Mr Thing

My friend and I were going to the movies. I Department of the short skirt and blouse. For my friend went and we went to the theater not far from half a kilometer. My name is Lisa I am 17 years old. Here we have come as I saw the little red-haired kitten, I ran after him, he ran off to some dark alley but I was not frightened and ran Catching and girlfriend did not notice how I left and moved on, I think that poglazhu kitten and catch up with them. That is almost caught up with a kitten suddenly enters from the other side of the alley three black cars and kitten got scared and ran away, I wanted to catch up with him but some people got out of the car stopped me and took my hands clasped in handcuffs screaming I helped give help fr ... and suddenly I taped her mouth with duct tape and suffered depression I was put in the back seat next to me sits a man who has put on me handcuffs and the same man willed my eyes to what that rag he zhei says well, as you slut host normal slut said the man sitting next to the driver I knew the sound. I start to cry frightened and began to kick the man and suddenly someone said Bind her legs so the owner and I began to tie his feet. I hit someone over the head with an iron rod I lose I feel bad and soznanieeee.

AAAA where I am. I woke up and tied up but with his eyes open for a room like the basement of the bed than the chair and two chairs a small TV table desk disposable cup that is on the table next to him with a bottle of water. Suddenly comes a man to sit next to meat me on the bed now saying I razvezhu you except hands only will you sit still good but not the blood still you do not who will not hear us in the forest sdes our host has built a huge house and we are his servants, he just kidnapped us well, if we run away it will show on the Internet pictures where I and other servants bare it forced us to undress and now you, too, now his slave, but not as we the servants and thou shalt be his sex slave.

Continued: Mr Thing. Part 2

Terrible happened. Chapter 4

"The morning starts with dawn" was sung in a popular Soviet song. My own began with a blowjob. In fact, a member of the morning, and so worth it. It would seem - use the ladies darmovschinkoy. But my wife Irina pragmatic smeared my big piston saliva, as she wanted to get a morning orgasm without scuffs overworked vagina.

Personally, I loved the morning sex. My favorite so warm, languid. You start to caress her, kiss her. And she still sleeping, smiling, bent like a cat, and a wave of tenderness rolls that I want it small and defenseless embrace and protect against all the bad that is in this world. Lay glass cover and block the wind-screen, virtually.

She knew that in the morning I rarely finish since accumulated over night urine hardly passes semen flows to the output. So we are men, are arranged. Alternative ways of the Creator are not provided. In the first months of life she had worried about this, but then I saw that I was in any case get untold pleasure and relaxed. Therefore, always slept without panties, so as not to inhibit the morning wave of mutual caresses.

If I wake up early - I did not bother long preludes - was part of it, in practice, in a few minutes. I just do not want to lose this morning indescribable atmosphere of magic. And although during the night into the vagina natural moisture accumulate, I'm his big eldometrom wife delivered some inconvenience. Accordingly, when Ira woke up first - she did not lose time in vain and woke me exclusive morning blowjob, preparing yourself comfortable sex.

Usually in the morning Irene preferred to be given on the back. We can say dosypaya under my caresses. But today, slowly crawled on top of me and the very first time got his hot clicking on my guy. I stood at attention, in order to facilitate her movements. The hard frame my wife could ride like on the carousel, and adjust the degree of their penetration.

Their legs she pulled me along and slightly pushing your feet, just fidgeted on my body up and down without much amplitude, allowing himself the last moments in the kingdom of Morpheus. How nice it was to stroke her soft hot back, drop to roundness ass and feel under his hands, the muscles of the buttocks of small alternate modes, then straining it relaxing. Moisten your finger with saliva, I lightly touched her anus. Then we fill up five minutes of relaxing mode.
- Can I connect to you? - Avdey naked standing in the doorway with an erect penis.
- Go to an outlet connected, - I muttered irritably.
- Ha ha ha, how funny - Avdey offended and walked over to the couch.

Using our confusion, he threw himself a blanket over his head and crept up to us on the part of the foot. After the reaction of his wife, I realized that our friend oral caresses her ass. Thinking to frighten and drive away Avdei wife, I asked his wife:
- And two members to accept poorly?

Ira shrugged. A chill ran through my despair somewhere in the sacrum. Our veteran comrade felt my rejection of what is happening and began to carefully lick my balls. What is the reaction he was expecting, I wonder? What am I shouting "Ah, devil!" - Take zatselovyvat his big cheeks? Well, after Avdyei, stupidly, Ira pulled out my boyfriend and took him into her mouth.

my resistance troops were scattered non-standard actions of the enemy, and I stepped back. Just I was still drowsy. Yes, and blow these thick Gubishche too pleasant was something to hide. And most importantly - I have never tasted a woman in two bow, as they say. And the fact that it was my wife, so after yesterday's orgy was already somehow not up to the convention. One hole more than one smaller - this is the essence of what happened does not change.

I felt the warm lips of his wife and began to gently kiss. At first she did not answer, but then responded to my caresses, and after a couple of minutes our tongues have danced paso doble. She pulled her knees to her chest and her little ass was ready for penetration. Avdey gently sent my wet pussy penis back to his wife and began to liberally lubricated with saliva hole nearby.
- I'll do it just for you, darling, - Ira whispered. You're so long wanted to try. Only a long time promise - she said in a louder voice. I'm afraid it will hurt. So try to enjoy the moment more, boys!

Avdey threw the blanket aside and stood up snowman on a dark, little body of Irina. That, clinging to my chest, waiting tensely penetration into the anus. I felt like a member of the other pushes the sphincter muscles and slowly but inexorably comes to its full length. Eggs and we greeted each other in a brotherly hug. "What? We're now the dairy brothers "- flashed a stray thought in the brain. Ira grimaced and asked us not to move.
- Let's just you - a little later told my wife and I held tightly penis comrade through a thin wall, and began to gently move into the vagina. High-quality saves morning erection. Poor erect penis for a long time to squeeze out of its chinks. Therefore, I began carefully, not too close to the edge of the vagina. But then my big penis began to walk along the route acquainted with bolder and now the characteristic features, I felt like my wife began to approach orgasm.
- Do not change anything! I want to come! - He exclaimed the wife, and went in himself, urging orgasm. A minute later she finely trembled and sang their continued during orgasm song with a simple text, "Oh-oh-oh ...". I stopped. When Ira came to herself - she gave the command Avdeyu:
- Come on, Avdeyushka! Now you. Do not pull! I was tired and numb feet.

My bass player, putting his chubby hands on a tidy hemisphere wife, began to move her ass. Ira shoved in my mouth and tongue began to actively podmahivat him. "Mm-m" - she moaned and soon our friend filled intestine my wife hot seed.

Ira finally ran into the shower to wake up, and Avdey, as if nothing had happened, lay next to me belly down. I saw his point abundantly smeared cream and said to himself, his conceptual approach to the process. A member of my still standing, and lying next to a huge white snow, which was waiting for my intrusion. Spat on his hand, I smeared the head with saliva and put it to the sphincter. Pressed, he waited until the head was gone, but then pulled the cock back and took a deep breath to ask.
- I enema - overtaking my question briefly breathed Avdyei.

Taking a deep breath, I went on a date with fellow prostate. "Mama hold on, Dad trembling, if every evening such a life" - something hinted at the dynamics of a popular singer. Avdeiko loud groaning under my cock and did podmahivat. Now it could be felt, and see too.
- I was plagued by vague doubts, Avdey! - Driving deeper into her snake, I inquired.
- What else is wrong? - Noisy bassist sighed, turning his head.
- Do you have enough of the random rape in order to become such a terry fag? - Does not mince words, I said.
- You're going to finish? - Ducked my homebrew Elton John.
- In the morning it is unlikely to succeed. You know.
- So go and pee!
- And, and I'll go! Then in the mouth accept?
- Easily. Try deepthroat.
- Look, Mardi Gras! - I remember the cartoon character. Sam came up about Deepthroat, or bullpen prompted, seduced my middle? - I'm teasing.
- And silent contempt was his response - a human voice groaned snowdrift.

I'm ready to get out of the gut Avdei when Irina returned to the room. She had not heard our conversation and, without saying a word, pressed her tongue to open my ass.
- And this is exactly the finish! - He closed his eyes in pleasure and I flew at a gallop to the finish line. I must say that my sphincter was the most sensitive erogenous zone. The urine is boiled and evaporated from spermoprovoda my sex drive. Brooks seed rapidly filled the vacant channels that will soon pour out and get lost in a maze of twisty colon Avdeev.
- Poston, my girls! - I asked.

Irina with Avdey groaned in different voices, and I pulled the sperm in great waving point mate.
- A brush, a brush, fuck off! - I yelled, imitating the heroes of the movies. Guys! I do not know about you, but to me it's all very, very much! But! - I made a theatrical pause. Let us confine ourselves to this. Moreover, the grandmother's daughter soon will. We must clean up our Sodom and Gomorrah.

After half an hour without our tower trio already had tea with pancakes, and then each went to meet their business.

Continued: Terrible happened. Chapter 3

Nice work

Hey. My name is Kate I am 25 years old. I myself am Russian but I live in San Francisco. Previously often changed profession and once managed to work in a studio where they filmed porn, I worked there as one of the administrators for the selection of the actors. My first audition was when filming a porn parody of the famous movie, and my task was to choose the parameters pair then see how they have sex, selected pair is sent to the administrator in a hotel guest room until a couple has sex administrator it takes and make a written report concurrently in appearance and in bed.

My first experience was not easy ... I had to select the actors on stage sex by candlelight. I selected two pairs, and my task was to select at this stage zaklyuyaayuschemu their Bed-compatibility which is determined by a known method. I conduct the selected ERP in a room in front of this little explain the scenario. Number already ready for our arrival, and I set the camera sat on a chair in front of a huge bed.

It all started with foreplay with each other in what turned out to be a professional man, he kissed the neck, chest, and began to descend lower than kissing the area around the tummy chest inside of the thigh and then there pubis. His kuilingus the best from what I have ever seen, I even excited, opening his fingers lower labia he tip of his tongue began to lick their sometimes specifically touching the clitoris why she got such a pleasure that by her moans, I do not mind itself is a pleasure to receive, by inserting a finger in her hole he became navazhivvt it and suck and nibble the clitoris why she arched richly finished.

A little departure from the orgasm she decided to make a nice partner and thank them for such a fun blowjob so she reached for the boxers and pulled out his huge cock and started to lick the head of which is already allocated moisture which she licked and tried to take it in her mouth, and despite the fact that he he entered a huge whole in her mouth and she started sucking his tool and massaging it yaychki why the guy moaned drawl and she continued this slow "torture" passing through the entire length of the tongue, and sometimes when obsasyvanie passing teeth and feeling that soon will end the guy picked it up and knocking on the bed inside her and began to move quickly sometimes slowing the pace and sometimes so quickly that the egg plopped on the ass girls than causing both louder moans of pleasure.

After a while they changed their position and now she was on top, and as an experienced rider began to ride on a limb that stretched her hole entered completely skipped it perfectly and ends too perfectly, and often the guy at the third position did not last long, and after a few minutes had finished her stomach and fell beside her. This pair is definitely suited to each other but as partners.

Sex was gorgeous and then I was so excited that she asked them to stay for another pleasant moment but that is another story, and work.

Secret spot

Alex stood at the kitchen window and peered into the dusk. Outside, snow was falling softly, showering passers-by hurrying home after a hard day. For the umpteenth time to boil kettle on the stove, and the mother still did not come and did not come again delayed at its plant.
Elephants idly around the apartment, Alex decided to pour my mother's flowers. I took a watering can and went to the bathroom to get water. In the bathroom, his eyes fell on a basket of dirty laundry. He thought for a moment, he put his hand into a pile of dirty laundry, and drew from his bowels golubenky knitted trousers.
It was his mom pants. With trepidation and excitement, is not the first time the man began to consider this intimate subject of women's wardrobe, soft, almost fluffy, he twisted them inside out and found the place where Mamochkin crotch, her pussy close touch with the fabric. In the gore he saw a yellowish traces of dried secretions, plastered with black hairs. He held his trousers to his face and took a deep breath. The boy smelled of urine and sour smell of my mother's vagina. I smell worried and excited.

Sticking his tongue he licked the fabric. The boyfriend pants rose markedly. Alex occasionally masturbated, when it was necessary to relieve the tension. He was 22 and he was in medical school, so like his mother. Alex loved her mother and always listened to her advice.
He went into his mother's room, sitting comfortably on her bed and decided to masturbate, while trousers mother, he put it on the face of the place, which smelled of the perineum. Podrachivaya dick, he recalled how he and his mother went to the village to the relatives, and the events happened there.

It was a sultry July. The heat melted asphalt in the city. Mother took a vacation and they decided to leave the stuffy city to the village where his mother grew up.

