Every woman has a completely idiotic feature common to all. Being the daughter-in-law ignored it for years, and to become in-law once, genuinely puzzled why it brought her grandchildren to the bride once every two years, and my wife loved son is coming to visit, and even rarer. And my mother, and my wife in this regard odinakovy.Zapomnivshayasya my trip "to visit my mother" began traditionally. It is traditionally I bought two tickets to the NE. It is traditionally the last moment his wife decided not to go to visit my parents. And quite by habit I arrived at the station for half an hour to deliver its promised Friday bilet.Vecher companion with absolute probability, so I "bullet" dressed in T-shirt and sweat pants, and began to look at the passengers through the window. Ten minutes before the departure of my attention a couple of young, good-bye on the platform. She constantly cried, clinging to the guy. The guy obviously stayed "out of place" in an attempt to quickly end the excruciating for him protseduru.Nakonets they parted, and my traveling companion, sniffing, appeared on the verge of a coupe. The little girl was 19 years, and instead of greeting she squeaked: - I thought, I'll go alone, just bought a ticket just before departure poezda.- This train does not happen, you could get only one ticket, which passed ya.Ya went into the vestibule to give her a chance to calm down and freshen up. The conductor collected the tickets, and I decided to go back into the compartment. It is easier to not become. The girl continued to cry silently, staring at the dark window. It seems worth it to intervene, although I am not a practicing psihoterapevt.Slovo per word. I'm her "conversation". The girl's name was Tanya, she was rushed to Moscow to see her lover, naively expecting a romantic reception. But, apparently, already work on their relationship. Favorite proved indifferent, he did not understand why she came to him, relations broke down again a few months ago. As a result, a naive girl's heart appeared broken. I expected, reprimand, it will calm down, but in this case, this method for some reason did not work. And I decided to tactile contact. He sat down beside her and began to stroke the brush of her hand with his fingers. The tone of my voice has changed, now I'm just trying to persuade her to stop crying like a little girl trying to persuade. When her narrow palm was in my hand, she suddenly clung to me his head and began watering with tears jersey. I began to stroke her hair, smoothing her hair light gentle touches. Then, most fingertips, I began to stroke her face, making collecting round movements from the ears to the center of the face. At first the forehead, then the eyebrows, temples and closed his eyes, from the ears via the cheekbone to the tip of the nose. Movement of my hands a little comforted her tears became less. When my fingers touched her lips, her mouth fell open, trying to catch my palets.V knock on the door, I got up to open provodnitse.- Tea? Coffee? Are you alright? - The final question addressed the weeping Tanechke.- It's okay - we both ordered chay.Saditsya I did not back, pondering the situation. My fellow traveler cloudy unseeing eyes stared thoughtfully ahead. She was not crying, but her breathing was still preryvistym.Zaperev door coupe for the conductor, I made the move to Tanya and led her out of his stupor phrase: - Play with mnoy.Ona woke up, and then I pulled off his pants in one motion with shorts . Tanya was confused, no longer stir the tea, she froze, staring at my cock, peacefully hanging 20 centimeters in front of her face. Raise your eyes to look at me, she did not dare. Apparently, the view of the male member near acted on it mesmerizing. I was waiting. Finally, she touched my pubic hair with his fingers and began to gently comb them timidly. Second hand slid to the testicles and began to stroke them. Her breathing returned to normal. Tanya was affectionate girl, and after a while these soothing gentle movements, my cock began to wake up. Now he is stuck forward, breaking between the girls' palms. Apparently, he started to smell like something in a special way, because her breathing became agitated. Tanya was fascinated. Thumb and forefinger she took it close, then release the head from the foreskin. From a member of the weasel he rose quickly vertically. Chubby was the nastoyaschey.- techesh? Instead of answering, he kissed the head of his hot dry lips, parted them and hand sent a member of his mouth, trying to swallow by the first movement of the whole thing. I groaned a general expectancy affection, hugged her head with both hands behind his head, plunged his fingers into her hair, instantly razlohmativ them. He began to stroke and caress her head to the beat of her sucking movements. We were got stronger and stronger, my thoughts began to go awry, I even began to wonder: is not the next step to do? But the initiative did not belong to me more, tear Tannin the mouth of my cock was impossible. Finally, she gently squeezed my throbbing cock with his lips, his tongue pressed against the palate, and I began to cum ... cum .... finish ... She released my member exploded from his mouth. And froze with his mouth full. Her eyes shone with some inexplicable light. It looks like she decided to swallow or not. I handed her a glass of tea has cooled down, and she swallowed .... I sat on her shelf, and she lay down on my knees, looking at me from below his eyes happy and content. I ran her hand in jeans. Panties were wet through and through, she tried to be ashamed, but entered a finger into her hot and wet hole, and since jeans were fastened with a zipper, it could not be released. I began to caress her clit, trying to dip his index finger as possible glubzhe.- can question? I nodded How did you know that I'll do it? I thought for a moment and otvetil.- Firstly, why women's tears? From lack of male recognition. You cry from what you all so romantic, beautiful and good, suddenly useless. And I trust you my most vulnerable, the most expensive to me intimacy, you have put in her mouth their masculine essence, I would say: I need you! You're in demand! This - the recognition - And secondly? - The girl purred And secondly, do you like. Condom we have, of course, is not? - I tried to change negative temu.Ona shook her head: - Can I still suck - Can - settled for more convenient?. One leg left on the shelf, pinning her to the wall, swung on the second floor. Tanya rolled onto all fours and, burying my head against the belly, the beginning of the second round. In the car it was cool, and I have long enjoyed the contrast of their frozen in an air-conditioned skin and wet hot member in her mouth tannins.
After a morning of the third one a blowjob, she invited her to visit when I'm in his hometown. But when I called her a few months later, Tatiana married. And never more we have not seen it.