My name is Edward I am 23 years old, after the army I got a driver for one firm, helped a good boss znakomye.Vozil our office, in one of the ordinary days, boss flew a mission over the hill, and I was thinking to go to rest but feel relaxed on the road from the airport called me of our firm and asked me to come to the firm, as one of our machines oblamalsya and need my rest and my pomosch.Vot gone, but as is well thought provisti end pyatnitsy.Kogda arrived at the company, I learned that the car broke down, deputy director Alexandra Ivanovna very beautiful zhenschiny although no longer young, at MDM prietom today to celebrate the birthday, refuse was just ugly and I agreed to take her on her suburban dachu.Kogda we went to her home to call her piglets in a few shops and then we left for gorod.Aleksandra I. was no mood all the way lisch silent after we had come to her house, he brought me all the gifts she offered me a cup of kofe.My sat in the room she had prepared coffee we were drinking coffee and talking shops neochem, but suddenly Alexandra piglets spend the evening with her otpraznyvat her birthday, refuse zhenschine back in the day she was born it was beyond my sil.Alesandre Ivanovna is turned 35y.o., round date .It set the table Champagne, caviar, butyrbrody and more, after drinking a bottle thirds schapmanskogo offered to you go .Sasha was great on it was wearing a white transparent blouse and korotkayakozhannaya skirt with a large cut on his feet were black stockings with an elastic band, she asked me to Edward and you never neodeval lingerie and clothing, to be honest at first I was schokirovan but gradually I having come to himself in I became interested in this procedure.
You know, Sasha, I'd like to try to put on lingerie and clothes, but my body is covered with hair and it is ugly. Edward, we will solve this problem in a few menut, she took the wang I stripped to the goal took all my clothes, she took full of cream and smeared me all up and down .Through ten minutes she took dusch and washed away all the cream with my hair. Now my whole body was smooth without any volosiny, I wiped with a towel, and we went to zal.V room was waiting for me a corset made of leather and Lether panties tango, stockings and shoes the most amazing of my razmera.Sasha helped me put on a corset and tightened his waist as much as possible, and then put on my stockings and tufli.Posle this started practicing my makeup when smakiyazhem was finished she made a bedroom box when I opened it I saw it two real, silicone breast prosthesis, it is also said to you Sasha.Kogda I put this in a corset silicone breast pokozalos to me that she was there and before, Sasha prenisla blouse, a skirt and a wig help to put it all to me and took me to zerkolu.Ya unrecognized yourself in the mirror, the reflection of the girl looked at me a little bit taller than me with long red volosami.Sasha otprazdnyvat appearance of a new woman in her home, she opened a new bottle shampanskogo.Edik and can I call you Eley you consistency, I agreed to take it off.
We drank another bottle in my head all circled, Sasha proposed to turn the tables, it will now be a man, and I am a woman. I was intrigued and I agreed, and now I Ellya it Alexander. Alexander priglosil me to slow dance while dancing Sasha I began to gently caress and kiss his hands caressed my body, buttocks, hips, breasts and I began to be excited. We sat down on the sofa and there continued our caresses. Sasha asked if I could play the flute, I said that I can not but I have a desire to learn. Then Sasha ultimately offer blindfolded me and teach me the first lesson. He said Ellya you must be obedient student, I knelt down and felt the lips on something hard and hot, Sasha said that I opened my mouth wide and took the flute in his mouth and took a few tongue movements across the flute. Gradually, the entire flute ended up in my mouth and put her in my throat, Sasha zdernula bandage from my eyes and I saw Sasha standing peredomnoy-Aeksandru Ivanovna in stockings and a belt with a big dick in my mouth that I thoroughly sucked.
Sasha said that I now know it-it sekrk and she knows me and I have nothing to do neostovalas continuing to suck a big dick Sasha, she kochila me straight in rot.Potom we sat imolcha drank a glass shampanskogo.Sasha asked if I liked the lesson myzyka, I skazla that not quite yet learned to play the flute but nursed the future to learn to play luchsche and with these words fell to Sashenomu member and took tenderly it in her mouth and began to caress, a few minutes later, Sasha finished again in my mouth, on my Allykh lips flowed a trickle sperm from Sashenogo chlena.Ellya a couple of music lessons and you will profisionalkoy.A Ellya Now I want to fuck you like a real whore because good myzykantka nemozhet be devstvenitsa, and you're still devochka.Tolko now I understand why on the trunks was neckline with Zadie .I stood on his knees and rubbed his club Sasha back and a sharp movement voschel to me in all its length, was so much pain that I screamed and dropped his head on the pillow and my panties were wet, I peed on yl boli.No Sasha absenteeism from me, he is nothing to the Start nedelal chromosomal neprivykla until my hole his cock, after a couple of menut he gradually began to pull my ass on his club gradually speeding up the pace, I felt that he would get me to the glands in all gorelo.Sasha continued to hammer away at me for half an hour My feet kept me eating, panties already soaked naskvaz and Sasha still continued my trahat.I then came the moment I poured inside kakbudto lead this dear Sasha had finished, he stuck his penis and I immediately snapped his oblizyvat.Utrom we prsnulis in rainbow dream Sasha congratulated me lischeniem virginity and offered to play the flute that I udovolstveem do. To be continued

Virtual sex

I work odministratorom Internet cafe and once a week I clean the memory. Here a week ago I was cleaning ICQ story on one of the computers and read a very interesting conversation:

Orc (all nicknames have changed) (09:35 PM):
I tenderly embrace you for hip prietom kissing you in the stomach and then lead the tongue from the navel to your rounded breasts linger for a moment hesitate to Cahokia same snuggle first. and you are right Brav Jaros: - {} but gives her the attack. lick kissing her drive a tongue around and over your papilla suck his biting then move on to the second breast vytvoryaya with her too and then the very start to kiss your neck and kissing her slowly I reach your lips and fury bites from them pressing you to all the selnee: - { } -} {

Orc (09:44 PM):
At last obyaty escaped from your lips I go down lower and lower and lower chest that's gone I'll lifts the table and sits on gradually go down lower and lower. Spreading your legs so I already feel under the lips to weave briefs I go down lower and lower, I feel that you excitedly your lips are hot and they chuvsivuetsya your juice which has permeated all the panties but I do not linger here for a long time continue to descend on kissing your wonderful legs reaching to the knee I switch to the other leg and start to rise already from the knees up to your cave I I remove vslegka vstoronu kan your panties and begin to caress you suck clitoris spend on it the tongue of vstoronu vstornu Sometimes I enter into your tongue, and now, after a while I yadovozhu you to otrgazma you screaming but I did not pay attention, I continue my deyvstvo ...

Elf (09:53 PM):
I lie on the table, casually disheveled hair, legs bent slightly at the knees, one hand slowly but passionately slides between the legs, I was excited to the limit, second hand or rather her index finger is in my Toriko ... yes. I feel your sweet tongue in mebya in the crotch ... I retmichno flex in rhythm to your movements, I can not find a place ... my firm breasts forgive caress your strong hands ... I want to feel you from the inside ....

Orc (10:01 PM):
I continue to caress your tongue at this time pushing a hand in your vagina and zachovyvayu in your finger you have to bend like a cat so I caress you for some time and then sticks one finger and start moving them in you even faster, I feel that there will be soon another orgasm, and at this point I pause my affection and begin to move from your cave to your lips linger on your breasts, one breast I Lasa with his mouth and tongue and the second hand and then get up to your lips and dig into them like a vampire in zhertvueto time my ready-made to combat gun rests in your pussy and I feel like she craves it as she lit the flame ....

Elf (10:09 PM):
I want this ... I have to bow your neck and legs you walk me through this penetrating deeper and more sensual ... I dvizhayus movements to the beat of your passion nakolyaetsya More boshe movement faster and faster, my hand thus be near my vagina and stimulates desire and sets the direction ... your lips devour me ... and I chuvtvo lead a surge of strength ... I want to be on you, I want to be on top and throwing all sorts of prejudices I izveveayus over you like a snake ... your hands caress my chest ... and I handed back oprakinuvshis passionate clench your feet .... and what siltnee the faster you move on as if jumping on the best racer in the world ....

