Confusion is. Part 2

- Unfortunately, it does not turn to me ...
- What came to my sister? Or are you married and the house shrew - a wife and seven in the shops?
- I told you the passport showed - hesitated a new challenger.
- Sozhitelstvuesh Not yet registered?
- I have not tidied up there, he went to answer.
- I'll clean up, wash, poglazhu ...

- Yes, I like that is not ready ...
- And how do you imagine it, after the restaurant? In the car, or do you think that the invite to him.
- We could stay in a hotel for the night ....
- Go on, take off out the calf, - pointing to saunter lonely chick dress in the calling - I quipped - and thank you for showing fountains - I went home.
- Honey, wait, what's come over you?
- You do not recognize me, I'm the girl who came to you in the morning to the agency to get a job. Instead of working, that you offered me?
- I have a bad memory for faces, and now I understand why your appearance seemed so familiar ... So, I do not need more to write to you?
- And call too! - Sharply turning quickly stomped to the taxi stand, on how it was possible in my heels.


- A ride? - From the battered Ford leaned laughing muzzle.
- How many? - I called the address.
- Sit down, will agree, - opening the door, he said smiling brunette.

When we had gone about a hundred meters, the driver wrapped in a dark alley.
- And you do not look like a taxi driver - a little frightened, I asked. "Maniac or something?" - Flashed through my head.
- I'm not a taxi driver. I'm a maniac - a rapist. Shalt deliver voice - knock all his teeth, he has said evil maniac, vyrulivaya in a small woods and stops the engine - well otsossh maybe you anything and will not. All you bitches are! You only wealthy Give! A simple guy, horseradish podvernte! Of course, where did I get so much money? To such beauty as you fuck all my salary is not enough - philosophize "taxi driver", unbuttoning his pants.

It is why it does not open, apparently seized the castle. With the power of lightning jerk he finally managed to uncover its nature is not very impressive size.

- And maybe in something else? - I asked the victim in my face - maybe the size? Have you formed an inferiority complex due to the small size of your boyfriend? And you Maniace therefore, although the reason is quite different.

- Good to philosophize! Suck, come on! If otsossh bad, you get on eblu!
- Have you ever thought that someday will fall mazohitska who likes to receive "eblu"? That it gets. First, it is necessary to give at eblu, and then claim. And by the way, if you do not have a condom, you will not persuade me.

Maniac was just dumbfounded. I imagine how it looked from the outside: a guy with ripped jeans and vyvalennym member and talk with him, and the girl laughed.

- Oh, you bitch! Suck, come on! - Black abruptly threw his hand in my direction, striking out in the face of intractable knot. Bitch and I ducked, catching the hand of the oppressor, abruptly pulled it slightly up and forward as far as possible to closely space the machine. Then I struck a sharp, short putt on the nose offender back of his hand. Immediately gushing blood.

- You broke my arm - howled unfortunate maniac - and broke his nose!
- Just? Now, I'll rip out more eggs, and serve you a eunuch in the harem of some, not much squeezing the right hand of his nature, he threatened to "sacrifice".
- Come on, let go, it hurts! - Howled the victim.
We seem to have switched roles. Turning of the victims in the butchers, I even felt it a little bit, sorry.

- Get out of the car, I'll hand vpravlyu, it is not broken, and dislocated.
By doing, all right, as taught: RIGHT his hand and stopped up with cotton, which was in my purse, bleeding nose. We were back inside. Besides cotton, there turned out to be the condom. Clapped on member hapless geek, I raped him, not caring that he had finished or not.

The main thing is that I got a truly delightful pleasure. This to me has never been!
- Now take me home, the taxi driver - scornfully nasilnitsa.
Near the house, I threw him a hundred-dollar note.
- That's a lot - brunette surprised.
- This is payment for sexual services - I smiled.

Continued: confusion is. Part 1

Deal. Part 3

A month ago we discussed Marinko all our omissions. We decided to be together, waiting for our baby. His apartment I rented and moved to the girl. The only condition I was exposed - no alcohol in my diet except major holidays, but in small amounts. I was not against it, in the end, too, began to believe that to blame the damn green serpent, but I did not. Now we were in the car and rushed to the parents Marinka to announce his desire to become a lawful husband and wife. The trip was, in principle, not far away, but a couple of hours on the road it took. When the village was about 15 minutes away, I asked Marina:
- In your same wooden small house?
- Yes, a couple of rooms and a kitchen, but what matter?
- We will stay in the village for three days, and even really can not have sex - sadly I stated.
- Pereterpit, you're my insatiable, - cut Marinka and smiled.
- Well Marin, well, maybe even before the abstinence in the mouth in a hurry? - I started to moan, because three days without sex really was torture for me, at that time, as my fiancee easily bore the burden. Different temperaments, what can you do.
- Yeah, well right now. You're on the way to the toilet go, and I pull his mouth, well, I do not.
- Marin, I have it now mineralochki rinse, do not let the young body to die - I began to beg.

Surprisingly she still agreed, we slowed down on the side of the highway, I got out of the car and began to pour from the bottle to your genital organ, trying to eliminate odors and tastes. Marinka turned on the radio and from loudspeakers flowed old hits. It seems to be something out of the eighties. I returned to the car, pulled back the passenger seat, sat back and waited.
- Look, the king found a pancake, even if he unzipped his pants and took off - Marinka muttered, but she undid my belt, a button and a zipper on his jeans and pulled them up to his knees. Just sniffed disdainfully head, pushed the skin and gently licked the head. Apparently my girl the result satisfied, because she pulled the head in his mouth and tongue start to rotate in the frenulum area. One hand gently crumpling eggs, and the second corrected constantly decaying hair. On the radio at this time I began to play a song performed Agutin "Stronger hold the driver behind the wheel." I closed my eyes and gave pleasure. Experience blowjob in Marinka was a little, but it sucked, squeezed issued Eight language. Pretty soon I began to come to a logical conclusion. But to finish in the mouth Marinka never allowed, disdain. So I whispered to her:
- Now, I have now ..

However, if the woman is usually pulled out a member of his mouth and his hand dodaivala his palm on the chest or on my stomach, but now it seemed to me that it is even more furiously planted mouth and tongue vibrate stronger. Unable to hold back any longer, I began to accumulated liquid splashes. And Marinka swallowed. I do not know how many there that poured out of me, but not a bit past the mouth girls are not spilled. And she sucked all the dryness, and more and just for a second time did not put my fighter. Agutin sang the line "I want the driver, so you're in luck," and followed probably something somewhere jammed began echoing "evil, evil, evil, evil, evil." However, just a couple of seconds intervened DJ apologized for technical problems and put another song.
- Why do not you spit? - I asked Marinka.
- I do not know, for some reason I suddenly really wanted to try your seed taste. I thought that now because it is growing inside me a small body and it would be interesting to know what it is - Marinka turned his head toward me, as always blushed and looked away, started the car and we set off.

Before the village, we did not talk anymore. Everyone thought about her. I do not know what Marinka, and I wondered about the logic. Why, when I tried to persuade her to take this step for a month, she rested like that donkey, and here in the middle of the track with a passing car, she suddenly became interested in the taste of semen. There was no answer.

They arrived without incident. Say hello to the Marina parents showered in the bath and sat down. People had a lot of, godfathers, friends, all came to look at my suit, so a drink for free. I kept my promise, and almost did not drink. Soon to sit with a bunch of the census of people got bored, I decided to go outside, get some fresh air at the same time and the village look. Announced plans Marinka and left the house. Some of the guests have drunk too began to disperse, but most still absorb vinaigrette and moonshine, showing robust design health.

When I walked down the street, I was somehow rolled forward irritation. Strangely, I could not explain to himself the reasons. That did not drink? But not much and wanted. Sex? Like after a blowjob in the car it is not so much a desire to come. Maybe a bunch of guests who do not care to have, in principle, that came to drink and eat, maybe they annoyed me? Other explanations for myself, I have not found.

Suddenly we heard scuffling in the bushes on the right. I slowed a step, listening and came closer. Differences three voices, two male and one female. Trinity stood under a tree in the darkness it was not clear what they say and what they do. I approached more closer and sat in the bushes. It turned out that this is one of the guests departed. Two men paw his companion, chanting her clumsy compliments, and she giggles and bounces reluctantly. For just a moment the lady was on all fours and licking a member of one of the men, while the second fell in behind her at this time. The movements were poorly coordinated, lingering male organs and then dropped out of his mouth and ladies' causal place. At the same time the whole clearing and stood champing whining. This painting is finally brought me out of myself. Out of the bushes, hit his hands knocked out to attach to the female mouth, he should be immersed in a dream second trahuna. Mistress loaded a good kick on the bare buttocks, she grunted and fell on his stomach and something squeaked.

Spitting his feet decided to go home yet, irritation was getting stronger. The hut's not all gone, but many are simply could not disperse. Remained the most persistent, or, more precisely, the most sedentary. Stand up without help from them is unlikely to succeed, so they bawled songs and conversations were drunk and falls asleep on the chairs and benches. Parents Marinka also considerably nakushalsya and had gone to bed, but she still sat and ate with a sad kind of hodgepodge. When she saw me, she brightened considerably, and whispered in his ear:
- One of the guests at our bed subside fell. You can go to ..

I did not let her finish, went into the room that we were given to live and sleep like the dead saw a guest bed. In the second, he was thrown out of bed and I was already raised his leg to otovarit uninvited companion, but stopped Marinka:
- Serge does not have to, well, drunk as he lay on the bed, well, that this is ..

And really, what? Like and did nothing people, and to me too, and I wanted to beat. I dragged him out of the room, closed the door and we started to get ready for bed.

At night, someone walked slammed doors, howling Russian folk and drunken hoarse voice called Lech. Great difficulty to keep the cost in control. Yes, and Marinka lay on his shoulder and put his arm around so that the stand can be only with her. Already towards morning I fell into a troubled sleep. I woke up from a female cry:
- Take a look, we have all the sour milk in the house. Surely someone with malicious intent got into the habit?

I should raise the hubbub that now have pohmelyatsya moonshine, as well as to milk the cow and all the illnesses vanished.

Three days in the village seemed to me hard labor. Working in the field, then everyone drinks, be sure to drown bath, drink once. songs bawl. So we returned to him again in silence. I do not know what thought Marinka, and I about his future.

Continued: Bargain. Part 2

How to make an advance

Good to be a monopoly. Let not nationally, but only in a particular village. When some women around you, for the most part single, and you're alone all of a so cool. And most importantly, you're the only one in the neighborhood handyman. And you can do all that is necessary. While there, Brescia. The child will not be able to give birth at all desire. But other? But the rest - easily. And because of his work I can ask any price, within reason, of course. Here and asked for his work when a neighbor asked quite a bit, but she zanyunila: no money, and do not, well, hereafter. Then he made a sweeping gesture, offering to pay part in cash and part in kind. Business then: shorts shot but held up lohmashku. And she in denial right, they say, on this matter in her husband there. Let armless drunk, let alone cope with such work. Well if so, then so. Cope with it and cope with the rest. At the conversation ended.

