I - a guy, and he - the guy

I'm a guy who lives in a provincial town, plus I - bisexual. So for fun I have often come to Moscow. There I usually spend my time in gay clubs and that's one of them, my most favorite, I was faced with a cool kid.
Here is how it was. There I normally drink something, somewhere I looked as thought and wandering from floor to floor in search of something that would interest me. And when I was back at the bottom, probably already in this drunken delirium brought me in the gloomy corridors of the labyrinth sex zone. What is it I have done - I do not remember: maybe watching gay videos, or maybe just looking for someone. But it so happened that I went past some absolutely normal guy, he did not look like a gay man, and I certainly could not remain indifferent to it (gays will understand me). He went through the labyrinth ring once, then again, and on the third I took him by the hand and stopped him.
- Do you wanna come with me? - he asked.
- Yes.
Then have it, he took me by the hand and led her through the corridors, passing rushing in private cabins, but they, unfortunately, were all busy. He wildly somewhere in a hurry, and he was a real kid, so when he got tired of wandering in search of space, it was decided to simply force to release one of the cabins. When he tried to do it, I stopped him - I do not like when my eyes someone pressed. He listened to me. I squeezed his hand and led him. Free stall was found. We are closed.
- How are you so cool here come from? You do not look like a gay. - I asked him.
- I'm not gay, I just do not care with whom to fuck.
- I have almost the same.
Then he undid the zipper on my jeans and started to do blowjob. He did this - just super! And then we switched roles.
- I want you cum in her mouth? - He asked me.
I do not quite like, and rose from his squatting position. I said clearly - "No".
- I want you - I whispered in his ear.
He dropped his pants and turned back to me, I tried to take off his jumper, but he refused it. A body with him, like a real athlete. Persons who do not remember, and I've seen him at all? But the body that is necessary! I moistened with saliva her hand and held it between his buttocks.
- Okay, okay already, - he commanded.
I entered my dick in it. We - me and him, we have shorter tower posryvalo completely. I came to his senses only at the moment when he said that he needed to go. I stood at the door, and he threatened me that is a candidate for the master of the sport of boxing.
- I at x .., I'm not afraid, - I replied.
- I really have to go, I'll be right there, you just do not go anywhere.
- What is your name? - I finally asked.
- What's the difference?
At the door of the cabin I stood, I do not know how long I stood there with her, but he never returned. And I, too, was gone. I had a lot of guys, but that I must remember forever.
P.S .: Stopudoviy realism