Orc (10:17 PM):
I go to you in full dinnu his gun and almost pull it out of you prietom touching your your clitoris I do not get opsuemoe enjoy my mind fogged up I do not pay attention to the surrounding our world seems to me that in this world there is nothing but you and me that all created just for us ... I still accelerating and accelerating its tepm in response to what you beer me in the back with their claws in pleasure I start growling like a tiger here you scream from the fact that you got a new more powerful orgasm but and my katyvaetsya orgasm but I'm struggling trying continued pleasure ....

Elf (10:21 PM):
and at this moment I ask you not to make frictions, and pomsch muscular ring I squeeze your cock harder and harder then completely relax that excites me and you even more I start stoonat passionate and languid, I scratch your pleasure, dig into your buttocks pulling you closer and closer trying to promote your deeper ...

Orc (10:27 PM):
oh what a pleasure !!! I'm still trying zderzhat orgasm but the body takes its ... I feel how tense my body how it is prepared to take this step, and that's going on ... I'm coming with I publish is not a human cry and benching is for you even stronger and Feed all ends ... and then he begins to beat the weaker and weaker again I clung to you hot kisses ...
Then there are the speech of admiration gratitude and attempts to ulamat deyvstvo in realle. Some time later:

Orc (11:16 PM):
I go to the bathroom door by pushing it gently, it is easy to open without the noise and squeak through the curtain ... I see you I see you on mylivaeshsya I have been watching you for some time and then come to shtroke and as I remove it gently and you're standing next to chromosomal back to me as lathering and murlachu kaku a song I succumbed to desire and gently put his arm around you from the expectations you have not started but I tutzhe kissed you in the back in the neck to ear and you will quickly calmed down he realized that it was me ... I unfold you to her face and gently kissing your lips very tightly clasping you to my shorts and my shirt already soaked and you start to take off my clothes that have excess ....

Elf (11:22 PM):
slowly I rastegivat buttons on your shirt, one after another, rented it and carelessly thrown back, and then pull together chert, underwear and pulls you into dush, dressed in my arms, I gently begin to issue that my you rasterayu foam on your body but in actually it is a kind of a game ... I'm rubbing the foam gently scratch you try to arouse in you the desire to seize me right now ... seyuminutno

Orc (11:29 PM):
oh yes there is a desire in me !! I want you now you aozbudila me great zhelanime I omit one hand to your pussy and I felt kaktolko you're ready I turn you back to their prietom kiss you in the neck and caress your breasts with both hands and then I'll ... you cant slightly rests on the wall of his hands ... I am tongue gently from your neck by tovey back on your spine causing tremors in Teb spend them between your buttocks to the jaw and then I return to the thus managing through your cervix and without any rough caresses I go into you soon will drive his weapon to the full length ...

Elf (11:34 PM):
I ... bezprikoslovno obey you, and all I can do at this moments to enjoy .... you turn me on so much that I just start vskrikivatt .... hands slide along the wall, the sound of water, spray your hands tightly holding me without losing my wet body ... I demand an even greater rigidity, though esle hold on the legs but I like it and I want more and more ...

Orc (11:38 PM):
hearing your outcries! I'm starting to pick up the pace and spank you lightly on Pok but seeing that it gets you to my punches are getting stronger and more energetic ... I'm starting all rougher and rougher go you ...

Elf (11:43 PM):
I stand fatigue and want to rest a bit ..... I vypremlyayus and Firmly push your body hands over your ass to her scratching her passionately and then repelling you .... I want you to tease ... I pick up from where dush beats strong pressure hot water, I put one foot on a bathroom partition thereby opening in front of you a full review of my genitals and brazenly starastno start to masturbate in front of you with a shower uttering at the same languid moans, biting her lip and looking continuously neotryvayas in your eyes

Orc (11:54 PM):
God is in deyvstvo of it is impossible not to look like you drive fingers on your clitoris then shoving it in their pussy and then in your pussy appeared already 3 fingers from such zrelishe I am even more excited ... I podolshol to you picked up on your hand you grabbed me svomi legs keeping you in a position you stuck my gun at me I do not arbitrarily issued a roar of pleasure brought you to the wall oblakativ you back to it, and in such a pozitstsi I started you fuck about it was wonderful to feel like all TVO body is placed on me, oh I feel that orgasm is near, I made a couple of moves and you cried out in orgasm digging his claws into me ... by making a couple of motions I got out of tebyanachal cum on you razryzgivaya his seed on vtoyu chest and tummy

Elf (00:01 AM):
mmmmmm ........ daaaaa ...... I became passionately rubbing sperm in the face of breast, belly, body, lick away with glat ... mmmmmm ... the taste brings me to the madness .... I was just stunned by this .... I'm holding you to the wall, and start dancing erotically in front of you, wag even just went hips to caress your body without touching his hands, turning around to you spinoi and begin to move rhythmically ass thereby stroking your cock. .. then I am neglecting one foot on your hand and ask you to otimel my hand and kissed passionately. I vpvayus in your lips biting them, pinching tongue Intermedia teeth ....

Orc (00:09 AM):
Yes, I kiss you and meyu hand about how it's nice to feel the fingers that had only member of what god you warm and humid inside ... still your affection were not in vain, and my cock went back to the combat readiness and I decided to replace them with your fingers mmmmmm I went to the second round even bolle zhestkoy than the first I had you and you moaning with pleasure ... and then I myliv index finger of the second hand began to drive them on your ass and brought him to surprise you as much cried

Elf (00:17 AM):
yeah baby you dogadliv, understand where the handle define ;-) and that variety in our samokuplenie I get down on my knees with a mad desire to make you a blowjob ... I pushes you closer to him, slightly Spreading your legs ... I spend tongue on it throughout the length around the head gently kiss .... and then completely take it like lick from the base to the limit and then my tongue starts his passionate affair ... then I slowly my tongue to your eggs and start to play I take one after the other in the mouth with them and gently suck .... I go back to your dildo and start retmichno strastono zahleb to suck it up, kiss and lick emitting sexual intercourse with a vagina .... feeling your tension I was a little bite and you end it right in my mouth ....

