History Natasha

Recently, I decided to write about the events that happened to me in the last few years.
So: as a child, I lived in a small town, an ordinary boy grew up, went to school. When I was 14 years old, my school friend Nick gave a tape with porn, which he secretly took the parents. I watched it a few times. Then I first saw how to make love. It was then that I noticed that I was very excited man, not a woman. I never imagined myself in the place of the man who fucks his partner. I imagined myself in the place of the girl. I was very excited when they are on their knees, pull out a big dick partner of cowards and start slowly immerse it in his mouth, while the "weapon of love" is constantly increasing in size. In general, I liked all women: lingerie, stockings, tights, skirts and everything else.
At the same age I was often visiting my aunt. She lived in the city and I'm usually with their parents came to her with an overnight stay. We were always greeted very friendly, put on the table. She always was making me into her room while she went to bed in the hall. During one of these visits, the following happened: I went to bed. At night I woke up because I wanted to use the toilet. When I was in the bathroom washing my hands, then I drew attention to hung on batteries aunt's clothes, especially liked the white panties.
I was excited by presenting her with this. Back in bed, I could not sleep. Immediately reminded of porn, which I gave Kolka. All the scenes of the film, I knew by heart, I wanted something new. "Certainly my aunt has this kind of tape" - I thought. Closing the door to the room on the latch, I opened the closet and began rummaging through the shelves. Soon I found some tapes. Since the room had a TV and a player, I just started watching.
Seeing the first scene, I was excited, and I wanted to try on some women's clothes. I wanted to feel like a woman. In the closet was all that I needed. I wore panties and bra, and on top put on a dress. I lay down on the bed and lifted the hem of her dress. Already dawn, and you could see that what I'm wearing. Beautiful red panties very gently squeezed my cock, which he asked out. Pushing the edge of panties, I took a "cucumber" and began to masturbate. A minute later, the semen splattered on my stomach. I lay on the bed. Was very good.
In the morning we left, but it happened to me the night did not go out of my head. Since then, my aunt a visit I wore her underwear and satisfy their desires. At home I have at every opportunity, trying on her mother's things. Usually it is able to do at night. We had to wait until all fall asleep, and then I took out of the closet something from my mother's wardrobe. That's how I lived such a double life. During the day I'm a boy, an exemplary student, and at night transforms into a woman.
This double life was so long, until I went to college. Admission exams and forced to forget about it. Since the school was in the city, my parents rented me a small one-room apartment, which was near the place of study. Nearby was a shop and a small market. In general, everything was quite good. He studied well and paid a stipend, plus parents sent little money. Save up some money, I bought a cheap laptop and connect online. This was done to make it easier to learn. Sometimes I downloaded abstracts and reports.
When it died down, thoughts of reincarnation back. Then one day, sitting on the Internet, I wanted to see porn. Going for another porn site, I began to see all the categories that have been proposed. Among them was the transgender category. Opening the link, I saw something that could not leave me indifferent. Girls with a member - they just drove me crazy. Certainly, I was greatly excited, especially when they are in the rear opening. Soon I found a bunch of recommendations on how to engage in anal sex. And all said that it gives a man as much fun as there are women. I decided to try it. Once again, carefully read all the tips I've tried to do anal. Initially designed hole with your fingers and then put cucumber, bought specially for this purpose in the store.
One spring I decided to visit my parents. Buses in our town goes a little, and wanting to go there a lot. So that all vehicles moving in that direction, always crowded. This was the case at this time. Payment of travel, I climbed up to the window. there were people on all sides. The bus drove slowly, when the driver braked and lost his balance man, who was standing behind me, leaned on, crushing the glass. He had, without noticing, I accidentally put his ass with his cock. He somehow did not notice it, but I felt it bump, although he was not excited. I was pleased. After that, I wanted to try a real member. But these were only dreams.
In the meantime, I have finished the second year of study. All my fellow students somewhere moonlighting. I also began to think where you could work. For grants and money that sent parents, barely enough to pay for an apartment and food. So I thought about this question, Browsing the Internet, viewing photos and video shemales. advertising different prostitutes hung in the corner of the site. And then I came up with a crazy idea. And what, I wondered, too, if you become a whore? I have long wanted to visit in the role of women, and also an opportunity to make money. After weighing all the "pros" and "cons", I soon decided.
He borrowed from his friend Pasha, who had studied at the same faculty with me. With this money, I bought several sets of underwear, skirt, stockings with a belt, shirt, short dress, a wig, a little makeup, and shoes with high heels. Then I chose a new name: Natasha. House went to the bathroom and began to shave their legs. After he wore thong, bra, stockings and a wig, dress and shoes. The bra condom planted with warm water. Standing before the mirror, I began to examine myself. Very sexy! I was once again convinced of the correctness of their actions. I began to feel like a real woman, and I wanted more man. According to my ideas, I was supposed to place an ad in the newspaper and work on departure. But I did not have any experience! And of course it was scary. But I thought of how to solve this problem.
At night, around the female, I went outside. I wanted to know how men in general would react to me whether the substitution of notice? And if you succeed, then try to make a blow, but not more than that, for anal sex, I was not ready. In the courtyard was empty. I went on. Next to the gaming club were two. Approaching it, I noticed that one - it is a security guard, and the other just a player. I stood a long time and could not dare to approach them. What do I tell them? How they will appreciate? A little thought, I decided that come what may, I will say straight out, and took a deep breath and went to him. They examined me from head to foot, and did not notice that I'm not a girl, it's made me happy, not for nothing that an hour put things in make-up and dress up.
- Hi boys. - I said. - You do not want sex? Oral five hundred.
They looked at each other in surprise. And I have also a little heart in the heel is gone from the excitement.
- Why so expensive? - I asked who the player. - Three hundred and agreed.
Honestly, I was not going to take money, just casually he said. My goal was to try.
- Okay. - I said, and walked through the archway. Behind me I went to the player.
-Let's Go into the entrance. - He suggested.
I nodded approvingly. We went to the nearest entrance. Inside, it was dark, just what you need. I stopped, but he pushed me and beckoned to the other side, where it was a little lighter. He motioned for me to sat. I got up on my knees. He unbuttoned his pants, lowered his pants and that's in front of me the male member in full combat readiness. He was not very big, but enough to start. Everything! ... No way back! I took a member of her hands and began to copy everything that makes the girls in porn. First I licked the head, trunk, tickled testicles and slowly began to immerse penis into her mouth.
I feel like tongue glides over excited flesh. I clench my lips, clasping the whole head. I wanted to do everything slowly, gradually, as in the movie. But it was not there! He grabbed me by the hair and yanked inserted member as much enough space, and began to fuck me in the mouth. He held my head and fucked like I was a doll with a rubber mouth. I could not do anything. I just opened my mouth as wide as possible and everything. This lasted somewhere minute. Then he stopped and took out a member of his mouth. It was evident as the head of his body pulsing. With one hand he began to masturbate him, while the other was still holding me by the hair. I realized that he was going to finish.
But how? He will do it to me or to me? Not having time to think through, I again felt his penis in his mouth. A few movements he makes a muffled groan, and my mouth poured semen. He continues to move dick in my mouth. Sperm is becoming more a part of it begins to flow down the chin. He pokes his and several jets fall on my face. He let me go. I am like a slave standing before him on his knees, the wig hair disheveled, crumpled dress, cum in the mouth, on the face and chin, too ... I looked at him. "What are you looking at? Swallow "- he said in a voice like he gives the order. I swallow it and lick it, which was on the lips.
Not as nasty as I thought, the more I introduced the girls who, like me, cum in mouth, and they, with great pleasure, swallow it. I get up and straighten the skirt and a wig. "If only I did not see who I am!" - I think. But it's all right. He gave me the money. I am going home. Climbing up to the apartment, I was still shocked by what happened. In just five minutes, I fucked and cum in mouth, and even gave money. Of course, sex is not necessary to be engaged in the entrance, and in a normal place, but I felt the least what it is.
