I - a guy, and he - the guy

I'm a guy who lives in a provincial town, plus I - bisexual. So for fun I have often come to Moscow. There I usually spend my time in gay clubs and that's one of them, my most favorite, I was faced with a cool kid.
Here is how it was. There I normally drink something, somewhere I looked as thought and wandering from floor to floor in search of something that would interest me. And when I was back at the bottom, probably already in this drunken delirium brought me in the gloomy corridors of the labyrinth sex zone. What is it I have done - I do not remember: maybe watching gay videos, or maybe just looking for someone. But it so happened that I went past some absolutely normal guy, he did not look like a gay man, and I certainly could not remain indifferent to it (gays will understand me). He went through the labyrinth ring once, then again, and on the third I took him by the hand and stopped him.
- Do you wanna come with me? - he asked.
- Yes.
Then have it, he took me by the hand and led her through the corridors, passing rushing in private cabins, but they, unfortunately, were all busy. He wildly somewhere in a hurry, and he was a real kid, so when he got tired of wandering in search of space, it was decided to simply force to release one of the cabins. When he tried to do it, I stopped him - I do not like when my eyes someone pressed. He listened to me. I squeezed his hand and led him. Free stall was found. We are closed.
- How are you so cool here come from? You do not look like a gay. - I asked him.
- I'm not gay, I just do not care with whom to fuck.
- I have almost the same.
Then he undid the zipper on my jeans and started to do blowjob. He did this - just super! And then we switched roles.
- I want you cum in her mouth? - He asked me.
I do not quite like, and rose from his squatting position. I said clearly - "No".
- I want you - I whispered in his ear.
He dropped his pants and turned back to me, I tried to take off his jumper, but he refused it. A body with him, like a real athlete. Persons who do not remember, and I've seen him at all? But the body that is necessary! I moistened with saliva her hand and held it between his buttocks.
- Okay, okay already, - he commanded.
I entered my dick in it. We - me and him, we have shorter tower posryvalo completely. I came to his senses only at the moment when he said that he needed to go. I stood at the door, and he threatened me that is a candidate for the master of the sport of boxing.
- I at x .., I'm not afraid, - I replied.
- I really have to go, I'll be right there, you just do not go anywhere.
- What is your name? - I finally asked.
- What's the difference?
At the door of the cabin I stood, I do not know how long I stood there with her, but he never returned. And I, too, was gone. I had a lot of guys, but that I must remember forever.
P.S .: Stopudoviy realism

