The day was unsuccessful. Like every winter, an appointment with a therapist was a lot of people. When the time came to an end, there was only one door for the girl Sign, invited ya.Ona came in and sat down obediently on kushetku.- What's bothering you? - I asked I. Sometimes queasy and a little sore zhivot.- It is likely gastritis, but we need to check. Undress first that I have poslushala.Devushka took off her blouse and red. Through a transparent bra could see her pink nipples. I zavelas.- Bra tozhe.Ona became clear back to me, took off her bra and was afraid even poshevelitsya.- Lie down on the couch - I said, and helped her lech.Legonko relegating her hands, I took the stethoscope and began to drive them on her breasts. At first she was shy, and then just closed her eyes and rasslabilas.- How often do you have sex - A long time ago it delala.- not surprising that hurts you hurts zhivot.- you have breasts during menstruation - Yes, but not very silno.Ya down her stethoscope and slowly began to drive his hand over grudi.Ona again closed glaza.- and now we look at your zhivot.Ne waiting for her to reflect on what I said, I took off her skirt and lowered her panties so that her pubis was visible. She opened her eyes, looked at me trustingly, closed again and took off ... trusiki.Ona lay defenseless in front of me and so beautiful. She breathed deeply, with her chest rising and nipples become tverdymi.Ya pulled from her purse a vibrator, pulled a condom on it. Slightly parted her legs, I began to slowly introduce it his "magic wand". She began to move her hips and I start the second hand to press her clitoris. Quietly moaning, she began to knead her nipples. Stone narostaet. And crying out, I relax and let it down ruki.Cherez a while she got up, dressed, and said: - I'm so relieved: pain and headache was gone and his stomach stopped hurting. Can I come to you again?