A few days Vadim Petrovich. Chapter 5

Vadim morning, went to work, leaving in bed sleeping sweetly Natasha.
At the door of the office I met Lena, yesterday bought, sexy tights that looked quite decently, as their juicy part was covered quite a long dress.
- Like yesterday in the tavern I had fun?
- Cool.
- These tights were?
-Well yes! I would have there and raped. In black, of course.
- And today, these high school students wearing pervert?
-They are already all concerned. Well, you're like, yesterday gave his girlfriend a gift? Or are they now under your pants?
- Gave.
- She liked?
- She does not know. And I liked about-baldenno. All night her legs in these pantyhose fondled.
- Well, you're a foodie!
- There is some.
So they were talking half-joking around, interested in both topics tights until the bell rang.
Having all the lessons and after returning home, Vadim found a note from Natalie that she excused myself on business and will come too late. In the bathroom hung just laundered her tights. Petrovich sadly realized that sex in pantyhose today will not be, unless the run to the store for a new pair. But Natasha would think, then, that he did "sick". Therefore, Vadim decided to limit this evening usual sex.
The next day, Natalya in the morning went to school, and Vadim had only the fifth lesson. Good night's sleep, he finally got up, went to the bath, brushed his teeth, shaved and washed. When it was wiped hands on a towel, his eyes fell on the tights. Reflex movement touched and determined that dried up. I went to the kitchen, drank coffee. There were still three hours to work, and there was absolutely nothing else to do. A thought persistently swirled around Natashkiny tights. Painfully I wanted to try them.
About half an hour Petrovich courageously resisted their perverted desires, and then undressed and taking tights with a condom, climbed onto the bed.
He decided to reliably protect net tights from any discharge of its "groomsman" and do not leave any traces of pantyhose on his body. From the anticipation of something pleasant nalilsya his penis with blood and he was immediately packed in the gum.
Then Vadim began to pull on these cool tights, which recently put on Natasha. Having finished this exciting ritual Petrovich critically examined himself and was pleased. Was unhappy with his phallus was not only condoms, but also in nylon, and continues to be stubborn hill in heavy "panties" tights.
Size was a little too big for Vadim, therefore, to provide a good obleganie leg elastic cloth, had to pull the elastic stockings higher, almost to the chest.
He walked over to the mirror. Yes, these pantyhose legs it looked quite spicy, if not more.
As usual, when equipped women's tights, it has rolled a wave of excitement and arousal. He liked to look at himself. He could slide a long time with his hands on the smooth, the rough, depending on the model, but always pleasant nylon on their feet. And the magic music sounded quiet rustling produced by the friction of the hands of the wonderful fabric.
Petrovich tried to pick up the fingertips and pull from the hip invisible fabric. It did not succeed. Nylon was very tightly stretched and completely encircle the legs Vadim, he was madly in love.
Then someone rang the doorbell, spoiling the thrill really nice place. Vadim quickly put on his sweat pants over tights, socks and t-shirt. I went to open, with the firm intention to quickly show the door, and a visitor to continue their pastime.
But it was Natasha.
- You've come back? So fast?
- Yes, everything is canceled, the class sent to the dental. I am for a moment. Today girlfriend's birthday. I came for tights. The girls will see - will burst with envy.
Petrovich realized that he was. And he pulled open the door to hell, without removing from themselves, these tights! The situation was stressful!
- Come, though, have a drink tea, - Vadim tried to buy time until his brain frantically looking for a way out of this idiotic situation.
Natalia took off his coat, went into the kitchen. Petrovich, thinking that have time, rushed into the bedroom. But it was not his day. He only had time to throw off his pants with socks and tights took the gum to pull them, when the door opened and Natasha looked with a sandwich in his hand:
- Vadik, and tomorrow:
The painting, which she saw must have shocked her very much! Vadim had his back to her, holding the elastic stretched over his tights! She beheld Petrovich on his stockings, which he gave to her! She had seen draped in nylon, narrow ass and shapely legs Petrovic, which streamed sexy seam! It was enought to confusion.
What could I do to Vadim? He pulled off the subject of women's toilets and put on his pants. We had to somehow explain to his wild behavior, but he himself did not understand what force is inexorably attracted him to tights. Finally, he said:
- Sorry, Natasha. Something suddenly wanted to put them on and see how it will look cool.
- Wow!
Know thus tea, Natalya put her stockings in her purse and left. Vadim depressed went to school. It was still early, but he decided to take a walk to unwind and gather your thoughts.
He knew that after today Natalia is unlikely to want to continue the relationship. And he was already accustomed to the girl. In bed, they have reached a certain harmony. And what is especially valuable, Natasha did not refuse to wear tights for lovemaking.
Giving lesson Vadim mentally all the time back to the morning of the incident and wondered how now behaves Natalia. Then he waited for the rest of the day from it what some signals. Staying in the dark was unbearable.
In the evening she did not come and did not call, and Vadim decided that it was all over. But in the morning in the school, she greeted him, as if nothing had happened, and said that it would be after five him.
Like, everything was back on track. Natasha came to him in the evening, they made love in the morning went to school together. But something has changed subtly. Gone is the old trust and openness. Petrovich, first to feel the community Natalia is easy and free, was now tense and afraid to do anything wrong. A pantyhose topic was closed at all since Vadim feared finally scare the girl his fetish aspirations and brutally suppressed in all the non-standard desires.
As a result, all he wanted to do with Natasha in their nylon dreams remained only in his warped mind, and life is traditional sex that gave Vadim too little satisfaction and, because pretty soon turned into a monotonous, though quite a pleasant job.
It took two months until the practice is over ... Natasha, and she went home to Vorkuta. Back to going session in June.
Separated ordinary. Vadim put the girl on the train, kissed goodbye, waved handle. Back home, even I experienced some relief. No special feelings for Natasha, he felt, and began to tire of because this communication. And that had to constantly hide from her own interest in tights, led him in communicating with her discomfort.
Now, he untied his hands for other contacts, which he meditated for four days.
Four days ago, I called Tanya and among the usual chatter about current news, suddenly asked:
- Have you ever World call? She was tired of waiting. Have you gone somewhere with that day. Girlfriend or something started the?
- World waits for my call?
- Well yes. What are you, a girl turned the head and threw?
- I turned the ?! I do not remember. So she is there someone. Hefty this guy I saw.
- Pavlik? This is her neighbor. Just a good friend. In addition, he is married.
- Duck, what are you silent all this time? I want the Light. Let's phone.
Before Vadim suddenly opened up new prospects. Of course, he remembered the light, but, seeing his rival Pavlik, thought he had no chance. In addition, he believed that the girl that day was too drunk, and because it did not take seriously the invitation.
After seeing Natasha Petrovic that evening called Svetlana. They have nice chat, and agreed that tomorrow at six in the evening he will be with her.
He is the first time in more than two months fell to be alone in his apartment, and accumulated during this time, neutolёnnaya passion for pantyhose required output.
Vadim dumped on the bed with all his upakovochki tights. Such a wide choice would please any woman, well, or such a fanatic as Vadim.
FILODORO, SANPELLEGRINO, ELEDUE, GOLDEN LADY, Omsa, GLEYMOUR, LEVANTE. Different densities: from fifteen to seventy-DEN. Black and brown, and tan skin color of various shades. All this splendor is pleasing to the eye and beckoned to him inexorably.
Putting on a different model, Petrovich always wondered how different sensations he was getting. Some tights are soft and warm, while others - silky to the touch, and others have created a little rough surface, and on the fourth hand slid both lubrication.
The only thing that was not in his collection and that he would like to have - is the white tights. Somehow, they've never been seen in the market. Vadim thought that, perhaps, they are not in demand, because it is easy to get dirty, and because they are not merchants brought.
Petrovich undressed and, having opened one of the bags, with pleasure pulled the FILODORO CLASSIC skin color density twenty-DEN. At this point, he compared himself to a heavy smoker, who tried to quit smoking, bravely kept twenty days, and then spat at all and lying on a bed happy, making deep and sweet puff.
Vadim lay in the middle of the pile of bags filled with elastic fabric, feeling in his body nice pantyhose on FILODORO.
He admired his cock, dilatory thin, almost invisible nylon from the stomach, and imagined how light bends and wraps his lips warm through the fabric of this wonderful red, engorged head of his phallus. From such fantasies member of his gaining even more power and tried to break free from the captivity of nylon but strong thread tenaciously kept him in his bonds.
In an effort to have a good time, Petrovich turned on the video. He had two cassettes in a series "Leg show"I found it on the Internet and purchased by cash on delivery. It was the German survey, and, like every German porn production, filmed was pretty boring, monotonous, in general, bad. The girls all as the selection ugly and all strove for some reason put on top of tights is not the band, not even some extra piece of lingerie, thus closing the most pleasant areas of nylon on the body. But it was the only available video, where the emphasis was placed on tights, and Vadim enjoyed.
He lay there, staring at the screen, where the girl in some pantyhose, sitting in a chair, one pulled into a nylon foot massages dick man lying on the floor and the other leg pushes him on the lips, which are gratefully sucking her fingers through the transparent fabric.
After some time, Petrovich took off his tights to wear the following model. Thus, in the pleasant disguise, I passed the evening. Closer to the night Vadim put his hands under the elastic stockings of corporal LEVANTE, worn by him at the time, and subjected to the charms of his penis masturbation. He fought long and poured on his stomach abundant portion of sperm.
Removing, previously prepared cloth, all highlight his phallus, Petrovic turned off the television, took off from the bed to the floor with bags stockings, climbed into bed, put out the light and fell asleep in tights, feeling pleasantly elastic nylon fits his body:

Strange Relations. PART OF 1

I have a sister Olga is very good, but the strange relationship. I am 17 years old and she was 15. My sister is a virgin and is not going to her rasstavatsya a very long time, she tells me that years before 19. But it does not suffer from lack of sexual relations and is able to do things that some girls even imagine can not. She makes great blowjob. To me. Only me. This makes it nearly every day for the past two and a half years, and you can imagine what heights it reached in this case in its incomplete shesnadtsat years. Such an -sosuchka play the virgin. Here I write these lines and relive those memories. Every time she comes up with something new.
The last time, that is, yesterday (today she has not come back from school and I do not have time for the story) she brought home to us its odnoklasnitsy Light and they trained together at my member. They grabbed him with their young mouths, how to catch a fish gasping for air, but the fish do it in agony, and they are in the wild ecstasy. At the same time, these two horny bitches rubbed himself with his hands between his legs, and was heard as there squelching. If my darling little sister starts poking his finger into the anus - a sure sign that soon will end, and they end up wildly in the animal. I'm afraid there is not for his Olya, and for her friends, or rather for himself, that someone so easily bite off my cock or pokotsali ending. For this I mschyu them, but they do not suffer from this, and I do not suffer from the fact that they do not suffer, I finish it in his mouth. Last time I was kneeling on the parent double bed (it was there mylyubim arrange their orgy of revenge for his parents try to instill in us cynical hypocrisy), they finished their greedy open mouths, separating sperm equally, or almost equally. They were happy. So do I.
Until next time. Today, I hope will be something original, because yesterday was a hint of namekatelnitsy unbounded imagination and she has already some ideas about spending time after school and before the arrival of their parents from work.

