My wife's Secrets

My wife loves secrets. On the eve of the wedding, she confessed to me that it is not virgin. Uncover the mystery that in seventh grade, she had a love with a boy in their class, she believed him and gave, and he chose another girl.

A witness at the wedding we had her former classmate, a tall young man. When on the morning after the wedding, his wife was not in the marital bed, and slept naked on a couch in an embrace with the witness, I asked her to explain this action. Then she told me that having sex with all the boys in their class, and other classes too. They continue to be friends, and can not be here just to take a break and all past due. It's her life. At the same time she admitted that the summer vacation she went with student units on construction sites, and its job was to prepare the food and serve the sexually all team members. They actually were related, and if any of them look into the guests, it may briefly dip into the past, because it does not change anything in their lives, just pleasant memories of his youth.

His wife of ten years younger than me. Her parents' bedroom apartment, in which we have allocated a separate room. On the second day, there came one of her former classmates after the wedding late at night, which was out of town and therefore could not attend the wedding. He came with flowers and gifts, sat up late, and put him to sleep on the couch in our room. I called my wife in the bath and there standing fuck it, then we went to bed. Awakened by the fact that his wife, getting up from the bed, inadvertently pushed me. She stopped and listened to my breathing a sigh of relief and went to the couch to his former classmate. They whispered, then he perched on his wife and they creaked old springs.
- You have not ebalsya? - I asked the wife of his partner when they had finished. - An bucket lowered. See how the towel gets wet. With his wife, the normal Ms-vesh?
- Fine. I often travel to leave, so the neighbor say to her men go. I do not blame them, still young, I want to fuck.

Half an hour later he was again fucked his wife. Then they fell silent. My wife was tired and fell asleep on the couch with a guest. In the morning she told me I was snoring heavily, so she went to bed, but there and fell asleep.

The weekend came to the company, five people, a woman and four men, wife classmates at the institute. We sat down at a table in the living room, drank, sat and sung, then began to dance, and the wife of the lights went out, brought out of the bedroom nightlight, dancing with his light. I went to him because they were not talking to me interesting. Then he looked to them. Two couples were dancing, but in a strange way, almost without moving. I looked closer, it turned out, the partners pulled up ladies dress, unbuttoned his pants and the music poebyvayut them with partners changed.
- This is what kind of dance is this? - I asked one of the men.
- We'll come up with the institute. Fun turns, especially funny happens when someone plead, and he starts to lower. In this there is nothing, we are all a few years our girls fucked already become family.

Finally, the guests are gone. Almost every day someone came from valine classmates or classmates. If the guest did not stay the night, then Valya accompanied him, and it shall be delayed for a long time. I once went out to see what it has long forgiven. We lived on the fifth floor of a five-storey building, but was still above the staircase, which was accessible to the attic. It turns out, the wife of a guest went up on the platform and, judging by the moans of his wife, very warm goodbye. These visits have continued for a long time, but gradually dying away. Recently, his wife rarely left the synagogue only on classmates or classmates when they noticed any dates related to their studies.

Recently, there was another mystery. I noticed that his wife began to communicate with our neighbors fifteen son Vitka. He became often come to us, and they are about something whispered. One evening I was watching football on TV, but Valentine Vitka went into the kitchen to drink tea. During the break, I went to the toilet and noticed that the door to the kitchen is covered and there are heard strange sounds. Between the kitchen and the toilet, we had a window under a stream of apparently in order to save electricity for lighting. That I saw the window that my wife is sitting on the kitchen table with a battened down upside down, but Vytia, standing in front of her with his pants down, moves it a member. I did not make a fuss and went back to watch football, but when Victor left, I asked the wife's explanation.
- Sasha, you're an adult, do you prirevnuesh my child. The boy has a difficult puberty, he several times a day engaged in masturbation. I weaned him from this addiction, I think it will have a significant positive effect on his psyche, health and entire life.
- I hope Vic - only a teenager, whose fate you are so concerned about.
- While, yes, but I want as much help to the younger generation painlessly overcome this difficult transition period.

Since that time Valentina has begun a youth period. We are constantly present in the apartment someone from the local boys, which is attached to the Valentine's sex secrets. Appeared and more adult boys and young men, and in each case the wife is very clearly explained the reasons for these visits. However, she wanted to look in the eyes of the compassionate, deeply concerned about the suffering of mankind.

Confessions of unrepentant sinners. Part 2

After I dropped out of the last drop, followed by an indication to take a white tube and guide what to do next. It was anal gel. I turned back to the screen, and bending down, began to lubricate his anus. It is strongly twisted and bulged outward. Touching the sphincter were initially painful and not pleasant, but as rubbing cream, the sensitivity began to fall down, and after a couple of minutes, all numb. Now I could easily immerse your finger in the anus, and lubricate the inside. I am well aware of what was coming, and so it is very carefully prepared it. By the end of the procedure I had almost ceased to feel his finger, poking around in my pope.

- "Okay, enough now for the cause," I heard.

- "Open the third box"

It was another syringe, but small and already filled with some liquid, and there were two straps, with some sensors on them. Just anal tube lying there. I saw those online sex shop, when wandered there by accident. Cork base and consisted of three balls of different diameters. The first was about the diameter of a tennis ball, the second a little more, and the last with a tennis ball. Seeing the third dimension, I am afraid that he will tear my hole, but continued to hope for the best.

- "Take the syringe and squeeze out the contents of his ass," Mark said.

I injected a liquid, and felt inside the scalding coolness.

- "Now put on the straps on each leg above the knee, the sensor up"

I quickly complied with the order, not understanding what it all. All these procedures are greatly excited me, but I was completely dry at the bottom. Apparently capsule adopted me, not only reduced the pain threshold of my body, but also the entire sensitivity dulled it.

- "Well, that little slut ready in May, to deprive her ass virginity," Mark said smiling.

That's where the load of self-preservation instinct. I froze in confusion. There was only one step to cross the threshold, which was a fine line between that girl that I once was, and who I can become. And right now, I had to do it.

- "What I stood up, bitch. Take the cork. The question was rhetorical. " He brought me to my senses, already gruff voice of Mark.

Immediately, all thoughts leave me. I took the subject.

- "Put on a stool and sit down on it."

I installed the plug. Spreading her legs wide and sending it into the hole, he began to squat, crushing his weight on it. I felt strongly the ball stops at the anus, but stubbornly did not want to go into it.

- "Courage, Fuck," said Mark, - "Come, pierce yourself hymen. You'll thank me for it when you are to fuck in the ass. "

These words encouraged me to take decisive action, and I am stronger pressed on the stopper. I felt my anus parted, and, having passed the first ball in, shrank again behind him. Nor any pain I felt only discomfort of feeling open anus.

- "I congratulate you. Now your ass is no longer a virgin, "sounded from the speakers, and I heard the applause.
I've experienced some joy for themselves.

- "I will do my best to make you become a real anal whore," continued Mark.

- "What is sitting? Farther".

I continued to go down below. At this time, I felt better. My sphincter expanded, and it brought me to a dull ache. It increased with every inch of immersion of the second ball in my anus. It became impossible to continue, and I could not stand, sat up. The plug back in place, and I was relieved, but its girth sphincter weakened.

- "It hurts, bitch?"

- "Yes very. I can not, "I pleaded.

- "Not that all will turn out, I believe in you, the more I just put that 20 bucks today, your ass will swallow, all three balls.

My eyes widened.

- "Go on."

I try again, but again to no avail. The pain did not give to miss a second ball.

- "Let's fuck themselves and they do not stop until he will" relentlessly demanded Mark.

I sat down again and again came back because of the pain. Not hearing the voice of Mark, I continued. I began to squat on the tube, and each time lower and lower. The pain does not become weaker, but I began to get used to it. I noticed that when I stood up, my sphincter virtually does not clamp base of the ball. From traffic jams, grease from the syringe inside me began to leak out, and it became easier to slip. I was fascinated by the process, and at some point felt my anus virtually on top of the ball and press down firmly on the plug. Overcoming obstacles, she began to sink yourself into me, due to the retraction of the ball, closing him sphincter. A sharp pain made me scream, became gradually subside.

- "Good", I heard praise and blossomed into a smile.

- "Stand up," Mark said a satisfied voice.

I sat up. And just experienced a new discomfort. My anus has increased the pressure on the cap, increasing the sensation of a foreign object. And buttocks, so bursting with the third world, they pushed the cork, pulling inside the anus.

- "Walk around the room"

Walking, in addition to the inconvenience caused little pleasant feelings. Moving the legs, I felt like me moving tube, rubbing and pressing the walls of the priests inside the vagina, which gave light gusts of pleasure. The pain is so dull that I stopped paying attention to it, and slowly paced around the room, getting used to new sensations.

- "Well, baby, how does it feel?" Mark asked gently.

- "Even I do not understand"

- "Well, are you satisfied or not?"

- "I do not know"

- "What do you mean, I do not know? Are you happy whore, now that you are to fuck in the ass, you will not be hurt, and you can get pleasure? "Mark asked.

- "I think yes"

- "Then, I do not hear thanks."

- "Thank you," I said.

- "Thanks for what?"

- "Thank you, that deprived me of virginity."

- "OK. But this is not the end ...

I was very nervous.

- "Believe me, I am in any case, I am not going to hurt you, I want you just to help. All my actions are solely for your own good. After talking with you, I understand your nature, that you, yourself, can not realize their fantasies, about which you told me. You need a push to realize them. Although morally, you're not quite ready, and the need to further work on this, but now you need to prepare and adapt your body. And you should trust me and give me the opportunity to help you with that. I know you're very strong in spirit, and you will do it, "very calmly and gently said Mark.

These words really touched me. All doubts in an instant, vanished somewhere. I stood and stared at the screen, with a clear expression of humility and gratitude on his face. Still, the excitement remains.

- "Continue. Come to the original, "said Mark again gently.

I went trembling legs to the stool. Remembering the past procedure, and comparing the size of the third with the second ball, I was very worried about my ass. But the monologue, I listened, gave me confidence in my actions. I pressed down. The tranquility was broken, and a sharp pain shot through my back. I cried ...

- "Do not rush. Come on, as before, "I heard.

I again started to move along the plug. When I fell, then torn, my ball, bringing a lot of pain. But I earnestly continued. Every sit-ups, I tried to deeply immerse yourself in a traffic jam. But, not looking at my efforts, I was not much succeeded. And the pain is not only left me, although not much has become dumber, but every time I increased the immersion, she prevailed.
I was sitting with his back to the screen and, therefore, could not see what was happening there. All the while, Mark was silent. I wanted to please him my victory over the cap, but it was all in vain, I could not overcome the pain barrier.

- "What whore, or how? And it is clear that it would be desirable. Help? "Mark finally intervened.

I turned my head and looked at him questioningly.

- "Push simultaneously on the green button sensors, and sit down, as far as possible on the plug and do not move."

Terzi matter, I still included sensors as Mark said, and began to put pressure on the cork. I sat on it for several minutes, holding its main weight on his feet, slowly getting used to the pain and after some time has ceased to pay attention to it.

Suddenly I received a strong electrical discharge from the sensors, my leg muscles weakened, and I all the weight, sharply down on the stool. I cried ...

A sharp pain shot through my once innocent ass. I abruptly jumped up and got another dose of pain, fell to the floor ...

- "? Lisa, you're right," I heard through the fog in my head. "Thank God you're okay. We are scared of you. "

I got up and wanted to sit on his ass, but a sharp pain reminded me of what had happened. I slowly got up on all fours. His head was spinning a little and afraid to fall, I bent elbows. I was not mobile. The pain slowly began to subside.

- "Cool Look, bitch, ass turn to us, you want to take a look."

I started to turn around. Cork again reminded of itself. Turning, I saw not a big blood stain.

- "Bill, look, her blood." Said Mark.

- "Oh, it really was Tselkov" Bill laughed.

I was frightened and began to gently palpate the plug. Its base firmly into the printer into my ass, and around it were small drips of grease and blood. I tried to pull the plug, but again felt pain.

- "Do not," I heard. "It will be even more painful. It is best left as it is and go to sleep, and tomorrow we will continue. "

I slowly crawled to the couch. The pain was unbearable, and each movement has brought me the pains of hell.

- "Lisa, I would be in your place, clean up, and then my mother would not obviously delighted to learn that her daughter whore."

I looked around. In the middle of the room stood a bucket with my bowel movements. Nearby was a stool, stained with grease and blood drops. Yes, it was impossible to leave, we had to climb. When driving, the plug gave me a lot of pain, and for each of the anus muscle contraction, even more powerful pulse, sweep into the input field. Because getting up, he changed the angle of the plug and began to put pressure on the front wall, which caused a strong desire to pee. With each step, I received a bit less pain and the end cleaning is almost not felt it. Referring stool in the kitchen, I went to the toilet. As soon as I gushed from the first drops of the relaxation of muscles, I began to feel a slight relief, but upon completion, again felt a slight dull pain and discomfort of a foreign object.

Finished cleaning, I went to the computer. Contact Mark, it had been interrupted, but the message was left.

- "My dear, little, Lisa, I was very glad that you have everything worked out. I believe my experience that a well-designed butt, brings more advantages than disadvantages.
You should not remove the cap to my orders. Try not to pay attention to it, and continue to behave as usual. Your ass must get used to it. I advise you not to eat too much, and it is better to wait.
Now go to bed and try to sleep.
Good night.
Yes, and taken twice a day, capsules of red jar. "

I turned off the computer, and not dressed, wandered into bed. Oddly enough, but I almost passed out instantly, it did not stop even the presence of a huge object in me ...

I woke up early in the morning. I did not feel pain, but what I feel, it is very difficult to pass ...

It was as if I was sitting on a branch of the tree, which is between my buttocks, and bursting them apart. Ball inside me so badly stretched my anus, I almost could not control his muscles, which are only slightly compressed tube. Due to the presence of the object and the feeling something is not completed, the muscles are periodically made no arbitrary cuts, instinctively trying to cover a huge hole.

Not much is rested and getting used to new experiences, I decided to get up. Slowly sitting up on the bed, I listened again, but nothing terrible has happened. I did not much emboldened, rose. Cork, leaning into my bladder became much pressure on him. Urging pee made me go to the toilet, forgetting to throw themselves, that be.

My movement, led to the movement of the plug inside me, and she stepped up pressure. Just her presence prevented me how to stretch the muscles, leading to urinary incontinence. My efforts to stop it, did not give the desired results, and because I started to splash on the floor. I, having covered his hand, went to the toilet and felt my legs ran hot trickle.

As soon as I got to the toilet as a powerful jet pulled away from me. I relaxed. Under the eyes become a tear, and I began to weep loudly.

- "Yes, do not kill you so. Each can this happen. Just do not drink a lot at night, that's all ", he said through the door, returning from a night shift, Mom.

Perhaps, she just came up and saw me running with the plug in the ass, but just noticed the traces of urine on the floor and realized.

- "I am very tired and go to sleep, try not to make noise. Wake up, Clean the house ... And stop bawling, nothing terrible has happened. Well, I think, describe, "summed up the mom.

I stopped crying. "Oh, Mom, if you knew the true reason" ... I even smiled a little. For some reason I was having fun on the soul.

But my aching spree interrupted. Perhaps yesterday's wound burst from the strain, and urine, leaked a cork base began to erode them. The pain was not strong, but not very pleasant. Movement became depressing.

While waiting for when Mom fell asleep, and, trying not to move, I remained sitting on the toilet.

After some time the wound under the cap stopped hurting, but began to itch. I tried to climb to the base of the finger, but it's so much adjacent to the pope, that it was not possible. Then I grabbed the tube and start to move it. This gave me some relief, and walk on the balls of the walls of the anus, even easy pleasure.

Convinced that his mother went to bed, I would like, quickly he slipped into his room. Throwing a bathrobe, I decided to check the mail ... There were two letters from Mark.

Having opened the first letter, I was stupefied ...

There were four photos. In three of them, I was back, standing on a stool, and turned back, staring at the camera. With each photo, I increasingly have been strung on the cork. Opening the fourth, I saw myself standing backwards on all fours, and with a satisfied look on his face stick out your ass, which sticks out a huge traffic jam, and from under her thighs ooze thin trickle of blood. On it was the inscription.

"I am happy that my ass is no longer hymen. And now the general public can use it. "

And I do feel a certain joy. I have pleasant thoughts, now, I will look at in a different way. What's in the men's eyes, I am no longer going to look that little naive girl, knowing it is about me. And now, someone will be able to see me the object of his desires, and will want me.