Four hours of shaking in the stuffy bus and here they are in place. They met my mother's cousin's aunt Marussia.

Aunt Maroussia was tall, slender, red-haired, pretty woman, she was a little over forty.
After a noisy embrace took place in a spacious house. The house was cool and smelled of cakes. Guests were asked to wash off the road. Then there was dinner with organic food - my mother said.

The next day, Alex met with the village boys, and then spent time with them from morning till evening. Mother helped Aunt Marusya in the garden and on the farm. I went to the river.

The village boys saw her mother for the first time Alexei, whistled.
- Lech, a nurse you have any che, noble heifer! - They estimated the woman.
Alexei bit jarred by the fact that my mother called heifer, but at the same time, he also admired her mother. Tall, slender, with a not very large breasts, rounded hips, with a little black curly hair, with brown eyes and bright full lips, my mother than like a gypsy.

One day after the evening film show in the village club, the boys settled down on the fence littered with abandoned house smoked and discussed the film. Gradually the conversation by discussing the beauty of actresses, passed on who that was.
Someone said he saw in the garden ssuschuyu aunt, someone that touched between her legs at her sister's hairy pussy and someone told how spied grandmother who raskoryachivshis over a bucket to wash pizdischu. Vanya remembered a story that happened to him in the summer, when he finished school. History has opened not only the imagination, but also made up members.

Family at Vanka was a large, three sisters and a little brother, and he was a senior. Money was not a particularly Vanka went to graze cattle to earn extra money to buy myself a tape recorder. In summer, the cows milked day on pasture, there came a milkmaid. It was a hot July afternoon. Girls milkmaids after milking ran to the river, and their eldest Natalya Petrovna, went to relax in the shade under Stozhkov mown hay. She was nearly fifty, is not high, a little plump, with a fucking eyes, sharp-tongued.

In the village it was considered lewd. Passing, Vanka stunned staring at the sleeping woman. She lay sprawled on the grass, puffy white with bluish veins, tits fell out of his robe, revealing pinkish eyes and halos of large nipples. Legs bent at the knees fell apart in hand, and lifted her robe to show Vanya appeared pizdischa adult woman. The plump pubis, lips rollers were covered with black wavy hair. Hair was covered and thick thighs. But most surprising was sticking out of pussy bright pink fleshy scallops glistening with moisture. Vanya looked around no one. He plopped down on the grass and crawled on their bellies to the sniffling woman. From pussy sharply stank of sweat and urine. Vanka grimaced, but curiosity was stronger. Big hairy pussy was almost under his nose, on the protruding lobes and folds was some whitish plaque.
Oh and stool! - Vanya thought, and held out his hand.

Suddenly strong tanned hand grabbed the boy.
- What touch hunting? - Heard Vanka voice aunt Natalia.
- Yeah - he said mechanically.
Aunt Natalia smiled and pressed his hand to his shaggy triangle. Dura, Vanka began kneading and stroking hairy chubby rollers, bolder, thrust his fingers inside. Inside pussy was wet and slippery. He walked from the bottom up on a slippery pulp, sniffed and then licked his finger. Finger was sour-salty taste. Aunt Natalia lay raskoryachishsya feet and smiled, then jerked Vanka's hand and he buried his nose in her pussy. Smelling of urine hair tickled his nose and hit the mouth, Vanka recoiled. A joker Aunt Natasha spread even wider thighs, took her fingers fleshy lips and spread them apart, opening the crazed look kid sex gap. The folds of flesh in the perineum, vagina hole opened. Vanka could not stand it any longer, he buried his nose in the smelly, hairy pizdischu and began to lick smacking awkwardly pink flesh poking tongue into the hole. The woman moaned, twitched his legs and squeezed. When the grip loosened, Vanya burst out of this slippery, stifling captivity and ran.

Running up to his hut on the edge of the meadow, he grabbed his swollen member stands as the count and began to furiously masturbate. He finished quickly and a lot.
Since meeting with Natalya Petrovna, Vanka tried to look away, but the milkmaid always laughing winked to him. And now the main tool in masturbation for Vanya was the memory of smelly pussy milkmaids.
Vanka finished his story, one of the guys whistled, someone smiled, but it was long after midnight, and it was time to go home.

When Alex came home, Aunt Maroussia and mother were asleep. Boy drinking a glass of fresh milk and went to bed.
The next morning Aunt Maroussia said that, it is necessary at the far garden weed potato beetle and collect ... Alex volunteered to help women.
The day was hot. The sun beat down. The aunt and the mother worked in a swimsuit, but when they open the body turned red, they wore light summer dresses. At noon, razmornnye from the heat, came home, a little bite. The aunt had gone somewhere, and his mother lay down to rest. Alex sat on the couch and flipping through a magazine then. On the contrary my mother slept on the high bed. The boy heard her sniffling. Alex looked up and was struck dumb.

Mom lay on her side facing the wall, the hem of her sundress rode up and could see the plump buttocks, thighs full of peeping under which the plump, covered with black curly hairs rollers mother's pussy. The young man paused, and then gently, barely breathing, went to bed. Silence fell on his knees beside the bed, leaned over and inhaled the warm scent of her mother's pussy. On it smelled thick pungent stench. Pussy smelled ... nosy smelled urine and salty than spicy. His head was spinning. Suddenly my mother stirred. Alex froze. It was quiet. The woman turned over in his sleep and now lay half-bent legs outstretched. Now he was a fascinating spectacle before his eyes. Black doodle plump pubis, genital ridges of folds, between which could be seen a bright pink tongue labia minora. The tongue glistened with moisture. The boy was sweating from what he saw, he felt excited. He remembered the story Vanka. He wanted to kiss and lick her mother's pussy. He wanted to smell her. But it was impossible to do. After all, it was his mother.

He closed his eyes, ran out into the hall, grabbed a bucket of cold water and poured it on his head.

The apartment door grated open the lock, forcing the wake of pleasant memories. Mother came. The boy rushed into the corridor, passing Mamochkin trousers thrown back into the basket of dirty laundry mother stood on the threshold. Winter coat with a furry collar, feather, lace knitted white scarf on her head, on the heel of the Italian boot. Mother smiles, hair tangled snowflakes. The young man put his arm around his mother. She smelled frost and spirits. But Alex knew that her mother has a place between her legs, her plump hairy pussy, which is now dramatically stinks nets and acidic secretions. And Alexei loved, loved his mother all ...

School toilet

I want to share my real episode from the life that I often remember. Some may understand me, I try to be honest and tell you in detail. It was in the high school years, I studied in the 8 th grade. At school I was a nerd, very shy, a little thin, and wore glasses.

In our school students he was toilet cubicles and without any partitions, represent - toilet for boys looked like this: there are almost 2 toilets nearby. I always hesitate to defecate there, even on the small not to mention more. Tried to go to the toilet during lessons to write when there is almost no one was, at the time of change is always there were the boys from my class and other classes. The toilet was also a place for high school students smoke. Smoked same place where the toilets were.

And one autumn morning, sitting in the classroom, I felt that I had a stomach ache and strongly wanted to defecate. At first I thought to take time off and go home from school, but I was afraid that will not have time to run and crap one's pants in the street.

There was nothing like a tear double-leaf exercise book, raise your hand and ask to leave. Coming out of the class, I went to the toilet. Going to the toilet, there was no one there I went to the toilet, which was closer to the window. Toilet rim was all smeared boyish stsakami. I undid the belt on his pants, pulled the pants with shorts to the knees, lifted his shirt and sat down on the push.

I relax your sphincter and began to push. From my hole I pulled stream of liquid shit. I tried to deal as quickly, making it easier and more likely to leave can be as long as no one came. Several times even school toilet was filled with the sounds of that was making my butt, it was good that no one hears. Farting was loud! Suddenly in the corridor, I heard footsteps and went to the toilet boy from a parallel class, whose name was Eugene. Zhenya I especially did not communicate, know each other only visually, I knew only that he was repetition, it has been left for the second year in the eighth grade. His height is taller than me by 10 centimeters, a little bigger, a little wider at the shoulders, close-cropped brown hair, was dressed in sweatpants and a T-shirt

When he saw me sitting on the toilet, he grinned and said, "-Hi". I replied to him in return. He pulled out of his pants pocket a pack of cigarettes and lit up. I tried not to look at him, but the corner of his eye saw that he was staring at me. After a couple of puffs, he went to the toilet and a free turning me did not hesitate and pulled in front slightly lowered his sweats bared her pussy. It was interesting to see his body. I just turned my head for a long time but I tried not to stare at his penis.

But I could see his sausage. It was much thicker and could see my black curly hairs. Penis Eugene was a little zaluplen when he wrote directly into the toilet. I somehow thought looking at his stream of urine, and he noticed that I was looking at his body. He finished writing a little Potressov his cock and put it in his pants, still holding a smoking cigarette in his mouth. Jack asked me " -che zyril on my dick like it?"

I replied something unintelligible to jump off and do not show an interest, though could not see anything and I was not interested in it. He continued to smoke while there and then he asked me to make a couple of rods, drag cigarette said that it is better when seritsya smoke a cigarette and offered me his. I was delayed, I was struck by the cough, Eugene snickered. I kept waiting for when it will go to allow me to get up, wipe the ass, refuel and go to class to class. But Jack is something not in a hurry to leave.

I took my exercise book and began to leaf to wipe his ass sitting on the toilet. A couple of times teranul, quickly got up and pulled on his pants, but Jack told me "-Where do you wear, you do not wipe your ass and dick his show, he pubescent you?" I dutifully lowered their trunks, and showed him, he looked up and said that I had as a child's. (I have at that moment the hair was not yet pisyun, but the sperm was when I was playing with pussy) I did not answer anything, washed over him, tucked in his pants.

Jack put out a cigarette and called me "boy with dirty ass" and left after a few seconds behind him I went out and walked back to the classroom. I was looking forward to when the lesson is over, to go home and be alone with his thoughts and memories. That day I learned from all faded. Arriving home, just crossed the threshold I immediately pulled off his pants with shorts to his knees and lifted his shirt and looked at myself in the mirror in a way in which I was standing in front of Eugene. Pussy I was vengeance, I began to masturbate remembering what happened in the clean and jerk at school half an hour ago, and recalling the words Zhenya "dick like a child, a boy with dirty ass .. "

I put myself into the anus finger, the finger was dirty, it makes me even more excited. I completely undressed and lay down on the bed and began to very quickly and fiercely stroking his bald pisun. I imagined masturbating and fantasizing on the school toilet: if I were squatting take in his wife's mouth with sausage, lick his balls and ask him to turn to sing to me, and I begin to lick his ass ..

From these thoughts, I splashed my stomach sperm .. During the day I was thinking about Zhenya's pussy, as if to look at his penis again, to touch, to take by mouth. It may invite him to his home after school (the ancestors of the whole day at work) but all these thoughts, I was driving, I was afraid that Jack will tell everyone at school about my desires. So it remained in my mind.

The next day at school I went to the toilet to pee in the toilet there was no one, I cast, buttoned his pants and looking at the toilet, on the rim of which the edges were visible fresh drops of urine, I wanted to try them on taste. Squatting down, I began to lick stsak drop.

From thought it stsaki someone from pupils boys I had an erection and wanted to hurry home to masturbate .. Please write reviews and ask me any questions, like to talk.

Wedding night with a man - 1

One day a friend invited me to the wedding. Groomsman he was our classmate Edward Zavyalov, which I have not seen for ten years. In class, he was the leader, class athlete, and I secretly liked it. I was even jealous of his other children, and in awe of his presence. He apparently intuitively felt my feelings and too stretched to me.

At the table we sat at a wedding nearby and could not stop talking for the whole day. Each has collected a lot to say over the years. Sympathy for Edik I woke up and broke out with renewed vigor. I was not married, single, and with all my heart reached out to a former classmate. It was both of us already under thirty. Edward also lived a bachelor. With his wife divorced and was now, as they say, in active search. I felt it from the way he looked hungrily on curvy women, and all the forces trying to switch his attention to himself. During the frequent smoke breaks in the yard (the wedding was held in a private home), I half-jokingly-poluserzno hugged Edik, and once even kissed on the lips coquettishly. He understood everything, was not surprised, and in the evening, when finally it was dark, offered to go to the river to rinse. I suddenly caught fire, thinking that the time was right, and willingly followed him. But as you get closer to the desired goal, he began involuntarily pass. I knew that inevitably had to happen on the river, and from the consciousness of this - no joke struhnul. The fact that I was not ever what a man, but even with a woman. It was, why be scared.