Looking to continue

Looking to continue
Part 1.
Golden Flower blinked as soon as it pulled out of the dark casemates, she was blinded by the light of lanterns. Where she was held - in a small dark cell - was pitch darkness. The only occupation in the prison - was regarded as the clock and wait patiently for his fate.
Two of her guards held her too tight. Both guards were beautiful women, swarthy and dark-eyed. Their passionate gazes were fixed on a beautiful and barely covered the body of the Flower. On their full sexual lips played a knowing smile. Woman warrior blushed with embarrassment at the shameless and frank views of his jailers that she was quite peculiar.
She tried to escape his best, but was too weak. The time spent in prison, made itself felt - from the blow to the head that it knocked down and from lack of sleep, it slightly swayed. Warden easily held her, leading her to the throne room, where waiting for a new queen.
The end of the fourth chapter.
"What is new in the continuation of the story?"
Amy looked at the e-mail, thinking the answer. She avoided e-mails and phone calls from his publisher for the past few weeks. But this letter was from Christine, her self-proclaimed "greatest fan."
"Not very good," she typed. "I can not think of anything for several weeks."
Never before had she had no such writer's crisis. Yes, there have been difficult moments from time to time, but to be so. ... And she did not write something serious, like War and Peace. Not at all. Everything was much simpler. She wrote shoddy lesbian sadomasochistic stories with a variety of themed fantasies. Forty thousand words was enough. She is usually able to use the fantasy genre, skilfully weaving weak adventure story, adding a large number of lesbian sex, violence, torture, etc .. It is usually able to write a story for two or three months.
She herself was not really a lesbian. Not at all. It was not extravagant, like many in our day. She was modest, fairly soft and had few friends. As far as she could remember, she had always wanted to be a writer. As a child, she wrote a variety of fantastic stories. Unfortunately, it did not carry, and its serious works have never been published. Publishers always denied to her because her work was too long, too serious, they differ bombastic style and yet for many reasons.
Then she found a publishing house, which was called the House of Chains, quite by accident, searching for publishing on the Internet. They took the manuscript to the publisher, if they contain a lot of sex and not too long. This does not seem inspiring, but the well-being and self-esteem Emmy rapidly disappearing. If she managed to publish something, anything on paper, then it would already be something.
Her first book was completed in six weeks, and the Panthers called Abduction. The story of the arrogant aristocrat who buys wild unrestrained woman as a slave. The result is an aristocrat captive and into the jungle, where she, in turn, becomes a slave.
The book was quickly sold out. As quickly sold out and a second edition of the book. Very quickly publishing seriously interested in her and asked for a second and then a third of the book. Herself without realizing it, Amy made her career. It was not what she wanted to write, but it was pretty easy, the money paid good, and she enjoyed seeing that her books are published. Of course, she used a pseudonym, but she knew it was her book. And that Emmy was enough.
It also meant that she could now earn money writing books, and it was for her all that Amy had ever wanted to do. Now, at 24 years, she was the author of sixteen books, she had her home, she was independent, and that was all she wanted from life.
And now it seemed to her that all this can end. Maybe it was not so bad. She could return to serious literature, at least, try to return. Maybe she should take a break. Just think what else it could do.
Just nothing she did not know how to do. It has always been modest, very lonely, she had few friends. Her parents had died, and the other family members were away. (God, if they knew what she did for a living, it would have killed them).
However, she had a few friends with whom she communicated via e-mail.
She had never met or did not know one of them, and nothing about them, except that they told her. On the other hand she could pick and choose what to tell them about yourself and what is not. And it suited Emmy. It was a bit exciting - talk to people, existing in its own illusions.
Christina was one of the best Internet friends. She wrote the Emmy immediately after her first book was published. And her endorsement, along with the money, it was one of the factors that made Amy continue to write.
"Maybe I can help?" Came the answer in the next letter. "Send me what you have written, and I look at it."
Amy thought about this for a moment. Christina gave her good ideas in the past, and it is definitely considered herself a passionate follower of her books, that was flattering and a little exciting. She even was history, to put all the books in one world, by combining the two villains from various books together.
Definitely worth a try this time. Amy sent her first four chapters of his latest book, Flower Zakovanny, and moved away from the monitor, hoping that inspiration will come out of nowhere. She had no idea what the problem was. The plot is not particularly different from all the other books she has written.
Her heroine, Golden Flower, was a musketeer, who vowed to serve the Queen Tanielle. However, the country was invaded Tanielly her evil twin sister, the witch Salome. Flower Queen helped her escape, but she was caught during the escape. She was brought to Salome.
This is where her ideas dried up. She could not imagine how looked Salome as she dressed, what she would do with the defenseless heroine. As if she did not try to imagine something, she returned to the images of previous villains - an evil witch Senyahaz of the mainstays of slavery, or the Lady of the Rhone Songs decadence and lust, or diverse Ardaly Faces of Desire.
Maybe it was for the best.
Then, the next day or later, Christina told her. "I like it!" - She said. "But I think I understand your problem. I have some ideas that could help. " Amy smiled. She knew that Christine will offer something.
Then she read the next line.
"Perhaps we should meet and talk. I would really like you to come to visit me, thank you for all the inspiration that you give me! "
Amy stopped. She was not going to meet her. It is with no one to meet in person, except for the editor, and then only rarely. What if Christina was mistaken about her? She knew that Christine was a lesbian, and earned a living as a professional lesbian Mistress. Christina could assume that Amy was the same.
No, she could not. That would be foolish. It manages this by herself. It did not matter, even if it will not be able to finish this book. In any case, it was not what she wanted to write. She hesitated, wandering aimlessly around the room, hoping that inspiration will come. Twice she tried to continue the story, and then double-she could not write a word. The second time she was staring at a blank computer screen for half an hour ... until, in the end, did not burst into tears. She stopped crying when she heard the signal that it's another letter from Christine.
"I really think it will be a remarkable book," - she wrote. "I'd like to help you. Please respond".
Rubbing his eyes, Amy replied and said that she would like to come and meet her. She hesitated, before sending the letter and the message removed. But then she thought of a clean screen and the complete absence of ideas and then type the answer. She had never imagined how much it meant for the ability to write. It was the only thing she had done in the past five years. Although you can easily relate to these stories as useless, unpretentious and immoral - she wrote them. It was her story.
Amy did not know what she would do if she could not write any more.
"Great!" - The answer came from Christina. The letter came with the address. Amy thought with relief that Christina did not live so far away. From e-mail she knew that Christina had lived in Britain, so it was not a problem to drive a few hours by train. They agreed to meet, Amy took a few things with him, including his laptop and left.
She met Christina at the train station and was surprised to see her. Amy did not know exactly what she expected to see her, but not exactly the way it was Christina - tastefully dressed woman. Christine had light brown hair gathered in a conservative tail. She was a little higher than the Emmys, and under her clothes could be seen a good figure.
There was another woman. Younger Christina, maybe twenty years, with blond hair and a gorgeous body, which was clearly visible under a short blouse, open jacket and short skirt. She was standing a few steps behind Christina.
"Oh my God!" - Christine cried when Amy walked up to him. "You look so young. I thought you'd be older. Too Asian. All your heroine were from the east. You look exactly like Lily's Star ".
Amy blushed. Lily was a star heroine Hold Slavery, one of her favorite books. It is also one of the most sold. Star Lily was incredibly beautiful and bold, the opposing power Senyahaz witches. Publishers are required to continue.
"You are too kind," - said quietly, Amy, already thinking that it was a mistake to come here. She several times changed its opinion on this matter in the train, but it was too late. She picked up her bags and went forward.
"Kate will take your bags." Blond girl stepped forward and took the bag from the Emmy-hand, smiling broadly. "She's my maid" - Christina added. "Oh, I've waited so long to see you. Come on, we take a taxi to get to my house. "
Christina said in many ways, from time to time to indulge in fanatical devotion which Amy found very embarrassing. Obviously, it is not only re-read all the books over and over again an Emmy, but she learned them almost by heart.
"One of my clients is also a big fan. The last time she came to me, we lost in the people of the scene of the songs, you know, the one where Ron attempts to Chase. "
"I remember this scene" - Amy confessed sheepishly. She wrote this chapter for a few hours, never stopping.
"Bulwark was my favorite book. Or maybe the Panthers. I liked Lily Star. You really need to write a sequel. What happened to her after the castle collapsed and slavers seized her? "
"I could write a sequel" - Amy admitted. She added, "If I ever get rid of this writer's crisis".
Christina has not yet said about any of his new ideas for the flower clad, and Amy was too polite (not to mention the fact that she was nervous) to remind her of them.
Christina probably lived farther from the station than I thought Amy, as it was already dark when the taxi arrived.
"This house is huge" - the Emmy whispered, looking around the house from the bottom up.
"My work brings good income," - said Cristina. "In addition, I work here, and for this we need a lot of space to carry all the fantasies of my clients."
"And, do you have any ... uh ... client already recorded ..."?
"Diary is empty. I will not let anything distract us from our affairs. Oh, I so long wanted to meet you. You look exactly as I imagined. Something between a star and Miriey Lily. "
Constant references to Star Lily puzzled Emmy. Her heroines are beautiful, strong, sensual, athletic, cute. Most of them were asians, it is, but here the similarity ends, at least so thought Amy.
"You must be tired. Kate will carry your stuff to your room. What will you drink, tea or coffee? "
They sat in the spacious living room, Amy looked around with wide eyes. It does not look (as Amy thought should look) like Lady lair. She imagined a place like a scene from her books. Here was an ordinary atmosphere, pleasant environment, nice furniture.
Kate returned with a cup of tea. Amy took a sip. "You, uh ... said that you have some ideas?"
"Oh, we'll have plenty of time for that later. I'm really looking forward to meeting with you, you know that. "
"Yes" - Amy smiled, feeling uncomfortable after so many compliments. It's really not a good idea - to come here. The sooner it will be able to go from here, the better. Perhaps she would have to come up with some family problems, because of which she would have to leave.
She was embarrassed, drank his tea, listening to praise Christine. Finishing his tea, she put the glass on the table.
"You must be tired. On the road, I always get tired. "
"Yes" - Amy said. "I'm tired ... a bit" her dizzy, sudden dizziness came over her.
"Kate will show you your room."
Amy got up to go for the girl. She took a step and almost fell. All swam in her eyes. She took another step and fell to the floor. She felt like Kate raises her, and she was sure that Christine said something, but she did not understand that, because fell asleep.
Amy woke up in the dark, in her head was buzzing. The floor beneath it was cold. She tried to stand up and realized that I was connected. It was bound up with chains, wrists were bound behind his back and attached to a metal collar around her neck. Slightly longer chain was shackled her ankles. Apart from these shackles, she was wearing nothing. She was completely naked.
She tried to reassure herself. Many of her characters she is forced to be in this situation, but she never thought about how to survive something like that herself. She did not have any sadomasochistic fantasies.
It was a joke. That's all. She scrolled this idea in my head a few times and even said it out loud. This was just a joke.
"Hey," - she said at first very quietly. "Hey" - she called louder - "Somebody let me out! Christina! It's ... it's not funny. " Suddenly, from one side of the room formed a rectangle of light, and in the opening of the door opening can be distinguished feminine silhouette. Amy quickly closed her eyes against the bright light, so she did not see the woman who approached her and pulled out, firmly grasping the hands shackled Emmy. Legs Emmy entangled in chains, and she almost fell, but the woman held her. When her vision cleared, she looked around.
The woman was Kate, but she was dressed differently made. She was wearing a tight-fitting leather corset, which barely covered her impressive bust, lifting the breast upward and outward. Also on it was a short skirt, also leather and boots just below the knee. On the wide belt around her waist hung nothing but a twisted whip in the ring.
"What is it?" - Amy said, and she thought her voice sounded ... firmly enough. "It's kind of a joke?"
Kate sharply pressed her against the wall, and Emmy cried out in a surprise attack.
"Her Majesty calls for you, flower. And Salome always gets everything she wants. "
Salome? Flower? The heroines of her books. So what?
And then she realized, she realized that it was an episode, the one from which the writing she had problems.
"Kate, please" - Amy said. "It's not funny. Let me ... please. " Her voice was so sorry that Emmy has become disgusted with herself. Kate took her by the collar and dragged him along. Staggering and stumbling, Amy followed the blonde girl. It was all a joke, perhaps a failed attempt to Christine to help her overcome writer's crisis. She explains Christine, that this is not necessary, and she let go of her. She did not like such things, whatever the content of her books. She did it just for the money.
Oh my God! She was naked, completely naked in front of this woman. Christina also see her naked. She could not even hide behind his hands. Oh no!
"Golden Flower" - there was a low excited voice. "Nice meeting".
Amy looked up. She had absolutely no idea where she found herself. She thought that it was a living room or bedroom Christina. Not at all. It was a large room in an elegant Arabic style, immersed in semidarkness, illuminated by a few flickering candles. The walls and the ceiling hung a chain with fetters, and the floor were mounted hooks. The atmosphere was magnificent. The walls were hung with paintings, each of which is an Emmy noticed with horror, were clad beautiful women.
At the far end of the room, lounging on a long couch, sat Christina, but she was not at all similar to the one woman he met Amy at the train station. All clothes Christine was only a few strips of silk: one lane twine her beautiful breasts, hardly something to hide, another thin strip covering her crotch, front and back attached to a silk sash around her waist. Christina sat with one leg, barely touching the floor bare feet, and the other tucked under him. Artfully made up, she looked sensuously and powerfully, her long hair with soft waves fell over her shoulders, framing a beautiful face.
She looked like a queen, powerful and dangerous woman.
Katya put Amy in front of her knees are not. Christina slowly looked around nude Emmy indifferent gaze downward. Blushing with embarrassment, Amy tried to squeeze the legs and bend over, hiding his nakedness.
"You have a beautiful body, the Golden Flower. Why are you trying to hide it from me? "
Amy wanted to say something, but her throat was paralyzed. She felt a tear rolled down her cheek.
"From my sister you also hid his body? With it, you were a shy? It adds charm to your relationship? "
Amy cried as Kate grabbed her hair and returned to its original position - on his knees, with your back straight. Now her body was completely open to Christina, and she studied him carefully.
"Answer Queen Salome" - Kate hissed at Emmy behind.
"Christine, please" - Amy said. "That's a bad joke. Please, let me go. "
But Christine continued, as if not hearing Emmy. "I grew up in its shadow, you know it. She had everything she wanted. All, whatever she wished. And I promised myself that one day I will take her all. And now, you see? All that she owned, is now mine. Its castle belongs to me, her country. " It is widely and smiled charmingly. "Her lover is mine. Of course, she is not mine, but the will. You tell me where she is. "
"No" - Amy said. "Please, can not you understand that this is a bad joke? Let me go! "- But she could not say it all. All she said was "no", over and over again.
"Yes, my dear, you say. But first you give me as she gave herself. Will you love me like she loved it. You'll be crawling beside my bed, kissing and licking me will serve me and do what I wish. "
"No" - said Amy again. Now she sobbed. "No. Christina, please ... "
"He Shuts it" - Christine ordered dramatically.
Amy cried when Kate suddenly force a thick strip of leather twisted her mouth. The ends of the strips at the back Emmy snap, tight facilitate head. She tried to say something but could not. She felt a disgusting taste of the skin.
"You will call me Mrs. Salome" - Christine said. "Or Your Majesty, how do you like the most. As long as you're not to contact me, you'd better keep quiet. "
All this seemed nonsense, madness. Amy could not quite think. It was just a bad joke. Oh, my God, why is it only came here? Why would she even wrote these books? It was to be expected, that can happen something like this.
"Look at you" - Christine cooed a mock stern voice. "Revesz like a girl. You've been so proud, flower. Such a strong and self-confident. I doubt that you could believe that you find yourself in this situation, is not it? "
Amy shook her head. It was the absolute truth.
Christine rose from his throne - the couch - and went to Amy, slowly and gracefully. She looked just as Emmy and imagined, should look like Salome. Clothing, gait, incredible arrogance and beauty ... everything was perfect.
Kate lifted her head an Emmy when Christina stopped right beside her and looked down. Emmy sorry whimpered when her tormentor gently stroked her face, and, wiping away a tear finger, I taste it. "You're delicious," - she said. "You have a taste of fear."
Kate held tight Emmy. Unable to move, she was forced to face the woman, who slipped to her sleeping pills and now held the power for himself.
"You're going to crawl in front of me" - Christina hissed. "You're going to kiss my feet, you will worship me." Saying this, she stood out in particular the word "will", causing Amy to flinch every time. Christine was not a shadow of a doubt that all this will happen.
"You give yourself to me. You'll be begging me to touch you, kiss you, fuck you, while you do not scream. You will do all this. "
She smiled, and Amy began to tremble. It is many times described the devilish smile of his heroines, but she had never seen a smile like that in reality.
"And you will be mine. Do you have a single chance, a small flower. The only chance before I begin to torture you. You conquer me willingly? "
Attempting? Oh, no, she did not survive. One thing to humiliation, but the physical pain! Amy remembered Katya whip in his belt. Yes, she will do anything to her did not hurt! She could not bear the pain! She tried to say "yes", but her voice was drowned out gag. In desperation, she tried to nod, but Kate held her.
"No?" - Playfully said Christina? "Well, well, anything else and I did not expect from a brave and faithful of the Golden Flower. I am sure, it will require a lot of effort to break you. "
She returned to his throne and sat down.
"But the break, I'll do it." Again highlighting the "do." Emmy was shaking, and she began to sob uncontrollably.
Emmy did not resist when Kate released her from the chains. She might try to flee, but she did not dare. Kate treated her gently, but she made it clear that it may be tougher if the need arises. As soon as her hands were freed, Emmy was delivered to her feet, her left arm immediately raised again chained and chained up so that she could only stand on tiptoe. The second hand remains free. The left leg, a wound-back and bent at the knee, the ankle was too pull up. Amy realized how ... its going to chain.
She began to squirm, but Kate just with more power began to pull his leg, fastening the chain on her ankle. The other end of the chain Katya confined to the right wrist Emmy. The circuit was very short, so there was no way to ease tension. Amy felt the pain. She knew that very soon the pain would be unbearable. Clad Emmy so Kate stepped away from her. Hanging by one arm, Emmy barely kept his balance on one leg.
Christina came very close to helpless Emmy and asked hoarsely: "What were you doing in bed with my sister? What do you love her to do to you? "
Amy just lowed by a leather gag. Her leg began to tremble, and pulled muscles burn fire from the strain.
"She caressed your pussy? She kissed your breasts? "Christine lightly touched his chest Emmy and defenseless girl shivered. It was barely perceptible touch, but Amy shuddered as if an electric current had discharge.
"I'm sure she did it. You have a beautiful chest, my little flower. " She leaned over and kissed the nipple Emmy. At first, she barely touched sensual lips, but then she opened her mouth and began to gently caress the nipple pink tongue. She greedily licked it like a cat, varnish cream. When it is completely wrapped around the nipple with his lips, sucking it, Amy, finely trembling, threw her head back. She had never experienced anything like it. No one is kissing her breasts before. She described such a scene several times, but she could not imagine that she will experience it.
What made her the heroine in such cases? It was obvious that Christina lost in reality an imaginary scene from her book. If Amy was destined to endure it, to stay alive, she would be the likeness of the Golden Flower.
How to behave her character? She tried to focus, to think about the burning pain in strained muscles and a long wet kiss on his chest. How to behave her character?
With alarming evidence, she found the answer to this question. They gave up. All of them were broken under torture. Then they were able to run and win in the end. By a lucky chance, or the help of friends. They had a strong will, but still they were enslaved.
Senyahaz Star Lily made her a slave. Lady Ron broke the resistance under torture Chase. Tarilanna was turned into a miserable slave. Miria was saved from Priestess Lira with their friends. Amy moaned piteously when Christina started to caress the other breast Emmy. Her heroines are strong, brave and lucky, but none of them could not withstand such torture. What can we say about Amy!
Very quickly her nipples hardened and stretched, wet with saliva Christina. The ruthless tormentor hurt squeezed their long fingernails and motioned to Kate. Blonde Christina Warden handed a small metal object. Amy looked at him and her eyes widened in horror. Tool for piercing flesh left no doubt as to the intentions of Christina. No! No! Please no! But she could not speak, and she doubted that Christina will regret it, even if she prayed to her about it. I would not regret it either Senyahaz or Ron. Of course not spare, and Salome.