Carried away by these thoughts, I took off my robe and went to the mirror. Perhaps it is not so, but it seemed to me that my body, as well as my life began to change. My breasts slightly transformed, instead of the form of the pyramid, began to look more rounded. They were filled with a little bit and sat up, played on the sides. Because of this, nipples looked a little higher, and from flattened tubercles, turned into large pea. Halos around them were more in diameter and much darker. My hips look bigger, and their background, have been providing my waist.

I twirled in front of the mirror, as if spellbound, and all either as she could not stop looking at my changes. But paying attention to the thighs, smeared with dried blood, had to break off, put on a dressing gown and go to the bathroom.

Quoting myself up, I returned to the room, and continued to study the mail. In the letter I read the instruction of Mark, drank capsule and not a lot of waiting, I have begun to implement them.

Taking the fourth box, a large syringe and a white tube, I went to the bathroom again. In the box I found the rope, which, on the one hand was tied to the middle, short stick, and the other ended in a noose. As it were, a syringe filled with liquid, and one anal tube. But it is different from the one that was in me. This plug was only one of a thickening in the form of drops, and the narrow base of the handle of the corkscrew.

I got into the bathroom, put on a loop from the base plug, as it was written by Mark, and sat down. Stepping on a stick with both feet, I started to get up. The rope tightened and pulled for a traffic jam. I felt a slight tension inside the anus, but there was no pain yet. Again sat down, I eased the tension of the rope, and the tube back in place again, as if sucked into my ass. Under the instruction of Mark, I have done these manipulations several times. And when the plug by passing the liquid out of me, became slippery with perseverance I start to rise ... The ball stubbornly did not want to leave and if wrenched me from the inside. I think he will break me. And since I did not feel pain, but only discomfort associated with stretching the sphincter, it did not stop me. I increased the tension ... Jam champ fell out with me, and fell with a crash into the bathroom. In the wake behind it was followed by the contents, it is in me, and there was an unpleasant smell. I felt a slight coolness around and inside my anus. He raised a hand to him, I was horrified. There was a hole about the size of an egg. I tried to squeeze the sphincter, but did not even feel it. Immerse yourself in a hole with two fingers, and without encountering obstacles, I slipped to third and then started the fourth. Not much mad with what is happening, I began to try to shove his hand. And she began to easily enter, but it was uncomfortable, and I stopped. I took from the shelf and held a mirror to the pope. My eyes fell to the form disclosed anus. It glistened with oil, and around was a bit stained with blood. The sight I was very excited. Slowly opening the beginning of the contract ...

I took a large syringe and fill it with warm water, tried to attach a tip, but he easily went in, unopposed. I had one hand to hold the hose and other pressure on the syringe. Extruded water without obstacles, without creating pressure, leaking through the open hole, and a wash-out gave me a pleasure.

When finished, I smeared grease anus and took a stopper in the form of drops. I placed it on the edge of the tub, and hanging over her ass. Directing plug in is not yet closed holes, I pressed her weight, and she slowly began to sink into me like a knife through butter. Without meeting, nor any resistance, the drop became completely and sphincter closed behind her, barely squeezing ground.

Straightening up and move around a bit, I did not feel any discomfort anyone, only a slight feeling of fullness. Then I clean up in the bathroom, I went into the room. I sat down at the computer on a chair, and without experiencing any discomfort, sat behind him before lunch. Later, my mother woke up and we started cleaning the house. I almost forgot about finding a plug in me, and only rarely thought of it. By the evening, I'm so very tired, that I already did not like. And so, as soon as I got to bed, I quickly undressed and lay down under a blanket. Not many Tinkering, I fell asleep, curled up ...

To be continued...

Continued: Confessions of unrepentant sinners. Start

Equine size

His evening Nastya as always spent on the racetrack, where she worked. She was the coach, and often very involved in the races. Horses girl adored since childhood and loved to be alone with them. Often she had talked with them and felt that they understand it. Of all the horses she had a pet named by Tikhon. Out of habit, she talked to Rome, standing in his stable. She talked about how recently broke up with her boyfriend and how he was a goat.
- Do you understand ?? That I did everything for him, and he what? Nothing!"I'm sorry, honey, but my feelings for you faded". Yes, damn it, so here it's simple. Well, not a bitch, is not ?? - she said, clasping his hands emotionally. - That is why Mrs. These goats ?? - she said, looking into the eyes of his listeners. You're not because I have a Yes, Tikhon -? Stroking the horse's muzzle, he murmured coach.
The horse obediently succumbed to the forward chaining eyes. As if really I am trying to comfort her and understood her words. And sooner or later, in any animal, since dogs and finishing horses, manifests a sexual interest in the opposite sex of his master. And this time mixed with a sense of joy, Tikhon got his pink friend.
- Yeah. You're like all men - with bitterness in his voice said the coach. Well, you have at least a high, not to mention my byvshego- winking horse, she said.

And why is this evening, whether from surging sadness over not a relationship, or from all the unknown planet haze in the girl's head came completely depraved idea. Fuck horse is of course too. And if no one will know? Here it is, and decided to act. Quite unexpectedly for itself and for the horse, it is sharp and at the same time a gentle hand movement grabbed the horse's penis. At first the horse whinnied and began backing away, but when he heard the soothing voice of the hostess, has returned to its original position. Nastya and let down her pants and crawled on all fours under the horse. rising cancer, she put his horse's vagina penis and began to move in himself this huge club. Tikhon took the one position in which the pair sovukuplyalis horse and started raping his landlady with her consent. Such feelings she had not experienced ever before. Equine eregerovannom members in the state were enormous and hard to the touch. Such a huge number and scale of the flesh of her pussy had never felt. Moaning and writhing under the horse, the girl had finished more than once. At the very moment when Tikhon too, was at the peak and spewed seed hostess cave, nearer and nearer guard. Hearing as loud groans, he hurried to help, thinking that there was something life-threatening. Seeing the whole picture, the guy was stunned and could not utter a single word. Crawled out from under the horse, the whole girl, blushed in embarrassment and closed its roundness and stained horse sememes crotch.
- Oh, my God, I'm so embarrassed, I did not expect anyone here to see a much later time. she says quietly, but dangling shortly before the silence could hear every word.
- In the five years I had never seen anything so horrible and obscene. I shall immediately report you to the authorities. - Just as quietly, but very sternly said Vlad, clenching his fists and trying not to look at the seductive maid.
- I beg you, do not talk about it! Damn it, I do not know what came over me! I've never done anything like that before! Do not get me please. - Every word she was accompanied by violent gestures of hands, forgetting to cover his mouth-watering three. - Well, do not look away Look, do I look like zloyadnuyu nasiltsu animals?

In his 32 man I was not impotent, and certainly not gay, and when a round is quite attractive breasts trenersha his soldier instantly stood up.
- What should I do for you you just tell me !! - tearfully begged Nastya.
- I'll fuck you and we all forget. And you'll do whatever I tell you, I realized - as always humble guy, Vlad on the first behaved so boldly and without waiting for an answer from the girl, started with one hand to touch the girl's breast.
- Good- girl replied, knowing that this is what he would have asked.
- Then go through my closet.

Removed his hand from his chest girl, he took her by the hair and dragged the poor woman to her room. His room was small, there was only one chair podtrёpannoe time maroon-brown armchair and the color of the sofa suits him. first he sat down on a chair and sharply pulling by the hair, put the girl on the floor.
- Suck, izvraschennnaya whore. -prikazal it.

She began to unbutton tight belt, and after him his fly jeans guard, taking from them already erogirovanny member. She did not have time to take it to his mouth, the guy started hitting her in the face member. Then, abruptly pulling his hair, Vlad threw her head up and spat on her beautiful plump lips.
- Now you can start, and schlock, slut.

Taking in the mouth of his 18-inch cock, she began to move her head hard to take as much pleasure. man groaned, accompanying their every sound sharp twitch zoofilki hair and sometimes savory spit in the face. Before we finish, he pulled out his penis and semen erupted, smeared her face with his cock.
- Now a little rest and continued creation. And, yes, call me your master.
- Well, Mr. - Said the girl licking tion with sperm mixed with spittle. - Good for you, whore. - Again, pulling her hair, libertine said.

After a break, he ordered the girl to lie down on a sofa in a posture to which usually stretch themselves cats, and stood up next to her on the couch on her lap. Without further ado, he dropped his anchor to the end of its depth and with an increasing rate began to have a submissive slave to the anus, which has long been developed. Girls like the beginning of this treatment with it, and with a loud groan she nails dug into the sofa. Gradually, there was some special scheme dramatically drives up to the end, and as sharply fully displays, and so twice in a row, then a slightly lower speed inputs and no longer gets completely. Each was accompanied by a sharp entry savory blow to the already burning ass. And in the end, making a final push, he flooded her ass white substance. Vlad got off the girl and ordered Nastya come down and remain on the floor until his further notice. Lying on the couch, he came up with more and more perverse ways of having sex.
- Give me the keys to his office.
- They, along with all my clothes were in the stable, my Lord.
- Then, damn you, you're coming with me. More precisely popolzesh. - Caustic grin, remarked rapist.

The girl completely naked crawl like a dog in front of his tormentor, erasing knees in blood. When they arrived at the stables, the coach has found his keys, but no longer needed, close to the horse's saddle lay that guy wanted to take her in the office, beautiful black whip.
- Today I uplift you dirty bitch.

The girl's eyes widened in panic, imagining what a hell of a burning pain today feel her body.
They went back into the closet crazy guards. Nutty sat on the sofa and put across to the girl on his lap. First, he began to feel his hands to slap her ass and not delivering too much discomfort, but each time the blow was getting stronger, and soon it went longer arms and the hard horse whip. The girl screamed, in an attempt to escape from the hands of a pervert, for which he received this whip back. On the ass and back were bleeding a little swept away, t. To. The whip was not designed for thin human skin. Deciding that it's funny, Vlad shoved into the anus Nasty sharp edge of the whip and began to promote it further.
- You fucking bastard, enough already with izvraschenstvo! - I screamed the girl, being in despair.
- I have not punished you too much. -ubiystvenno calm for maniac voice he said soybeans will drive toy farther.

As abruptly and unceremoniously, he pulled out the whip and again hlystnul them on the ass. Then he decided to have fun with the girls pussy. Having turned her back, he began to penetrate her finger, and then clenched his fist and began pushing it deep into her vagina, extending its hole to epic proportions. At the bottom of her stomach could contemplate the hill testifying about finding the hand inside it.
- I want so much to photograph as I because of the honored coach and great athletes do the dirty filthy whore.
- It was not in persuasion, this is no one should know.
- Now I stop up your dirty mouth his shorts - with these words, he began to carry out his threat. She tried to fight back during the attempt of Vlad scratched face.
- Oh, you w creature !! - Growled the man, getting the girl and abruptly entering into it, and stuffing her panties into her mouth.

Now it is no longer resemble sex agreement, but rather some kind of violence. Her torture lasted for another 15 minutes after which the man had finished with her.
- Do not forget to drink contraceptives, lustful bitch!
- Oh, that I do not forget, yes, and everything else too. -podnimayas from the couch, the girl said. Immediately afterwards, she went to the stables for his clothes and went straight to the shower.

That night Nastia will remember for a lifetime, and never in her life, she will not even think about bestiality.

For that I fought for it and ran. Part 3

Vick looked at me, some appraising look, and said:

- Now what do you do budish?

I looked into her eyes and did not know what to say, I was in some kind of prostration to learn that my favorite fucked in three terms, and it is so exciting about this, all the details to me about it now says. I tore apart inside some hateful jealousy, and at the same time, I was very fond of his wife, I've always fantasized about what my darling beside me someone else fucks in various positions, proportions, and it is from this gets great pleasure, but I was not sure that this is what I wanted, because fantasy is a fantasy, but the reality is quite different. I threw a sliding glance at his wife, since her legs and ended up in her eyes, they were waiting for my answer.

Not intentionally, I stepped forward, embraced his wife and kissed her, grabbed her ass with his hands.

To which she pulled down my arms and took a step back, looking at me, drawing a smile on his face twisted again asked:

- You really want me to sleep with other men?

I was shocked how she knew about my fantasies, because I told her not to tell.

- What do you like it when I fuck Romka spontaneously or when they stretched me three?

She looked me straight in the eye, trying to catch my reaction to what was said.

- What do you mean, what are you talking about?

I tried to play the fool.

- Well, what is my fantasy you prefer, single sex or group?

Insistently asked Vic, frowning.

Again, I was shocked and thought, did she come up with this, but why? And why her pussy swollen and sperm from her?

- So what are you all up? But why? And where... ?

She did not let me finish, and says:

- Yes, it's my imagination, you fantasize, and want to make me sexwife?

Now I understand where she learned about my fantasies, she visited the forum, where just frank on the subject.

- It was a test of your reaction to my betrayal.

- But where did you get the sperm in the pussy and fuck who you today in this case?

That I could not understand, I have not heard even themselves entangled, where truth and fiction.

- Well, first I fucked me "our elder", and secondly it is not semen, fool, and vaginal gel.

"Our senior" - this is the first toy I bought a long time ago and remembered that when cleaned the toys, then it my eyes did not come across.

- So you're just masturbating? But why? You are not satisfied with sex with me?

I started from complexes.

She came to me gently hugged and kissed he said:

- I'm telling you, it was a test of your reaction. Suddenly, I will fulfill your imagination, and you throw me after that. Now I see what I wanted to see.

She slipped her hand into my pants and started my nadrachivat sticking out from overexcitement member.

- You've already figured out who appear in our bed?

She asked, slowly sinking to her knees and continued to masturbate with one hand a member, and the other pulls together his pants.

- I do not know, do not think about it!

- So I really do not think, and Oleg are you talking about there then spoke on the balcony?

Oleg is my druzhban from school, there are meeting then it is at home.

- Yes, we are on the subject did not speak with him, he asked how I persuaded you to anal sex, he wants his Anyutka in the ass, and she does not.

- Oh, and how did he know that I love in the ass? What are you guys still boaster.

Vic laughed and bared hand my foreskin, and looking me in the eye said:

- Well, now talk about this right?

- Oh, yeah baby how do you know how it is!

Excited I groaned from the fact that the head of my cock plunged into her mouth favorite. She began gently, gently pressing down the head to drive it in his mouth, clutching at my buttocks. From what has been said, I almost immediately began to finish. I grabbed her head and holding his nose hand second hand began to actively move her hips. How well she sucks my semen filled her mouth, but I did not take out his penis, waited until she swallows, and she swallowed, and then caressed his long tongue. I had never swallowed, trying to hurry to get rid of my seed.

Determined not to pigeonhole, I would hurry to talk to Oleg on the subject, so the next day called him and stunned him with his question:

- Hello my friend! You want to fuck my wife?

- What, then someone to fuck?

Oleg asked, pretending not to hear.

- My wife want?

- Are you mine?

What it is called here and talked. Interests are the same then you need to implement. I started this process immediately:

- The plan to do on the weekends? Can Makhno mountain Altai? Ahead after three days off, what do you say?

- Come on, of course!

In anticipation of said Oleg.

Well, that's the issue with the validity of the decision, which also decided, left the children to fuse grandmother.

In the evening, my wife and I say:

- Oleg offered me his Anyuta took during our holiday. Do you like to watch this situation?

- Well, I do not know.

- You just imagine, you can try different combinations. As?

- And Anna is aware of your fantasies?

- Well, if Oleg asked me for my consent, so in the course.

- Good, let's go, but we need to discuss all at once, that if someone does not like it all at once stop.

- That is great. I love you dear.

- And I love you.

The week flew immediately. Here he awaited Thursday, Friday fell Independence Day, we have agreed that we will go on the same machine, so much fun and economical. After dinner I was preparing for the start up to the house to take away the children to the mother and at the same time to throw things Druganov in the car. Well here we are in full readiness Oleg forward to our women, they have been at any minute drive from work. The street was the heat, unusual for the beginning of summer, and which corresponded to clothing. Oleg in flip flops and shorts, sticking out his own small Mamon, Vick looked at right, dressed in a short skirt and a top without a bra, which is clearly visible through the small nipples. I also Summer darker and larger in shorts and t-shirt kept an eye on Annie, that came out of the house and dragged a huge bag, she was also dressed in beach his short denim shorts and top and no bra, her breasts more than my nipples, that peeps through a light top.