On the river we both stripped to his shorts and went into the water together. In the water, as if playing, Edward crawled up to me and began to openly and rudely grabbing ass. I like to joke and did not understand what he was driving - resisted. However, it felt that the vodka and a long abstinence Edik excited not a joke. On the shore he openly leaned on me all over and laid down on the grass. I'm broke and frightened in his arms grasping things, ran to the side, ready to ask Strekachev back to the village, if he decided to pursue. Edward was angry.
- What are you hymen of itself to build? The very fact limes me all day - he cried indignantly and took a step toward me.
- Edward, please do not, I'm joking ... I'm not so ... - I stammered in confusion and ran away from him for a few more meters.
Edik exploded:
- Oh, you're kidding ?! Well, I am not kidding. And you will answer for your jokes! Right now, here.
He grabbed the belt of his trousers.
- Take off panties!
- What for? - I asked in a trembling voice.
- You learn a little good sense, - he hissed threateningly Edward.
I limp down suddenly become unruly arms and dropped my stuff at my feet. Following pants fell behind them.
- Turn the backside, - continued threateningly command Edik.
I dutifully turned her back on him and his whole body tensed, waiting for the first strike. I have long been Nobody beat belt. As a child, it is true, it happened to get the belt from his parents. But they did not require me to become bare ass.
Edward came up to me and with all his strength slashed elastic strap on my napruzhinivshimsya buttocks. Strike a fire ozhg delicate white skin of my backside. I screamed in pain and immediately turned to face his tormentor.
- Eddie, what are you? It hurts, you know! - I shouted to him and immediately got a new whistling a slap on the thigh.
- Turn backwards, freak, I will not beat anywhere! It will be worse - he threatened to Edward, and I silently obeyed.

Lashing belt blows - one hurt others - began mercilessly ohazhivat my tender ass. A few minutes later the buttocks were red as tomatoes. I writhed in convulsions of each stroke, and, oddly enough, - besides the pain began to experience and enjoy. It grew to the extent that it increases the strength and severity of attacks. Edward probably too excited by what hit me - humble and defenseless, obeying his every whim. As it gradually began to wake up complex master punishing the guilty servant. I began to feel sharp, tickling the sweetness in the groin. A member of my stirred and started to get up. I could not believe my eyes - what could be! With each new cutting slap on the ass of my cock I was becoming more and more. And I have wanted to Edward beat me even harder, just to belt tore my swollen flesh, because the strength of the shock depended increase erection of my penis and the influx of sweet wave, which soon swallowed me whole. Member stood like a long thick stick, almost vertical, I'm not wondering from surging at me desire, what I say and do - Edik shouted that he smacked me even more. I begged him to beat me, tugging at each burning it seemed tearing me apart, the belt hit. I laugh and cry at the same time. She cries out in pain and moaned with pleasure. I wanted to feel the pain. I have drunk from the unbearable pain. I would like to Edka lashed me with full force on the back, stomach, I embarked vertical member, in the face.
- You like a bitch? Do you like it, slut? It's so, so, tell me like it - I kept saying the striker Eddie.
- Yes, yes, my love! I like it! Beat me, Eddie! Yet! Yet! Stronger! More stronger! Oh, how wonderful!
A moment later, the excitement reached such force and intensity that I fell on my knees and groaned even louder. Member, seemed ready to break the skin and slip out of it. More impact, more ... Oh, my God! In my head dizzy. I twitching faster and sharper, he moved his feet, clutching the knees, then quickly unclenching. After one of the most severe blow to the buttocks, inhuman tension in me finally snapped. Stretched pleasure string abruptly ended, freewheeling orgasm, and I began to long to finish at his feet. Pain from the belt punches and kicks from orgasm suddenly merged into one, and I fell into convulsions on the grass, face down.

Then Eddie threw an unnecessary belt already, quickly took off his pants and ran to me. Becoming my face on her knees, - raised by the hair of my head and put it in my mouth his stake has risen, big, beautiful cock. I began to suck it with pleasure, licking the head tongue dipped deeply into the trunk of his throat, almost choking, - hastily pulled out, otharkivayas and coughing for a long time. At that moment I loved my Edik, loved all his strong, muscular body, and most of all loved his hot cock. I liked Edkiny weary groans and convulsions of his body. I loved my man to deliver pleasure. Because at that moment I became a woman. It does not matter that I was the same as that Edik, member. I do not want to use it, I have in mind was not someone to fuck. On the contrary, I wanted to fuck me, Edward. First - in the mouth, to the ground, down to the eggs, - his sweet, hot cum uncontrollably gushing straight into my throat. And then, to Edka fucked me in the ass. Before the mad ecstasy fucked - up to gnashing of teeth and wailing animal! To fuck me as not fucked yet no one dirty girl, because I'm still better than them! They also have a mouth, but hardly any of these young ssykuh so can suck Edki member that he cried with joy and kissed her lips drenched in his own sperm. They also have the ass, but few of them will substitute it by a huge Edkin "unit", fearing that he was there with them, something hurts.
I sucked a member of another, until he cries and moans are not poured into my mouth all their accumulated since the last sperm nocturnal emissions. Next was water, but I did not let him go wash: on his knees, like a faithful dog room, I carefully licked all folds Edkinogo body. To nowhere nothing left. I then switched to his anus and again brought it to his tireless tongue to the inflated condition.
- Fuck me in the ass, cute! - I timidly asked Edik, fearing that he was tired and give up.
Edward realized how important it is now for me to lose her virginity to a loved one! - And dutifully put me on all fours.

I was so excited over the previous one, that my hole instantly opened before him as a member, like a flower, swallowing deep red glossy head. It felt that inside you there is something alive, warm, like a flame of fire, slippery and vibrating, like a snake. In the words of an indescribable feeling. After the first powerful strokes I cried for an animal, not his voice, and turned his head to her man. He realized, too, and reached out to face me. Our greedy mouths instantly junction in the sweet - to the pain in the teeth and the noise in my head - kiss-hickey. This was a double intercourse: behind in the ass and - in the front, in the mouth. I drank sticky, tart-tasting saliva friend, touched his teeth to his teeth and moaned, moaned, desperately shaking his head from the mad fun, because it was operating in my mouth a flaming tongue Edik gave me moan. I jerked back to stronger and stronger, adapting to the palpitations, the frantic rhythm of his hard as rock, cock. When I began to finish, then nearly fainted. I was afraid that I suddenly stopped heart, and I immediately die of happiness! Edka also trembled, growled, gripped me with an iron grip and voplm was poured into me, as usual man pouring seeds into his beloved wife. And then I realized that I, too, became (or became) in that moment, his wife Edik. I was no longer a man, because Edik, but her husband, my husband - I did not need anyone! He was now - in me. We have merged with it in a single being, and for a long time lying on the grass so tightly pressed against each other, enjoying the peace and serenity quiet June night. Edward did not leave me, leave it as it found him an orgasm, and I was grateful to him. Grateful for the unexpected happiness that he gave me that night, for what made me his woman ... wife. For his love and generous man's affection ...
After the wedding, we have never parted Edik. Apparently, it was our wedding with him ...

My little sister

I want to tell you a story that happened to me seven years ago. It's all true. I was then 20 years old, and my sister Sveta - 16. We live in the same city, but separately: I am one, and it is with his parents.
Once, my sister called me in the evening and asked her to shelter for the night. She took tiff with her boyfriend, and she was alone - parents do not tell all. Of course, I agreed. An hour later came the Light, brought beer. She told me about their problems, "I complain to the vest" (You it will not be interesting). I also told her that recently fell out with his girlfriend, and then we long bulling about that, about this, drinking beer, recalled childhood. It was 11 o'clock in the evening, when the sister said,
- Soon to bed, I'll go take a shower.
- Can I sit with you in the bathroom? - I asked her (and, mind you, without any ulterior motive).
- It is possible, - said Light. - I'll call you.
- Come on! - She called a few minutes later.
I went to the bathroom. For tightly drawn opaque curtain rustled shower. I sat down on the ottoman, which stood in my bathroom, and we again began to talk about all sorts of things. I could not see what was happening behind the curtain, but it is me at the moment and totally not interested. We just talked, like brother and sister. Ten minutes later the noise stopped the soul, only water droplets falling from the body of light, occasionally knocking over the bath.
- Post a towel? - I asked my sister.
- Yes.
- On you go, - I put his hand behind the curtain with a towel. - I'll go have a smoke.
I sat in the kitchen and smoke when the Light, fresh smelling, flew out of the bathroom in my dressing gown:
- You do not mind?
- What kind of questions? Now I will go to the showers - I put out a cigarette.
- I also sit with you, okay? - I asked the sister.
- Of course.
I went into the bathroom, undressed and climbed into the shower, zadernuv curtain. Good!
- Can? - Light asked for the door.
- Come on! - I shouted.
She went and sat on the same ottoman, and we began to talk again. I soaped myself, and suddenly felt the excitement because I was standing naked in the bathroom, and my sister just sits half a meter. We are separated only a thin opaque curtain. I must say that the last time I saw my naked sister (as she did) a decade ago. But it was a distant childhood. I suddenly longed to sister saw me naked. But how? Just push the curtain? Surely not understand. The desire to do it struggled with shame. And then I realized. After waiting for a pause in the conversation, I asked:
- - Svetik, rub me, please, back.
There was a pause. "Well, what am I an idiot, a spoiled evening."- I thought. Excitation immediately replaced by shame for his weakness. - "Now she says: "Are you quite sbrendil already?"". The pause seemed lingering on forever, although lasted two seconds. She broke her sister's voice:
- - Okay, come on. You turned your back, shameless?
- Now, - I replied. Shame instantly replaced by excitement, but my dick was in normal "hanging" state. "The main thing is not to hurry"- I thought, standing on all fours. She could not see the top of my penis, I was sure of it. And I squeezed his cock between her legs so that the egg was seen from behind. Surely their sister once saw. If it is to say something about this, it will be possible to portray the confusion. Man does not see the fact that he is back! - I'm ready.
There was a rustle pulls back curtain. Sister took the washcloth and began to lather her. She was standing behind me, but I was sure that she was looking at my ass, using the fact that I do not see it. She saw my ass, and eggs, but did not say anything! Light began to rub my back, starting from the top. Gradually she moved lower.
- What's your skinny ass - sister laughed and gently patted her. - It also rub?
I just turned my head and squinted. She stood slightly bent just in front of my ass, and I could have sworn that she was looking at my balls. Of course, I did not expect it from such a proposal, but immediately responded and fun:
- Come on!
Light began to rub my butt soft side of a sponge, sometimes touching her eggs. How is it exciting!
- Get up, you rub your breasts, - commanded sister.
"Well, I'm here so I will take and get up? I can not stand naked in front of her and look her in the eye. We must still hide behind"- I ran frantically thought in my head. I became embarrassed to rise, covering his left hand, his swollen member. Light soaped sponge and began to rub my chest, sinking lower and lower. Rubbing how to belly, her hand with a sponge, having moved to the side, I put her in my hand. Sister looked at me:
- I interfere with your hand.
I looked away. "Now or never!"- I thought, and slowly removed his hand. Corner of my eye I saw a couple of seconds, sister stared at my cock. Then she broke the silence:
- In fact, you could just change the hand, but what really now ...
- I'm sorry - I choked.
- Come on, we're brother and sister - Light and smiled.
Sister doterla my side and threw the washcloth in the bath:
- Rinsed and come out. Time to sleep.
I have stood for in the shower, washing suds. Then he dried himself, put on his tracksuit and went out. The sister was already in the room.
- Where are you going to put me to sleep? - She asked, looking around the room.
- Come together, wide bed, - I replied.
- Come on - easily agreed to my sister.
I quickly stripped to his shorts and dove under the covers, she turned to the wall, so as not to embarrass his sister. She switched off the light and after a few seconds, lay nearby. The bed was really wide. It could easily fit three. So we do not even touch each other. Few tossing, Light subsided. And to me, because he was lying next to a sister in his underwear again flooded excitement. And as if I pulled the damn language:
- Light, are you awake?
- No, what?
- I want to ask you ...
- About what?
I hesitated. Sister repeated impatiently:
- So what?
- I would like to ask you, you to me, I stroked it.
"What did she respond?"- I thought hard. After a moment she said quietly:
- Good.
Light turned on a night light, pulled off my blanket. I closed my eyes. Sister hesitated for a moment and began to pull off my pants. I sat up, releasing them. Light sat on my legs astride, and her hand was laid on my cock. I gasped from surging excitement, so I had only the first sexual experience. Sister stroked my penis, rolled between the fingers of the eggs, and my penis quickly took a fighting stance .... I reached out and put it to his sister on his chest, more precisely, on the bra, which it closed. However, immediately he pulled, like a scalded cat from a quiet but firm voice light:
- Arms.
However, she did not even stopped to fondle my penis. Pat it a little sister took him in hand and began to move it up and down, with the fingers of the other hand fingering my balls. I quickly reached the peak and groaned in pleasure rolls. Light earned his hand quickly, and the first jet of sperm plopped down on my chest.
- Do not stop, - I muttered, feeling the strongest orgasm.
Sister removed his hand only when the pump out of my penis all the sperm. Then she went to the kitchen for napkins, wiped the cum from my belly and chest, and gently asked:
- Did you like it?
I was terribly ashamed, and I, without opening his eyes, nodded.
- Well, that's good, - said the sister, and kissed me on the cheek. - And now to bed.
It's been 7 years since. We have a sister, an unspoken taboo on the incident. As if nothing had happened. And I happen to recall