A few days later I looked for a visit to a neighbor of her sister dear. Lyuba - business lady. No business - vumen, but somewhere close to it. We have a relationship with her normal as normal can be a relationship with the relatives of the neighbors. No I told her, no it is not the way I ran. That neighbor with his sister, whether in jest, whether seriously, I decided pristramit that here, they say, a scoundrel, a neighbor her, offered her an honest woman, kind to pay for the work. I hope for moral support Liubka, but broke off.
- I looked at my sister, but I think: whether it is a millionaire, or a fool. Millions do not watch her. So, just stupid.
- Why am I a fool? - Raised his Lyudka.
- And so. Brain you have, like the dried sardines. In total, it is a business - to the peasant. And it paid off, and the pleasure received, and my husband pointed the horns. And the money in the house remained.
- What am I going to teach her husband horns?
- Well, its not yet demolished. Not only he instructed you. And you continue to take care of their Mandu. Order will posthumously.

Quarreled, then reconciled. Sisters, all the same. Before his departure Lyubka called me. He came up to the fence and asked what it was she yelling? The matter is, Ali wants to say goodbye?
- The thing is.

In Liubka in neighboring dacha cooperative cottage there. A small, but it suffices. Recently she bathhouse lay down, left to put the woodwork, floor-ceiling close, but the oven do. So she asked if I could take and how much will request for this work? If within reason, it would have hired me. He said they would first look to determine the volume, and there and the price collusion. Lyuba, slyly smiling sister, said that in order to save money, which is never enough, I agree to pay part of the payment in kind. She just sure she did not lose anything from it. It is known also that during the life of this thing is not erased. We agreed that she would call, as will be free, and we will meet on its site. So they did.

Cottage by the Liubka small, but cozy. And a well-kept plot. And she laid normal bathhouse of round timber. The truth is not yet even a porch. We went inside the bath, to see how and what to do there. Foot on the threshold of bullying is high, some steps there, Lyuba's dress pulled up and tried to get on the doorstep, but staggered like a fall start. I went back, grabbed her, so much so successfully grabbed my legs just behind the stomach hugged her, but somehow slipped and were on the tits. Decent tits, tight, big. I could not resist Lyubka on the doorstep, sostupila ago, but an ass to me and pressed. And the ass, too, a very decent size, but cool. How much she waved her hands, did not even notice, but just turned her hand between her ass and my perednitsey. In Russian speaking, put your palm Lyubka me on this one, as it is at the end. And he uprshis in her ass already started responding, rises, the infection without asking me.

Once I got used to that, I always probe the women. But, is almost the first woman to me. It was somehow in his youth, when no draft board vrachiha my end of the probe-crumpling-considered. Since then the service duty. But, it is the first time that for my own pleasure. In our village mores easier. And what fun Lyubka receives, so it is clear. First, through the pants feel, then his hand right through my pants belt launched flooded and knead it until then reached out. And she pressed ass. Well, I did not get lost, moreover, that the Tits paw, her skirt pulled up in front and also in the pants climbed. I even handier. Panty elastic is not that the belt of his trousers. Here Lyuba and said, without looking up from blukaniya in my pants and pushing me ass
- It's not fair. Would you even undid his belt.
- It does not bother me. This prevents, let and unzips.

Trying to undo the belt is not watching with hands zavednnymi ago, he failed miserably. Lyuba turned to face me, pulling his hand out of his pants, pulled his belt. He undid him, undid his pants, without embarrassment and without embarrassment I pulled them below the ass, so that the end of cowards jumped and swung a thick hose with a red head. It means that you can, why can not I? And I pulled off her panties as he could. We stand two adults and a kids fool mnm tits, pussy. What a time and became so crushed I Liubka back to me with the aim of turning to put it in a certain position so insert the strained dick where it should. Now that is gone, it is clear that some feelings are not limited. For that and like adult women. They know what they want, do not break, using any chance for pleasure. Lyubka asks:
- What, right here?
- So there is no one.
- And suddenly someone will go?
- Yes we have the road and not visible. Come on, a little stoop down and spread your legs.

Lyubka fellow arose, uprshis wall in the bath, ass sticking out, arched, here you are, ebite. I pull off her panties did not. What is open, it is quite enough. Puffing, began to attach the head to the door.
- You do not hurry up, okay? Play a bit. I have to get used to you.

Clearly, this is a peasant in any pussy cum-piece of cake. Baba have to get used to. And so she does not get the pleasure. Yes, and I need to understand what is and how it reacts. So I began to do something that they react the same way. I drive on pussy head, occasionally in her zanyivayu, poklitoru I drive, even in the anus held several times. In Liubka all wet. Whether from the heat, whether from excitement. Just watch, and my actions are the result of a particular cause. Tighten Lyubka ass. Loins flushed with a rush of blood, filled with crimson buttocks. The legs themselves parted wider, so that the pants have become a nuisance. I got up in front of a woman on her knees, almost touching his nose in her ass, pulled the panties.

It is one, then the other leg lifted in helping me to pull the barrier. I could not resist. Ass Liubka at large, lush, skin clean, smooth. So I kissed her. Lyubka giggled, buttocks tightened, then relaxed. And I got up from his knees, he continued. And soon my efforts to provoke quite a woman, and she hurried me dick in her hole location. And away we go. We did that for centuries, men and women do for fun. Eblis, speaking in colloquial Russian. And we have it good at it. Lyuba was making different sounds fun, active and working backwards to nasazhivayas karkalygu. The joint efforts have brought results. She twitched, twisted ass, then all curled up into a ball and pritisnulas denser.
- At-yyy!

He did not have to catch up. Cum, so long pent in the store, received permission to leave. Skopje it a decent amount.
- What I do not like to fuck in nature, so for the fact that there is no place to be washed away.

Liubka odrnuv dress and making no attempt to put on pants, lonely lying on the grass, where they pulled back, looking in her purse at least something than you can wipe.
- Lili and me in the car there is water. Mineral water, but the water is the same.
- Get your water.

Lyuba, crouching, watered on pussy of poltorashki mineralochki, washing away the semen. Trying to get me to turn away and not watch this intimate process has failed miserably. Having something to do with cleaning the process, yet it is thanks to me she was clean, he stayed firm steadfastness and face the person did not turn away. Lyubka spat at my stubbornness, even more so, that has backed and other needs. Later, during our subsequent meetings, I learned that immediately after fucked Lubke urgent need to empty the bladder. The physiology of this from her. And now, pee, I wash away. She graduated, got up. As hairs dripping water droplets. Odrnula dress.
- Never mineral water does not wash away. Feels good. Gas tingling. It is necessary to take note.
- Pants will be worn?

She picked up the panties, nyuhnula them, wrinkled her nose
- Fu! Stinky!

Crumpled, she stuffed into her purse.
- Well, ready to watch the bath?
- Now ready. Lube it was an advance?
- It was a pleasure. Advance payment will be then. All will be. If collusion.
- And if not collusion.
- I seduce you.
- Daring you.
- Yes, I'm so

They saw the amount of work. We agreed on the terms and payment. Lyuba asked to throw it to his sister. Itself without a car, a bus from the village to leave. He offered to drive into the city.
- Nope, I want to show byaku sister.
- What byaku?
- I'll tell you, fool, what she has lost, keeping his Mandu, idiot.

Look how handsome, and how long is. A rarity in these times. Now the men soon, soon, poddrnul pants and run. Not have time to warm up, and he too finished.
- Is that all?
- Not all, but most. And then another, swine, goat bleating voice: I have all the e ...

Talking, we reached the village. On the way Lyubka launched hand in my pants, but after a warning that if she will remove her hand, then we we will turn into the bushes, and water I have no more, behind and threatened, just so I will not get off. And it will be my duty to her.
- Lili and I had hoped that it would go to the expense of payment, and it won both.
- For this I am very willing to pay extra. Do not worry. With money order will be. You what about condoms?
- In what sense?
- I mean - you use?
- It happens.
- I will buy. Though I do not like them, but in such cases it is better than nothing.
- Buy. Only she will wear.
- And I put on and take off. It would be what to wear.

They arrived. Lyubka pobyla have sisters, then she carried it to the bus. Snort, running around the yard, not even approached the fence discuss the latest developments in the world, in the field and in our village. That is, in the evening there were no rumors. And I-what? Sniffs, waits for her Blessed, take care of my pussy for him.


My name is Kate, I'm 18 years old. I am tall brown hair, 175cm. I never distinguished beauty. Breast size 2, long legs, and that's all. I have always considered myself a bit flawed, because all my classmates and acquaintances had to sleep with the guys, and I just kissed a couple of times. Well I can not have sex without love! I would like to pay the man whom I will love all his life, and he will love me. So far I have only met the guys who have demanded sex on the second date. I have thought that I could never find love, is something that has not happened.

I was walking down a dark street back home, when suddenly I was surrounded by 5 guys 25 years.
- Hello, beautiful, do not you want to have some fun?
- Do not burn with the desire, I said.
- Well, you do have to make us pleasant.

I have already prepared for the worst when she heard a man's voice:
- Come on, release the girl alive!

The attackers immediately drooped.
- Okay, Oleg, leaving. She's yours.

I could not believe his luck. They left!
- How are you? - Oleg, I heard. They did not have time to do?
- No, all is well. Thank you.
- I'll walk you home. Objections will not be accepted.

Oleg led me to the house and gently retired, knowing only my name.

The next morning I looked out the window and saw Oleg with a bouquet of flowers! I realized that finally and irrevocably in love.

So we started dating. Oleg was a tall brunette with brown eyes. Tall, athletic body ... It seemed to me a Greek God. He was 26. I was tormented by the fact that I can not be with him close. I was a virgin, and I was embarrassed. Why did he have such as I am? So I decided to talk to him frankly.
- Oleg, I must have something to say ... I'm a virgin.

Oleg was shocked.
- I thought you'd already experienced.
- No, I just kissed a couple of times and everything. Probably, you do not need this ...
- What are you, darling! I was always looking for a clean, chaste girl. I need only you! So do not worry, I will not push you.
- Thank you - I kissed Oleg.

Our relationship lasted for six months, and then I finally decided.

Oleg said all prepare, so I just had to deal with their fears and complexes.

Evening. Oleg took me to his apartment. I gasped softly. The apartment everywhere there were candles, playing slow music in the bedroom on the floor were scattered rose petals. Oleg came from behind, hugged me and gently walked his lips on my neck.
- Do not worry, everything will be fine - he smiled approvingly me.

I tried to relax. Oleg took off my dress, took off his T-shirt. He kissed me on the lips. I hugged my favorite, his hands wandered over my body. He took me in his arms and gently laid her on the bed.
- Sweetheart, I love you, - he began to shower kisses on my body. Oleg undid her bra and licked my nipples protruding. He caressed my breasts, and I writhed on him, his hands roamed over his body. Oleg went slowly towards my crotch. I trembled. He caught my mood change. Oleg kissed me and said:
- My joy is not to be feared. I will not hurt you. Please do not be embarrassed.