- They have agreed that today!

Almost unanimously, we uttered with Oleg.

I ran up to her, smacking kiss on the cheek, grabbed the bag and helped to bring to the car. Oleg meanwhile helped Vick to stay in the front seat of his Pajero.

- Well, everybody ready?

I asked, seating Anya in the car. Vic turned around from the front seat, and screwing up his eyes, reached out to peck us with Anya and me playfully on the ear whispered:

- I forgot to wear panties.

I did not expect, to be honest, from her frank this kind, it is never so dressed all the time someone was embarrassed.

The road to the place we rented a house on the bank of the Katun, took about 7 hours. And all the while I kept thinking that now happen is what I dreamed of for so long. Oleg joked in front of all, what Vick openly poured into laughter. I laughed it off at first, too, chatting to Anyuta on abstract themes, and then I just wanted to sleep, and probably seasick both of us, because I felt Anyutkinu head on his shoulder.

I dreamed of approaching the cherished goal that Anya lowered my shorts began to caress my little brother. My cat without thinking, began to caress his hand between the legs of Oleg, thereby literally creating an emergency situation.

We had to drive about 200 km, but probably Oleg could not restrain himself, he saw a large lake, two kilometers from the right on the course, empty moor car in a deserted place.

While he was looking for a parking lot under the grueling torture my wife, I pulled the shorts with Anuta and smooth movement of the finger to train her clitoris, and she smacking and moaning sucking my drugana. I felt a finger her hot bosom and felt that it flows, it pisya was so wet that I was unable to restrain himself. She pulled off with the top I turned her to him sing and introduced slowly cock in her pussy, felt a pleasant humid heat, I quickened the pace. Seeing what is happening in the back seat, Vick placed his head between the wheel stomach Oleg and began a rapid pace to suck his cock, causing Oleg determined parking place sharp pressing foot on the brake. Seeing how Vic is pushed her pussy on a member drugana, I did not intentionally introduced forefinger Ana in the ass, she started to clean up my hand, but I still began insistently to fuck her pussy and here it has been poured into orgasm and relax the pelvic muscles, without thinking, I put his dick in her ass and gotovenkoe stop, slowly moving to the usual pace. She jumps and falls on his back, his legs high and frantically trying to insert my penis into her ass, action continues, I think, and insert the entire length. The car smelled of sex. I saw in front of Vic was standing behind cancer and Oleg rested dick in her pussy. On the street were audible groans of both male and female, high machine swinging well. And now I fill the priest's followers with his sperm, and she ends up, curled in the fetal position. Vick has reached a peak and pour their juice fountain seat, and Oleg, his friend did not make a long wait, already poured semen.

- Well, here we are!

He Said Oleg podrulivaya a small house right next to the river.

I abruptly opened his eyes from the loud voice of Oleg, and was stunned by the fact that all this time I was debauchery of his brain. The girls also jumped, I do not know what they dream, but they were also a little nervous, especially mine. The time is approaching midnight, so all the activities, it was decided to postpone for tomorrow, but tonight just relax. We scattered things about the rooms house collapsed on the bed.

- Expensive, as we drove I dreamed that!

Breathing deeply, she whispered in my ear, Vic.

- And what do you dream?

I looked surprised.

- Well, listen, just promise not to swear budish.

- Well, tell me, I'm all ears.

- I dreamed my first time!

I have long wanted to hear from her about it, but always ended up on the fact that it is supposedly already in the past. I have a dream dispelled and turned to his wife with a special curiosity began to listen.

On August heat was terrible, and my age, it was decided to celebrate on the river with friends. This was facilitated by the fact that my father had just left on a business trip, he gave me no whenever let go ashore overnight, but if it smelled of alcohol, then all would have ended badly for me. Friends also have gathered it was Sveta with her sister Eugenie, my cousin Natasha that still bitch and four guys Zhenya each with his brother Igor, Dima classmates and Vital. All were ready, and were only waiting for a visual signal. I collected two bags of food, and pulled her mother out of the nest egg liter bottle of brew, the girls also scored products, one that was, and the guys have downloaded the full cradle motorcycle firewood, as nights are cold, and sit all night by the river, well, where do without a tent. Since there was only one bike and was packed packed, we walked into our hiding place, good to go not far from the river runs right through the village.

And here we are at the point we collect with the girls at the table, if the tablecloth, on which everything was possible to name the table, and the boys - one practiced with campfire, others put up tents is light and sober. It all started innocently - swimming, having fun, drinking, eating, not until all pretty drunk. Then Natasha sitting near the fire and says:

- Well, I congratulate you with the sister of age, is now come the time of initiation!

I looked questioningly at her and asked:

- What is initiation?

But intuitively understand what she says, they are all with the exception of my classmates were already far from being virgins.

- What do you mean what? Do not pretend. It's time to make a woman out of the girls and the boys just ripe!

I looked around at the guys, and really seemed like they her words even more wound up.

- Can I first?

Dimka shouted.

- I'm next! It has long wanted to fuck you.

I do not keep us waiting Acne.

I was stunned by the outcome of such cases, I was thrown into the pot, and a frightened voice she said:

- Are you ohreneli? I'm not with anyone.

- You're one of us left the girl that we have long been great aunt! Bzdi not we all been there.

She tried to persuade me she asks.

And her sister, commanding voice shouted:

- Juli persuade her, she will receive a member in pleasure beeps and additives ask! Zhenya keep her with Igor!

And they are compliant cables grabbed me and knocked to the ground. Zhenya was holding my hand, just press them into the ground, and his brother's legs. I crawled up to me, my sister Natasha and began to pull off my jeans.

- Relax sestruha, and not be hurt!

- What are you doing? I'll tell dad everything. Let me go.

In a panic, I tried to escape, but all attempts were in vain, they held fast, but still Sveta took me a towel and covered her mouth. Natasha took off me last barrier in the form of panties commanded:

- Diman give her his sui eldu!

It is like an obedient puppy approached, he pulled out his, ready for battle, a member of the sharp thrust drove into my pussy. It was very painful, I tried to shout, but the gag in his mouth denied the opportunity to call for help, and we were far from the village, no one would have heard.

I felt within me that is exhausted and run down what is hot, the pain was endless, and it despite my moans continued to drive with all the dope into me his penis. His pace of this did not last long, he pulled out a cock and let my breasts semen clot, and his penis was covered in blood.

- Next! - Yelled bitch Natasha.

And I was approached by Vital, nadrachivaya your bolt. Why bolt? Yes, because his penis had a huge head. He tried to insert it in me, but it did not work it did not pass me. Then Natasha took him sending me CIMS and commanded the hand of a member of:

- Let's sharper, stronger ebite the hymen, razebite it as necessary!

And he's a strong push inside me, filling me with new pain, I did not understand how there can be a pleasure if I felt only pain. Well, that's me right obkonchal Acne on the face. Now they have changed Dima Vitali kept me and Zhenya and Igor turns fucked me, but still so long that I thought they would never finish.

I was lying on the ground, my pisya was covered in blood and badly hurt, all was stinking sperm, I was disgusted. And my friends as if nothing had happened continued to pour the remains of moonshine. I quite like her feet, dressed, and splayed legs went home crying from the fact that I have no more friends, as there is no one that can deprive me only beloved man.

- Now you know why I did not want to talk about it? And friends, I do not communicate? I was betrayed by my friends.

Sobbing, his wife said.

- Calm down, this is a thing of the past. You have another life other friends.

- You do not understand, I'm afraid to do it with our friends, all of a sudden, something goes wrong.

- Well, if you're in doubt, let's not start.

- No, I just do not want to change partners, I want you to caress me with Oleg, and then Anna.

- I think it is acceptable, tomorrow, talk to Oleg.

In anticipation of the next day could not sleep for a long time, pondering different variations on the following day, a cultural program planned and slept until the third hour.
I woke up in the first hour of the day. Wife was not at hand, the sun was beating through the open curtains directly in the eye, usually she likes to lie on the bed in the morning, and here I sleep longer than usual. He got up, stretched, washed, go outside, and then the girls we have already covered the clearing and sit about something talk. Oleg also still asleep, well, it can be understood, at the wheel of 7:00 exhausting. I went up to the second floor to Oleg, to talk about the upcoming, snoring was that probably all the roaches fled.

- Come on buddy!

He immediately jumped up as if somewhere slept, he saw me, collapsed back into bed.

- You're with Anna saying something?

- Well, actually she had long wanted, but she wants to start with foreplay, and then change partners.

- Vick wants to just two!

- About how! I, too, so your wish.

- Well, that's clogged, start with the foreplay, but we'll see.

The plan has been agreed, it is necessary for small, wait for the evening, a little podpoit girls and go to the bath.

In the morning after breakfast, we moved on a tour of the mountains and returned in time for the evening. The girls at the table again, rubbed, grilled skewers Oleg, while I stoked bathhouse - everything went according to plan.

Besides we rested in a nearby house, another company, one girl and two boys, all about the same age about 20 years. Total on the site were 4 cabins, a bathhouse, two large verandas and 4 small near each house.

Evening crept unnoticed. We are already pretty drunk, ate, natantsevalis - now we need to somehow liberate the girls, in fact for this purpose and needed a sauna.

- Well, let's go to the bath? And the street was already cool.

Zazyvayusche I said with a wink Oleg.

- Girls, you are ready, I'm going to spank you!

Supported Oleg and girls held hands.

- What are you going to spank us?

Laughing, Vic asked, Anja, supporting it, said, also laughing,

- Well, what men can still spank? Of course his wit.

Well, everyone is ready, and we are taking another beer, already undressed in the bath. Room is big enough about 4 * 6 meters, with a separate steam bath, a sink and a relaxation room, and for special extremists near the bath was still an inflatable pool. The steam bath is only loved Anna and I, so we went to warm her. My stay in the room of rest with Oleg. Alcohol, did their job, they were all relaxed and were bare without any problems. I grabbed his hand Anyutka, so brush a little touched her breasts, she unabashedly put her head on my shoulder and said:

- Do you think what they were doing?

- Sex of course! The more and we should do!

The bath was not very hot, I specifically did not sink much. I put his other hand on her breast and began to gently massage, focusing, standing nipples. She relaxed and wrapped his hand around my cock start to caress him, gradually lowering his head lower and kissing my breasts close to the groin. Breathing deeply, she began to kiss him, gently running his fingers every irregularity, every wreath, I point put his hand to her Rozochke and started gratify her clit. And she start moaning profusely allocate blurring, its own production. Suddenly the door opens and the steam room comes Vick, holding his hand erect body of Oleg.

- Can we join you, and then we together it boring?

Smiling asked Vic and then was on the shelf, otklyachila ass entrance opening for Oleg.

It was not so much a question as a call to action. Annie looked up from my cock and leaning against the wall start your own massage the already excited clitoris. I, meanwhile, was on his knees in front of Vika and passed the baton. I'm having seen, as Oleg already rests against its end pussy Vicki, very excited, and his head in his hands Vicki began to fuck her in the mouth with sharp movements hips. Oleg also did not lag behind and already more sweeping movements and the entire length of the penis into the vagina entered Vicki, from what she mumbling louder and whines. I am overwhelmed with feelings, wild excitement and jealousy intertwined in a single braid, and I could barely restrain myself not to come. Vick, freeing his mouth from my cock, moaned:

- Let's go into my back! Mm-m faster!

Now Oleg was downstairs, my wife planted it in one swift movement and grasping my hand member sent it to him in the ass.

- Yes, yes, come in the same already! - Arching her ass, she cried.

It was close to a powerful orgasm. And I told her it secured by entering a dick in her ass, which she poured on Oleg, and in the throes of orgasm froze in the same position.

- Mm-m as the same class! I want more. Boys do not stop.

We granted her wish, began furiously to fuck her even faster. I felt like through a thin partition in her Picea went member of Oleg, the excitement grew, the blood rushed to his head and shot a powerful sperm filled ass favorite, Oleg inertia also finished right in the pussy. Wick from this pressure warm liquid into her hole gave a loud cry and glaring in the chest Oleg nails start to finish:

- Oh-oh-oh, I can not m-th-th stop yes yes ah-ah-ah!

She came for a long time, although we did not produce frictions in it, but simply watched, writhing in pleasure, Vika.

- Boys you are super! But you still too early to give Anja also wants!

She knelt on the lower tier of the stick, began to caress the tongue an instrument of Oleg. From this my male stood like a stake. Annie was already on the way, I opened it to his ass and took his index finger gently penetrate her virgin anus. She did not resist grams, but rather the beginning of the hard podmahnuv ass moaning:

- Hoo and even more!

In this call, I could not refuse and neat movement propihnul penis in her very narrow ring.

- Oh-oh-oh how well, only slowly.

And I slow movements continued to deepen his penis into the narrow anal tunnel. Oleg was ready and stood in anticipation of penetration in his faithful. I put Anna on your number of top deploying her pussy forward. Comfortable position you can imagine, Oleg immediately went into Anna and sharp movements began to fuck her, that it led to the rapid orgasm. Yet every woman has an orgasm in different ways someone more emotional, some less. Anna moaned as you exhale, almost without making any sounds and throwing back at me, lying motionless. Oleg groaned and pumped his seed remains her vagina. Even though I was already pretty excited, especially seeing as mine, leaning on the breast of shelves, stands and crustaceans from its flesh oozing alien sperm, but I did not have frictions. Putting Anya on the shelves fast movements I began to catch up for lost time, leaving no trace of her virginity anus. And the coveted male urge made me moan loudly, releasing the entire discharge in developed Anyutkinu ass.

- Well, that's my friend her ass ready!

In these words we have completed this debauchery, was very good, jealousy somewhere disappeared, with only a pleasant feeling of achievement. We sat a little chat about abstract topics, not related to our intimate adventure.

The bath was a knock! We threw the sheets and I said:

- Come on!

The bath has passed the company that was resting in a nearby house, and as we roll up in the sheets and one of them asked:

- You will not be against if we go to get warm?

In fact, it turned out, that the bath is common, in the lounge could accommodate a large company. We looked at each other with each other, they were all drunk, in the persistent influence of alcohol and excitement, not to see the faces of discontent and almost in unison said,

- Oh sure!

- Come on, the place is enough for everyone!

Picked Oleg.

Guys looked to be about 20 years, while their companion was older, about Vicki age. As it turned out later, they came to bring her on the way here, and as a result of love she has agreed to keep them company. It is not quite ugly face simpotnaya blonde, seemed painted, with long legs and slim figure, as far as I could make out through the sheet. Guys medium build, with good relief of the press about our growth. We do not even have time to meet them, they immediately went to the steam room.

- Anya went to warm ourselves, too! I have something cold!

Flirty said Vick and pulling the sheet went to the steam room:

- Boys, you do not mind?

- Go warmed, just look do not overheat.

With irony, said Oleg and wagged a finger.

We have a glass of dried and decided to also go, t. To. Girls did not go long.

I open the door and see one of the guys, being on the top shelf crustaceans fuck his companion. And our little girl lie on the back on the lower shelf priests to each other, and the second guy alternately caresses their swollen pussy, at that moment he licked Anyutkinogo Pusic, and my simple lay, spreading hips and your fingers twitching klitorok. Alcohol and the previous action has impact on our behavior, we were all pretty excited.

- What are you lying idle? The guy over there to work, and you're lying pussy fingering, help him!

I do not expect that I could say so. Vick looked at me with a questioning look, and saw that I was not joking, got up from the shelf and approached the guy standing body. His cock was a stake and a little throbbing with desire to bury in chyu-nibud pussy, he can for a few centimes longer our own, but the thickness of the trunk commands respect, and the head was just huge, it was placed koe-kak Vicki in the mouth, which hurried obediently perform my team.

Oleg was attached to the mouth of its halves, and I went back to Vick as it was warm and humid, just an incubator of some kind, it flowed with excitement and desire to fuck her good and our goals and desires coincide with the new company. Vick broke away from his business whispered to the guy:

- Come enter me I'm burning with desire!

The guy looked up obediently by Anyutkinoy pussy and gave it to the owner, and hastened to fulfill the desire. I took his place at the mouth of his little wife, seeing his cock already ran into a swollen jaw and sochivshiesya pussy and slowly drowning out there, I immediately terminated. And he continued to drive his naboldazhnik during wet fold of my wife, from which she gently poskulivat. And from an impending wave excitation itself is placed on his penis, sending the priest for a meeting and issue already predorgazmennogo moans.

