Do not remember the dream - 2 (I'll snyus)

I immediately figured in you something vicious. And such a sweet, attractive ...
Even then, when you come to the interview, I realized that you are smart, attentive, diligent ... sort of business-woman, the goddess of the office ... Tie, gray suit with a spark, just above the knee skirt and black stilettos, so wide open blouse to be visible only to her cleavage, no longer ... Perfect make-up, curvy butt, slender legs ... calm self-confidence, a habit to be irresistible ... a bit of cynicism in the corner of the eye drop of contempt in the crook of full lips ...
While in the shower damn ... After watching you a few minutes, I realized what passions rage in you. How do you want to detach you from your secret "daddy." We pull out so that you felt the last whore, ready to do anything.
And I would like, in turn, provide your fall. I understand that you push enough light, and this is correct at work, such inaccessible lie under me as litter ...
Before deciding on the "manufacture" of your full whore, I'm watching you. As head of security, I had access to the camera, about which no one except me knew.
And what I found out?
Oh, you are often in the office was closed, shut off selector and got out of the bottom drawer faloimmitator table! I was shaking with desire, when you come out of the center of the cabinet, cancer rose and rigidly self fucked in porn do not see that! You arches, your beautiful hair flew over his head in time with the movements of his hands. I saw, as disclosed in a silent scream your mouth. You had finished. Poor lustful bitch! I was confident, despite the poor quality of the image that you are inserted himself in the ass ...
The end of the working day. You receive the first message. I am sure that you did not hand over, what is more, you are sure to enjoy what I have prepared for you. I do not hide - a letter for my signature. Well, how, like what I told you? You go to your computer, open your mail. You read my message. Your sensual lips move.
"Come tomorrow without underwear, stockings. Tomorrow at exactly 9:00 lift up her skirt. Prodemonstriruesh as you comply with the order. Answer is not necessary, bitch. ".
You getting through. First you hardens, it seems to me that your lips hurt inflated, and then your hand is accustomed to reaching for the bottom drawer. But here you withdraw the hand - clever ... You know that you can watch for. Well, what did you tomorrow, honey, now available, damn. And after you left I put in your office a good camera to your fall from grace has been fully documented.
I could hardly wait for the next day. How I would like to take you, wet, lord it over you, to feel your submission and availability! Then cherish silk sheets.
And so I turn on the computer. My eyes reported of parts that were not visible in the previous chamber. You go. I admire. I see your little untouched tan skin, your lips ... beckoning hair strands cried out neat hairstyles, fell to the eye, giving your face kind of roguish, mischievous ... graceful, beautiful, like a top model. Dress jersey fits the body of luxury, emphasizing your sexuality. Complements dress jacket bolero ... I want you more than ever ...
9-00. You're obviously nervous, go out in the middle of the spacious room.
9-05. You still do not dare to raise her skirt, pacing around the office - two steps back, two - back.
Finally, you stop and vzdergivaesh skirt belt. Your shapely legs in stockings, panties there. I admire completely shaved pubis, look where rozoveyut sponge. You want to be there you have five fingers, squeezing so that you whined, faithfully looking in the eye and not daring to resist ...
I'm looking at you. Above the waist - a lady of high society, below - a whore from the brothel ...
You decide to turn. I see your ass. Tanned buttocks, only the white bars indicate how small trunks were you when you're sunbathing.
I'm coming to your office, I go. I met the cold, well-groomed bitch. You do not want to show you - that whore that just stood in front of the camera naked from the waist down. I roughly paw you. Do you like it, but you're still trying to fight back, to step back ... But where there ... My hand pulls off a dress from her shoulders. Your breasts are exposed. So nice to be with bare boobs in front of half-familiar man, considering you like items in the window! You want punishment for the attempt at resistance? My stiff fingers grab your nipple. Do you feel, as I wriggle, and then pull down. You have obedient, and humbly kneels before his master. You already techesh, is not it?
I order to kiss the shoe toe, and when did you perform, you look at me. Already I want to get you ripped? Oh no! Not so fast, lustful bitch! ..
Your secretary brings coffee. You're still the same elegant, taking her tray. Do you think she can not guess, you behaved just like the last whore that you are now the fire between her thighs, and only I can let you relieve it?
You again poddergivaet skirt, lower neck and turns into a bitch that has just lust on his mind. You take the tray is lowered in front of me on my knees. Your great tits on a tray - addition to a cup of coffee, sugar and a jug of cream. You shudder of weasel - my hand on your beautiful hair, you know that all the good disposition.
Tray slightly trembling in your graceful hands with perfect manicure. You're not a woman, you bitch, trembling from the frenzied desire dick. And you do not care where his stuff. I am a satisfied nod, but beat a spoon on the nipple - I almost spilled the coffee. You pucker up, but put up, hoping that if you obedient, you quickly tucked.
You watch as I take a milk jug and pour on a tray lying on tits milk. It runs down the narrow droshky hemispheres, skirting the nipples. But you have not to refined caresses - you have dick in any of the holes ... All the same, in what ...
Finally, you are allowed to unbutton his pants. You pounced on standing member, if it is the last in life. Are you happy that you can swallow it so deeply that your hair is in my hand, and he planted with in the throat, deep, deep.