Emmy has not described the Salome, mentioning it only in conversations or fantasies. Part of the problem with the writing of this story lies in the fact that she had no idea what she wanted Salome and what she looked like, and that was going to do with the Golden Flower. Now she knew it. Salome came to life in her mind, and she looked just looked like Christina. Christina's voice, gentle and charming, imperious, haughty, vindictive ... just so must speak, Salome. And Salome completely alien feeling of pity. It does not stop at nothing to get what she wants, and she wants everything that belongs to her sister.
Flower and Taniella were never lovers, but Salome certainly thought they were.
Amy howled through the gag and desperately twitched in their chains, when the first teat has been punctured with a sharp needle. Christina put in a bleeding hole glittering gold ring and firmly snapped its ends. The same fate awaited the second nipple. Christine joined the two thick golden chain ring, enjoying the pain and horror in the eyes of Emmi.
"My sister has always been too soft. She never treated you like a whore, which you are. I am sure that she will never shackle you in chains, not bound and flogged your little wonderful body. You've been too easy life here, is not it? "
Amy could only look at her, full of animal fear, convinced that Cristina will not stop until it breaks, not completely break. No one will come to help her. No one.
No, Salome! Christina! It was Christine, her "greatest fan", rather than the fictional queen-witch.
"Stand still and see" - told Christina.
She leaned back on the couch, and Kate walked over to her, dropping his leather garments. She passionately kissed his mistress, and then dropped to his knees, kissing and licking tender thigh Christina slowly climbing higher. Amy watched as Christina shook the strongest orgasm.
Never before had she seen such a violent discharge, and certainly never experienced anything like this myself. Through plagued by pain, which is now filled her, she thought that the flower was as inexperienced as she was. Beautiful female soldier, accustomed to the attention of both men and women, did not have much interest in sex.
She was in love with Taniellu, keeping hopeless unrequited love for his lawful queen. Taniella not answered her affection, she did not like it, but the Flower of no one else was interested, and she was alone.
Now, the book began to take shape. Amy could not wait to return to work. But now she was chained, unable to move, but to writhe in their chains that held her. She tried to lift his leg higher to ease the pressure on the wrist chain, but then she almost lost her delicate balance. The pain in her left wrist was so strong enough, not to mention the fact, to keep the entire body weight.
Then she tried to lower the leg as much as was able to return the body to its previous position, up to the limit pulling the chain on his right wrist. She had no choice but to wait and see, and try to conquer pain.
When Christina came, she imperiously pushed Kate aside and rose. Thin strips of silk around her waist was gone. Amy had never seen the genitals of other women, and she could not take her eyes off Christina's crotch. Pubic hair was wet and matted. Christina gave off a pungent smell of sexual arousal. Christina barely touched the stomach Emmy and poor girl almost lost her balance.
"My sister has ever dealt with this matter with you?" - She asked. Emmy lowed under the gag, trying desperately to say something. Christina undid the gag and pulled it out of his mouth Emmy.
"What do you want to tell me, my dear flower?" - She asked.
"Please" - Amy whispered. How she would like to be called? "Mrs. Salome ... please free me from the chains. I will do". She felt so miserable, she was sick to say it, but she could no longer endure the torment. "I'll do whatever you want."
"You get up on his knees in front of me, I'll kiss his feet?"
"Yes, Your Majesty."
"You will be kissing my breasts and belong to me completely?"
"Yes, Your Majesty."
"You're going to beg me to let lick me, please me, do any disgusting and humiliating things with your body defenseless? Will you give yourself to me as eternal slave? "
Amy cried. "Yes, Your Majesty."
Christine snorted. "This is a lie. Bodyguard Tanielly Queen, Golden Flower, would never give up so quickly. All this is a lie. " Amy tried to protest, but the gag quickly went back into her mouth.
"I do not like being lied to me. Hung here, and maybe then your words will become more sincere. " She left the room with his head held proudly. Kate trotted after her, stopping for a moment to look over, full of triumph, clad girl.
Amy was alone, helpless, immobile, firmly bound in chains and forced to suffer from the relentless cruelty of Queen Salome.
Golden Flower hung in an empty room, crying in despair. It is so fast I almost resigned Salome. It took so little effort to break her will. Even Salome did not believe in it. She thought it was a trick, is not suggesting that the flower really begged for mercy.
Her queen was safe. And this thought a little comforted Bloom during the long hours of painful immobility. Her body, though well trained, very soon began to tremble in pain and unnatural position.
But more severe pain burned her from the inside - a mad desire cruel devilish touch Salome. She remembered the hot kisses on his chest, whimsical affection that made her nipples poured sweet languor. She still heard the mocking questions about what she did with Tanielloy.
The flower does not so dealt with it, but oh, how much she would like to do. Salome was an evil, cruel, perverse and ruthless, but she had something in common with her kind and gentle sister.
Outwardly it was an exact copy Tanielly. It might be Taniella, kissing, caressing, and tortured her. How could Salome know how long flower longed to kiss her real queen and touched her so? How could Salome know how much she looked like a Taniellu, and how difficult it was to distinguish them the Flower.
Amy winced when new episodes of pain pierced her arm and a leg. She swayed, barely able to keep his balance. She knew that her face was bathed in tears. She knew how pathetic represented.
At the same time, new ideas began to emerge and take shape in her mind. She could not even remember the last time I felt something like that - easy to come up with the storylines, characters and action heroes. Now she could invent a book residue it has come to understand all of what she had written so far. It takes a bit to rewrite the beginning, well, the rest ...
She shivered again.
Thinking about writing the book was the only occupation that could distract her mind from the pain and the situation in which she found herself. She had to write again. Of course, it will allow it to Christine. Whatever else it may be deprived, for sure it will be allowed to write.
Amy Heart pounding, when Kate returned to her. She was dressed already different. The thin silk dress clung to her beautiful form. She slowly walked around Amy, admiring the naked body of the writer. Amy was too tired to be ashamed of. As long as it does not withdraw from here ...
Please release me!
Generously Kate relaxed and freed her from the chains. Amy collapsed helplessly on the floor. It could lie there for a long time, whimpering plaintively, feeling the blood filled her numb limbs. When Kate unfastened the chain from the rings in the nipples and pulled the gag, mentally Emmy was very grateful to her. She could not bring herself to speak, and only barely audible whining.
"Come" - Kate growled, attaching thin leather leash to the metal collar Emmy. With difficulty, painfully, Amy stood up and walked behind this heartless woman, leaving the room where it hung chained.
Kate brought Amy into the bathroom, elegant marble and gold in the style of late antiquity.
She wondered if this was done for clients Christina or her tormentor just like this style. When Katya showed her on the toilet, Amy first refused, but Katie penetrating gaze forced her to comply. It brought an Emmy from the world of dreams and fantasies into reality.
Here she was naked and powerless captive woman who is obviously inspired by scenes from her own books. Amy could assume that in the future it expected anguish and terrible future, because that is what happened to her character. These things, of course, it was easier to think of something to survive.
There must be some way out. It should be.
While Amy eased his bladder, Kate did not take his eyes off her, causing terribly embarrassed and blushing.
"You dirty" - Katya said. "In the shower. Pomoysya completely. Lady Order ". She took off her collar and leash and stepped back. Now the writer is nothing left except the rings in the nipples, which can not be removed.
Emmy obeyed and stepped into the shower, wincing as cold water ran through her body. Knowing that Kate looks at her again, she took the soap and began to lather body. Closing her eyes, she tried to enjoy the sensations. Muscles ached in pierced nipples painfully sore skin glistened with sweat, his face bathed in tears. Emmy diligently soap his body, shampooed and rinsed hair long. She was almost finished, and began to feel almost normal, as in normal circumstances, when Kate said: "P..du and ass too. Rinse them better. "
everything was fine Up until this point, all the mediocre and just. Emmy was easy not to notice the presence of Katie and enjoy these moments under the shower. Now she again reminded of where she was and why she did it.
For a moment she hesitated, shame, and fear took possession of her, but then the voice of reason - the voice of the Golden Flower - made her obey. "All the same, you will be tortured then" - said the inner voice. "Take advantage of this opportunity. Push time as long as possible. "
Amy started, and again took the soap, intending to wash thoroughly. When her soapy hand slid along the labia, she was shocked by how increased her clit. A light touch to it caused a shock wave of pleasure that swept through her body. She can not remember the last time I felt something like that. Bitterly aware that she was being watched, she began to rub himself there again.
"Nothing like this" - snapped her Kate. "You're here to get a good clean up and get ready for the Lady, and not play with him."
Again, blushing with shame, the Emmy went to wash. She lowered her head, carrying out the orders of Katie, even lent itself to a humiliating inspection when the blonde sat down behind her on my knees and spread her buttocks.
"Not bad" - in the end, she said. "Turn around to face me, spread your legs and stand without moving." All the same with his head down, Amy turned and froze, legs spread and downcast eyes. She watched as Kate, kneeling, inflicted on the girl pubis special cream and began to gently shave off the dark thick hair. Amy felt unusual coolness between her legs when Kate graduated and got to her feet.
"Wipes. Fast "- briefly she ordered.
Emmy obeyed, shaking drops of water with hands and feet, wiping dry. Kate hurried her, and when she thought Amy dry enough, with her hair still dripping. Kate looked pleased.
Then the chain were back in their places. First collar and leash. Then, manacles on his wrists, this time behind a chain strapped tighter than ever before - just a few centimeters from each other. Finally, shackled at the ankles, allowing to take steps not more than half a meter.
But Kate continued to "decorate" the body of Amy chains. Spiral is tightly wrapped Emmy above and below her breasts, gently squeezing them .... Another spiral ring tightly covered thin waist unhappy girl.
But worst of all for Emmy was that Kate again joined nipple rings heavy chain. From the cold water they have hardened, and the pain subsided a little. Amy screamed when the chain hanging on the rings, causing a sharp pain in sore nipples.
Finally, Kate brought a white robe, which threw on the shoulders of the Emmys, tied a belt around the waist. Draped so that it does nothing to hide - cuffed hands behind his back could not be put in the sleeves and robes were just draped over his shoulders. In this transparent cloak, with a clean-shaven pubis, Amy felt something more than just being nude. It was a piece of clothing that could be torn from it, demonstrating an even greater humiliation.
In the secret corners of her mind was beginning to like the mental image, and she decided to use it later in the book.
Kate kept her on a leash from a luxurious bathroom in the back room where Amy spent a terrible night in chains. The terrible memories come to life again in her, and she trembled with fear at the thought of what it will do next.
But at the same time, rising from somewhere in the depths, there was growing excitement, perverted, awe-inspiring excitement. The thought that Christine - or Salome - it will be possible again to kiss her, touch her, caress her take a toll on the summit of bliss, of which she had no idea ...
Amy could not believe that these thoughts came into her head.
Such would be the reaction of the Flower. Passion for Salome was as strong as an aversion to it. Become a flower - it was the only way to survive it all.
Become a Golden Flower.
Salome reclining, lounging on his throne. Her gorgeous body - an exact copy of her sister - was plunged in transparent robes, long necklace around the neck, with a blood red stone, swaying between her lush breasts.
"My little flower," she purred. "It feels more cheerful?"
"Mrs. Salome" - she said, not knowing what else to say. She did not betray Taniellu. She could not bring Taniellu. But what if it again will be tortured, left hanging in the same way as the left before. Even worse, if it will again kiss, caress, touch ...
In one fluid motion Salome servant tore cloak with freshly Flower body, leaving it completely open and vulnerable to sinister queen. Blushing, she tried to lower his head to avoid this arrogant and lustful glance, but the maid held her.
Very slowly he looked around Salome lazy eye muscular body clad woman enjoying the embarrassment and shame of the Flower. Shall so humiliating naked in front of someone so evil and wicked woman she loved and admired ...
"On your knees" - he ordered Salome.
Flower, moving awkwardly because of his chains, try to execute the order, but the maid abruptly, almost pushing into the floor, the force placed it on his knees.
"Razvedi knees" - ordered Salome. Flower sheepishly obeyed.
Poor girl's eyes filled with tears of humiliation. The muscles of the thighs burned from the strain to maintain the right posture. She sat on his heels, legs spread as widely as too weak, completely open, under the piercing gaze of Salome and carnivorous.
She began to tremble.
"Ask me for mercy."
"Please" - once sobbed flower. "Have mercy, Madame. Please ... I'll do anything. "
"Really?" - He asked Salome smiling. "Tell me what you do."
"I will ..." - the beginning of a pretty defenseless prisoner. "I will worship you, obey you, kiss your feet ..."
"You're going to lick me? Gives me pleasure? Caress me as caressed my sister? "
Flower started. Mention Tanielly ... her true love. Taniella never spoken so harshly.
Salome nodded, and suddenly the maid walked Flower and stood in front of her. She took off her light dress and it remained only shoes and a belt fastened around the waist. Attached to the belt, a leather strap, passed through the crotch, stuck a long hard dildo. At least 20 centimeters in length, it was round and fat. Flower stared at him.
"Kiss it," - he told Salome. Defenseless woman hesitated.
"You'd better kiss it" - advised's annexation. "Lick it, take it in your mouth. Wet it as much as possible, because very soon he will be in your other hole, and the more you smazhesh it, the better. "
The flower only looked with horror at her.
"No!" - Amy screamed when she realized that they were going to do with it. "No! Christina, please, no! You can not do this to me! "
"You have twenty seconds, my little flower. Kiss him with all the passion. "
Horrified, Amy opened her mouth and put her lips strap. She choked when a sharp thrust he stared down her throat, but she continued to lick and suck on the artificial phallus, desperately trying to soak it all so that her mouth was dry.
Amy was still trembling when Kate pulled out a dildo, and circumambulating, stood behind her. She was muttering incoherently Christine, begging for mercy. Fantasy ended. All this was no humiliation in games. It was rape, banal and simple.
She was paralyzed when she felt Katya's hand on his back, and then chained to their wrists. She was so terrified that at first did not even notice that her hands were released.
Thank God! She thought a moment. Just a joke.
Kate pushed her forward so that she fell on the floor breast. With the liberation of his hands, she tried to sit up, resting on the floor, but Christine stood up from the couch and came into his arms Emmy. She was barefoot, so she could not hurt the hand, but crushed them hard enough, without giving up the possibility of an Emmy.
Christine leaned over and picked up the tip of the leash and raised her head helpless writer so that she could not take her eyes off his face lady.
"Please" - Amy sobbed. "Please, do not do that!"
"Mercy?" - Said Christina voice Salome. "From me, the little flower? I promised to crush you completely, remember? I promised to make you his property in all possible ways. This will destroy the last remnants of your pride, your dignity, your freedom.
After I did this to you, you will belong entirely to me, once and for all. And I want to until you are raped, you looked me in the eye, to know who is behind all this. "
"No". Amy cried. "No".
Then it felt like Katya force began to introduce the end of the strap in her virgin ass. She cried hysterically. It was a terrible scream, full of suffering and pain. Emmy and could not imagine that such sounds are able to publish people.
Flower screamed until they were hoarse, until you feel as if her throat poured sawdust, and even then she continued to scream. Tears flowed a stream down her face. All her pleas for mercy were in vain, as well as her screams.
She could not move her head and did not dare to close my eyes. She was unable to do anything and just stared at the cruel and terrible eyes Mistress Salome, in the same eye, which she had once dreamed of one day look at her with love Tanielly.
But this did not happen, and now it will never happen, because she knew that everything said Salome, was true. From this point on it will be an absolute slave, once and for all. Salome completely broke it. She will do anything to it does not happen again this terrible violence. It abandons all that she has to betray everyone she ever knew, not thinking about anything except their own slavery and humiliation.
... The pain of realizing it was almost - almost - the same unbearable pain from her rape.
Amy heard the rough growl right under his ear and realized that her suffering ended. She felt Katya lifted from her back, and the sharp painful tremors have stopped, but the searing agony in her ravaged anus remained. She still stared at Christina, though because of all the tears in the eyes blurred.
"You want to say something to me, Golden Flower?" - She asked.
"I belong to you, Madam" - she croaked.
"Yes" - she said, smiling. "You are mine".
She went away with an Emmy and sat back on his throne. Grand gesture she stretched one leg. Silently, and without waiting for what she would say something, Amy crawled to the couch, and his tongue began to kiss and lick the feet of his Mistress.
Now, for it did not matter whether it was Amy Tan, author, Christine Goran grovel before, or was it the Golden Flower, a prisoner and slave, to Salome, Queen and despot. Emmy and Golden Flower are now in one piece, as well as Lily Tarilanna and Star, and all of its heroine. All the scenes that she has ever described, came together at this moment, the scene where she has become a slave.
"Rise" - he told Christine and Amy got up, requiring her great efforts. She did not resist when Katya raised her arms above her head and chained in a position hanging from the ceiling with chains. Emmy was once again vulnerable to new torments that can be invented for it.
Christina went to her. Amy closed her eyes, preparing to strike, new sufferings, pain or anything like that.
Amy screamed from a light touch to his thigh. Christina continued idly caressing her, tracing circles on her skin soft and supple. At first it was something like a light itching, feeling pleasant tickling, but as Christine continued, moving up and down between the legs of the Emmys, up to her waist, down to a smooth crotch, feeling became more intense, more exciting ...
Christine slightly leaned forward and kissed his helpless prisoner, standing so that only their lips touched.
Her body so closely, and at the same time so far from Emmi. Eager to touch her Emmy straining, held by chains, trying to lean forward.
"Do you love me?" - Christina asked hoarsely.
"Yes, Madam" - said Amy.
"You admire me?"
"Yes Milady".
"You will obey me fully, in all?"
"Yes, Madam" - Amy whispered through her tears.
"Good" - she said Christine, sitting down again on the sofa, crossing her legs and stroking his thighs.
"That's what happens next, Amy." It was the first time she called Amy her real name, since these "walking through Hell" began. And if this was her real name? Is Amy Tan was more real than the Golden Flower or Star Lily or Chase, or Miria? All of them were slaves, helpless captives a beautiful, strong and violent women.
"You're going to live here, with me, as my slave. I prepared a document in which all of your property go into my property, and I will represent your interests among publishers. All financial and organizational aspects of your job, I'll decide. You will only write. I think now you have enough ideas to complete your book? "
Amy nodded.
"You've got a lot of talent. I will help you nurture it'll be your ... uh ... inspiration. You will be fed, dressed ... ". She stopped. "As needed. You will live here, nothing lacking. All you have to do - is to write and serve me. Katya and I'll take care of everything else. You will have a separate room. Your laptop is set up ... slightly modified so that you could not use the internet and send emails.
I do not think that you would dare, but just to keep you ask for help and salvation. You're not going, are not you? "Because
"No, Madame." And she would not. What would she do now out there on the loose? She was a prisoner there.
"Good". Kate released her from the chains and put it on his knees. "Any questions?"
Amy looked down. She was completely naked, except for its chains, shackles and collar. "Can I have a little wear, Lady?"
"No" - Christine said sharply. "Anything else?"
"Can I". Amy did not know how to ask about it. "Madam, can I ...?"
"No" - she said again. "I'll let you finish, when you finish the book. Think of it as a reward. This will be an incentive for you. If I find that you caress yourself before I'll let ... ". Christina smiled. "I'll have to rape you again, Kate."
Emmy paled even staggered, felt a sudden weakness and nausea. No, not this again. No
"Anything else?"
There was a long pause.
"So, Amy" - Christine continued. "From this moment, like any slave, you're not allowed to talk without permission. In my presence, you will always be on his knees with his head down. Now you understood everything, Amy? "
"Yes, Madam" - she whispered.
"And now you can start to work on the book." Christine motioned Kate.
She picked up an Emmy for the leash and led him stumbling dazed young girl thundering chains out of the room.
When Amy sat at the table, prepared for her, tortured her anus began to burn with fire. Her laptop was turned on and opened the last chapter of the Flower chained. She looked at the last words she once wrote.
Now she knew who would be the evil queen. She knew why Salome wanted to enslave it, and why Flower under torture will behave exactly the same as she was.
And now she knew how to finish the book - could now be only one option.
The end of her leash leather rocking between her legs, slightly touching the labia and gently caressing the swollen clit. Amy looked and sobbed, not daring to consciously direct the leash, not to mention the fact, to touch her arms.
Now it was the Golden Flower, and all the heroines of her books at the same time. All the characters of her books will now be herself. She will spend the rest of his life, every moment, being a slave, just as they are.
Bursting into tears, she reached for the keyboard and began to write.
The end of the first part.