It all happened suddenly

The day did not bode nothing unusual, I always sat at his desk in the cantor, the partition buzzed my colleagues, to me came the snatches of their conversations, I especially did not pay attention to them, it was a lot of work, and Odigo today was with someone chat. I had not even noticed that the room was empty, and I was alone in it. She walked quickly like a hurricane, in black skin-tight piece suit with a short skirt and high heels on a mind-blowing slender long legs. Passing through the room she was behind my wall, to say that I was surprised, it is no understatement. We had not seen for several months, and I almost forgot about its existence, but only a couple of months ago we had a whirlwind romance. I must say that despite the fact that I'm married and I love my wife, I let myself go sometimes to the left, have an affair on the side, only for sex, young body, you know he asks her. So one of my former passions stood in front of me, or rather was not, and climbed under my desk, and unbutton my pants.
I was surprised, not thinking and did not resist its action. Little has brought me a fact that my groomsmen began to sink in the hot and humid mouth of my girlfriend, I had wanted to rebel but at this point in the room came back someone from the staff and I did not say anything, diligently pretending to be working. Under the table there was something unimaginable. I can not put into words the feeling that I had, it was the fear that all will be revealed and an amazing blend of a blowjob, but the main thing is the wild excitement because such beauty under my desk with my cock in your mouth, and very close to people walking and about unsuspecting. I could no longer pretend that the work I sat back and enjoyed. And she was able to deliver it, her tongue nimbly ran up and down the trunk member, tickle the bridle, climbed under the skin, in short was everywhere. Sometimes she swallowing dick very deep and it seemed to me that I feel like it rests on the throat while she was crumpling and pawing hands testicles.
At one point, I looked under the table and realized that she manages herself and everyday life, she wore no underwear and her fingers nimbly ran through the crease its current pussy. From the outset, there was not a word is said, everything happened in a deathly silence. I do not know how long it lasted, I lost track of time, nor any thoughts in my head, all the sensations where my dick with squish immersed in my girlfriend's mouth. Do not take out a member of his mouth, she gestures made it clear to me that I had lifted the ass, I complied, she slipped under my arm, and finger which just pleasuring myself found my treasured tight hole. I literally sat on her finger. That she had once taught me to this unusual affection during a blowjob, and I was grateful to her for what she is not forgotten about them. Her finger was all slippery from its lubrication and so the priest went in easily without resistance and pain. And so at my table I sat pretty and strung his mouth on my dick, and her finger was in my ass and vigorously stir it, bringing me indescribable pleasure.
For a long time it could not last, I felt that is about to finish, it is also understood it and became more intense to handle my cock and ass. I finished it in his mouth long and hard, so I did not finish for a long time. I almost passed out, and when he came to, she was sitting in front of me, like cornfields had happened, and lubricate the wiping lipstick, looking in the mirror. Oddly, none of the staff was not surprised the appearance of my visitor, all continued to work, she got up, pulled down her skirt and just silently left the room.

In the underground

The whole story is not fiction written and absolutely true below.
Here is how it was. Gathered like the three girls - students busy after school hours, which extended almost indefinitely, relax a little. The play billiards, drink a beer mug. Especially since the weekend was on the nose. The solution appeared as something spontaneous but strengthened rapidly. We have tried to gather more people, but nothing came of it. All cases have been what is. We waved his hand and went to a nearby pool - bar. True immediately decided not to sit for a long time. Let's play a game, drink a beer and go home. But it usually happens in such cases for one mug was followed by another, after another, and the third. In the end, after five beers we decided that it was time to go home yet. Time was getting late, and about twelve to catch the subway, we quickly left the bar. The problem was only one, girlfriend went to the bathroom and I was not. Well, never mind, I thought, I shall reach up to the house and there and I'll go to the toilet. It was nothing but a code, we descended into the subway and went (her friends had to go to the other side) I'm waiting for the train felt that very strongly want to use the toilet. Of course it was possible to get out of the subway and pee anywhere else on the street, but the problem was that the subway is already shut! I decided to wait.
Here at last he heard the sound of approaching composition and the wind blew me. I went into the car. It was almost empty, and only the other end of it sat a loving couple. They were busy kissing and did not pay attention to me. After one stop, they came out and I was left all alone in the car. At this point, the desire to pee was so strong that I barely restrained so as not to describe. His legs crossed, I could hardly keep back urine and realized that home to me vryat be able to get. If I could get out of the subway. The train reached the next station, and set off again. The trip was short-lived for another ten minutes. Passengers were not in the car. In the nearby riding some sort of tipsy pretty noisy company of adults, stunning bottles. To me they were not paying any attention. I Went I was in the last wagon. As soon as the train started from the station, I realized that I could not take it anymore. Getting the train accompanied by the impetus from which I almost let a trickle in the pants. Of all the forces squeezing the legs and instinctively looking car, I suddenly realized that it is empty, and at that moment realized that the longer I can not tolerate. Then I decided! What is the point to wet his pants, and I felt that a couple of seconds and I just obossus, still be a puddle. So is not it easier to sit down and pee on the floor of the car, especially since no one else in the car there? Within seconds, I made a decision and standing firm steps holding his crotch came to the door of the car.
Jeans that I was wearing pressed on my stomach and everything inside is already hurt. I do not yield to the button Something like holding back I unzipped jeans and capturing and together with panties. I pulled them up to his knees. It was just in time. I have not really had time to sit down from both my whistling rushed powerful stream and hit the floor of the car. Drops of urine, spray scattered on the sides settling on the floor doors and back wall. For a moment, interrupting the stream I sat back and spread her legs wider. Once again, a powerful stream of hissing foam has a rather large puddle. Now my jet beat forward. In blast furnace was spreading puddle. Brook flows from it to the opposite door swaying in the car so fluctuations. There was all this much faster than I describe here.
Gradually the stream began to weaken and soon trickle flowed from me. Muscle strength, I pushed the remnants of urine zassany floor. The train has already had to go to the next station. And suddenly someone will go? I quickly jumped up and pulling on the go and buttoning jeans rushed to the opposite end of the car. Leaving wet footprints. I barely had time to sit down as the train slowed down and stopped. Someone apparently tried to go to the car, I heard a phrase something like "Fu then go to the next Nassau".
True next nobody came and I did not know who said it. The voice was female. Next stop was mine. I got out of the car and get home without further adventures. That's the story.

Strange people

Before his eyes, all somewhere to swim away. For cloudy eyes ran endless film into trees, houses, passers-by, surprise looking at a young man, rushing headlong, blindly. His crazy eyes cleared the way to the body, which, as it seemed from the outside, completely lost reason. However, if he himself saw, you probably joined the majority. His view was worth it. Muddy, his favorite shoes completely lost imposed their luster and have found their own color, just choose from a crocodile swamp. Earphone from cell drag on the ground as the leash, giving its owner a view to disrupt the dog chain. The tie hung like a white flag thrown out. His eyes did not look anywhere specifically, but seemed to revolve around its own axis, as if trying to jump out, the body is clearly not keep pace with them. Heart blood is pushed to the beat of a voice came to mind: "What to do, what to do ..." It is only these two words swirled in his head like a broken record, all the past hours. Their meaning he had long ceased to understand, but still clutching at them as a last hope. Finally, he was exhausted. Baffled, I sat on the dirty pavement, clutching his fingers, as if afraid that he will disappear. And suddenly froze, as if for the first time aware of it. What used to be just one of many words, it is now quite different - a huge, intractable perception of the mind of a stranger being. And in my head rushed scattered thoughts, people, events, causing an overwhelming desire to turn off the lights ...