Plucking up the courage the next day I gave notice in a newspaper in the appropriate section and enter your number (of course, I bought a new sim card) and waited. To avoid any issues, I once wrote that I was transsexual. In the evening, the phone rang. I answered. The rough male voice asked how much I am worth. I called some money. I called the address to which I had come.
Now it was too late to change anything. Sitting in a chair, I realized that I could be there to fuck the full program in all holes. Because I washed before leaving his "pussy." I arrived a bit late. Climbing up to the desired level, I timidly pressed the bell. The door was opened by a handsome man, dressed in a bathrobe.
- I am Natasha. - I whispered.
-And I really thought you were not coming. My name is Andrey way. Come on.
He led me into the hall. On a small serving table were fruit and something else. As I reviewed flat, Andrew treated me. And I wore stockings with a belt, knee-length dress, her bra to the situation in which a condom with warm water, a beautiful black lingerie. Well, of course, a wig and make-up.
-Not bad. - Andrew said. - Take off your clothes.
-And You do not help me? - I asked, putting her hands on his shoulders. He grabbed my ass and held her close. I felt that he had a very large unit. Andrew unzipped the dress and it fell silently to the floor. He stepped back. I stand in front of him. Stockings gently they cover my legs, thong perfectly fit me. All black. He sat in a chair, undid the belt and pulled his robe pants. Huge cock stands and beckons me. "There twenty centimeters, at a minimum," - flashed through my mind. I squatted and grabbed the barrel by hand. He pulled away the skin and released head.
He touched his tongue, licked under the head, tickled the bridle and began to shove it into his mouth. Andrew just sat burying his eyes. He completely gave me his body. I was happy that such a great suck cock. My tongue slipped on the trunk and, with every movement, I was excited by all the stronger. My bulged segment of panties. But I did not want to release him, and could not, because the one hand I massaged eggs Andrew, and the other holding a cock. For five minutes, I sucked. Then Andrew stopped me.
Let's go in vannuyu.- Andrew said.
He had a very large bath, but it was a double, then there is a bathtub and toilet in the same room. He pulled off my thong. I bent down with cancer, resting his hands on the wall. Taking a tube of special grease, Andrew smeared my hole and then put his finger there.
-What Narrow ass! You already fucked?
-ABOUT! yes you are a virgin. Wait, now would be very nice.
And he began to introduce his penis. I thought that ass crack. When the head came, I felt that the pain becomes less. A minute later he was in me. Andrew stopped.
-Let Your anus get used to the size of my baby.
I felt like my ass firmly sitting on a limb. And then, finally, Andrew started to move, slowly at first, then faster and faster. I immediately realized that he was an experienced lover. The first two minutes I was not moving, and then I began to move the booty to the beat of his movements. Andrew took me by the waist and has become even more stick on your machine. Lubricants were enough dick to penetrate inside without resistance. The pain disappeared and I began to feel an extraordinary sense. When a member penetrated all the way, then the whole body pierced is a good feeling, that I began to moan.
I lowered my head and noticed that my penis too excited. Soon we changed position. Andrew sat on the edge of the bathtub, and I'm squeezing your legs together, sat on his "number". Taking me by the buttocks, he easily lifted and then lowered me. After another five minutes, we changed the position again. He lay down on the floor, and I sat on top. We fucked like this for a long time. Then I got off him. Andrew said that I climbed into the bath. He walked to the edge and brought it to a member of my lips. I took it. Taste, which I felt was perfect. I closed my eyes with pleasure.
I swallow it deeper and deeper, and then pushed out, licking tongue, I feel the warm stream pours into the language ... but it poured non-stop! I open my eyes and see: Andrew pissing in my mouth! Oh God! I quickly take out a member of his mouth, and yellow spray drenches me. I wanted to get up, but Andrei kept me and the entire bra and stockings were wet. When he finished, he said:
You're a whore, I pay you money, so do what I say. Pomoysya and come into the bedroom.
Do nothing, and besides, he's right. I took off my clothes, what was left, took off the wig, which somehow did not get under the stream. While I washed, I washed and stockings with a bra. What's the difference, anyway they are wet. Prostirnuv, I hung them on the battery. Wash finished, I wrapped myself in a towel and left the bathroom. As I walked, I felt like a compressed ass. Yes, she had a hard time! This member took!
In the bedroom, the bed spread out, it bears Andrew. When he saw me, he stood up. Towel on me looked very sexy.
-Lozhis, Natasha, I love you still want to.
I lay down. He asked to turn on its side. I went to him and asked to put the ass. He lifted my leg, and I felt it again puts me. Member easily entered, after all, has already developed a hole. He fucked me twenty minutes. During this time I was almost finished. It was very good. I like pierced through. This unexplainable feeling. It does not describe in words. It must feel. I'm lying, head on a pillow. But he still continued to thrust me to stop. Again I start to moan. Andrew stops, takes cock and brings to my lips.
-Open your mouth! - He commanded.
Quickly moving his hand and after a few moments, the entire face is covered with white stripes ... viscous, warm liquid. I lay breathless. He lifts me and kisses. This kiss I will never forget. The taste of semen and his lips - simply unforgettable.
We lay there in silence for a while. I looked at my watch, it was already half past midnight. Need to go. I got out of bed and went to dress. Stockings dried up, and the bra is not entirely. "Oh well!" - I thought. - "You can survive without it." Andrew walked me to the door, and gave the money.
-I Was very good. - he said.
I kissed him back and walked to the elevator. This was my first trip.
The next morning I gave some of the money borrowed from the Pasha. He long tried to find out how I could (could soon ...) in such a short period of time to earn as much money. I said nothing. In principle, it was possible to pay the full amount at once, but I decided to buy new clothes.
Some days the phone was silent. Then again I called Andrew:
You're not busy tonight? - he asked.
In short, I went to see him again. But this time, in the new clothes. I'm confident rang the doorbell. He discovered he was wearing the same gown. Andrew immediately took me to the bathroom.
You know what I want to do.
-Can Do. 'I said, and took off everything except her bra and wig.
But there was something new. Andrew took a dildo on the suction cup and gave it to me.
-Zalaz In the bath and starts fucking them yourself.
I took a tube of lubricant and greased ass. The simulator is easily entered into me. Since he was a sucker, I attached it to the tub. By the way, the simulator gave me as much pleasure as there are currently a member. Andrew watched with great interest to me. Then he came up and put in my mouth. I started to do blowjob. Soon, he took it out and started to write on me. This time it was not so disgusting as the first. I obmylas again and went into the bedroom. For an hour, Andrew fucked me. But this time he came to me in the ass, which was also very nice.
Taking the money, I said goodbye to Andrew and went home through the city.
Very soon there will be new customers, they were mostly bachelors or men who want to try some of the exotic. Almost every day had to go "on the job", but it was worth it. My financial condition has improved. In my case the "job" gave me great pleasure and bring a decent profit.
After the summer session of the guys going on a stag party to mark the end of the school year. They offered me, but I refused. I do not want to look at the faces of his classmates drunk, because in this case I was losing valuable time and money that could be used to earn.
By the time I had a respectable wardrobe of women's affairs. I bought a rubber breast and thus put an end to condom use with warm water. In the afternoon the phone rang. I ordered a whole night in the suburbs. The time assigned to the twelve. I ordered a taxi. She arrived at the address. Before me stood a large two-storey house. I called and the gate opened. I went into the house. From the other room came Pasha, my classmate. I froze in amazement. It was a failure, because if he finds me, it is possible that the whole Institute will talk about me. My heart was beating at a furious pace. Pasha looked at me and said:
Well what are you, Natasha, looking so frightened? Do not worry I'll have long opened. And you know what?