You want more?
I push you to the couch. I take you by the ankles and legs vzdergivayu up high. You rely on the only seat blades, all in anticipation. You crawl, trying to spread on a member, and he was only teasing Regarding your swollen wet sponges.
I shake my head. Remains your upbringing make you mutter: "Oh God, no, not there." However, the hand is pulled to the penis and puts it to the anus. You lunched sponge and introduces glowing count myself in the ass. Thankfully moan and squirm on it, and I fuck you, helpful and submissive, capable to bear such a beating for many hours. Do you feel like I'm coming to you right in the ass. Are you happy, you scream and twitch, so that I could hardly hold you by the ankles.
I release you, and you crawl on the floor, exhausted. Next you fall leather pants with two knobs - one more, another less. Order explicitly states that you have to wear it until the evening - one knob in the pussy, the other - in the ass. You immediately put on leather sbruyku, pulls dress hiding her gorgeous tits. Each movement is given to the sweet sensations in the pussy and ass. Good for you? Let's see, what do you say tonight.
What do you feel when you go this way - with toys in their holes? You shake hands with the staff, you're sitting in a meeting ... And when I see the way you bite your lip, staying alone in his office. Foreign objects in your harness hole you, you want to moan, caress themselves. But you are not allowed to do so ... so you have to endure, but sometimes you crawl in his chair, opening his mouth with a strip of snow-white teeth. How many times have you finished the meeting in front of everyone, trying to suppress a groan tearing, digging his nails into the palm of your hand?
What do you feel when I come to you and told to stand, without the words you climb under her skirt like a cheap whore? I check how to keep your toys. You plaintive moan and filed pubis forward, revealing her knees to plant stronger. Like checking? Do you realize that it is still not getting the full bright orgasm, just a little, and humbly standing, so graceful, so vicious and a little pathetic in her, the last effort to curb, the desire to give here and now.
Dinner. We go together to the dining room. The main stream of employees had already passed, and I stop you on the stairs. Pulls off dress with her breasts, squeezed them. You hit trembling. You thank me for the kindness you meekly moan when I squeeze tightly swollen nipples. You coward desperately that someone would go upstairs and see you, an angel in a woman's appearance, fallen so much that meekly allows himself to squeeze on the stairs.
I wish to increase the level of your Fall and command: "Suck!". Your lips move, you want to argue. I hit you on the cheek. Not much. Just to make you felt the - damn to be obedient and executive.
You bend down quickly, unbutton his pants, and I have quite a moan, feeling your soft lips serve my cock. I take your hair in a fist, but not to guide you. No - you're diligent, gentle and able. I just like to feel the unlimited power over you, diligently suction solid number.
After a few minutes I suspend you. You're disappointed, and at the same time relieved sigh, torn by conflicting desires you.
Cylinder lipstick dancing in your hands. You can not tint the lips, only that the service member. Appetite is not, you can not eat, and I graciously allow you to go back.
A couple of hours I suffer, remembering your beautiful hair in my hand, your lips, sliding on my cock, a delightful feeling of possessing you, power over your desires and thoughts. I can not stand, I want to take you, one `iron fingers in your breasts, tear member of your wet pussy. I look at the screen. You work, you type something on the keyboard. I, in turn, pushes himself to the keyboard.
"You finished?"
"You should not stop without orders. You will be punished. "
"Yes, I understood. As you say. When you come to take me? "
"What to do?"
I see you hesitated, then your fingers quickly rattled on the keys.
"Otebal me like a whore."
"Well, I'll be right back. But first, you will be punished. Take off everything. In addition to the harness. Arise cancer ass to the door. Tits - on the carpet. Wait for me, so I'll come and have a smoke. "
You follow my instructions. You're nervous again - suddenly someone will go without knocking. However, it is almost impossible. In addition, wild unbridled desire does not leave you a choice.
I light a cigarette slowly, admiring you, frozen in the pose of a slave. No, you're not stuck. Do you really want to feel dildos pounded into you. You shudder, sag back, swaying backwards. Your breast crawl on the carpet, you try to hold large nipples on the pile. But you is not enough! Fingers legs outstretched, calves, thighs stretched. I can see how playing muscles under velvety skin ... Oh, how you want to end, it would be desirable to cover the crotch with his hand to move a little tight sitting in your items! But you do not dare. it was not an order. You're a little scared of the coming punishment, do you think, what it will be. But at the same time you understand that to be punished - this is so sweet. Waves of pleasure and frustration rolled by your luxurious body. You suffer, eating a sponge, you're waiting for the owner.
I enter. You're not sure it's me. You shudder and freezes, hopelessly waiting for just anything. But push toe crotch tells you that it is the owner. And you're grateful moan, losing self-control residues from shevelnuvshihsya in you phalluses.
I wring your hands behind your back, and fetter their handcuffs. You offended and a little scared, but did not dare to protest, knowing that by meeting me in the humiliated attitude, protest is pointless and just plain stupid. You are too deeply mired.
