Cosmic ecstasy

Manager gave "good"Turbines roared and my ship soared into the sky. Soon the old Earth was left far behind. He opened before me in all its splendor of the Milky Way and thousands of brightly glittering, fascinating, shimmering in different colors and shades of stars. How long have I dreamed of this moment! It was my first flight as a space reconnaissance. Despite the fact that I'm only 33 years old, Centre for Intelligence and Mapping Galaxies posted it on my study of the nebula around a binary star in Orion.
Checking instruments and autopilot setting on one of the stars of the constellation, I decided it was time to get acquainted with the bio-robot, which I gave to fellow travelers, so he selected the different samples for analysis, and just would not let me get bored. I clicked the mouse on the monitor of the control panel and the ship in less than a minute later the door to the bridge slid open noiselessly and entered my "companion". As said Byasha, an employee of the Department of technical support, it was a new experimental model of the robot 9V-SS (with a cultivator program), which they dubbed "Anuta". I wonder why they decided that this would be a woman? I, of course, always with my little naughty - portable vibrator "Egorka", As I call it, but still: The man would not hurt.
-Hello - voice is not mechanical, and very feminine - my name is Anna, and, in this expedition, I'll be your subordinates.
-Okay - I resigned. Choosing not necessary.
The first day of the flight passed quickly. We Anya quickly made all current affairs and half sat and chatted, enjoying the beauty of the stars and planets whizzing past and change their color depending on the proximity to them. A fascinating spectacle!
Finally my biological day ended and I went to sleep. Ulgshis undressed and into bed, I decided to indulge in a little pleasure for the night and reached for the box "Egorka". Taking it, I realized that I have a little bit excited. Holding it in his left hand and holding it on the pubis, the right hand, I clutched at his chest. My chest full of very sensitive. Sometimes it is even a hindrance, especially during operation. Before, I could go down, not even touching her pussy, but only "racking" caresses his chest.
So, caressing his chest with his right hand, I felt a huge rush of excitement. Preheat it that sex in space, among the stars - this I have not tried. Terzi chest, I abruptly shoved a vibrator into wet cunt, and he quickly earned there. Almost immediately I finished profusely, he was wound up so much. And at the crucial moment the door opens and Anya comes. For me, it was so unexpected that I stared in amazement at her, forgetting the included vibrator in her pussy. For a few seconds we stared at each other, then I came to herself, and, bursting into the paint, turned off "Egorka" and shifted his feet. Anya smiled and said:
-Sorry. Actually, I wanted to give you a relaxing massage at night.
"Great!" - I thought - "this I still was not even in my thoughts.
-Well - I said to her and rolled over on his stomach. The idea that I can fuck SHE is so spurred me that I have not had time to leave the excitement began to build with terrible force. The touch of her fingers to the back acted excitingly. I rolled over on my back and muffled asked me to massage the front. She began to hold hands on my stomach, gently touching his chest.
-Above - I moaned. She understood what I was able to gently touched my nipples., With the result that I fell into ecstasy and began to flow. Anna leaned over and kissed me passionately, like a man. Oh, how she kissed! That's what perfection! Then she some subtle movements began to caress my chest so that I ascends to new heights of bliss. But suddenly she plunged her hand down and touched my already wet hump clitoris. It made me immediately pull rapidly. Anna bent down and began to lick my selection, forcing me to fight in an orgasm and scream wildly.
After a few minutes of rest, I wanted more. YET . Reaching out to the cut of her dress, I squeezed her breasts, which the touch was very soft and pleasant. Then pull the breast out of her dress and pressed her to her tongue. Anya groaned (!) And moved to action. Throwing on my back, she again kissed me like no one has ever kissed. A new surge of lust gripped me hot wave of desire went up from within and spreads throughout the body. Anya widely parted my legs and said:
-Look, I'm going to do with you.
She became the one hand to compress my (rather big) butt and the other gently stroking my jaws wide-open vagina. I looked at it and realized that it is a long time can not continue. Liberally getting wet, I moaned deeper and still lingering. Anna slipped a finger into my asshole and began to bestir them there. Two other finger she began to push through my vagina, each time deeper and deeper. The feeling that I was fucked from both sides, and I see it, is so inflated my excitement, I started to bleed profusely, trembling all over. Anya fingers hooked into the vagina there was something that made me scream from the truly cosmic ecstasy. It seemed that it would never end. Realizing that I was running out, Annie pulled out of my fingers, kissed her gently on the cheek at night and went to the wheelhouse.
The window could see bright shimmering stars: With a happy smile, quite exhausted, I fell asleep, and I dreamed that I was in complete nirvana soar between them.


I was the first erotic with a friend from kindergarten. I was about 6 years and it just as much. Can not believe it, although I do not know, this fucking was not there, of course. We face it in all sorts of "smotrelki"There, playing in the doctor, and so on. D. All in all, almost like at all.
One climbed to the top floor. House - five-storey building. Before loft small playground is this: We started, as always, look: touch each other and play all sorts of "child" games . I do not remember what it is, for the prescription. She took my cock (snip) hand (I stroked her) and such "sly" movements in her prepared: Not as adults do, as something special. I was so kayfovo! Super. She bent down and picked up in the mouth. Not for long, though. Advanced girl, is not it? I was, to put it mildly, was a pleasant shock. And for the first time I came. Sperm then generally observed.
Just a feeling of wild orgasm (at I much later learned the name).
I immediately ran down one flight down the stairs. And so she sits contentedly: "What to write then wanted?" - He speaks.
She herself, of course think of it could hardly. apparently "I taught" someone from the adults. Then, where she learned that the boys (men) then "pee"? We always started to do that. I have at home when parents were not, in her: in the bushes. Where have. Later, her friend joined us. She her "trained" how and what to me to do. Not seriously, of course, but in the course of the game. I'm on their learning games were once very nice, as you can imagine. I have, for some reason, he loved the most intimate place marker to paint (but a great artist, not later became). I imagine how many excuses they have told my mother when she bathed them in the bathroom. Later I learned that Lenka (so called her) met in parallel with my best friend in kindergarten. From him and learned. And they did the same. And he came, just as I am. Then I experienced another new for me and very unpleasant feeling. Jealousy. But his face did not beat. On friendship:
Here such here intrigue.
Another funny thought:
The same age. The same friend.
The apartment I had on the fourth floor. Balcony. Overlooking the nursery. Along the perimeter of the manger wild bushes. Here in the bush, right beneath the balcony, we have arranged a regular orgy, because finding the parents at home. Together with Lenka.
In the middle of the bush not so big heels trampled. There's going to bruise and dirtiest drinking. Boxes for bottles apart. In general, there is where to sit.
Once we started, five minutes passed. In the bushes rustle. We naturally "alarm" once all the underwear pulled back. I have not found anything better than to pretend that something was looking at the ground. It is so concentrated on looking. A Lenka both sat on a box and sitting. Only dressed already. Climbs woman. "What are you doing here?" - Quite strictly asks. I say the first thing that came to mind: "Yes, I've been lost:". "What is lost?" - He speaks. "Yes it: took out of the house my mother's engagement ring, and a friend to see: lost."- Selected in the search for wild upset. "Come on, guys, together look for:". Crawling all three. Are looking for.
"Gold ring then?" - Asked the aunt. "aha" - I say. "Come on" -, He speaks "Now here is useless to look longer, go-ka to their homes, and the parents have probably already looking :: and you just sat here?". "No, not just yet:" - And I show her almost the entire perimeter of the bushes. "Okay. Let's quickly go home. Tired of waiting for you there already:".
We Lenka poshlyatsya still on the street, found a place for his fun. We played then another into something. The point in the evening, went home. At home I ate. Out on the balcony to breathe the air: Look - this aunt systematically systematically, meter by meter bushes combs. On his head is already in place hairstyles hell knows what. She would be mine detector in hand. In I neighing something. In the words of a classic Pechkin: "That's what people are up to someone else's good greedy".

Fellow traveler

It was such a fine spring day, when the evening I want to take a walk when you do not want to rush anywhere. And suddenly, twilight, twilight but also clear when looking at the sky, you can still see far, far away at the top of a cloud lonely, side singed departed sun.
At this time, Ivan Yakovlevich was returning from the country home in his car. It is not a quick driving a familiar route and already seemed outskirts.
And then he saw her. She was seventeen at the edge of the road and voted. Of course, he did not hesitate to stop beside her.
Ivan was ready for that now because of the trees will be a minimum of a crowd of teenagers or, in extreme cases, parents. But, in his surprise, this charming establishment opened the door herself.
On Ascension podvezesh? - Calls golosochkom she asked.
She was wearing a yellow blouse and short skirt. Straight blond hair was pulled into a ponytail at the nape
-Go! - Ivan nodded.
She confidently plopped down in front, and turned to him, smiled broadly. Burknuv under his breath something unintelligible, he started the engine.
His head was spinning vortex mass of all sorts of thoughts. He had always liked pretty girls. But that Ivan could afford, in sixty-five years, is to look at them from afar somewhere on the beach or in the photographs in the magazine. And looking at quietly, as if accidentally bumping outlook on slender leg, imperceptibly flows in the ass.
He especially liked to look at the round popochki hidden only a thin layer of tight fitting material. If we consider that his vision requires wearing glasses, it's easy to understand how difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to carry out this kind of observation.
A year ago, of seeing girls faint feeling spreading through his chest, and was pulling back, concentrating, it rests in the groin. And now: Anyway, all was quiet in his underpants.
"Thank God - gone mad!" - He thought, and, on the last potoskovav youth calmed down. And now ... Next to him, sitting in the car young creature of seventeen or eighteen years old. Ivan looked at her. Catching his eye, she turned to him and smiled. "Oh, how charming this childlike smile! Both directly as naive!"
Ivan Yakovlevich again embarrassed and turned away, but would not pay any attention to his fellow traveler. "And what I do stop? - He thought, trying to concentrate on the road, car, impaired visibility (it was dark), oncoming cars and so on without stopping.

