Vengeance for Anju

It was three weeks after the events described in the "poor Ana".
I'm with my closest associate was sitting in a small coffee shop in the center of Moscow. The street went drizzle, the coffee was warm, we do not want anything.
Silence is the first to break my colleague ...
-Well, Oberst? How's Anna?
-Everything is fine. She got cool, but it lucky. Not a single fracture.
-Not bad, Oberst.
-Honestly, Manyachny, I'm a coward?
-Oberst! Where such thoughts?
-You see, here many enemies say that I did not take any attempt to help her ...
-Well yes! She was there a dozen armed thugs kept, you zapinali to death and dumped. Well at least we managed to tinkle. Do not mind it! Society will never support the Nazis, if it lives on false ideals. For them, the better to endure the humiliation of illegal guest workers and allow their daughters to be whores from Arab sheikhs than to support us. And we want our fellow citizens to be happy! And they understand that stubbornly refuse!
-Yes, Manyachny, a monument in his lifetime we will not see, - I smiled.
Here in my pocket when the phone rang.
-Listen, Oberst - rasped voice on the phone, - then we caught a slut from the leadership of hostile groups that you Anya then attacked. Come on, heap up, we are waiting for you at the 50th kilometer of the Yaroslavl highway.
-Come on, Manyachny, - I said. - The thing is.
We sat in the shabby "Nissan" and went in that direction.
-Oberst, you are no longer soared about human ingratitude? - I asked Manyachny when we went on Prospect Mira.
-No. It is our belief - I said, cutting some "kopeck". - Understand Manyachny, we have the top there is a very influential patrons. They constantly overlap oxygen, but they still get out. They can not yet come to power, but be sure ... that Judgment Day will come someday.
-I do not know. The majority of people have not much-and supports. But in the future ...
-It's a shame, Oberst, we just sixes ...
-Do not mind it. We are just students! We even university is not yet finished! We still all ahead! Nor are we sixes ... We are not ordinary bulls ... Do not worry! .. Come on, cheer up better. Now we even win. Somewhere in an hour, we turned onto a country road and drove up to a group of young men standing by the four machines.
-Hello, Oberst!
-Firework! Where slut? The lodge?
-Yes. Come on. What to do with it? Iznasiluem and finish?
-We'll see.
The lodge lay on the floor bound girl in a white bathing suit. In appearance she was the same age as me, I was ready to argue that it is not a second has exchanged a dozen.
-Start! - I ordered.
One of the guys took a pinky girl and stuffed in a vise, then twisted tightly. There was a nasty crunch and wild howl through the gag.
I walked over to her and sat down on his haunches.
-What wonderful hair, - I thought. Unable to control myself, I touched his hand to her sweaty forehead and threw back a strand of her luxurious hair. My heart was dirty. About two years ago I had a friend with the same wonderful hair. I truly loved her, showered with expensive gifts and literally wore on his hands. But she left me. To exchange for some idiot from supernumerary Institute. He was not mad, nor powers, nor the love of it. And I loved her. Anya now I love is not so. But she left me and the start of frame that guy. He was at her zero attention. And I went from despair to the Nazis, where Favor for two years ... Hands stained with blood, the contempt and hatred of others and little or no chance of winning. Okay. I tried to rid himself of these thoughts.
-What caught? - I asked the girl. - I should kill you, but I can give you a chance to survive. Would you? Captive nodded.
-Good. You have to move all that we do to you, and then get out of Russia forever. Clear? Repeated nod.
-Wear it.
The girl was taken out of the lodge.
To begin with it was tied to a thick oak.
-So. Torture to Ani with water designed you. This I know. Let's see how you own it endures. I'm not an idiot like you. 10 l do not overpower. Hold a 3 only.
In the hands of my subordinates were six bottles of water at 0.5 liters.
The girl was scared to death. Obediently, she drank all the liquid, not a grimace. We stood and waited.
It took about 15 minutes Captive showed clear signs of anxiety.