I relaxed and spread her legs wider. Oleg slowly removed his pants and pressed his lips to my crotch. I've already bled juice. First, Oleg held his tongue over my whole length of the slits, then parted the lips and tongue gently penetrated inside. I flew from her lips a groan. And when Oleg touched the clitoris, the moans of pleasure began to grow into screams. He moved his tongue faster, helping fingers, and I soon reached orgasm. According to the body were enjoying the waves. Oleg has given me rest, then undressed and hung over me. I again fear hit. His penis was 25 cm in length, along the perimeter of the veins swelled. Oleg noticed my excitement:
- Do not be afraid, my little. I will not hurt you. You are important to relax and not clamped.

I nodded. He slowly began to introduce me to his unit. Suddenly Oleg came to the hymen.
- Everything will be okay, baby, - Oleg hugged me and abruptly walked the entire length. I swept the severe pain. I screamed and tried to escape, but Oleg gripped me. He hugged me, patted on the head, showered kisses on my face.
- My good, all is over. It hurts no more. You have done me. Be patient a little longer. I love you, my sun.

And indeed, the pain was gone, and in its place came the excitement. I wanted his cock was part of my full length, faster and faster.
- I want you - I whispered, and blushed.

Oleg began to move slowly in me, gradually accelerating. With his lips began to fall apart moans. I almost screamed with delight. Suddenly, Oleg made a couple of sharp movements, and something warm fill me up inside. It was soon flow out. I am sincerely glad that began to take contraceptives. To feel his cum in itself was delicious. Oleg lay nearby. Strange, but I wanted to continue. I sat down between his legs and took his cock in his hand.
- Baby, you're not obliged to ...
- I want this.

I began to lick the head. Oleg groaned. I realized that doing the right thing. I took it into his mouth as placed and began to move the tongue and lips. Oleg was lying with his eyes closed and moaning. I would like to thank him for giving me pleasure. I began to swallow his cock deeper and deeper, until he came into my throat. At the same time, I began to stroke his testicles. Oleg moaned louder, then shuddered. I drew him out of the unit from the throat, and at that moment the sperm filled my mouth. She still did not end. I swallowed every drop, licking his cock and lay down beside him.
- Honey, it was wonderful, - Oleg said. - I love you so much.
- I love you - I clung to his chest.

Three days later, Oleg made me an offer. We happily live together.

Irina Vladimirovna

When we went to school, she was 25 years old and she taught mathematics. She was short, but okay. Not that she looked sexy, but something was in it. In the era of shkolnoy hypersexuality we would always, everywhere and all how something attractive a female. Then I could not imagine that ever fuck her, Irina.
At the reunion did not come all. But those who came to learn the pleasure of communicating.
The dining tables were sold and champagne and beer. Of course, someone brought and vodka, but we are a little interested.
Irina came to us somewhere in the middle of the process. It was not we cool lady. But we loved it. When she sat down to us, I noticed that a lot of its graduates have added to her good mood. She looked very, very good, youthful, slim. We talked a lot and drank a lot. My driver basked in a new "Chrysler".
About eleven all become divergent. I walked next to Irina. By this time, we all knew that she was divorced and lived with her two sons. During a conversation, she mentioned that at present free from all family responsibilities to hurry. And then I thought, you never know, and said that I could take her home.
-Uncomfortable, I get.
-Cool, I'll take.
-You're drunk.
-I have a driver.
If not for alcohol, I would never have managed to seduce her, but the champagne does wonders.
I gave her a fur coat and lightly embraced. She did not respond. I was a little excited and lowered rruku in his pocket, he began to massage his penis. But it was early. We got in the car, both in the back seat. The trip was about twenty minutes. As we drove her seasick and razvezlo. I even opened the window to allow fresh air gave her relief. Irina softened and collapsed on the seat. Floors opened her fur coat and her legs covered with gray in tone with the costume tights shone in the wrong light street lighting lamps. I am lucky to tipsy women despite the fact that I'll drink a little.
She closed her eyes, and I decided it was now or never. I gently placed his hand on her knee. She did not move. My hand slid to the edge of her skirt and pushed the edge. She was silent, only slightly moved her legs. Encouraged, I cautiously moved on and his hand disappeared under a thick cloth skirt. The farther away, the more I felt the warmth of her body.
The driver stared ahead at the road. Snow was a lot and I had to be careful. Irina sat with his eyes closed and did not seem to breathe. Here I am reminded of a phrase can not remember where ... - They must be careful, you never know what she will be frightened ...
I was careful and gentle.
Hand stopped at the top of the hip has felt the heat of her intimate flesh. I was ready to swear that she had already grew moist and moisture oozing from its interior, but it was impossible to flush out the Puritan. Her condition gave me an advantage, but not very large. fighting still lust in her mind and decency. Lust had to win. But even if she did not win, the case and so it was done, my hand caressed the thighs of my school teacher of mathematics that was me ten years older, that is, now she was at least forty, and that was about to touch her crotch.
My fingers went a few centimeters coated nylon flesh, a little farther, a little closer to the Focusing fun. The skirt rose higher and higher, until, finally bared its border tights, light-dark, tights become denser and hotter it became. Finally my little finger touched the tight crotch and I felt it moist heat to the full. I'm not in a hurry, there was no point, we drove to the house where Irina lived.
The car turned and my driver said that we arrived. I went out, walked around the car and opened the door. Rear seats "Chrysler" for quite narrow, so the selected Irene was not very convenient. "Chrysler" not "Mercedes"So I again a little bit lucky. Coming, as Irina opened the legs, that could be seen of her white panties, (and why they love white panties) shines through pantyhose. I involuntarily swallowed. Before his eyes flashed a vision of how I turn her face to the car, it rests his hands on the trunk, I pull together her little white panties and gray tights and thrust his cock in her deep, deep ... But the vision has passed. I just enjoyed the spectacle of tipsy women uncomfortable leaving the vehicle and showing their charms idle observer. I thought that I would be very, very gentle, and if she will allow, then bring it to the first orgasm just caressing, I have it and it turns out the woman is love.
How I wanted to get it, not so much to enjoy as to bring the joy of sex to her, the one in which the desire for a man won propriety.
I managed to tell the driver that it is free, if need be, call. In the end, I'll get a taxi. We went to the porch and called the elevator. It is somehow strange looked at me and was breathing heavily from her this delicate nostrils flared sensually.
- I think we both need a coffee.
- Coffee, - she said. Elevator ostanovilya and we went out. She awkwardly tried to open the door, finally she succeeded and we entered.
I helped her remove outer clothing. She took off his shoes and walked into the kitchen, unsteady walking on the parquet floor of the old house.
The apartment was was so-so. Teachers earn little. While she was doing something in the kitchen, I looked around. The bed in the bedroom was big and broad.
Then I went to a small kitchen, where she was making coffee. The smell of coffee was delicious. From a distance, it was clear that she was drunk. In her movements and awkward body rotations. I wanted to make love to her right away, but I decided to give her a chance to enjoy a coffee and a little come to himself. Yes, I love to fuck with drunken zhenzhinami, it makes it much better than sober, but there is always a risk that it will shut down.
Unsteady hand she poured two cups. We started over coffee. From my seat was clearly seen as it was sitting on a chair, legs slightly apart, slightly gray skirt rode up, revealing the full hips. Sipping coffee she said ...
- I have never been so drunk, I'm sorry ... I'm so drunk. Thank you brought me ... Your driver is probably waiting for you ...
- No. - I replied. - I want you to know, I like you, I want you. And you can not get away. You know why, because if I'm gone, you lie down in bed and you masturbate, until kochish, and is going to masturbate, you will regret that I'm not fucked. Or just go to sleep.
With these words, I set the cup down and stood on his heels, hugging her hands on the lower back, then began stroking her stout thighs, squeezing his hand deeper and deeper.
-I can tell you that you seysas chuvtvuesh little shame, a great desire and you ... all wet, you techesh like the first time when you most want to fuck.
Very gently, I lifted her skirt and spread his legs apart, admiring her crotch hidden nylon and white panties. It seemed to me that they were wet spot her selections. I spent ... fingers on the vault, and it turned out that way.
- Do not think about anything, you're a woman, I want your body, I want to caress your feet, tvaoyu chest. I want to go with you.
She relaxed and relaxed the muscles of her legs, letting me further inland, closer to the mysterious grotto of pleasure. I continued to caress her, standing on his heels, stroking her thighs and crotch. My nostrils began to breathe in her smell.
- When was the last time? When the man took you?
- I do not remember...
- You must caress herself like this - and I pressed his fingers to povlazhnevshemu vault. You come home from work, sometimes you somehow excited and sometimes looking to meet, do you think that is a shame, but nothing you can not help it. And when your fingers find themselves womb. Sometimes you do not even undress and fondle herself like this, as I love you right now.
- Yes ... and she undid the buttons of his jacket and then blouses, put his hand under the silky fabric. There was a bra, not the most erotic, but her hand like a cup and opened it to light was a breast with brown nipples, hardened and slightly wrinkled with excitement. Irina lifted one leg, opening itself even more. I thought it was time to move to a more convenient location.
But before that I took from an inside pocket tablet.
- What is it?
- This is not a drug, it's ginseng.
- And ... and she swallowed one, the second I swallowed.
Once we moved to the bedroom. She sat on the edge, still not being sure. Then I began to kiss her soft lips, tongue penetrates inside, examining the gums and her tongue. Her breath smelled of a mixture of coffee and fresh wine .. Finally she gave up and sat down on the bed. I began to kiss her on the lips, gently caressing the shell ears, then kissed them, then neck, then she took in her mouth hardened nipple and began to caress it. Irina was lying with his eyes closed. Her chest was not elastic, age slowly took his own, but pleasant and warm oche. The nipples were hard and slightly rough. After a while, her breathing, her sighs suggested to me that it is time to move on to more aggressive caresses, my teacher was ready to to get the affection there, at the bottom, between the beautiful slender legs. I have already pointed out that the feet are very slim, but not skinny.
Lust increasingly ohvtyvalo her body. But it was necessary to act gently and carefully. I began to stroke her legs in pantyhose, gradually moving higher and higher on the thigh, until my hand did not caress her hot and povlazhnevshy vault indoor me tight nylon pantyhose.
Fortunately her panties were thin and almost invisible when stroking. Gradually, my hand has gotten space and I began to caress her more by clicking on the place where he was stationed clitoris, which I had yet to see and maybe try.
Irina she lifted her skirt so as to release their remarkable feet. She bent their knees slightly parted to the side. Her head was turned to the side, eyes closed, and she licked her lips, with a wet tongue from side to side and this part I was very pleased, so she really relaxed. I changed tactics and began lightly stroking, almost tickling the inner surface of her thighs. I wanted to tell her something really soft and gentle, but I could not think of words would not come. I wanted to call her a girl, sweet and beloved, most beautiful, but I knew it would be foolish. But she came to me for help.
-Seryozha, I feel so good, caressed me like that, gently stroked my dear, dear boy.
She could so something to me turned and said, I'm cute and nice, and I had to tell her in response.
She embarrassed rid of the jacket and blouse raastegnula through. White wings blouse scattered on the bed.
I whispered in her ear,
- I do not know what to tell you...
- You do not say anything, you just caress me, caress. Caress me stronger, there is between the legs. God, I wanted this so long ago ...
My cock had already torn out and it became difficult to control. She was beautiful in his excitement. There is hardly anything more attractive than a mature woman thirsting for love and full of desire. I caressed her round belly with light traces of stretch marks and put your hand under the elastic stockings and panties, trying to get to the inflamed vulva. When I did it, my hand became damp and instantly hot from its heat emanates emanating from her body.
Her hand joined my and our fingers intertwined, caressing her womb. Her lower lip wide open and my fingers gently and deeply immersed in. I felt her clit, which was very small in size and began to knead it. With one hand, Irina began pulling off his tights and shorts that are so soaked with it moisture that become slippery and sticky to the touch. I got up and, opening his zipper on his trousers, pulled out his quivering member in pleasure. I did not let her pull the tights to the end, it only freed the way to the sacred cave. Irina lifted her legs up and spread itself folds her pussy. My cock went in both the oil.
I held her by the ankles and fucked with all the passion he was capable. Her pussy was making great sounds, it was wide and deep. My fingers caressed her ankles and shins. Touch to rough her nylon pantyhose neizsnimoe gave me pleasure. Ankles were very thin, as they should be a woman. I accelerated the movement, slow it down, dragging a member to its full length and then immersing it in the vagina up to the root. Irina actively helped me, fingers caressing his little clit, hugging lalonyu slippery term scurried back and forth. From her breasts were vypyvatsya breathy moans, speaking of intimacy orgasm. I became more and more difficult to control myself, but I wanted to make it finished, completely exhausted. He poured out his energy. I pulled out a cock and spreading her legs as allowed tights, lowered to her knees, pressed his mouth to her pussy. I passionately licked her lips, the clitoris, tried to get into the language gap.
Apparently, before it so no one caressed, particularly since a few seconds stormy caresses she huddled in a fierce orgasm, yelling and roaring with delight. At this time I sucked her clit and inhaled the scent of her discharge, feeling himself in seventh heaven from pleasure.
Irina had finished long waves, orgasm and rolls back down again, her pussy opened up and, like a pulsing to the rhythm of her orgasm. My cock rubbed against the bed and covered by this neskrlko my excitement subsided. She went on to finish. From pussy something came out, thick and sticky, Irina threw back her head, his fingers clutching the blanket.
Suddenly it was all somehow opal, relaxed and out of the sluggish trickle flowed transparent moisture. It was as if she had lost consciousness from shook her many orgasms. I watched out of it flowed, and knew she could not keep to himself the accumulated moisture.
In short, my math teacher, when he had finished, elementary piss with pleasure. It's not uncommon. My wife often did this when I was fucking her in the ass. I myself also was poured out the first time I finished it in the ass. But the view over ... mature woman, which in addition also made a puddle, has led to the fact that I was again stuck dick in her pussy and tried kochit himself. When the water came out of me, I pulled the penis and sperm spray, sprinkling, hit her in the chest and abdomen, sullying skirt suit lining, watered her face and stomach.
The exhaustion I fell next, clutching a member to her full hips. From it continued to flow, and I smelled mochi.No Irina has not regained consciousness completely. Pulling a handkerchief from his pocket, I tried to wet her charm. But what emerged on the bedspread, already soaked. When she gently pulled myself together, I began to stroke her body from the chest, legs, easily touching the perineum. I must admit that she woke up faster than I thought. She ran her hand and pochuvtsvovat moisture. At looked surprised and confused.
-What is it?
-Love juice.
-So much?
-Is it confusing to you?
-I thought that...
-What did you think? - I asked, fingering the hair on her pubis.
-I thought ... I could not resist ...
-You are perfectly finished, and if you want to know, you really could not help you ... how to say, all of himself released.
-I described?
-Mm-m. - I mumbled, continuing to caress.
-What a shame. And then she smiled dreamily, and pprdolzhal caress her. Ginseng gave her strength, and me too.
-Once I had guests ... We had ... And I imagine, excited, I wanted to ... - It prpodnyalas on his elbows, - ... to me ... fucked, please forgive me ...
-Go on, - I said, playing with her clitoris, she quietly excited again.
-I went to the toilet, where I ... - she paused while kissing her crotch and rubbed smooth, soft thigh.
-There I sat on the toilet and began to fondle himself. Just once, I patted myself and invisible like ... finished, and then I wrote directly on the arm. I'm sorry, honey, I'm crazy ... so stupid and so ... ashamed ...
-No, go on, I think you have to be every day. I think that in school ... you masturbate? A?
-No, I put up the house, fill the bath and pat themselves. My God, how well you stayed ... you tired ... Wait ...
Irina pulled away and started to undress.
- Do not take everything, stay in pantyhose, tights, I love ...
-Funny ... Good. She took off everything except the pantyhose and panties, slightly lowered them so that I can continue to caress. The night was long.