Hands of men and women
- My name is Kate! - Her hand rested on his leg. It could not be an accident, because the car is wide and separates the driver from the passenger's pretty impressive distance. "She did it on purpose!" - From the awareness that he has a little bit dizzy in the head, and Ivan almost flew into a decent hole in the middle of the road. None of this would, of course, did not happen, but it is always better to avoid it.
- And me - Ivan Ya!
"How do I respond? To pretend that nothing is happening? - Stupid. To say something ? - But what:" It appeared for the first time in his life he did not know what to tell him.
- Let's discuss! - She said, and looked back at me.
He felt like an idiot, but, nevertheless, was parked. It was dark, and John stopped the car under trees, very close clinging to them. The young companion, seems not at all embarrassed, she kicked off her shoes and climbed up on the seat with his feet. Rising to his knees seat, she moved through the gap that separated them and began busily unbuttoning his zipper on his trousers.
Knowing what was coming, Ivan Yakovlevich turned off the lights and closed from inside the car. Everything was plunged into darkness. Meanwhile, the girl has coped with zipper and belt, and appeared in front of her process, released on the well-deserved rest.
She wasted no time and began to lick the male organ. At the same time, she played with round balls in a leather pouch, gently squeezing them in the palm of your hand. She kissed a member of the trunk or small lingering kisses so that the skin from the members gather in her mouth, exposing the head.
However, even in this state, Ivan could not miss the chance to pat soi real live girl. It is easily reached with his right hand up to her ass, stroked her, and then pulled the top skirt, revealing her panties, belevshie spot in the blue darkness of the night. Several times gently slapping the ass, Ivan pulled the thin fabric. Delicate panties were very pleasant to the touch, but even nicer was her silky skin, and he pulled up to the knees this mythical barrier.
He had no opportunity to see the charms given to him (honestly, Ivan did not suffer over the fact that he was prevented to do so), and therefore he decided to be content with the sensations that come with the fingertips.
Stroked underbelly charming fellow traveler, John gently parted lips and penetrated his thumb inside. She leaned against his finger, and John saw this as an encouragement to further their research. He entered deeply finger and began moving them quietly. Gradually, he increased the penetration depth and range of motion, then began to make them in a circle, grabbing just a little more hot and humid surface depth. At the same time his index itself turned against her anus, and Ivan carefully made his way there.
Ivan Yakovlevich was at the top of bliss. He quietly moaning with pleasure ... But the most interesting thing was yet to come!
Past raced cars, periodically gives them light beam headlamps. He did not care, and, apparently, they are too. It is unlikely that they could have something to see, and let. He was good.
And then came the long-awaited moment - she arched her back, and left alone pensioner, sweet moan.
- The first time my finger! - Whisper she said, catching his breath. - My guys do not know how! Well done!

Suddenly his pensioner alive. Ivan Yakovlevich seemed to otreanimirovanny body began to live a life that is separate from the host. He wanted her. He wanted that to her charming lips parted and took him inside, allowed him to finally find yourself in a confined space, beaten there and pour out the life-giving sap.
She slowly approached and stuck out her tongue. Quietly, without moving the skin, lips wrapped around the head and placing the tongue in the opening of the foreskin, they began to rotate around the head. Thus, her tongue caught between skin harboring head, and the head itself. Ivan howled.
Tickle me so much, he finally dropped his mouth on my dick head was exposed and rested it in the sky, but at the same time she leaned back, releasing a pensioner. He was naked and filled with blood. In my sperm eggs I raged, and its handle, continue to play them, only increases this storm. He felt that way for a long time not survive.
- Plug in the ass! - She asked, taking a breath.
After waiting a moment longer ... and, looking at him in the light of the next passing car, she stuck out her tongue and began to drive them on the opening of the head. She seemed to be checking whether the way for the sperm ready.
Thumb Ivan Yakovlevich stopped the movement, and the index was stuck in her ass. She tried to dodge, but he grabbed her in a stranglehold, holding her head and ass. At the same time the fingers began to rub against each other through the thin wall and poured pensioner still liquid.
She swallowed all and she continued to lick devastated fighter. "There is life in the old dog yet" - He thought, and felt that she was uncomfortable, removed his hand from her neck, and she just leaned back again licked it, looked up to him and smiled again.
- After all, it is better? - Then her body began to shudder in sweet agony. Without power it fell into his lap.
- Slapped my ass! - She asked, but without brutality: Mom zarugaet!
From slapping the girl jumped up and winced on his knees, prompting the pensioner to life again. Ivan Y. lowered the front seats and the car turned into a sofa.
Then they quickly got to her house. He vaguely remembered the rest of the road. At home, he fell asleep and had a dream, a fellow traveler agreed to go with him to the country and to wash his car. Half-naked girl in the foam on the bonnet: I am what could be better.
After five days on two fingers of Ivan Jakovljevic and his deserved pensioner appeared ulcer. Under the nails they are terribly sick. The anonymous office immediately diagnosed - fresh syphilis.
Good for you, man! - Said the young doctor. - It is a disease of this man. Put a candle that AIDS can not be caught! At other times it is necessary to be careful, and the car always carry condoms and gloves!
We cure Ivan Jakovljevic four injections over two thousand rubles.

Irina Sokolova. (Novikov)

Young child

This story recently when I had to go on business in a small town (200 km from the house).
Together with his bookkeeper we quickly drove a foreign car to the place, and she went on business, and I drove the car in the shade and fell asleep. Honestly, I spent a sleepless night (the latter threw a stick somewhere at 3 am).
And when I was about to sleep, I heard someone knocking on the window.
I opened my eyes I saw a little girl of 13 years. Despite her young age, she looked very sexy. Short top to the skin (nipples clearly stood out) and a mini-skirt. By the way I was very excited just such lolitki, but I have never been able to hook up (I just did not dare, because it is matter for the courts).
Well, I'm a little distracted this yunnaya girl persistently knocked my car window. I opened the door and asked what she needed. What I heard put me in a light shock. "Uncle, do you want -otsosu?".
At first I thought that misheard. What, what do you want? , I asked. For poltishok -otsosu as it should, without a shadow of smusheniya she said. And where ?
In the next five-storey building, there is a loft-there I will.
I visited a little thought, instead of whether it is a setup? Suddenly, at the crucial moment, I'll get kicked in the fat. But lust picked up and I quickly closed the car went over the girl. When we pdnyalis on top of my friend I did not steaming with excitement.
What's your name I asked. Light, and you? Dima -svistnul me.
On the move in his pants unbuttoned and vyvoliv economy I said shortly -COC. Money up front 'said Light. It was evident how eagerly her little eyes sparkled when she received a crumpled fifty dollars. It is well-I thought for the money will do anything.
What can I say, it is perfectly sucked, smacking and licking the entire trunk, eggs, and tongue Parkhaev like a butterfly. Within three minutes, I was ready to explode and therefore firmly grabbing her hair finished shines directly into the mouth. She choked, but honestly vysossala every last drop. A bit rested, I asked if she had the Light of these meters is engaged in what she said -Year half. A trahaeshsya as cool as a suck? I do not know she replied.
Let me check -predlozhil me. No, you are too big for me. I'll be gentle and also pay steward. Light doubted 20 seconds, and then began to take off her skirt and panties.
I put her cancer and mauled two drove by a dick on his hearth lips. As a real bitch she ran down and she has asked to insert it on the eggs. The idea that the first time I fuck very young Cossack's crazy and I'm stuck his rod.
Young pussy Porozov me its narrowness. It was a real thrill. Dick went a blur piston, and the light began to actively podmahivat me. One minute before the eruption, I strongly vytoshil your cock and expanding the bitch stuffed in her mouth.
She dutifully grabbed a member of his plump lips, and hast taken the entire charge of sperm have no problems.
Such bliss I had not experienced for a long time. Paying World steward I
Quickly I went downstairs to the car near where I was waiting for my accountant. Without a word, I got into the car and we rushed home.
It took two months, but almost every night my sexual imagination awakens this incident. I want to get up in the morning and to take off in the town ......
To be continued.