-How? - I barely uttered.
-I Read an ad that you have placed or posted? Ha-ha! Well, it was like this: I decided to call that number. I did not know it was you. But at the end of the line all the time dropped. Then I bought a new sim card and began to call, and so happened that right during his lecture. And then I noticed that when they go back tones, you always look at the phone.
By the way, you have a new phone. Where did you get it? How could you so quickly to return the amount you borrowed? In short, I figured you and understand what you're doing. And now you are here in front of me. Do not worry, none of the institute does not know about it. This is our personal secret with you.
After this monologue, which threw me into shock, he took me by the hand and led into a room where there were four other people I did not know. He once joked at me, he said something else. Then he turned to me and said:
-Natashenka, You must satisfy all of us. Choose: either we'll get you to start up in a circle, or you satisfy everyone turns in another room.
The choice was gorgeous ...
-I Satisfy everyone in turn.
I took off my skirt and T-shirt. On my left is very erotic stockings with mesh, thong, shoes, well, bra, under which were rubber simulators chest and wig. I walked into the hall. All hatched at me. Someone began to whisper something in his ear to another. I did not care.
One of those present came up to me.
Yeah well, in Figure! Let's go to the bedroom! - And he led me to the second floor. There was a big bed in the room. He lay down and pulled out a member of cowards. He was still sluggish, and I began to suck it. Oral I have learned to do. The guy does not even know his name, I think Lesch, very satisfied sigh. A few minutes later his gun strengthened. He got out of bed, he came up behind me, pulled the elastic string and began to insert, without any lubrication. It is good that the priest had grown accustomed to large Member States and the fact that I had a good slaver him while sucking.
He came very quickly. He could not wait to fuck me. He smartly drives the his friend in my little "pussy." I remembered my first sexual experience. Something was common between that scene and this one. No caresses, kisses. Only the hard sex. Here are just at the time fucked in the mouth, and now fuck in the ass. At first it was a little painful. I had to get it out of the bag grease. Forcing a bit on my finger, I smeared the trunk and the pain soon disappeared, we both felt better. For twenty minutes I was leaning. Alex did not want to change the item. Suddenly I heard the talk. In the doorway stood two and watched the scene. Alex stopped and pulled out a member of the ass.
I did not notice that he had finished, it is clear from the fact that he was in a condom. He took off his condom and threw it on the floor. The two came up and started on the sides. I knelt down and began to take turns to suck each. Then one lay on the bed and motioned me to sit on. I sat in a pose rider. I sit down rhythmically "vagina" on his dick, and the second guy puts in my mouth. That's ten minutes. Then again, I naginayus cancer, and one whom I sucked fucks me, and I'm doing another blow. I do not know how much they had me so, but they soon finished. The first was the one who took it behind the body, removed the condom and obkonchal my back and buttocks, and then finished second.
-Go Into the shower, wash away the remains, and we'll call until the next.
I vyterat towel, and then came a guy named Artyom. He said that it would be enough blowjob. For thirty minutes, I made him come. It was a pity that he did not fuck me. Such a member would have given me a lot of fun.
There was only a Pasha, only one of whom I had not yet met, and the only one I was embarrassed. He came in his shorts, from under which could see the greater tuberosity. Pasha laid me on the bed, put my legs on his shoulders and fuck, and very skillfully. I had an unforgettable experience. He finished on my stomach, and then gave his weapon to lick.
When he said that I can relax. Later he would call me. I lay on the bed. My ass moaning. Do I still have so many had not. I took the phone. Gender fourth. Of these, three hours without stopping me fucked in the ass. At four in the morning I was called down.
-stanovis the center. - Pasha said.
I got up. They are surrounded by a dense ring and began to masturbate.
-Opens Mouth! - Someone shouted. And before I could stick his tongue, like a stream of semen sprayed me. Five healthy men took turns cum splashed on my face and in my mouth .... So much sperm I swallowed never.
They gave me money and I left.


When I enter - Julia, eyes closed, lying on his back, his hands behind his head. I kneel, Spreading legs and obedient, taking hips pressed tightly Yulkinu peepka to my stomach. It has already started to warm up after a cold spring evening, but I decide that it is best to warm sex and decisively pulling off her panties, despite clinging Yulkiny hands. She screams, but it is clear that the mood is good, she likes and she is not even off, and my haste only adds poignancy feelings. I already know how to start like Julia, kiss her breasts, running his tongue nipples and at times almost entirely taking it in his mouth. But right now it does not need foreplay, and she whispered to me rather took it for real.
Julia is the only friend of mine, with whom I fucked only in a condom. Just as well) it is very much turns me on, and this delicate gum allows for longer does not stop, in rough feeling b) it is a terrible chistyulya and smelling strawberries condom pleasant, and in a very good mood, it is quite drag it into his mouth and gently bite - with contents .
The second time I was not in a hurry, I'm much more important Yulkin buzz than mine - for the first time on the contrary, if there is any man who has not? But now you can slowly pumped Julia, wait and watch it rush. The lovemaking is very important that both parties have witnessed the climax of each other, it brings much. So I really like sex "face to face"And even embracing at the same time to feel the body of the partner. So we begin. While I was not very busy - the whole of her face, eyes closed, she, too excited, begins to kiss on the lips, and it's so good that we freeze for a few minutes ... Then I have a couple of times slowly begins to move within Yulka, accelerates, I feel like it obeys my movements and rhythm, experimenting with rhythm - some long, heavy and rhythmic beats, then a series of short and irregular swaying her hips from side to side, hung everywhere. But while I was in control of himself, and all that - a pleasant movement, a little different from the strokes. But she was already trembling in anticipation of real passion, when the mind does not mean anything, and all teams are strong animal passion and lust, orders "take her! fuck! Make moan! let it finish!"
Now, I turn back to Julia to me, she is kneeling, leaning on the arms straightened, I go, feeling again as I absorb it hot and greedy button. Julia thin, and holding her stomach feel their movements inside her. she was sweaty, his hair began to stick to the back and the neck, but beautiful as a mermaid. Very mokrenkaya - after a few minutes feel like getting wet her hair from the pubic area and the consequent falling down the body moisture. it is good, her glands are working properly, it is easy to make and is very good at helping me - we have adapted to each other. Six months ago, during the first meeting, (it was my first woman. She taught me even kissing. She was the first person I saw at all ... it was beautiful, like a rosebud) button it, with black hair and looked plump child - from a lack of care and work. Since then, thin and was once completely shaved - as a result, I was engaged in the house only a week, and Julia did not let her in my presence dress.
I'm looking for some back and starting to lose his head. Strong, sweeping motions, one hand on the back of the bed, the other strongly Yulkinu caress the chest or abdomen. It also moves, sometimes we lose our rhythm, moving in one direction, a couple of times I even jump out of it, causing protesters cries that sound is more like a savage tongue than human - Julia loses his head too. At some point begins to creak bed - move, without stopping, to the left twenty centimeters, creaking becomes quieter. so you, bitch! I will not let you drown out the groans of my girls! I want to hear my favorite moan for me! .... And now with her lips, breathing hoarsely, breaks down first, unsure even a groan of pleasure. My powers are doubled at once, so I'm starting to work, that Julia moaning, she had forgotten human language, as I do.
Yulkiny orgasms are not very loud - a little more than a prolonged and raucous moan, my hands curled thin fingers, stomach muscles relaxing, the desire as much as possible to press deeper into me and let me in. Only a couple of times when we were frankly drunk before making love and when I was in a special shock, it is completely flew away entirely lost control and began to shout in a loud voice and scratch my back nails - very nice by the way, who does not believe - try ! Just need to get you started clawing back before you finish, not just at any time ... Then at the end of her lips with kisses, poured crazy the flow of words, which are interspersed with tender words of love ... sounds and she tells me how good it with me and she wants me always.