- Mm-m, ah ... do not stop!

I saw how it ends directed his penis, which already was again ready for battle, in the mouth of our stranger. The second man moaning in ecstasy and filled pussy stranger merged in oral intimacy with Vika. She carefully began to lick it, get rid of the remnants of Semin she planted on top of the first member of a Man, opening access to trained ass. He was not thinking accepted the invitation, and the entire length of his cock entered her ass. Hear exciting groans Vick, I could not participate, exposing his erect penis to her face began his nadrachivat. She fucked up with the pace began to caress it as it is able.

Her self-esteem at that time rolls over, it simultaneously took three members, it was desirable, and this gave even more exciting effect. She came and ends from constant onslaught on her erogenous zones. Guys otebali it is good that move independently, it could not or did not want to. Fucking failed, we still Oleg blonde sex. What's the name of our uninvited guests, we have not found out the next morning while we were still asleep, they had already left. Maybe it's for the best - just casual sex without any attachments is super. We've all got a lot of pleasure, with Vick am making minetik said that she liked it very much and she wants to continue such adventures.

But me, I had some questions in mind: What if I want to continue? Goal reached, or is just the beginning? What's next? My wife is now Sexwife?

Continued: What fought for it and ran. Part 2

Notes from the site. A trip to Vietnam. Part 8

Passing the sleeping bungalow, we went to the beach in the dark sighed ocean nakatyvaya waves on the beach ... You stood on her toes and her arms around my neck, he clung to his lips. I caught you and held her lifted ... nipples dug into my chest. I picked up the soft silk of her dress and gently removed it. You slipped out of the stocking as snakeskin, and I took off his shirt, already pulling off jeans ..

The water was surprisingly warm ... she gently took an inflamed our bodies, and we could not break away from each other. Lips dug, passionately demanding caresses, his hands caressing, stroking and squeezing ... the silent stars looked down on our madness ..

Soft night enveloped, hidden from prying eyes, and the waves caressing the body, whispering something tender, fabulously exciting. You easily kept me in a slightly shimmering water, and then let go, stroking the body of his hands, kissing her lips for a long time, with pleasure, like drinking from a spring, and could not drink. And I, you throwing his legs, reciprocated, pressed against his body, feeling your heartbeat excited. Incoming waves gently swaying body, this friction, touch, movement one more excited about the other, fueled the already not a little desire. I felt like standing member of the head Regarding the halves of the priests, the sponge, lightly pushing them teasing, like right now will, and once again slipped, and I froze for a moment, in a passionate lust, and barely audibly sighed in disappointment when he continued his unhurried motion by the pope at the crotch.


Picking up your hips weightless in the water body, I summarized the intense excitement member to the open flower, and you felt his touch, would become a sticking sit down on the lingam.

The water seems to be easier, but the grease washed off immediately, and slip inside was tight, tight, almost painful, but extremely enjoyable! From new experiences dizzy, I held fast to your shoulders, and moved up and down, chest then show up on the surface of the water, then disappeared again, and pop circles disperse water from passionate movements. I threw back her head, closed her eyes and listened only to what is going on inside, you kiss me there, and how sweet it fades from the body, both inside wave after wave of increasingly rolls, forced to move faster. Low moan escapes through the mouth and the words. tender words of love

It was like a fairy tale ... your legs wound around my waist and you leaned lay on the water, and I went in and was part of you, holding the buttocks ... ... time stood still and wanted this fairy tale did not end ..

I felt like I was every cell inside feel you, even the beating of a wreath on it, I let him in, and then pinched the muscles, hold, preventing exit completely, and pleasure rising in me like water in a vessel, slowly but surely filling me happy , desire, tenderness and love. It has been overwhelmed with the head ... the last glimmer of consciousness, when still feel where you are ... and all swam inside hot breathed for a second squeezing everything and then splashed heavily, forcing screaming and beating bend in your hands !!!

I gripped the hips, beating your body and short bursts splashed in you his seed ... moans of passion went out in the waves ... Here is one of them covered us with his head ... rebounding feet from the bottom, I pushed you to the surface. .. and after he emerged.

Choking whether passion, or water, I coughed, breathed heavily and again threw her arms neck, clinging to the body of his beloved, in my mouth and your ear ... only the waves and the silence you know what I said at this point, I whispered, touching the ear with his lips, still excitedly breathing, trembling, after all ...

I caught you in his arms and walked quickly to the shore, until we are covered next wave ... you tightly hugged my neck and I felt like pounding your heart ... that's a long-awaited shore impotent waves of foam fall at my feet, washing away footprints..

I cover I dress casually picking up the rest, smile ... you are both wet and disheveled. Well, that is my husband? go to relax?

Yes, dear, but tomorrow we will go to Hon Tam, we sunbathe, swim, fly on a parachute and jet skis.

as new !!! I got into a story with you!



My fairy tale is you!

Continued: Notes from the site. A trip to Vietnam. Part 7

Through the Looking Glass. Part 2

Anya, relaxed, lying on the tentacles. On it he has rolled drowsiness and she allowed herself to dive into the dermis. Through half-sleep she felt it slightly and raise their swaddled in organic membrane. The legs were raised and pressed against the chest. Then something big and tubal uhayuschee somewhere it has incurred. The road was short-lived, a couple of minutes it was put in a cell-like honeycomb with bees. She woke up as her back bore. Through the raised edge of the veil she was surprised to see that her body became almost transparent. Blood also became translucent and whitish. In general, it is not looked terrible, but rather strange.

- Boozhe, in that I turn? It is one of those things? - She thought wistfully.

She glanced at the creature that it carried. It was like a giant polunasekome-poluzemnovodnoe of the popular computer game. - Except segmented paws were available and tentacles. They laid her on a sort of gutter, among other cocoons, and it remains only to wait. A few minutes later she slipped ahead with octopus lying on through the partition and saw another injector with loose eye on the walls around. Hands-up grips around the cocoon and opened by lifting it from below.

Anna saw how it brought to eregenenirovannym spikes that sank. A couple of times to move, and making sure that they are where they need to become to erupt into being. Whitish liquid flowed into the cavity of the first hole and flowed into a small pocket inside. There where a girl was supposed anus was clogged with egg suspension on the palms of couples depth. The upper opening of the tentacle went down after a process and clogged the bag with a whitish liquid.

- It is fertilization? - Anya thought in horror. She tried to pull, but to no avail. Cocoon hooted down and brought up her. She could only feel helpless, as the bottom between the buttocks walked claw chiseling cocoon and it was raised up to the booty of the ovipositor.

- I can not be plugged with butt! - She thought in horror and forcefully squeezed sphincter. The first process Greased slid smoothly into the vagina and gently began to crawl there. Second, having rested in the anus clamped, still moved to one side.

- Carried ... - Anya thought. But it was not there. To her buttocks touched the tentacle and painful streknulo it directly into a ring of muscles. Almost immediately she felt numb and I realized that does not control the entrance to the ass. Injector again pressed against the backside and stared at him. A minute later he finally fell inside. And only gentle pressure behind the vagina made it clear that it is quite deep stepped inside. Then there was discomfort when the egg is penetrated deep into the rectum. Nothing pleasant so she did not feel. A tentacle came after it bryznuvshey sperm and sealed the entrance to the uterus.

Its cocoon boomed down the same creature again drifted it into the cell, revealing the sight of this, and taking off her veil. Anya looked clear your stomach. As she had anticipated, egg took a turn for the rectum, and sealed it. The uterus splashed sperm. From the perspectives of hanging around here and bear it all, it really depressed.

And hungry. She got out of the cell and went in search of a local canteen - because she was not alone here. Soon she found a place dinner. The wall sticking familiar processes, to which were attached the tadpoles. They eagerly swallowed them into his mouth and milked long muscular mouth opening. Those splashed translucent liquid it in the stomach. Part of it reaches the intestines nourish the egg. Well, clearly. Leaving from her gut long there will be nothing. Brazen shoving one of them that stretched to the nipple, she sat on his haunches in front of the nipple. And here she was again unpleasantly surprised. The nipple should have a long time to stimulate the muscle to ring the entire length. But it has been long in half palm.

Anya took in his mouth what fit and started sucking, sipping condensed palm of the other part. But the biological mechanism is not satisfied. Five minutes later, quietly rugnuvshis, she began to push him in the throat. Tormented with retching she began to fuck herself in the mouth appendage until he ejaculated into her stomach portion of the nutrient liquid. Hardly not blevanuv, the girl returned to her. In a way it has rolled drowsiness and she fell face down to his cell. Waking up, she again felt hungry. With a gloomy mood she went back to feeding nipples raspihat all began to push his throat tentacle. Throat ached terribly, pulled her to vomit, but it is full of determination, squelching saliva, repeatedly pushed forward and remove it from himself. When the liquid is sprayed, finally, it is the demon forces with the patient inside and outside, the neck and soon fell asleep beside.

Waking up in the cell, she scrambled to her feet. From a long sleep her body atrophied.
-Chert - Anya thought - it seems they are here only to eat and sleep. We need to find what the sender is powered.

On an empty stomach about an hour she wandered on organic corridor, watching the workers "beetle" waiting to see where it will stop to eat. Finally, she saw him squelching muzzle in the hollow. He waited until he was gone, she began to palm to shovel manure nutrient balances. She had a reddish tint, and it quickly saturated the giving, high energy. Further walk on maternity department issued her a new not very pleasant discovery. To exit had to pass the egg from the gut. The problem is that it was a virgin more chicken in it. And passed the size of a grapefruit. The decision came quickly. But she told herself for a long time.

- Anyway, my ass Khan - sooner or later - recognized the girl. She podcherpula little grease in the cell and typing a couple of fingers into the anus, slowly began to push himself inside, remembering where she had seen the appropriate processes. Make a plan, the first thing she went to the feeder. Vindictive grin, she rose shrimp from one of the tentacles and felt the tip.

He was resilient enough to overcome the sphincter. Clenching his hand at the bottom of it with the force encountered a tentacle. When he abruptly slipped into her, she gasped in pain. Yet ass without practice began to come into shape. He waited until the ache go away, she jumped out of his half, and then planted again. Now it has become good, even pleasant. She began to move actively sing, it soon filled the pleasant languor. However, the soft process poorly stimulated the uterus and had to put in pussy fingers. Soft cock slid into her ass, she zhmumurilas from overflowing excitement and pleasure. He finally splashed into the juice, but it is not yet finished. Releasing the pussy, she became increasingly move backwards until the vagina was not just whining with anticipation. Finally, she again plunged himself into the vagina fingers and roughly finished. The relaxed and contented it remained up backwards with tentacles in it.

Hunger woke her. - Well Thy mother! - I swore to himself a girl. She had forgotten about the hypnotic effect. Apparently it absorbed in the intestinal wall. She leaned forward, pulling himself with tentacles. Back ached terribly from bad posture for sleep. Somehow she warmed up poprobovla sphincter fingers. Three easy to have failed him. Gently stretch your, she went on. Scion was four centimeters thick, and her poor ass had to stretch even more.

Further, according to the plan it was the local flora. Fortified juice worker, teenager went to a kind of bush growing around the bend. He was one of a plurality of short thick stalks sticking out of the ground as succulents - that is budding. Long primerivayas, the girl began to break off less suitable. Thinking she had left two. Less - for pussies - more - ass.

- Uh, and now we drive around - quite thought Anna, throwing his leg over the truncated bush. Attach their holes from above, she summed up her hands shishkoobraznye processes to the anus and vagina. Then slowly it began to sit down on both at once. Let slippery as all around them with some pain were part of it. Pulling himself on a bush, she tried vhodohnuv gradually settle to rest his legs, that half-bent position a few minutes it was lowered. Cones painful rested both bottoms, but Anya biting her lip as she waited for enough stretch. Finally, the pain is almost gone, and the girl began to fidget impatiently. Pussy all burning with excitement and was bleeding lubricant. She lowered her head and watched with pleasure as the processes move stretching the flesh inside her body. But really jumping up and down she did not go because the big shot rubbed in, though pressed inside is much nicer. However, the excitement soon overpowered and she quickly began to rise and fall ramming themselves in both holes. When exploded inside a sweet pleasure, Anya howl had fallen to one side, losing control of himself. Unable to withstand the load, the base of shoots with cotton fractures, and it fell on its side with them inside. Anus eagerly compressed around a foreign object sweet filling it like pussy.

When she came to herself, then she reached for a plant in the vagina. It is relatively easy to come out of it, it is unpleasant, however, pass on the polished pimples. With ass things were different. The sphincter has closed, swallowing the lump. She made an effort in vain, trying to squeeze him out of himself, but went only a third. When she changed position, standing crustaceans, he again fell through advanced anus. Rugnuvshis, she began to try to pull it out, but it was useless.

- Hmm, probably it is necessary to trust the "Doctor" - Anya thought. She had seen the passage to the monster lishivshemu her virginity and inflated substance, making it translucent. Wincing she went to the entrance membrane. In addition probably it had something break type. None of the octopus he had not served.

- Euuu! - Anya handed. - Bobo! - She waved her hand and pointed to the stomach. Head to the roar came alive and looked at her.

Well, you see, a tree stump! - She cried and turned her back on revealing the buttocks. The monster growled again. She heard the rustle of approaching tentacles and froze with fear and anticipation. They gently slid between his legs, underarms and braided hips and chest. Gently embracing, they raised it in the air and put it to his head. Something moaning he took her by the ankles and spread his legs lifting them up. From the feeling that it is in the power of this monster Anya moaned softly, as much pussy throbbed spewing grease flows.

- And when I became so horny bitch? - She thought. She felt like the tentacles groped her ass, pushing the buttocks. - Who will be hurt - she realized. A pair of spatulas entered it and began to stretch the sphincter. It feels like it has become quite wide, before she whimpered in pain. Then there was plunged tentacle lubrication and seized suction cup on the edge of the bump caused her such trouble. When it came to half, Ani came intestinal spasm and hlyupnuv lump broke away from the suction cup slipped back. The monster growled irritably and Anna giggled. It was not so unpleasant. Again the tentacle gripping the plant and pulled out. At this point the girl deliberately squeezed ass pulling him back. The monster roared again dissatisfied. Anya smiled. She liked angry monster. Suppose that the price is not very comfortable feeling in the ass.

Monster tired to mess with it. He turned her face down and ass rested process thicker. Spatula out of it, and the tentacles became of her sphincter, grasping the tip cones. Inside, he was painfully Rusper her and rushed into the liquid. - Ohoho again enema - she winced. However, the egg did not give fill the entire colon and the tip of her began to swell like a balloon. She groaned in pain teeth. When it seemed that it would burst, tentacles sucked fluid along with the items themselves. Walking inside his sphincter pain erupted from the expansion of the girl began to cry.

"Doctor" turned her face up and purred compassionately holding a tentacle on the cheek, wiping away a tear.
- Well! What stared! - Said Anne tearfully. - With your orgasm! - And demanded lips opened with one hand and the other buttock. The monster growled according handing her a couple pupyrchatoy tentacles. That was meant for her pained priests seemed to look at is not suitable for development, and it became a push off his fingers showing a large girth.

- Sorry my ass - she thought - but I'm not here to entertain, should be thicker otherwise'll have to stay here for a long time. Tangle tentacles immediately extricated couple thicker. She decided that her pussy and let it be tougher, because leaning, she closed her eyes and clenched her jaw.

First, the priest was attacked. Tentacles around the hips pulled it into a thick, about six centimeters in diameter, the phallus. With transparency, her body has become apparent elasticity, it is only in her opinion the reason why it has not yet cracked the sphincter.

- OOOO! - Just squeezed his eyes bulging when Anya tentacles vmyali her vagina from behind.

- UHOUUU! - She moaned when narrowed vagina invaded second. Milled, soft pulse he began to stretch her there, moving forward.

First measured, then more and more, stretching it to the limit, the tentacles of steel with the strength to fuck young girl. Anja was moaning in pain and pleasure gritting his teeth and shedding a tear. Soon acted any relaxants and painkillers in the lubricant tentacles and suckers began rubbing her chest. Feeling slightly dim before his eyes swam circles. Finally her stomach exploded in a fantastic orgasm. For a while, tentacles remain inside, extending the sweet feeling of fullness. On it was rolled soft fatigue and Anne felt that her sleepy. Shortly into the bay guard arrived and took her into his prepleteniya tentacles. Falling asleep, she looked at a fat servant device that was hanging between his legs.