House was bored, so I decided to go to visit the guy brought ice cream and decided to watch a movie with him. At the meeting, he kissed me and ran to his room. I habitually sat him on the bed and started to give orders about the fact that I want to see. I know, it is usually annoying, but I can not help it. For a while, he patiently picked the movie, he then dropped his arm and walked over to me.
- If you do not like it, then we will not look! - He said and sat down next to me and started kissing, pulling off my shirt.
I jumped out of bed, remaining only in a skirt and bra and tearing his shirt from the hands went to the computer. Without saying a word, he rudely flunked me on the bed, took a silk belt and tied my hands above his head. I was shocked by this and wanted to escape, but he covered my lips soft kisses and I gave up. After he took another belt and tightly tied my eyes. Now I was not simply immobilized, being under the power of his strong body, but also completely surrendered, surrendering covering wave excitation. He quickly took off my bra and squeezed my breasts with one hand and began to kiss my neck. I did not see anything, just give it a gentle touch on my skin. Finished kissing his neck, he started down below, kissing my chest, belly, sinking lower and lower. I arched toward his lips, barely holding back moans. When he came to my intimate town and began to caress his fingers and tongue, I almost immediately finished and flowed, but he did not stop, continuing to torment me sweetly. After a while he got up. He lifted me out of bed, and was still blindfolded, took me to the kitchen, leaning me against the wall. He tied my hands and denser part of the belt tied on the riser battery, so high that I had to stand on tiptoes. And he began again to shower my body with kisses. Due to the fact that I did not see anything I could only succumb to feelings that excited me even more. Suddenly I screamed, feeling his body on a piece of ice.

It was an indescribable feeling the cold touch on her hot body. I am madly enjoyed, while trembling from the cold touch. Then he lifted my leg and abruptly entered into me, from which I immediately had finished, because she could not hold back the desire to feel it. He quickly began to enter into me, pressing me against the wall, meanwhile, while my hands were highly related. I screamed with pleasure, choking of each movement, and just enjoyed the sex. Then he stopped and started again to caress me. I was so excited that the grease dripping down my legs, and he licked her, caressing my breasts with his hands. Getting up, he untied my hands and put me on the windowsill. Throwing my legs on his shoulders, he again entered into me and took me furious pace. Once again, I had finished, my voice hoarse from loud cries, and he still did not stop to enter into me, grabbing me by the hair with one hand, and the other by the waist is not finished with me. I was not even able to stand up, so I just slipped down from the window sill, and sat on the floor. He kissed me and went into the bath, and once again I realized why he was so much love.

I want

I'll put you on the bed and I will not look at you undressing, trying to guess your shape under clothes ..... Enjoying your helplessness, because I forbid you to go up and you know it. You will obey me .... I sit down beside him and holding his hand on your leg, from the toes up and up .... Passed on kolenochke and almost Zaderey skirt. ... No, I'm not going to rape you, I'm just learning your body ..... I spend on the palm of your cheek ... throw your hands over your head and your chest is exposed appetizing surging with each breath ..... After cheeks hand touches your neck .... pass through it, feeling all her tenderness and softness. Then everything below .... It will take place between her breasts without touching them ..... And you want it ..... You do try to substitute them under my hand, but NO. Hand moves on .......
Here it is already on the tummy ..... below ..... below ..... It is all close to what you so wish ...... Here I felt a thin rezinochku panties ..... I just pushed, causing you to have a low moan ..... Hand starts to fall, dragging the skirt spreads her legs ... you .....
Divorce itself widely, trying to skirt that rode up above. (As you now ??? annoying how you want now to throw it away, rip ...) But it is only a little higher ride up ..... baring your legs. How do you want me looking at you, but I throw a quick glance at the exquisite slenderness of your legs.
I am even more recessed into the palm of you, pushing on your bump.
Moan, groan again. Your breath becomes a moan. A hand up again seeks. Slipping his hand around your body. How do you prevent these clothes ....... How do you want to tear it. You look at me with pleading eyes, but I do not give you anything, continuing this torture ........ You start to lose patience. Somewhere far away already beginning to emerge anger at such cold (even now, in real life, reading all this you feel that what got in touch with me .... After all, I still did not do ....... Oh, what are you now evil ......). It seems that this torture going to last forever. Your body is all bent on the desire and lust. Your juices already flowing, enveloping the room pleasant aroma ....
You lie and wait patiently and ........
Then I tear off your clothes. RVU it apart, OPENING YOUR gaze your body ......
You did not expect this and waited. Your body felt free. It sighed with a groan ..... YOU ARE MY ALL ....... you are lying naked and I'm looking at you ..
Do you like my opinion ..... He caresses you ..... Glides on your body .... Do you like it. You bestyzhie spreads his legs. Directly in front of me.
Introducing me to show all its charm. You revel in your bezstydstvom under my eyes. I like to look at you ...... Look at your unbuttoned depth at droplets dangling on the petals .....
- Caresses herself, - I tell you - caress - and your hands so missed your little girl. You begin to furiously rub her little tongue. Spreads his legs so that would show off all ...... Oh, how it gets you ..... You hypnotize look me in the eye.
- Come on to caress yourself stronger - and here you are already beginning to immerse their fingers in yourself ...... Deeper and deeper ..... My gaze catches you .... are you ready to break yourself ..... you already start to feel like a warm wave of enthusiasm begins to steal up to you ....
I myself already beginning to bore such a passive role ... I get up in front of you. I get up on the bed, and you keep looking at me. Just a little bit, and ....
- Undress me - these words like thunder over you, causing freeze and cool down for a moment ..... You do not look at me understandingly ....
- Undress me rather that sit ??? Hurry .... - these words you go up and start fumbling, slippery hands rastegivat my pants. (Shirt I shoot myself). You begin to pull pants down standing in front of me on my knees ..... And my cock pops out of his hiding place, slide along your cheek proudly rises over you. Trousers are already on the floor, and you start to drag him hands .....
- NO, NO HANDS ...... - I'll take his hand and begin to drive them in your face. Stroking them you spend on the cheek, eyes ..... freeze on his forehead and nose start to go down ..... I spend my lips, that you want to grab it, but again, no .... I otstronyayus from you. .... I'm not going to give you much pleasure .... this is torture.
Look at him. I slowly begin to uncover the head ..... Right in front of your face. It is now such a burgundy. All so suffused (even now in the real world). I open it and re-open the hide ... Then again, just before the lips .... From your desires you swallow .... With one hand I'm holding member and the other clings to your hair, not letting you get closer to it. You rveshsya the meeting, bringing the pain itself. Are you ready to tolerate it, just to enjoy it ......
- NOW Suck, Suck it, to please me, let's fucking tongue to work, - with these words, I sit down on your head itself will drive it to you in the throat ...... You wait for this. And now I'm going to fuck you so, in the throat. I froze, enjoying the way your tongue skillfully glides over it. How to caress the testicles, swallowing them.
- Suck STRONGER You like when I fuck you to your mouth ...... And I fuck you ...... So much work the tongue ..... ou ... lick me, all testicles .. ... nicer .... WHAT WOULD YOU I heard the smack ...... Come BLYADINA works ..... My hands dig into your hair .... dig much hurt your head spitted on .... My penis rests in your throat, you suffocate but do not let him go.
- Listen, bitch, fondle himself, What would you hear it ...... Lazcano - sneaks your hand to him. YOU from the bottom looking at me ... You do not come off .... And I continue to fuck you ...... stronger and stronger. You feel like on your body heat begins to rise again, all of the above ..... At this point, and my body tenses .....
- Come on, let's, strong, c'mon, c'mon, get exhausted YOU, bitch, bitch, BLYADINU lustful, NUUUUUUUUU .................-, ........ ... for your body runs cramp, more, more and ............. WITH yOUR MY Stony strong stream beat in your throat ..... fill you love juice .... .... I can not stop, continuing to finish and finish filling you ...... Are you afraid of losing even one drop, hastily swallowing all feeling like your body sodragaet one after another wave yOUR ORGAZAMA ..... ......

Open Season. Part 2

Olga was a narrow forest path, his head bowed dejectedly. From it did not lag behind the two tall stout girl. They now and then shouts and butting the back chased the girl, and she stumbled on driftwood, obediently went forward. To object or resist "konvoirsham" Olya had no desire. Useless.
- Here! - Shouted freckled girl with bright red hair, tied back in a big lump.
There is a second, smaller stature, blond, Olga grabbed by the arm and pushed in fern thickets. She tripped on a snag and almost stretched out on the grass.
- Come on, bitch! - Again a strong push in the back - I am now on you shall sleep!
- Let me go! - I begged Olga - What do you want to do?
- Shut your mouth! - roared "Redhead" and again he pushed the girl in the shoulder.
They plunged into the thicket, and soon came to a small clearing, surrounded by a dense ring of pine trees. "Blond", grinning maliciously, tossed the bag on the ground, which is carried on the shoulder. "Red" took from his pocket a pack of cigarettes and lit theater. Olga could not understand that they are going to do with her former classmates.
- What do you want from me? - Girl's voice trembled.
- To give you one last lesson bitch - lybyas full enormous mouth, provereschala "blond" - But you will not forget it ever! Ha-ha-ha!
- In short! - Butted "Red" - Take off your clothes!
- What for? - Olya blinked.
- Then! - Rattled "Red" - Well, quick! Or I'll help you!
It has already reached out to tear the girl's clothes, but she waved her hands in protest. Whimpered, she began to unbutton her school apron, glancing at the girls, who clearly did not want to wait so peretaptyvalis nervously from foot to foot.
White apron hanging on a branch of a bush. This was followed by a dress. Olya, left in her bra and panties, all clenched, hiding behind her hands.
- Che got? - I yelled "Redhead"- All the shoot! Well!
"tow-haired" He jumped to the girl and one jerk tore off her bra, breaking the clasp and straps. She had reached out to the panties, when suddenly out of the bushes hazel a voice:
- Hey you! Taken away from the girl!
- This is who? - "Redhead" He twisted his head.
The branches of a bush parted and came out into the clearing a tall, slender woman. She was carrying a big snag. The stranger stood between Olga and her tormentor, and put forward their weapons. The girls were struck dumb with surprise, but quickly came to their senses.
- Who are you, lyarva unkempt? - hissed "Redhead"- Would valyl for rapid, yet intact teeth.
- In-in! - I screamed her friend.
- Wow! - Stranger threw aside a snag, but was not going to go away.
- Well, everything! - Soared red-haired girl.

She lunged forward, but she managed to lift off the ground and your arms strong striker poked him in the stomach. She doubled over, and the next moment received a heavy blow on the head. SnagIt or cracked skull, it was difficult to make out, but "Redhead" He fell to the ground and fell silent.
- What do you stand? - Asked the girl to Ole - Get dressed, and I'll have a talk with the second Kral.
"tow-haired" already I huddled in the trees, sensing that the conversation is not pleasant. Olya, glancing at his unexpected savior, began frantically dressing, getting tangled in sleeveless dress. The girl, meanwhile, slowly advancing on the blonde who fear paralyzed paralysis. She leaned back against the thick pine tree and stood and, having opened its huge mouth, but no one heard screaming.
- You - the girl pointed at his stomach "tow-haired"- Six gunyavaya! What stuck to the girl?
- And ... It's .. - zamyamlila girl - Well, it ... It does not write off us ... ... gave the exam.
- And what? - The stranger smiled.
- Che-che, - mumbled the girl, - A Nitsche! As unsatisfactory shlopotat! The following year was appointed resit! These are, and Th!
The girl spat with relish. He turned around in half a turn and was about to leave. "tow-haired" noisily breathed, but in the next moment received a strong blow to the nose. Covering the head in her hands, she whimpered like a beaten puppy. Between his fingers flowed a trickle of scarlet blood.
- Well, so koshelka - quietly said the girl - again meet - head demolished. And as for the girl, and forget his girlfriend rusty tell when come to. Enlightened?
- Yeah - tearfully handed blonde.
- I can not hear! - Snapped the stranger.
- Yeah! - "tow-haired" I have roared in the three streams.
Defender looked at Olga, who had time to get dressed and stood to the side, silently watching the whole scene. She waved her hand, and the girls quickly disappeared into the undergrowth.
- You like to call that? - Stranger took Olga's arm.
- Olga. And you?
- Sabina. Nice to meet you. What you are giving up exams? - She nodded at the white school apron that Olga in her hand.
- Already passed - proudly said Olga - Last. A few days later I received a certificate and ukachu here on the edge of the world.
- Oh-Do! - Sabine whistled - Why so? House can not sit?
- Aunt devoured, - waved girl - Saws for days on end when sober. And if the degree of take - though be hung up.
- And the mother? Father? - Not far behind Sabina.
- I have no parents - after a pause, said Olga, - and I do not even know if they are alive.
- Let's go to the lake - suddenly proposed to the savior - sunbathe. To bathe there in a rush, and can lie in the sun.
- I do not have a bathing suit - shook her head a new girlfriend - and tore her bra.
- Nonsense - Sabina waved hand - Lake of the Woods. There even mushroom pickers do not go.
- Why?
- Swamps, marshes, - explained the girl - Only my father knew the passages, yes I am.
- And go! - Fun blond bangs shook Olga.