Time for a change. Part 2

- Wake up, Katya! It's time to practice!

Waking up to these words, I have a couple of seconds trying to figure out what they could mean. But he realized that the voice belongs to Sevastyanov, I immediately remembered everything: my abduction, and a mockery of my miserable body, and changes made in it ... In horror recoiled away from the voice, I fell out of bed and helplessly huddled in a corner .
- Enough, enough, I beg you! Let me go! - I pleaded desperately. - If you want, I'll give you ?! Can you make love to me, but please, let me go! Please, do not torment me!

Sebastian just laughed in response.
- Ha-ha-ha! I am flattered that you offer me such a sacrifice, but the cause of this must not interfere with - my scientific interest is much higher than any bodily pleasures. Now get up and go here. Or do you want to get a dose of the sedative? If so, then no problem, you can arrange and anesthesia - will not then training, and additional procedures that do not require you to be in the mind, - he shrugged madman.
- Nooo! - I burst into tears.
- So - graduate student frowned. - I do not have too much time on it nagging. I'll give you a moment to think, then do you prick. The clock is ticking.

I did not know what to do. I did not want to go with him, but the reason to say that you need at all costs to stay in the mind - then at least I'll know what they're doing with me, and if you're lucky, you can try and escape. And maybe, if I get out alive from this hell that some of these changes can be rolled back?

Stifling a sob, I obediently stood up, closed the robe, covering her breasts and navel ring disgusting and hesitantly took a step forward.
- Well done! - Sebastian smiled charmingly - a wise decision! But in this case, so let's get dressed. Wick picked up some clothes for your size ...

Going to the closet, Sebastian looked at the shelves. On the bed flew a set of stylish pink polka dots in black panties, bra and thong, black packaging with golf, a pair of black shiny shoes with straps on high heels, poster, short black shorts pants, and thin white blouse with short sleeves.
- Get dressed. No unseemly future perfection naked walk through the institute, - grunted graduate student. - There is still a temple of science.

Taking a set of pink, "glamorous" clothes, I suddenly wanted to throw it into the grinning face of a maniac, but judging that he can get angry and take me somewhere "to practice" naked, I'm resigned to the fact that in his mockery he treats me like a doll that can wear what they like. Pulling the panties, my eyes fell on shameless butterfly spread its wings in my crotch. In the hope that it will be reduced, I wore disgusting vulgar panties that left bare my ass. With bra a small problem - it seems Vick bit wrong with my size - cups were too big. Noticing my confusion, Sebastian shrugged and said, "forget it, and so will come down." Next it was the turn of golf. It was a long thick black golfiki length just above the knee. I must admit that they were sitting on my legs perfectly neat, and were generally of excellent quality - to buy these myself never allowed. "Beautiful legs" - gave me a compliment Sebastian shamelessly admiring pink panties when I bent down, putting shorts. Then I wore a blouse, which was expected translucent - almost entirely through it shone my "glamor" bra.

Then I wore shoes. The size of the heel was about 10 centimeters, which I had never worn, so I had no idea how I'm somewhere they can go. After attaching the straps, I tried to get to his feet ... and if I was not in time Sebastian has picked up, I would have crashed down on his forehead forward wardrobe. Holding me by the waist, he helped me straighten up and brought to the mirror - are invited to admire. In the mirror ... I saw the perfect whore, and with of being a youngster: tangled, vskolochennye long hair, pink lips, arrows on the eyes, penciled eyebrows, ears earrings with shiny stones pink bra under a translucent white blouse, short pants shorts and slim legs in black socks and high heels. I felt dizzy and his legs buckled, but Sebastian gripped me by the shoulders.

It seems that the day before I wept all their tears. Dutifully, I went arm in arm with me to adhere to Sevastyanov, now and then stumbling on high heels. Stepping through the door, we were in the same room with a gynecological chair, from one species that I shuddered. Noticing this, Sebastian hastened to reassure me, saying that here we do not dress up. Stepping in front of the door, we found ourselves in a small room, equipped with a gym. There have already been waiting for Vick.
- What a beautiful girl! - She waved her hands.
- And then there still will be - Sebastian grinned.

I have brought on the treadmill, and before I could react, my hands with handcuffs fastened handrails on each side, which did not allow me to leave.
- So, today you learn to walk on his heels - Vick announced vigorously. - When you wear these shoes, your legs look much more attractive and tempting. Refusing to high heels - a crime for the modern girl, - she added instructive.
- I do not need this! - A timid voice I said. - They are deformed fingers, feet, shins, spine, cellulite develops ...
- Wow - quite pulled Sebastian, - you know? What a good fellow. But do not worry, modern science works wonders!

Vick has included the treadmill at a very low speed and began to teach me the tricks of movement in high heels: how to put the foot, how to hold back and all that. In the beginning I constantly stumble, but the torture did not think off - my hands were chained to the railing on either side of the treadmill, and I had no choice but to get up and go forward.

Sebastian had gone on business, and Vic start to work with me. Watching my clumsy attempts to move on heels, she gave me various tips on how to pick up and put his leg, how to hold back, and the like. Very soon, I'm tired, but Vick did not think to stop training, which is already beginning to resemble torture. At first, my fingers and muscles stop just ached, but gradually the voltage is amplified up to sharp, cutting pain, which began airing on my legs up to the hip and above. When it was already really sick, I prayed:
- Come on, please! It hurts!
- Of course it hurts! - Vic smiled gently, playfully Swipe your finger across my neck to the chin. - Yesterday you did not listen to the report on the work done Sebastiano Igorevich over you work, and there was a moment ... On the background of good results of your tests, in addition to the hormonal changes in your body, it also decided to hold one more genetic modification of your body ...