Irina and Andrei lived together for eight years. At first they were ordinary family, no different from their neighbors and friends. Socializing after work came down to dinner together and maybe watching TV. Sexual life has been brought to automatism - once or twice a week they found themselves in bed, where after half an hour after the beginning of contact with his back, to each other, filled with indifference. So it was, and we can say it was a matter for parting. Children are still not there, and to keep the couple together was nothing.
All changed in case.
One day after a party with friends Irina and Andrei came home drunk. On the way to be extremely fun and something said. When he came home to see Andrei offered pornographic magazine, which recently took a look at friends. The inscription on the box was missing, and they did not know about the content of the film. The mood was both romantic and spill the wine by the glass in the house of the couple lit candles.
The film turned out to be unusual. It was a cutting from various perversions. Particular emphasis was placed on the subordination of women to men or women are different, quite brutal ways.
Irina first impulse was to turn off this abomination and not watch, but seeing that her husband was not interested in it so decided to take decisive action. Irina was afraid that by doing so she tear off those relations which were adjusted this evening. she did not dare leave.
Forty minutes later Irina drew attention to the fact that her husband was highly excited, and indeed she felt excitement. And it aroused contempt with which the screen belonged to the women. Irina felt that really wants to experience something like this. Drinking alcohol led to the fact that each sonorous slap in the face on the screen accompanied by copious moisture between the legs of women.
As a result, Irina no longer able to hold back turned to her husband with a proposal:
-My dear, you would like to do the same thing with me?
Andrew probably did not expect this from his wife "puritanki" and so I mumbled something unintelligible.
-I want you to call me dirty words, and at the same time forced to do you a blowjob, swallowing your cock deep in the throat. - Irina did not let up. - If you want, you can at the same time I spank.
It took a few moments to digest Andrew heard. He looked at his wife cloudy eyes. Then he reached out and took the hair with a force pulled her to him.
Their faces were close to each other. Irina even thought that now her husband a kiss. Instead, he gave her a hefty slap. The woman fell, widely spread legs. Andrew, not giving her time to recover jumped up and put his huge dick in her mouth.
-Suck, smelly creature, you're dreaming about it - he drove dick in her mouth for the most eggs. Woman choked, but strong arms to hold her neck did not give her a chance to pull out a member of his mouth. Andrew finished almost instantly, and then roughly pushed Irina and sat in a chair. Irina swallowed every last drop, her hand inadvertently touched the clitoris, which led to a strong orgasm.
-Help me. I really want to be a whore pissed! - Irina did not even believe that she asks for such.
Andrew could not believe that this is not a dream. He thought for a moment, then said:
-Well, we just go for it on the street. I do not want to piss, but it would go with the whores on the street at the time. - Andrew lit.
-What do you want me to put on her. - Irina entered into a rage, and she wanted to meet the secret desires awakened fully.
-Put on your white skirt, in which you went to when I was in school and white jacket.
-Dear me small skirt and a jacket need at least a bra. We go out into the street. - Irina already regretted his own sentence. She did not want to dress so openly.
-A whore should be dressed appropriately. And then do not want to have you, so I peed on your new clothes, or you've forgotten why we're going. - Andrew enjoyed the sight of the internal struggle of this woman. At the same time she was so attractive to him, for the first time in all the years of married life - come on bitch enough to break!
Irina obediently pulled the skirt out of the closet with the old, have not sorted out the laundry and with difficulty pulled it on his buttocks. Then she put on her jacket. View that it represented except for panels or low-grade porn is not pulled. Skirt covered virtually nothing. A heavily drawn from the frequent masturbation labia rather vulgar peeping out from under the hem. Jacket buttoned only one button, so the chest and abdomen were also visible.
-That ladnenko, bitch. This I really like you. - Andrew was obviously very pleased. He pushed his wife out the door.
Irina was ready to burn with shame, but felt that it was only the beginning, he is still waiting for her to come. She knew that once again allow themselves to be treated in this way and will never be able to change anything. The only thing that comforted her and to give strength, it is very excited that she, despite his shame felt.
Andrew did not mind when Irina came out of the door, he pulled down her skirt as low as possible.
-Come on, damn, cover your nakedness. Dressed like a slut, people would even ashamed! I was a disgrace! - He clearly enjoyed this humiliation of his wife.
-I beg you, stop it. We were so more attention will be paid. - Irina tried to comfort Andrew.
It was late in the evening. In spite of this, they constantly come across pedestrians. Many stared at Irina, and it was evident that they were laughing at her. Some looked a little different. Irina was the burn of these views. She was beginning to like her position. As a result, she could not resist asking:
-Honey, do you want to fuck me in the street?
-What slut, flowed? Fuck you I will not. I think you'll like it. - Andrew is clearly something conceived.
-What do you mean? - Woman felt a little anxiety. She did not like Andrew looked at her.
-Now you see, we have come - with these words he pushed Irina in the driveway.
They were in some sort of a dirty courtyard. Before them there were three garbage tank, and in the yard to play music, and the sound of drunken laughter.
-Move, bitch. Now I'll introduce you with your old friends.
Irina went into the courtyard and was at the table, behind which was a card game. Six guys were playing, and three more were near and just bawled.
-Look who came to us! Girl you whose my or - man uttered these words waved a hand at the table.
The joke caused a friendly laughter.
Andrew greeted the audience. then he presented:
-This dermovochka argued with me that will beat any cards, so I brought her here. If it loses, the winners can tear this damn all its stinking hole as long as the tear like a heating pad or while ... do not bother.
Such betrayal of Irina was not expecting. She could not believe her ears. But somewhere inside she began to flare flame.
She certainly played and of course lost himself to this drunken company. Irene was forced to climb on the table and dance. She pulled up her skirt and began to enter into the vagina bottle.
-What a juicy pussy. It really blyadyuga. Won all wet - the guys were laughing at a woman who, by the way, was older than any of them. Her husband, too, was a little younger than Irene.
After that, the woman bent cancer and began to fuck. Did it grossly. Irina had the impression that the guys absolutely do not care to be a woman in what condition after. Its fucked in every hole, especially rude flogged in his mouth. Irina forced to lick the eggs and swallow cock deep in the throat, so that she choked on it.
-And now we all lick ass, shit! - It was Andrew, who also did not stand aside and fucked his wife with them.
After that, the guys in turn began to take Irene's hair and pull their asses. Irina tried to please, so did everything savoring. Needless to say what is happening already led Irina to finish a couple of times, and the excitement only grew.
Finally, the boys began to discharge their trunks. They did it strictly in the face of a woman. And every juicy spat on Irene before you depart. When every single one, and not one time, finished on the head of a woman, it turned into a wet with sweat, semen and saliva bitch.
Irina was lying on the ground and tried to wipe the sperm from her eyes. She was not even paying attention to the cigarette butts that are flying into it, on the button of his jacket torn and dirty and wet skirt.
Her legs were in the dust, the vagina was crimson, and greatly swollen by such a powerful invasion. Irina had a feeling that he was smeared with black oil, but other than dirty hands, members and bottles before him, do not touch anything.
Suddenly, Irina felt her lifted and carried.
-Throw the bitch in the trash! - A moment Irina ended up in the trash hitting his knee in some moldy stuff.
A minute later, when Irina was able to roll over, hit her in the hot jets from all directions. Irina, I do not understand what it is doing, trying to catch their breath.
-Ssykuhu thirst torments! - It was Andrew.
Hearing this remark, Irina roughly finished.
Select it from the container with great difficulty. Between all sore feet, so Irina had leaned over the edge, just fall out of the tank. Foot lift she was unable to. When at last she is turned and the woman found herself on the ground, under the general laughter guys kicked kicked her from the yard.
My husband caught up with her on the floor of the road and the rest of the way was driving her, lashing legs and arms nettles. In the elevator forced to spread her legs and steganul the vagina several times.
-Needless to walk, whore! Houses need to be with her husband, rather than hang around doorways.
Irina was happy, that was all to it. She was grateful for herself and her husband for this view.

From that moment, Irina began to dress very plainly, how like her husband. It has become desirable and Irina felt that way. Andrew became rush home to take pleasure with his wife, and not on the side as often happened before.