Can you hear my order and humbly turn your head, cheek lying on the carpet. You know that I'll be watching your emotions. Shame burns you, and your eyes are closed humbly. Plump lips bitten and even bleeding in two places. What is it? Powerless shame that you can not finish violently, screaming and moaning? Or do you still ashamed of myself, submissive slut, meekly comply with the orders?
I pull the strap from the belt loops, fold it in half, and beat with a sling on the buttocks.
You squealed, eyes widen. From the corner of the eye through a thin nose a tear rolls down and falls to the mat.
You suffocate. You're hurt. But then, right? Good feel whore, humbly waiting for punishment? And if you like this?
I threaten. You quietly whine again lunched sponge and hard zazhmurivaeshsya ...
A? How horrible? You feel another small orgasm. From what? From what I've got on the pussy on your toys have become almost family? Or just the fact that someone could so easily whip your belt?
I bring his hand back. You look at me beseechingly and babbling in a trembling voice:
-Please ... Please ... Do not! I'll do whatever you want! I am your whore! Oh please!
I am adamant. Slave must know that it is allowed only that allows the owner and not a drop more! However, we both know that you'll still finish without my permission, and still will be punished. And you dread it and you will.
I admire you. You're beautiful! My member for a long time closely in the pants. I quickly pull together the clothes, walk around you. On your lips plump appears timid and a little sly smile. You've already guessed that in your mouth right now invade wreathed veins hard cock. I grab you by the hair, leaving the floor. You helpfully open your mouth and thankfully accept me. Oh! You like to dominate me today, you enjoy that power over the slave master, strenuously moving his head, caressing the head crimson tongue and lips. You regret only one thing - that your hands are fettered and can not be of any help enjoyer mouth.
You hear me growl.
I bend my knees, tightly clench your beautiful hair in his fist and start to fuck you in the mouth. You diligently doing sponges ringlet, only occasionally wincing at a particularly deep penetration. You cover your eyes fluffy eyelashes. What for? You do not want to show that you are on the brink of orgasm just from what you fuck in the mouth? Finally, do you feel that I'm out, pull your head back to a crisp in the vertebrae and the finish on your face, on the chest. You thinly moaning, catch happy smile drops lips, lick, your tongue is also covered in semen ... You, too, finished ...
Rapidly breath, I gently stack you on the carpet. Unbuttoning harness and liberate your holes. Oh my God! How many times have you finished in the harness?
You blame lowers her eyes and blushing. You're ashamed that you're such a whore?
I order you to sit down, open the pack of scented wipes, wipe your face, chest, abdomen, and then throw a piece of napkins beside you. You look at me pleadingly, but quickly droops, knowing that their holes will have to clean up before my eyes.
You do everything so gracefully, like a thousand times put things clean between the legs handcuffed behind his back ... hands. What strikes me is the combination of royal grace in his movements and slavish humiliation in fact. Finally, the last napkin in a basket. You defiantly look at me, this slender, graceful. Your chest proudly vypyachena forward, hard swollen nipples boldly look slightly to the side and upwards. I feel for the belt.
Belt whips you in the tits. In your eyes, splashing resentment and unspoken question: "Why?".
I get up and bites into your mouth. By your charms slide my hands, you feel like your buttocks, then his chest, and then re-compress the buttocks iron fingers. How to be turned out nipples as terebyatsya swollen petals. Do you feel that techesh again, comes the desire ... And then you whispers, "Because I love you!". And you're goin 'down happily in front of me on my knees. Your tongue deftly raises still hanging member, and mouth as deftly takes it into itself. When you achieve a full erection, I throw you on the carpet and pile on top. You already do not pay attention to the chained hands and legs invitingly you plant. Do you feel like in your pussy poked glowing head. You are wheezing, your body is shaking with desire, and I slowly enter into the wet tight depth.
I'm in no hurry. I want to show you all their authority over you, show your complete dependence on the host. You all know perfectly well you're playing with my swollen member of the vaginal muscles, you're almost crying, kissing my neck. "Oh please! Well, let me ... Fuck me like a cheap bitch! ".
And I am planting you on the eggs. Can you feel my dick somewhere in the navel area. You fear that you now pierce, but accelerated motion makes you forget everything and plunge into the never-ending orgasm. We move to the couch. I pile you almost in half - the tibia near the head. In your pussy tormented again invades member, causing the sweet, incredibly pleasant pain. You strike under me squirm. Your fingers caress my balls when I sometimes stop the motion from the member, almost completely immersed in your wet cunt.
Do you feel that you can no longer stop, you're begging to stop.
I take off my handcuffs, I lay down on his back, put you back into your stomach. You are asked to enter the penis into the vagina and slowly moving his hips, enjoying a solid member of the sensations inside. You turn your head a little and trash on my his cheek. You almost purrs and plays a satisfied smile on his lips.
"I can not be your slave too often!"
"Good. Tomorrow you will be my princess. We'll go in a luxury restaurant, a romantic dinner ... on you will be an evening dress, and then I'll love you in the silk sheets ... "
"Murrr .... I'll be a princess ... But not in the restaurant and not in evening dress, and in the billiard room, wearing jeans and a tank top ... "
"Okay, but on Friday he is ready again to perform their duties"
"Yes, Master ..."