Yes, today is no ordinary evening. Julia inflamed and greatly whetted me. I only caught his breath on the half-hour competition - who will end later - she had lain down on me and gently kissed the wet with sweat breasts, her playful tiny tip of the tongue slipping lower and lower in my abdomen. And she feels her stomach, as I react to it. Julia knows how to choose a man to be playful and to achieve the desired - that's I know. In this state, almost impossible "and be content to stay", To replace the satisfaction comes ordinary tiredness when we, a few hours later, naked and wet with sweat fall asleep on each other to sleep only after finish. In this state, the lust is so strong that you need that - something else to pull Julia on the windowsill, fuck her in the bathroom before the mirror on the floor, or to make love in front of others - with her friend, who came in the evening, when we were lying in bed, once so it happened. Irina shyly watched a few minutes, and then ran away, but later came to visit did not hesitate and asked if the night went well. Well, fantasize. Now is the time to eat, I lick your fingers and start strongly and rhythmically exciting Yulkinu peepka, it easily takes all, from time to time an encouraging squeeze my hand and feet are not giving me a substitute member. But I still do it and how minutes are at a frenetic pace, in an effort to overcome each other and make the first partner to moan, as if recognizing the impending orgasm - and defeat in our unannounced game. I - movements, she urged on me hoarse rhythmic breathing, wraps legs around my neck, pulling on her arms. Julia mobile like a doll, in this position, you can throw her leg almost behind his head. But it is not just sex, but still a lot of feelings, we begin to kiss, stray from the rhythm, I sit down and put it on her lap, she again instantly hugs me kicking myself nasharivat as it is better to sit down to continue in this position. A few more minutes, then accelerated, almost stopping, but she was tired, and we are taking a more quiet - at first few minutes of wet embrace, and then sex on the side, when she was again back to me, my hand caressing her breasts, but we not in a hurry and do not intend to stop there. So you can even sleep - if you do it in a calmer mood. But I do not calm. As Julia begins to moan, it just gets more me, I go out, quickly pulls off the blanket and steles on the table. What else? pillow under her head, at the end of the table, and now the very Julia.
Once again, my legs on his shoulders, no load, it is convenient, and so gets me piquancy situation, I regret that there was no neighbor who came to his room and found us fucking chance, through a glazed door. In this position we finish, I re ... dive in the face of a sticky puddle under her button - once a condom on me - it's just highlight it, and I like the taste and smell. Then I carry my dear friend on the bed, I lay down beside him and a few minutes just to cuddle and kiss. I give myself a drink and drink - traditional cherry juice - and then, when the sweat dries a little, harboring sheets and hug. We often fall asleep so - she turns on her side, putting my head on his shoulder and my hand between her legs and pressed his stomach to stomach. I slip into a dream ...


Seeing her - I started to shake. His heart was beating faster and faster. Blood thundered, filling the cave
How I wish! once she entered. He caught her near the fence at the front of sunset, I quietly told her - stand still.
She, smiling dutifully took off pants. With his back pressed against the fence with the words - come on fuck!
Grabbing hold of the feet, I lifted her off the ground. And my dick, the most eggs stubbornly dived head first.
But the trembling knees, the body is pierced a sweet shiver And I hear a voice - well you do not ebsh? I released my dick legs and hung like a tie around his neck, became red face. I stood powerless and wet at the sight of the sunset.
Cowards wiping pussy, she whispered: - you come to my house at night. Again, my young heart leaped at the local whore, my lust hormones and let it saves a lot older than I was ready to dive has again and again even though in the ass in the mouth. I impatiently waited for a summer night. Along the fence to the neighbor went into the house. Flashed across the sky bright lightning, muffled rumbling thunder boomed. Busty whore was looking forward to the young flesh. There was a
The sound of glass bells large drops mixed with fingers young barya fought off tap to glass, illumined the sky of the boom. Lady in anticipation of passion with a clean bed rushed to open the door with wet by a pussy. On the eve of my hard dick for the hand she grabbed and dragged him to the bed. On the way she took off her robe with more elastic chest and ass thick with tender by a pussy. Hands pressed her lips to my pussy, falling on his back to the bosom of the bed, leaving me standing on my knees. Pouring rain against the windows, the wind drives the freshness of the night of ozone, the language continues to lick wildly screaming whore, clit during pleasure. Having finished a dozen times too in a row, she ordered
Dick in her ass to enter and continue to fuck. So I fucked her in the ass and pussy close moaned bleeding, tits attracted to her, but she made it harder to squeeze the pelvis. I finished and I, but not so quickly and orgasm is not brought me crazy
I began confidently and quickly dick stuffed in her mouth. She is nothing more than ordering, since it is necessary to suck. For the ears, pressing her tightly to his pubis. I got a dick to swallow, and handed me the ass and eggs caress. Again dick stood up, she got cancer across the bed. I Kunqu to fuck her - with zeal and fervor with his dick to drive and drive. Eggs, bumping her on the pubis, in force entered my young body. Completely out of my life and not the viciousness of masturbation.
Come blyadina let stir on dick riding you sit down. Jump, gallop, kicking Suchi, be bolder old whore I really no longer a beginner. Do it so that was pleasant to me, each new kachk!

You and me

I looked and looked;
How crazy flying
You baby from me.
I quickly caught up with you,
In the blink of an eye before thee
Standing, closing his cloak with his hand.
Your eyes full of fear languishing;
My - I burned in lust.
You moved - I approach,
And soon, all curled up,
Your helplessness is beautiful,
My desire awful ...
You turned away, boiled,
But before that I do not care.
Linking little hands behind his back,
Your face in front of me:
I kiss her lips, eyes see,
Which a lot of the guys
They want to be seen in his dream,
But he only got to me.
Your tear rolled down;
What a shameless my whim:
I want you right now I'm just privyshe,
And nothing will change my desires.
Whole again - and again pleasure,
And my heart beats as if in ecstasy.
I wish, I wish that,
What is not noticed,
As a very gentle hand omit
From the shoulders and lower dive between the legs;
You all techesh, and it's exciting;
My patience is exhausted again.
Your pain moan broke my movements;
You turned away - crying without a doubt;
At the moment it's just understand
What I deprive you of innocence.
My baby, you're still a child,
Love you really still in diapers,
But you do not know me so far,
Now you stand in front of me in the face.
My desires, filled soon,
And my fingers, moving deeper,
Did you give pleasure
But I see the face expression,
Similar to the long torment ...
You're finished. Without power you fell,
Once again, I looked at the beautiful features:
You without clothes lay on the floor,
And it is again caused concupiscence.
Looking into his eyes, filled with prayers,
Filled and tears, and even emptiness,
To you, I fell on my knees,
And in your lips hungrily dug again.
Not long did this respite;
I dropped below you - my baby.
Your love juice touched the tongue,
He drove there I had no trouble.
I did not mean at all that you suffered,
But still his hunger utalyala ...
We finished together, you and I;
But as for me,
I get pleasure.
Forever I will keep all of those moments,
When, forgetting his pain,
You enjoy with me.
I carefully untied the hands of you,
The helplessness you just said nothing.
Last Kiss as a farewell,
Not long was our parting,
And certainly said: "Song for saying good."
You stayed in one wall,
Your clothes are not visible.
And all thoughts were about the same,
That again, I was with you together.
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Svalny sin

It was the New Year in our office. Office - it's me, my friend
Victor, our boss Valery Andreevich and Oleg courier. And, of course,
better half of humanity - Lena and Marina, advertising managers.
Thirty-first, we decided to celebrate the official - at work, and have
then disperse to their homes.