"So, then I - dead, the walking dead"- Thrown sentence in a state of prostration, but at the same time, more out of habit, he joked. The doctor carefully, professionally put eyes looked at him, then looked silently at the wall, like a birch uveshenny coconuts Agitplakat about the correct sexual life. He pulled a face as if he saw something extraordinarily interesting, finally, looked back, and with measured calm undertaker, said: "Well, why the f dead, why so harsh, you are a healthy, um, almost healthy young man, and HIV - AIDS have not yet, so sleep is calm"- He smiled the doctor. "Usually painful symptoms in healthy people are coming after several years". His head flashed the idea to strangle this chiropractor, but most unfortunately could not find the response from the hands that, like the rest of the body fell into a stupor. Enveloping mist grew heavier and more impenetrable. Now it was divided into what was before that day, and after. Everything takes on a new hue: and careers, and friends, and purpose, and sex. Even more. Everything that was previously disappeared, and instead of the former has come to replace the ghostly caricature reflection. It does not stand, as it seemed to him now, and minute attention ....

Pain in the fingers curled a sharp stone, returned it on bare asphalt. And pick up a cold coming autumn evening cooled the body and soul. He saw a man sitting on the opposite side of the street homeless, which is very bad looking in his direction. On the dirty face showed signs of not hefty efforts to create a mental activity whose purpose apparently was an attempt to define it benefactor, the victim or a competitor, and, accordingly, taken further action. Without waiting for the opening of these same actions, the young man stood up slowly, brushed clothes and, once again wearing the first time in many years, lost confidence, went to the side of the road and began to catch a private trader - his car at the time he left the haze around the clinic. Vile wind howling, raising a whirlwind of dead leaves, and he responded in echoes carrion. But in this barren emptiness of infancy it has a new feeling. Now he knew what to do. "AT "helicoprion", - He said to the driver administrator familiar voice.

"helicoprion" I met, as usual, in the blinding flashes of dim halls. Representing "Club for all"He it was, and de facto, bringing in its bowels as young people, thanks to the free passage, and the more solid people, thanks to the availability of the young people themselves. There is nothing especially not happy, so everything was based solely on improvisation and inspiration have come to relax and have fun. And it is here it is again, once again went into the water so familiar. Flickering before the eyes of female body has already begun to take half-naked appearance. In oral Hall on a pedestal two young lesbian housewife played something similar to wrestling, screwy guy trying to get in "a sandwich"It was ruthlessly to throw out a general approval. The crowd is already split into pairs, triplets, and other types of temporary communities, but the meal time is not yet come. The average blood alcohol level of the audience relentlessly rushed to the top, stuffy air heated bodies prevented even breathe. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he began to consider carefully the girls around him. Blood began to run stronger instinctive inner tremors preceding pleasure reminded of the past, but now in his temples pounded new, not yet seen before, hammers. "Bitches". In his pupils flashed blondes, brunettes, unbuttoned dress, smeared lips licked. "Suki, who is one of you infected me. Probably, there is the red. Well sure, last week held up his ass without even wiping it after some kid. Or she was a blonde. Hell I do not remember. No, just different. That we fucked a couple over there in that corner. She has even been torn pantyhose. FEMALES. Damn. Because of them, I must die. NO. You may get." He walked slowly, like a smoke, went from room to room, is constantly faced with merry body weight. Around rack around his neck hung a girl with red lipstick circled eyes and swollen lips, instantly slipped into his mouth and tongue became violently hands thumb member, leaning on his chest, like a sailor Zhelezniak an enemy pillbox. He roughly pushed her, spat, and already wanted to kick rasprostavsheesya, with divorced feet body, but it already came down several people of different sexes, and he hurried out of the way of moaning tangle of live meat. Tired of mindless walking, he sat down with a bottle of beer to his table in the smoky hall. There was more relaxed, at least not the air shudders cries, plunged in an orgasm, and no one climbed on the table in an attempt to show the self-made strip, begins right at least to remove her bra. Only in the far corner of a quite mature couple indulged in a warming caress. And then he saw her. He immediately realized that this was the one that he wanted. It was the burning brunette with short hair, dressed in an expensive evening dress, which made her the mistress rather more naked than dressed. The contours of the face dark cosmetics emphasized. She stared at him, unblinking, seductive eyes, running a fingertip along the edge of the glass with a cocktail. Obviously, it does not belong to the Youth Orava, which is entered in the club only desire - to discharge in any way. It was clear that she was used to the expensive and elected sensations, and perhaps today she wanted a macho street, able to take the bull pressure of his prey, bringing it with pleasure and pain realization of complete dependence. He smiled his charming smile, each time bringing him always grand prix. "Here you bitch, I Poimena. For you I'm just playing, well, you get him, and along with my personal present for". He went to her table, while his eloquence favorites Pearl has sent from his brain to the larynx.

He quietly closed the door behind him and looked around slowly. But the apartment was dark, and all items have spread out their forms, leaving only a vague spot ... for the eyes. Fumbling on the walls, and in the end, almost tripping over a low table, he left all attempts to find the switch and tried to use the seventh sense, but also to no avail. Attracted his attention round object hanging on the wall, appeared to touch some mask with protruding fangs. "Africa must"- Flashed through my mind.
"Where are you? Come here ... macho"- He heard her laughter, there was another room.
"Well"- With pleasure, he thought. "It's time to pay". And firm step he went caught fire light.
He was amazed. Bedroom, small itself, produced a great effect thanks to almost completely fill its giant seksodromu. The very centrally located, it was a center of the solar system, the walls of which were located various satellites and planets in the form of various relevant attributes from the stand with record specimens of dildos and ending S&M stand as a wall reared with a set of tools for punishment. "Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the erotic" - Flashed through his mind. On the appointment of the majority of these items, he could only guess. These guesses are not forced to wait. Generally it is not just with his friends after work went to sex shops, but there was not like this. Apparently, this collection is going all over the world, and it was evident that it is exposed is not just for viewing. He turned his startled gaze to the one that brought him here. Carelessly dropped on the floor dress finally completely opened what it all night unsuccessfully trying to hide. Beautiful, highly placed breasts, a medium-sized manila dense and dark, is already beginning to swell nipples. White skin contrasted vividly with the dark hair and a neatly trimmed even darker fuzz under the belly. Punctured stomach demanded immediate weasels. Putting one foot on the edge of the bed, she smiled slyly, slowly beckoned him with a finger. "Well, you stopped? Come here". And he has not yet emerged from the state of stagnation, as in a dream began to tear off his clothes, barely wondering how somnambulist walking on her seductive voice. His head flashed the thought "Heck, maybe you should not". But then, he abruptly checked himself: "Bitch it, if he came to the club. Got its". Finally, undressed, he jumped at it over the bed .. and missed.

Only now he began to realize how much he missed. At the head of something hollow booze, making it difficult to focus, eyelids were heavy and did not want to get up ... He groaned and opened his eyes. Dark high ceiling, the dim light coming from somewhere to the left, the quiet rustling. And that was all that could be seen from here. Deciding to look around, he tried to get up. "Heck!" Then he swore roughly, but then stopped, trying not to lose his composure. Probably, already a couple of hours, at least, he thought, looking at her hands. They are already quite stiff, while in metal handcuffs with a dull yellow tint. "I never thought that I would play the role of King of the Jews". It was quite uncomfortable to lie on a wooden cross, and even crucified by all the rules. "Good thing this homebrew Pilate was napryazhenka with nails"- He tried to cheer yourself up. But the joke that is not inspired. And there was no audience. Twitched a couple of times, he left this occupation, decided not to represent a rabbit caught in a snare. Value think. But there was no time to think. he noticed some movement the corner of his eye. Someone was approaching. Someone very quietly approached. Closing his eyes, he pretended to be asleep, but his ears were open.