Seeing wild mute horror in my eyes, Vicky laughed easily and hurried me to "calm down":
- A-ha-ha, but do not be scared you so, it's our inside joke humor! Do not worry, we will not make you a hybrid with some jellyfish or a dog, we did not know how. And even if they could, they would not have, we have no scientific interest in this direction. In general, Sebastian I. in his theory says something like this: if our body is built according to the genes that changing, modifying its own human genes, we can change some properties of the organism. For example, to make more dense muscle tissue. Or change the pigmentation of the skin. Or is that the only thing we consistently work - change the size of the female breast ...
With a chill, which passed on the back, I remembered yesterday's events, deposited in my memory in a daze: "I enter the patient composition« J 1/9 », 2 ml each of the mammary glands. That should be enough so that the patient's breast size increased from the first to the third within a month. "I suddenly felt terribly hurt and offended. How can I use these miracles of science in order to satisfy some of their perverse fantasies? Why is this even possible - to the walls of the university, "the temple of science" as he called himself Sebastian, could so simply kidnap people and to experiment on them ?! Why, finally, it happened to me ?! If these fools do not lie, though, soon I will have to say goodbye to my favorite, the first orderly razmerchik and worn cylinders third dimension? But I did not ask about it! If he likes it so - to imagine and do!

And Vick, meanwhile, continued:
- ... So, Sebastian I. injected into your legs and feet for milliliter composition J 3/18. If we do not make a mistake in the synthesis of the substance, it must be a certain way to change the structure of your already beautiful legs.
- And if you make a mistake ?! - I cried, especially badly stumbled, fell, and broke her knee on the treadmill belt. Stocking in this place, too broke.
- If you make a mistake? - Thought Victoria, pointedly not paying any attention to my fall. - Well, then we'll see. The vaccine is a pilot, if we first explore all the side effects and only then proceed to experiments on patients, then we are the place never move. And so - Hail, thou very existence contribute to science! If changes take place as planned, the angle of elevation of your feet will change significantly, and you will be much easier to walk on his heels than barefoot! Who are you going to desyatisantimetrovyh heels, which is typically more than three hours go only half-crazy schoolgirl. If you succeed - you can comfortably spend on them all day! And do your feet, and so zingy, become fantastically seductive!

No longer having the strength to go on the damn track and hemmed bullying Victoria, I fell down. The upper part of my body was crucified fixed handrails handcuffs, and my poor legs dangling limply on a moving belt.
- Wow - I jumped to Wick - Seriously whether that tired?

Breathing heavily, I do not consider it necessary to answer tormentor
- Do not worry, do not worry - suddenly honeyed voice spoke Wick, turning off the track and came up behind me - I will help you. Small relaxing massage will be just right for you ...

Immediately after these words, I felt a light touch of the hands of Victoria to my weary legs. Not bothering to take off my damn shoes, it is through the knee-high light massaging movements began to massage my lower leg, but they spoke only the new drawing pains. Sensing this, Vick somehow moved to the hips - first on the outside, and then on the inside. Before I could realize what was happening as Vick already rented my shorts.
- What are you doing?! - I shouted in shock of suddenly opened the prospect of being raped Vika, it turned out, it seems to be a lesbian. - Let me go!
- Well, well, well, - reassuringly patted me on the head of Victoria - do not be a bad girl, so no need to shout. And then I can make it so that you screaming anyway ...

Suddenly Vick grabbed my lower leg and pinched her hard. Breathing air to scream in pain, I thought that it will spread throughout the body, but it was turned into a groan Vika second hand, closed my mouth.
- Well, you'll be a good girl? - She whispered in my ear.

With tears, speaking of the pain in his eyes, I nodded. This was the signal for nasilnitsy. Unbuttoned her blouse and lifted up my bra top, to the very neck, she ran her hands over my chest, and I immediately felt sexual excitement. When she began to make movements as if milking me as some sort of cow, I felt like my panties began to be wetted. After a few minutes of stimulation nipples, I could hardly contain myself to blissfully moaning - I did not want to give this power to me a lesbian from the series "as you like!". But judging by what happened next, Vick seems, instead coming out of my mouth moans, was more interested in isolation, coming out of my hole. Moving back, she pulled down my panties and, after a finger on a damp sponge, whispered:
- It's amazing, Katherine! Sorry, you can not see this ... This butterfly came out even better than I could afford to assume!

I felt that Victoria fingers gently pushing my big labia and how to trace something soft and gentle start to move inside, tickling my lips with rings. Not being able to change position due to the handcuffs, I could only turn back over his shoulder and saw that the face of Vicky disappeared near my pussy.

This lesbian lick my release, stimulating the emergence of a finger running in my vagina! It makes them the reciprocating, the circular motion inside, skillfully bringing me to orgasm. When I began to breathe heavily, Vick grabbed my ringlets and pulled in different directions, causing at the same time a sense of shame and pleasure. Tongue, she began to work intensively on my clit, which caused a storm of feelings that I could not hold back. By Victoria joyful urachanie my vagina was spontaneously shrink, carrying me high! Unable to catch his breath, I moaned drawl.

Crucified on a treadmill while in a pose "cancer" did not even naked, with legs aching terribly, while rape lesbian, first time I felt the orgasm, the source of which was not myself. I dreamed of a romantic dinner on a beautiful evening spent in Max's company, dreamed about it, he will give me this first "adult" joy in life - but no: I was raped half-crazy lesbian, and worst of all - when she brought me to orgasm, I somehow felt an incredible sense of her triumph over me, over my resistance. More and more incensed, she added to my narrow hole of the second finger. The horror of rape from happening, I tried to hold her tighter vagina, but Vick is perceived as a challenge: she plunges her fingers into me on all possible depth, careful movements inside force me to give up and surrender to pleasure.

But I do not want to! It was dirty, awful, disgusting! This vulgar butterfly tattooed on my perineum, the rings on my small sponges, these shameless navel piercing, this disgusting glamorous tattoo on my face - it was all a matter of Victoria's hands! And how could I take from it - from the pervert lesbian! - Such a joy, such a gift as an orgasm? Yes, my pussy Butterfly burned with fire, nipples stood as if on parade, with every breath from my lips frustrated groans - but squeezing the vagina, I gave her to understand that I do not want this, it's not sex, but rape, that I she did not grateful for these feelings.

However, it seems Vick is a little worried - her tongue she licked all my (rather heavy) separation, and I already began to feel that it is this, and not, in fact, sex was her main interest.

It was a kind of madness, I fell into the hands of the very real, wild, crazy perverts! The most terrible pictures started to get up in front of my eyes. How long will this torture ?! An hour, two, three? Day, week, month? What will they do with me? Can make me a prostitute, rent in a hostel or local professors, and even the whole educational groups? Can his experiments completely reconfigure my brain that I'm psychologically absolute slut, a whore and davalkoy? Can finally amputate my hands and feet and leave me in his laboratory as an exhibit, sex toys or interior of the subject? You never know what comes to their twisted, crazy mind ?!
From sad thoughts brought me an unexpected door slam. Startled, I turned on the sound - the room was part of Sebastian. Despite the fact that on the eve of my body do not know how much time was available to him in the most intimate parts of her, I was very ashamed that he sees me as such - crucified handcuffs, standing with a bare breast cancer before licking me a lesbian. My damn tattoo, drew attention to my tear-stained face, and a butterfly tattoo - my unhappy Kisochka.

Blushing with shame and humiliation, I did not pay attention to how frightened Vika pulled away from me, it was worth it just to see the emergence of Sebastian. However, when he jumped to it and a strong slap in the face knocked to the floor, took possession of what is happening to my attention.
- What's this! - So angry I not seen it yet. He grabbed the girl by the hair, he pulled her to her feet, forced to take an upright position. - I told you how many times spoke many times warned!
- I do not fault that she's so sweet! - Clearly frightened began to defend Vick, not daring to raise Sebastian look. - It has become so sexy!
- So this is how it is? - Slightly calmed his anger Sebastian, releasing Vikin hair. - It is possible, if it is a transitional hormonal triggered changes in the synthesis of pheromones ... it is necessary to take the test.

Pulling from his pocket a few cotton swabs, Sebastian came up to me, still crucified on the simulator, and spent them on my halo rings, armpits, and my lips: both by the fact that on the face, and by the fact that much lower. Then he undid the handcuffs, finally freeing me.
- Get dressed already, - he grumbled. - And it really is like a whore, how awful. Though you something, I hope, not a lesbian?

Blushing I shook my head and began to dress.
- Thank God, two for me would be too much. And what about you - Sebastian turned to Vick, sadly bowed his head - if results are positive, then this time I forgive you. If the negative - I am so your hormones mood that you're in the next six months will be excited at the sight of all that moves and get some pleasure from sex can not. And I think you should not say that again if you throw a trick, I'm just selling you in Turkey? Aziz will be happy to have you in the permanent use. Now get out of here, be engaged in the work already!

Vick, barely holding back tears, ran out of the room. And Sebastian turned to me.
- Why torn stockings?
- I fell on a treadmill ... - in fear of the wrath of a madman, I mumbled, returning their clothes on the ground. Hoping to translate guilt and turn to anger tormentor assistant, I decided to lie. - Victoria increased the speed to force me to ...
- It is clear - Sebastian growled, - it means her brain is not completely disconnected. - But it is not important. Rise in the heels and show how they learned to walk.

Clasping his izmuchal feet, I begged him to let me take off these shoes, but my tormentor so looked at me, I'm leaning on the handrails of the treadmill, I tried to get up. Again, there was a strong pain in my feet, but I was able to get exactly.
- Well done. Now come here.

Feet was very painful, but I was able to hobble to the center of the hall, never stumbled.
- Here are some smart, for the first day is a great result - praised me soften Sebastian embraced by the waist and patted on the head. - You seem to be tired?

Not wanting to have a conversation with the monster, I said nothing, but even without this it was clear that I could hardly stand on his feet.
- I understand - Sebastian smiled - then arrange your vacation. Come after me.


On the heels of these terrible I followed the post-graduate student. Having passed through the room with ginekologichkeskim chair, we went out into the corridor.
- Look, no nonsense - he whispered in my ear. - And I can and angry.

But I have had no strength or resistance, nor even - especially at such high heels - to escape. Obediently, I followed him down the hall to a door. Opening her own keys, Sebastian let me forward. There was a small room - entrance with a cupboard with coat hooks and shelves for shoes and another door.
- Undress - graduate student told me, and when he saw my surprise, he added, - completely.

In the confusion, I instinctively took a step back, but Sebastian demonstratively locked the door and began to undress himself.
- I would recommend you to listen to me. And then I heard that threatens to Victoria for disobedience? If you will be unmanageable, I can sell you Aziz instead - why do you need me so? Yes, and the difference he, I think, do not even notice. So go ahead, take off your clothes. Completely.

Not wanting to even imagine what a Azis, the mere mention of which knocked all the stuffing out with Victoria, I realized that I have no choice. Turning away from the Man Undressing, I hopelessly off her clothes, remaining in the hated pink underwear that was now my only protector - take it off I did not have the courage.
- Well, to hell with you - Sebastian sighed, - and so will descend.

Opening the door, he again let me forward.

In the next room was a sauna ... ?! A couple of shelves at the walls facing each other, the stove in the middle and a couple of jars with water - a small, modest, but still a sauna! Damn, who disposes at the Institute?

