High school graduation

25-year-old Andrey Viktorov was a fetishist and this is not suffering from a lack of money, he worked in the school cloakroom only to satisfy their fantasies. In the wardrobe of work monotonous and boredom, except she did not cause, if not for the additional duties, which include keeping the latecomers of the journal, as well as control of spare shoes.
In the courtyard was the month of June, and odinnadtsatiklassnitsy had to come to school today for the last time to get the certificates. On this hot day in the locker room there was nothing, and Andrew, sitting at the door, looked at the girls curvy legs, then at his watch. All companies were accompanied by boys, and on the possibility of somehow was not without reason to find fault with him. He looked at his watch - 8:30. From this point you can begin to keep a list of latecomers in the magazine, which meant that they are waiting for work to prepare for the school holidays. From thought Andrew diverted to stop at the school gates silver Audi, which came from the girl and walked to the entrance. Blond hair was pulled into a ponytail, expensive cosmetics emphasized expressive eyes and beautiful lips, breasts stuck out through a red leather blouse with zipper, a short black leather skirt was visible lace stocking gum on her feet were red platform sandals with pyatnadtsatisantimetrovoy pin. While the girl was crossing the yard tsokaya heels, Audi left.
- You're late, - said Andrei, when she got up on the steps at the entrance - now I need you to write to the log. What's your name?
- Nikolaeva Oksana, 11b, can I go? - She asked.
Andrew did not take his gaze from her sandals, opens manicured fingers with painted nails with red lacquer.
- No, - he said firmly, - you will have to wash the windows of late - this time, and secondly, I still will not let you without smenki.
- Look, - said Oksana, pulling the leg toward him, - do you think I'll get to school a lot of dust on those heels?
Looking rested on Andrew approached him foot and heel taps on the metal flashed in the morning sun. It is time to act, he decided.
- Yes, but what about the corrugated stripes on the bottom? - He said.
- Who are you to keep me here - angry Oksana - I live far away and can not now reach the other shoes.
- Except that I can offer you to go to the staff locker room, there is a sink and you can wipe with a damp cloth sandals, - he concluded - agree?
Other options she had, and she went down the stairs, and Andrew stayed until her feet were not on the level of his face.
- What staring? - Oksana snapped and went on chattering high stiletto heels on the parquet floor of the first floor.
They went into the locker room and closing the door Andrew turned the key in the lock.
- What for? - Oksana surprised.
- These students can not go, - said Andrei, throwing himself at her feet wet rag.
Leg gracefully touched the cloth, crushing platform folds, then press the heels into the matter. She lifted her leg on the rag was a distinct trail with small stripes, and a clear dimple on the heel. After spending a couple of times on foot rag from side to side, Oksana completely crumpled it.
- I see you are very interesting, - she said to Andrew, - can you crack down and hold her hands?
Andrew knelt down and began to straighten her crumpled cloth sandals. At this point, she stepped back and stepped heel, a black steel-toed, right on the back side of the palm of his left hand. Andrew screamed and pulled his hand from under the heel to relieve pressure. He almost did not feel the fingers, heels has left a deep trace of bleeding round heels. At the same moment he felt stiffen in his underpants swollen member.
- I can not keep a rag - he said between his teeth against the pain - let me do all the language.
Oksana nodded his head. She was breathing heavily. Through tight blouse could see her nipples harden with pleasure. Andrew at this time lay at her feet and began to lick the platform, sometimes touching the tongue her fingers. She wiggled a little wet pink toes, nice waves began to rise higher and reached her pussy. Panties were wet from abundant moisture, the girl began to tremble with excitement. Sharply jerking foot, she slashed a sharp edge taps his lower lip, and then crushed Andrei sole mouth, to prevent his escape cry.
- Hush, - she said - you're like this: Now I will see how interesting prints will remain on your chest.
The girl put her foot on his chest and tore a heel sharp movements with the buttons of his shirt. Then he opened his shirt to his chest and stood with both feet on his sweaty body. Each line with its sole imprinted on his chest, but it did not help and, slipping on his sweaty skin, her stiletto heels turned into a mush one of the nipples. Oksana moaned with pleasure, turning back to face Andrew, squatted down, standing with both feet on his stomach, and began unbuckling the belt of his trousers. Intense member Andrei burst out of her panties in red sandals. Black plastic soles, wet with sweat and blood, pressed his penis to his stomach, and printed cloth round went straight into the stomach. Leather skirt clung appetizing ass girls, Andrew was even more impressed by her sexuality, looking at the bottom. Oksana began to rearrange his foot on his chest to make it easier to maintain balance. If he strained at this point press the foot heel is pressed against a member, would have entered the tense muscles in the warm oil. Now the girl has one leg on a limb and abdomen, while the other rested on the chest. Oksana lifted her skirt and sweet languor arched her back, her hand slipped under the lace panties: palm fell on the wet pussy, she closed her eyes and teasing herself finger. Her legs were trembling with pleasure and went home, metallic heels are not scratches, and cuts. Andrew felt that he would end now, his cock trembling underfoot Oksana. She could feel every pulsation of his penis, her breathing was intermittent in the eyes darkened: Wave strongest orgasm flowed through her body. At this point, the sperm splashed on her sandals and gold stockings, never before experienced such Andrei bright orgasm.
Oksana body burning with desire to cum again and again, dizzy from the sweet sensation overwhelmed her, but common sense dictates that it is time to leave. She looked at the clock - 9:05, will soon begin a change, you have to go, while in the hallway empty. She turned the key in the lock, and the last time turned towards Andrew. Deep traces its heels covered his body and bleeding, and his right hand gripping member, the head of which was torn stripes on her soles. "Blockhead some. Who then will undertake to cure", - She thought, and went to get a certificate, tsokaya heels on the parquet. The evening will be an outlet, but Oksana judged it prudent not to go to school anymore.