused and added with a smile, - maybe even in different poses.
- Aha! Guba sunset, you know how much a photo shoot? - Diana replied Natasha, but very carefully looked at me.
- Or maybe I want to do, where will pay me for it, - said Natasha - Can I have this dream.
- It is clear - Diana smiled, - rabies uterus again?
- You fool! - Natasha offended.
- The girls - here I have already intervened in the conversation - let you not to quarrel, if you want, I can take pictures of you, that's just not mock. Good?
They stared at me, then looked at each other and began to take out of the boat packages with things. We spread a blanket on the sand lot, while I took a pack of beer and offered them beer. Oddly enough, they have not given up. We were sitting on a blanket, they are a little shy about my presence, jerseys and remained on them. I asked them to remove the T-shirts, a little broken, the process has started, first get rid of their shirts Natasha, her breast was delicious. It took shape, with little sticking out in different directions papillae, caught my eye, she held his hand on his tummy flat and raised her hand to her chest, touching the nipples with a finger, why they stiffened and stood up.
- Such beauty is necessary to perpetuate - Swallowing, I said, and reached for the camera - do you mind?
- Yes, it is just waiting for this - Diana spoke, and, after a pause, she added, - I wonder if you offer to star in porn, you immediately agree or somewhat broken for decency?
- Immediately! - Natasha said, and rolled her eyes, pretending to enjoy.
A little thought what angle to choose, I pressed the button, Diana curiously watching me. Then together we began to see what happened. The picture captures the elastic girl's chest and tender neck on the background of dazzling blue sky, sticking out in different directions nipples, gave this picture of indescribable eroticism.
- Not bad, without preparation, - escaped Diana.
- Cool! You do me this picture? - Natasha shone with his own eyes.
- Of course, I will do - I assured her.
- I still want to, do not you hard? - Natasha looked at me with pleading eyes.
- Maybe he already has the card full? - Diana intervened.
I silently got up, took his bag from the camera and pulled out two more cards. Natasha, obviously not knowing what was going on, looked at me with wondering eyes, and Diana smiled mysteriously and slamming Natasha on a hanger, said:
- It seems that today you try everything.
- Yes? This is the film? - Natasha did not know that the memory card used in digital cameras.
- Yes, the film - Diana smiled - Get ready, we're going to shoot you. you do not mind Dim,?
- Of course not - how can you not care, I said, though my soul there was something indescribable. Once I tried to shoot a naked girl, but she is so complexed, I have barely enough patience, it would not yell at her, so after that I do not adequately perceive such a possibility, but Natasha was clearly not the same her sexuality splashed from it with every movement. Well, what a few pinned my swimming trunks "groomsman"And then he would stick out like a lamppost.
Diana, of course, knew very well what to do and how it helped me so skillfully that adjusted the action and Natasha pose that this led me into raptures. When it was done half a dozen shots, and it's ready images, those that we did not like, I quickly erased, I noticed how much shining eyes of both girls.
- Well, Natasha, will shoot erotica? - Diana flirted looked at me.
- I will always agree, but you? - Natasha approached her from behind and her arms wrapped around the bottom of her shirt hidden chest.
Diana shuddered, her body was covered with goose bumps and her nipples instantly hardened, standing out through the thin fabric. When I started to pick up the camera to take pictures of all of this Diane slowly tilt your head back, obviously flattering to me. Natasha enthusiastically stroked her breasts and belly, her hands tucked under her T-shirt, long shirt was thrown to the side. Breast Diana was on the mind, to look at it was a bit smaller than that of Natasha, but her nipples were larger, in one word - How nice. Now Natasha kissed her shoulders and neck, eyes closed with pleasure Diana and her hands moved from her breasts and now stroked elastic thigh. I began to get their side and, once behind them, photographed them from below the frame turned out that it is necessary. Elastic Natasha's ass divided golubenky polosochkoj panties, pink petals of her slits, peeking from under both sides of the strip. It was noticeable that the fabric was wet, Natasha was already mokrenkaya. Her hands were stroking Dianin ass, she did it so erotic that I only had time to press the button. Soon she began to pull the handle with Diana panties, she obviously liked it, she threw her head back and her eyes were closed, lips were open and flew them occasionally with a light groan. Natasha's tongue already caressed her back, soon went to her panties lying on the sand t-shirt, dark hairs on her pubic hair was neatly trimmed and looked like a tick.