Sebastian seems to have decided to spare me, I wrapped the towel around his hips and went after him. Clicking a pair of switches near the door, he turned on the soft lights and heaters, hidden under the stove and walls covered with wooden planks - the room quickly began to fill with warmth.
- If you need to use the toilet, it's over there, behind the door - post-graduate student said. - But mind you, give you all no more than five minutes, we have very little time.

I immediately took advantage of this opportunity. Fearing the anger of a madman, I went once as did all his work.

Bath already filled with fervor, I immediately started to sweat. Sebastian lay on one of the shelves facing the wall, and a gesture invited me to lie on the shelf opposite. Trying not to look at the nearly naked young man, I went to the shelf and turned away from him.
- Hey, hey, what turned? Turn to me, Catherine!

Doomed, I turned to Sevastyanov.
- That's fine, good girl, Catena! Here are all something you need to say, if she does not understand. But never mind, soon learn everything, that'll come ...

Not wanting to support whatever was talking to disfigure me a pervert, I just stared gloomily at the ceiling. And in the meantime he continued.
- ... By the way, you wonder do you think that men show themselves in all their glory - it is the prerogative of some walks, indecent girls. Everyone does - and, therefore, do you think they're all whores? And maybe it's you that something is wrong? Here is a look what you did Vick wonderful piercing - it's much more beautiful than usual, "no" belly button ... That's nothing you so angry at us, in vain. We just want to help you become a normal girl, beautiful, sexy and desirable. We do not have you do some creepy tunnels in the lips or nostrils or tattoo your whole body! Just something merely a couple of punctures here, but there are four. Or you do not like the style of butterflies and your tattoo? So you just say - we will replace your skin and nabem you want. Technology and recovery capacity of the skin just fulfill my students ...

For myself, I noted that the tattoo is indeed possible and certainly reduce.
- ... By the way, tattoos, what we do, just like in a clinic or tattoo parlor does not will drive - as if reading my thoughts, hastened to destroy my hope Sebastian - we make them according to the original sverhstoykoy technology - if risknesh reduce its laser, the ink blots will be spread under the skin. So get used to it - voluntarily get rid of such a beauty, we do not allow. Basically the same, and about piercings - Piercing we use permanent connections ornaments and high-strength titanium alloy. It is, of course, can be cut with a diamond disc grinder, but ... Well, here I am not even against - I would be even more interesting to look at it. If you go to a mechanic that he cut the ring out of your vagina, make sure you call me, and I - a spectacle to be something else, a-ha-ha!

I appeared in front again, seemed to have been ended tears. Why would he make fun of me ?! What I made him such as hurt ?! This is because of the case, on receipt? Or when at the time of processing, Maxim stopped his idle chatter? But is this a reason to deflower me, sterilized, mutilate my body ?! Is he imagines himself to some judge or God, to so easily dispose of my destiny ?! As a doctor, he that gave the Hippocratic Oath?
- Speaking of body piercing, - said Sebastian - still need to take care of him, Vick will teach you. Do not forget to refer to her, take her bottle miramistina. If there are inflammations or festering - we are not foam! And now...

Sebastian got up off the shelf and blissfully stretched. In fear that it will now start to rape me, I shrank into the wall, but he just grunted and scooping bucket water from his canteen, stepped on a couple. Letting a towel, he bared a strong muscular back, beautiful hips and tightened male ... I closed my eyes hands in embarrassment. After a brief chuckle room filled with the sound of shimmering water and walking on a sponge body.
- Scratch my back - all of a sudden I heard a voice suddenly serious tormentor. This voice was a note of the request, which for some reason I did not come to mind to disobey. With a face wet with sweat and tears, I came down from the shelf. Taking lying next to a sponge, I soaked it with water and gently held between Sebastian blades. Now, I could not not look at him, and one look at this gorgeous body in my stomach started to flutter again butterfly.

To me, as in our first meeting, began to burn an irresistible sexual desire, I just felt that my pussy is wet with sweat already, starting dressed and lubrication requires wild, animal sex. One hand rubbing the back of the torturer, the other I stroked her neck, chest, abdomen ... Mena struck that the piercing is no longer seemed to me disgusting, but rather the opposite - a wildly exciting. Letting his fingers under her panties, I found the rings in the labia lips and began to pull them gently. Do not resist the flood of sensations, I briefly moaned. And as if that Sebastian and waited.

Rising to his feet, he turned to me. Startled, I turned away from him and dropped the sponge.
- Well done, Catena, - he whispered in my ear. - Now, let me help you.
- No, no ... - I could only whisper, as he unbuttoned my bra.

His heart was beating like crazy, lubrication, mixing with the sweat already running down her thighs, and her nipples were standing as if on parade. Excitement gripped me, splitting my mind. I wanted this bastard fuck me - fuck like an ordinary rapist, as a normal maniac pervert - and then either released, or strangled by my own course - if only this nightmare is finally over. And at the same time, covered by some wild sexual frenzy, I would like to see this handsome man had me, had a last whore, that it completely took me under control, to my thoughts did not arise on the resistance to his will, like always to be his sex slave, trouble-free bedding ...

The heat and eerie mix of lust and hatred I felt dizzy and I led. But Sebastian gently embraced me, and put on the shelf. By taking a sponge, he walked around my neck and back, which caused strong shaking, which, of course, felt. Then he stood back, put his arm around my shoulder with his left hand, the right is pulled forward to my chest. When rough sponge in circular motions went through my nipples again I could not help but moan. He, meanwhile, was heading below. Carefully bypassing the stomach, he pulled his hand on my thigh, and then started moving back up, and openly, had a sponge in my panties. Putting a sponge, he returned and started gently hand on the pubis.
- No, please, do not ... - I forced myself to whisper the last effort of will. But Sebastian just hugged me tight.

Putting me on my feet, he pulled off my panties, and slowly turned to face him, still holding his shoulders. My eyes finally fell on his penis - a strong and resilient, staying in full combat readiness - the first in the life of a man's penis, which I saw live. The paint is poured over my face and in search of where to transfer the view, I stopped him on the lips Sebastian. They did not have a shadow of his usual sneer, they were parted, as if in anticipation of an uncertain kiss.

Inexplicable impulse, I fell at his lips! That was my first kiss, and I myself gave it to her rapist, but the desire is so captured me that I completely lost control of my body! Sebastian passionately responded to my kiss, clutching me in his arms. Closing his eyes, and a mighty encircling his arms back, I moaned with each of his kiss, every touch of his tongue in my opinion, from each drop of saliva, which we shared! His strong chest pressed against mine, constantly encouraging my protruding nipples ...

Noticing that my hand reached out to caress languishing on pussy, Sebastian picked me up, put on the shelf, and he hung on, leaning on his elbows and knees. He remained in this position about ten seconds, and I opened my eyes in disbelief, then he waits. Wanting to cheer him up, I spread her knees, revealing the wings of the most wanton butterflies in my crotch.

Immediately after that Sebastian abruptly entered into me, and the last vestiges of reason, I realized that after all the "No", I said before, this sign was the most "yes", which was waiting for my tormentor. Now that all the formal criteria was not rape but consensual sex. This bitter understanding dumped all my past barriers. Without stopping to moan movements of his heroes inside my vagina, I grabbed the back of his hands and feet, I ran to his lips, I even clumsily podamhivala him as best she could. My pussy squelched as if he was drowning - and in the meantime a member of Seva became firmer went deeper, his movements became sharper, and when my lips were busy with a kiss, I moaned loudly.

Not stopping movements Seva hung his head down and licked my nipple. New Wave sensation ran through my body - throwing back his head and rolling his eyes, I just breathed deeply and frequently, the body does not have enough oxygen. Glancing down, I saw that Seva licked the nipple with a white discharge, abundantly accumulated and preserved in the second.

Unrestrained fucking continued for another twenty minutes. On the back of my mind I hung the idea that this never-ending orgasm - product Sevigny diabolical experiments with my body, but to give up these feelings like I could not, and did not even want. Discharge followed one another, my pussy squelched full swing, spin Seva already was all scratched my nails ... but it went on and on. Jumped down from the bench, he abruptly pulled me to his feet, turned to her ass and pushed in the back. Without further explanation, I leaned his hands on the bench and bent at the waist as she could, flaunting her delicious ass. Immediately after that Sevin member literally flew into my vagina, pulling up to the cervix, knocking me into a loud cry of bliss.

Wasting no time, Sev grabbed me by the hips and with a new force began to move in me, every movement of pulling behind his cock my virgin skin until recently Kisochka. Only now I understand what it means to men joke "fry girl!" His cock tossed me like mad, my body is passed around to the beat of these movements, chest ridiculously hung dangling back and forth ... ?! Indeed, just now, in fact in the faint and dizzy from the endless succession of orgasms, I could see her breasts - they are not pulling on my favorite razmerchik first, now it's tits were at least a second! The realization of this incredible fact coincided with Sevigny discharge. I just felt his semen filling my vagina - and for a split second I visited seditious thought that how sorry he sterilized me - because then I had a chance to bear a child from such a handsome man!

Still a bit like a member of my broken hole, Sebastian fell helplessly on the bench, panting. He caught me by the shoulder, he beckoned to lie down next to him. Unable reasonable to think after such a fuck, I accepted his invitation. Embracing my shoulder with one hand and trying to catch his breath, he took second from somewhere under the bench tube and cleverly put together with a selection of my nipples got about five milliliters.
- Well done, Catena ... - out of breath, but surprisingly gentle voice Seva praised me, kissing her forehead. - It will pay off and the wardrobe ... that Vic bought for you ... and ... carried out the procedure.

Dazed by the endless succession of discharges, but with a sinking heart, horror of what I do, I lay half-turned to Sev and gently hugged him.

To be continued...

Continued: Time for a change. Part 1

Ode to love and sex

"Hopped on a minute, I have something to say," - typical phone clicked. Joy passionate wave rose from the inside, she's waiting for me, so ready. How can such words convey? body tenderness and lust in his eyes. How many days and nights I have dreamed of? And caught her like a crow. Tu crow that hands itself will not do that to catch and traps is not possible, the crow that proudly through life is, bird arrogant, clever and challenging.

We neighbor walked through life together, but I was in love, and she was touchy. We were always there, but we share her inner cold and rigor.
The door is open, and do not have to knock, and the picture of the door beyond ... My happiness and joy is in the negligee, and his face glows bright paint.
- You mean?
- No, I wanted to ask.
- What is wrong with you?
- I'm beautiful, answer?
- You know the answer.
- I do not know that I was standing, I do not know myself, I do not know what others know.
- So I - it is an occasion to test themselves, to show that you stand in reality?
- Honey, no. I would only answer to a simple trust me.
- Want to know? You know, in fact, hundreds of thousands of nights I have dreamed of your tender, supple body. Do not be afraid, my dear, trust and all. You give yourself into the right hands. Hands, who grant happiness and love, just believe and should not be thought.
modest fall into the hands of the Body itself. Lips like a fire burned. Breasts in the palm, and tenderness, delight my heart seized. How many days and nights I have dreamed of? It is no longer important. The important thing is that now the girl next one proud bird, a crow.