The case in the station toilet that changed my life

I want to tell you an amazing story that occurred to me and turned over all of my life.
I am 32 years old, it looks very pleasing, well, it's not so important in this situation. The main thing is that I all my life memorably loved women, and indiscriminately. When I heard the word "homosexuality" I ran on a wave of revulsion and disgust. So ..... something I blabbed too, it is time to proceed to the main point.
This momentous event occurred one year ago. I was on duty sent on a business trip to Moscow. Arriving at the station, I first went to the station restaurant, because I stayed an hour before sending poezda.Tam ordered 200 grams of vodka and a snack I settled at a table and waited for my order. Out of boredom I began to look around from side to side. The restaurant sat not so many people, young couple, man 3 - by type of hard workers, and a young man (if I knew that I was the fate in store, I would have immediately rushed headlong out forgetting about the vodka and zhrachku !!!).
Waiting for the order, I started with a blissful view of a meal. Dine, I leaned back in his chair and lit a cigarette. And then I noticed that the young man is looking closely at me, I was troubled by surprise, but quickly came to his senses, looked at him with a call and turned away. Vodka gave me a thorough on the brain, and I finally relaxed. Suddenly I noticed chtoTOT young man stood up and sent to me. He was tall and had a muscular, handsome telo.On came up to me and asked:"Do you mind if I sit down?". I told him:" For God's sake". He sat down and began to stare into my eyes, I felt uncomfortable. We kept looking at each other, and all of a sudden I unexpectedly felt the tension in his pants. I blushed slightly, and called ofitsantku, again ordered 200 grams of vodka. Finally the young man grew bolder and began to speak with me. I learned that his name is Waldemar and his 26 years, he is originally from Belarus and came here to learn, he is now on the 5th course, in his spare time earns a stripper in one of the most prestigious clubs in the city. During his short story I would call ofitsantku 2 times, I finally picked up and drunk much. Suddenly I felt that I really want to take a leak. Man Asking keep watch bags, I left. Going to the toilet, I unbuttoned his pants and began to write. Suddenly I sensed that someone nearby is: by turning my head, I saw beside him Voldemara.On also took out his penis with a clear intention to pee. Having done their job, I tucked in his pants and was about to go, but suddenly something sharp touched my back. Squinting, I saw that Waldemar holding a knife, a real knife! Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I was scared! In my mind immediately surfaced about maniacs stories that I read in the newspaper the criminal favorite. I asked in a choked voice: "What do you want from me?". In it, he grinned and said, removing the knife: "Do you know the puppy, I love men, especially those zhopastyh you, so let's do not break - go into the booth."Fear paralyzed me, and legs became cotton. He pushed me and I had to obey, because he had a knife. In the booth, he unzipped his fly and ordered me to kneel down, while showing a knife. I got up on his knees, he bent my head to the penis and said:"Come suck, bitch!". Suddenly I was excited by his words and took in his mouth bristling member. He bent even more my head and I fell into a furious frenzy and began to suck and suck. In my bad head something exploded, thoughts flashed and jumped, I tried to think what I do !!!!, but rampant member Voldemars prevented me sosredotochitsya.Moi pants is about to burst from the strain, and so I do not embarrass my swollen eggs unbuttoned shirinku.Menya excited the whole environment, this dirt, stench, maggots on a pile of shit nespuschennogo, they have koposhilis.Voldemar as if read my thoughts and looked disgusting toilet point, and said:
-Well Spoken schusenok Bend your stupid Bosko and Eat this delicacy !!!!
I was obstinate, but in his hand again flashed a familiar lezvie.Ya bent down and began to approach her face to shit, then I felt like in my anus poked something hard and wet, I ispugalsya.Moya ass until that time was a virgin as a newborn baby, I tried to jerk forward, but there it was, he whacked me with all the fluff on the head, so chtou clouded my mind and I seem to have lost soznanie.Ochnuvshis known after some time I realized that I was in the same closet and was lying on the cold tiled polu.I Waldemar was also here with me, seeing that I came to, he asked:
-Hey you hilyak such jokes do not mess with me, and then bury alive !!!!! Let's raise hell fucking !!!!!!!!!! Now I will fuck you in your fat asshole, get up cancer !!
I obediently stood up, leaning his hands on his unitaz.Voldemar put a member to the anus and cutting it introduced from sudden pain I even podprygnul.Moy torturer began to make frictions at first slowly, and then all speeding temp.On moaned and groaned, at the same time I felt that I like it wild and I began to move to the beat of his movements.
-What do you like, pidorok? More say that you no one in the point had not! 'She said breathlessly from a high Waldemar.
-No one !!!!! - I said a passionate whisper.
At that moment I felt that in my ochke became a life-giving nectar to flood-It finished Voldemar.On pulled out my penis and turned me to face him and dropped on koleni.I something happened that I did not ozhidalON began to write me get staramyas in my mouth, it was so humiliating, but at the same time very prekrasno.Ya groaned, my foaming egg I was ready to burst from napryazheniya.I I unnoticed by Woldemar put his hand down and began to masturbate furiously your hunysh.O-o- oh well !!!!!
-Do you need help? -uslyshal I fucks my voice.
I looked up, afraid to look at him and mumbled:
-Yes, if it's possible.
Waldemar lifted me up off its knees and we swapped places with him, I now towered over nim.On gently took my tortured sladostrasnymi torments cock and took it in rot.O GOD !!! KAAK it is well done, and in response to his skillful caresses I izvrgsya directly on his face and mouth, Waldemar even opened his mouth in surprise:
-Wow so you just clever, my boy !!!
And suddenly I remembered that I should have to sit in a train compartment and the wheels rattle should rush to the white-stone Waldemar probably noticed the confusion on my face and asked.!:
-What's the matter, my friend silver?
-Volechka, you know I had to go to Moscow today, true now.
-By the way what is your name?
-So decided to Stepashka, you are now going to visit me.
-Well Volechka any guests? I'm on duty has to go there, and do not hang around.
-Do not be afraid you're all ok, I will pay you a penalty.
-But I can expel from work ..... No I'm sorry, I'm with you well, but I can not do.
Then suddenly again appeared familiar blade nozha.Ya zassal again and stammered some nesurazitsu.V future, I always hated myself for this weakness that I allowed myself to Voldemarom.Nemnozhko thought, I agreed and we went to Volechke turned in Gatchinu.Kak he's shooting a small house in the village Amicable Gorka.
Came to him I did not think that ... will stay on as much as 3 mesyatsa.Eti months were the most beautiful in my life, and without noticing it I fell in love with all my Woldemar serdtsem.Ya not imagine life without him, we lived as husband and wife (as you probably understand, I was his wife) .Poroy I thought Volenka loves me too, but then I realized he was playing as a mnots igrushkoy.Osobenno his favorite toy was a knife that he had me put to his throat and watched with pleasure as the I was scared (in those moments, I was like a cornered animal hunting) .We fucked with him day and night in a row, and I was working my schastliv.S flooded already at that time, but in March Wolde well received in his club and we lived happily ever after. I'm terribly jealous of him, but what could I do?
So "thanks" Voldemar I was left without a thing (I did not even have removable pant) .A after 3 months he kicked me, and for a long time wandering. Now my life is a little bit nalazhivaetsya.Vot whole story .............

In the bathroom

Oleg lived with his young wife recently - they were married two months ago. His wife, Ina, was Korean, but, moreover, very sexy Korean woman. She had long slender legs, long, black as night, hair. Chest although it was small, but it is such and Oleg liked.
One Sunday morning, when there was no need to rush to work, Ina decided to take a bath. She took off her robe and remained in some black panties and matching bra. When she collects water in the bathroom, I went to Oleg.
- Good morning, dear. I decided to take a bath.
- Well, dear. I only and wash and go.
Inna leaned over the bath and totally accidentally lifted her right leg and she fell right between the legs to Oleg.
He thought it was an invitation to have sex, and decided not to abandon it. Oleg touched his horse - he stood up and was ready to fight. Oleg came close to his wife and began to kiss her neck. Briefs have been lowered, and a member of Oleg abruptly stood up.
Ina felt on his ass, Oleg hands that crushed her legs and stroked. At the same time Oleg lips gently passes through its neck. Suddenly Ina felt something stroking her pussy, and when she looked down, she saw a member of her husband, looking out to the pubic area. At that time, Ina has already flowed, her panties were wet.
- Oleg ... What are you doing? - It is almost moaned. And Oleg still rubbing his cock on panties of his wife at the entrance to her mysterious cave.
- Olezhka, paste in me ...
- No, Ina. Please do me a blowjob for heating.
He turned to his wife and they both stepped into the tub. Water accumulated by this time a little bit.
Oleg dropped to the floor shorts, and a member of jumped ahead. Inna squatted down in front of her face swaying brownish red head Oleg member.
- Come on, baby, take it ...
Ina first kissed a member, and then completely swallowed and began to do translational motion returnable. It is completely sucked dick from the base to the head.
"It makes perfect blowjob"- Oleg thought.
Sponges Ina worked great, besides her tongue tickled the head is very nice. Oleg has several times been ready to explode, but Ina would not let him do that, then slowing down, then increasing the tempo of their movements. At the same time she climbed the left hand himself in panties fingered and cherry swollen clitoris.
- Oh ... Inna, come on, swallow it deep ... Yes, yes, that's right. Oh, baby ... - Oleg moaned with pleasure.
Finally, Oleg broke down and released tight jet of sperm on his wife's face. Inna finished masturbation almost simultaneously with Oleg, and now smeared the sperm of her husband, while continuing to suck his dick began to fall.
All face Inna was in the semen of her husband. Oleg with satisfaction stroked his wife's head.
- Oh, it was probably the best blowjob in my life!
- Thank you, my dear, I tried for you.
- Let's take rest a little. My friend needs to gain strength - he pointed to the fallen member.
- And I need to wash my face, and then I'm all in your semen ...
Oleg sat down on the edge of the tub and watched his wife to wash. She sat on his haunches and squirted with water from the tap to your face. Suddenly she turned to face him and said ...
- Oleg, I want you!
Oleg did not need a lot of cajoling. He stood up and summed up the Innu to the wall and took off her soaked panties. By this time, his cock stood up again. Oleg threw in hand halves Inka's ass and saw a small ring anus. It is there that he wanted to fuck Innu. He stroked the head of the gap from the anus to the vagina, clitoris slightly rubbed finger and thrust sharply Inn in the ass to its full length.
Inna thought that they will be engaged in the classic sex and did not expect this. But it seems that Oleg wanted diversity.
A sharp pain shot through the anus Ina, and she cried ...
- A! Oleg, wait!
Oleg stopped and waited. Then he began to gradually pull out member of his wife's ass. When he pulled it out completely, there was a sigh of light cotton and Ina. Oleg again, but slowly began to introduce a member of the anus. Ass Ina was undeveloped, narrow, she delivered Oleg indescribable pleasure. Inna beginning to get used to, and even have fun.
Oleg began to move - first slowly, then faster and faster, and then he fucked my wife in the ass with full force. His balls slapped on the vagina Ina and her it is only plants. So they fucked for about 5 minutes. When the orgasm overtook Oleg, Ina finished several times. Cum husband broke away from him
member of the rectum Ina, and she came again.
- I've been so did not finish ... - she tried to take a step, but anal sex said pain in the anus. - It seems to me you're all there raskurochil.
- I'm sorry - he drew her to him and kissed her.
She said mutual kiss and went to the edge of the bath and raised her leg. Oleg knew everything without a word and walked behind. Her vagina ached his cock, and Oleg gave it to her. He drove so deep that took to the uterus, and Ina cried. He fucked her relentlessly, like a robot, will drive member so that Ina cried nonstop. And then he turned, put his back to the edge of the tub and began to fuck, holding her hips. From continuous sex Inna everything had finished and finished, experiencing about ten orgasms.
- Yes! Yes! Deeper, Oleg, deeper! More ... Ah ... Ah ...
This position seems to have liked Oleg most, and he planted his cock in a poor, sprawling vagina Inna More about half an hour. Finally, he reached orgasm, arched his back and shot in the vagina of his wife.
- Perhaps we will have a child, - he said, sitting on the bath.
Exhaustion Inna fell into the tub, and the water is pleasantly cooled the burning itching vagina and anus. Oleg Inna asked again to make him a blowjob, and she agreed. Oleg lay member, and to pick it up, Inna had to work the tongue and lips. But as she turned it perfectly, then a member of Oleg again he was alert, and he invited the Innu to stay on top.
Despite the pain between her legs, Ina eagerly but cautiously began to descend on the penis of her husband, facing him. When she went down to the end, it was somehow strange, but wait a bit and started to go down and up the trunk of Oleg, she caught a real buzz. It is accelerated, then slowed the pace of movement, thereby setting the stage for more than Oleg. They finished at the same time issuing a groan of pleasure.
Then Ina decided to try a little bit different ... she turned back to Oleg, and stood on their feet bath. So it was much more convenient, and move can be faster. From a racing Oleg received an indescribable pleasure. He squeezed his wife's small breasts and she moaned with pleasure. This went on for about 5 minutes. After continuous sex they are together, at the same time felt the strongest orgasm. Their cries and groans were heard even from the neighbors ....
After this incident, fuck Oleg and Inna have increasingly, and soon they appeared really small child.