The best sex in her life.

She was 18 years old, she had a long, thin, blond hair and bluish eyes with dark gray okoemkoy. Her baby face frowning when she took some kind of thought, mood alternated on her face quickly, she laughed loudly and actively gesticulating.
He was 24, he had temnorusye ryzhinoy with straight long hair, light skin, reddish-chocolate Jewish bulging eyes and a curved thoroughbred nose into the bargain. He was short and did not like when she wore heels - so it was inconvenient to take her by the shoulders with the left hand and the right to make a broad movement, kikim lift the veil on the future.
They had known each week, or rather just the day was the seventh. All this week, it was worth it just zavidet each other, immediately began an active gestures and loud laughter and snide jokes.
It was the end of March and that evening at 7 o'clock on the street was horribly cold, winter has not yet handed over their positions. On the eve of turmoil took a strange sketchy 1 second "pioneer" kiss. Before strange that it was impossible to say with certainty it was or it was not. It is annoying. Her confused.
So it was cold, there was another snowstorm, lamented the fact that he finished the work so late, and they need to see it would be inappropriate every day. All sorts of reasons that would bring it closer to the target, and to give her a reason to zadurit itself down. Going to his house with your favorite music under his arm - "to show"She had intended to "test your willpower". Willpower - hahaha.
For a day or two in the eyes floated the smoke and the smoke that constantly arise purebred his profile. Laptop with music put on the coffee table in the middle of the only room, brought a battery to heat, doing some sort of creative nonsense analysis of the poem about loneliness. He lay on the couch, thinking, staring at the ceiling, imposingly lounging in their suede chocolate foppish pants and steel "home" shirt. Number of series - "Want to see the elegance of negligence - here I am".
On the floor was a Turkish rug. Raising himself on his elbow, and he realized that the girl does not want to hug him and lie down on the sofa, he got up and went to the computer to do something with sound. She now and then shook her head, trying to let go of her damned fog that would gain the clarity of thought that was between them, only the day before, and which she so admired. She came up and stood behind the seated cross-legged on the carpet Turkish young man, which is something intently sought in other electronic memory. She dropped to her knees.
At this point of the speakers poured unearthly. Unearthly was a duet of guitar barely audible chime and dryish Sufi desert wind instrument. It is not just the fog and thick gray smoke drifted across the room, she shivered and shook her head. Then one knows what was sitting on the interweaving of his legs, put their own, bent at the knees behind him. His eyes shone strangely, he did not hurry her kissing or hugging.
His face was surprisingly calm. Then he was played a scene from the ending Amelie (as it seemed to her), he put one of his long, knotty, but youthful, soft fingers to your eyes, cheek, their triangular lips, she barely lifted her head from the dead air touched him lifeless lips. Upper lip hit the angled arms of his lips, which were surprisingly soft. 1 second and they parted. It was his turn. He covered her mouth with short gentle kisses just shrugs.
He kissed her with his lips, it looked like a quiet game with the school's best friend in "husband and wife", The awe of the unknown miracle kiss. His lips parted just a little, they begin to feel soft, slightly damp "wrong side". Lovilos breath and let go. The game lasted an eternity. He began gently laid on his back, she tried to hold his breath in the mouth as her fingers intertwined in his fragrant, feminine soft hair, she suddenly wanted this searing kiss, and it was she who stuck his tongue deep into his mouth, trying to feel the fresh taste of his saliva.
This unexpected penetration, caused him to abruptly turn it back on and start to dig lips pain in her fragile neck. Her blouse ridden up and she took the wrong decision to correct it. At this point, very tempting to bare dekalte (when she still hoped to stop, naive) and he happily took up her sweet soft mounds, squeezing the skin moist lips, but not tverdenkuyu painful glands inside the breast. Gently, silently, slowly moved the edge of his fingers jackets and bra down, exposing finally her pink little nipples.
She closed her eyes when he took it into his mouth and felt a piercing sensation like an electric current, which a person experiences a dream about the kiss, when it comes from the inside of the human body. He fondled her nipples incredibly soft fingers, continuing shelkovichstuyu moisturize the skin of her stomach when he reached the jeans zipper, it is the last desperate grabbed lightning nerazgibayuschimisya fingers.
Followed by warm, crazy waves of pleasure, his nerves caressing tongue and lips were going up to the neck and to the thoughtful, to know kisses parted lips, dropped to the soft abdomen, waist bends, the tips of his fingers did not leave soft tips of her quivering, throbbing nipples. It was a good nevynosivo clenched hand ached from the strain. Finally he got tired and begged penetrating under the skin in a whisper "Please, give me a kiss, just let me kiss you", Her gnarled fingers opened to the sound of this insinuating voice.
Okonchanelno stripped it, and he himself took off his T-shirt. She almost did not feel it prudent oblizovany inside of her thighs, but when his tongue first touched her clitoris, she almost screamed in surprise and freshness of touch. He is in no hurry to delve into her vagina and even open pussy lips, he caressed them from above, from the sides, periodically, kissing the skin around her neat pussy, he revealed how the language tab, and gently pressed them to her sweet skin. Licking her pussy with one hand, he unbuttoned his pants on myself and these cautious thieves sounds, made her body shudder even more than his touch.
Finally, quiet pozvanivanie ended his belt (and she lay with her eyes closed like a virgin, though not for a long time it has been), she held out her hand, wanting to feel his cock in her. Feeling it plunged into shock! Although the term was still quite sluggish, it was huge, just do not fit in your hand! She gently squeezed his fingers in, feeling he poured heavy hot blood, he lifted her pelvis over the carpet, and by pushing with one hand just above her pubic area, tucked in its current hole of his giant.
In doing so, it does not work the pelvis began furiously, and went down on his knees and elbows, lightly touching her with his whole body, completely hairless chest and delicate like a child, but, of course, more abundant hair in the abdomen. He took a couple of slow, deep, and assessing movement gradually began to increase the tempo, feeling her nipples draw a path on the skin of his chest. She felt her orgasm began long before that, and did not end until the orgasm it all their intercourse was for her endless orgasmic flight.
Then there were tears and confusion. provozhaniya it to the bus, a quiet humming complex melody, under which they kissed again neon tears. But what it was, it was infinitely good.

Debauchery in the shop "Casanova"

Mariska to 30 years is not particularly fond of sex. But then, as though he flicked some switch and it burst. Pussy demanded a lot and often. And I began to be allowed such a thing before that I never dreamed of.
One of its new pleasures became watching porn clips. She loves short to not chatter and harder. It's nice to caress her and to look at what episode of her pussy starts to flow. So I found that when the women in the video above bullied and poke holes in all different subjects, it flows really quickly! Pussy swells enormously! I began to thrust into her hand. At first, it was impossible, but one day she suddenly as if to suck! Kaif indescribable. But the chief delight is to do Cooney with a hand in the pussy. The climax during orgasm. The vagina at this point covers the brush with such force that seems to crush it. And the main thing at this moment, when she cries and shakes in orgasm continue herachit fist in this insatiable hole. Orgasm is fantastic!
Here is a lustful whore turned out. The event that occurred to us is real at 100. To be honest I can not believe myself that it was, but the fact.
On Sunday, as usual, we rushed to the shops and markets. He bought fruit and vegetables and so on, we decided to look back home to shop "Casanova" buy smazochki for anal sex. Under the lustful glances of two male customers we bought what you need and then Mariska decided to delve into the erotic lingerie. I helped her in choosing a course and discreetly and then stroked the intimate places. Then we went into the fitting room.
View Mariska's underwear I started and I began to knead her pussy frankly. It really started up and ran down considerably. I pushed her back and put her cancer. She leaned on the bedside table. Everything that happens to her like it. And then I like the tower demolished! I pull out of the bag recently bought zucchini 9-10 centimeters in diameter and pull it prezik. She did not understand that there was a pause for, looking back and seeing my cooking really instigorates and begins to whisper to scream, I ohrenel.
Maybe if I was confused then nothing would have happened, but I wound up as hell and took a chance. I lightly slapped her across the face and said harshly - "If you're a whore is not zagneshsya I'll call the visitor to the hall, and I will fuck with him." something in her snapped and she slowly turned and bent. I smeared zucchini purchased lubricant and said softly, "pussy push the handles" She parted and I saw that it is literally a creek flowing from it. I decided to go into banking. "take it and stuff itself" I said loudly and slapped her on the ass. You 2 minutes on it.
Outside I saw those two men. They obviously heard a slap. And something is happening in the locker room they are clearly interested. I approached one of them said. - "Hey. My girl wants to look at her. You want to?" He nodded. We came to the dressing room and I pulled the curtains. The guy's jaw dropped by what he saw. There was a cancer booty to us my Mariska and out of her pussy sticking huge zucchini. I told her"well done" She did not look back and do not even realize that I was not alone.
The boy was silent. I began to caress her clitoris and she whimpered softly. And then I told the guy "podolbi it this zucchini" He immediately grabbed him and began to fuck her. She turned on hearing this, but the excitement was so strong that she just moaned. Type of foreign men struck her and she came in a couple of seconds, crashing to the floor directly with zucchini in the pussy.
"leave it" I said to the guy, and we went out into the hall. Here we finally met and exchanged phone numbers. Andrew (that was his name) paid for underwear and said it was a gift from him. Mariska got confused, but very happy.