Gently, gently carry on his hands, and that's the bed, well, then - it's simple. The girl needed a little cuddle, so as not to rock the boat, bitch. What is it? Thoughts are where? Is not that what I was waiting for? No, this girl and so it is impossible, it is necessary to gently, gently. Again, back to square one, waiting for her for a long time, then he wanders love blood I have, then, go ahead - caution. Do you want to learn? So listen to yourself, you yourself give yourself into my hands. Taesh, blaze, give up again, the happiness you feel in yourself. I feel like an overflowing passion, intelligence and control over melts. Do you like wax reveals itself gently on the saucer flock. Melts body, weeping eyes. The air around the blazes. You want me, I can feel it, I know. I tense, and you, as a resin, a thick foam flocking. I can not hurt you, did you feel the soul.
Time and passion take control, we cut off the head. Do you like the violin, singing under the bow, the body is revealed. Happiness and joy, I learned you, here it is - your rod coveted. I entered there, there I entered, no, let me finish.
I just began. Now I am in you. But I know you're not ready. Wait, wait, now, yes, good. And it forces me to leave. I poured out a stream, happiness inside you. You are my joy, you are my joy.

Suddenly you huddled beneath a wave of me. What is it, girl, what is it? Feeling I like a vise, a member of my fallen compressed. Again? Again? Crow flies. Happiness fills me. Girl Wings opened the way to and from the nest flies. You already know how it is - to live, you already know what you are. But your heart continues to kink, just a you believe. Now you believe.
So it's not just called me, so I need you? How many days and nights I have dreamed of? But for now I am with you.
We fell asleep in the arms, full quenching that kopilos centuries. We are the first people on this earth who have fallen in love with. Fell in love, the desire to melting, and passion have given each other. We sing an ode to the great passions that befell between people.

Business trip

This trip Sergey waited for a long time. Specifically, not only this, but any proper and "I waited" just "I wanted". His position did not require departures from the city, so he could only listen to the stories of returning to the editorial colleagues, drink brought from different cities as a souvenir of local vodka and envy. To go somewhere himself had neither the money nor the time - and so wanted to break away, "see the world" and the rest of the family. And then, finally, it happened. Sergey managed to achieve some success - is not such, of course, to improve the position or give a cash prize, but it is sufficient to send him to a two-day trip to the city of N. And even buy him tickets to the sleeper.
By Sergey trip took very seriously. Two hundred dollars were taken out of a nest egg, and exchanged for smaller denominations. "On the two days will be enough, - Sergey reasoned. - Girls in N. cheaper than in Moscow." In the train, he bought a delicious appetizers - mussels in a jar, chocolate and a lot of this nonsense. Drinks - vodka, cognac and champagne. "If you are not lucky and the train would not be anything interesting take on the way back, and if not then you're lucky - will bring back to Moscow. However, alcohol on any trip and useful"- He decided.
He was lucky - a neighbor on the coupe was a woman. She went after him, when Sergey already have read the newspaper and drink expensive beer from cans. Actually, the newspaper Sergei read-only view - the words still not evolved in his proposal. And the beer was purchased just for show off. Sergei waited, waited, who will be his companion for the night.
When the door opened, his heart skipped a beat. He slowly looked up from his newspaper and met eyes with her. A slender woman of about thirty in jeans and a t-shirt, enveloping decent sized breasts with his lips smiled at him and said hello. Sergei responded politely, getting up from the seat. A neighbor put the bag on the shelf and went out into the corridor, without closing the door behind him. Sergey has forgotten about the newspaper and admired her tightened in jeans ass, trying to calculate the shape of the folds on the pants. He surprised his luck. Of all the possible options for the best fell. Could be a man, could be an elderly aunt or very young student, a freshman, who would immediately rushed to to the conductor asking hooked it in the compartment to the woman: And this: It is unlikely that something is afraid, confident adult aunt, married or had been married, probably have children. Just know what they want and if you want to have fun on the road, it will not break.
The train started moving. A woman came in, closed the door and sat down, staring out the window. Sergey has decided not to rush things - is now the conductor had to go for tickets. Then you can not linger - stranger can go to the restaurant car. Fifteen minutes later a thick conductor collected the tickets. A neighbor Sergei ordered coffee and buried in a small colorful book in soft paperback. After waiting until the conductor brought coffee, Sergei began to pull out delicacies from the bag and set them on the table. Then he spoke cautiously.
- Sorry to distract you from reading: It turned out that the birthday is to celebrate the train: You do not join? As you do not want one. I've been with him took something: However, if you want, you can go to a restaurant.
The woman closed the book and sat down. She examined the table, in a strange grin.
- What will you drink - continued Sergey. - Cognac, champagne?
The woman laughed.
- As for birthday - did you come up with good, though not new. In other words, the standard plot: Drink, dinner, gradually turning into sex. The difference is mainly in the final: if you are sufficiently resolute, then begin to me to touch after the third glass, and then maybe everything will be good - for you, of course, if not - polezesh after gram of four and really will not be anything not able to. I guess?
When she began to speak, Sergei terribly embarrassed, but recovered by the end of the monologue, and even happy. "If so swiftly takes the bull by the horns, so a good chance"- He thought to himself, and she decided to play along.
- -Yes, the scenario is not new, but agree (he, too, I decided to go on "you"), A classic. A new - it's like? So I silently, without a word, would have pounced on you?
- I got to the face.
- Well, I do not rush, and offer dinner and drink
- You forgot the word "at first"
- In the sense of?
- You have to say: "I do not rush, and offered first to dine and drink". You, by the way, did not say how you have to resolve. Everything is fine?
Sergei was somehow not on itself. He fished a bottle of cognac from his bag and began to open.
- Well, judging by the way you grabbed the liquor, with determination, you have not.
Sergei dismantled anger.
- Listen. We are with you not for fifteen years. You're a smart girl, and quickly saw through my intentions. Once got to the core, then accept them or not. We can go to bed now, we can after dinner. We can never go, I will not force you. So there is nothing to pin me.
- Okay, I'm sorry, do not start. My tongue is my enemy. And I have you decided about this cognac does not offer?
- No, God forbid.
Sergei poured brandy into the second cup, broke a chocolate bar.
- I beg.
Woman vzvla cup
- Well, for you, type birthday. By the way, when is your birthday?
- A month later
- All the same for you
- No, then it is for you, if I so shamefully exposed
- Well, then, for us.
They clinked glasses and drank.
- Incidentally, we are not yet familiar.
- My name is Ty. Only, for God's sake, do not say that it is a rare name.
- A me- Sergei. Do not tell me that the name is too common.
They both laughed.
- Sergei Well, let's for another acquaintance
- Do you want me to make a drunkard?
- No. Maybe, I'll work up the courage.
- You do not give the impression of a coward.
- I'm not a coward. If it was just about sex, I would already sitting in an embrace with you
- And what is at stake? What kind of sex is difficult?
- While it is not about anything goes. More precisely it is - that it is time to pour more
"Had an alcoholic, - Sergey thought, pouring a third. - Now nazhretsya. Well if otklyuchtsya, then even fuck her like a rubber doll. And yet Kolobrodov begin, what to drive snowstorm - anything. Okay, then I require that I was transferred to another compartment. He poured on the third. After the third glass the woman's eyes sparkled, her cheeks flushed. It was evident that she was drunk. Sergei leaned across the table and took her hands in his.
- Well, that time has come to show determination?
- To me? Yes, probably.
- Well ... let's play to together - Sergei began, but Ty gesture stopped him.
- I work up the courage to talk to you. More precisely, to offer you something.
- All attention.
- You know, sex - is, of course, great. But there are things that I like even more.
- For example?
- Risk. The risk and excitement.
- And what do you suggest?
- What I suggest: the game. We'll play with you. Let us know how: .Igrat you ought to something else interesting, right? If we were younger, we could play on the strip: But in our age: It's not, you know. There's two sides are ready to play - especially all the participants know what's all over And it is necessary that players play FEAR:
- So you, as a result, offer?
- Now I will tell you what I'll do if I win. If you agree, then you say, what would be your prize. If I agree, we will play and will award the winner.
- Communicates (Sergey was really interesting)
- I propose to start dinner. There are hunting. Over dinner and talk. And if you do not like my idea, I just sleep, okay?
- Of course - said Sergey and began to print packaging. They even had a drink at one (almost ran out of brandy), and focused for some time in silence. Sergei could not resist:
- Well?
- So short. If I win, you do the following: It's become thoughtful .. - First, first you razuesh me: She lifted up a passage in the import sneaker. Razuesh via the teeth, he'll be in the nude. And the feet in these cheap crosses sweat terribly. Take off your shoes, socks and carefully vylizhesh. Then I go to the toilet :. And you I'll wait. There, on the floor. Then I'll come back. You we will be tying up your eyes, put on the bed. I'll sit on your face, you're vylizhesh: both holes until I finish. And that you are not lazy and actively moved, you'll be dripping wax from a burning candle in the different places. Then you get some rest and we'll drink champagne. You're going to sit on the book, which will lay a dozen kantsklyarskih buttons. And finally, before going to bed, I will uplift your same belt. Let's say - 15 strikes on the ass buckle and five - without buckle in the balls. That is my program. Now you - what will you do with me, if you win?
Sergei breath. He could not endure the physical pain and bad it endured. On the other hand, there is a chance to take over the body of the woman and not simply to take over:
Tightening time before answering, he asked:"Are you sadomazohistka?"
- No, I'm sadistic. I am very afraid of pain. I very much want you to torture, and that tormented itself - I do not.
-So in fact you risk?
-I told you that I love the excitement and risk. If you are not lucky - well, pomuchayus. For all have to pay. So we play?
- Two more questions. First, that you, always with a candle and a button?
- No not always. And you've got that, always with a cognac, champagne and a bunch of delicacies?
- Accepted. A deck of cards you have, too, with him, I suppose?
- No, I do not like the card. They are easily deceived. Would you have believed me if got your deck?
- Yes, I would have hesitated. And what then?
Ty pulled out a canvas bag and emptied the contents on the table.
- Here. Bones. In them it is impossible to cheat.
- How many times we throw? Simple mechanical scoring or what?
- On a more challenging game, we do not have time. And to prolong the pleasure, so give: Play as long as one does not come off from the other, say, 20 points. Only you first program a defined.
- On the program: The program Sergei any problems - no experience in "adults games" he was not in his head did not come. He had to take a frank plagiarism.
- The idea with the wax and the buttons I like, and I told her, too, take advantage. And, of course, all three poekspluatiruyu your holes. Yes, the washing of feet and flogging - too bad. So our programs are almost identical.
- It's not fair. If I lose, you do to me all the same, to the same even and vyebesh in all holes. You should of give up something.
- Well, I did but I will make you lizt ass, besides dirty. And can reduce the number of strokes: Well, let's say, in the ass - up to ten. And buttons - up to five.
- Fine, hand. And further. Let's agree about two things. Firstly, if the winner of the course of affairs have a desire to go beyond the program, he agreed it with the victim. That can be traded or disagree, but without the consent of the program, we do not go out. And, secondly, I suggest immediately specify the actions that we consider unacceptable or even discussing the possibility of such action. Personally for me this - to leave bruises on the face, neck, and even there, where you can see. And do not put out cigarette butts on me - not about that :. And you have?
- Bruises and cigarette butts - too. And in the ass Do not put anything.
- OK, hands. Come for another and throw a bone!
Sergei was awakened by shouting conductors:"We wake up, get up, drink tea. In N. Let two hours". Conductor went down the hall, continuing to wake the passengers. Sergei wanted to sleep badly, but remembering the night adventure, he, as he was naked, sat on the bed and rubbed his eyes. Taya slept in the next bed - naked, scattered on the crumpled blanket. In conjunction heavily smelled stale. Sergei remembered Ty night begged him to give her a drink, to not feel the pain. Before that Sergei laid her on her back and lifted his legs so that his head was between calves. Then he told her to keep her hands feet, has introduced a member of the anus and started fucking rude. With one hand he held the handle of the bed, and suddenly held a candle and drip wax on the open pussy. He then had to shut his mouth Tae socks - he was afraid that she would break down and zaoret. He then let her drink. Standing on all fours she varnish mixture of vodka and champagne saucer set under the table, and he smacked her belt, trying to hit the small lips.
Sergei stood up and walked over to Tae. She slept soundly. One of her legs was bent, the other stretched out. One arm hung down to the floor; Breast collapsed in different directions. Sergei looked at the dried wax drops on the small lips and nipples on the belt marks on thighs, into small puncture wound in the perineum - before Ty put on the buttons, he personally stabbed each of them. He felt the growing excitement. "But pussy something in it I have not tried", -Think Guy, getting the girl. When he began to enter the dry vagina, the girl jerked, moaned without opening his eyes, but Sergei pinned her to the bed and started to fuck with pleasure. By the time he had finished, Ty finally woke up. "Get up, my beauty, it's time to gather", - Said Sergei, trying not to meet with a girl, eyes.
- Turn away.
Once again marveled female logic (at night stood in front of a man on his knees and swallows sperm and many more that did, and now hesitates when he sees her naked) ... and turned away. Taya poshurshat clothes and slipped out of the compartment. We lunched in silence. First, Sergei, trying to smooth over the awkward silence, tried to say something, but soon stopped - Taya did not answer or answered in monosyllables. They came in N. Sergey did not know how better to say goodbye, but in the vestibule Taya took the initiative in their hands.
- You are a long time in the NA?
For two days. What? Hold. Ty handed him a business card, on which was written her name and mobile phone number.
- Call me in exactly one week. I'll be in Moscow. Remember, you are obliged to do so.
- In the sense of?
- Everything we do at night was by agreement. But climb the morning I did not give consent, do not you? So for you the favor.
- What?
- I have not decided yet. Admit it, if you get the goods without the consent of the seller, can not return it, the seller is free to set a price. Even if it seems expensive - well, do not take without asking. And after you return the debt, we will play. Maybe you're lucky again.
She kissed Sergei on the cheek and ran out on to the platform, which immediately fell into the arms of the two women met her older ..