At five o'clock we drove to VA with her daughter Nika - to look at not more than 16,
although the fact that she was 18, I knew for sure - to draw up documents to
privatization. Here we should say that we have an office elite. That is - is equipped with the latest technology in the center of the city, where even the very rich firm hold closet area is no longer a one-room apartment. Of course, I do not have oil in mind, those offices are not removed - build yourself.
In short, to celebrate the new year was close. TV, champagne,
quick blow to the head, jokes ... So we sat up to half
eleven local time, and suddenly discovered that transport is no longer walks, VA and also to drive Vityok not. Not that much to drink, but then runs into zealous traffic cop little joy. Besides that Victor, the boss to the personal security are very kind, the benefit that the company's profile - trade in the systems of the most security, it even promotes easy paranoia. VA I had to call his wife, Olga - too young, 25 years old, she had the Nike stepmother. She rushed - angry as hell. He broke into the office and shut the door from an excess of emotion.
Here is where the real trouble began. After all, we are trading systems
security, right? And in order to advertise that your office is equipped with Fort Knox. At the door we have - a cunning lock with timer. He locked the door - and it will open no earlier than twelve hours. Yes, and the light - that is to say electricity, as such, for greater safety and economy will turn off automatically. It is fortunate that the ventilation works in the old way - no air conditioning, otherwise suffocate long. Already happened ... adventure. Of course, there is a cell phone. That's only office is equipped with a system of forced jamming - also for promotional purposes.
Telephone ordinary luckily worked, but who to call? Lifeguards?
Taking into account the cost of the door ... it was decided to sit out the twelve
hours. Fortunately, it was not a lack of champagne and chocolates.
The scandal was, of course, terrible. But the darkness did not argue interesting. We are on
touch began to drink up what's left, my pants someone successfully
I opened a bottle of champagne, and I quietly got rid of the pants by placing
of the battery. The darkness, occasionally thin out toasts, quickly began to push. We ease some stories, and then - when all became either podrmyvat, whether portraying a dream, a hand dove into my pants. To my left I sat Oleg, right Nick, but ... it's still in the light. And since we are all in the dark several times changed, so everything crushed Marina's perfume in her purse. In rare, you know, strong-smelling - so that the sense of smell, apparently, all blocked. All scantily clad - roasting terrible all played havoc slightly.
That arm, the leg someone. That someone stroking my dick and playful
handle. Whether in a dream - a habit, whether intentionally. In such cases it is better to pretend to be asleep and to enjoy quietly. You can of course, be indignant, but why put a person in an awkward position? Cuckoo else oh so long! And down there, and the tab is already in the course went. I am thrilled, but the occupation and want to find their own hands.
Then someone - judging by his voice, Olga - tongue stuck in my ear.
- Valia, - she said - I know you here.
Whispers in the dark sound like a cannon shot, but obviously, VA decided not to speak - maybe it one of the advertising managers at this time
sucked. I turned my head, and for a while Olga and enthusiasm
kissing. It is not good, of course, but what confusion can come when
she will understand ... I have studied his hands chest Olga - we often walked version
it silicone. I have something in general do not care I for aesthetics, but
interesting. However, through the silicone bra is felt bad ... more so that his lips to the nipple, and I have not met him. No, you know, friends porn stars.
However, someone helped me - my hands have touched someone's fingers, and Olga turned eagerly licking it. I let his hands below waist woman, pulling her panties to mid-thigh and was taken aback, feeling there is, then there could not be, in principle, - protruding forward the elastic process. Olga gently slumped forward, clutching my shoulders arms, but he was faced with an invisible umelitsy, play with my member.
They began to feel each other, and I crawled out from under the bodies. Judging by
sounds, darkness lived their lives - sobbing, breathing, sheburshitsya,
nestling comfortably. Stretching forth his hands, I came across a delightful roundness of someone's ass. Zadok was resilient, appetizing, but hands down below, between my legs, I came across a smoothly scraped eggs and quite a man's penis. Immediately otdrnut hand I did not dare - or then not avoid finding out "who is my balls touched yesterday?" Hugged ass - do not know that for men, so it is a pleasure to stroke, but then the owner of shaved economy simply sat on my face. Front, according to the feelings, someone has sucked.
I fell on my back, pinned down by a male ass and the guy already strove to spread his anus on my nose. I twisted my head and stuck out his tongue. Falls into the ridiculous situation I do not want at all. Suppose a man thinks that he Marinka licking ass, and then I have a mouth rinse champagne. I turned the language of a tube and put it in the ass of this type - even to think did not want any of my co-workers hungry for "thumb". Man twitching, apparently ending - apparently invisible minetchitsa I sat right with me, providing fully offsetting the inconvenience tactile sensations - and fell to me by the head, right on their impressive buttocks.
Explicit winner female bust switched to me. I grabbed her by the waist, pressed his phallus to the thigh, touched his lips to the breast, found her lips. Nika - I found it on the hairstyle - all mouth was full of sperm. She frantically threw it in my mouth, slipped to the same nimble and clearly a skilled tongue, and we enthusiastically began to kiss. Another's semen running down our chins, and Nick hungrily chasing each drop of this cocktail.
Then Nick blindly crawled off somewhere to the side, and I - to Horny
limit, but did not finish, masturbate. The room already
filled with all the sounds of devotional love games pairs - one,
it seems, it is not hiding - so that the right attitude come immediately. I
Slide finger on his rod, regretting the fact that I do not see your
phallus. I always wanted to put it in his mouth.
And here I thought that after all my adventures today - that I,
in fact, I lose? All the same, his mouth already full of other people's good. Feeling in the dark someone's foot, I hairiness identified undoubted man, and stood over him on all fours - not to touch his own bolt head cupped lips. He licked. And then he opened his mouth
and slowly he took the dick in the throat - the most interesting was how it
happened. I repeated, feeling the roof slowly moves out of the way.
At this time, someone felt my balls, grabbed member, evaluating its
availability, and suddenly I felt his tongue in the ass. AND
He finished by this carefully in the outstretched palm. The man behind
vtr sperm my point. Feeling matter what comes, I tried
to escape, but this time, a guy who I did blow, grabbed my
head and again put his dick in my throat, stifling a cry of protest in
In my ass penetrated member - a slow but continuous motion. Holler allowed to stifle the pain just rushed into my mouth sperm.
I exhaled, spilling ... sperm pubis "client".
- Guys, I think, among us there are homosexual, - said right at me
Victor's voice. I almost swore.
- And that's not a secret, what we do? - surprise
muttered VA - And then I think - what a cool ass this boy! - Sounded a loud slap.
- I'm not a boy, I'm a girl - offended responded Marinka, who had all
reason to be proud of his mane of hair.
He heard laughter - one right in my ear. Gadnysh, taking
my ass rhythmically planting continued its bolt. Endurance from
Oleg - no one else - was still the same.
- And yet, who sucked me? - Said Victor, who loved
certainty. Apparently, the rumors that he Marinka and Lenka
fucked confirmed. Otherwise how then such knowledge on techniques
- And you hate? - Olga's voice sounded ... because of my back. With soul I immediately fell stone - a member of the panties on, what else ...
- But anyway?
- I'm a woman! - Reacted boss.
- I too ... probably - from behind I heard the voice of Oleg. I
chill. From trials with Victor Nick saved me.
- I suck at you, - she said crossly, appearing next to my
shoulder, and then clung to my lips. He interrupted for a moment and added, - I will not.
Someone giggled. In the depths of my virgin ass I hit tight stream.
- Olga - continued roll started VA Victor - You know, I'm not jealous. I relax?
- Oh yeah! - Olga gasped because of my back. - Oleg, do you like other people's butts?
- Breasts too - apparently, Oleg just bust caressed Olga - Even
if silicone. Olga turned without becoming to give someone fucked her.
- I hope you like my dick.
VA Finally laughed - apparently, for the sounds of passion, I took
carefully suppressed laughter.