Diana turned to Natasha and their lips have merged in a kiss, this show was damn exciting, especially when Diana began to take off with Natasha's panties. When her panties were on the sand, Diana sank to her knees, and her tongue began to caress first Natasha's belly and then slid down her blond hair pubis to her pink crack, Natasha only spread her legs wider, opening her way to his treasure. Now I was behind Dianin ass, she looked very appetizing, a small dark spot anal passage, pink, shiny from her juices, sponge slits and rampant hump clitoris. It is clearly seen where I am, and, without looking up from Natashkiny slits, causing her this very loud moans, Diana began to push his hands buttocks, opening my eyes my vagina hole.
As you know, everyone's patience may come to an end, especially when you get up in front of that. Setting aside the camera, I put my hands on top of Dianin hands and pressed her tongue to crack, caressing her soft pink lips, excited clitoris hillock. At first she started, but not because she felt my touch, but because I began to suck her clit, and then, looking up from Natasha slits, became confused moan constantly jumping up to scream. Natasha looked at me, her eyes sparkling with excitement, went around and knelt beside me, I began to carefully observe how I lick hole of her sister. When I became immersed in the language of your vagina, I heard cries for Dianin, was added Natasha moan, only when I looked at her, I noticed that Natasha finger massaging her clit.
One ... a gentle hand caressing Natasha mokrenkuyu crack and tongue continued to lick Dianin hole, I could barely restrained so as not to jump, throw melting and insert his penis into one of these gentle holes. My chin was all in Dianin juice, and my fingers in the juice that oozed from Natasha. Diana jerked her scream broke off abruptly, her body finely trembled, and she had finished, her body went limp, but she remained standing in this position. I turned to Natasha, her eyes were closed, his breathing was jerky, her skin was covered with goose bumps, realizing that she too is in a state of predorgazmennogo I stepped motion with his fingers in her crack and lips caught her protruding nipples. A minute later she came, shouting and showering my fingers thick liquid.
When they groan was quiet, and in the eyes there was a thought, I carefully looked at them, began to take off his swimming trunks, my cock immediately took firing position. Natasha has responded to this with admirable enthusiasm, taking his hand from the base, closed its plump lips around the head. Her tongue got up miracles, bringing me indescribable pleasure. Diana silently stood up, took the camera and began to photograph us. Natasha enthusiastically sucked and licked my dick, it is almost all, found himself in her, she squeezed the sponge around the head, I still moaning so loudly that Diana, leaving the rest of the camera, came up to me and clung to my lips . Her nimble tongue penetrated my mouth and began to move so skillfully that I felt dizzy, and I almost lost my balance.
While we have enjoyed a kiss with Diana, Natasha looked up from my penis, and arched, has substituted his ass. Diane reluctant to unstick from my lips, and reached for a camera with a nod in the direction of flowing juices sister.
- Come, - she whispered, raising the camera.
Dropping to his knees in front of Natasha's ass, I spent a head member on its mokrenkaya invitingly open, pink crack, Natasha gasped loudly and arched even more. When I, without encountering any resistance, began to enter into it, Natasha leaned back, spitted her cunt on my cock up to the stop. Her ass was moving towards my cock, which is slow, completely out of her wet and hot holes, then abruptly flew back completely, resting on something inside her and hit the eggs, from which a specific sound was heard. Soon her moans turned into a continuous scream, shook her head fell into his arms, and I felt like it has rolled a wave of orgasm as zahlyupal it my penis. Now it's time to finish me, I pulled out her term, he was covered with a thick layer of grease it, and, resting his head in her ass, began to rub them on her anus, orgasm wave came at me, completely suppressing my will. Cum struggled out of my penis powerful jets, covering the back and buttocks Natashkiny large matte white drops. When my eruption was over, I fell helplessly on the sand.