- That ... that ... that ... I recently ... ram - flashed through her mind.

Waking her began nervously. She immediately climbed fingers to check for excessive narrowing the anus. With a sigh of relief she pushed his fingers inside. However, more bones did not go. She sighed. Came the final torture, which will open the way to her next. Putting his hand boat and standing up she began to sing a different fill with mucus cell bottom inside for lubrication. Bay couple prigorshen, she squeezed nyvshy ass and went in search of a caretaker. Rather she needed was not quite it. She had podgadat when he goes to a special slot, which he popped his monstrous member for daily discharges. It drags behind him a couple of hours first breakfast or lunch, she watched as he carried the larvae on business. Periodically, she absently massaging fingers ass, not allowing true waste grease. Finally he went to the port to meet.

Easily beating him, she buried her between the wall folds placing your butt protruding just at the point where the hole was. It is easily passed her fist and she froze in horror, clutching pussy with one hand, and the other limbs fixed himself on the spot.

Muffled stomping, guard came over and growled with displeasure. He made several attempts to pull her away, but she stubbornly silent, clutching the folds.

- Come on! Fuck me here - Annie desperately whined, pushing ass and repeatedly squeeze the sphincter to relax and she saw in porn, so he opened wider. trickle flowed grease from it. Mostra hesitantly leaned forward, rested a thick dick in her back. She grabbed his head and pressed to the anus.

- Oyeee is now thought to be a girl when he pushed forward. It seems to fuck someone living fascinated him more. He grabbed her arms and tentacles, picking up and spitted on his penis. She screamed in pain, but he did not pay attention, roughly vtalkivaya her term. She looked down and saw that the vagina was simply flattened. He began frictions and the walls began to rub against each other. Member entered so deeply that straightened colon turn and ran into the egg. The stomach twisted in pain and pleasure is no minimum was not the pope. But vaginal wall decent rubbed against each other that distract her from the pain. In the end, the pain began to slowly recede and she roughly finished by tin dissolved into the vagina. Soon I finished and guard hoarse hissing and releasing about half a liter of sperm.

Gently lowering her to the ground, he went on business. Bursting into tears, Anne touched her anus torn to pieces. There was a gaping hole natural. Stroking her gently on the edges introduced to his fingers. Palm easily collapsed inward and she clenched her fist. He barely touched the stretched walls. It is easy to pull it out.

- Kakoooy nightmare - she moaned aloud. But it means and the end. She got up and went limp for a watchman. She watched as he pulled Octopussy and grabbed one of his arms with claws. Sharply having turned out, it is easy to break off it. He howled with indignation, but he did not do anything. With a knife in her hand, she went to the door, where waited almost ready to leave, has changed toward anthropomorphism tvaryushki. Going to one of them, she lay down on her side and put his hand into the anus. I curled up in the fetal position she became further introduce the hand until he found a small egg.

- Otherwise all the suffering in vain - If only it was not ingrained - Anya feared. Tinker with it squelch pulled it together with the jack She dragged him through the intestine to the exit.

- Wow! That's the feeling! - She closed her eyes from udolstviya. Hand perfectly massaged the uterus. Pulling brush it podnatuzhildas and squeezed with scraps ball mounts, more like a huge eggs than normal egg with shell.

- I wonder ... she thought, and re-introduced into the anus of a brush. Breathless with excitement and sensations neobchnyh she began massaging himself inside and quickly went into orgasm. - Already fisting ... what's next? - Immediately horrified girl. She stood up and gripped the knife in his hand. - If only for that was nothing - with fright she thought, and swung stabbed in the stomach Osmino claw. He screamed and tried to push her soft limbs.

- Heck! We had to cut his throat! - She realized. But there was no time to think. It has expanded and deepened the hole inside. Throwing knife in the direction she plunged into the incision with both hands and pulled out a large egg. Octopussy comes crying and she ran slipping away.

She hid in the far nest and heard screams and clatter of the guard. Soon they stopped and he heard chomping. It seems that without understanding, it simply gobbled up.

Sighing, she wipes her trophy. He was much thicker than her fist, but tapered upwards and was not solid and resilient. All of this was to facilitate insertion. Sighing, she fell on her knees holding an egg feet. Soorientirovatsya tip down, she sat on him and began to push in inside. Gritting his teeth from the tension and pain it has become a push in his anus. That springy but finally a sharp gust penetrated her. In the eyes again filled with tears. Egg bezzhalosno filled her intestines, clenching vagina. Stacked to the side, she began to push it inside. However, before reaching the turn further can not go.

- And so it has decided to come down and tried to get up. Egg sharply put pressure on the vagina, she gasped.

- And why not ... ... - she thought. Rising crustaceans, she began to squeeze and relax the muscles inside. Then she tried to squeeze a few fingers in the pussy. The walls with the strength of rubbing against each other, and soon it covered the painful orgasm.

- All right, it's time here - and decided she stood slowly, groaning from the thrill inside, toward the exit. Cautious looking into transportation room, she saw that there was no danger. Cross-legged, she settled into the capsule at the exit. When her turn came, a thin probe is slid, tickling in her anus and felt the egg. Then her braided organic membrane, and she slipped into obscurity.

Continued: Through the Looking Glass. Part 1

Victor and Carina. Part 5

Girls surrounded me, began to paw me. It touches me. They liked it. The girls smiled slyly. I noticed it. But I was fascinated by these girls. I understood that I was in a harem t-girls. I did not want to leave. But Marcela grabbed me by the hair. Seated on his lap. And she said:

- I'm Marcela. In a sign of love Kiss my dick.

- Good! - I muttered and kissed her head member.

- Girls are presented to you. And you kiss their members. Got it?

- Yes.

- Aurelia!

- Bellona!

- Venus!

- Grenier!

- Johanna!

- Isora!

- Lindrum!

- Peter!

- Electra!

- Very pleased with all of you have knowledge! - I said, and kissed the head of their members.

- Good! - Said Marcela and added. - Get up and go!

I wake up. We are going. Gone to the office of Fernanda. They passed it. Next to the cabinet door was a pimp. In it we went. We went down the stairs. Again door. In the door came. Marcela turned on the light. It was a basement. Then Marcela said:

- Take off your clothes and lie down on the examination table.

I undressed. Lay down in a chair. Feet put into the slots. Snapped the slots. Hands also put into the slots. These grooves also snapped the two locations. I was motionless. My body belonged to them. Marcela also put a gag in my mouth that I did not cry. She said:

- Will it hurt, so the gag in his mouth.

I blinked his eyes, making it clear that he understood everything. She continued:

- ABOUT! The pope sleeve! You knead your point?

In response, I nodded. He smiled. She looked my buttocks. She put me on a member of the chastity belt. He snapped the it. And said:

- How many times have you fucked in the ass? Blink your eyes.

I blinked three times. She liked my answer. She smiled again. She put her hands on the red latex gloves. I pulled the plug. Abundantly watered my point lubricant. This also means oiled gloves. Each finger. Then she asked:

- How many times have kneaded the ass?

Twice I blinked at her. And then she penetrated me in the ass the middle finger. It was nice. As the body was held languor. I went limp. She was operating in my ass with his finger. Grease helped to slide a finger. My sphincter reflexively clutched her finger. At this point, the second finger was introduced to me in the ass. Pain I have not yet felt. But my cock throbbing. I could not finish. Meshal chastity belt. Marcela continued to have my fingers in the ass. I rolled my eyes in pleasure. But the third part of the finger in the ass. It becomes painful to me, but not much. From pampering I groan. And Marcela saying: "like whores." I can hear her. And only a blink in response, agreeing with its conclusions. Already four fingers wielded in my pope. Painfully. I tolerate. The clock hands Marcela move the booty. I Mychu pleasure. Gets first orgasm, but can not finish. Obscure orgasm is obtained. The fifth finger in my ass. Marcela stops. Pours grease on the glove. Enter me in the ass. I open my eyes. And then I lose consciousness. What happens next, I do not see. But I feel. I point to the part of the fist. The inputs and outputs. So wild way Marcela my point has been developed. I come into itself. The hands of the pope is not. But the point is illuminated. Marcela lubricates my sphincter something. Getting cold. The pain goes away. The same grease lubricates her sleeve, but larger. Enters the plug in my ass. I do not feel pain. And then removes the gag and asks:

- What do you think?

- I like it. Now what?

- And now you get up from the chair. And you go to Fernanda's room.

- Without clothing?

- Yes.

- When can I take her?

- Once freed.

- I got it.

Marcela freed me. I got up from the chair. Fuck. But he could not go. The legs gave way. I fell. Then I crawled. At this moment Marcela wore on my neck collar with spikes. And the leash. I crept up the stairs. Marcela was behind. We climbed. I crawled in Fernanda's office. Fernanda had changed in that time. It is now been put on red shoes, pony, body latex red latex and red gloves. I admired Fernanda. And Marcela did report:

- Popa developed. He behaved during the development of anal quietly. Consciousness is lost when the five fingers were in his ass.

- Perfectly! You are free.

Marcela bowed and left. Fernanda came to me. She took me by the chin and ordered: "Open your mouth." I opened my mouth. And Fernanda in response to the execution of the order spat in my mouth. Then she added: "Swallow." I swallowed. It was disgusting. Then she pushed the bottom body. She took out a member. I ordered, "Suck". Her term was somewhere in the length of 25 cm. It was necessary to carry out her orders. He kissed her head member. And then she loaded up her dick in his mouth. But the full member is not entered. I came only half. And that was enough. Fernanda has been cruel to me. Put your hands on my head and began to stick my mouth on his penis. From my eyes tears flowed. But that did not stop Fernando. On the contrary, it impelled to action. She squeezed his fingers up my nose so I could not breathe, I continue to stick to his penis. I panted. The tears continued to flow. Suddenly I took out a member. I had time to breathe. And again he drove a riser in my mouth, holding my nose with his fingers. For his recklessness I had to pay a submission. Subjugation and humiliation I felt for the first time.

I myself did not notice that my cock stood up. Soon Fernanda ceased to humiliate me, removing the member. But this was not the end. Suddenly, a member of its stream flowed. It was urine. She made a golden rain. I had to catch her mouth warm stream of urine. For every mistake I have received a slap. Also suddenly it stopped golden rain. Fernanda then ordered: "Get up." I wake up. She was holding a chain with clips on the ends. These clamps are designed for nipples. And so it happened. Fernanda clips squeezed my nipples. It was painful. But I endured. Patience saved me. Suddenly she commanded: "On your knees." I performed the command. She pulled the sleeve of my priests. And she said: "Well developed ass." He took unexpectedly Fernanda lubricant in your hands. The contents of the tube inflicted on gloves and my hole. I felt a chill. Fernanda introduced as soon as three fingers in my point. Due to the fact that my ass was well designed, there was no pain. It was bliss. I closed my eyes with pleasure. The fourth finger was already in the pope. It was a little painful. But I endured. My cock stood. I wanted to masturbate.

But I touched his hand to the member as received on the arm, and heard the cry of Fernanda: "Do not even think about it." And here is the fifth finger entered me in the ass. I cried out in pain. Patient, his eyes closed. At this point, all hand came to me in the ass. Fernanda continued to wield his hand on my ass. From this fisting I soon finished. From my cock dripping onto the floor sperm. This is not seen Fernanda. She's making me fisting, slapped me on the buttocks. In this way, she was excited. Suddenly he pulled out a hand. He divorced his hands my buttocks. He spat on my hole. He introduced his penis. Fully introduced. And immediately I began to me to have. Hand in glove, which made Fernanda fisting, was in my mouth. I took one finger in his mouth and sucked. And since all five fingers sucked in turn. Second hand Fernanda grabbed me by the hair. He pulled her to him. He had me in the ass. I enjoy my submission. Then he pulled out a member. She lay down on the bed. Fingering a member. I climbed on the bed legs. He became a member of it. And slowly he began to sink to its members back to her. Here came the foreskin. I sighed. I passed up the middle. And here is the full member entered. Gave his ass to get used to, after sitting a little bit out on a limb. And then slowly I began to climb out on a limb, to sink to the member. Gradually increase the pace. My cock dangling between his legs. I groaned. Fernanda, when I jumped, pulled the chain from the clasps on my chest, what causes pain in the nipples. Hand compresses my penis and testicles, making me sick. And then she masturbate my cock.

As a result, my masturbation her hand I have done it on his chest and stomach. Has stopped. Nega was held. He continued to ride. Then Fernanda knocked me sideways. And I have continued. Suddenly Fernanda took a member of my priests. He began his knees on the bed. I knew it. And lay on his back. She spreads her legs. Fernanda penis drove me in the ass. Fully I entered its members. I keep my feet with his hands. He had me. I groaned. Suddenly he pulled out a member. Back sleeve introduced me in the ass. I have driven me out of bed. She sat on the edge of the bed. I began to masturbate his penis. I sucked on her eggs and had her in the ass with his fingers. "A lot of the same sperm gathered in her testes": I was thinking at that moment. At this point, the sperm of her members poured on my face. Sperm were many. Ejaculation stopped. Then I licked by order Fernanda sperm with its members. I swallowed it. Suddenly again from its members poured urine. I had to drink it. To swallow. Urine dripped down his chin. Dripping on the floor. Golden rain suddenly stopped. She took out a member. And patted me on the cheek, saying, "That's a whore. And I'll give you the name of the prostitute - Karina. Do you like the name? ". I replied with a nod. She smiled. And suddenly he shouted:

- Marcela!

- I'm here! - Shouted the girl entered.

- Now your whore Karina. Take it.

- I Got it.

Marcela grabbed my arm. And stole from Fernanda room. I turned my head and looked at Fernando. She sat in a chair. Hide member in your body. I waved goodbye and smiled. It led to his room, which was located on the second floor under the number "one". We entered the room.

Continued: Victor and Carina. Part 4

It's hot ... Snow ... January (New Year's). Part 2

- Yes Yes. Igor Drive up. Take Zhenya himself. Of course ... Here it is. - Anton finished talking on the phone, smiled, looked straight at my mother that something vigorously debated with Oleg sitting on his lap. Her breasts were right in front of his face, and such a situation is clearly happy with Oleg, and he barely restrained so as not to start caressing my mother's breasts.

- Yeah, Tanya, I just see you peretrahalas with all the men at work. - Oleg laughed.

- And you're in doubt, Olezhik? - Mom smiled. - We have all the idiots out there. I as an impregnable fortress for them, though of course, there are good guys, but then pinching at corporate parties did not get.

- Why is it so? I have not tried none of them? - Sergey asked.

- Serge, I you have not tried, but you're talking about these boobs, but one of them has a good set - Dimka of protection - through his pants touched. Just do not fuck me right next to the copier. Perhaps it's my ass in tight pants white seduced - by their very strong light panties. We then had lunch time. He came up from behind. I had no time to squeak, and he has my full-kneaded bread. He has such a strong hand. I tried to resist sluggish, and there is something such as weaving "Dima, what are you doing ... Stop. We can see, "But it is a little worried. He had unbuttoned her blouse to me. Kissing her neck began ... below ... then turned back to him, bent. My boobs right on the copier glass formed. Glass is a nice cold nipples tickled. He started with me and pull off the pants. I thought right there and fuck me. I'm all flowed and spread her legs wider and knee accidentally touched the trigger. Whack! And my boobs perfectly printed. He had already pulled my pants and pulled out his dick, but the room is simply bursting. That's how we broke off with him. But the picture of my boobs himself still took. No one would suspect us of something, but all the guys from the guard after the incident obscene always smiled when I passed through the checkpoint. I do not be surprised if there have so, and hangs photo of my buffer. Mmmm. - Mom reached.

- I started to plant. Shut up already. - She excitedly zaelozila Oleg lap.

- Tatiana, want to say size matters? - Light, already sitting in an embrace with Sergei Dmitrievich asked my mother watching her his brilliant eyes.

- Sveta, of course. It's an incredible feeling when you include a huge, hard, hot, covered with veins count ... I want to ... - Mom instinctively began to move her hips.

- Wow. Maybe we could go, retire, Tan? - Oleg put his hand on his mother's chest.

- But, but without arms, Olezhik! I'm still not ... - she could not finish her interrupted Sergey.

- That is not enough?

- Nothing. Lovelace You just do not get today. I'm not giving it. - Mom got up from his knees Oleg smiled and lightly slapped him on the head.