Alex wandered as usual on a dating site searching for a young and cute partner for sex. Fictitious name, not correctly specified city, not a photograph. On the other hand, he was able to pursue her. If a girl he liked, she could not resist the powerful pressure of his courtship. And there was not a hindrance nor his appearance, nor age, nor his difficult character. Figure he swam for a long time and nothing like that athlete, he was a very long time after the army. And age has crept to forty years. But he was blond - that many women liked.
Hard character peremptory tone in the conversation, as well as with employees, and with all the other developed in the course of his struggle for a place under the sun. Life turned to it the white side, then black, and sometimes there were undertones. Often he had not sweet. Life was like there was. Normal childhood, not how outstanding youth in the remote Siberian village, then the army, the war in Afghanistan, and finally, life brought him in distant America. That period, when Alex lost his wife, like many men from the former Soviet countries, he did not remember.
And all these damn money, unusual temptations and a completely different way of life, so attractive, as the fire butterfly. They fly to the light to burn. And people are only mirages, worse than perish in this ruinous and attractive flame. It then comes an overwhelming disappointment, because the ending is always cruel awakening.
At some point, his wife began to earn more and at a suitable occasion to remind about it, and then he began to open to change, with more fortunate men. And then he lost his wife and daughter. He struggled, but it was a foregone conclusion. And then he hung up on making money, it's everything in life. Would they perhaps would have left wife suing his child, and making it so despicable, through the court, that Alex had no right to approach her at all ever. It never meant - until it reaches the age of majority. But it is important in the life of a child growing up time will be filled with his wife obviously negative information about him.
The degree of freedom was estimated for it money. For the money you can buy everything. And love and happiness. All. He worked literally day and night, weekends and holidays, staying focused only on the most necessary things. He slept on the couch right in the office, have a bite at some dubious diner, found on dating sites for a couple of nights a virgin. They are all the same, in fact, these women, they also need money, or sex, and plus the money, too. No one has yet refused any gifts, either from the green. He was generous and a good customer, but the money have remained the deciding factor for him.
it is three times created a construction company, then burns, then rose again in ten years.
As always, he looked at those profiles that had pictures. Usually he briefly ran the general data, married or not (with married - it is easier, then, that they do not Doda husbands could get at it, have sex with Alexei had no problems). And then this profile.
My interests - BDSM.
For those who do not know, but I wonder:
B - band (limited mobility, I am taking this only handcuffs and it symbolically) D - dominance (this is my favorite :) is a voluntary transfer of power) C - sadism (I is present in the form of unexpressed more psychological than physical ) M-masochism.
I want to find a partner for a BDSM relationship. Positions itself as a top.
Then it went on a description of what she wanted and loved. The girl's name was Victoria. From Read profiles Alexis gasped. And his secret, carefully hidden, especially from himself, desires become manifest in him as, like mushrooms after rain. He, without hesitation, she wrote. "It is true that you write in your profile? Such women are? Is that a joke?" Yet doubts tormented him. The answer he was looking forward to, and even shouted at the secretary, who brought it to him documents that he himself commanded to bring. Then he went to the reception and apologized.
Subordinates are very respected him, and were afraid, but they knew him - like a stone wall, like a king in his bosom.
Victoria answered him as if reluctantly. He saw it all the time on the site, and he responds in detail, but not as often as he would like. And he just came from impatience, it just shaking. Tolley excitement, or omitted from anything else. It was not quite sexual arousal, and something else, but not least, a strong sense. Finally, apparently his pressure and passion, he attracted the attention of a beautiful woman. Yes, she was very beautiful. On the dating site had several of her photographs. Slavic face plus athletic body, moderately rounded. He did not like to complete as skinny.
Green eyes, sensual lips. Externally, it suits him. But whether it will suit her. In this situation, it was first. He then agree on everything, but that's what will tell the stranger?
In order not to lose face, he decided to learn more about female domination. He plied the ocean of the Internet in search of anything that concerned the BDSM. This abbreviation, it turns out, harbored all what he subconsciously needed for years to come. Suddenly he wanted to surrender to the will and desires of another person - a woman. There certainly was hidden threat for him. He firmly learned - women could not be trusted. But how I would like to feel a sense of belonging, to know how it is - to be a thing.
Throughout his life, he made decisions, implement them, commanded, controlled, commanded, but in those rare moments when he was alone with them, suddenly pops up out of nowhere holding, inexplicable desire to obey the beautiful, arrogant woman. He wound up alone the idea that he is a strong full-grown man, is kneeling and with reverence and awe waiting for orders from a small, fragile girl.
Alex had the courage and straightened a letter in which he asked Victoria to take the child's upbringing, as a slave. A little later he received a reply from her.
" Well, I talked to you. You wrote that many read about domination and sadomasochism. Theory and practice - two different things. Be ready for it. So I take you into slaves, with a trial period of one month. Describe me as you understand what female domination is felt that you are a slave. The more you remember, the more I find it easier to communicate with you. My e-mail - ****@rambler.ru."
Write great emails it was not possible. Usually, all made secretary. Now, Alex came into a quiet rage when his huge fingers, a large man, instead of the necessary buttons fell on neighboring. He wrote a confession Victoria came to his liking, and she promised to call him. He was as excited as a child before Christmas in anticipation of a gift. His phone, he wrote to her immediately, acting by inertia, as always, when he went as a tank towards the goal. In addition, the telephone number was to convince Victoria to believe it is serious.
But she followed some of his line of conduct, without haste and without explaining anything to him. And finally, this moment arrived.
All the time Alex spent on objects or in his office. When she called him, Alex went to the car for the next object. He said "Hello, I'm listening" in his rough manner, rather it is just the thought that this is a normal tone. And then he was taken to task for this error:
- Do not you have to scream, you're almost deafened me!
- But I did not know + I did not expect that you +. - He lowered his tone and said these words softly, almost plaintively. He looked at who was sitting next to the superintendent, who pretended that nothing unusual happens. Although such a strange confused Alexei none of his subordinates had not seen yet.
- Now, when you're taking up, at first you will recognize my voice, and only then move on to your horrible ... boorish tone, if it would be a different person. But for that I will punish you.
- It's you, you + I did not expect, I began to lose hope.
- I have a task for you slave. I want you to be established as soon as possible on your computer web camera and a program that will allow you to run it. Because of your work, we will not soon be able to meet again, and I do not want to lose this opportunity - to use his slave. You understood me?
- Yes +, - he hesitated, was about remembering sitting next superintendent, and added a word which, in his view, reflected his respect for the mistress, and not so attracted outside attention. - Ma'am.
- You think I have not noticed that you are purposely substituted one word for another? - Asked a mocking voice on the phone, and he was relieved at heart, she was not angry for it. - You probably is not one?
- Well, in general, yes.
She paused.
- There must be a slave collar, I really like it when my slaves are in front of me in it. Buy one of these days, I do not hurry you, but as soon as you will acquire it, write to me about it and I'll go out to the network, including the camera, and you will see me.
When they arrived on the scene, Alexis simply shaking with an excess of emotion. This unexpected telephone call brought him out of balance. Alex immediately sent the superintendent, giving him a hundred different directions, just to get rid of out of sight. Having found several flaws in the facility, he did not even bother to make dressing. All his thoughts were on how to comply with the order. The phone rang, he picked it up with awe, although it was possible to see who is calling. Pleasant surprise today was enough - it is called the system administrator. "At catcher and the animal runs" Alex thought, and gave instructions to buy a camera and set today on his laptop.
- My God, he whispered in horror, - awkward kneeling in front of the camera, which looked ONA.- God, how it has managed me. It is a shame it is!
As a dating site he had not given his data and photos of course, too, was not it, he imagined that his mistress may have placed other people's photos. By the time he would have been glad that it turned out to be another. Not so beautiful and young.
- What are you whispering, slave? I hear it all! - Victoria laughed, and like so many bells fell upon komnate.- Now take off your clothes!
He went up to carry out the order.
- Hey, slave, are you stunned! Who allowed you to get up? - Her melodious voice was suddenly cold.
- But Madam, I'm on my knees! How can I take off my clothes in that position ?!
- And what is the tone for the slave? Come on, two shades below! That's what you're subordinates so to speak! Back on your knees! Take off your clothes, so I ordered.
I had to obey. From inconvenience for some reason it was even more ashamed. It also humiliates him, he realized. This realization is almost reconciled him. After all the humiliation he was looking for. And pain. But about this, he still did not dare tell her. Only pain can atone for his guilt for everything that had happened in his life. Removing all, he suddenly realized that now he is still ashamed of her body. It was ugly. And now she saw it. He will laugh, he thought, and made a mistake.
- Are you never undressed in front of a woman? - Said Victoria, and added. - I like the way you looked at the collar. But it seems that it is small.
- Yes, ma'am, but the other was not. I did not shoot him for several hours.
- Why?
- I put it in the store and could not be removed. It's such a strong feeling! I rode so in the car through the city, and I went there in the office.
- Are you crazy? You can see all the staff!
- No, no one has seen. I still went, called to all go home. I let go of all, Ms.
- Oh well. Once you no one saw. How I behaved salesman in a sex shop, when you paid for the purchase of standing in the collar?
They continued to talk about something. Alex was distracted, the situation seemed to him some unreal. Here he is on his knees, naked, in his office, which recently held a meeting, and he scolded his subordinates. Before him tremble, afraid of his anger, and now he is afraid.
That something does not please the mistress Victoria, her mood suddenly for no reason at all will change. + And then he had no idea what might happen then. Then he heard that she told him through his mind, and did not want to believe it. While there is nothing she does not want the beyond.
- I want to see how my slave Jerking. And I'll let you finish.
"Oh my God!", Flashed through my head. "Like this?"
From the very beginning it had a feeling of shame. When a woman undress this is one thing, but to masturbate in front of her - it's a bit more humiliation, more acute. Masturbation many men - it had always a feeling of guilt, because to admit someone, even to yourself, that you are engaged in masturbation disgrace and shame. Although, in all his teenage years, this was done secretly, including Alexei, but somehow secretly and alone.
- Yes, my lady, how do you want - a language somehow stir until he answered.
- Be comfortable that I could see. - She commanded. - Sideways! Now otodvinsya little back! Well, the faster!
Oh, how he was ashamed. However, he said:
- I'm a slave to my Mistress, and if anything, I'll be the dirtiest slave.
So, it turns out, it is one thing when you masturbate alone, both when near someone, especially a woman. This feeling arises that the woman you are not good for nothing, except to masturbate in front of her. Women always appreciate men. Especially for what concerns manhood. Therefore, in the first minutes Alexey experienced incredible fear - that a woman would despise this man, then came the humiliation and the feeling that he is not subject itself, and it is only a continuation of the will of Mrs.
When in the course of masturbation came a pleasant moment, that is, he already excited and his cock stood like a stake, reached a point where there were mixed feelings - a sense of sensuality, desire to sexual pleasure, humiliation and a desire to please Madame. At this point, the consciousness automatically released him, and he felt that he already is a pleasure not to himself, and she, her humiliation and unusual events. Alex heard, and then saw her (he kept forgetting that the camera is turned on in both directions), signs of excitation, rapid breathing, intermittent speech. And he felt it necessary to Ms.
It was something that he could and would give a woman. Her excitement and possible discharge, all right within it. Later, thinking, he realized that Mrs. enough opportunities to get all of this without him, and sexual arousal and satisfaction. And it was nice to feel wanted and at the same time it's strange for him the desire to become better, just like that, without any conditions. And maybe it is ever appreciate. May be...
But the interesting thing started when he remembered that she told him to lick sperm. Here there was a strong opposition to it. Before that, he naively thought that happy slizhet his sperm, but when finished - the idea "No way I will not!". Rab gradually moved away from the drug voluptuous orgasm. And if before his situation seemed unreal, but now his mind was beginning to be aware of what is going on - "You - on his knees, naked, in front of the woman you jerk off, she could see it and now you finished and must now lick and swallow the sperm". Make it turned out to be incredibly difficult.
- Well, what are you standing like a statue, a slave?
Alex would like to say that it can not, it's too much for him.
He wanted to say "Madam, if I refuse to do something pleasing to you, hang back, do not pay attention - I want it! Stand your ground! Order! And I will obey!"But he did not do so and continued to stand in silence. Of course, she could not read his thoughts ... but something apparently caught Victoria:
- I want you, slave licked his sperm! I want it! And you do it!
Victoria hypnotized him his unyielding desire to achieve submission. Now he is not even a thought, what would happen if he refused. The path is only one - to execute the order. His head slowly, reluctantly bowed to the floor, and he began to lick sperm. The importance of the moment replaced disgust, he was filled with his new humiliation.
Long after the evening wonderful sense of unusual freedom never left him. It seemed he shrugged off his incredibly heavy burden.
The next time he prudently undressed. Then I turn on the camera. And whom he wanted so to deceive, one wonders?
-As a slave, you'll dress now and then on his knees, undress, as it should be a slave, my servant, and me as it should be - Victoria added, seeing that he wants to object.
He began to climb, looking around in search of clothes. Somehow, he at once forgot where to put it. Again, it was waiting for Lady discontent.
- You got why?
- Because you told me to!
- And to ask permission to do so? Remember servant! You have to at all, I repeat everything, asking my permission! Especially at the beginning of a relationship, when you still do not understand and do not feel the mistress. Someday we will go on this level. But this takes time, and most importantly experience. Do you understand me, boy?
Groaning at the thought that in the words of the girls (so easily call him a boy) is not only the desire to humiliate him and to remind once again, that it forced people, and on their own, but also a fair amount of common sense. Alexei resigned and tried to answer as much as possible polite.
- Yes, ma'am, I think I understand.
- I want you to masturbate, as well as the last time.
Alex, still confused, he began to stroke himself. After a while, when his dick was already quite excited, servant heard a strange question. As if it is not watched it so intimate process.
- What are you doing now a slave?
- Ma'am, I rukobludnichayu.
- What is the reason?
- I'm a slave, and if you like my mistress.
- You do not understand me, I asked, how do you even occurred to me to engage in this?
- But, madam, you told me to!
- I could not order this.
Now, too, though Alex was confused, but he realized that Madame wanted, so in this example of an innocent female inconstancy, to show their power over him.
- Oh yes, Your Excellency, of course not, I beg you, forgive his slave.
- You are completely dissolved!
- I am your servant, and only yours, I dreamed about it and that I begged you to allow.
- Alex Relax, I'm kidding. And how do you your madcap mistress? - Victoria had fun with all the heart, watching the servant tries to adapt to its whims. His face was streaming sweat, which he could not even wipe, he was already scared to ask about Mrs.
- You beauty! You just naughty! I'm happy!
When the meeting was over, he felt an extraordinary comfort and peace of mind. It was an unusual feeling. In his submission, he no longer saw the humiliation, on the contrary, it was lifted. He wanted to do something, to write poetry, sing, perform feats. For her sake! Just for the sake of her haughty glance. Only to again and again to see her eyes, hear her commanding voice. Who does not make sense to him. No money, to which he aspired, nor work, nor his loneliness.
Only she! His Mistress! His Goddess! Why so? Surely, it is not normal? If it is not normal, why? And what can be considered normal? Or Normality is what you wanted so much all these years, and you do not even know about it. Maybe it is the normality, something that brings joy, that brings you to a state of floating. When all the problems solve themselves when all questions find their answer, and when she is, that won him that commands them as a boy. How many years for that to learn this? Entire life! Now everything will be different. Now everything will be as she wants! This was his newfound freedom.
Before meeting with Victoria Alex decided to test themselves and flying to Florida on business, he visited the cabin, where he chose himself "Ms.". In similar places he often looked for available sex, before they realized that the same can be found online on the dating sites. Under the guise of massage parlors operated brothels, where customers satisfied in full. That's just before it somehow did not come up with the idea to buy Madame services. He chose a dark-haired girl in the catalog, because she looked at a photo of strict. He explained what it expects action.
Him "forced to" absolutely naked in only one tiny bathroom apron wash cloth. "Punish" behind "bad" diligence kick ass sharp heel, and "make" check the cleanliness of the bath, washed licking surface. Everything went according to plan, but Megan was the name of a Woman, a few embarrassed and kick turned uncertain and therefore not brought this humiliation. Alex always remember that this is just a game that will stop immediately if he wants to. And this girl just a doll, and the doll in his hand. Alex if experienced humiliation, then because he seems to have made a mistake, and money can not buy those feelings. Then came the turn of the strap.
Penetration was rude and inept, despite the abundant lubrication, and the main failure was purely mechanical action of her hips. Megan did not care. Of course, he tried to concentrate solely on their feelings, but they were not. It does not help even a verbal "insults"Who also negotiated in advance. All the time he expected, when it's a sense of subordination of euphoria and hope that comes from the thrill of humiliation, but the feeling that he was wrong, became stronger.
He paid a great tip, and the girl's eyes lit greedy flames, she quickly pacified, but he could see them. Otherwise it would have gone. Still, how helpful all the time aware of the money and their meaning. Megan became extremely affectionate, and if he did not see that it actually moves, you would have believed. Meditating in the right direction (if the client has shown such generosity, he really liked), Megan began to offer him a wonderful sex, such as he wants. Even to hint that they might live together, and she would do everything he loves.
The poor girl did not know what happened to him during the session and did not have and a little bit of feminine intuition. Generous remuneration was paid only because Alex, in fact, was a good man, and he knew that the girl did not bring him the expected sensation, her guilt was not.
Alex wanted to tell her mistress Victoria about the visit to a brothel, but does not dare. As far as he knew Madame, she was unpredictable, and could banish. Victoria, when she found out, very angry, and even hung up, but then, thinking forgiven servant. For this event - forgiveness - he should make shoes. She was recently looking through photos on the theme of bondage and saw such.
It was a strong test for Alexei. While serving in Afghanistan, he was captured and spent several months here in such stocks. It is only in the movies seems insignificant event, but it's different in life. The obstinacy of his character, fortitude, hope of salvation, a coincidence, all this together played a role. On that day, it would be transported to some remote village in the mountains, and the pads removed. They moved for some mountain road, was a fine drizzling rain. Spirits summed carelessness. Suddenly there were four Soviet helicopter and almost point-blank shot by their caravan.
Only he survived and his escort. The plaque turmoil, Alex was able to quietly pick up some killed Dushman ... gun. Without hesitation, he killed his guard and decided to go down the gorge, where the helicopters landed in the hope that comes to its own. Apparently there is a god, then thought Alex - five days later it completely exhausted our guys paratroopers who carried out exploration mountain trails.
He did not like to make mention of it. And now he had to make exactly the pads, which might put it, a slave of their own accord.
Late into the night he polished wood, and then infiltrated his stain, and then covered with three layers of varnish, he worked like a man possessed, because the sooner it is finished and will block mistress, the more likely it is swept away by anger at the mercy. Alex started working at a construction site, going through all the work from the bottom, and knew absolutely everything about the construction business, it is a great help to him in the creation of his own company, in the management of people, especially when it was necessary to check the work. All the workers know - fool his quality of work is not possible, and the dismissal of such a wise guy was guaranteed.
Then find somewhere permanent and well-paid job would be difficult. Alexei company was with the best reputation in the entire state of New Jersey.
Pads were obtained as in the picture, because he did it with love. They were in the picture - the slave did a photo to her mistress. Victoria was happy as a child. That evening, they even discussed the details of the meeting, as both feel - it's time to meet.
And the day when they will see each other personally, come. Victoria decided that he would come to New York for the day and spend it with him. The meeting was scheduled for an hour a day at the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Why there remained a mystery to him. Similarly, he did not understand what prevented him go. It seemed so far away. Beauty and the Beast, he thought. After a while she began to show signs of impatience, consider others, and call someone, it seems. From cowardice, he hung up and decided it was time to leave, has not yet caught her eye. Then I do not get out.
Alex dared to call her in three weeks. To say that he had come, but stood looking at a distance, not daring to approach. What he was not worthy. Oh, how Victoria was angry, he was hoping that the three weeks she go, calm down. Again, he got scared and hung up, realizing that perhaps this their relationship ended.
Then he lost all of her contacts, the phone did not answer, probably, is to change the number. Life back in the groove, he again began to meet girls for one night. Sometimes Alex caught myself thinking that the events that have occurred since it was only a dream.
January 2008
Lady Anna