"Listen, we are still the same to prepare for Matan"- Nervously shifting from foot to foot, whispered in his ear Olga Marina. "Shh - start now, you will not regret"- Interrupted by her best friend, she was completely absorbed by the fact that someone was looking out into the darkness. Olga shivered in the room was quite cold, and some have been around strangers. You should not have to go all the same. Turning to her friend, she saw with horror that she was gone. Panic was growing slowly inside. "ONLY without hysteria, without hysterics"- Closing his eyes, as the spell began to repeat it. All the hysteria were in Nizhny Pohrebysche in sickly yellow one-storey school with sick pointers, in a wooden house with peeling paint and a mother cries, on a narrow bridge, from which the first love was drowned. Who started all first. All is forgotten. Moscow, Institute, new people, new, you have to be fashionable, you have to be in the jet. "walking together", Her friend was one of the activists, and that now she dragged her along as said at the meeting. People around really were, but not together, and the queue moving slowly forward. Around listened to whisper a few words could make out, but what was said Olga could not grasp. In the far corner of all slipping into a tight group. Suddenly, there was some kind of a hand and grabbed her by the arm, dragged him into the darkness: "Come on, I arranged for us to jump the queue". A sigh of relief, Olga trotted her friend. "Here's what is written in the members of the movement? Yes?" "Well, to some extent"- In response to that hemmed. Making his way through the ranks of the discordant, Olya something else to ask, but more than anything in the response is not received. Pushing her way through the elbows people, Marina finally climbed into the front ranks, and pushed for a girlfriend. The young man is crucified also lay on his back, just out of the mouth stuck a gag made from scraps of party flags and pants were undone on plowing. Above it hung some sort of a girl, and slowly but rhythmically fell to a member, at the bottom tied with a green string. The guy obviously did not get the pleasure, he does seem to have been felt nothing, just stared numbly dilated pupils jumping on his chest in front of him. "Well, enough already"- I heard a man's voice. A young man in a suit came up and removed the girl. "This is our ideologist"- Right in the ear whispered Marina. "Help the-ka"- He called his assistants. The other two guys have put aside their diplomats, slowly approached, and poddernuv pants, squatted and began to untie the legs crucified. Then, seizing him by the ankle, they put his feet up. "Wonderful"- Said ideology and unbuttoned his pants.

Holiday fun

In that year, Olga and her parents, as always, lived in the summer in the country, more specifically, the parents all the days of the week except Saturday and Sunday, was carried out in Moscow and Olga lived permanently only deaf and indifferent to everything except newspapers and dominoes grandfather. Cottage was big winter, with a large plot, where the trees grew in the forest, and most of the space occupied huge neglected garden. It was a paradise for games, running around, pryatalok and less innocent fun. Olga's parents rented part of cottages and an outbuilding with three rooms educated family, also to Muscovites, consisting of father, mother and daughter. Dad and Mom were absorbed in each other, often leaving, leaving the daughter in the care of the owners, and pinned special hopes on the older and more responsible, Olga; They were very happy that the girls become friends.
Olga really looked at two or three years older than her thirteen years. She already perfectly formed bust, proudly lifts the fabric of her yellow T-shirt, elastic hips and decent ass, tempting covered with denim shorts. Olga had long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail elastic, and slightly slanted from the impurities of the Korean blood brown eyes.
About to seduce her neighbor to testify - blue-eyed fair-haired shy Ale - Olga began to dream ever since spied the girl when she wrote in the raspberry patch. At pissing Eli was creamy, not tanned ass, but between the legs in the crotch already could see the golden curls of hair. This curl of hair especially stirred the imagination of Olga ... she imagined him every time lying in a hammock, or alone in the bedroom in the afternoon, she reaches into her panties, and finally squeezed his fingers languishing clitoris. This was fun to open it for a long time, four years ago, and growing and growing, maturing body of this beautiful maiden imperiously demanded new sensations. She liked it when walking tight jeans or shorts rubbed the crotch, and sometimes she loved to masturbate almost publicly, with friends, riding a log or tree trunk. While friends hunted stories or telling jokes, she quietly rubbing clitoris on his perch, and could in two hours to reach multiple orgasms delicious. More Olga liked the excitement when the bladder is full, then she rubbed her crotch by hand, and only when she felt that the already unbearably want to use the toilet, and was in a hurry to retire in a few seconds to bring themselves up to strong orgasm. However, a couple of times after that she did not have time to remove the pants, but also to write in her panties too liked. The same can not be said about Ele ... Once Olga was able to see, as a girl, before reaching the toilet, lifted her skirt, sat down and described ... right on the garden path. And then, crimson with shame and relief, quickly ran to change clothes and wash.
...So, Olga dreamed of El passionately virgin, but corrupt aspiring whores. They were friends, Olga and succeeded several times under the guise cuddle only the beginning denoted girls chest to hold her hand between her legs, untwist the hair, but El yet never undressed when Olga and took off with her panties. Although she clearly liked it when Olga in their frank games took on the role of an adventurous prince or a boy, hugged and kissed her, pressed to the wall or to the couch; El felt a strange heaviness in the stomach, sweet aching pain between the legs when walking Olga's hands over her body.
Once Olga waited until her and Elina's parents leave for Moscow, and grandpa go on a visit to the wartime friend and invited to play in El rape.
- and what is rape? - Naively asked this innocent child, in his eleven and a half years only to read fairy tales and Russian classics, and TV Viewers only cartoons and all those same children's stories.
- And where are the children, too, do not you know? - Olga decided to go for broke.
- From the stomach, - Elia said, but not very confident.
- And in the stomach where?
- Well ... where?
Olga smiled with a superior ...
- In general, so ... first guy sticks his pipisku in the female, and then from that a child is born. Understood?
- e da ... Hey, why do men do this?
- Well, as you say ... The thing is that it's very nice ...
- Nicely? - Elia made a face. - Pipisku poke in pipisku? What do you mean! It's disgusting!
- And here and there, - said Olga mysterious ... she had these conversations already solidified clitoris, and began to wet the entire crotch. But she held back, knowing that if the scare Ale - a girl never give her the complete disposal of their naked body, and even more so - her own pussy with virgin lips and golden curl in the lower abdomen.
- It's so nice, especially at the end, that men sometimes rape women, to feel it. They want to, they can not help it. But for women it is also very nice. Especially (here Olga breath), if you start to do it first with a woman and a man - only when you grow up.
Then Olga realized that beat Eli ... mouth with full red lips were moist eyes were curious and at the same time languid ... She understood where tends girlfriend and was obviously not averse to try rape.
Moreover, that the country they were alone, and the hot and humid weather its disposal to ensure that the strip. The game's plot was this girl ... (Ale) goes to the store, the guy (Olga), watching her with a well-defined intentions.
She leaves without buying anything, but remember that I forgot the bag, and wants to return. It was then she falls into the hands of a guy who gives her the bag, and then dragging the garden and rapes heartily ... visited very quickly, and within five minutes of breathless excitement Olga received into the arms of a broken and submissive Elvira.
Olga had put the girl in the thick moss grown on abundant site among the pines, he lifted the hem of her pink sundress and lay on top of her, so that her mound of Venus joined with in all respects virgin mound Ele. Going into the image, Olga unzipped n shorts, and pretending that takes the member, vigorously pushes her ass, making men frictions. She was beside herself with delight, her clit rubbed against the rough denim shorts, but shorts and Olga felt by touching the clitoris Eli, who was also excited and tense, and now Eli crotch was burning with desire as much as Olga. Elya, wildly excited, but get less satisfaction than an experienced friend, began to move toward her, and she liked it a lot more. One can safely say that this pleasure from the game she never experienced. Orgasm Olga approached, growing in it with irresistible force, but vdurg she realized that as soon as the finish, immediately described.
-Al, I have to stop ...- embarrassed she admitted, but Elya grabbed her shoulders and hugged her stronger ...
- Oh no! Not now! Do not stop me now ... oooo !!!!! OOOOOOoooooo !!!! AAAAAA !!!
El huddled in the throes of the first orgasm of her life, and she immediately Olga roughly finished, and, of course, immediately described.
-Al, I'm sorry, I so wanted to stay ... I have this happen after orgasm.
... But Elya was not offended and frightened. Sly looked at Olga, she suggested ...
-Come-in shower. Together!
Since then they have played the game almost every day, until the end of summer. Two years later they were joined by the boys, but that's another story ...