Thick bushes suddenly parted, and Olga was surprised to see a small lake right round shape, like a giant bowl with steep almost vertical cliffs, overgrown with reeds and sedge. The water was murky and smelled humus grass. There was no wind, and the surface of the pond looked like a perfectly polished mirror.
- As here quietly - gasping with delight, she said, - That would stay here a week or two.
- And I live not far from here - Sabina pulled off his shirt, - Come closer to the water.
Olga, waving his hand took off her clothes and lay down on the green grass, face up, with his hands behind his head. Gaze girlfriend opened firm breasts with large pink nipples, flat tummy with amazing dimple, steep hip, slim legs.
- Beautiful You, Olga, - Sabine sat down beside him.
- You too personal, - Olga sat up on one elbow, - Why not take off his pants? It's hot, you know.
- I have been there, at the foot of the scar scary - shamelessly lied Sabina - Dog broke last year.
- Well, okay, - Olya went back on the grass, - You said that you live here. Under a bush or something?
- There, behind the trees, a hut, - she waved her hand - I was there from early spring until frost live the most.
- So in fact the village to far - surprised girlfriend - What are you doing there alone?
- Forest keeper, - muttered Sabina.
- And your father the devil? - Olga joked.
- Not! I work a gamekeeper - the girl lay down on his stomach, - Do you want, and you'll make? I'm the assistant can not hurt. And more fun together.
Olga looked at her friend, something frantically wondering in your head. Go back to the drunken cousin she did not like. And then such a gift! Agree, what? She looked back at the girl lying next to her. Smooth back, beautiful breasts. Bold. With two abnormal maids handled, joking, playing. No, Olga never noticed for a passion for their own kind, but it's better to live with a beautiful girlfriend than with some eternally drunken old woman.
- Well? - Sabina turned on its side.
- In principle I agree, - Olga sweet stretched - How much to pay?
- In life enough - she giggled, she did not know really how much can get a forester.
- After a couple of days - Olga stood up and began to dress, - Only my clothes, suitable not. So, all rags.
- And you do not worry - it calmed Sabina - you will be given a form, coat, boots, a hat with a badge. But other...
- What else? - Olga did not understand.
- You and this dress is quite enough - Sabina if accidentally touched the girl's breasts.
- So it's school uniform, - Olga was surprised, - For ten years so fed up! Yet this apron fucking! ..
- What? - Sabina made round eyes, and again touched his chest with his elbow girlfriend - you go. The figure you got class. And in an apron all reliefs appear. I'll even noticed on the path. So straight and admired!
- Yes, I can not stand him! - Soared girl - hot and nipples t even a bra or tank top. And what you always probe me? Straight Lesbian some crazy!
- Sorry - Sabina tried to put in a word of regret as much as possible.
They came to the edge, when the sun was setting. Olya reached new friend's hand and was about to leave when it called to Sabina.
- Wait, - she said, trying to grab the girl by the arm, - So I can talk to my boss?
- Talk - somehow indifferently replied Olga.
- I'll wait for you here on Friday at five in the evening, - he promised to Sabina.
Olga waved and walked quickly down the street, and Sabine, hiding behind a tree, looking after her. Before his eyes every now and then pop up the naked body of the girl, her full breasts with dense bean large pink nipples invitingly bristled under the dress, slim waist, wide hips, round ass neat mounds with tight buttocks. All this girl is not spoiled, but added that the most sex appeal, to which he can not stand no man.
Sabina felt the familiar pressure in the lower abdomen, and chest of a long moan escaped. She turned from the path, and delved into a dense thicket. Finding a shallow gully, she sat down at the very bottom of his pants and pulled down to his knees with shorts. Member, sensing freedom, reached up, swaying from side to side, as if praying to bestow his affection, head swelled by a rush of blood.
Sabina, leaning back and find support back, cupped his hand over the treasure, closed her fingers and began to slowly slide along the hardened barrel. With each movement of the excitement grew, and she gradually accelerated the pace, trying to get to the coveted climax. Lifting her shirt unbuttoned and her bra, the other hand, she began to pull at the nipple, from time to time by swiping your fingers under the breast, as if tickling yourself.
Young strong body quickly responded to the gentle touch. Detente is not long in coming. My whole body shook in strong convulsions, on the back ran huge goose. The girl did not want to hold back, hoarsely groaned and fell to the side, his fingers clenching the term with such force that a sharp pain shot through the entire lower part of the body.
- Heck! - Sabine pulled down her arm - Slightly itself is not crushed.
Since the late already blowers and reduced body size dripping remnants of the seed, his knees were shaking as well as hands. Heart pounding, as after a hundred-meter race, his head was spinning a little. But the mind is required to continue, and Sabine, dressed quickly, ran home, where she could finally satisfy their desires. Her slave will try to Lady was happy.

Two days passed quickly. Sabina prepared his lair for the reception of a new prisoner. Masha was surprised watched her porabotitelnitsa flits around the house, looking for something, spinning, setting. Finally, Ms. solemnly announced that the evening will girlfriend. Captive was very surprised when I realized that the girlfriend - the new slave.
- This beauty should be mine! - Standing in the middle of the room, said Sabina - Well, and you, too, something perepadet, slave.
- Ugmu - Masha muttered, pointedly turned to the wall.
- Wow, he grumbles, - Sabine Woman slapped on the rump, - That'll put into the cellar on the chain - will know how Mrs. rude.
Nevolnitsa subsided, and when Sabine had gone, buried her face in the pillow and wept bitterly. Mary has already realized that out of here a very long time, if at all, this girl will release her. And the tears flowed not from jealousy or resentment, but from the fact that another unhappy become a sex slave of the idiot that Ms will not rest, but will carry this scary house in the swamps of more and more girls, and the rest of her appetite will be.
She was crying, tugging at his hands and feet, as if trying to break free, but the belts are kept tight, and tight bandage covering his mouth, deadened all the moans and sobs. The chain, which the slave was strapped to the bed, did not allow her to even sit down, and Mary could only roll from side to side. Lying face up hampered related hands behind his back and on his stomach is not very convenient.
Captive turned to the wall and tried to sleep. Strong straps tightly tied up her hands and feet numb, but Mary is not thought about it. She tried to imagine what he would do Lady, when the second slave appears in the house. Just the thought of his eyes filled with tears again. And again, moaning, bellowing contrary, choke dense rag gag and a tight bandage, from which it is impossible to get rid of. Slave has already tried to do this, but the handkerchief tied at the head, is reduced to zero, all attempts.
Masha was quiet, only occasionally squelching spout. She tried a little distracted and forget, at least for a couple of minutes, which is connected and plugged. But as soon as she was moving, dense bib worn by her apron began rubbing against her nipples, which immediately rested on the cloth and dresses started to itch tedious. Both plugs were moving, exciting prisoner, and she herself without tea, roughly finished, arched on his couch and uttering muffled cries.
Forces to resist her was gone, and the girl, porzav and sitting comfortably on kutsem hard mattress, which is detectable through the spring bed, laid her head on the pillow and shot down fell into a heavy sleep.

Sabina UAZ huddled in a small clearing at the edge of the forest and began to wait patiently for its prey. In the morning she went to the well-known all around sorceress and took her to the drug vial, from which a man could cut down on the hours of five or six. But once there was one problem: how to make Olga drink liquid. Sabina has prepared a bottle of water, which spread all the bubble.
- Go to sleep a little longer, - she thought - It's okay. But when he opens his eyes, he pleasantly surprised.
Forcing Woman force Sabina drink the potion did not want to. Therefore, the market she bought a salty crackers. First offer them, then chat about "prospects"Olya write an autobiography. You look, and will want to drink. And then just Vodicka. Then, as they say, a trick. Twenty minutes ride around the neighborhood under the pretext of inspection possessions. And when she goes to sleep, and it will be possible to carry home. However, it will have to disguise itself, but Sabine about it lamented. Force enough.
- Similarly, as a spy, - Sabina smiled, again considering the plan.
The clock was six, and Olga did not appear. Sabina decided to wait a quarter of an hour and a fork. But due to the rotation of a girl he appeared with a small traveling bag in his hands. She was dressed in an old cheap jeans, a plaid shirt and sneakers. Her long blond hair waving in the wind. It was apparent that Olya hurry.
- Sorry I'm late. Aunt arrested, all inquiring where I soaped - puffing on a brisk walk, patter banged it - has long been waiting for?
- More hours - Sabina made a discontented person - Director's probably already left. And I want you to imagine him still today.
- Well, I'm sorry - feigned tearfully handed Olga - I really could not before. Uh, I want to drink.
- On! - A last effort to hide the joy, Sabina handed her friend a bottle - Well, climb! Petrovich wait until tomorrow.
Olga threw the bag into the back seat and climbed into the car stuck to the bottle, vyhlestav good half. Sabina rejoiced. Wagging on crooked streets of the village, it's eye watched the passenger. I would not miss the moment when it starts to get sleepy.
First, potential captive sat quietly, occasionally asking for jobs, people pay. Sabine replied tersely, fearing to be trapped. What if a girl knows something about forestry and director. But while all was quiet.
- Why are you sleeping you want? - Grinning, Sabine asked - still time baby!
- Something eyes stick together themselves, - Olga boomed.
- Maybe it seasick? - Asked thief - Stop?
- But we are still far? - She could hardly move her tongue.
- Far, - he growled Sabina and added gas.
When they reached the forest road, Olga had already peacefully asleep, leaning against the glass and sniffing like a little kid. She did not even react to appear suddenly shaking when the car bounced over the potholes. Potion acted impeccably. UAZ flew into a clearing not far from the house and stopped in his tracks. Sabina, killed the engine and listened. The house was quiet. Woman thief pulled out of the car and dragged him to the porch. We had time to change clothes captive and tied to a pole before it starts to rebound.
The dress, which had been in his father's chest, turned out to be the new slave is large, and Mrs. refused the idea to put it on the prisoner. The beauty of the latex if it is stretched, not hanging as on a hanger. Therefore, in advance Sabine brought some things that are pulled off the market in the office of the headmistress. Briefs with plugs too long remained unused since it was not known whether Olya a virgin, and to deprive her innocence with the help of plastic rods Sabine did not want to.
Having laid the girl on the floor, she carefully, as if afraid of waking, began to undress Olga. Taking off shoes, pants and shirt, Sabine unwittingly stopped admiring the figure of his new slave. Underwear on it was plain, cheap, but it did not spoil the beautiful breasts correctly rounded, graceful hip line, the soft roundness of the shoulders. Squatting, Ms. wiped his forehead captive strand soft silky hair, opening a pretty face girl ran her fingers through parted slightly plump pink lips, touched the thick cheeks, nose neat, sharp little chin, down to a thin neck.