She tried to fidget, but the rope tight enough hold it. However, the claw back into the blood, it still managed. Fingers her legs convulsively clenched and unclenched, sweat on his forehead. She moaned slightly. The gag in her mouth no re not stuck ... even begin to shout it, no one will hear.
-Listen, Oberst - she pleaded. - How much I still endure?
-As you ordered Ana. Hour. Not a minute more.
She paused.
-However, you do not deserve the right to stand still, - I said. - Auburn, it's yours for five minutes.
One of the bulls with a stripe on his sleeve approached the victim.
Silently he pulled off her panties, and without further ado entered her his body.
She twitched and moaned.
-Remember, a single drop of urine, - I said. - Otherwise kill in place.
Auburn, meanwhile, finished and moved away from the victim.
-Doctor, it's your turn - I said briefly.
Medical student named Doctor took a set of pins and approached the girl.
Three pins stuck in it labia captive. She screamed wildly, and made an attempt to squeeze the legs. But Dr. calmly threw them back in different directions. Hips girl trembled, she desperately struggled with the pressure in the bladder, but the pain prevented her restrained.
Dr. pierced with pins her tender nipples, stuck four more to her forehead and fell to his knees.
-Such an orgasm you have not experienced, bitch, - he said quietly and without rancor. After he stuck a pin in her clitoris. Such inhuman scream some of us may not have heard. However, I have heard, and not so. Then for each finger of her legs The doctor also driven by a needle.
-Listen, Oberst - Red told me, - and yet not pissing bitch. He wants to live.
-Nothing, - I replied. - Not yet evening.
-Well, yes, - he grinned Auburn. - Only six o'clock.
I ... missed taunt on deaf ears.
Here Dr. stuck another pin girl's clitoris.
She jerked all his beautiful body, her fingers clenched convulsively legs, causing the needle to drive even deeper under her fingernails. And then out of it flowed a little stream of urine, which immediately became a powerful stream that blew two pins sticking out of the clitoris. Captive gasped and fainted.
A minute later it revived.
-You're pissed. And to die, - I said. - But you have one more chance. Vospolzueshsya? The girl nodded.
-Good. Lie down Single 25 minutes on an anthill.
Girl putting on an anthill, pre stir it.
After she pushed the legs and crotch smeared with honey.
This cry, this forest, in my opinion, has not yet heard.
Our victim is tossed on the ground, hysterically screaming, but could not cope with the insects.
However, 25 minutes later, she stood. After her doused with boiling water to destroy the ants. The delicate skin blistered captive.
-Everything, now everyone can fuck her, - I said. - Just put a condom, and then we will calculate more.
The next 20 minutes was an orgy. The poor girl fucked in all cracks and holes.
After it had been dipped in the river to wash away the sperm and destroy evidence.
-Kill her? - Asked Red.
-No, let them live, - I replied.
-What are you, Oberst! She will hand over us!
-Never. She was this lesson enough. You go away from the country? - I asked her.
Captive very quickly nodded.
-Good girl. You do not hand over us? Bear in mind, hand over, we'll get you out of the earth shall get. Victim negative whirled his beautiful head with luxurious curls.
-Okay, let's go.
In Yaroslavl highway drove five cars. From one of them threw barely alive pretty girl in a torn swimsuit. She fell to the side and stopped. But she was still alive, I knew for sure. Four cars have gone in order to conspiracy to Sergiev Posad and we Manyachnym went straight to Moscow.
-Listen, Oberst - turned to me colleague - you would not kill because it is similar to the one your unrequited love? In this ...
-Stop - I interrupted. - Do not call her name. To me it hurt.
-Are you all still love her?
I just nodded weakly.
-And what about Anna?
-What Anya? You reproach me?
-Never in my life, Oberst. You're my teacher. Tell me, why you would not kill? Only because of the similarity with this ... th-th-th ... girl?
-No, not only. It is we still will not give up. And I want to give her something that would never have with you, that a society we will never allow.
-What exactly?
-Second chance...