Summer Nancy blog

June 1st.
Dear diary, I finally graduated from high school! It took twelve long years !!! Now I'm eighteen, and the feeling is as if born again !!! Mike invited me to go with him tonight at the lake, waiting, not wait for when he will call me. He is so cool!!! I have bragged Amy - she turned green with envy! Cool!!! Just bought a new swimsuit, I hope he likes.
Well, diary, wish me luck !!! Bye, see you again!
2 June.
Dear diary, from dad Mike new boat and we sailed it across the lake, and I for the first time water skiing. When it got dark, we anchored in the middle of the lake and decided to have a snack. They drank wine each, then Mike took off his swimming trunks naked and jumped into the water! I'm a little nervous, but followed him, and a moment later we already being floated on distillation. In the end, he gave me a hug and kiss, nothing like, diary, I had never experienced !!! Then we climbed back on the boat, Mike put me on a towel and began to gently kiss and lick my nipples. It was dark, and I could barely see his dick, but he was solid as a rock to the touch! Everything was just fine, and when Mike said he wanted me, I just hugged him more tightly, and let himself in. Diary of course I had finished before, but never so hard and fast !!! Orgasm after orgasm, as if in a fairy tale hit !!! Mike did not want to down me, so pulled his stick and filled my belly and boobs !!! We have embraced a full minute, and then another swim to cool off.
Well, all the diary, I must bainki, good night!
June 6
Dear diary, yesterday I slept Amy. She bought a swimsuit, but the lawn she has grown so much that before leaving in the new thing in the world, it had to trim. So I offered to help. Diary, I told you before not to talk, but Amy luxurious body, tremendous tits and cool volosatenky Click! In general, we went to the bathroom, Amy took off shorts and panties and sat down on the push. I smeared it lohmatku baby oil to make it easier to shave, but the girlfriend was got something like that came, I had only to get down to business! Immediately priperlas mother, to find out what's noise, and almost burst out laughing when she saw the condition is Amy. She sat down next to the floor beside him and began to watch me shave my pussy Amy - Come have just watched, do you torment tips! Everything ends, I could not stand, put it into the hands of a razor and said that just so clever and let her shave! A mother took and shaved, and then rinsed with warm water to her crack, and began to lick her without warning! My own mother - licking at my best friend !!! Diary, you think, Amy's great finished, when I told her bush butter smeared? Those guys !!! From my mother's tongue, she screamed so much that I thought, why not even the whole neighborhood came running to us in the bathroom, to see who is to kill! But that's not all, until Amy came to his senses, mamulek lifted her skirt and offered her her wet pussy. Amy, of course, stuck to her like this is the greatest value in the world. We are actually a lot like her mother, and I was not surprised when she finished, almost passed out. Still, so the poor girl, excited!
I confess to you, dear diary, while they were amused with the other sisters, I masturbate like crazy, and ended at the same time with my mother. That is, we had, like, - one orgasm for two !!!
Well, here today and all, good night!
June 11.
Dear diary, I'm sorry, just thrown you, but, you know, all the cases, the case. A few days ago, Mike came to me, and it was necessary to happen that my dear Mom was in the evening at home! As Pope makes her do not understand!
It was like this: I'm Mike and I are sitting in a room listening to music, one after another, and then he was licking my pussy. Then the room filled up mom and guy catches a really hot on, rather than on the hot. With Mike almost did not happen to a heart attack, but she pushes him to the floor, and demands that he showed her pipisku !!! Mike not scared joke, well and showed; and he stood quietly while my mother ate his eyes dignity. But I did my mummy very well know it a little to see her have to touch !!! She's a hot woman, I am very well hear her dad every night fucks. And you think diary, she finally left alone and my boyfriend, and his cock? I left? Hell no!!! She decided to try the most, what has to do her daughter. Well, well, I said, "try"? what is there "try", But it is his penis like a leech clung !!! A week ago, I saw in the bathroom as she licked my friend, and now watch as she takes in her mouth my boyfriend !!! And I? And I sit like a fool, and masturbate yourself !!! However, Mike, once pulled her mouth was so scared of the fact that it all happened, and a bullet flew out of the room. Leaving mom with outstanding fire under her skirt. Just behind him slammed the front door, my mother turned to me: Zadran skirt to the waist, dripping from the pussy in full: What is there to add, diary, she immediately made me lick her pussy! I was, at first, it is great shocking, but it turned out quite well. I like to watch my mother comes, and it is really hot lye !!!
Somehow a lot happened. But this story was worth it! Well, for today. Good night, diary.
June 15th
Dear diary, Mike was still afraid to come to me. I do not blame him, it's all I have frostbite on his head mother, not him! On Tuesday, Amy with her boyfriend Rex, joined us with Mike. We just went back to the lake, take a ride on a boat. The kids obviously wanted to love, because they put their personal belongings and offered us Amy sit on their lap. How cool it was !!! The boat rocked gently on the waves, their members poke in our pussy and we were finishing with Amy every minute !!! Just some fireworks orgasms. Poor Mike, and he had to manage the boat, and to please me. I felt sorry for him, so I got off him and made him a blowjob. I hope that was not worse than my mother, I like her very much the case. Mike finished, but the member had remained standing, and I wasted no time, has decided once more to drive on his stick. It's great!!! Mike, in general, like to fuck with me.
During sex we watched Amy Rex. She was stripped naked and huge tits swaying from side to side, while Rex tried to exhaust her until he lost consciousness. Mike did not turn on the boobs, and that's good, because I they are not very large. But he looked at Amy's breasts, even more factories, and thus even more dryuchil me.
Natrahalsya, we stopped in the middle of the lake, and began to bathe naked. What is night !!!
Okay, diary, it's too late, good night.
21st of June
Dear diary, to raise money for college, I work in a shoe store. A bore !!! However, I need money for books and all that. Enough whining, today came to us a woman who asked to show her black leather sandals. I learned what her size, has asked to wait and brought two couples to choose from. But I sat down and gave her first pair, she spread her legs slightly. Damn, diary, she wore no panties !!! Her pisya was clean-shaven, swollen lips and glistening with juice !!! Should be, my hands began to shake, because ... the woman bent down and helped me fasten her sandal on the foot. And then she whispered in my ear that terribly excited, and asked if I would agree to smell it a crack, and then leaned back in his chair, opening your legs wider, giving me the opportunity to see it in detail. Pretending to put on her leg a second sandal, I stuck her head to her right under her skirt and took a deep breath. Her pussy smelled so good that I myself ran down !!! The woman calmly pulled from her purse a hundred bucks and told me he would take both pairs, but if I do masturbate her, I can keep the change itself. Diary, I break off thirty-five bucks tip, you know, money is money !!! I casually slipped his hand under her skirt and quickly brought to orgasm. It was obvious that she just awesome good, but it was held in the framework of decency. No moans or cries, she just relaxed and threw back her head. When it was done, I packed sandals, and a woman slowly, as if her legs are not kept, came out of the store. Quite good tip, huh?
All diary, good night!
27th of June
Dear diary, remember shoppers, which has served manually? So today I came this side! My boss, Miss Wilson, came to me and asked how many more shoppers I wanker! Adding that all seen through the surveillance camera installed in the store, and can easily inform my mother. Especially I did not chatter, you know my Mom - she may have wanted to know the name of the client that most have sex with her!
Whatever it was, Miss Wilson dragged me into his office and forced to show her pussy, she immediately began to lick. I must admit that the old woman hardly knows his stuff !!! She took very little time, so I came. And I must say, great finished !!! When I thought I had everything, then she lifted her skirt, and I had to work in her tongue lohmatke.
See how it all turned, over the thirty-five dollars I had to serve not one but two women !!!
All diary, good night!