Sincere love schoolgirls

Alina was tall, slim and beautiful woman, but rather modest. She has already knocked 17 years. On the morning of the last day of school her heart ached from the emptiness in her life. She finished 11th grade. Soon to leave their walls. But her personal life was not undeveloped. Of course, she could find love in college. Many classmates were alone.
But she pressed on the realization that a lot of love already, and she loses her with the end of school. She still did nothing to turn that love into a reality, a declaration of love, make your lover. She interfered with the natural modesty and even shyness. She was embarrassed that lover how she felt crazy about blondes, while Alina was a cross between a brunette and brown-haired. She was afraid that the beloved rejects it. And again played the teenage complex: it is not as beautiful as the others, she had something wrong.
Her confused own age - 17 years old and own position - she's just a student of the school. Before Alina was a difficult choice: either to make an insane act, throwing himself into the abyss of the unknown, that could be a big mistake in her life, or maybe forget all the rest of his life suffer because of lost love as a result of his timid and indecisive.
These thoughts took possession of Alina. Looking for an hour in the mirror, she finally made the painful choice. She began to plan their actions. Heart pounding like crazy, dizzy, sucked in his stomach - it had only to submit their predatory intentions. «Riippumatta siit&# 228 ;, ett&# 228; se »(« Whatever Works "!) - decided to Alina. Her fanatical enthusiasm for the Finnish language was known to all and was considered one of her few oddities. She frantically began to prepare for a decisive day in her life. Make up, she looked in the mirror.
"Hmm, I think I look pretty cool!". And indeed, in blue thong and bra, she looked irresistible. And all this was to hide under jeans and a blouse ... Because she could not come in this form to the school. Something told her to wear a short skirt and a T-shirt instead of jeans and blouses.
At school, she noted the genuine attention of many boys that flattered her. She had drawn the attention of the male in the school, but on this day she caught apparently increasing number of admiring glances. «Painajainen! Just a painajainen »(« The Nightmare Just a nightmare "!) - Alina excitement intensified with the approach of long-awaited hour. And these views are completely withdrawn himself from it.
Since this was the last day, many lessons are not held, and the second was the last lesson. When the bell painfully long awaited call, she literally jumped up and ran out of the class. Everyone was stunned by this unusual behavior Alina. The very same Alina almost ran to the long-awaited date with your loved ones (which he did not know anything). «Kristus!» ( «Damn!"), - Most of all she was afraid that the favorite will leave school early, like many others. And the more successful the moment is not expected and is unlikely to be decided on such a thing again.
She ran up to the third floor, was unusually empty on the third floor. Most teachers already released classes, without waiting for the call. Her fears increased. When she ran into an open room, it all boiled: the fear that she will do, that the favorite could leave, that she did not dare to carry out his plan. She stood in the doorway, breathless, excited, flushed, she lacked air and heart pounding, my head was spinning, his legs gave way from the fear and feelings Nakata. "Alina, what happened ?! What happened to you?! Who hurt you? "- A historian, a young man 23 years old, who was sitting at the table, I was scared and afraid that something terrible had happened to her or to anyone else.
"I ... I ... I ..." - Alina could not finish. There was a pause. It was so unbearable that Alina loudly sobbed and clung to the wall. Alina cursed himself for indecision and shyness. She had to do what planned: turn the head teacher to arrange striptease and seduce him. Alina realized that instead it is now a sorry sight. "What happened, tell me, calm down!" - The historian got up and ran to her. He had showed a genuine interest in her, and she loved him more than anyone else.
He watched her surreptitiously from behind his desk when she was talking with her friends at recess, pretending to browse the log. He would never admit to himself that dries on it, that the love for your ears. He could not imagine how you can fall in love with their own student ?! Alina continued to weep without answering questions. The teacher came up behind her and put his arm around his hands by the shoulders: "Well, what happened kotnochek? Why are you crying? ". "I ... I love you!", - Said Alina through crying, still buried in the wall face. "What? Are you kidding?!". "No, really, I have long ...".
There was a silence. Alina calmed down and just stood much embarrassed, waiting for just anything. Internally, it was satisfied: half the work done. She did what she could. The rest depends on the circumstances. She had nothing to blame myself, except that with the weakness shown by the wrong moment. Or maybe the other way around, crying, which caused a pity - a coup? So Alina hesitated when historian embraced it all and hugged her whole body. The girl's face was red scary. She obviously did not expect such a reaction.
"And I, too, love you long time ..." - it is the turn of the teacher blush. "That can not be, do not believe it!" - Alina found it for mockery. "No, really. Come, sit down, "- historian released her and went to the desk. Alina, without wasting time, closed the door of the castle. It is increasingly destructive feelings prevailed. After hearing a click, a historian turned and looked up in surprise. But I could not find the words, and silently sat down at the desk. To his right sat and student. "Well, tell me," - the teacher decided to take matters into their own hands and to defuse the situation. Gradually I began to talk.
In the end they were laughing like real friends, discussing the other students and teachers, as if nothing had never happened. When both reprimanded, there was a pause. Now, Alina grew bolder and decided to take matters into their own hands. Literally. She pressed her body against the historian and tightly hugged him with both hands, while sighing heavily. Pupil has invested all his love in this embrace. The teacher was shocked and wanted to say something, but did not dare, so the pressure was emphatic this young beautiful girl.
It took only a moment of internal struggle in the soul of man, and the historian gave up hugged the girl back as firmly with both hands, keeping their elbows behind her. Come the most exciting moment. Both were breathing heavily from the hug, but break it did not intend to. Suddenly Alina reluctantly pulled away from the teacher and, seizing the moment, kissed him on the lips. Terribly blushing, she lowered her head. Historian embraced her face with her hands and kissed her back. The third kiss was more voluptuous, historian seized the initiative and began to suck and play with Alina tongue, biting and sucking her lips.
This kiss seemed to last an eternity. Finally historian looked up from his lips. «Viile&# 228; "(" Cool "), - the girl whispered, panting. The historian finally demolished tower. He could hardly restrain himself. He did not care or that the school office the wrong place, or that in front of him his minor student. He kissed her on the lips, but without continuing. He switched to her body. He began to stroke her face, then her neck, at some point, once again embraced her. Then again lingering kiss. Kissing with his ward, a historian began to feel, to stroke the elastic young breasts.
"Mmm ..." - it is only able to give Alina, entirely absorbed in that language teacher got up in her mouth. She did not think to resist the inevitable. In the end, that she sought. It was hard to breathe. Interrupting ... kiss, she began eagerly to catch breath, shouting: «Oh, kuinka miellytt&# 228; v&# 228 ;! "(Oh, how nice!). Now she was completely at the mercy of a loved one - his teacher. Historian meanwhile simply sent into the mouth of her lower lip, and his hands began to slowly, centimeter by centimeter lift t-shirt girls, while continuing to stroke and knead breasts.
«No nyt! Ota minut !!! »(« Come Take Me "!) - Alina was shaking with excitement, unusual situation, hitherto unknown sensations. The historian in no hurry. Finally T-shirt was Zadran and his eyes appeared a great moderate size breasts, hidden blue bra. "Oooh, my favorite color," - he thought. Slowly, he began to unbutton the zipper on her skirt and pull it. Alina stood up, helping to lift her skirt, was the next T-shirt. "Wow Wow wow! You're so sexy! "- The historian appeared that still picture.
Alina was confused, she restrained her hands, unconsciously trying to cover up her polunagotu. The teacher stood up and drew her to him. Stroking her, he undid the clasp and the bra fell. He opened a great picture of a great chest rising and falling evenly during inhalation-exhalation and beckoned. Nipples girls swollen and sticking with excitement as the two small pegs. In the eyes of all men swam. He held out his hands to his chest and began to knead again and feel it. «Kyll&# 228; Kyll&# 228; Kyll&# 228; "(" Yes, yes, yes ") - from Alina broke sensual moan.
Here the historian simply squeezed his chest with both hands and pulled her to his mouth. The next time the two went to the nipple in his mouth. It seems the teacher was ready to teach a good lesson nipples. «On my God ...» ( «Oh my God ...") - Alina was in the seventh heaven, everything floated on the tide of hormones. In the next instant, her nipples were subjected to mild biting, polizyvaniya. But most of all she was a part of courage, when he began to make sucking movements. "&# 196; iti! &# 196;! Iti ... Olet hyvin pines »(!!« Mom Mom ... You're a good suck "), - Alina start to moan loudly. They could hear and break, which is not included in the plan pourochny teacher.
He stopped, pulled the girl's panties and handed it to her. She clenched her without a word of their teeth. The teacher continued "lesson". Alina started up again and rather moaned, clenching his teeth cowards. He sat down on his knees and, while continuing to knead the chest, slowly began to descend lips, licking the body, lower and lower. For language it has reached the navel and began intensively to handle it. Alina again rather moaned, almost releasing mouth panties. She could not think that it could be so nice - when lick and kiss the navel.
When finished, the teacher continued to go down and buried his tongue all disclosed in the tuft of hair in the groin, trying to literally swallow the entire vagina. «Aaaaa, Jumala Jeesus !!!» ( «Ahhh, the Lord Jesus !!!") - screamed loudly Alina. "Hush, hush, my girl! We hear "- the teacher patted her thighs, belly and kissed her again, more confident, and boldly entered the groin. "Oooo ... Ahhh ....", - The girl literally flowed juices and feared simply described by an indescribable pleasure.
How could it be assumed that in the world there is a cool fun - when your pussy suck ?! The teacher, meanwhile, has become simply lick her clit, absorbed in the vagina mouth full. Such abuse sensitive pussy could no longer stand and began to twitch, the girl began to shake, the flow of good feeling intolerably deafening Alina, dark eyes, all over the body was so warm, it has slipped to hand the teacher gave a loud groan.
Now she was lying on the teacher's hands and still twitching from the experience, tears flowed from his eyes, the air was not enough ... Historian embraced his beloved student with both hands and began to lull, as if comforting. «Kiitos, opettaja» ( «Thank You, Teacher"), - the girl whispered. The teacher began as a joke to play with the girl's chest, shaking her and sticking his tongue out. From time to time, the tongue touched her nipples tryassheysya chest. Alina gradually began to recover, pleasant languor swept her body. «Silti, haluan lis&# 228; tietoja »(« Still, I want more! "), - The girl looked pleading look. "What did you say? I do not understand. " "I want you to fuck me, Lenarcheg".
The man felt a pleasant helplessness in front of this young girl, who until recently addressed him by name, and is now said to him "you". "Are you sure?". "Yes". The teacher gently ran his hand over her pussy and began to promote it on a new adventure, stroking and pinching. Alina started up and began to moan. Seizing the moment, she sucked the teacher as she could: greedily, with feeling. Again began to fight languages. Meanwhile, the teacher, without being distracted, tried to take off his pants.
But then the schoolgirl decided to take precedence over the teacher. She poured it on his back and, holding with one hand, he began to unfasten the belt. Teacher breathing quickened, it was unusual to feel in a subordinate role, it is incredibly exciting. He looked and could not believe his eyes: the pupil continued to take pants, that's already been pulled panties. Did he sleep with his own pupil right here, on the floor beneath it, not over it ?! However, it is in your head men raged such thoughts, the girl did not lose time in vain, caught in the grip member and licked her head.
"No! You're it! I do not want you to do this, you will be unpleasant! I do not want to have you as a girl! I lick you, because I like it, I do not want you to answer me this in return! "- Mumbled historian. «Typerys, Fool, I have this whole life I dreamed of! Suunsa ja anna! Shut up and calm down, dear. " Grinning, she continued the job. Once again, he licked her head and became a member of nadrachivat, like measurements of his gaze. She needed to get used to it. The girl began to make circular movements tongue around the head, caused quite a masculine groan.
She was surprised at how dry a member because of her pussy flowed and was all wet. She kissed the head several times, have fun watching the man's eyes, as the lady. "It was, it was not", - deciding, a student in her mouth gently plunged head and began to make sucking movements, though her mouth was a lollipop. "Maaama mia, what are you doing!" - The historian was completely at the mercy of this young girl, who could do with it whatever he wants - even take a bite of his dignity. And he was unable to terminate this action. When Alina adapt himself and became just suck like a vacuum cleaner, a teacher and the entire dick jerked entered the poor girl's mouth.
Not a bit of resisting, she began to move her head up and down, rather smacking, while uttering obscene noises. Gently move it to the beat of a man. Her one thought cheerleader suck his teacher, a pleasant sensation of limb movements in the mouth, and the friction of the language is also doing his job. Girl has connected the language and began to make their rotational movement in the mouth. Suddenly she felt as a member of the decline began to twitch and pleasant. The next time a flood. The girl jerked her head in dismay. She splashed face, first hitting the forehead, then on the chin, dirtying it.
I realized it, she again grabbed member and tightly closed my lips obediently accepting everything. It is not happy to go home in the semen-stained. Swallowing, she boasted: "Oh, well, you saved up, poika!». Historian stood up guiltily. "Nothing, I myself wanted it." She clung to him. And he had no qualms, clung to his face. After some time, stroking brought poschupyvaniya effect. The man was again ready for action. He stood up and pulled her behind him, summed up to the desk and looked down at her stomach, putting booty.
"You've got a cool ass!" - The teacher said cheerfully. «Kiitos». Alina thrills breathed, when she felt like her back pressed against the man. Historian began softly and gently led by a member of the pussy, thus further inflame the passion of both. «No nyt! Nide Ei »(« Do not Come Tom "!) - A girl almost cried. So she wanted to ... feel the confidence of this monster. The man slowly began to penetrate into the vagina. Stumbling into an obstacle, it is pressed and a member fell so deeply touched that the eggs girl's pubic area. "Aaaaaa, kivulias !!!» ( «hurt») - the girl wailed.
This idea did not seem to her clever. Inside, everything was burning, sharp pain tore her quickly wanted to get off of the spear. The man began to calm her, stroking his chest and nipples. He made no movement until pussy getting used to new experiences and ready to begin adult life. When the pain subsided and Alina calmed member began to move it. Her head covered with a nice wave of new sensations. She compared these sensations with the sensations of the language and decided that perhaps the member better. He did not give such a thrill, but he penetrated so deeply - into the very essence of it, as if piercing through. The historian was rude and make any sudden movements.
Fortunately it was not Alina fat cock. But as long as usual, and poked into her uterus, causing pain and discomfort. From such a deep penetration and contact with the uterus it catches the wave of sharp pain, but at the same time wildly pleasurable sensations. She was also excited helplessness in such a position, in fact the historian could do with it whatever he wants, even to fuck in the ass. She imagined how it looks from the outside and immediately Well start to finish with a loud groan. She covered her orgasm was so strong and sharp, her body twitching. "I want you to cum inside me! Yes! I want you baby, Lenarcheg! Impregnate me! ".
Such a turn of events took by surprise the historian, he was caught contractions of the uterus and then it covered strongest orgasm, which he groaned and barely stay on his feet. In his eyes dimmed, and he fell on his back girl. Both were panting like hunted animals. «Kiitos, opettaja, Kiitos !!!» ( «Thank you, teacher! Thank you !!!")
The story composed by a real teacher of history and social one of the Samara school