- My Olga - a hermaphrodite! - He said, not without pride. - She wanted to
become a full woman, but she seems to have liked what she
there is now. Olga resoundingly slapped me on the ass.
- Now, if no one is shocked by this statement, I might add.
My partner - bisexual, so I recommend to use. Can you then tell me that fucking boss. Oleg, judging from the snap shaved too ... not a stranger. A Donut remained silent, because I had just robbed his virginity. Victor, you do not mind to fuck with me? The choice? I love you, or you me? I chuckled - it seems that our spontaneous Group leader appeared. And he whispered a few words of Nike. We kissed again - only member Victor caught between our lips.
Side hissed open the champagne.
- That's nice, - hissed from somewhere Lena side. - Do not forget More
fuck me. And then I somehow bypassed attention.
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Reverent attitude to the female sex has always accompanied me throughout my life. This feeling was formed over the years, evolved all my experiences obtained during my growing up. One of these cases, I want to tell you.
There were the eighties. Senior classes is not only a large amount of training, but the period of maximum stress during puberty. The boys are drawn, there is interest in the opposite sex. And the opposite sex matures, rounded and begins to worry about his seductive forms. There was a time when I was helping a local electrician to adjust the lighting in the gym. He openly shared with me part of the profits from the schlock, so that my work was reinforced and financially.
Once I was in his closet, to finalize several fixtures, so they can be mounted on the following day. The room was located in one of the premises of the sports hall. I must say that in the hall doing all sorts of sports clubs after school day: volleyball, football and gymnastics. Of course, the past always made me the appropriate interest.
Once again, it was the eighties. Sex did not exist in the country, a woman's body to consider the details could only be either on the beach or in the imported clandestinely outspoken foreign journals or in competitions in rhythmic gymnastics. By the way, I think this competition and so popular, especially among the male half of the population.
Therefore, when I was granted a minute of free time, I crawled out of the little room electrician and watched from the corner of the classes gymnasts. They form tight and captivating poses, have repeatedly raised my blood pressure and stress in the pants. I spied while gymnasts coach did not drove me back to the room. Electricians slyly grinned, but did not stop me to contemplate flexible damsels.
And here, once again, I sat and did the installation of the lamp. Time was already late, and I have decided that it's time to go home. Here I was attracted to the voices in the hall. Strangely, the artist has finished the class, but in the room there was someone. It is true sometimes, especially the guilty, the coach left for additional classes. So perhaps it was this time. Carefully, I left the room and went over to the parapet, separated the hall from the gym. There are three girls twittered.
They were discussing something, laughing. Occasionally one of them started to perform some exercises, and the other looked at her and commented on. I stood in the shade, so they did not notice me. The discussion went in different directions until they concentrated on boys. The things I did not know: who is friends with whom, with whom kissed whom walks and so on.
Finally, after talking, each beginning to perform its sequence of exercises. It looks like they were preparing for the competition and secured the results of training. In my pants I felt cramped. The girls jumped around the room, bullied legs, sat down on the strings, and much more. Finally they stopped and huddled in a pile began to talk again.
To my ears the words that one of the girls involved in the presence of her boyfriend naked. Naturally, the girls raised her to laugh. She tried to convince them otherwise, then sounded phrase that then it will not be poorly run program is now bare. She first embarrassed, which caused still another shaft accusations of lying. She pursed her lips and complained, throwing the mace on the floor and began to unzip form.
My tongue stuck to the sky. That's what I dreamed of, can be realized right now! Girl unzipped and pulled off his form. To my disappointment on her panties were, but because the chest was something to see. Of course it was not the form, of which dragged men. Small mounds of breasts and brown halos with protruding nipples.
I quietly squatted down to me at all was seen trying to scare me what he saw. Girls zagaldeli immediately that it is necessary to remove all, or will not be purity of the experiment. Nude snorted and pulled in one motion and briefs. All my roof blown off, and the member who gets hurt ran into his pants.
Loboc girl was smooth, came forward with tightly compressed lips. She had no qualms raised the mace and the beginning of the performance. What I saw was an accomplishment all boys school. Such kinds of naked girl no one, at least from our class, not seen. A couple of times she lifted up her legs, standing sideways to me, and I could see her pink core spaced jaws.
After completing the exercise, she went to her friends, and now it was her turn to take them on a little. Girls initially protested, but argumentative arguments made and cast off the form. The bodies of the remaining two were a little more took shape. One breast is a little drooped under its weight and had a large halos of pink, while the second hill breasts were like a pyramid topped by small brown halos. All nipples were stretched.
What happened next, you can see only now in private clubs. The girls jumped around the room, sat down on the twine and bullied legs like cancan dancers. I was blown away completely. This I imagine could not imagine. The girls laughed, cried out something to each other. Finally they stopped and started picking things out of breath. All training is over. I barely crawled to the bathroom and took a breath. To tell you will not believe.
After waiting a while I was going home. Out of the room, locked it, and ran out into the hall with the already-dressed girls. Three column froze in front of me, and I smiled sweetly to them. When tetanus have passed, she began to gently inquire me what I'm doing here and I left the room. With a sly smile, something I naplel them, not failing to point out that a couple of times out of the room.
The girls froze and has actively started to inquire what I saw. This game has me tired and I honestly admitted that he had seen how they rode naked through the sports hall. All three of them immediately became crimson, and I take so tell lies, even took a few pictures the camera. It was pure crap, no camera at that time it was impossible to make such images, but the girls did not know.
Then they literally pinned me against the wall, demanding to light the film. We bickered for a long time, until I told them not promised that no one would know what had happened, and photos (that were not in sight) will never see the light. In turn, I was promised that when the girls will be additional training, they will engage in naked and would not oppose my presence.
I must say that in the future they clearly fulfilled its promise. True there were few such cases: that I was not in the evening, in the hall there were other girls. But whenever it was possible, I would sit on a bench in the hall, while girls were engaged in front of me in the nude. Pretty soon they will no longer be ashamed of me and I was even allowed to participate in their conversations. With one of the girls, Lena, we began a closer relationship.
It happened when she was late for training. The coach got mad at her and chased up a sweat. At the end of the training it was obliged to give room in order and remove all. Naturally nobody waited and she was left alone. I crept out of the room to her and helped to get out. Lena was exhausted all the training, so that almost all I did. In the end she gratefully kissed me on the cheek and went to the locker room. Suddenly she stopped halfway:
- Do you want to take a shower? I'm so wet, and you've done for me.
- You're asking me to wash up with you?
- Well, yes, as a thank you. But without hands, and that no one knows. I agree?
- Well, - I mumbled.
It's one thing when you look at someone, but to undress himself. Hands trembling slightly ... and Lena went to the locker room, unbuttoning form. I rushed to the front door and locked it, and then ran to the locker room. Lena was already in the shower, there was heard the splash of water. False move and he took off his clothes and went into the shower.
Shower was a small room with two nipples shower, located opposite each other. The room was already all in the couple and the couple pinker the girl's body. I turned on my shower and began to wash, looking sideways at Lena. She was thrilled by jets of water not paying attention to me. She had the very elastic protruding breasts with small nipples. Water flowed smoothly on its sturdy body and slender legs.
Member began to take the stand and I immediately turned back to the girl. But it was interesting and I looked at her over his shoulder. It's one thing when the girl jumped in front of you at a distance. Now naked body was literally at arm's length. I squinted a look at Lenin crotch. Loboc was completely naked and heavily favored over the underbelly. Sexual lips slightly apart and between them appeared a little clitoris. In the female anatomy, I was a little savvy.
When I looked up, I saw that Lena was looking at me. I immediately turned away, but his ears reddened issued me with giblets. Lena laughed and I did too.
- You, too, turn around, - she said - but somehow not honestly obtained. You I was treated, and I will not.
