Psychology of Slaves (Part 1)

.... That not expecting, I made of female sex rabynyu.Ya hoisted her to have sex, both on unprecedented drug from the desire to get rid of that
impossible to drive that makes to go to all the most inconceivable
unizheniya.Menya Artm.E name last name Elena.Vprochem, first things first
Even in the age of the teenager, looking at some girl, and
desirable woman, I imagined myself a certain gentleman, for the object 1
... She imagined how she crawls in the legs, humiliated, gets beaten, but the stronger her pain - the more she loves me ... and now, at the age of 19ti years my fantasies come true.
I rested at the cottage of my friend in mid-June, when he suddenly
It needed to go into town for a couple of days. Friendship childhood bore fruit - do not hesitate to leave me the keys, he left early in the morning. I was
glad because since childhood preferred solitude or company
a person who is following me on some imaginary ladder.
So the first day I drank the entire stock of beer, staring, holding on
rooftop sunbathing devchnok..odnako they were kids, 14-15 years old, ugh, I instinctively felt that my calling - mature, adult females.
However, it had to choose, and I, bringing himself up decided
move to visit them, when it appeared.
Woman 32 years, perfectly folded, with the breast (if not mistaken) third dimension and straight black hair walked up the path to the (relatively) small house ... I think I was in a daze, went crazy with her perfect slim
legs, begins incredibly short shorts and ending
elegant sandals, from her breasts, which bulged under the checkered
shirt tied in a knot just above the stomach, but most shook
her gaze. Green eyes formed, already, by itself, have succeeded in
beast lives were so self-confident that the other term except
"queen" I did not come to mind. The closer she came to me, the
the more I felt that she was a little sweaty - God, how exciting it !!
Sure, I was for it meaningless boy to whom she
I came only to turning a little smoky nizkovat
tone, ask:
-Hello, young man, you're the owner?
O God, what does she mean?
-Ddda ... and chchchto? - He is not expecting such a stuttering I replied.
-Heat some kind, is not it? !! You see, I have money on
the train left, and give drink die of thirst? - on
surprise she smiled warmly and smile while I noticed a slight movement yazychka..ya felt like my body seemed to melt, though perhaps it was the whole reason for the June sun.
-Of course, the pass, arrange conductive. - A little come to himself, I said to her with a smile even more.
I missed it forward himself, inhaling the smell of stunning
creatures, led her into the kitchen, poured fresh water from the carafe and handed it to her.
She eagerly grabbed a glass and began drinking gulps and, as I
It seemed slightly moaning with pleasure. After drinking all for 5 seconds, she licked her lips and sat down with relief on the chair, crossing his legs. I
admiringly watched it all until she whipped me with his
overconfident look
-Well, what's your name? - It has been explicitly configured to a close acquaintance !!
-Artyom - I answered without feeling admiration, but no shyness
- and you?
She crossed her arms over her head, revealing a clean-shaven, and so appetizing
smelling armpits and said the name I remember for a lifetime:
-Elena.Davno the ... ahem, ahem, IS THAT YOU? - She surprised
He smiled, showing her foot on the monitor.
Oh hell, I'm there watching porn ved..postavil pause, did not expect
gostey.No there was a wave at me naglezha:
-Porn movies, and Th is not never seen?
-Ooooh, what an unexpected reaction. - A playful smile she said. -
Anyway, Tom, thank you for your help, it is time to me. I will not detract from the view.
She got up, but I caught a glimpse of her panties hair orange.
-Heh, good-bye.
And then I realized that I should deystvovat.Vernee, it is understood some
the other, the unknown Ya soon as she left the room, I ran back and
He grabbed her by the waist - Stop.
I doubt it, but it seems she did not expect such a scenario, the start
struggled, trying to kick me, with the result that both sandals flew.
-You Th doing, ubok!
-Psst ... - I dragged her into the hall, roughly thrown onto the couch and then nailed her hands with his own.
She was jerked beneath me, but could not do anything - I still had
a good physique to keep even and adult zhenschinu.Ya
He kissed her on the lips - surprisingly, it quieted down.