Involuntarily Sabina looked at Masha. Slave lying on her side and looked at the new captive wide open and eyes wet with tears.
- Oh, girl! - Masha thought, quietly puffing and sighing - in the wrong place at the wrong time was you.
- Do not worry, slave, - said quietly Mrs - You, too, until I leave. The two of you will be happier.
- Mga - Masha chewed a rag stopper.
- Hold on, I'll take care of you after - Sabina turned to his new toy.
She undid the clasp of her bra and threw off her shoulder thin straps. Bared beautiful breasts with protruding nipples pink beads. The skin in this place was much lighter, apparently, she did not like to sunbathe "top loess". Sabina smiled and could not resist the temptation to touch the elastic cup beautiful girl's breasts.
Looked around, she picked up a long, thin knife. Seeing this, Mary began to beat on the bed and mumble, but quickly calmed down. Sabina careful not to injure the girl, cut off a thin elastic pants and ripped them from the sides. Exposing the triangle between serried hips with a slightly convex pubis. Lady pretty smile. Fur between her legs was carefully shaved, and from under kapyushonchika peeking pink hillock, gleaming seductively from the allocated grease.
But to enjoy this beauty Sabina has not been able. She pulled out of the bag, which is brought in the morning, a small package and opened it. From the closet she took a bunch of belts and started to work. To put on a still body of the girl's dress was not an easy task. Sabin tried as best she could, and, in the end, dark green thin material enfolded Oli camp. The dress was unpretentious, without folds and cutouts. Long sleeves reach to the wrist, a narrow collar-rack bowed neck, making it even longer, barely reached the hem of a girl half hips.
Ms. captive laid on her stomach and started her hands behind her back. Leather bags absorbed the narrow palm, causing the fingers to shrink in the jaws, and thin straps pulled strong hands the same, as Masha, position. Bound feet, Sabine put on bare feet and a leather bag tightly tightened ribbon. Wide leather collar wrapped thin neck girl, like a boa constrictor, but the sight of it turned out amazing.
Sabina, grunting with the effort, yet, Olga was not so little, lifted her and leaned against a pillar. Pulling the straps, she recorded a captive body so that she does not fall, tied his feet to a support and only then stepped aside to admire his work. Slave stood at the stake held by straps, with his head down. Thin gown tightly clung to her slender figure, highlighting the tempting bulge large breasts, the outline of the hips, shoulders, soft lines.
As if remembering something, Sabin rushed to the convolution and pulled out a white cloth apron. Tinker, she put it on the girl, spreading bib and odernuv hem. View slave changed. The breast has become more convex, rounded tummy, waist narrowed. Ms. pulled out of the closet familiar Masha cover spheroidal gag and gag Ole inserting into the mouth, tightened the straps tight. The final touch: the collar firmly dragged to the stake. The head prisoner lifted up. Now a slave has been fully prepared.

Olya gradually regained consciousness. Before the eyes of jumping black flies, much dizzy, nausea rises. She wanted to breathe, but something kept her mouth open. Everything was done with a cotton body, as if poured lead. His ears stood unpleasant sucking noise.
- What happened with me? - Cool in the mind - Where am I?
Girl with great difficulty, opened her heavy eyelids. Stringy oppressive darkness gave way to dull glare. Gradually they began to appear the outlines of the room. First, it is not clear, but with every moment more clearly discerned Olya table with two chairs, buffet with dishes of straddling it. In the corner was an old spring bed with high nickel-plated backs on which someone was lying.
- I came to, a slave? - Girl voice sounded familiar, but the face she could not see.
- Where I am? - Olga wanted to ask, but something hard prevented tell her, and from her breasts escaped a nasty moo.
She tried to spit it "something"But could not. Gag tightly jammed shut and pressed his lips to the plate, unpleasant pahshaya old skin. Olga wanted to rip her arms, but the wrist slammed something hard, and the fingers could not be pried out of the strange shell. Move my legs, too, she could not, and at the back rested against something hard and stink dust.
- Do not twitch, slave! - Voice thundered directly over the ear.
Olga shuddered, and tight collar squeezed his throat. Suddenly the lights came on, and a girl for a few seconds, lost the ability to think. Before her stood her new girlfriend Sabina in a short shirt, just to get to the navel. One hand rested on the back of the bed, and the other stroking something big and thick, sticking out between her legs. She thought at first that her friend decided to make a joke and was wearing the strap - a fake male penis, which she saw in the pictures in porn magazines from friends.
But soon Olga almost fainted. Sabina took her hand, and she saw a real dick, covered by thin veins, with crimson from the strain swollen head. Under it swayed a little dark scrotum covered with sparse reddish hair. Olya involuntarily looked at the chest of the unknown substance. No, two dense hill impressive size bristled jersey.
- Surprised? - Sabina smiled.
- Mumgu - Captive muttered, tugging his hands tied.
- It's only the beginning! - "friend" cheerfully winked at the girl.
She slowly turned and walked over to the bed. Only now, Olga noticed that there is a girl in a blue dress and white apron. Her head was wrapped with a handkerchief, and his hands and feet tightly bound with straps. Sabina untied the scarf and took captive from the mouth bandage. Pulling out of his mouth a cloth gag, she straightened it, and hung on the back of the bed, apparently to dry. Girl on the bed did not utter a single sound, but only looked at her wide-eyed tormentor.
- Look! - Sabine sat on the bed and pulled up to his prisoner, had put it between his legs.
She obediently opened her mouth and took a member. She sucked diligently and sensibly, snuffling and smacking. Sabine sat motionless, leaning against the back and covering his eyes with pleasure. But soon she began to breathe more and more jerky. Her thick chest rose and fell in time with the movements of the slave, suck dick. Olga wanted to turn away, but at this time Sabine growled like a wild beast, and the girl moaned and writhed in his bonds.
Olga saw the mouth related to the girl's bed, bubbling, it follows a white mass. Sabina at this time with both hands held her captive, not allowing her to release a member of his mouth. That, moaning and shaking his head, swallowing begins to thicken and unpleasant smelling liquid.
- Lick! - Ordered Sabina.
Slave licked carefully not only a member, but his tormentor and hips. Sabina pulled out from under his pillow a handkerchief and wiped the girl's face. After sitting for a few minutes, she was roughly shoved the prisoner away and went to the chest. Sabina came back quickly, holding a piece of solid matter. Twist it into a bundle and tie a couple knots, she lifted the girl's head, began to shove the gag in her mouth, pushing his fingers.
Slave obediently endured, obediently lying on its side. Olga was surprised why she did not resist, he does not cry, and do not try to push the plug tongue. Sabina completely pushed the girl rag in her mouth and tightly closed with a bandage. Now, the entire lower part of the face from the nose prisoner was shut down white triangle to the chin. Klondike closed head and stripped Woman opportunity to pull off the bandage from his face.
- So, slave, - he exclaimed Sabina, sitting next to her and stroking her chest, running his hand under the bib - I decided to find his slave girlfriend. You're like, do not mind?
Olga huddled and moaned loudly, showing their protest. Her eyes were red and filled with tears. But soon she was quiet. Put on an apron she began to rub instituted by these words nipples, breasts ached, and the underbelly zahlyupal abundantly secreted grease. Slurred moo turned to moans, at first silent, but every minute is amplified. Very soon the girl had wheezed from the exhausting drive and twitched, standing at the column.
Her whole nature protested against such humiliation, but most of all captive irritated own impotence. Olga could not accept the position of dumb dolls, toys in the hands of the abnormal maiden, deceit dragged her to his lair, where there was another unhappy. And how many were there before and will come after? Where they disappear when the Sabina around in the Lady, and maidservants?

Sabina, meanwhile, pulled on his pants and went off somewhere. Olga looked at the girl lying on the bed, and once again surprised its submission. Bound hand and foot, to securely gagged, strapped to the back of bed, she lay quietly on her side, staring at his huge brown enormous eyes to new slave-girl.
- Do I like this ever going to sit obediently on a leash while waiting for Mistress? - Olga thought, and tears sprang anew in her eyes.
Beginning to get dark. She clumsily porzav, he turned to the wall and apparently asleep. Olya heard her quiet sniff. She herself was tired and decided to shed tears, too, a little nap, hoping to escape from reality. But a terrible thought did not want to leave her. Hands tightly strapped tight narrow belts, unbearably ached, his legs swollen from long standing, and if not for the strong ties that the girl would have been for a long time on the floor. Tight apron rubbing the chest, keeping the prisoner in a constant state of excitement. Because of this, the inside of the thighs already crept two thin streams of grease, irritating the skin and causing itching.
Olga did not hear a car drove up. She trembled and cried quietly, even when the door opened and entered the room Ms. Sabina threw on the table a bag, plopped down on a chair, legs spread, like an obscene woman. By measuring the greasy look his new slave-girl, she chuckled and said meow voice:
- So tired, a slave? Wee you want?
- Hugo - Olga nodded.
- Yeah - it mimicked Sabina - Do not think that you can escape! With shackles on his feet in the swamps, not knowing the road, sginesh before dawn. There, it can be confirmed. She, by the way, Masha name. Masha and Olga it. But it is not important. I would like to talk, I will not let you.
Sabine Woman pushed on the shoulder, and she nodded her head vigorously. Olya was stunned and froze, rooted to the spot. Hope of deliverance collapsed one after another. She was ready to burst into tears again.
Madam, meanwhile, snapped bracelets shackles and freed Ole feet. Having fastened to the collar thin chain-leash, she untied the captive of the post and pulled out into the street. Legs numb, and Olga barely moved, afraid to get lost in leg chains and fall. Especially difficult it were given the steep steps of the porch, but adapt himself, and she coped with this obstacle.
Sabina summed up the girl to the bushes near the pit and lifted the hem of her dress.
- Sit down, do not worry - it cheered - I'll hold you if you fall.
Olga was surprised such care and squatted down. Sabina and in truth was holding the girl by the shoulders, waiting patiently until she has finished all his work. She helped captive climb and conscientiously washed away and wiped her crotch and feet dry with a towel.
- Hungry, I suppose, - muttered Lady - All right, now with the Masha will understand and feed. Look how many goodies bought.

They returned to the house, and sat Sabina Olga to the table, throwing her hands behind her chair, high enough so she could escape. Having ordered to sit still, tormentor stole second prisoner on courtyard. Olga tried not to twitch, but simply considered the room, wondering how all can live here. But I had no choice and had to come to terms with reality.
Masha obediently sat on the second chair and stared at the new slave. While the girls unpacked their mouths, they were silent, and only looked askance at each other. But when Olga realized that she could speak, immediately began to insult Sabina call pervert and a freak. Mary, on the other hand, sat silently, only looked at her friend in adversity, thinking about something and his faintly squinting.
- What razulybalas? - Suddenly pounced on her Olga, - It is fucked in every hole, and she smiles!
- Rui! - Sabina snapped at her, - And then all Maschke feed it, and you'll stay hungry.
- Fuck you with my grub! - Olga soared strongly jerked and tried to hit Mistress foot.
The chain rattled, caught on the leg of the table, and the girl almost fell on the floor. Sabine shoved in her mouth the next piece and looked at the clock. Shaking his head and clicked his tongue, she began to collect from the table, not paying any attention to the slaves.
- Hey, bitch! - Shouted Olga - Give to drink, creature! And untie us!
Drink she received immediately, but no one to untie the captives was not going to. Sabine took Masha to the bed and, putting it once again tied her feet and mouth clogged. Olga tried to resist, but received a strong blow in the stomach and fell silent, gasping for air. Now it became clear that to argue with that wench sometimes unsafe. It allowed to bind his legs and muzzle in the same manner as Masha.
- Lie down against the wall, a slave - ordered Sabina.
When the girl subsided, she pinned their collars total chain by threading it through the bars Headboards. The same is done with the slaves and legs. Wishing Captive good night, Mrs. extinguished the light in the house and left. The lock clicked. Olya heard the creak of the porch steps, earned a motor and motorcycle rustled on the gravel. It soon became quiet.