Are you homosexuals?

My name Lera I am 16 years old. I want to tell you a story that happened to me a year ago. I met with the two boys. With Stpoy Sekatskii and Sasha Sebosyanom. They called me the next day and invited to walk. While walking, I know them better. They both liked me in communication: Funny, good guys, but apparently more than sympathetic to Sasha. Growth Sasha was about 175cm (can be higher), brunette with blue-gray eyes, bottomless, they wanted to drown.

Stepan is a regular guy, no different from the others, but for some reason behind it ran a lot of girls. They treated me well. So we talked for another month, until I began to notice strange things ... It was June 1st. The day was hot. I called and called Stepan walk to the stadium. Arriving at the venue, I saw Stpu and Sasha, and they were about something talk. We went into the stands and talk about school. During the call, Stepan looked at Sasha and winked at Sasha nodded.

After 3 minutes, Sasha called Stpu smoke behind the podium. I usually go with them, so to speak for the company (ie. to. I do not smoke), but on this day they told me to wait for them on the podium. While the boys were smoking, I alone thought about her. But then I had the idea to spy on them. I should not have conceived it. There I saw a picture: they stood, and suddenly smoke, Stepan began to touch the ass for Sasha This was something!. I hoped it was some kind of a friendly joke and that Sasha will remove Stepa's hand with the words:"B * I, well, come on, not funny already" or something like that, but there was nothing.

I ran out and screamed:"Are you homosexuals?". In it they reacted violently, they say "Are you fool?". "This is a joke". I ran away with shame. At home, I think about it and realized that they can not be homosexuals, because each of them showed interest in me. The next day I decided to apologize. I went home to Styopa. When he reached his apartment, he yanked the handle (I've got such a bad habit) and the door opened.

Apparently he forgot for someone to close the door. I went into the hallway and was about to call Stpu, she heard moans from his room. Then I threw it into the paint. For myself, I certainly already submitted Stepa sex scenes with the girl, but then I heard the voice of Sasha. Then I got the idea that they are watching porn. I decided to peep. I opened the door, so that I would not be seen, and saw that I even had not occurred.

There fucked Stepan and Sasha! I was terribly disgusting, but the desire to watch overcame disgust. I'm a virgin, and for me it is something unusual ... Sasha stood Stepan cancer and fucked him in the ass. They were completely naked and so I could see everything well.

In Stepa I had a small penis, but thick. He dryuchil Sasha is very fast and getting unbearable pleasure from this. 5 minutes later, Stepan finished and resulted from a member of his jet of sperm. Stepan squatted and Sasha stuffed into his mouth and his big fat cock. Stepan began to lick dick from the head to the testicles and suck like candy. Sasha pleasure rolls his eyes, and his gay friend smacked his lips, swallowing sperm, but did not have time to swallow all the sperm poured and flowed down his chin.

From this kind of I crawl. And these people I talked! One of them I liked, I ran home and I do not know from what started crying. Tolley surprise, toli insults, filth, fear. All mixed feelings. From the moment I do not talk to them, do not know until now whether they are doing it, but I do not want to communicate with them, but disgusting! That's the story happened to me.

Thank you read.

Lyubimov family. Part 5

No one noticed that Stepan was late to the office, so he decided that no one will notice if the leave quickly to get back home and tell Lena about his adventures with Masha. He was very happy to tell her everything, and do not worry, that Lena slaughter and deemed him crazy. She has not allowed him to do such games, but he knew his wife very well, and knew that she would be ecstatic, from possible prospects of a lesbian relationship.

On the way home, Stepan phone vibrated and he saw two SMS. One from my wife, she wrote that he quickly Vertan home, um, what an interesting coincidence. And another from Masha. He should be, once gave her mobile number so she often went to their home. When he opened it, he almost crashed into a curb, so I had parked on the roadside. The message was embedded picture, which shaved pussy was oozing displayed. Pussy Masha, of course he recognized her. And a message: "Can not wait to see you, Uncle Stepan again!" Stepan thought it was so cute that she calls him uncle. He wanted to send this picture to his wife, but then decided not to do so, after all the children could take her phone and see everything. But at least, now his wife exactly believe in its history.

Dinner was quiet, as Stepan had a chance to talk alone with his wife. And apparently, so she quickly called him home to talk in private, because now she could do with the children to tell him everything. Cyril continued to look at her mother. Stepan was worried that if his son was in some kind of trouble, and Lena and they wanted to tell him. Though Kate did the same thing as a brother. Children seemed to looked at his mother throughout the dinner.
- Someone was now something interesting? - Finally I asked Stepan.

Lena and Katya force kept a straight face and Kirya not even heard the question.
- Here today I drove Masha, - he said, when you do not get an answer.
- Oh, and how is it? - Lena asked, - I have not seen her for a couple of months.
- It is well and looked very cheerful. Maybe her parents started to get along again.
- I hope - said Lena - I know what she went through a lot, and she's not the kind of girl that has a lot to share with other people.

Stepan restrained grin.
- I told her that she came more often, I think she will listen to me.
- Honey, you often see her at school? - Lena said Kate.

Daughter shrugged.
- Well yes. But the school is rumored that she is a lesbian.

Stepan choked on food and Lena patted him on the back. Fortunately, they all thought that he was just surprised to hear something like that about a friend of the family.
- I think it was b cool if she was a lesbian - blurted Cyril - so hot!

Kate kicked him under the table.
- Shut up! Why hot? This means that she will never be with you.
- I do not need to, I had a girl to enjoy her - Kirill said with a devilish smile.
- Fu, an abomination, - said Kate with a look of contempt.
- Masha delightful girl, and even if what is said about it is true, it will always be welcome in our house - as if nothing had happened said Lena - Cach, you're still friends with her?
- Yes, but we do not hang out together.
- Or perhaps should - Lena carefully looked at her daughter, obviously hinting at something.

Kate tried to hide a smile at the corners of the mouth.
- Mama...

Stepan was absolutely not informed about what the hell they were talking about. But he was much distracted by their own hidden thoughts. He hoped that Lena will not serve dessert, and they will be able to go to their room and be able to talk.
- Dad, how are you faced with Masha? - Kate asked - I have a mind that you was going to work. You stopped somewhere near the school?

Stepan thought for a bit, trying to come up with an explanation, is not related to his masturbation.
- Um, Nuu ... I went the other way and saw her near the park. Therefore, I stopped and said hello.
- I think she was in love with you - Kate smiled.

Lena laughed.
- It is unlikely. She is so cute.
- Why it can not be in love with me? - Said Stepan, fictitiously offended, but in fact, his amused wife's ignorance.
- It is not like girls that fall in love with older men, or even if so, it keeps it deep inside.
- Nuu ... - Kate thought for a moment - when we were a little younger, a few times she tried to spy on the Pope while he was in the shower.

Stepan and Lena looked very surprised.
- What did she do? - Lena asked in shock.

Kate laughed.
- In fact, I pushed her to do it. I said that my dad is the biggest and longest pisya of all the popes, so she should see her.

Stepan again choked on food.
- What?
- Kate, you should not say such a thing, okay? - Lena asked.

Cyril took a few minutes to think of something and make a contribution to the conversation.
- She had not yet seen my.

Lena slapped his son's hand, causing her tits began to sway in a bikini. But in fact, she knew that he was equipped better than my father.
- It is unacceptable for the dinner conversation, - said Stepan once again able to breathe.
- Keep - Lena said, though the things she was going to tell her husband were still inappropriate. Not knowing how long she was trying to figure out how to get him into the bedroom to tell him these things, and she knew that he probably wants to fuck her immediately after. And she would not blame him, as she was dying to get a member.
- Honey, let's go upstairs for a while, - Stepan said in answer to her prayers.
- We need to insert earplugs ears? - Kirill said in jest.
- How about if you drown out the sounds of his masturbation? - Kate joked.

Before Lena could scold children, Stepan grabbed her hand and led her to the top in his bedroom.

Continued: Lyubimov family. Part 4

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