-Now listen to me, to be my pozhaluysta.Ty you
delicious, and you have no idea what I am for you gotov.Davay
I'll try to do something very, very pleasant, if you do not like it - you can get up and idti.Zapomni I - nasilnik.Nu not like?
-Hmmm ....- now she looked scared - well, let's try ..
I said nothing, but her tongue licked the sweaty neck, then moved on to the axilla, making the language of the circular rotary tender
dvizheniya.Ona subsided slightly postanyvala.Ya untied her shirt under
which did not have a bra, and he groaned in the form of its luxurious grudi.Tut also clung to him tongue, sucking first one, then a second, then licking at trough between them. My cock was already incredibly vzdyblen - but I kept the promise, just stroking Lena. Smell it again perspiring body drove me crazy - I licked the sweat from the skin, picking up the kiske.Snyav off her shorts, I noticed that the orange panties were pretty namocheny.Vdyhaya their smell, I through the fabric had a mouth on her vagina, causing the mouth of the Lena He issued a passionate breath.
My God, I do have nice mature woman! I pulled her panties to her knees, and deepened the language in the current pussy - the result: a series of even more passionate breaths. Then I very quickly started to make known a lot of movement "Propeller". Lena for me now just Lena, did not expect this and all bent, issuing a kind of "Whoa! " - And from the depths of the vagina on my tongue poured himself another piece soka.Ya was no less ecstatic, all furiously licking the intoxicating few moments dyrochku.Cherez Lena grabbed my head and pressed his face in her pussy - I'm feeling her orgasm allocated all saliva that I had at that time in the mouth deep into her - and almost simultaneously felt the salty taste of her juice.
Looking up, I noticed that Lena, panting, sprawled on
couch, repeating "Oh, God ... fucking .... ffuhh .... about .... "
-Well, still want to go? - I asked with a grin samodovlno
-No ... oh shit .... but I beg you, do not do anything else, I just
explode ..
-I'm on it and I rely - suddenly I chuckled and wrapped his lips clitoris.
-Noooo, Artem, I prosilaaaaa !!! Ahhhh !! Ooooooooo !!!!! .. - last
syllables she literally yelled.
I sucked the hump though very gently, yet with such
intensity Lena all twitching and intended again poterzat
vagina, this time with his own hand.
-Oh, no, sssuka, hands Nitsche you have no right to do !! Hands put
his head, otherwise do so here! - I'm a little nipped the clitoris, but this
it was enough that she shrieked
"What is it with me Oh, fuck - let it just lit like me at the time of our
vstrechi.Ona now my toy " - I thought, and at the same time I decided.
I processed language of her clitoris with excessive, it seemed to me, zeal.
Hole everything flowed and flowed, and her feet a second had not been in the same position
- then compressed, on the contrary, scatters. Observing the agreement, I was still three times
nipped lobe - when noticed that her hands were once again drawn to the pussy.
The second time she trembled and bent, uttering unearthly
cry ...... But I immediately came up with a new occupation.
-You do not want to leave, bitch? - I growled some bestial part of me.
-Ohhhh ...... no .... strange ..... I like it! - It surprised
cry was so weak that he was fit to regret it, but I'll defer to
This is my game a success - bringing her pleasure without violence
- only a little rough, I gradually tame it to sebe.Mozhet
be, at first, she wanted sex with me, and maybe one net.Fakt -
it is mine, mine in every sense, to a long and very enjoyable time.
I understand - she thought it was the end of the oral "torture "In any case, she was hoping that I would give her time to what's otdohnut.No - carried my childhood sexual fantasy!
I took a mobile phone, put on "vibration " - Licked the already wet pussy and flushed - and slowly drove deep into the entire phone so that she could not get it any other way, except by hand.
-So so - I'll move on time, I do not know how to come back soon - but boring
You will not, my dear. - With these words from a landline phone, I
dialed his cell, he heard muffled barely audible buzz "of
Lena "And a second - its doomed moan like a sob that
slowly it developed into vopl.Konechno she reached out her hands to
painful device, but I cut short the attempt, tying her hands behind
head cord for recharging.