5'th of July
Dear diary, how great we celebrated July 4th. Our whole company went on a picnic to the lake. But Mike took me to a nearby grove of trees, leaning against a tree and fucked. I had never thought about it, but a number of us was busy, another couple, the male member saw even close was not as big as Mike. And when he pumped me realize how lucky I was that my boyfriend this caliber. I must have been too noisy expressed his joy, because the woman vozivshayasya with that guy, looked at us, or rather to a member Mike. It should be all envious !!!
In the evening, our digging lit a fire and began to play in the extreme version of the bottle. I will not, diary, go to the rules, I can only say that I squeezed everything: boys and girls. The winner Amy, who licked cunt Jenny.
All diary, I must bainki. Goodnight!
July 11th
Dear diary, do not believe what I saw tonight in the store! She left me as usual at half past five, but then remembered that she had left the purse in the locker room, and ran back to pick it up. Opening the door, I walked into the store, thinking that no one was there, but then I heard from a warehouse hear some sounds. The door was not closed properly there, so I crept closer and peered through the crack and ofigela! Miss Wilson was on her knees and doing blowjob nice guy early twenties with a hefty thick stick! My boss was completely naked, and tell you diary - then still a spectacle. Miss Wilson - woman fat: huge tits, fat thighs, and so on. The guy just stood there while she poses as a vacuum cleaner! Just a little moan when pulled, and sperm dripped from his mouth Miss Wilson, on her chest.
He was buttoning his pants when she began begging to fuck her. And then began the most interesting - the guy said, that in that case she would have to pay a hundred bucks !!! If she pays to him, it is not surprising that such a handsome fucking with Miss Wilson !!! She pulled out of her purse lying on the floor purse, pulled out a steward and gave the guy. He put the money in his pocket and asked what she wanted. Miss Wilson got cancer - ox and ass as she! - And man became dryuchit it. She put one boob in his mouth and began to suck it !!! Wow, I'm sorry I can not do that !!!
Conch it very quickly, most likely, it was her first sex with a man for a few months !!! When the man later, that Miss Wilson dressed, and they left.
I hid me, and no one noticed. Then he calmly took the purse and went home.
However, cool story? Okay, diary, good night!
July 17th
Dear diary, took almost a week, from the time of my last record, but I had so much to do.
This Thursday, my mother and I sat and watched the telly, and she began to ask me about my personal life. And a couple of minutes had passed, as we have already jerked off each other! Dad just walked into the living room and stared at us as if to geeks. And Mom was got so that begged to suck him. Five minutes later surrendered Vater. You know diary, and his penis is something, and my mother knows exactly how to handle it !!! I was burning between my legs while I watched them. Dad moaned, and her mother, know yourself, polished his trunk. I wondered how often my mother makes him a blowjob. And Dad, laughing said that at least twice a day. And to show me how much she likes it on, pulled the second, a member of her mouth - Mom kondrashka just was not enough !!! When Vater was almost ready, he again pulled out a member of my mother's mouth and pulled her face !!! As soon as I saw, so she could not resist and finished !!! Mum behind me only a second or two !!! And then, as befits a good little wife, she licked Papulin pipisku clean !!!
Cool evening turned out !!!
All diary, good night!
July 24th
Dear diary, is pleased to announce that is not with me one forefathers in this case turned! Last night, Amy and agreed to meet with the guys at the lake. But she forgot something and had to go back to her home. I was waiting for her in the car, but a minute later, Amy ran out into the street, literally pulled me out and ran into the house through the back door, all the while whispering me to be meek. I asked if she needed help psychiatrist, but Amy just shushed me. We crept to the bedroom of her parents, and there: Blee-and-in, diary, Amy mother were cowards with him hitched to a huge, really huge, black rubber cock !!! And Amy's father was on his knees and sucked it !!! We looked at each other with Amy, and I must admit, this is a scene in truth we shocked! Five minutes later, the mother of Amy really otstegat his leather whip on the ass and told get cancer !!! She put him and began to fuck - first slowly and then faster and faster !!! A father of Amy was just a thrill, as a member of his rang with excitement !!! He could at any time to splash, but held. Finally, Amy's mother tore off this miracle of technology, pussy slammed in his face, and ordered to lick her !!! Cum she, screaming, how to cut !!! And only breath, told her husband that he too could ... pull. But when he did it, I ordered to lick sperm !!!
I thought that my ancestors know how to fuck, but these, diary, bedroom, it seemed, just smelled sex !!! Amy and so wound up that rushed to the basement, lick each other !!!
As you can see, diary, life abounds! Goodnight!
July 30th
Dear diary, a month and I'm in college. This week, I hit the road to - to see what's what. We, future students, held on the campus. It's pretty cute. Then I looked into the dorm in which I shall live, and met the same brand new, which is also inspected. We immediately liked each other, and that it would be my roommate. A little tired, we put it in a shower, and a little surprised to see Man and Woman washable in place. She had a great figure: tits, ass - all first class. Guy was also famously difficult - jock with a hefty personal belongings. And here it is, if so be it, takes his dick and starts to masturbate !!! Me and Sally, my new friend, frozen and mouths wide open, looked like this sisyastaya bitch plays with it !!! A man leaned over and began to suck her tits and caress between her legs until she finished !!!
Finally, we slipped out of the shower and wiped sweat. I terribly wanted to come, and I took the bull by the horns, Sally explained that I have a girlfriend, Amy, and we help her, to each other in such situations, and I hope that Sally will have the same understanding! She smiled and said that it also hoped! Not to mention no more than words, we literally flew into our new room and slammed the door, stripped naked! Oh, how I started up !!! Sally was almost the same figure as me: tall, slim, size tits B, as well as mine, and neatly trimmed pisechka! She wanted to be the first, so I plopped down on the bed, and she stunned her tongue for three seconds brought me to the stars !!! A minute or two we were resting, and then reversed, and I have done everything possible to Sally was just as good as me. I think I got it - she moaned all the hostel !!!
Once a month, and I have to die, so I want to college !!!
Good night, diary !!!
5th of August
Dear diary, I think that the college would be cool, especially with such a neighbor, Sally! She is so lovely, and, to be honest, it has a delightful tongue !!! But the great thing is the shared showers in our hostel, where, in my opinion, you can always get as much sex as you want !!! When I told my mother about it, she just spit with envy choked, presenting how many guys she could suck it. But Mike, I did not say anything like that, I have it, of course, is not the jealous type, but it is hard to expect that it Kaifu listen that his girlfriend is looking forward to when he can fuck in the shower with strangers guys !!!
Amy also went last week in his college and boasted to me that one thing has passed, has not yet begun to study. She said to her teacher of literature and rode on it until the guy almost did not get a heart attack !!! And when he thought it was all Amy took in his mouth and sucked up a drop what little he has left. Prof thought that the girls from small towns all entirely -nedotrogi prude, but ran into Amy !!! In general, he pulled into her mouth, and she made him promise on oath that he never below five in literature it will not have !!!
Neither Sally nor I have met with any of our future teach, but met with the librarian. It is about my mother's age - forty-five or so, and it is important to have a good relationship with her, because we both needed a job after school, and a library the best place for this. Everybody likes to work there. Free time in bulk, sit prepare for classes, but you still for this and pay the money. So we went with Sally to her office to say hello, and the librarian, Miss Barton, once oddly looked at us. I just wondered, is she a lesbian. But Sally -chertovka immediately unbuttoned her blouse, and quietly inquired Miss Barton, and if he wants to suck sisyu. I'm even a little taken aback by such boldness, but the old lady ran, almost tore our clothes and undressed herself! Sally began to lick and kiss her big swollen nipples, and a great start. We did it on horseback, librarian wanker our pisechki until we had finished! And then I and Sally took turns licking her thick-lipped lohmatku. Miss Barton finished a dozen times, probably !!!
In short, from her office Sally secured work on a semester !!!
Uh, too late, that as of today all. Diary, good night!
August 14th
Dear diary, like in college, but, frankly, will miss Mike. He is now always walks like dropped into the water, knowing that a couple of weeks, and our paths-paths diverge. So he climbs my skirt at every opportunity !!!
Yesterday, the day he arrived, we immediately went to my room. Mike pulled out of his pants dick and I jumped on it. We fucked for nearly two hours until it was my mother and said that it was time for dinner. But Mike did not want me to let go, and then my mother said that I could have dinner later. During this time I did not have time to finish one time, but it was not swift, bright as a Roman candle, orgasms, but more profound, when you're almost completely dissolve in your lover !!! Mike kept a stiff upper lip and never lowered !!! He just lay there and enjoy my pussy. When I finally got down to it, it seemed to me between the legs of the hole is not less than the Grand Canyon !!! Member Mike awesome big, and a few hours of continuous fucking, he pulled me like I'm an elephant dryuchit !!! And his cock was all wet and sticky from my juice, hard as steel, because he had so long to delay his own orgasm. But then Mom came to the rescue, like Chip and Dale !!! It would not be a, if not rushed from the doorway to suck dick Mike !!! I sat on the floor, legs wide apart, so he saw my rastrahannuyu crack until Mom makes him a blowjob !!!
The room looked Vater and was shocked to see how I am able to. And like a true gentleman he took a sponge dampened in warm water and rubbed between my legs !!! It was very nice, but in the process he constantly touched the clitoris, and, besides, my mother so selflessly sucked Mike, that I could not stand again finished !!! Apparently, it was too much for Mike's patience, because a second later, he also pulled her mother into her mouth !!!
I think the diary, you'd tale that she's a strong family THIS SECTION !!!
Well, I have to go to bed. Good night, diary!
August 23
Dear diary, today came to me Amy, and we have the whole day trying on new panties and bras, which I bought. That's rubbish, she was so lucky to have her large breasts and breasts straight after falling out of my bra, and she purposely put it. I pretended to take offense, but Amy knew it was all for fun, and its main goal was to get to lick her nipples. I've always liked her breasts, and Amy especially pin up me, for better heating !!! I caressed her almost half an hour, until we both did not disperse in earnest, and then lay in the position 69. Diary, it's so cool when you lick, and at the same time you lick !!! We finished, just five ... and all the time together, right, cool !!!
And then we went into the bathroom and began to try to pee standing up in turn. I've got it better than Amy. Although probably the part was very fun to watch as two vosemnadtsatilenie oryasinu play the fool, standing, legs spread wide, over a push !!! Priperlo maman, looked at us and saying that she did not even want to know what we're doing, it is gone! We follow her words with laughter almost burst.
All time to bainki, diary. Goodnight!
August 30th
Dear diary, I'm going to college !!! Last night I spent with Mike on the lake, and it was not as bad as I thought. I jumped on it somewhere in an hour, and then he turned and, once on top, began to peck me like a jackhammer !!! All last hour Mike saved his strength, and now I just flattened them, and he did all the work himself !!! At least most of it. No, I still will miss his big stick. But shared shower in a hostel is a even cooler !!!
In the morning he drove me home, and in the afternoon I had to fuck with Amy who have come to me to say goodbye. We were both deeply moved, and to reassure me she began to fondle my breasts. Mother also came to my room, sobbing, and to regain a good mood lick us with Amy pisechki !!! But she was got so that she urgently needed a dick, so I quickly ran down the pope. He knew at once took off her clothes and fuck Mom, right in my room. From this it already has a good mood was even better !!!
Well, diary, you and I had a great summer, but now I'm going to carry on the other - especially for college !!! And to you I say goodbye until next summer.
So, diary, see you next June !!! I'll see you, be assured. Nancy holds a word !!!