... And then we went into the clearing. Yes, the bathhouse was really fabulous: ladnenko wooden house surrounded by forests, clean area, the smell of pine trees. The yard already had several cars, and the porch to meet us already rolled two pretty talking. We greeted each other, unloaded the car and entered the house.
Clean the porch, or rather the dressing room, where we left a jacket and shoes, dressed in flip flops. Behind the door was a cozy room, made in oriental style: the walls are covered with carpets, paths ustelenny floor, low tables and all the space around them is strewn with colorful large pillows. The opposite wall was a door to the sauna, and on the right were the windows, glazed blue, red and yellow glass, through which shone into the room the gentle autumn sun. There were two hookah.
Looking closer, I saw that in addition to us and welcoming, the room are three other men. All we greeted you with all of me introduced. The sauna peasant came and said that everything is ready, and went to puff at hookahs, and then vanished without a trace. We disassembled the bag and put drinks and snacks on the table, went to the dressing room to undress. Men confuses me as well as I have them, so I went back to the rest room, and after a while they procession proceeded to the sauna, on the thighs of each wore seersucker.
It was my turn and I went to change clothes. I came to you wrapped in cloth, so that was covered from the chest to the heels. My bare feet were visible only when walking. Several men sat comfortably at once.
The sauna was hot and I not stay for a long time, went to a dip in the pool. After some time out of the bath and you leaped another: I was standing on the edge and almost managed to turn around, but from your sight was not lost my breasts with nervous papilla (the more so especially in a hurry to wrap the fabric, I did not, but the standards complied).
You, emerging, leaned over the edge, and beckoned me to her, I sat next to you pulled me by the hand, and I bowed my head to kiss your lips, do you let go of my hand and a wet hand touched my chest, leaving a wet trail, through which He draws the nipple. Just at that moment the rest of the friendly crowd fell out of steam and zaroptali that's not fair, they are not brought to anyone, and we're teasing them. You just squinted slyly at him.
All gone to the rest room and sat down on the pillows. Pour into glasses and drank to a good rest (the fun began to acquire clear contours). After the first couple I found myself in front of you, sitting crossed legs among the huge pillows and noticed that the man gives me unequivocal views, some boarded so that anyone could not see their awakening desire.
But this is only provoke me. I knew that wrapped girl gives a flight of fancy and decided to send it in the right direction, putting on display one leg. Did you notice it and met my eyes - I just narrowed her eyes and tongue teased you - we knew that it drew the attention of not just you.
Then there was the second run and I, a little before again coming out of the pair plunged, but now, knowing that you marry one of the first (but not the only one), did not immediately put on the fabric, and, slowly walked to the door to the rest room. The calculation was correct: the door opened and entered a couple clubs with you
two guys. What did you see? My silhouette in the doorway - still second and the door was closed.
Returning to the recreation room, you found me veiled cloth, leaning back on the cushions and sipping a hookah. Now you sat down, and I decided to podzadorilo men, as if settling comfortably bared legs and if he had not kept the fabric, which slipped one breast bared. Reached out to fix it, but you caught it and did everything myself, do not forget to hold your finger on the papilla. Seeing more and more interest in inflaming the eyes of men, I am turning to you, held your tongue on his chin, sliznuv drop of wine.
In the third set I did not go with you, and soared when you bathe. Returning to the rest room, I went to his place touching almost every man: one to hold the shoulder, as if to stand on a soft cushion, the other touched the foot through the third leaned over to the table grapes, so that he felt the touch of my chest. You notice it all, and as soon as I sat down next to you - put his hand on my thigh, as if to show his authority. Then I whispered in your ear that you want, and you, fingering the fabric began to slightly lift it, baring my leg, held his finger from the foot to the thigh, painting an intricate pattern. You knew it teases men. They were already tipsy and this one asked to perform oriental dance with me - you are allowed. In dance I, as if by chance, then touched his thigh, then her ass, he fleetingly touched a couple of times my chest.
Excited and panting, I went to plunge. Took off the fabric, and dived under the water, I did not hear someone enter. Swam to the side, I saw the outstretched hand, raised her eyes and realized it was not for you, but did not break, but simply held out her hand and he pulled me out
pool. I do not turn away. To this I made a bet. Therefore, slowly he walked past him, I felt his eyes on her and did not hurry to cover themselves, allowing themselves to see.
Then I went into the room and sat down next to you, even just leaning on you. You're smoking a hookah, and your eyes were closed. I took advantage of sitting on the other side of me a man and his hand slowly down on my knee. I did not reset it, and looked at you, and you squinted, nodded. The man, after a moment, started stroking my knee. I looked at you, but you nodded again. The man grew bolder and began stroking his frank, he looked at me. I protracted hookah, said - can continue, I love massages. On the other man he said he is able to do massage and offered to demonstrate. I agreed immediately and lay down beside you in the belly, lowered tissue to asses than not slow to take advantage of your palm, just patting me.
The man drank a glass of the contents, got up and walked over to us. You took his hand, and he sat down next to no, and at me on the leg, just below my ass. He started stroking my back, massaging, and I felt that he wanted me - his cock stiffened and began to rest on my buttocks. I turned my head to look at you, as the thought that you it should be seen. Indeed, you looked at me with a slight nod and pointed behind me.
And it has already begun not just to massage my back, and carry out his arms to the sides, trying covertly to touch my chest. You look around the room and noticed that your friends are all tense (because it was seen as a rising a cloth). They kept a glance away with "massage therapist", Sipping wine.
You rolled over, looked into my eyes, then sat down and poured into my glass of wine, I lay down again, raising a glass to my lips. He gave me a drink, as it helps to relax. His glass, drew a finger across my cheek and touched the lips. I licked your finger and noticed how
dark with desire your eyes. Your hand just slipped under my thigh and I, letting her slightly lifted them to fully feel the desire to sitting on my man. Your finger touched my swollen and oozing flesh already. Are you satisfied blinked, pulled out from under me a hand (with a smile ... to my surprise-disappointed look), licked his finger, concerns me.
From what he saw, and the wine you are excited so that the front sheet and heaved it could not be overlooked. And I saw it. But most of all I would like at this point to your finger back to my flowing pussy. Your friend, who was sitting on me, too, could hardly restrain himself. His sheet slightly lowered, but still remain on the body. You unbearably wanted me to kiss your cock and you're sitting turned to me and spread his legs. One hand released his cock from the fabric and the other lifted my head and planted a mouth on the penis.
You thought that this is what I was waiting for, but for the first time opened the screwed-up eyes, as if wondering what is happening. But, meeting with your gentle eyes, just started first lightly suck it, then my movements became more confident, I looked up from your penis and began to alternately suck your testicles.
Sitting on me, from what you strongly pulled off my cloth and began stroking my ass. The man to the right of us, too, did not remain idle: one of his hands reached for his stiff member, the other slipped under my chest and began to pull at the nipple. The rest just sat back in the direction of the sheets and began stroking himself, not taking his eyes off of our foursome.
Finally, and I sat on me already threw unnecessary fabric and wrapped around my hips, pulled up so that I got on all fours. your cock slipped out of my mouth, and you opened my eyes from this movement. You saw that I was standing on all fours, being the right man looked up from his trunk and moved closer to my head, taking possession of my breast, but who wanted to penetrate behind me, he drove his expiring member of my buttocks closer to the goal. We met with you views: your hard and my pleading.
Do you understand that it will not survive the invasion of me and pulled back, took his place. Your affectionate and such familiar palm lay on my hips and moved slightly toward you. One move and I was firmly nasazhannoy on your gun. The walls of my vagina immediately clasped a long-awaited guest.
From your two friends had finished what he saw, but out of the room did not. "Masseur"Stroking my back and moved his cock was in front of my face, but you do not want to admit, and this invasion. I have swam, but you do not lose control: hugging me, pulled over and I straightened, was pressed back to you. You grabbed my chest, frequent movement, and we caught a wave. It seemed that no one around us, even in the room heard rapid breathing of several people who at the same time we approached the summit.
You also spewing everything gripped me.
Tension subsided and all together went to the pool, no longer hiding behind the cloth. Swim with you I did not, and just got into the shower. Floating men threw me the most outspoken views, which I can easily read whatever they want to do with me.
Spolosnuvshis vytershis and dry with a towel, I went into the common room, where she began dancing to a slow melody with a glass of wine. Following you came out, but did not stay in the room, and proceeded into the hall. Two minutes later, you've come back, put his arm around and moving in rhythm with me, he said I was the most remarkable. I smiled and asked, why did you go out. You took me out of the hands of the glass, took a sip, handed it back to me, and touched a finger papilla and said that the peasants have prepared a surprise. Noticing flashed anxiety, you smiled and said, in my eyes, it would be all right. I took a sip and you clung to my lips, sliding one hand on my thigh and hugged her. I responded to the kiss and hugged his leg raised your leg.
Of course at that moment the door opened: the men returned. They immediately murmur that long because not stand and I will lead you. But you said it would be very difficult to do.
Everyone smiled, and again collapsed on the pillows. One got up and changed the embers on hookahs, all the other poured the wine. We got up and had a drink for love. You gently touched my hand, from which a few drops of wine left the track on my chest, and one of your friends, seeing this, immediately came up to me and saying, "it must be corrected" I licked the drops. I winced, but immediately felt like you put an arm around me and relaxed. The man sniffed the air and sat on a pillow, putting himself on the thigh tissue. And all began to take their seats.
I sat down next to you and decided you all winding is, and the conversation did not knit all simply exchanging phrases, but threw me indifferent glances. Down on the pillow, I sat, legs folded in Turkish, so that the moist and slightly swollen lips of desire were for a short time available before the eyes of others. Briefly detained in this position, and put forth his hand and took from the table a plate of grapes and put it on his feet - a little therapy session was over, but the success he conceived as the two quickly got up from the table and offered to succumb to the park. My lips broke into a smile, and I threw at you satisfied look. You nodded, alluding to the fact that you like what I'm doing and I can continue.
And you reached out took my dish, opening my eyes. The men did not even attempt to portray the conversation: everyone just staring at the place of my feet compounds. I lowered my hand and began gently, one finger stroking the clitoris itself, gradually making the movement more intense already pushing the sponge and penetrating almost to himself. Start recline on cushions, and you came to me for help - your finger lay on my place and I groaned, relaxed and closed her eyes, surrendering your hands.
It is understood that the man could no longer pretend that they do not notice it, so they just boarded three of us. One more timid just watched, but the two others decided to direct themselves to participate in the celebration of life: the one that turned out to be right, and began stroking and kissing my chest, and sat on the left stroking my stomach, gently lowered her hand down, ready to come to your fingers to help .
And if an electrical discharge passes through my body: so exciting feeling of many hands, caressing the body. My face is changing, you see, I'm already very close. See this man, one starts to bite my nipples, and the other begins to twist your fingers with his, caressing my pussy. Your finger penetrates me and I start losing control fed forward, a man joins her finger and here you have two fingers start to caress the vaginal wall. From my chest and pulled out a sob muscles clasp your fingers a moment and I lean back on the pillow, and you're covering my body with his and broke into me, again raising a wave of desire.