There was a deep quiet night, when Mary was awakened by strange sounds, distributed very close to it. At first she thought it was a lady, came back and quietly lay down beside him. But when her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she realized that it was crying lying beside Olga. Looking closer, she saw the girl's shoulders twitching as trembling hands tied behind his back, like a slave raises his head.
- The poor girl - Masha thought bitterly, - She has to go through a lot of grief.
Slave girl wanted to comfort her friend on the prisoner, but how to do it when your hands are firmly tied and his mouth is plugged. She cautiously moved closer to her friend and poked her forehead on his shoulder. Olya growled nervously took his head, but fell silent. Perhaps the thought that his sobs interferes with sleep.
After waiting a bit, Masha try again, hoping to force the girl to turn around to face her. But Olga stubbornly refused to communicate. She and lay, turned to the wall, but no longer crying.
- Mm-m, - called Masha.
Her voice was very quiet and muffled, but Olga heard. Wheezing and sniffling, she, nevertheless, turned to face the girl. Their eyes met. Mary saw her eyes red blubbered, swollen nose. She felt very sorry for the slave, wanted to cuddle up to her with his whole body, warm with its warmth, feel the beat of her heart. But she was afraid that Olya not understand it and simply turn its back to the wall again and again begins to cry.
But she did not turn away. Her eyes wet with tears tenderly looked at Masha, and even that seemed to be the girlfriend trying to smile. Slave lifted her head and pressed her mouth closed bandage to Olya's cheek. She shivered a little, but did not turn his head. Mary rubbed on the cheek and touched her mouth. Girlfriend softly purred like a cat, and she leaned toward this kind of affection.
- MGMU - mumbled Masha and stronger pressed her mouth to his lips Oli.
It suddenly seemed that they feel each other out, as if no such bandages and rag in the mouth gags, no chains and belts, there is this terrible home among impassable marshes, no abnormal Lady. Yielding to the impulse of feeling, Masha began rubbing her mouth, pressed his shoulders. Olya, if not strange, responded to her caresses, softly purring and panting with pleasure.
Masha itself suddenly soaked eyes, but they were tears of joy. As the body rolled a familiar wave of lust, in shorts zahlyupalo and gags have started to move in a limp filaments of grease burrows, prompted by muscle contractions. She moaned and arched. She suddenly felt so warm and nice, it was not even when it caressed Sabina. Slave girl suddenly wanted to shout for joy. She took a deep breath, but instead of a happy exclamation sounded muffled muffled bellowing, and she began to sob convulsively twitching limbs and shaking his head.
Tears flowed from his eyes, and now had to calm her friend Olga, pressed to her mouth. Her breasts excite the sensitive touch with the mounds of Masha, nice nipples ached, and abdomen began to wet. As the body ran a shiver. Girls, understanding each other out with the floor view, became furiously rubbing her breasts, tummies, knees abut, cuddle mouths. And the strongest orgasm covered both.
They lay for a long time, staring at the ceiling. Each of the slaves experiencing the sensations, each thinking about something his. But gradually their eyes began to droop, and the girls, ulegshis face to one another, fell into a happy dream.
- Bertha! Are you at home? - Sabine pushed thin plywood door and went to the terrace.
- Well, hello, girl, - a hoarse voice of a woman slashed ears, - What is the complaint? Yes, you sit down, that the candle stick.
- I came this ... Talk - Sabine sat on the edge of the bench.
- I do not let sin - Burt laughed silently, shaking his shoulders - you to my father should be.
- Father Cyril would not listen to me - a bitter grin, the guest replied, - I am to him - the offspring of Satan.
- What's wrong? - Woman, groaning, climbed out of his chair, - Let's go, tea offering.
Small room was nearly empty. From furniture only Babkin old dresser with faded by time trellis, antediluvian cabinet with doors wide open ever so huge bed on massive legs. How many customers remembered this creaky bed, Bert and myself Hard to say. In the old days, the men cut down the shaft to the light priestess of love, knowing that no one will be failure, and the money will take charmer respectively income and position.
When it was "spirited" Nineties, the visitors noticeably diminished. Who left who seduced a young body. Bertha was out of work. It was then and there was a strong forester, who has decided to take a break from plump quarrelsome wife in the arms do not let young, but always gentle and loving wench. He came to her empty-handed: the rabbit will then kabanyatiny, the bird.
- You're a good man, Genrich - Burt sighed, clinging to a strong chest forester - Throw your Manko. Szhivt it with your light!
- I can not - sadly replied the man, - The youngest daughter ...
Genrich hesitated, not knowing how to explain that the girl he did not like the others. Burt stared at the face-centered forester. Overseeding closer, she gently patted the man on the shoulder and, looking into his eyes, said:
- Often sick?
- No - he waved Genrich - With health she's all right.
- And then what? - Burt wrapped neck lover - say, do not be afraid. Maybe I can help you.
Only after the third stack man emboldened her and dumped all their problems. The woman listened to him attentively, even never interrupted. Seeing that the forester batters, like a fever, she sat on his lap and her arms and neck, gently kissing in unshaven cheek and whispered in his ear in a low voice that made Genricha goose bumps:
- Do not worry, dear. How many years it? Fourteen? So the body has matured. Bring your little girl to me. I'll teach her something.
The next day, Genrich came with her daughter. Sabina looked at an adult woman with apprehension, not knowing what she was going to teach her. Bert sat on the sofa girl and her father just shoved out the door.
- Come, - she said, - Do not look so. I do not eat your chips.
"Chit" He is sitting on a large bed disassembled and timidly looked around. Bert went into another room, and when she returned, Sabin barely restrained so as not to escape. The woman of the clothes was only a thin transparent dressing gown of black silk tie with a thin lace belt. Through light, almost airy fabrics shone quite yet not old body. Full bit saggy breasts with large burgundy circles around the nipples tight and beckoned to him. Strong hips and rounded ass, graceful shoulders. At each step, the girl opened eyes clean-shaven pubis, as if invites to touch it, to stroke the soft delicate skin.
- Take off your clothes - soft low voice said Bert, sat down slowly on the bed - just take your time.

Sabine began to undress, trying to simulate the movement of a stripper of a third-rate movie, but the woman stopped her with a wave of the hand.
- Just take off all his clothes - a smile, she said - I do not have to initiate.
When she got rid of the last parts of his wardrobe, Bertha pointed to the bed and ordered to lie down on his back. Looming over Sabina, she dropped her transparent outfit and lay down, resting his head on the shoulder of his partner. Her warm soft hand slid over the skin and covered the girl's chest. Seal the nipple clenched between his fingers, the woman began to slowly massage the tender flesh at the same time feeling the girl's neck with his lips.
Sabina tense and often breathed.
- Do not limit yourself, my dear, - whispered Bert, - Let go of my feelings. Learn to listen to the call of his body.
She tried to relax. Warm wave gradually laying it. New sensations liked Sabina, but she still did not know how to behave. Bert asked to relax, but the consciousness protested, was not subject to the senses, fought back, knocking at the temples. Heart pounding, from which breath away.
The hand slid down and fell on the bulging tummy. Fingers gently pressed on the navel, and then, as if stealthily descended even lower and, as if by accident touched member, had already got stronger and is now standing upright, swaying from side to side. Head, freed from soft supple skin, suffused with blood and glistened in the dim light of a small nightlight.
Berta, bent, lay down across the bed, his head resting on his tummy girl. Ducking to his cock, she gently grabbed it with his warm moist lips around the head of the language. Her fingers slid along the rod, barely touching the body become sensitive skin.
- Oh's! - Sabine raised her ass, but her partner stopped.
- Do not rush, sweet, - she said a low, deep voice, - Not yet.
She reluctantly sat down on his back and closed her eyes. She felt her member fell into something wet and warm and huddled there, as alive. His lips closed around the trunk, and tongue began to explore every cell of the body from the head to the ground. Delicate soft fingers in this time played with the scrotum.
This went on for several minutes. Suddenly Sabina felt a second wave, more warm, covering her body. How nice to start whining is sealed chest. She grabbed them with both hands and began to violently crush, fingering swollen nipples. Before his eyes floated iridescent circles, the whole body tensed like a coiled spring. She let out a loud groan, and the next moment her monster dick of his bowels tight stream.
The whole body trembled and in a moment weakened. And she fell exhausted on the bed, breathing heavily. There was a silence. Sabina was afraid to open his eyes. She lay there, frozen, until she heard the voice of Bertha:
- Well, that's good, girl! Well, fine. Now you need a little rest.
The woman got off the bed and gone somewhere. Sabina felt devastated, but lying, smiling experienced by the senses. Bert came back fresh and pleasant pahshaya wild flowers. Once again, climbing onto the bed, she lay down next to his partner and pulled her to him. Sabina felt a pleasant warmth woman's body. She wanted pressed his lips to her magnificent breasts, big lick, the size of a bean, nipple, clasp his hands and suck, suck ...
- Fondle my breasts - as if reading the thoughts of a girl asked Bert.
Sabina pounced on a woman's body like a hungry beast. She dug into the soft flesh of his partner, clasping her with both hands, and began to furiously suck and lick beautiful body. She was a member of the newly gained strength, and Bert, put his hand between their bodies, sent a number of his got stronger expires juices womb. Fall slid into the hot grotto and jerked it, penetrating deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Bert helped partner skillfully and passionately, and Sabina soon felt again rolled on her now familiar wave. Movement of the girls increased, and the sighs of women have become louder and jerky. Apparently, it was a step away from the discharge. Hip woman filed toward shock girl observing accurately defined rhythm. Another strong push another deep entrance! Their bodies were frozen, as if on cue. His head fell back Bertha ago, Sabina opened her mouth in a silent scream, and ...
Orgasm incredible forces seized two mistresses. For a few seconds they were hugging each other hands. Their lips are intertwined in a mad kiss. Their heart beats in unison.
- How nice! - Sabine whispered when caught her breath.
- Yes, it is good, - has agreed to Bertha, ulegshis on his side and stroked the girl's hair disheveled - I'll teach you all the sacraments, and you will be very happy at this Infernal light. I promise.
So Sabine met with Bertha, which for her was not only guide through the secret byways of pleasure, but also the spiritual mentor. She quickly realized that only the woman she would be able to trust all the secrets of her heart, without fear of ridicule and publicity.
- So you got there? - Slowly sipping tea from a huge mug, I asked Bertha.
Sabina told about everything that happened in the last month how she had this strange dream, like her, had moved into the forest hut, found the father's chest with all its contents. Of course, she maintained silence that dragged into the house of the two slaves and now a good time with them.
Bertha listened, absently looking out the window. He lit another cigarette, the woman stared at Sabina dull eyes and said in a choked voice:
- What do you want from me? So I endorsed mischief of your parents?
- I do not know - downcast eyes, mumbled Sabina.
- I - also - the woman came out of the table - My advice to you - throw it all out of my head. And find yourself a partner. I, unfortunately, too old for sex. While there were forces, I'll help, and now I can only do harm.
- But I .. - Sabina even jumped at the unexpected response.
- Go in peace, - Bert nodded at the door - I want to sleep.
Sabina ran out of the house, like a scalded. With the sweep having driven in dense thickets, she got off the motorcycle and plopped down in the tall grass. So old it has never received. Or something scared? Maybe she knows something about my father's death? Thoughts swirled in my head like gnats before the rain. And the more Sabine thought about it, the more she questions.
- Itself will understand! - I decided to Sabina and selected from the undergrowth, walked home slowly, rolling "Java" beside.
Motor crackled in the night she did not want to. She even smiled, caught himself on the fact that it becomes a real guardian of the forest.
- Daughter devil! - She suddenly remembered a joke Oli - What? It looks like!
It was late at night, when Sabine reached their forest refuge. Placer stars and a huge moon hung over the black roof. From this picture it was breathtaking. I wanted to lie down in the grass, throw back his head and see how out of the pipe will Gogol features and zahapat night light in the bag. She sighed, wishing that this will not happen. Sitting on the porch, she listened. Wood lived their nocturnal anxieties.
But the cabin was quiet. Apparently, the slaves slept. Sabina shivered at the coolness of the night, and slipped into the warm darkness. Girls really asleep, clinging to one another and sweetly snuffling noses. Ms. wake slaves did not. Throwing off his shoes, she slipped into bed and sitting comfortably between them. Mary muttered something and buried her nose in the shoulder Mistress. Olya, porzav, turned to the other side.
- Sleep, sleep - thought Sabina, - I do nothing I will not bother.