Something new in my life

Dedicated boots
Generally, a person I am not passive. In life, he was neither a henpecked, no whipping boy. But here's one of me there ...
One day in the newspaper, I placed an ad ... "I am a woman, I have a ready command". It's a lot of feedback. I honestly answered all the letters.
After about six months of correspondence, I ventured to meet with several lady. In total, I have appointed seven meetings. Two turned out to be ordinary sadist. All they were interested in, so it's only my suffering. First from the doorway told me to strip naked and then tied to a hook in the ceiling. She pricked me and cauterize, clothespins squeezed my balls and nipples. Then she carved my butt and stomach and released me. All this torture lasted an hour and a half and was accompanied by a dirty swearing. I was stunned, because a few months I got her letter. And in them, it was different! In general, the more I met with her, even though she tried to contact me. A similar story was the second. A third woman I did not like in appearance. Was it some kind of trouble, I would not be able to submit such. The other two lied about his age. Both were youngsters. Sixth she brought her husband, and with men, I do not have a case. And seventh.
She did not looked all that only you will notice. Round as a ball, is much shorter than me, a nasty voice. Yes, and the stink of it is just awful. She tried to give me a couple of orders, but they were stupid and incorrect. In short, I am quite desperate and was about to leave. Suddenly it looked a neighbor. Firestarter! When he saw me naked, only in an apron, she took no eyebrow.
A few days later in his drawer I found a letter. She admitted that she followed me when I left. And now she offers me an appointment for the city. At the appointed hour I stood on the platform of a commuter. I immediately recognized her, and realized that was missing. It was delightful, than in the first meeting. Orders of this woman I will perform all my life! A real queen.
We walked down from the platform, take the bus holiday village, on foot reached the forest. Then he plunged into three kilometers. Here in front of us there was a clearing. The grass is green, the birds are singing, berries - mushrooms, butterflies hover over the flowers ... and a lone tree stump. My landlady came to the stump ... and turned it 180 degrees. Three meters from the stump from the ground rose round cover. Nina pulled it slightly upward, then pushed. Under the hood was a pipe. I went first, for me, Nina. Somehow contraptions she put the lid in place. In the darkness I felt a hole in the pipe wall. When we climbed into it, Nina lit a candle. Then she told me to undress, and she at this time sparked two dozen candles on the walls. Now I was able to look around.
The room was nearly square, 16 meters square. In the floor, on the walls and in the ceiling was a lot of hooks, rings and all other accessories. One wall is almost entirely occupied a huge mirror. Beside him were two chairs and a small table. For curtains on the side was a toilet and a washstand. In the corner over them - hood (Nina said that on the surface of the pipe disguised as a small tree stump in the forest A sewage from the toilet goes into the nearest ravine.). You were in the room under the canopy of the bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers. And a huge oak table. Part of the wall near the entrance took the Swedish side.
Even in the letter I was ordered to take a lot of water. I brought two large canisters. Nina pulled out of the closet three-liter enema hung it does not step. Filling water enema, Nina told me to kneel down. I saw your face in a mirror, while the water filled my guts.
At this time, Nina was engaged in farming. She opened the flap exhaust pipes and sewage systems. From drawing resulted rainwater, her Nina turning point in the toilet tank.
Finally, my gut is filled, but my lady is in no hurry to release me from the enema hose. I, writhing in pain, I watch it leisurely activities. Nina stripped the cabinet. Then he chose a long dress. Dressed. Her short red dress could not hide anything. I've already started to moan, my insides would burst.
But then my cell phone rang. Nina took it out of my jacket. Standing cancer, with three liters of water in the stomach, with the hose in the ass, but still completely naked under the gaze gorgeous woman I had seven minutes to talk to his deputy on the work.
Finally, my meal is finished. Nina took from me the tip and allowed to go to the toilet. When I finished, I was ordered to clean up the room to shine. At the time of harvesting, Nina went into the woods. She returned forty minutes later. In one hand a basket of berries in the other a thick bunch of long rods.
She told me to get up in the middle of the room, hands up. Immediately my hands were drawn handcuffed to a ring in the ceiling. Legs stretched it to the side so that I barely touched the floor with them. Here in this position Nina and my legs buckled. Again, I could see myself in the mirror.
The hostess cooked on a spirit compote, then she climbed up with a book in bed. I stood. Or rather - hung. From time to time I glanced at the clock on the cabinet. An hour has passed. My body was numb, I think I fell asleep.
- Twenty-five - has sounded her voice clearly. - Count.
The next moment left my ass burned hit three bars. Counted to twelve, I thought Nina Now go to the right. But she gave all 25 case. Then it was the same on the other side, then - the abdomen downward.
Finished flogging, Nina gave me a blow job class. And only then he unfastened.
We had eaten stewed, then there was dancing. Somewhere between the foxtrot and "Rio Rita" I allowed myself to rip Nina dress. Natantsevavshis Nina plopped down in a chair, regal I pointed to the second. At first I thought it was the hedgehog. But I soon realized that the chair lay a blanket of thorns. I tried very hard not to show her how I suffer, but it did not escape from the strict view of my Mistress. Then she climbed into my lap and turned the charming ass. My male organ jumped to meet her. When her narrow ass took me prisoner, I momentarily forgot about the thorns hurt glaring into my body. But then Nina organized a wild ride. And with every movement I was getting sicker and sicker. Suddenly my eyes fell on Nina's back. It was all in small spots. I threw myself to Nina, jumped to her chair. Cover. It was the same blanket. I was very ashamed of themselves. I picked Nina up and carried her to the bed. So all night we loved each other. At daybreak they slept.
Waking up in the afternoon, Nina told me to pull out from under the bed bicycle. I had to go for groceries in the nearby village. While I was away, Nina changed all the candles, gathered mushrooms and fry them. After dinner, she put me on the table, I pulled into the middle of the room. Nina My hands stretched out, fastened to the ring. Each leg separately is tied to the legs of the table. Then he tilted mirror wall, so I could see what she would do with me. Nina took a basket of berries and a long tube. With a laugh, she pounded me a berry in the ass, then insert the following tube and muzzle. About a dozen gifts of nature vdul Nina into my intestines.
Then there were lessons on the wall bars. Nina easily make hundreds of presses. I barely fifty were given. Bearing in mind all your transgressions ... for these two days, I waited with trepidation internal punishment. So I did not even flinch when he heard ...
- Twenty per shot dress, thirty for the fact that you dropped me. Total fifty. Under the bed is a narrow bench. Get.
I put the table against the wall, pulled his place shop. Nina put the pillow into the middle, pulled out of the cabinet and two belt belt whip. I did not have time to understand what was going on, Nina gave me everything that took out of the closet, lay on his stomach on a pillow.
- I should not have let you do it all. I allowed. Fasten the waist and hips. Remember how I beat you? Do the same. Fifty per side, then sit back and fifty dollars along both sides.
I began timidly to flog her ass. Nina thought strikes, ordered to beat stronger. Her ass became crimson. I was terribly sorry for her, but I had to disobey the law. When I undid it, he immediately took Nina's place. I got the same thing - for the wall bars.
Then we walked in the forest, kissing in the grass love. On his return, Nina took me another enema. And at the same time himself. While I was in the toilet, Nina suffered. I'm not in a hurry, she did not hurry. Having taken finally, my space, Nina told me to wait for her in the chair. For twenty minutes I was waiting for her. Finally, she left.
Approaching the wall, where it was on the ropes construction of the two rocker arms, Nina told me to stand in the center of the room. It ended with rope belts. It clipped my shoulders and hips, waist. Then powered the entire mechanism. I found myself hanging booty down. The legs and my hands almost agreed, Nina folded me in half. I grabbed his legs with his hands. Directly below me, Nina has established a potter's wheel. The pedal has been taken out to the side of the chair. In the center of the circle hole. It has established Nina dildo. He was huge, fourteen inches long and three inches in diameter. Liberally lubricate the penis and my own ass, Nina took aim and began to lower my ass for the count ... I screamed. Oral, so that's probably a bird in the woods were silent.
Nina was adamant, stopped when the priest touched the surface of the circle. That is the entire length I took a member. Left me here in this position, Nina took the book and sat in a chair reading. I endured. Quietly pain receded. Nina pressed foot pedal potter's wheel was moved, and a member of me along with him. And again before our eyes swam circles, the thought flashed through my head ... "Probably because women do cleaning during abortion".
After finishing a chapter, Nina stood up and deployed to the rocker pedal. My lady stood there. That's why I remember so much detail that it was the first intrusion into my ass. Before that I was a virgin there. Enema, of course, does not count. Yes, Nina pulled down rocker. I immediately went up the penis. Nina pressed the pedal while simultaneously lifting yoke. Member Screw me like a screw. And I yelled again. It did not last long. After all, soon I was pleased pleasure dizzy. Ten minutes later I had finished. Then Nina left me again on a limb, and she began to gather in the city - it's time ... I barely sat in the train, and Nina quietly reading.
It was almost a year ago, we meet with it on weekends. The things we have not experienced! One day I gave her a rose high. When the flowers wilted, Nina broke them on my back with thorns. A spanking fir paws? Do you think it's nice? My ass was so tattered that I lie down, I could not. Nina also won its time. This we had when the Christmas tree on New Year's dressed up, broke a few toys. Well, sort of like a punishment ... Yes, it was a lot more then. My staff noted my unprecedented activity on Mondays. I'll run the office, give all advice and guidance. They do not know, I just I can not sit!
His Nina I worship. Yesterday, he proposed to her.
October 2001.