I slowly turned to face her and rested his head is a member of one eye in her face. Lena stared at the dick, it was clear that she sees him for the first time in such detail. My embarrassment once passed, then I'm not the only one. So we washed for some time, looking at each other.
- Soaped my back please - asked Lena.
I went over to her and began to drive the soap over her back, then grew bolder and began to drive his hand. My cock immediately leaned into her buttocks, although I tried to clean it up. I saw from behind Lena smiles. Emboldened, I became very spread lather first across the back, and then on the sides, occasionally brushing his fingertips breasts hips. Then I switched to the lower back and buttocks immediately became a lather. Lena jerked a little, but did not pull away.
Then I said I also want namylitsya. We swapped and now Lena began soaping my back with their soft hands. Finally her hands down on the buttocks and began to knead them even a little bit. Member was already a stake and I even zaboyalsya, as if he did not burst. Suddenly Lena slid his hands on my hips and his hands dropped crotch.
His eyes bulged, and the warm hand went through the scrotum and began to roll it between his fingers. Second hand lay on the barrel member and began to stroke. He became a member of the trunk of wood. Palm slid along the trunk, occasionally pulling back the foreskin. To her it was convenient, Lena clung to my back. Loboc exactly rested in the hollow of the buttocks, and hard nipples - in the back.
All this was the limit. I started and finished. Maiden's hand holding the trunk, and he fires a portion of the portion of the life-giving seed. When the shots are exhausted, the girls hand several times went through the trunk and finally released. I am a red mug and panting turned to Lena.
- It is wrong for a long time to be nervous. For a man, it's bad, - said Lena - I read the book.
In what book she was reading, I did not recognize, but only immediately drew her to him and stared with a kiss on the lips. From such audacity even I myself was taken aback. I just wanted to give us something to thank my girlfriend. Lena did not resist and did not resist. My hands held her to me, and his hands gripped firm buttocks. We kissed a few moments, then she pulled Lena.
- Enough, enough. But then again aroused - she giggled, but not moved.
- Can I touch you there, - I whispered, not hoping for reciprocity.
- What do you know what. I already broke all the rules of a decent girl.
My own hands dropped and I looked at her apologetically.
- Okay, hero lover. Only I myself will guide you.
Lena stood up against the wall and spread her legs a little. I pressed against her buttocks as she was. One of my hand she placed on his chest, showing how to caress the nipples themselves hill. The second my hand, she placed it on the pubis. The middle finger plunged slightly between pussy lips. Inside, it was wet and very slippery. This I now know that she was very excited, and then I was even a little nasty. But I overcame this feeling, trying to concentrate on the movements.
Lena showed how to move your finger on the clitoris, occasionally taking the grease out of the holes. And as soon as I realized that I learned, let me float freely. Our tiskane long continued. Lena was also very excited. She immediately became very clitoris crawl on my finger and moaning softly. Lena Moments later a deep breath, sighed. Her body twitched a few times severely, and lower abdomen cramp. Just on a whim, I realized that she had the same thing and I have a few minutes ago. Only it happened in her own way, as a woman.
Lena went limp and leaned her head against the wall. I continued to carefully and gently stroked slippery finger on the clitoris. A little sliding the finger deeper, I found a hole, and even dipped into it a phalanx. Lena mumbled something, but did not move away from me. I dipped a finger deeper and wider Lena suddenly parted legs. My finger in the hole fell by almost half.
Inside Lena it was soft, hot and slippery. I began to move his finger inside, feeling lurking hole girls. It seems that she liked it. She began to move her hips as if she nasazhivayas finger. With lips began to fly light moans. The fingers of the second hand I put on the clitoris and two hands massaged Woman.
Lena jerked again in a few minutes. Again her stomach shrank sharply, but now I felt that everything inside is compressed. Finger embraced mild captivity several times. Now Lena herself took the finger of himself and shifted my hands on the body. I realized that it's enough. I gently pressed against her hot body and gently stroked her hands cute bulge.
Turning to me, Lena kissed me on the lips and silently walked out of the shower. They dressed in silence and we are also only at the exit of the hall Lena said:
- I've never had it so good. Thank you.
- I was also happy with you. If possible, we repeat?
- I do not know, - said thoughtfully Lena - Maybe. At least, I will not give up.
Reddened, she ran away from me.
At the end I will add that it was my first kiss and the first experience of fondling women. Naturally, the woman patted me for the first time. Then we have three times repeated our experience foreplay, but the continuation was not followed. Lena was transferred to another section, and we lost sight of each other. But the first experience, he's never forgotten ...


In the beginning was the body. Really, at first I said only her body. Valentina was simply superb. I met her at a friend's birthday. Beautiful body, packed in tight-fitting sweater and jeans, immediately riveted my attention. The body moved gracefully and naturally. With an effort, I forced myself to tear your eyes away from the charms of women and focus on her face.
Valentina is necessary to describe in detail. Pretty pug-nosed face, clean and bright, was framed by curly red hair. Brown eyes languishing in the depths of glittering lights. Plump lips and slender neck that threw small gold chain. Breast immediately attracts attention because it is clearly dissonant with the slender body. They are, in my opinion, has long exceeded the size of the second and in all aspired to the third. The narrow waist contrasted with rounded hips. And all this splendor finished two pairs of elastic buttocks and slender legs.
Later I learned that Valentine professionally engaged in artistic gymnastics. But, unlike his fellow member in the shop, her figure did not look like a slender reed flexible. Everything about her breathed femininity and beauty. It was an exact miniature copy of the adult woman, even though she was just sixteen years old. I could not go ...
We met with her pretty quickly. It was an interesting conversationalist and we had fun. During the dance appreciated firmness of her breasts, as Valya was not wearing a bra. Naturally, I took her to the house and we have an hour kissing and entrance. I was puzzled at first, it is easy to go on Valentine convergence. I kissed it cool: with relish and passion. Then I inquired about it, but in a voice say that she a decent girl. Modesty, of course, I did not notice, but the information has been encouraging. She was walking with a guy, they were even lovers. Then they parted, so that the way for me has been opened.
We began to meet. Flowers, cinema, kissing in the park. All developed for everyday scenario. Valya has allowed me to fondle her buttocks and breasts, but not allowed to climb under clothing. Bras is fundamentally not wear and so when I gently squeezed her breast, elastic nipple rested my hand. I decided to speed things up a bit and Valya invited to a party at a friend's country house.
There were going to three couples and us. The house was out of town and upcoming overnight. Valentine immediately agreed and we arrived at the scene. I suspect that it is well understood that to happen at night, but not filed, and mind. We had a great time walking through the woods, grilled kebabs and drinking red wine on the veranda. Everything was just perfect.
When it's time to pack, then the hosts emerged embarrassing situation. They knew that we were not from the Valley has such a close relationship that we lay together. But Valya strongly headed for the room selected, taking my hand. The room we were given on the second floor. I honestly had no idea how I behave. On the one hand Valya did not give me no reason, on the other hand she pulled me to her room.
We visited a bit small room with a king-size bed. It was cozy and warm. Valya turned on a night light on the table and began to undress first. First, through the head he pulled off the sweater, exposing her breasts hills. They are appealingly alluring and swayed from side to side. Then she began to unbutton his jeans. I tried to keep up with her. On the shorts, I slowed down and looked at Valya. She is standing with his back to me, strongly pulled small panties, showing me the firm buttocks, and quickly ducked under the blanket. I strongly took the remaining piece toilet and turned to the bed.
Valentine interested looked at me, and in his eyes shone with devils. I was difficult to confuse, so I do not hurry, pulled back the covers and lay down on his side and smiled at her friend.
- Well, as we hold the remains of our evening? - I asked.
- What are the proposals - Valentine laughed, - offer, I'll look at everything and choose the most suitable.
- Well, given the situation, I propose to do the most ancient game - sex.
- And it's all the offers? - Valya surprised.
