My name is Edward I am 23 years old, after the army I got a driver for one firm, helped a good boss znakomye.Vozil our office, in one of the ordinary days, boss flew a mission over the hill, and I was thinking to go to rest but feel relaxed on the road from the airport called me of our firm and asked me to come to the firm, as one of our machines oblamalsya and need my rest and my pomosch.Vot gone, but as is well thought provisti end pyatnitsy.Kogda arrived at the company, I learned that the car broke down, deputy director Alexandra Ivanovna very beautiful zhenschiny although no longer young, at MDM prietom today to celebrate the birthday, refuse was just ugly and I agreed to take her on her suburban dachu.Kogda we went to her home to call her piglets in a few shops and then we left for gorod.Aleksandra I. was no mood all the way lisch silent after we had come to her house, he brought me all the gifts she offered me a cup of kofe.My sat in the room she had prepared coffee we were drinking coffee and talking shops neochem, but suddenly Alexandra piglets spend the evening with her otpraznyvat her birthday, refuse zhenschine back in the day she was born it was beyond my sil.Alesandre Ivanovna is turned 35y.o., round date .It set the table Champagne, caviar, butyrbrody and more, after drinking a bottle thirds schapmanskogo offered to you go .Sasha was great on it was wearing a white transparent blouse and korotkayakozhannaya skirt with a large cut on his feet were black stockings with an elastic band, she asked me to Edward and you never neodeval lingerie and clothing, to be honest at first I was schokirovan but gradually I having come to himself in I became interested in this procedure.
You know, Sasha, I'd like to try to put on lingerie and clothes, but my body is covered with hair and it is ugly. Edward, we will solve this problem in a few menut, she took the wang I stripped to the goal took all my clothes, she took full of cream and smeared me all up and down .Through ten minutes she took dusch and washed away all the cream with my hair. Now my whole body was smooth without any volosiny, I wiped with a towel, and we went to zal.V room was waiting for me a corset made of leather and Lether panties tango, stockings and shoes the most amazing of my razmera.Sasha helped me put on a corset and tightened his waist as much as possible, and then put on my stockings and tufli.Posle this started practicing my makeup when smakiyazhem was finished she made a bedroom box when I opened it I saw it two real, silicone breast prosthesis, it is also said to you Sasha.Kogda I put this in a corset silicone breast pokozalos to me that she was there and before, Sasha prenisla blouse, a skirt and a wig help to put it all to me and took me to zerkolu.Ya unrecognized yourself in the mirror, the reflection of the girl looked at me a little bit taller than me with long red volosami.Sasha otprazdnyvat appearance of a new woman in her home, she opened a new bottle shampanskogo.Edik and can I call you Eley you consistency, I agreed to take it off.
We drank another bottle in my head all circled, Sasha proposed to turn the tables, it will now be a man, and I am a woman. I was intrigued and I agreed, and now I Ellya it Alexander. Alexander priglosil me to slow dance while dancing Sasha I began to gently caress and kiss his hands caressed my body, buttocks, hips, breasts and I began to be excited. We sat down on the sofa and there continued our caresses. Sasha asked if I could play the flute, I said that I can not but I have a desire to learn. Then Sasha ultimately offer blindfolded me and teach me the first lesson. He said Ellya you must be obedient student, I knelt down and felt the lips on something hard and hot, Sasha said that I opened my mouth wide and took the flute in his mouth and took a few tongue movements across the flute. Gradually, the entire flute ended up in my mouth and put her in my throat, Sasha zdernula bandage from my eyes and I saw Sasha standing peredomnoy-Aeksandru Ivanovna in stockings and a belt with a big dick in my mouth that I thoroughly sucked.
Sasha said that I now know it-it sekrk and she knows me and I have nothing to do neostovalas continuing to suck a big dick Sasha, she kochila me straight in rot.Potom we sat imolcha drank a glass shampanskogo.Sasha asked if I liked the lesson myzyka, I skazla that not quite yet learned to play the flute but nursed the future to learn to play luchsche and with these words fell to Sashenomu member and took tenderly it in her mouth and began to caress, a few minutes later, Sasha finished again in my mouth, on my Allykh lips flowed a trickle sperm from Sashenogo chlena.Ellya a couple of music lessons and you will profisionalkoy.A Ellya Now I want to fuck you like a real whore because good myzykantka nemozhet be devstvenitsa, and you're still devochka.Tolko now I understand why on the trunks was neckline with Zadie .I stood on his knees and rubbed his club Sasha back and a sharp movement voschel to me in all its length, was so much pain that I screamed and dropped his head on the pillow and my panties were wet, I peed on yl boli.No Sasha absenteeism from me, he is nothing to the Start nedelal chromosomal neprivykla until my hole his cock, after a couple of menut he gradually began to pull my ass on his club gradually speeding up the pace, I felt that he would get me to the glands in all gorelo.Sasha continued to hammer away at me for half an hour My feet kept me eating, panties already soaked naskvaz and Sasha still continued my trahat.I then came the moment I poured inside kakbudto lead this dear Sasha had finished, he stuck his penis and I immediately snapped his oblizyvat.Utrom we prsnulis in rainbow dream Sasha congratulated me lischeniem virginity and offered to play the flute that I udovolstveem do. To be continued