- Well, it will not work. - He protested. - We mean it everything and we have nothing! Although everything here is clear, Tan. Svetku shy. Here's what she says, thinks. It is understood all. I'm just an easy gruppovichek offer.

- Oleg, I did not hesitate, and come back to the conversation is not going. I've already said about it. God ... But I'm really excited. - Mom stretched like a cat and headed for the stairs.

- This is where you met? - Almost in unison the men asked.

- On the hunt. - With an enigmatic smile mother purred.

- They all died at the bottom. You do not have to try. - Oleg guffawed.

- Well, let's see! - Already over his shoulder, down the stairs, I threw mother.

- Oh, what a woman, yes Earrings? Here's how you can not want to fuck! And does not the same bitch. - Frustrated by Oleg he said.

- Well, how to say, it does not. - Anton looked at all to look conspiratorially.

- In terms of? What do you mean?

- Yes it was a few months ago. Anton liked the reaction of others to his words.

- Come on tell me. - Sergey, slapped his son on the back.

- What to tell. Stay the night in the kitchen with them, she and four of us boys. Booze - all cases. Well here it is ... and sold four of them and let it circle.

- Aye lad, Anton! My school. Here are the lucky! Come and we will attempt to happiness today. Perhaps you are lucky, just Tanya weak on the front end has become. - Oleg slapped his knees and started to get up.

All of the company also went down after her mother. Even Light. I discreetly as possible followed. nobody really did not live on the ground floor. Everyone was asleep. Carefully stepping over sleeping, I went to the bar and poured himself a vodka. Mom was not there. I saw the men. I poured it on the stack, and we quickly drank and said duty toast "For the New Year"

- Lech, and you have not seen my mom? - Casually I asked Sergey.

- No. Yes asleep, probably already.

- Well yes. And he can not sleep. - Anton grinned. And in confirmation of these words we heard the clatter of heels. It was my mother. She had put on her coat and went to the mirror in the hallway. Lipstick and her hair. Shuba was not very long, just above the knee. Imagine our surprise when we saw her mother dress, and saw only a black nylon. Is mom underneath nothing ?!

- Tanya, this is where you met? - Asked the astonished Oleg.

- Walking go. Walk, get some fresh air ... Along the route. - Mom turned to everybody and opened the floor coats. - Really, except for panties and stockings and transparent lace bra beneath it was nothing. Her sexy heavy breasts almost falling out of it. Quickly closing the coat and said, "How are you, Mary? But not yours! "And smile mother went to the street.

- Fucking. - Looking after her said Anton.

- No. No. Today, this bitch is ours. - Said a cut, Oleg and hurried to get dressed. All quickly rushed to the hanger. All seemed to have forgotten that I was her son, and not one of the stud. And apparently remembering me Oleg said. "Lech, do not be offended. We just will make sure that nothing happened to her, and then see that udumala. "- He laughed nervously. I said that in any case will go with them. After all she is my mother. Apparently, it's all upset.

- Okay, let's faster, until it went away. - Sergey already start the car.

I sat in the front seat, and Oleg and Anton on the back. Mom, we caught up in just a minute.

The headlights illuminated her silhouette. She was firm and confident gait rather quickly in the direction of the track. It was quite clear that she wanted to find it in this form. Having caught up with her Sergey slowed and Oleg opened the window whistled. - "Hey baby, how much per hour, you take? "- My mother did not even look at him and moved on.

- You do not have enough. Ride Home. - She said, without turning his head.

- Enough - enough. 5 cry Tan. Come on, eh? pobystrenkomu, straight in the back seat.

Mom stopped. "Oleg, I said everything. I am not kidding. Today, you do not fuck me. No offense, dear "- mother with compassion did not look it.

- As compensation, I suggest you to be my pimp. And the guys will type guards. Money, of course, divide, as is common - 80 percent of me, 20 you.

- To give! Come on hands. By what a pimp was not yet. - Oleg liked this idea.

- Okay. Let's get in the car - cold.

- Do not be me now someone warm.

- Well, sit down at least until track flip.

- A drink you have there?

- Offended. - Oleg like a magician pulled out a bottle of cognac jacket.

Mom, thinking for a moment, went to the car. Oleg jumped in a flash and submitting a mother's hand gallantly helped her climb into the black "Kruzak".

- Brrr. Well holodryga course. - Mom shivered. The machine has filled the smell of her perfume, alcohol and debauchery.
Her bright eyes and moist lips just crazy. She did not understand that in the front seat I was sitting - her son.
- Well, what do you want. One coat of minus 15 to pace along the street. Well, nothing right now drink brandy and immediately becomes warmer. - Oleg opened the bottle and with the words "For our beautiful lady" made a couple of sips and handed the bottle to my mother. She did not think twice and took a sip without even wincing, handed the bottle to Anton. Perhaps she was already very drunk, just 40 degree cognac she hardly felt. Although it has not changed much, the voice just became a little higher.

- By the way the coat I gave my beloved husband. From Greece. Very warm. Uh ... really hot it was. - Saying it undid her mother two top buttons open neck. The breast was not visible.

Endless night. My girl fucked. My mom pouring brandy from the bottle and going to fuck with someone on the track. From my mother awakened a wild desire to dissipate :? Or it was just a lot initially and did not see? As I asked myself these questions and looking at the lights of approaching the federal highway behind already in all laughed and drank. In the rearview mirror to be seen as Oleg and Anton started to touch my mother strongly tipsy. She feebly tried to resist them. "Mmm ... Boys, come on. I've still got a lot of work. "- All laughed out loud.

- Prior to joining you, we too flip. We are - then you than pay? - Oleg ran his hand under his coat mom.

- Oh! Cold hand! Oleg take away! - Mom jerked, but after a couple of seconds longer resisted and lightly closed her eyes.

- Stop ... - she already flew away from Anton affection between her legs, which made her mother breathed more and more deeply.

Oleg has already managed to undo his mother's coat and full-kneaded her massive tits.

- Guys, I beg you, do not. - Quietly whispered my mother.

- Tan, well enough for you. - Oleg has not weakened his head and began to lean heavily on his mother all his weight and kissing her neck and boundaries of my mother's defense, seemed already put - her hand began through his pants stroking member Anton, and her legs in black stockings and low boots stretched out and lay down just on the arm. And now the driver - Sergey free steering hand began to stroke the leg in Capron rising up to the level of the tibia kolenochki. All this I saw in the rearview zekralo - mum pleasure opened her mouth and closed her eyes - she was very sweet. The headlights of oncoming cars lit up her beautiful face and the light seemed sobered though mom. She abruptly closed her coat and alienated Oleg.

- So, that's enough. Dispersed like! - It is with indignation and smiled drunkenly. "Sergei, stop here. " - she said. We were already on the road.

- Tan, so we're not finished. - Oleg, annoyed looked at my mother. Apparently, he was sure of that now will pull it right here. In fact, the whole situation again reminded what that grotesque spectacle. Oleg - a longtime good friend of our family. I remembered him from school, with his son, we studied in parallel classes. We often gathered family and went to the barbecue and all knew him as a simple and good fat man who loves his family. His wife is a wonderful, quiet woman often helped her mother at work and they are periodically called up and talking on the debt. And now her husband was going to fuck my mother in the back seat of the jeep. And not only he wanted to plant it - father and son - Sergey and Anton, which in turn is going to make my cousin proposal. Hmm.

Sergei stopped on the roadside. "All right. I Went "Mom turned toward the door. Oleg reluctantly climbed out and let my mother.

- Maybe all the same I try? - He does not have any hope, and saying it smiled like a cat.

- Then, Olezhik! Another time somewhere in the future somehow another time sometime later.

- Well, okay! Come and play. - He slapped my mother's ass. It seemed that my mother liked it "I love you ozolochu, boss" and laughing mom went closer to the asphalt and began to wait for clientele. Oddly enough, but for the 5:30 am Christmas morning cars were quite a few. We went mainly taxis and trucks. For myself, I decided that if stop the van and go out, and will set it back to my mom. She's a grown woman, and she has the right to decide how to have fun and what to do, but to fuck her truckers could quite simply dangerous. Mom stood, wrapped in a fur coat and slightly exposed leg. He stopped the fourth or the fifth car in 15 meters away from us. Mom went toward her hips swaying and straightening hair. Lower the window, she leaned over and began to communicate with the driver. It was clear what they were talking. Car door opened, and my mother moved a couple of steps back and opened the floor showing their gorgeous coats forms and closed coat, nodded his head in our direction. From a small Ford came out strong man in a cap and a middle-aged man walked toward us.

- Heh. She took off her already someone bitch. - Anton smiled.

Oleg rolled down his window.

- Your, guys? How much bang will?

- $ 200 an hour, my friend! - Oleg instantly entered the role.

- Wow twisted! Although it is of course that it is worth it. Neto at me so much, guys. Come on 150?

- For 150 only sucks.

The man took out a crumpled $ 150 and handed them over to Oleg.

- About how! Not bad for a start. - Pleased Oleg put the money in his pocket.

A man strode to the happy mother, and exchanged a few words with her, took her by the waist and led her to the right door of the machine. He leaned against the door and began to unbutton his jeans. Mom began to slowly descend in front of him on his knees in the snow. Included size and light lamps were enough to see it all perfectly. My mother brushed her hair to one side, so that they do not interfere with her suck. The man threw out his penis. Mum licking the tip, she took his hand and started lightly podrachivat. The peasant was a notable riser. After a few moments she had her lips wrapped around his prick. And almost all the member disappeared into her mouth. Continuing to move the hand, like a mother, a professional minetchitsa processed his client. Mom sucked, though the chain has broken, like the rest of the evening waiting to suck someone. We seemed to have heard even smacking us in the car, where there was a deathly silence. Mum continued to do blow job to his client. The man put his hand on her head by adjusting its rate of extraction. My cock was ready to burst from the strain, despite the fact that it was my mother. The face of sexual desire has long been erased, and only the remains of morality restrained me from incest.

My mother looked up from his cock and looking up at him, said something to him. The man opened the back door, passing his mother reached forward after her.

- Hey, it's already too much. He did not pay for it. - Oleg rebelled.

- Sit down already. You know she decides who and how to fuck her. - Sighed resignedly Sergey.

Seconds 30 passenger car sat down a little wiggle.

- Already I planted it. Look how jumps, bitch ...

And really - my mother's fingernails dug into the rear headrest and the lights of oncoming cars headlights allow us to see the silhouette of my mother with disheveled hair and her movements on his penis up and down. All this looked wildly sexy. Some totally random guy pulled my mother in the back seat of the car for the money. The machine has full-swinging, and we even through the soundproofing deaf hear two cars postanyvanie mother. In front of the car was a real fucking my mom.

- I'm just here to masturbate start! - Oleg through his pants rubbed his penis.

- Yes, be patient. I think it will not last long. - And in confirmation of the words of Sergei Dmitrievich opened the door "Ford" and swaying, straightening his coat and his hair was a mother to us. Behind her came a man buttoning his jeans and ran to sit behind the wheel.

- I think he took something that did not pay for. - Said Oleg displeasure bringing lighters to the fire of my mother's cigarettes.
- Do not grumble, Olezhik. That catch. - And my mom threw him something. - He said it was the most precious thing he has. Like gold.

- Seems Yes. About 3 thousand are green. - She said Oleg examining a gold watch.

- Similarly, gold. He also said that he loved me and called marriage. - Mom laughed loudly. - What did you guys are stupid.

- Yes, good watch. - Summed Oleg.

- Well, Olezhik, I told you that you ozolochu. - Mama's eyes like two bright torch looked at passing cars ...

- About the new customer. - Mom was finishing a cigarette quickly seeing as driving up the car turned on the blinker.

- Or customers. - Added Anton. It was a vehicle, if more precisely the simple suburban bus.

From it came two young men. Each color was wearing Christmas hat and all sorts of Christmas decorations such as tinsel. They were very cheerful and cheerful mood. They were 17-19 years each. Very young - probably students. One of them was carrying an open bottle of champagne already.

- Hmm. I will fuck these two? So they are quite children. - Evaluating despite their mother said.

- There's still sitting carrier. And do not forget that you are a whore and should work with each and every one who pays. - Even a little aggressive muttered Oleg. Mom did not take offense at it, and even smiled. She liked her job.

- Happy New Year, beautiful! Not cold here?

- Come on we'll Warming. - Interrupting each other guys rattled.

- Boys and the mother does not zarugaet that walk so late? Go home already. - Mom said releasing smoke cigarettes and resting her foot on the machine.

- What are you, damn, does oherela? - He said the largest of them and has been intended to go to my mother, but opened the door and came out of her huge Oleg quickly cooled his ardor. He had the three phrases to precipitate this bull and the words "Let's go fuck, kids," he sent them back to the van. The guys have already gone walked away with bowed head, but my mother stopped them shout: "Wait, guys! Oleg well, why are you so. Boys just want to have fun ... "and he said this mother pushed her coat showing their stockings. One of the men quickly grabbed the back will have a chance to fuck this chick in New Year's Eve and started chattering "Yes, yes, of course just to have fun. You can not imagine how we are amazed of your beauty! Let me buy you champagne. New Year also! ", And said it all ran to her mother.

- Well, Olezhik! I told you! I love champagne. Treat me sweet. - Guy uncertainly brought the bottle to my mother's lips, which were already without lipstick after a blowjob and they stayed only contour pencil. Gently lift the bottle, boy watering my mother. It seemed all this lasted forever - simply softcore scene of a slow motion. But my mother did not have time to enjoy everything, and part of the champagne poured on her breasts and nipples. The guy just does not believe my eyes - in the twilight of smart woman with big tits, stockings, trying to shake off the drops of champagne with his chest. Naturally ohreneli all except my mother.

The first woke up the small guy and probably the most nimble:

- Oh, how are you so uncomfortable. Come soon to our car did not merznu. - He was already here and before we could blink like that Shustrik already taking mom led her around the waist to the minibus.

- Oleg, how can I refuse such a charming gentleman? - My mother said, turning to us.

Oleg was just beside himself with rage. Again he was in flight, and what the teens will have it in all the cracks!

One of the guys, quickly, looking at the reaction of Oleg, offered to go with them, "The men went with us. We in the midst of the hut fun. And vodka is. "

Oleg a second thought, agreed.

- Go? What can we do remain. - He was visibly amused, and a new perspective to fuck my mother he was very happy. I do not know why I will not be embarrassed. Or they were already in the region drunk or understand that it makes no sense to hold kindergarten stage and include the sons of jealousy. But the fact was that - my mother is going to a safe place in a minibus to the crowd of teenagers. And for that, it will pay the money.

Anton and Oleg rushed to the bus. Sergey has already managed to fall asleep and snoring hugging wheel. I decided to sit down with the driver. They found muzhichek with a mustache - a typical driver. He smiled good and offered me his hand: "Happy New Year! I call Peter. "

- Alexey. - I imagined.

- Oh, good woman. - Clicked his Peter, looking in the rearview mirror, where in plastic cups full of sparkling spilled. The noise and hubbub of fun quickly filled the cabin bus.

Mom was plastered on all sides - the five permanent members were ready for it. We went. We began to distribute toast new years old acquaintance. Joyful and loud laughter broke the bus. Mom was sitting between the two guys, which had just met. The mother began to address increasingly distributed vulgar jokes. Most likely, they did not hurt, but rather even more excited. We drove into the sleeping neighborhood with endless boxes of prefabricated high-rises. And in the bus interior, meanwhile, began divorce my mom's on the strip. However, she did not yield to persuasion.

- No. No. I told you, do not do anything for free. A striptease and even more so.

- Well, Tatiana. We are asking you! - Guys wail.

- Do not even persuade. The money will be - think about it. And do not even try. Pour the best champagne. - Mom immediately handed a full plastic cup with fizzy liquid.

- Tan, well, you want to get up for the sake of his knees! - 130 kg Oleg already started to fall to the ground bus. I doubt very much that he would stand up after that, but luckily for him my mother took pity on this crowd standing members.

- Okay, okay, Oleg. Do not. And then we'll then do not raise. And to be honest I really love to dance. - Having said that my mother smiled, handed the empty cup sitting next to her boyfriend and straightened coat, holding handrails went into the cabin end. Guys zagaldeli happily anticipating a show.

- Well, the music will be? - She said, holding the handrail from floor to ceiling, which is perfectly suited to the role of a stripper pole.

- Petrovich, let us music. - Shouted cage one of the guys.

- SchA all will. - Peter began flipping radio stations. I began to play a slow melody.