-Neeee nadooooooo ..... - she floundered, but I had already left, taking the tube
steady himself.
I went to the toilet leisurely gait, smoked a cigarette, looking at how
the lights of houses on the other side of the river, looked at his watch - already
Twelfth floor nochi.Ya I am looking forward to presenting a squirms on the couch winner already rather razdrochennoy pussy, and managed to come up with a few new lessons for us.
I went into the kitchen, picked up from the refrigerator two cucumbers - chosen specifically
very large, I looked at his watch for 23: 47.Eto horosho.Predstavlyayu that it's going on, huh.
When I returned, Lena met me completely crazy
look, from her mouth dripping saliva - because each seconds raw convulsions it
simply did not have time to shut down, and the lower part of her body is still
I tried to remove the mobile phone, rubbing against the surface divana.Odnako it
resulting in excessive stimulation of the labia minora, and now instead she moans
all was making some kind of roar, similar to mine.
I threw "call" - And she is blissfully gasp again spread out on the couch.
Without a word, I untied her hands, ordered to stand. She tried, but knocked down his legs could not stand such a load orgasmic. What a luck.
While she was moaning, writhing on the floor, I built a special, and with
the simple leash - two clothespins primotat unnecessary
telephone cord - and a clothespin clipped to the labia of my slave. AT
She responded only feebly twitched.
"Well, right now you're going to run straight at me, bitch " - I thought, and angrily pulled over povodok.Prischepki survived, but Lena - net.Kak an hour ago, she screamed and jerked in my direction, zaplakav.V total, I made 7 of these jerks and dragged her to the bathroom. Minutely fulfilling my further orders, she climbed into the tub
-Now I'll make you an enema, I'm Hoping you will not twitch?
-.....Mmmmmm ........ oooooohh ... no, Artem ... - mumbled osolovevshaya
-I do not fucking believe it !! - I shouted, pulling "leash "; Followed by a scream -
take precautions.
I grabbed a shower, turned on the average pressure of warm water - and stuffed it into the already
swollen pain center, which recently called "vagina ".
-AAAAAAAAAAAA !!! Too deep !!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaahh .... - screamed
-It still is not "thereby". - I hissed and slowly twist
hot water tap
-Burns !!! AAAAAAAAAAAyyyyyyyyyyyy !!! ... - she began to squirm, but
soon I realized that the more she pokorstva pokazyvate, the more determined I
reduces the flow.
-So that. Now, proceed to the main. - With these words, I took an enema and shoved her anal.Konechno as such for it was already melochyu.Na
Surprisingly, very few bowel movements erupted - just in case I
applied enema three more times, then he lathered Lena's hand and put it
Also in popku.Tselikom.Ponachalu she gave a timid "Aa ... " - But after
I reached for the faucet zamolchala.Takim, the ass was is clean.
I turned the water off, disconnect it from all the wires and hoses, delivered at the hands of the bath, and sat, naked, in the chair on the veranda, undressed himself. Looking into her eyes I said the following:
-Now you do not Lena.Ya can call you any word - whore, or
slave, slut - and you have every second otzyvatsya.Ya will not make
You eat shit or something else in this rode.No accept the fact that your
genitals are swollen every day, maybe porvannymi.Orgazm
It will be almost the same in the usual sense of how breeze for you by
skin. My body for you - ideal and something svyatoe.Slovom you have MOYa.No
one thing. You still can leave at any time.
She looked at me with her beautiful tearful
eyes, thinking, then shook her head.
-That is, you do not want to go?
-More Horosho.Ty regret etom.Teper lie down on the floor at my feet and
lick them, while resolving to stand.
An adult woman dutifully spread out on the veranda floor in the moonlight in front of almost a teenager, and began to lick the fingers of his right nogi.Eto was nice. I pressed her left foot to the ground, thrusting deeper into his mouth right. Lit. I admit, I really wanted to force her to suck me, but I wanted to make sure that she did not know I was this stremilas.Poka how to organize it, and just enjoyed the power over this delightful toy.