Olya woke up from a light push in the back. Tossing, she reluctantly opened her eyes and rolled over. Sabina was lying, his head in his hand, and stared at the girl. Her eyes narrowed in sly smile, and even slave shivered from that piercing gaze.
- Awoke? - Mrs. patted her maid's head, - Come out into the yard.
Morning was cold. Large drops of dew hung in clusters on tall grass, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow. Singing birds chirped grasshopper. Life went on as usual. Olga walked slowly behind Mistress, tinkling foot chain. Morning freshness girl cheered. Olga smiled, remembering how they Masha night "kissing"Lying in bed. She chewed a rag stopper, which has become stiff and sticky.
- Be patient, slave, - a voice Lady - Let's sit down for breakfast, and I pull out a gag, if you will not swear.
- Yeah, - he muttered captive.
- That's clever - Sabina stroked the girl's chest.
Tight Vest rubbed her nipples, and they began to whine nice. Mistress's hand was soft and warm. Olya involuntarily leaned toward affection, but Mrs. straightened arm.
- Then, then, - smiling, she whispered, setting the stage for slave-girl in the house - First you have to eat.
They had breakfast in silence. Olga suddenly felt very hungry, and took from the hands of Sabina food with great pleasure. She never thought that the most simple food can be a delicious and very ordinary tea - so fragrant and invigorating. She squinted her eyes at her friend. Masha ate greedily, tasty, fast chewing portion by portion and making small sips when Ms. brings to her mouth cup.
- Delicious? - Sabina carefully wiped her mouth with a slave with a soft cloth.
- Very - I smacked Olya.
- What should be added? - Lady narrowed her left eye.
- Excuse me, Madam, - she smiled at his own conjecture.
- Clever, slave - Sabina leaned over and kissed the prisoner's lips, - And do not pout at me.
- And you do not plug the mouth, - put Olya and then pulled back.
- Think - Lady took a thin eyebrow and put it in your mouth slave slice of ripe apple.
Breakfast was over, but Sabina was in no hurry to lay slaves. Leaving them sitting on a chair, she gathered from the table and hid in the cellar leftovers. Olga suddenly noticed that their hostess somewhat disappointed. She walked downcast, hunching his shoulders. All her movements were rather automatic than meaningful.
- Something happened, Madam? - I could not stand the prisoner.
- No, nothing - in a choked voice said Sabina.
- But I can see - Olya has decided to put the squeeze on the Mistress.
- I told you! - The girl broke like dry leaves.
- Sorry, Madam, - a slave chose to be silent.
Finished cleaning, Sabina picked Masha and put him to bed, tucked into her mouth again. She did not resist, and obediently turned to the wall and fell silent. Madame went to Ole and ... untied her hands. Captive with undisguised amazement looked at her porabotitelnitsu, but did not ask anything. Sabina, meanwhile, took off her feet shackled. Rummaged in the closet, she pulled out Olga's jeans, shirt and shoes.
- Disguise - told Sabina, - Come on, take a walk.
Legs a little hurt, his hands were like cotton, but Olga was persistently followed by Sabina. They deepened farther into the thicket, and she has already started to get nervous.
- Fear not, - smiled Madam, - I love you in a swamp not going to drown.
- And thanks for that, - quipped Olya, - And I was thinking ...
- Sit down, - Sabina nodded dumped on a tree trunk.
- What did you want to talk to me? - Olga whole body tensed.
Sabine glared at her eyes, as if wondering whether it is worth to start this conversation.
- You're mad at me - she began slowly - Do not deny it. I see. And ready to strangle me. Is not it?
- What do you think yourself? - Grinned Olya - gave me drink any muck, bound, raped. And I should jump for joy or out as Masha, smiling like an idiot?
- I do not rape - Sabina snapped - And very much.
- So what? - I have shouted Olga - Come on!
- Uvyan - Sabina waved the girl as an annoying fly - Without you sick.
- From what? - Stalking Olya.
- Poor me - after a pause, said Sabina.
- Poor her, - Olga evil spat on the ground, - Why would you so bad then?
- You're a fool, or pretend? - Now I screamed Sabina - You've seen what I - not like all normal girls!
- Well, see, - pritihnuv, she agreed.
- Did you know that since the birth I was an outcast in his family? What is the very first days of my older sisters humiliated me! And about school, I do not want to remember. One happiness, I was strong and could give a face to anyone who will climb.
- And parents? - Olga, too, had not been pleased that I started shouting at this miserable creature.
- Parents - Sabina smiled wryly - Mother did not notice me. Only my father treated me fine. But it is not. Killed. He drowned in the river.
- And you decided to take revenge - confidently exclaimed Olga, - A good way out.
- No I have not avenged, - he dismissed Sabine.
- Call it what you like, - Olga turned away from the companion - you only think about what turned Masha. She lost her human form. It became cloth, worthless.
- It seems to me - hesitantly handed Sabina - What does she begins to like her position. And in the early days it also snapped, threatened, called names.
- Let her go, - a firm voice suggested Olya - we will leave and never about you do not remember. Live yourself in this den.
- Masha will not have to live as before - sadly replied Sabina - She really like to be a slave. My slave. And you go. I even I will bring you out of the bogs.
She pulled out of his pocket a small envelope and handed it to Ole. She shook her head, but Sabine opened the bundle and pulled out the documents that she gave her for employment. She looked at the envelope blankly. Here it is - freedom. Take it and go. But something suddenly sank in the chest of the former slave.

Olga suddenly presented Masha associated with tightly plugged and gagged, with a collar, chained to the back. She even moaned softly, realizing she could leave this poor girl alone in the hands of a horny bitch who in his own defense weaves a fable about what she was unhappy. According shivered, tightened his chest, remembering the night caress, her lips felt the gentle touch. Heart pounding in the chest, knocking the breath.
- What are you doing? - Sabina rolled his eyes at the girl.
- Ah-what? - Olga spoke with difficulty, barely moving his tongue.
- You suddenly became white as death, - a hoarse voice hissed Sabina - You feel bad?
- Something t something we-going - hardly breathed Olya.
- Wait - Sabine deployed a girl to his back and put him on his chest - lie down so little. Pass. I know for myself.
- Yeah, and you me again .. - Olga tried to escape from the clutches of Sabina.
- Calm down, silly, - the voice of the Lady suddenly become soft, enveloping.
Her hands gently lay on the hills of the breasts of the girl. Fingers found the buttons. By exposing the body to run a light breeze. Olga felt deprived of the last forces. Soft warm gentle touch of fingers soothed Woman, plunging into stringy enveloping sleep. She felt hot breath on his neck, and this heat is slowly poured over the body, making it helpless, but sensitive to the slightest touch.
Sabina carefully so as not to frighten a partner, began to unbutton her shirt. The hand slid to the Seal the nipple, fingers squeezed the soft yielding flesh, which is alive and huddled in a sweet captivity. Lips groped girls lobe, tongue pressed to the skin soft, hot breath warmed her neck. Olga stopped in the arms of the Mistress. Her body tensed, but did not budge.
- Relax, my dear, - whispered Sabina - Help me, and I'll help you.
- Mm-p - purred Olya, gradually sank into the sweet abyss, led by a partner.
Your arms to the side, she threw her head back, resting it on the shoulder of his mistress. Sabina leaned on a tree which stood behind her and put her arm around the girl's shoulders. Her hands began to explore the soft, velvety skin on the shoulders, neck, rhythmically heaving chest, dropped slowly to the elastic tummy stroked hollow navel. Lips glued to his ear, whispering sweet words from which Olya melted like an icicle in the sun, more and more dissolved in bliss envelops it.
- Do you like? - Sabine whispered, not stopping caresses.
- Most hungry world will refuse meat than women on petting mu .., - Olga hesitated.
- Now I - Sabine nearly squeezed hemisphere breast girl - This is the man that you need.
Olga threw back her head and met with a soft gentle gray eyes lover eyes. Wrapping her arms around her neck, she reached for the half-open lips. Sabina gently pulled her to him, put her on his knees, like a mother puts a small child, to lull, and his mistress in the merged lips lingering kiss. Their hot tongues were intertwined with each other, as if fighting for living space.
- Oh's! U-uh! - Olya looked up from his partner, panting, - Who taught you to kiss like?
- Nature - Sabina smiled, pressed his lips to the cheek of a girl - and a wise woman.
- Mother? - Olga asked naively.
- Aha! How! - Sabina shrugged - Mother can only itch.
- And then who? - Silly girl blinked.
- It does not matter - waved Sabina - Maybe sometime later tell.
Olga did not insist. In the end, each person may have their own secrets. It is conveniently located in the warm embrace of Sabina and, clasping her waist, pressed her cheek to the warm elastic chest. In the eyes themselves tears. She sniffed loudly.
- What are you doing? - Sabina turned her head to the girl's chin.
- So, nothing - Olga squeezed tighter embrace - I remember that bad. I was so mom rocked in childhood. But I was quite crumbs.
Sabine hugged her girl's head and began to sway rhythmically from side to side, humming a tune, like a lullaby. Olga suddenly heard the voice began to sit at the girl as she sniffed a couple of times and stopped altogether. On his forehead fell tears.
- It is not necessary, - Olga whispered, - I understand everything.
- You do not understand, the girl - Sabina opened her arms, - Go. You are free.
Olya sat down, buttoning his shirt. Looking at Sabina, she saw that she, like a child, tert cams eyes, barely holding back so as not to cry. The girl, unable to withstand this picture Sabine hugged and hugged. And both roared, not hiding.

Noticeably darkened.
- Now livanet - Sabina lifted her head - do not have time to run to the house.
- There is also nearby! - Olya's eyes bulged.
- Before his home - he explained Sabina.
- You repulse me? - She looked pleadingly at her friend.
- You yourself wanted to leave, - he shrugged Sabina - Do not want to be my slave.
- Ra ... I ... It's ... I do not know, - Olga hesitated - not very nice of course, when you hand and foot and mouth connect plug. Maybe Maschke and taste, and I feel uncomfortable.
- And if you wear a chain? - Sabina looked the girl in the eye - Oh, and you pick up prikidik status.
- And Masha? - Not far behind Olya.
- Masha was given to you! - Snapped Sabina - With her, too, will understand. Later.
The rain started suddenly, and the girls rushed headlong to the house. Burst into a warm room, for a moment they looked at each other, and then, as if on cue burst into ringing laughter, but so loud that Mary does not understand what happened, raised his head, a long time staring at the lady and her maid.
- I think we woke it - without stopping to laugh, Olga pointed to the damsel, dumbfounded blinked.
- My little! - Sabine sat down on the edge of couches and hugged Masha's shoulders - Two goose razgogotalis and frightened the poor slave! Sorry, girl!
She bent over the prisoner and began to play with her as a small child, squeezing, stroking and tickling her. Masha first tried to pull away, mumbling, suchila related nogzhkami and twisted his head, but then quieted down and just blinked with pleasure her big enormous eyes. Sabin grabbed the head of a slave and pressed it to her chest, whispering something in her ear. She quietly nozzles, from time to time trying to somehow respond to her mistress.
- Do not smother it! - Shouted Olga, sitting side by side, - And untie the mouth, Mrs.!
- Do not worry about it - laughing, said Sabina - I like it like this anymore. Look, what a doll!
Leaning to the slave girl, she kissed Masha forehead. Rain intensified, by thunder shook the glass, large drops drumming on the roof. But the house was warm. The neatly folded stove crackling logs fun, bright flames licked.
Throwing off his clothes, Sabina settled next to Masha, hugging her shoulders. Olya also do not have long thought, and expose, lay down on the other side of the Lady, having covered with a thin blanket.
- Still, shame you still deeply nest - Sabina smiled.
- In order not to embarrass Masha, - Olga tried to justify himself.
- And tell me, girl! - Madame put her hand on the shaved pubis Oli - Who you oskoblil?
- The neighbor - she blushed, but after a moment's pause, added, - We are with her in the bath go together. She told me everything is shaved. She said that, in terms of hygiene, it is correct. And I myself knew.
- Tell me more - Sabine apparently hit in the questioning, - You have a girl or ..?
- Or! - Olya up on his elbows, - But the details I do not want to talk.
- Why? - Mrs. surprised.
- Remembering disgusting - he muttered the slave, and her eyes glistened teardrops.
- Oh, and do not remember - Sabine hugged her and attracted - I do not bondage.
Masha uncomfortably, trying to change the situation. Sabina untied her scarf and freed her mouth. She immediately pressed her lips to the nipple bloated Mistress. There was a quiet sniff. Mrs. closed her eyes, enjoying the caresses slave and gently stroking her hair. Olya also decided to join. Lasky in the forest incensed her, and she is very sorry that it started to rain deprived them continue.

Turning on her side, she began stroking flat tummy Sabina, gradually descending to the groin, which is already up and scored a certain strength of its members. The girl looked at this joke of Nature and marveled at the beauty and power of the body.
- That advantage would be proud of any man, - Olga thought.
She suddenly wanted to stroke the rod to touch the elastic brown head, ran his fingers through strong scrotum. She gently arched, his head on his tummy ulegshis Lady. Ducking to his member, Olga put her head with his lips and gently licked the dark crevice. Sabina moaned softly and leaned forward, signaling partner that is ready to start the game.
Nalivshiysya blood phallus slid into the warm mouth of the girl and hid there, as alive. Olga made a few sucking movements. Member mouth trembled, and its owner moaned and often breathed a wave of excitement. Her body arched, the rod will drive deeper into the girl's mouth, and Olga felt her body responds to the call of the flesh. Heart pounding thrills, and she clasped buttocks partner, clung to his groin with such force that the head rested on the palate, tongue crushing.
- Do not stop, please, - Sabina moaned and dug her lips into her mouth lying next to Masha.
Their bodies intertwined in a big tangle. Each of the partners tried to bring as much pleasure girlfriend. Their hands groped sensitive organs, mouths eagerly looking lips neighbor. Sabina, freeing one hand, was able to undo the belt is contracted hands Masha. Rang buckle, fell to the floor slave clothes, exposing her beautiful body glistened with sweat.
They're glued to one another. He heard the sounds of hot passionate kisses, light moans, not expressing pain and suffering, and delight and lust. Excitation was growing with every movement, every touch, and Olga, perhaps for the first time in my life experienced such violent force orgasm that nearly fell off the bed from that feverish trembling, which pierced her body.
- Wow! - A hoarse voice she said, breathing heavily.
- For the girls! - Sabine got out from under the heated bodies, - Today, go to the bath! Clean linen I find.
- So after all the rain outside! - Masha squeaked.
- Hey girl! - Mrs. captive kissed in the cheek wet with tears - my father and thought about the little things necessary. I will go and see what's there.

The rain seems to have never thought to subside. It was dark, and the sky was pouring as from a bottomless barrel. Three figures, wrapped in a long white sheets, like a ghost, sat near the stove and sipped hot aromatic tea, brewed as Sabina claimed by medieval recipes. Their faces flushed with copious couple, eyes shining with happiness overflowing. Masha could not tear myself away from the shoulder of his mistress, and kept whispering in her ear words of love. Olya, watching friends, just smiled frostily.
Delight the little slave was clear. Sabin tried their best. Having laid the girl on the bench in the bath, she at first squatting and Kripen'ka parted thighs,

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