Diana with a smile went around us, then when we are with Natasha, came to their senses and return to us the ability to think, fell about us to our knees and handed me the camera.
- Look at what happened - her voice was nervous and inconsistent, and his eyes sparkled.
Yes, shots were impressive, of course, we have removed some things, but mostly it was due to the fact that Diana will not reliably hold the camera due to the fact that she was in a state of wild excitement. Natasha fascinated looking at the footage, her cheeks flushed played thick.
- You're that embarrassed? - I spent on her shoulder, arm, she shrank from my touch and looked at me wide-eyed.
- I do not think so looks the part - hesitating, she said, - it's so cool.
Diana took the camera and quickly began to turn over footage clearly something trying to find, and then gave her the camera. On display was the frame where it was filmed her face in the moment of orgasm.
- This is the most erotic, that there can be removed, it is the strongest frame - Dianin sounded very convincing.
She gave camera Natasha, Natasha with a huge surprise examined his face in the display. I touched his hand Dianin ass, spending on her wet crack, she jerked like an electric shock, sharply turned to me, played little devils in her eyes.
- Well, I'm not as supple as it - with a smile, she said, quickly getting up from its knees - You'll have some work to do.
She headed toward the trees, adding a step, I also got up and followed her, turning, Diana smiled and ran, her tall, slim figure attracted me. I ran after her and caught up with her soon. When my hands touched her shoulders, she abruptly stopped and turned to me, I still continued to move, and therefore almost bumped into her. My erection rested against her groin, and my lips stuck into her lips. Now my tongue penetrated her, her hands gently hugged my neck and my hands stroked her elastic ass. I could not wait any longer, I wanted it, I like a madman, as the last animal, my cock stood like a telegraph pole. Having turned her back to him, I began to caress her breast with his hands and kissing her neck and shoulders, as did Natasha, her eyes closed and her lips fell off a light groan. Her breast was delicious, as well, and it's all, I'm a little bent at the knees, and my penis has penetrated between her slightly spaced apart, legs. Chink It was very wet and the inside of her thighs dripping its juice from touching the body of my Diana member shiver and her ass has become mobile. My penis he found his way to a long-awaited place, I just had to make a move. Diana put her hands on the tree and bent, letting me in itself, very carefully, inching its way inside her vagina. Taking a hands on her slender waist, I started the movement, gradually increasing force, soon she was crying, and I sit down with such force it on his penis, it seemed to me that I tear it, but nothing to do with him could not. On her rolls wave after wave of orgasms, her lips no longer flew screaming, her powers were on the wane, I, too, was on the way, and when the sperm began begging outside, I tried to pull out of its hole his dick, but she begged not to do this.
- Mommy! - Escaped her - No, me.
I was delighted with this proposal, and with joy filled her narrow hole with his hot cum, she came with me, our cries merged into one. When we came to, I heard that behind us moaning Natasha. Turning, we saw it, leaning back against the tree and down the left arm with a camera down the right hand caressing her clitoris, her eyes closed in pleasure. Diana quickly liberated from my member came up to her, leaving a trail of my sperm that flowed from her holes and trickled down her slender legs, and gently took her camera. Natasha's hand, freed from your camera, quickly found the nipple left breast and began to caress it, after a while her body jerked, and she came, screaming alerting all constituency. Diana filmed it all on camera.
- Well, now we went to drink your beer, - with a smile she said, lowering the camera - I'm thirsty, and you probably do not mind, after such exercise?
- Come, - I replied in the affirmative.
After this love, all the time we spent together, even taught Natasha to take pictures, so we can enjoy not only her photographs.
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