Adventures Yulechka. Part 4

The day that Julia was trying so hard to distance. The feeling was like before the exam, which did not want to go but have no choice. She braced herself for his room in his dressing room, then I came to entertainers and called her. Julia came on the scene with the first sounds of music and furtively looked around the room. I. sat myself at the first table, drinking and eating. She began to sing, looking at him. In her heart sank.
This man knows that he is doomed, and what role it plays in this, Julia song already sad, it sounded even sadder. Julia could not tear her eyes away from the I. He felt that this song for him, and that she had touched some chord in his soul, making his eyes welled with tears, something that had never happened to him. He turned around. The room was quiet. All eyes were fixed on a figure in a black dress with silver trim, standing almost motionless in a narrow beam of light. Some ladies pressed to her eyes with a handkerchief.
IV felt that rolls up to the throat com. And Julia still sang, looking at Ivan, trying to look to inform him of the danger. Her heart is pierced an acute self-pity, which was replaced by anger at his own helplessness. All that it has invested in the finale, which reached the final point of the u broken sobs Julia. However, she managed to restrain himself to the extent of the desired scene. Immediately music died down and the light went out on the stage. The audience was silent, as if waiting for something. And when the hall lights were turned on, the sound of thunder of applause, followed by shouts: "Bravo! Excellently!" To the singer's feet flew flowers, notes. Julia forced a smile on his face, bowed and thanked courageously. The crowd surged toward her, but Julia had already disappeared behind the scenes and the hurricane rushed to his dressing room and was not going to return, despite the fact that the roaring crowd demanded an encore of her.
Julia fell heavily into a chair in front of a mirror. She was devastated, like a squeezed lemon. She felt like a balloon that has just admired, but that was blown away. She came slowly to himself, remembering that she had to go to dinner with Ivan to be Judas, are pushing Christ to death. She had no strength. But also output.
The door opened slowly and seemed on the verge of I., closing the door behind him.
- What happened, Belladonna? - Asked I.
She turned and looked at him. Her gray eyes shone a strange light. She said dully:
- You - a potential dead. You ordered.
- What do you mean? - Alert I.
- You and I have dinner together and get out of here, and then parted forever. Do you have time to nine hours (currently seven), but the sooner you're gone, the better. So I said to you a lot. Do not worry, and do not try to contact me.
Julia rummaged in the closet, found some rubber bands, belts, wigs. One of the wigs she wore on AI and dress up as him.
- And now it is necessary to arrange a pogrom, and you have to pretend that I was tortured.
- Good. - J. agreed, realizing that it is more visible.
They staged a slight mess in the room, Julia took the money and a small pistol and gave it all I.
- And now tie me and disappear quickly.
- Well, Belladonna, just let me finally leave the memory itself.
He walked over, took off her dress and polurasstgnutoe began to drive her hands over her body, trying to fix it in the memory circuits, he then caressed her breasts, down to the pubis, clitoris tickled. A little caressed Julia, he pulled out his poluvozbuzhdnny member sat down in a chair, put his mistress on and become immersed his masculine weapon in her womb, expiring moisture. Julia moaned slightly. I. started to throw it in his lap, he brought the girl moans of pleasure, which he owned, perhaps for the last time. Ending in Yulee, he dressed up in her dress, tightly tied to a chair and put a gag in her mouth. Throwing a sad farewell glance at his mistress, he took the money, a gun and disappeared behind the door.


I. slipped or territory "Twin Pigz"Who was in the oak grove near Ostankino TV Tower. It was dark, sprinkled with fine snow falling on the hardened crust. I. waited until his eyes adjusted and determined to find the killer, who must be hiding somewhere in the vicinity. In one of the oak trees, he saw a hollow in which flashed a figure. I. crept closer, clutching a pistol Julia, and considered the one who in the hollow. It was a girl Yulia's age, dressed in a dark jacket and pants. Despite the formlessness of her clothes, her figure is quite lush, but stout. The girl was a round face, round gray eyes almost bulging, chubby capricious sponge. She knew I. Similarly, it was Alice, a friend of Belladonna. He thought as it drifted into killers. Alice was armed with a gun with a telescopic sight, she froze in anticipation I.
I., cat, pounced on her, knocked her out of the arms and put it to his head his gun, strongly pressed her to him. His heart beat quickened. He became its searching, probing, thighs, hips, back, butt, and accidentally touched his chest, large and firm. She tried to scream. He wanted to shut her mouth, but his hands were occupied, and so we had to cover her mouth with his. his language has penetrated into the mouth of Alice, she tickled the palate. Both felt that the mind gives way to ancient passion.
- Who are you?
- I - Kaleidoscope, she whispered. - And you?
- I'm the one you ordered. But you will not kill me, right?
- True. If you knew how hard it is - to kill! I want to kill only two people, because of which I am here: Alexis, who disappeared, hanging on me the duty Fat Rat'u and of Fat Rat-a.
- Because of the last killed my brother. But before he died he told me something because of what I ordered. - The voice was muffled VI, he was breathing often intermittently.
His hands caressed Alice, tickling her back, belly, climbed in panties. Alice did not resist, she stroked the back of I., biting his ear. They caressed each other, bringing myself and partner to the madness. The snow lashed their faces, but they did not notice it. Alice surrendered with pleasure this rather skillful caresses, not knowing that just I. fondled and had her childhood friend. Throughout the body of Alice spread tickling currents, pleasant and intolerable at a time. She felt that her panties were wet, but somewhere deep into her hand fumbled I. why Alice was very good, she instinctively climbed hand in his pants I., found his cock and began to caress it, why I. soon finished. Alice is not finished, but it was close.


Julia woke up on the couch surrounded by the host institution, Dark, Fat Rat-a and Vera, the owner of the Secretary. That brought Julia LMartini glass. Julia drank, and she felt better. She saw leaning over a grinning face Fat Rat-a. He quietly asked her: "Where is your lover is gone, eh?" Julia was disgusted. This Fat Rats courting her, and the oily his eyes on Vera mows. His thoughts about one.
Wrists ached, body ached. Julia thought that I. too hefty beast ... and that he no longer loves her, and he, too, it is now either repulsive, or hateful.
In her mind flashed the thought of her favorite variant murder with one stone two birds with one stone. She closed her eyes and softly called Fat Rat-a. When he leaned over her, she whispered in his ear:
- I. on the site. It deals with the killer. In your best interest to find out one. Kill the bastard, I hate him. - The last words of a cunning knave said fading voice, closing his eyes and leaning back.
Andrew moved to the provocation and quickly disappeared. Here Julia quickened, sat down on the couch.
Dark looked out the door, then closed it and said pretty:
- Good for you, Julia! Let them fight each other, our business - side.
Vera looked coldly at Julia.
- You feeling better? - She asked caustically.
- There is no doubt - Julia responded. - Now I can breathe easy.
- Jealous, Vera something - she thought. Perfect Secretary: slavishly devoted to his master, probably secretly in love, executive, or behaved. Most likely it is sometimes fall to handouts from Andrew Razdolbaeva a brief lovemaking in a rare spare time. She is jealous of him to all v, and women, and to men. The latter, most likely, does not enjoy the success, this type is not in vogue: Short dark hair to his shoulders, a bow lips. Large brown eyes, low, normal figure is not released. Previously, as a child, it was probably meek. Julia jumped up, grabbed the Dark's hand:
- Come on, it is necessary to monitor the process.
He decided that without him she make mischief and followed her.
- You are there not very much! - Andrew shouted after them.


Couple in a hollow did not interrupt his lessons, forgetting about everything.
Fat Rat ran out into the yard, clutching a pocket pistol with a silencer. He heard schoroh in the hollow, and guessed that it could be. He fired at random. The bullet hit Alice's shoulder.
- Fat Rat! We are lost! - She whispered, losing consciousness.
I. Yulechkin grabbed a gun and shot at Fat Rat-a. Do not worry about the hit or not, he picked up the weapon, Alice and dragged her to her car ("Prince Vladimir"Blue).
They decided to go to the empty apartment ALISIN aunt.
Falling Fat Rat-a saw and Julia, in her hand shone smoking gun Dark. Her nerves could not stand, and she settled on his hands run up accomplice Fat Rat-a. Dark grabbed her, carried her to his "Daewoo Espero" Out of the darkness came another of their companies - Clarus. Dark whispered something to him and he dragged Fat Rat.
On the way to Darko, who lived between the Yauza and Kursk Station, Julia woke up slightly.
- He was killed, I killed him? - She asked.
- I do not know the bird - he replied.
- I felt that's what you want too. - She looked at him, and it was growing wave of desire for this man, combining a lot. He was handsome, just as there are beautiful brunettes, but not smazliv. He had almost fluffy dark hair, slightly aristocratic features, a strong, but not Bugajski addition. He spoke a little careful about the words. He could be calm gentleman, and the soul of the company, and prudent businessman, caring family man. As all this, he remained Dark, dark personality and no one ever knew what was in his heart, which has always been a closed book to others. In the eyes of Julia he was a plus, outshining all its disadvantages: it was like Tony Curtis in "large races" all - looks, mannerisms and everything else.
And Tony Curtis was there and will Yulin timeless sex symbol.
- You're overtired, my dear, - she said the Dark gently-calmly. - We will come to me and I will give to your disposal room. Only one problem - my brother, but I will try to settle. It is the surgeon's assistant in "Sklife" and today he has a complicated operation. He comes evil. Although there is probably already arrived.
- We went to the casino. then close "Grand Vinso".
- You have a lot of money?
- No, but I think he is a sleep, and we'll come and sleep quietly otpolzm. More than anything, I do not like anyone to disturb once again.
- Okay, let's go.
- Listen, answer me one question, and I from you lag behind. What do I like the Bold Krys-? He did not like me, or love his country was, rather, he wanted to enslave me, to subordinate sebe-? She stopped and thought, curiosity and passion for unearthing information would ruin it. Dark looked through it and off somewhere in space said:
- You are extraordinary, but do not realize it. I do not know why you needed it most likely - compliant brains. Do you have some more features of which you had no idea that you have to the people. He was advantageous to have under your hand, keeping in submission. Your husband may also his handiwork. Julia listened breathlessly, his voice soft and at the same time powerful, fascinated her, she felt as he gets nice needles in her blood, she felt a strange invisible connection with Darko. He suddenly stopped and braked sharply, as the front lights up red.
But Julia had forgotten about everything she wanted to hear and listen to that voice, Dark continued:
- In rats, it was some of his clandestine affairs, brought him huge profits. I know a lot, and was silent for a time, but he crossed the line. However, the less you know, the better you sleep. As you know, forget it.
He paused. But Julia protested:
- AI? Tell us! I will not rest until I know.
Instead of answering, Dark kissed her on the lips and then again became calm attentive driver.
Julia fell silent, pondering this act Darka.
- No, the casino, we will not go, I'm in such a way that people seem ashamed. Oh to take a bath now! - Julia reasoned aloud.
- Whatever you say, boss. - Dark turned into some alley, then under the arch and stopped at the seven-story pre-war homes of lead-gray light. ? Here we are, beautiful.
Julia wanted to answer, but the words died in her throat: she felt a warm hand on his knee, the second v shoulder. Before his eyes swam fog, everything was focused on the areas touching Dark hands.
- Oh-oh-oh - she breathed.
- What is unpleasant? - Dark asked breathlessly, but without losing self-esteem.
- No, naoborot- Well, my dear, that you spodvignulo on me? -
- I'm all the way the car led to the difficulty, jade. I told you that you are unusual, with me it never was. - He said, stroking her shoulders and legs. Julia felt that he, too, was trembling.
She grabbed his head in his hands, tousled hair.
- Oo-oo-oo! ... Sweetie! - And he dug in the Dark lips a long kiss, his tongue tickling the palate and men are randomly slightly squeezing her arms around his hips. Then she leaned forward, gently unzipped Dark pants.
- Let me do something for you chrtik-
Briefs it was black with white skeletons, fucking in different poses. The most interesting place was the pocket. Julia began to unbutton the buttons pockets: "Can?"
- Yes - I nodded Dark - faster kisulya, I beg!
She took his cock, hot as freshly sausage, unusual smelling something pleasant. She opened her mouth and sucked the head, and then everything else will fit in her mouth.
It is with pleasure licked, tickled a member of Dark helping hands. It was nice to feel in his mouth a piece of male flesh flushed, caress it. She was a good suckling: Dark has already started to breathe deeply shaky and quiet moan.
- I wonder what he's feeling - she thought hard working language. The members had a wonderful flavor, it was the ideal shape and optimum size: pretty impressive, but not to such an extent as to frighten women. Julia tried issledovatetot fruit outlandish tongue, enjoying his stay in the mouth, slowly moving his head, clutching a member of tongue to the palate.
By the time a lover of Julia stiffened, forced a:
- Faster, faster, come on! - And a monster in his mouth his seed Julia, which she quickly swallowed with pleasure. She put her hand his pants, found the small scallops, and quickly began to rub his habitual movements. It was a little uncomfortable, but she was so excited that quickly finished, liberally moistened his hand. She took it, licked his finger: the taste is almost the same as that of the Dark, but more liquid. Then gave the finger Darko. He gently licked his being in the half-conscious.
Then the phone rang. Julia picked up the phone. I listen and gave Darko. He came to his senses, spoke quickly and hung up.
- Julie, thank you for the pleasure - he gallantly kissed her hand, then removed his farm in his pants and continued:
- I've got a rat in the clinic. I'll take you, have, as you wish. I am uncomfortable to ask you, but barely take care of my brother. He must be tired and his duty tomorrow.
- Well, Dark. As far as possible. I will try it without embarrassment. Thanks for the hospitality. - It is again sucked his lips, tongue penetrated inside. He took her hand in his gently squeezed. When they broke apart, he said:
- You're so pathetic, Julia. Despite all your efforts to be like Belle Duke, you're still you remain naive clean, feminine cat. The trouble is your that hard for you to someone in some way refuse. You all passed through the soul. You would have to be an actress or, at worst, Cleopatra kakoy- anything. - Dark mused, stroking his hand Julia. She cringed.
This monologue was not characterized for laconic Dark. She also thought that the Dark somehow associate it with the melody "In the death car" Iggy Pop. Death machine. There's something about it.
Dark held her to the apartment, showed where things are and left.