- ABOUT! Fine. Leave.

Mom heard the music start to shake your hips and move smoothly in time with the music. She teased the men then, turning his back and lifting the coat, showing us his round ass through which a narrow strip and a small a triangle on top were a thong, then opening his coat in front of us and a little, for a split second prispuskaya bra and showing us their nipples, which so It was good visible under her transparent bra. Guys simply stupefied by this erotic show. Mom like a professional stripper grabs pole foot, fell leaning on his back legs and pushing. Crazy New Year's Eve continued.

Music ended and my mother, making an elegant curtsy, went to the middle of the cabin. Men clapped furiously. Suddenly the car, ran over a pit, swing and much my mother, unable to resist, fell on his knees just the guys. Their palms immediately began to stroke my mother's body and eagerly pawing him. The hand of one of the boys fell right on her mother's crotch. Probably have to go anywhere do not have, and they fuck her right there. But surprisingly all my mother squeezed his legs and stood up abruptly.

- But what, it is! Do you think I can just fuck and everything? - She looked indignantly at all. What is she talking about? Apparently it was completely drunk. Naturally vryatli someone wanted to carry on with her intimate conversations. But there was an option that she simply refuses all and this will all end. Quickly feel it in her tone the most nimble of them instantly took her
by the arm and sat next to him showering compliments from head to head. My mother began to breathe a little calmer and more relaxed. The guy was a very witty sense of humor and his mother amused. She was laughing with his jokes and even removed his hand from his knee. Ice yet started. All the men exhaled.

The car stopped. We finally arrived. Everyone came out of the van. Before us rose the huge sixteen-panel - just in these homes, in rented apartments we have at the Institute ukurivalis and reveled in the trash. Imagining that we are there now waiting for my heart pounding from the duality of feelings - whether I worry about my mother, or I would want that these kids are massive and the vyebli its fullest. Mom immediately surrounded on all sides, and led to the entrance. I had the idea to go to her and talk to the closure of all of this, but I did not have time to blink an eye as we were in the apartment. It was a typical student's hut. I went there last. A pile of shoes in the hallway can not accurately determine the amount of people there. But, given that we already had 6 people, at least 10 exactly was there. I went into the room, there was a festive table with the remains of food - half-eaten salad, mashed potatoes, chicken. Only vodka and champagne from alcohol. Rooms in the apartment was 2. I looked into the second communicating room, there were already sleeping 2 women and two men in one bed. My appearance even no one noticed - so everyone was passionate about her mother. She sat between Oleg and the shustriki. She took off her coat and was wearing someone else's robe - probably one of the mistresses of the apartment. I sat in the corner of a chair. My mother was a wonderful mood. His legs crossed, she listened to stories about the adventures of a student. Her glass was always full. Periodically uttered various toasts. On the beauty of mother. During her legs, breasts, eyes ... last toast was for her ass.

- Oh, well, flattered. - Mom did a little flushed and untied the belt of her dressing gown to breathe more freely.

- Yes, really, it's hot here. - With these words Oleg, I began to withdraw from the mother gown. Before all opened its heavy and massive chest translucent bra.

- Wow. Fresher and true. I go to the kitchen to have a smoke. - Mom stood up and in a sexual form went to the kitchen leaning against the wall. Passing the children each slapped her on the ass. She just smiled. Already out of the room, standing in the doorway, she threw the phrase "Who's with me?" And went to the kitchen.

Guys dramatically undermine the whole crowd rushed into the kitchen. I was left alone in the room. Tin ... My mother is now in the kitchen. Around her, men with 5 risers. It's not even just porn, it's some hardcore Gyeonggi-Beng. I walked over to the table and poured himself a vodka. Then another and another. I wanted to forget. The kitchen was noisy. I was sick, and I rushed to the toilet. The door to the kitchen was closed, but there was a frosted glass and could easily make out the silhouettes. Mom stood, leaning on the table and holding a cigarette in his hand. Beside her were men silhouettes. Voices were heard quite loudly.

- Well, Tan, agree on easy gruppovichek? - Oleg went on the offensive.

- Olezhik, well, where are you in such a hurry. We've got the whole day. I want more champagne.

Mom poured him instantly. I'm tired of all this, and I was very nauseated. In the toilet, I washed, and I let it out. His eyes were like red traffic lights. I looked at the clock. 7: 30 am. Then my phone rang. I called the father.

- Lёh, where are you? Mother with you? - Dad probably just woke up.

- Yes with me. All popes in order. Do not worry. We have our friends. Soon back.

- Do not rush too much, relax. We are still in the bathhouse's go. - The Pope has improved mood. Not really, he also decided to gulnut side.

By good I had to take my mother's hand and take her home, but in my mind creates a real mess - a mixture of sexual perversion and moralism adequate people. I reproached myself for everything that happens, but I could not help myself. However, I felt that disables and went into the room where slept two guys and two girls and lay down on the sofa free. The apartment was small, and since the door to the room was not closed, I could see everything that happens there. Sleep began to overcome me in the kitchen and the noise subsided. Maybe mom sucks already there at all. But the door to the kitchen opened. I heard my mother's cheerful and drunken laughter. She introduced the hands of the room one of the guys.

- Misha, you're my hero. Save me from these perverts. - Mom gently stroked his head. Misha chat with my mother in his arms I sat on the sofa.

- Tanya, you are my queen. I'll do anything for you. - The guy with the eyes faithful dog looked at her mother. Their lips have merged in a kiss. Misha's hand began to stroke my mother's legs from lace stockings down. Mom kissed him passionately. The room burst into the other men.

- So-so. We do not have time to blink as they are already licking. - Oleg Vikotorovich sat down right in front of them.

- Of course, Oleg. Misha real man. I took all. - Mom fingered his hair, and Misha smiled like an idiot.

- And who are we in your opinion. Do not men? Show proof? - Oleg began to stand up and unbutton his pants. The men laughed in unison.

- I understand that you and only you can show off bolts. - Mom started to get up from its knees Michael. - So, I'll get myself worthy of you. And it is not the size of dignity. I declare the auction! - Mom said it has entered the middle of the room and put the leg from under the robe.

- Oh shut up? Your bets, gentlemen? Misha will come to me to fix the rate.

- Tan, well enough, eh?

- Oleg, your bet? - Misha quickly entered the role. Oleg, laughed out loud

- One hundred rubles! - He said, looking away.

- Five hundred! - With a grin said Anton.

- Five hundred, accepted! Who is bigger? Woman, extra class, will give you an unforgettable experience. Please rate the piece. - Misha quickly entered the role and throwing floors mother gown showed all her charms. Mom liked this game, and she gladly posed for its customers.

- 2 pieces! - One small boy raised his two papers.

- 2000 rubles from low mister! - All together neighing after this phrase.

- 2000 rubles TIME! 2000 rubles TWO! Lord, what forms, our princess. What chest. - Misha, was unceremoniously and lowered my mother's bra. Mom's not something that is not hit him, but instead took her breasts in his hands and put them invitingly, but then returned the bra in place.

- Fuck you! 5000 give. Come with me! - Anton threw on the table five thousand dollar bill.

- Yes, what 5? Are you really? - Outraged Oleg. - A maximum of 4000.

- 5 thousand rubles TIME! 5 thousand rubles TWO! Lord, what ass, our women. At least 10 thousand. - He asked his mother to turn back. Her ass is slightly flushed with claps, but still looked very appetizing black thong. Michael slapped his mother and shook her buttocks invitingly. My mother broke groan. It is wildly excited.

- I'll bet you my watch! They cost 2000 bucks! - Oleg withdrew its Tissot.

- Bid accepted! - It seems that Mike found his calling the auction. He whispered something to my mother and she giggled playfully - So. 30 thousand rubles. The very high rate, gentlemen, but please note the lips and tongue. - Having said that Misha turned to my mother and my mother, dropping to her knees began to unbutton his jeans. All frozen in anticipation of the continuation. Mom took off his pants and started to suck in front of everyone. She closed her eyes and quite professionally done blowjob boyfriend, whom she met a couple of hours ago. Misha was just a huge bolt. Thick and covered with veins. Mom greedily sucked it with a loud smacking. They watched and rubbed his pants. Mom increased pace. A little Misha finished and would be right in the mother's mouth, but she stood up and wiped the corners of his mouth, and said, "Well, what? Who is the greatest? "She looked incredibly sexy. Blond hair, legs in stockings, bra translucent, smart hip, a narrow strip of panties wet pussy and grease residues on the corner of her mouth complementary way whores.

The room was complete silence. She broke her Misha:

- Guys, you all saw. It's just something! I am ready to give everything I have, in order to fuck her. - But he has no one listened as he spoke the small guy invited

mother to dance. They swayed in the rhythm of the music of the blue lights that came on TV. He paw ass mom running a hand just under the robe. Mom loved it. She smiled, looking down at him. They were joined by Anton - he went back to his mother, and his hands have caressed her crotch front. Oleg pushed the table from the couch and began to unbutton his pants. Man Lips front already caressed her mother's breast. She closed her eyes and pressed his head more to her boobs. Anton has lifted robe and pushing a finger thong went into her mother's pussy. She let out a deep groan. All the trio moved to the side of the sofa where his penis already nadrachival Oleg. His huge belly jerking movements of the brush. He moved, giving the mother to lie next to her head right next to him. At this time, he stared fiercely into her small lips. His hands full squeezed my mother's breasts. Looking up from my mother a kiss on the lips freed put his penis Anton. Mom, tongue caressed his prick took it into his mouth completely. Maxim (so-called small-scale) already removed the mother's panties and put his cock in her pussy and abruptly entered.

- Oooohh ... Yeah ... - Mom groaned, releasing his mouth dick Anton. As she waited for it until someone comes to her with his cock. Anton had already started moving her hips to meet my mother's mouth.

- Mmm ... Mmm ... More ... - Mama's legs in stockings were on the shoulders of Maxim. He quickly fucked mother. I have never seen such a shock speed. Mother's breasts twitched so quickly. Max licked her ankle and continued to fuck my mother.

- Ahhh ... Horoshooo. - This mature slut moaning and getting the wild fun of this mad sex. Anton would not let her catch her breath with his cock. Beside him stood and jerked open-mouthed Mike impatiently, when available, what a hole. Maxim is also still wildly fucked my mother. Misha stared at my mother's nipples and bending over him caressing tongue. Mom and sagged podmahivala Maxim. And now he was shouting loudly finished right in it. Mom did not have time to recover, as the powerful figure of Michael hanging over it. His big dick all the fluff into her. Mom cried aloud - "Ahhh ..." From this it scream woke up one of the guys who was sleeping on the bed in my room. He rubbed his eyes and apparently could not believe in what is happening in the next room. Four guy fuck languid unknown blonde in sexy lingerie. He started through the jeans to rub his penis. I seemed to have been a permanent risers. Meanwhile Misha fucked mom sharp, sweeping strokes under which shook her body. Mom bent and groaned even louder. Hips mothers were spread wide, she tosses a butt, meeting Man blows. Lips all moms also served Anton. And now he has taken with the feet on the sofa of his cock directly in the face of my mother. And he just starts to fuck my mother in her mouth. Her red nails digging into his buttocks and she pushes his hand into his side, as if wanted him deeper into the throat thrust his penis. Mom muffled mumbling. I began to worry that she simply suffocate from this deepest blowjob. Literally, a few seconds later, Anton made three or four convulsive shock in the mother's mouth and just collapsed on the floor next to the sofa. Mum greedily swallowing air, trying to catch his breath and moaned loudly. Beats Misha shook mom with even greater force seemed sofa just will not stand this jump. Mother lifted up his feet, clutching his legs back, and pushed the heels ass, letting stick deeper. Drawing hand on the seat back, Misha other hand stroked and squeezed full elastic thighs and Anton at this time squeezed mother's tits. Its soft member lying on her stomach, again began to twitch and strain. Oleg Vikotorvich apparently ended several times, just to masturbate together and are now quietly Kemar slightly snoring. Meanwhile, the guy who woke up in my room had already pulled out his penis and decisively went to the room. No one was surprised to see him. He silently walked over to the couch, closer to the face of my mother standing member, then holding his hand, and touched the shiny head of her parted lips. Mom opened her eyes, looked at him, opened her mouth a little wider, and put out his tongue, held them in vzdrognuvshey head. Guy turned her head to him and pressed his lips parted to the end. And my mother willingly opened her mouth, letting swollen head into it. The wet, smacking sounds were heard from her vagina and mouth. Mom sat up on one elbow, and she started to stick his head member

stranger. All Misha fucked her faster and faster. Her body shook, she frantically moved his hips, spreading them as widely as possible. After a couple of pushes Mike screamed and began to finish. He slowly climbed down from the mother and in its place quickly hurried Anton. He grabbed her hips and flipped. She released his mouth the mouth of the guy. Mom was now standing on all fours, caved in the back, she stuck out her ass. Anton, do not hesitate for a second, he threw his arms around her waist and started fucking with squelch thrusting trunk bathed in semen and vaginal juices. Huge mother's breast heaving and swinging freely. She bent and voluptuously moaned, leaning back. Looking up she lustfully looked at the stranger, and Maxim. Max was not taken aback and immediately took her mouth. She opened her mouth, wrapped her soft, warm lips to his Semi-rigid member. She smacked his lips, licking the head, strangled moan, deeply swallowing it. Her body still stronger bending of the shock Anton, she twisted ass and muffled moaning. Anton increased the tempo and exhaled loudly, pulled in another mummy portion of sperm. And then Max is the second time this fucking finished. He spewed streams of sperm directly into her mother's mouth. My mother tried to swallow, but do not have time, panting and thick streams splashing out between her lips, ran down his chin. She tried to get up from the sofa and is almost straightened on his knees as the unfamiliar man took the place of Anton and one short movement unfolded mother to his back and deftly bent at the waist. She did not even have time to gasp as the head of his cock began to enter the sex between her jaws. The guy drove a member of the full depth, forcing my mother to twitch like a fever. Misha, Anton and Max plucked its already sagging limbs and apparently realizing that nothing will come of wearing the pants went to the kitchen. A mother continued to fuck that type. He was very thin and spotty. About 18 years. Depends on my ass looked very massive compared to his truck. He got a taste and unceremoniously squeezed and slapped my mother's buttocks.

- Yeah ... Oohh ... more sweet! - Mom moaned and looked at him. She incubates its count. Apparently feeling that it fucks people who do not know, it gave her a wild pleasure. Mom liked the role of a street whore. The guys in the kitchen were laughing about something, and the room mom already pumped the boy sperm. She also rocked on his penis, when I woke up the second bald and full of guy who slept in the room where I was lying. I was disconnected when he took off his sweat pants in front of my mother's wet lips ...

I went into oblivion ... nonsense. I fall asleep. I woke up and went to sleep again. In short flashes of my awakening was a feast in the next room, heard the toasts and laughter ... Then again, my mother's groans. Time after time I fell into sleep, but could not find the strength to wake up.

I opened my eyes and looked out the window. The sun had already set. The sunset was very beautiful. To the surprise of the apartment was quiet. I was impatient to the toilet. On the floor, on the bed, on the couch - anywhere people sleep. Boys, girls. I knew some. Anton and Michael slept on the couch, and between them, a girl 17 years old Max was asleep at the table. Mama was nowhere in sight. Stepping over people, I came to the corridor. Through the frosted glass kitchen I saw a huge figure of Oleg. He stood leaning against the back wall. The door is not allowed to see everything that was going on, but the phrase Oleg "Yeah ... Tanya ... How do you cool suck!", Dispelled all doubts that there mother sucked him. I have nothing surprised and staggered, I went to the toilet. Having done everything and having washed, I felt dizzy. Based on the walls, I walked to the sofa on which slept. The kitchen has heard creaking furniture and postanyvaniya mom "Yeah ... Oleg ... Stronger ... horoshoya". Spanking and screams were heard louder Oleg had his way. I fell on the sofa, and passed out again. Waking up, I looked at my watch - 3: 08. It has been 2 January. In the next room talking quietly. I recognized my mother's voice. His head was buzzing, but I had to get up. At the table sat 5 people. Mom, Anton Oksana (my girlfriend), Misha and another man of about 40 whom I did not know. He was sitting right next to Oksana. This bitch is not even leads the eye and pretended to be happy to see me.

