Wet towel

On a business trip, I set off with a terrible mood: one hour prior to departure a fight with her boyfriend, who did not want me to leave. But the guy I made it up, but such an interesting job I hardly offered in the near future.
My mission was to live on Sportbaza together with athletes from several cities and cover the base of life for a newspaper (I am a journalist). Living conditions were not too smart: triple room, shower in the hallway, but I was, spent, it seems, all childhood in pioneer camps, was not discouraged. Besides gorgeous guy Artem lived in the next room, a journalist from Bashkiria. Of course, he was not so luxurious complex as guys-athletes, but, at first, was much smarter than most of them, and I'm smart young people like, and secondly, was not so sure of his appeal and did not expect, I fall from his perfection in a faint, and do everything that he does wish, and I like being with my considered opinion.
It was obvious that I liked too Tyoma: three hours after meeting we were sitting side by side on the podium, watching the training of players and a nice conversation. Once again, I was convinced that the Tema exactly what I need: and outwardly likable and interesting chat. Lure of the bed - not just physiology, and of a kind of intellectual game.
In the evening, I felt a terrible weariness, and all night to spend in the press center, writing a report about what I saw that day. To cheer up, I went into the shower. From the cold water head became clearer, but I slipped on the wet floor and dropped the towel, so that it gets wet, and it was impossible to dry off. Lamenting over its awkwardness, I - do nothing - began to pull a very long shirt, replacing robe on wet body. Shirt was light, so that, when wet, it has become a stick to me and shine. A very sexy, of course, but, damn, it's cold. I went to my room to change clothes. In the corridor towards me I caught Artem - at least something is happening in this life time.
-How are you? - He asked, although we saw an hour ago, or even less, - the press-center you will go?
I noticed that I fell asleep Tema issues, so as not to leave, and he looks at my chest, plastered a wet cloth, and legs. It's just necessary to me. I turned so that a dim light on the ceiling lit up better than me and he could see better. His face was evident that it was easier to see.
-You know, I froze a bit, so go get changed and we continue our interesting conversation, - I said.
-If you do not mind, I'll pogrom - Tema smiled, hugging me with one hand and turning off the light in the hallway the other.
Twenty minutes we were kissing passionately in the dark. If not for the wet towel and bottle of gel for a shower in his right hand, everything would be just fine. His hands traveled down my spine, making me bend and I felt that if only all this will end, I can not sleep until the end of the trip.
-Come to me - I said, remembering my roommate secretly from coaches went to neighboring bar and before did not return in two hours.
Slamming the door, I with pleasure threw his burden on the window sill and hung on the neck of Artyom, who has already managed to throw his shirt. His neck stiffened, her veins were made, and when I stroked her hand, he breathed heavily.
His hands stroked my chest, and my - his stomach.
Jeans have been noticeably cramped him, so he took them off, remaining in blelyh shorts-shorts.
His cock rested against my stomach.
Already unnecessary shirt fell on the bed, his lips and tongue caressed my breasts.
-Wait - he suddenly pulled away from me - I forgot condoms at ...
-It does not matter - I whispered - I'm on the pill.
Tema pulled the blanket off the bed and lifted me up in his arms, put. He got on his knees and threw my legs over his shoulders. When he came at me, it was even a little hurt: have never dealt with such a big dick. After the first movement, the pain disappeared, and wanted only one thing: that he did not stop.
The first orgasm has turned his head, as if I fell into another dimension. A Tema somehow stopped. Not knowing what was going on, I'll pushes her hips, nasazhivayas on his penis. He took a few knocks and again froze.
-What are you doing?
-Tired - breathed Tema - you tight cave. Maybe change of position?
Now I'm sitting on top of it. It was nice, but made itself felt bad sportsmanship: tired legs.
-Faster -shepnul he himself began to make movements toward me.
I began to move as quickly as allowed to tired muscles.
We finished at the same time, the orgasm has been very rapid, precisely because the hip muscles have been stretched.
Tema, holding my hands on her shoulders, turned to the left side, and lying facing each other, we began to kiss.
His cock again ran into me. He turned me on my stomach and began kissing the back of the neck and back. I almost flew away. Then he lifted my hips a little and began to fuck "Like a dog". Brigandine mesh bed, apparently, was not designed for two temperamental people, it seemed that the creaking of the bed could be heard throughout the corridor.
After some time, I was almost mad with pleasure the many outbreaks, and Tema, it seems, too. He lay on me and was breathing heavily. I did not mind: it was nice to feel what he is big and strong.
Catching his breath, he began to dress: still had to go to the press room. To no one of anything not guessed, we went there not together, but it did not help: we have all been written on the faces ...
Until late fees we Tyoma every night locked in the shower (my neighbor no longer went to the bar and the other places we had not). After a couple of months, will have the following duties, and he wrote that he would try to come. However, I do not know if I'll go. My boyfriend, with whom I made it up, does not want it.