My fantasy

For a long time I tried to endure, but now declare unequivocally: I want sex! And not just because I want to, but a man who is older than me by ten years (I myself 14). I met him this summer in his dacha. Actually I met him, my then-boyfriend. He is the way, it was twenty-five years. And he in me, youngster found? Until now, to be honest, I am wondering. I almost forgot, a little bit about myself: small stature (157), plump legs, long hair to the waist, red color, gray eyes and a beautiful smile. Well, another figure I have nothing: round hips tonyusenkaya waist, big bust for my age (I hope over the years, it is still slightly increase) the size of the second with a volume S. Yes, I have a terrible plague. (Wow, a miracle, is not it? :-). Now, just a month proobschavschis with Bear (the name of the object of my desires), I did not give rest navyaschivaya idea somehow tempt him. Damn, how many nights I did not sleep trying to think of something more interesting. Then the teenage imagination helpfully drew a picture on which a normal person's hair to stand on end. Now imagine what I would see him in the afternoon, a modest smile, pretending not to notice his brand new panties in flower, with a fairly sleek. Brrrrrrr ... Even now, as represented goose with a cockroach run across the body!
Further clouded the situation that I was still a girl. Not in the sense that it infringes upon me, and that if Michael and agreed (I told him not even a hint not given, do not think!), Then you know it will not pass with impunity. Oh, and sadly, that he wants me too. I realized this when, during the dance, he leaned toward me from behind. I felt a bump in his pants area. The unprecedented wave of ecstasy washed over me at that moment. Reliable, I want a grown man! God never forgive myself for not guessed to kiss him then, perhaps, it was too keen on him. But then, what dreams I dreamed, when I found myself at the mercy of Morpheus! That way, one of my sophisticated fantasies become reality. (Some parts I changed course.) Once I say, I invite him to come to me, well, that there's something to fix.
I told to come alone, and so manage. I fix the time and leave. I almost forgot, it happens in the country, respectively, it is a big house, away from all the neighbors. Finally, he came! Hurry up, probably out all red. Or maybe he shy? Well, never mind, conductive of thy shame, and no trace left!
- Hi Micah, - I say - You alone?
- Well, as requested. Well, Shura, shows where you need to hammer here ...
My name is Alexander's general.
- You're not in a hurry, I think there for a couple of hours? - I say, and she greedily eyes on him rummage, watch, then begin.
- No, I do not think that for so long, but if you want I can just stay.
Well, hell, again pinned! Oh, and what a smile at us, and then? Why are we so lybimsya? But yes, I do, and get to where you are now?
- Well, if you do not complicate, just help me ... to a chair leg to beat ... All four ... and another one. Yes, they are on the second, and there tools too.
We climb to the second floor, we go to my room. There's a huge bed (like all young people, I like all great), its a joke my uncle trahodromom calls. So I decided once its intended use. Go, then into the room, and I got everything ready: the table, on the table fruit in a vase and wine with wine glasses.
- Mihryutka, let's first have a drink ... Well, at least for the chair - I say, and have a bottle open - or himself the toast proposed, but so, then to the bottom.
- Where are the chairs? - Well, what do you slowpoke this, you me a little? Here, damn, God sent the object of desire! - And nowhere, I'm so, so your lure, and then you will wait on you as well! So you're talking about toast or I say? - And he stretched out a glass. He shakes his head, well, so, then, I said. I said: - To all the dreams, and yours and mine filled ... And let's brotherhood? - I say, and she has his arm wrapped around his hand and drank. And he had to? Too drunk. I am a girl is weak, the wine immediately struck in the head. And I kissed him. The lips of course. Before him, it seems to have finally realized what I want. That's the way it should.
Then it went like clockwork. He's in my mouth with his tongue penetrated cheeky and stoke vengeance. That portrait of the sky, then Zubkov will hold. At the time I caught the buzz from his lower jaw. She had such a plump, with a scar and soft unbelievable. My hands by this time moved to the buttons of his shirt. From the wild excitement that to me now is, I even could not undo, just take her (I saw this trick in some movie). He, too, time is not lost, she stuck her hands under my robe (I have long thought, what is it to meet me at the end - all, stayed in her robe trimmed with ...) Now imagine his surprise when he found him under any one toilet articles! He was already shaking in convulsions when I realized that my pride in him and in his hand is not intermeddle! By that time I felt that I was starting to flow. This happened to me the first time. My nipples are swollen, I wanted that I would caress them. I had to tear Bears head from his lips and leaned against his chest. In fact, he was not particularly against the more taste of my body. He eagerly pounced on my nipple. Teasing his tongue, licking, sucking a little, he held his tongue from one breast to the other.
With his right hand, crushing my chest, I left it untied the belt of my robe. I at this time, found the fly (from a high hand shaking, no, not just trembling, shaking and walked!), Somehow undid, then asked to stand up, so I was easier to pull off his pants. He stood up and helped take off his pants with his inflated legs. "Finally, he'll get up!"- With this thought, I pulled off his pants. Picking up his dignity, gently kissed the top. Actually, I was quite interested to see the man's body so close to him. It turned out that there was nothing unusual there is no - just a hefty cucumber overgrown red and beige. Then, baring skin, I saw the very head. Do not resist, he took it into his mouth. What do you say dear readers? Ever tried soap? That's very similar. But, in spite of my thoughts, I noticed how Micah is excited more and more. He was not worried about not my breasts, not myself, in my opinion. Having decided that so it will not work, I threw her manipulations and pouting resettled.
He woke up, once again came to me, bent down and kissed her. What was that kiss! Then he kissed me lower and lower, until he reached the other sponges. Ooooh! Here already I did not care anything. Girls, I recommend to try this you have not experienced ever! He parted my lips, lips, tongue walked between them. I thought it was going to die from the emotional abyss. So as not to scream, I had to bite the pillow. Highly recommended, good help. Meanwhile, he got up, pulled off his pants and lay on me. Gasp from such a burden, I offered to trade places. Nothing, not answering, he turned his hand tool where you want ... and gently shoved him. The truth is not far, prevented the hymen. He kissed me again, he whispered:
- Who will be hurt a little.
And though I felt a little pain in the groin area. Then it was total bliss. Bear rhythmically moved, then, taking out his penis completely, then re-shoving him back with great force. At some point, I felt a strong surge, I realized that will soon be over. Within minutes, he also finished in my stomach .: Then I heard the squeak of alarm. Sitting up, she saw a note: "Today de ive come if you do not mind. P.S. I really liked your robe." Nearby lay a bouquet of field daisies. What do you add? I can only say that that morning was for me a fairy tale.

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