I - abuser

I've been watching her. She was beautiful, she was not so curvy figure, and indeed she was only fourteen years old, while I was seventeen. But she was terribly excited me, and I could not help myself. And I just did not want to sleep with her, I would just rape her, that she resisted. I'd dismissed her dark hair gathered in a ponytail, to spread his legs, threw a couple of slaps and grossly abused. We lived in the same stairwell, but I did not know her name, nor even the floor. I had the opportunity to rape her in the elevator, the blessing I sometimes traveled alone with her, but I, being a virgin, had no experience at all and was terribly afraid of punishment, because he knew what they were doing with the perpetrators in jail. So I lived, until he felt one day that can no longer be limited to masturbation, imagining myself a rapist, and its helpless victim. And I decided to act.
One day, I stopped at the door, supposedly reading the ad. In fact, I decided to wait until this bitch will not return from school, so I go with her in the elevator. No, I'm raping it is not going to, but only wanted to see her floor. I had to wait for long as half an hour a hitch approached the entrance. But she did not open the door with the key, and scored on the door of apartment number! It was a magnificent success. I knew tepet apartment number of knots, which I have dreamed of for more than a month.
In one class with me The girl studied, who also lived with me in a stairwell. She told me once that goes for a walk with the dog, along with some Pauline. At first I did not pay attention to it, but then suddenly it dawned on me that that bitch, too, was a dog, a collie. I seem to have accidentally found out something about the Pauline. She lived with her parents, who were of course the same day on the job. Well, now I was all very simple.
That day I came home from school very early and began to prepare. Took bought on the market a cheap knife vykidushku stocking with slotted holes for the eyes and lips, and dressed in old clothes, which had planned to throw out after all. After waiting a couple of hours, I was sure that she had returned home from school, and her parents yet. I took the elevator to the eleventh floor and, without delay, rang the doorbell, before donning stockings. The plan I had, was not only lohanutsya. A peephole on the door was not naive bitch and asked who was there. I must say that I have a prior look at the disc under the name "Moscow Phones" her name by entering the address. The disc was left, but I was hoping that the name is correct. "Vanilla? telegram accept", - I said. Girl trustingly opened the door. Imagine her surprise when she saw a guy in a stocking!
Taking advantage of her fright, I grabbed her, gagged, foot slamming the door behind him. Taking a knife, I hissed:"Piknesh, bitch, prirezhu, bitch. You will do just what I tell you!" She nodded in fright.
"Come on", 'I said, and led her into the bedroom like her parents, which threw in the wide bed, leaning on top of itself. My heart was beating hard, but my dick was ready to come, besides had nowhere to retreat. She was wearing a T-shirt and short shorts. Sticking a knife in his pocket, I climbed with one hand in her vagina, feeling the hairy hollow. She was wet, the bitch is described in fear! With the other hand, I got a shirt, feeling only began to form the breast. At the same time his lips I eagerly kissed and licked her face. " Please do not, I know where the money is", She squeaked. "Shut up, bitch, and I'll keep you alive"- I replied. She obeyed. Jerk I pulled off her shorts with shorts and threw them in the corner of the room, exposing the virgin damp hollow. "No, please do not!"- She pleaded, realizing that I want. Then I rolled her across the face and she fell silent. Then I took off his pants and underwear, exposing the pulsing hungry dick ready to cum. "Spread your legs, bitch, well!"- I bellowed and put a knife to her throat. She obeyed. I am touched by a member of her vagina, and finished, but not ostanavilsya as wanted even more. "Girth kicking me"- I ordered, and she performed. Then I grabbed her ass hands, putting his fingers into the anus, and began to push through his penis into her. She screamed, but I began to kiss her on the lips and cheeks, and the sound became a moo. I am incredibly excited that she writhed all over, when I went into it, but I'm even more squeezed her ass and my dick fully into the vagina, and then I began to move rhythmically, will drive my friend on the eggs in a hole torn. She screamed and rock the boat, but I continued, clearing his throat with pleasure. I ended up over and over again, and soon her crotch was covered with blood and semen. I did not stop for pooluchasa until she resigned, quietly lying down and looking tearful eyes somewhere aside. Finally, when I was satisfied, I turned her on her stomach and put his dick in the anus.
Again, there were cries, but I gagged her mouth with his hand. A few minutes later I had finished, dropping a good portion of sperm in her entrails. Then I got up and looked at his work. Sorry sight. I got dressed and said: "You did a great job today, bitch, but mind you, if you are someone tell about it, you just disgraced, I still can not find, but I'll come back and kill you, what now do not do. Clear?" She mumbled something. I walked over and punched her in the face: "Clearly, bitch?" - "Yes Yes"- She sobbed. I told her it's a safety net: as if she really would not tell anyone, fearing the shame and my threats?
I'm gone, then threw the clothes, stocking and a knife in the pond behind the school. I remained unpunished. I learned later that my mother is the victim quit her job and has always been at home with her daughter. It is high time, and then you never know rapists in the world!

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