- Leshenka, hello! Son sit down to us. - My mother is not a bit surprised to see me. Her eyes just glowed from drinking alcohol. I shook hands with Michael and to the man, his name was Sergei. But what was their surprise when they realized that I was the son of the heifer, they fucked all last night and the day. They were fun and not too embarrassed this fact. My mother, too, was not shy about me. She has had no bra, no stockings. She sat in her robe that barely covered her huge buffer, just between Anton and Sergey.

- Earrings, pour it. - Bear nod to the peasant. In front of me put a glass of vodka. Everyone has been poured and we drank a toast to the new year.

- Tanya, and you always had such right? - Said Sergei mother.

- What? Serge, what do you mean? - Mom pretended not to understand what he means.

- This, that can give quite a stranger, and being more? - He smiled slyly.

- Oh come on you. I just really love to fuck. This is not a crime? I love and I can not help it. - Mom lit a cigarette.

- And how it all began? - Have I asked. That phrase that snapped me Mama just killed.

- Began? Hmm ... Lesh, do you remember when you were 5 years old you in kindergarten for the new year was a matinee? So ... I was on it you had a granddaughter ...

To be continued ...

Follow-up: It's hot ... Snow ... January (New Year)

Oh, this belief ... Part 3

A week later I went to see him. He took with him the flowers and cake. Faith has opened to me, I kissed her. He took off his shoes in the hallway and saw Oksana. She sat on the couch with Oleg. Both stood up to meet me. Oleg I shook his hand, he bowed slightly Oksana. Vera introduced me to her and said that everything is ready, you can set the table. Women fuss. Faith was in a bathrobe, Oksana in white transparent dress, rather short and wide. Breast she looked very appetizing, the dress clung to a small stomach, which gave her femininity. I liked her. We have only a few seconds looking at each other, and she lowered her eyes. I have hope that everything will be fine, and we'll be in bed with her.

Opened a desk in the middle of the room there and then it turned out to salads, sausages, fish, burgers, juices and brandy. They sat down, she said Oleg toast to the meeting, drank a glass and steel snack. Vera said that they were waiting for me, together with Oksana and had everything prepared. I proposed a toast to the women, beautiful and good housewives. They drank for a second. One began to relax, to get used. I glance at Oksana and noticed that she, too, is looking at me. It seems to be tacitly agreed that it was intended for me. Oleg, probably also built at her plans.

Under the pretext of helping in the kitchen Vera called me with him. I stared at her lips. She hugged me. She asked what I think about Oksana. I replied that I wanted it. She said that she had told her about me and about what the three of us are doing. She was stunned at first, but agreed to take part in it, if it will suit all. The men in her long gone, she wanted to fuck; easy to make and end a few times. This belief has long been known, they were a hundred years were familiar. Vera had a plan to go now with Oleg in the street, leaving us alone for an hour, and that I was not lost, and banged Oksana. I agreed. During our conversation, Vera was cutting the cake, boiled tea, and we're back in this room. Oleg Oksana talking about politics. Although I have a moment flashed the thought that catch them in his arms on the couch.

We drank tea with a cake, and Vera announced that it wants for dessert watermelon, near here selling. They met with Oleg, and said that they would return after half an hour, and left. We were alone. Oksana gathered to clear the table, but I said that you can move the table to one side, so as not to interfere, and then still sit down to eat. We took over the worktop and move it to the old place, closer to the window. And the chairs pushed under it. Both realized that the pull time and do not dare to approach. Finally we sat down on the sofa next to each other. What was needed was an excuse. I noticed on her right hand ring with a stone, said he was very nice. She raised her hand in front of him, turned it this way and that, said that it bought five years ago, and she also liked it immediately, could not resist. I took her hand in his to take a closer look. He began to stroke her fingers, back of his hand. She did not withdraw her hand. She lifted it to his lips and kissed it. She just spread her legs. I lowered my eyes. Dress ridden and I saw full thighs.

He put his hand on her leg and caressed. She gasped slightly and came up to me, kissed me on the cheek. I reached under her dress and touched the panties. Then he hugged her and to kiss on the mouth, long and passionately. She lifted the hem of her dress over and began to take off her. I took off my T-shirt and jeans. She hung the dress on a chair, took off her bra. Boob broke out with standing nipples. She pulled off her panties and lay down on the sofa. I was already naked, standing by a dick with a vengeance. We had to pay tribute to her pussy. I parted her legs. She shivered. Pussy was not shaved, black hair and soft. The vagina is fleshy and red. I stood clitoris. I began to lick it, suck. She spread her fingers labia, and I bit into the soft flesh. Pussy smelled nice, gentle. She shivered harder, I put two fingers inside and felt the phlegm. She has already finished. From this, my dick further pulled the bridle, and I lay down on it. Getting up, trying to stretch the vagina. To my surprise, there was even narrower than that of the Faith.

Although slippery and wet. Fuck her for about five minutes, she again finished. Finally I decided to hurry up the pace and finished in pussy. She began to squirm, shake your head and think again experienced an orgasm. I lay down beside him. She calmed down and we kissed. I stroked her body. Such responsive woman I have not been. Maybe she's not fucking long, so it often ends.

I do not know how much time passed, we did not notice this. Lay and talked about everything. She first thought that should come back home. She got up, took her clothes and went into the bath. I, too, got up, put on pants and shorts. The sofa noticed a spot of semen. The castle began to turn the key. I went to the door. Oleg came with Vera. They quickly assessed the situation, hear the sound of water and quietly congratulated me fix it. Oleg suffered huge watermelon in the kitchen. Faith rummaged in the linen closet, took a towel and T-shirt, knocked Oksana. That opened the door for her. I went to Oleg. He washed the watermelon and began to cut it into pieces. I have prepared four deep plates. He asked whether I do not mind if he poebet Oksana. I told him that one day he allowed me poebat Faith. So if Oksana will, then so be it.

We carried a watermelon into the room. Faith and Oksana came out of the bathroom wearing T-shirts and shorts. We Oleg bit stunned. Women who are satisfied with our response, and sat down to us on the couch. We were joking and laughing, eating watermelon. Vera said that, probably, and I want to sleep and Oleg Oksana on brand new. I replied that I had already tried and Oxana quite happy with the sample. And someone with whom to go to bed, you can decide with a coin. If the course is not against Oksana. That munching watermelon, laughed and said that since I decided to take this adventure, willing to do anything. And more. All nodded approvingly. Vera found a coin, said that if the eagle falls, it will start with me, if tails, with Oleg. I fell eagle. We ate more watermelon, spread out sofa and a bed. Vera said:
- Knights stripped ladies.

We were standing in the middle of the room, I sat down and took off her panties Vera. I kissed long been familiar to me slit. I got up and took a T-shirt. Oleg and Oksana were already naked, she masturbate his dick, and he paw pussy. I quickly undressed and Vera and lay on the bed. The second pair also fell. To begin with Faith sucked my dick. Then we took the position 69, sucked and get drunk on the full. Before going to the Faith and begin to fuck her, I looked at the sofa. Oksana sucking dick Oleg, and he writhed on the bed. To us it was turned backwards, and I saw her big ass and pussy on lohmatushku. Fucking show. Back swayed before his eyes. I put faith in rampant dick. She moaned. Although it was abundantly lubricated. Went Fucking. I have not looked at the sofa. Before my eyes was Vera's face, her eyes closed, as if screaming mouth. Tits jumping. She grabbed my arms and legs. Despite the great excitement, I lasted ten minutes and poured into her sperm. Under another couple sofa creaked. Vera and I turned to him. Oksana was cancer and Oleg fucked her from behind. Her eyes were open, and on the face played bliss. She shuddered from the tremors and breathing for a moment.
- Rather, look at this. Thank you I say - Faith whispered.

I stroked her back and ass. I, too, was good.

Oksana began to moan loudly. Requested: more, more ... She lifted her head up. Oleg began to fuck very quickly. It can be seen perevozbudilsya and could not finish. Faith waited for a half a minute, then got off the bed and went to him and began to stroke his ass. I have not seen the details, but it can still be captured and eggs. After a few movements, he stopped in Oksana and began to finish. Apparently the cause was another woman to whom he was not used, but very like her. Dick pussy and slipped out of the hung, has not yet fallen. Oksana lay on the sofa, spread-eagled.

Faith chuckled and went into the bath. Oleg went for it.
- How do you? - I asked Oksana.
- Everything is OK. With unaccustomed simple. You will be for me?
- Of course, the rest only.
- You are more gentle. And Oleg will stick.

Vera and Oleg came back and we went to Oksana. Climbed into the tub, I turned on the shower and began to pour on Oksana. She lathered her hands and began to clean the vagina from sperm. I laundered dick. She said she did not think so easily be with two men and a woman, and feel free to fuck. For a never noticed promiscuity and lust. Always shy expression of their feelings. And now suddenly burst. And like it.

I kissed her, she answered me. I took the dick and began to masturbate. Despite the fact that I have already finished twice, he again showed signs of life. And I'm still hoping poebat Oksana.

We have returned. Faith was in a T-shirt and no panties, Oleg shorts. We are also dressed with Oksana. Moved meals in the kitchen and there is a snack. Time was already eight o'clock. Then all went to bed and the woman began to suck us. I Oksana, Oleg Faith. When members came fully alert, we started to fuck our partners. In a variety of poses. Fucked for a long time, women have changed. Oksana asked me to fuck her in the ass. So she said. Hearing from her obscenity, I perked up even more, smeared her hole and put his saliva on the sly. The case has gone. I thought I would have, but it turned out like in pussy. But he finished abundant and juicy. Faith Oleg so not given. Afraid. He put her cancer and had finished. We were all close, relaxed and devastated. And I fell asleep, naked, without washing. Somewhere towards morning, I felt that was more spacious, got up and saw Vera and Oleg fucked on the couch. I went back to sleep and woke up in the final ten.

In the light room. Oksana Near awake. She approached me and we started kissing. I said I wanted to meet her, summoned to Moscow. She agreed, she is now a vacation, so come and meet. Faith came into the room called out to lunch. Oksana ahead of me and slipped into the bathroom. Faith was the clean bed. Start off the couch, then slyly he looked at me and straightened on the bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and said that until the clean up, suddenly come in handy.

We had breakfast and exchanged experiences. The next time you have promised to visit me. Faith offered me to track someone debit. To go fun. I expressed seditious thought, not a bad thing to both of them, and Vera and Oksana. The women laughed and answered that they agree, and Oleg will not interfere, since they will give to him. No sooner said than done. The three of us undressed and lay on the bed. I began to kiss both of them alternately. And they said to me, touched dick. I found myself at their feet and began to lick pussy. Despite the fact that the night was in the works and I fill fuck, like all over again. Pussy was soft and wet. So, next, hardly differed from one another. Finally I went to Faith, I began to fuck her. Oksana touched my ass and stroked his back. Then I moved to her, she put her legs on his shoulders and went back Fucking. I felt the approach of orgasm, put pressure and finished in hot pussy.

We lie down, I washed, dressed and went home.

Next Friday came to me Oksana. I stayed for three days. I gave her the keys to the apartment. She began to come to me often. Six months later we were married with her. At the wedding, there were many visitors. And, of course, Oleg and Vera. We met four of them even before the wedding, and then hoped to meet again. But on their wedding night we agreed to do without them.

Oksana did not like the little Oleg. She did not resist, give him without coaxing, may be because to support the company and did not differ from the Faith, which gave me. But it was evident that she was sleeping with him on the need for and joy without taking his affection.

Continued: Oh, this belief ... Part 2

Time travel. Part 6

I got out of the car. I entered the store. The store was empty. David was waiting for me in the car. He saw in the distance the half-open door. On the door was replaced by a sign to "Closed". I went on a beam of light. The door did not open. I looked through the crack. On the chair sat a beautiful girl. And I masturbate his penis. I understood - it was Julie. He knocked on the door jamb. Julie heard a knock, hid a member of the panties, and said:

- Come in!

- My name is Artem! - I walked into the office and sat down, he said. - Arrived at the request of Adele.

- Julia! Girlfriend Adele.

- Nice to meet you!

- And I'm glad to meet you! Rights was Adele.

- What was the rightness of Adele?

- She told me that you are beautiful and sexy guy.

- Adele! Noticed this is true!

- And I noticed - said Julia, sitting on the edge of the table, and added. - You're a nice guy.

- And you pretty t-girl! - I said, looking at her outfit: a red mini skirt, white blouse, and black high-heeled shoes.

Those were my last words. I saw a riser under the skirt. He began to kiss him. Julia was taken aback by my behavior. The hands I stroked her legs. Excitation Julia grew. And my excitement grew. My dick too, awoke and stood up. Eager for freedom. I secured the freedom of its members, opening his zipper on his pants. Fed member. I masturbate him. At this point, my Julie mini skirt raised. My eyes were opened pink panties string type. It is with great pleasure began to kiss the mound alluring. His teeth, I lowered with her thong. I saw her giant. I took her giant mouth. Sosa, the latest slut. I take a deep throat. Julia, his eyes closed, enjoying, emitting light moans. Suddenly I felt in his hair Julia's hands. I understand her intentions. Once Julia began to stick my mouth on his penis. I breathe through the nose. He stopped stroking his cock. Then Julia suddenly stopped abruptly mockery of my mouth. He has driven me from the chair. Sama sat on this chair. I knelt in front of her. Julia abruptly grabbed my head and pressed my face to his feet. I tongue began to lick her toes shoes. I suck the heels of her shoes. Lisa soles.

Then he took off his shoes with one leg. He took into his mouth her fingers. He sucks them. First one and then both. She is licking her soles. Then came the turn of the second leg. He took off his shoes. Foot sucking pollen, licking the soles. At that moment, Julie unbuttoned her blouse. Under the blouse was no bra. The hands Julia crumpling his chest. She caressed her nipples with your fingers. Suddenly Julia abruptly jerked me from the foot fetish. I kiss on the lips. While he is kissing, unbuttoned shirt, removing it from me. As she sat in the chair and wanker. I'm looking at it, he took off his shoes and socks removed. Then I took off my pants. At the request of Julia, I turned around itself, demonstrating its charms. Also, after that, at the request of Julia crouched on all fours ass to Julia. Julia slapped his hands on the buttocks. I scratched my back. And then abruptly he introduced his cock in my ass, still sitting in the chair. I cried out in surprise. Giant her completely entered me in the ass. It hurt, but I endured.

A member of my dangling between his legs. I was pleased. As my body ran goose. I screamed. Julie stood up at that moment, without removing a member of my priests. I continued to be rude and furiously. I groaned. Groaning and Akhal. Suddenly she stopped. I turned my head. And Julia kissed me. He pulled out a member. She lay down on the floor. I sucked dick. And then I sat her ass on her cock, holding his hands out his penis and testicles, starting to play the role of the rider. Rode. And my cock was. Julia with their hands masturbate my cock. Suddenly I felt the outcome. I got out of the penis. He sat down on his knees and opened his mouth. Julia got up quickly. He handed me his dick in my mouth. I take a deep throat. As a result of its rapid flow of sperm gushed into my mouth. I greedily swallowed her sperm. But part of the semen dripping down my chin and dripping on my chest. Finally ejaculation over. Julia took his dick out of my mouth. She kissed me on the lips. My cock was still standing. He then handed wanker Julia. Suddenly Julia sat on the edge of the table. I sat down on a chair. And two feet Julia masturbate my cock. Soon I rapidly finished right on Julie's legs. All I licked his sperm from her legs. Sperm on my chest, I rubbed. Then Julia said:

- Artem! You are super! For a long time I've been had man! Thank you!

- And you thank you Julie!

- And me for that?

- For the fact that I felt like a whore.

- Nonsense!

- By the way! I forgot parcel in cars. Oden and I'll go.

- Do not! Sending just an excuse to come to this store.

- To get acquainted.

- Exactly! By the way, Tom, I'm giving you a subscriber to the free purchase of goods in my store.

- Thank you!

- I'm sorry, Artyom! I need to work.

Julia dressed. I, too, was dressed. And then he said:

- See you!

- Till!

Out of the store. Passed in the car. He sat down in it. He was silent for a long time. Suddenly I asked David:

- Where do we go?

- We go to where you can relax away from prying eyes.

- Lake or river?

- No difference. I need to think things through.

- I understood you! Executable.

David started the car. Cars moved slowly forward. I thought. To ponder many things. Dive into the sea remembered. He recalled a meeting with Adele on the beach. Sex with maid Adele Adele and her friends. And David confidently led the cars in the right direction.

Continued: Time Travel. Part 5

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