We went together with Sanya took another cognac, Sergei stayed with our whores. Came home, the two sluts in stockings in position 69 mother and daughter nalizyvayut each other pussy and Serge walks around with them already fallen by a dick, cum on mom's back.
- Go ebite them-he told us. I have my mother vdul in the ass! The screen telly whore moaning from leysbiyskoy love good whore - I said, and we quickly undressed sled. I put in the pussy daughter, she rolled over on top and nalizyvala pussy mom-Maschke, and that in turn below licking pussy and ass Zhanka-daughter.
Fuck her little pussy, he parted her buttocks and put sharply in the ass. She screamed, but the buzz on my dick seen overcame the pain and she moaned. I tore up the very young whore with Dazed, she arched her back, moaning like a bitch and began its demise repeatedly screaming and howling. At this time, Sanya shoved her his dick in his mouth. And Zhanka had pussy licking Maschke interspersed with sucking dick. And I play in full below tongue eggs Masha, they beat her in the face. I groaned and pulled out of Zhankinoy dick ass and dick fell face Masha and sperm flooded her eyes, nose, mouth.
Sasha, too, groaned and began to pour cum on pussy Mammy. Zhanka began to lick her. I relish Zhanka slapped on the ass with his hand, saying, cool, we got whores! Serge at the time sidev and masturbate put cancer mum, and on top of her daughter tore in turn one and then the other before him had 4 their whorish holes. When he had finished one of them, it became boring, whores we sent to wash, put another porn, husband suddenly appears in the doorway.
Peter, seeing us naked, he was stunned, but apparently understood from the bathroom came out of his bare, but happy wife and daughter. Peter enjoyed success with women Cute mug, slim. What attendants! - Shouted Sanya. Sorry, there is-he mumbled. Undress, will be to fuck you! - I ordered Sanya. He undressed, Alexander took him into the bath, where Peter was shouting something, then stopped, they got out. - The client is ready, after the enema, and even managed to suck - Sanya said.
Petya lip was split. Sanya saw that my dick is better put me on the couch, took the cream, walked over to Pete, who stood timidly. Sanya bent him and smeared his ass cream. I'm Pete - Come here slut. I sat and nadrachival, horrified mother and daughter watched. Peter did not take long to beg and began to sink slowly back to me back to my dick, while moaning like a woman. So he went down to the end and let out a groan, apparently he liked my prostate massage 20 cm by a dick of his wife and daughter at the same time already sucked Sanya and Seryoga.
Move, bitch - I snapped at him, he became like a woman move on my dick. His dick while hanging upside down. Come to daddy ka suck - Sanya barked at Zhenya - you can see it is bad! She crawled over and began to suck his dad his trembling from his skakaniya on my dick huek. This goat liked unnecessarily. when he sat down to his soft ass till the end of my dick and pecked his prostate, he moaned and began to turn the ass making itself prostate massage and already closed his eyes.
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Roughly fucked in elevator

My name is Diana. This story took place not so long ago.
One day, at two o'clock in the night, I was returning from a night club, it was naturally a little drunk. Equip was quite frankly, short denim skirt, a bra that really grips the chest, translucent blouse, stockings, heels with studs.
On the night club I rode in a taxi, very handy. In general, when I was already under the porch, I saw four guys there, but even though the clock was already two in the morning, I was not scared at all is because we often sit under the porch a bunch of boys.
Okay, I will not pull, and start the story.
I went to the entrance and the two men went after him, we went into the elevator together. You imagine imagine that the elevator got stuck and our entrance catches a mobile phone, but I'm still digging in it, trying to get through. A few minutes later, such a dialogue has turned out:
- What beauty can come up with odd, bored something !?
- Guys, look better, is there a connection on your mobiles.
- Nope, you know yourself that there is not catch, so we're stuck here for a long time, so what do we do?
- I do not know, I tell you that clown?
- Can you give us cocksucking do?
- Are you ohreneli?
- Do you like Bazaar bitch? Would you like for a good, yet she'll ask us, what would we have given you our dicks.
And suddenly, they begin to rigidly me to touch, I twisted both arms back, and handcuffed, well and continued to paw, one paw very tightly to his chest, and the other stuck his hand between my legs.
- Look, the bitch in stockings.
- But you see what she herself wore a bra
- Daaauzh and this blyaduha still broken, apparently because once that local whore
And I realized that they are not finished, and began to threaten the guy lives here, they say, I'll scream! And after a couple of seconds, I get a strong slap in the face.
- Bitch, try to shout, we'll fuck then slaughter
- Guys, shook ...
Before I finish, like my blouse and bra just broke,
- It excites me, I've been fucked these whores do not
- Put it on all fours, let me otsost,
And here I am standing on chetvernkah, by the way, I also removed the panties.
- Suck whore, if you do not want it to hurt you
I was so gripped his chest, the pain that he opened his mouth, and I shoved cock in her mouth, and to put it mildly, I was just there to fuck, held by the hair and fucked
- Blyayaya, but it's all flowed, she likes
- Nuka damn tell me, do you like it?
- Mmm ...
- Guys, well ...
- Shit, what are you stupid, right now, you get a bitch, let's say
- You want that we fucked you?
- Yeah, I want ...
- What do you want to bitch?
- I want you to fuck me!
I heard a click, handcuffs flew to the floor
- Well, what a bitch, let us suck
Imagine the scene, I'm on my knees in stockings, heels and sucking guys do not know me.
- This slut probably have sucked all the district
- Yeah, so I still do not who do not suck.
- All right, get up on all fours
And I get up, and after half a minute I have full fucked in the pussy and in her mouth.
The one that I sucked, did not last long, and finished in my mouth, it was very good, it was evident from the fact that the sperm he had very much like half a year not fucked, I could not even all take a sip, and a little It spilled on my lips, but I was forced to lick all.
The one who fucked me in the pussy, then I also finished in the mouth, sperm, he had more than the first, and half spilled onto the floor.
- Are you that bitch ohuel quickly lapped up everything off the floor !!!
So I still do not who do not put down, I licked the sperm off the floor, it was very disappointing.
And then he earned a lift, I closed and went with them to the elevator, by the way was the ninth floor, and when I came out, there was still waiting for 2 guys. They took me to the roof, trailer handcuffed to the bars, put cancer and fucked from behind on the turn. And they said, if I arise, they still fuck me and leave naked on the roof suspended on the bars, and it's all about finding out the sex of the city .. I have so many fucked that had no strength, my whole face was in the sperm, they were finishing do not back me ..
Then they stripped me handcuffs and gave a phone number, they said, if a week does not call them, I will PPC.
But that is another story...
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Graduation 2008

My name is Karina, I'm 20 years old, I have a very beautiful soft brown hair, my cool ass, elastic juicy breasts, I was not very high, but I have a very beautiful body, I married, we happy marriage but I still changed her husband . The story begins like this, my sister younger than me and this year just finished school, they decided to celebrate their graduation at a restaurant, and a sister invited us to her husband. We accepted the invitation, with the choice of clothes I nebylo problems.
I wore a black short dresses that accentuate my figure, and high-heeled shoes, looked just Snog shibatelno standing house near the mirror, I felt constantly think of her husband. He came up to me, I felt like obnal naprizhen his cock but hurried to the door, I was in a hurry because I very much wanted something sharp, exquisite.
Here we are, all have been there all the girls were very beautiful boys all in black suits. Well, in short, all just a class celebration was in full swing, we danced more than once I noticed the guys looks at my ass. I do not deny I also flirted, Oksana classroom is my sister, all the guys look very grown all muscular and strong, even the one I liked. His call, valentine, pretty tall, inflated, spartivnoe body composition, svetlenky like me and like it, then turned without hesitation ballad Valentin invited me to dance.
Her husband allowed because he was very tired, so we dance with him, he clung to me with your whole body, breath in my neck, I could smell his sweat and it turns me on. I began to be excited and to stroke his back, and then I felt his cock rests on my belly. How I wanted him. I was going crazy, I started up, but the music ended. I went to the village about her husband, he pulled me to him, but I'm dreaming about him, Valais. I watched as he wants. Here come to the Vale of his friends Vova, Maxim, and Denis, Sergey, they are also very even nothing.
Then I was approached by my sister and we went to the toilet sney she quickly left. I was standing near the mirror examining herself, oshupivala his ass, I'm pleased to do. Then came Valya I was not like that for myself, I wanted to leave but he grabbed me by the arm, telling me gentle passionate voice does not go away, and began to caress me. I absolutely forgotten, I was terribly pleased, he began shupat my ass, then we were joined by Sergey they began to caress me. There were then only Denis and Maxim and Vova.
Sergei put his arm around my waist, I'm all clung to him, willing to put his lips to kiss, aware of the fact that I'm now all in the power of the senses and forget about modesty. Several hands caressed my body. It was easy to guess that our amusements joined by a third person.
The fact that this was the third man had no doubt: It was Max, three protruding sticks poked into my place. Impatience of my gentlemen possess a woman's body was so great that I began to flow from their caresses. With haste, not without, however, due accuracy and sensitivity, I was released from a minimum of toilet articles (dress and minitrusiki).
Naked with her legs spread wide, I tasted the pleasure of men fondling three greedy mouth covered my body with countless kisses. Labia swell from the carnal desire overwhelms me, but partners, apparently, knew his job and did not hurry, as the inexperienced youngsters to push their members into my pussy oozing. Meanwhile, two dick already knocked into my mouth. I had to suck them first in the queue and then both.
Six hands crushed me at the same time everywhere, chest, belly, pussy, thighs, buttocks. Particularly strong pleasure I felt from the caresses of a man who was between my legs: pudendal cleft burned, it seemed spewing flames. In my pussy zashol powerful and erogirovany penis, which has worked slowly, but more elaborate: when pushing in each he touched my clitoris, and after a few seconds I reached orgasm. Although, as I thought I had finished, and so continuously. To my delight there was no end.
And then I learned my Valya: his manner of movement, pace, panting. Losing control of myself, I shouted: "More, more, my dear!" And I heard a calm and confident voice Wali: "Do not worry, dear! You're going to end up as long as you do not ask for mercy. Sergey at this time shoved in my mouth, but I was let go from enjoying a member Sergei, at this very moment Valya told me looking mna Sergei: And yet zaglotni Single deeper one that you have in your mouth.
Hearing these words, the guy shoved me his flaccid penis into her mouth, livened up and uttered imploringly: "Come on, suck! Swallow deeply and simultaneously caress the eggs. Oh, it is already good! Come on! And, all coming!" A strong jet of sperm hit me deep into the throat, which I unconsciously swallowed, t. To. In the same time, Valya took a furious pace, and so beat your eggs my feet, I thought, how could they not have burst.
His orgasm was accompanied by groans and growls. Before he could move away from me like a pussy, cum crowded again shoved a member of the three pairs of hands continued to caress my body. All my erogenous zones were energized, and I was really very good, I felt the greatest pleasure!
Valya, who was sucking my breasts, fingers aroused clitoris and caused me a new wave of pleasure. I'm all arched, and two strong hands grabbed me with Zadi and then I felt the pain I first shoved in the ass was painful but the pain was accompanied with an orgasm, he did such a pleasure it so skillfully that I did not want to he it from there pulled out, he Caloto my cunt I was confused.
In my hands was a member, even without seeing someone he I began to squeeze him, he began to fill in my hand. Another knocked penis in my mouth. "My God, they have four!" - I only had time to think and swallowed it without hesitation. I opened my eyes and looked back I saw that the one who powerfully fucked me with his huge cock Zadie was a stranger to me man, I realized that we were joined by a waiter.
Once again, closing his eyes, I thought that what he waiter, I was no worse, and perhaps vice versa. And no matter how it was he could not zderzhatsya and finished my ass, his hot jet of sperm dripping from my feet, and I was not like when kayfovo before. I turned to face the rest of the boys kneeling, I began to suck the first Max had finished my chest, swallowing Vovinam member of the throat, as though sucked in the first gave me the most delicious kanfetku.
Orgasm already looms Vova lifted me and turned his back, he dotrahal me and ended my thigh, Denis at that moment gave me in the mouth he had long waited for the same at the end of escape my mouth, he began his push for the throat, and pushed the last time he cumshot on my face, I licked the sperm from his head, he was very good, the guys looking at my body, it was flooded with sperm. I sat up and began to wash off the semen clots.
Guys dressed and left with a smile this time the toilet was only Valya, he kissed me on the lips, I said that the most gorgeous woman, and poshol to the exit! I got dressed and went back to her husband, at that moment I was ashamed in front of my husband, but my soul was somewhere high, high. But the boy had found himself here a pleasant companion, it was a foreign teacher and it was not boring, the husband asked me why so long I told him that helped with make-up Oksana.
Here's a story Karishki.

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