- Well, I can offer you a massage, or just go to bed - I pouted.
- No, the first proposal looks very tempting. But I suggest you first pomassiruesh my back, then I tell you, and then too sex turn.
- Just want to ask you. How to protect the account. Here in the bedside table there is a condom.
- No gum. I love all natural.
No sooner said than done. Valentine lay down on my stomach, I sat down on her buttocks and placing a member in the crease of the buttocks. My massage she liked. Valya softly purred, and when I went to the buttocks, began to buckle in the back. Ass she was dense and firm, like all athletes. When I was finished with my back, Valya quickly turned back and smiled at me playfully.
The first time I saw Valentin in all its natural beauty. Dense breasts slightly parted, without losing the shape. Light brown nipples with small halos clearly looked up. Fell into a tight tummy with a neat navel ended convex and perfectly smooth pubis. Plump lips sex could not hide protruding mound clitoris.
- And where hair on the forehead? - I was surprised.
- Are you from the moon fell? All athletes shave that did not jump out of a bathing suit.
- But not all the same!
- And I do not like how they look. They're in my red, almost red. Do not you like it?
- No love, just unusual.
We continued the massage. Breast feels were not worse than at a glance. The nipples immediately stiffened, and she breasts, it seemed to me, to pick up from my caresses and became even rounder. Tummy was hot and elastic, and crotch soft and gentle. A couple of times I even ran his fingers between sexual sponges, from which they are slightly parted. Val opened her legs a little wider, as if commanding me to continue a little more confident.
I did not wait. Cleft Wali already humidified and I have only to smear grease on the whole pussy. Finger on the lips slid, climbed a little deeper and a little rubbed her clit. Valentina closed her eyes and softly moaning. Then she suddenly opened her eyes and commanded me to change places.
Now warm and delicate hands massaging my back. Then they went below, and soon became a force to knead my ass. Playful finger penetrated between the buttocks, touching the opening of the anus. I immediately became uncomfortable to lie down, put his dick in bed. I immediately rolled onto his back and put his dick in the Valais stomach. She smiled, but first stroked my breasts with his hands.
Then resolutely he took up the penis. He immediately came to life and began to strain in her hands. Val smiled, bent down and immediately took the dick in your mouth. Barrel tensed immediately, taking the firing position. Valentine sucked efficiently and skillfully. He chasing the crown in the mouth, licking the barrel. Finally, satisfied with his condition, she stood up and carefully sat down on a member.
Barrel confidently and easily entered in a wet vagina, immediately penetrating to the full depth. Bringing a little sat without moving, leaving the cock deep inside, and then slowly began to move. Inside was a narrow and soft, and only the presence of an abundant lubrication allowed him to slide easily in the hole.
That intercourse increased slightly. Valentine then moved along the barrel, then twirling hips, then rocked from side to side. It has become harder to rub on my pubis pubis. To help her, I slipped a finger between our pubic hair and rubbed her clit. Valya immediately zaohala loudly and began moving his hips faster. A little more, and she had finished, clutching my trunk muscles of the vagina. But that did not stop intercourse. After taking a rest on my chest, Valya began to move again.
She is the type of women who are willing to tell the whole world that they feel good and they end up again .... Val moaned and screamed loudly and juicy. From her throat escaped a variety of sounds and moans roulades. When he had finished the second time, crying out loud, she threw herself at me and demanded to continue in a different pose.
We turned over and now I was on top. Valya threw her legs on my lower back and help my movements, pushing the hips forward and striking heels on my ass. The third orgasm was no less intense than the previous ones. Only now I force girlish body was left at all. She stretched out on the bed like a rag doll. I had to put it in a knee-elbow position and peck on.
Now the cries were drowned out by a little bed, which buried my mistress. I gripped her hips and strongly pushed onto the trunk. Approach and my orgasm and I wanted to finish with the Valley. But she had turned out badly. Numerous orgasms quite dulled her sensitivity and, therefore, it had to stimulate stronger.
I became severely crush the clitoris between your fingers, almost pulling for him. Second hand I pulled and squeezed her nipples breasts. Valya is simply grunted and finally finished in fourth. When the vagina began to fall, I allowed myself to relax and finish. Half a minute I poured hot body in his seed, and it seemed that it would never end. Finally, I sat on the bed, and Valya remained standing cancer, some more moaning.
We somehow brought myself up and relaxed on the bed spread. Lazily talking, we fell asleep. It woke me the feeling that my penis someone pulls. Valentine is turned on his heels and sucks the trunk, from which he had already made a fighting stance.
- Are you a little - I was surprised.
- I would like, - said Valya, letting head out of his mouth.
We went in a pose "Diamonds" and I began to lick the hole girlfriend. Soft and warm sponge easily parted to the side, letting my cock in the hot hole. Valya softly moaned as his mouth was busy with my cock. Along the way, I began to massage the girl's anus with his finger. Due to lubrication it became easy to penetrate. Then I began to lick anus and tongue Val immediately moaned louder. Then she looked up from her nipples and said:
- I want to ass. Brush the whole there and inserts.
- And you dealt with this before.
- Do not talk, - Valya sighed, rolling over onto his stomach, - Act!
I widely spread buttocks with his hands and stared into the mouth brown hole. I moistened with saliva, trying to push them deeper. Member of the long-standing stake and I decided to send it into the prepared hole. Valya hands spread her arms ass and I began to penetrate.
The head slowly and at the same time easily penetrated inside. I stopped and gave the girl a little getting used to. Then he pulled out a member, spat on to reveal the hole and abruptly put back member. Val screamed, but the hands are not removed from the priests. Member immediately flew at half, and the rest I centimeters, confident movement, introduced cautiously. Then I leaned over the body sweating girl and began to move.
Valya immediately began to respond to me, making it clear that he wanted more. I began to move more strongly, with a large amplitude. Member almost out of the gut, then completely submerged. Valya immediately began to moan loudly, and sometimes shout. I began to move faster, trying to find a point of pleasure in the girl's body. She was somewhere in two-thirds of the member length. I strongly pressed on her head, not forgetting to move the barrel. It is surprisingly easy to slide, visible hole has developed.
I wanted to do something a little more unusual. I picked up on my knees and Valya zadolbil its point forcefully. Valya cried in a voice and whirled booty. They were not cries of pain, and pleasure mad. The body of the girl shone with sweat, curly hair stuck together and become one Koltun.
I shoved his hand into the crotch and introduced two fingers into the vagina. I felt through the wall of the vagina, as the intestine moves into the penis. I tried to enter a fingers deeper inside the vagina ter, glided over the clitoris. Valya wheezed and finished. Her ass so squeezed my cock that he immediately stuck inside. We had to wait out her orgasm, and then move on. Val slumped his head on the pillow, and no signs of life. I finished in the completely unconscious body.
When I pulled out a member, I opened completely mangled the anus. I even managed to look inside and see the red intestine, all covered with white semen stains. The edges of the hole gradually shrinks, so I took hold of the region and much of their spread. It is not strange the edge of the hole and the hole opened succumbed in all its splendor. I could easily put in the four fingers. Satisfied with the inspection, I left the girl alone. Stacked Bring down on the pillow, I covered us with a blanket, turned off the bedside lamp and put his arms around a hot body.
We woke up only at noon. Valya was as if nothing had happened. We even fucked again. Sin was not to use the morning risers. All day the rest were released to us jokes as wild cries Valya did not let them sleep. As it turned out her cries of animals, and forced the rest to make love to the point of exhaustion.
Thus began our intimate communion with the Valley. Yet it turned out that after orgasm, and she received them at least three, she untied language. She told me how her former partner deprived of innocence as he taught her sex. He deprived her innocence in the ass and mouth. She told how he persistently stretched her anus, trying to achieve a certain elasticity parameters.
They parted rather trivial. She was just tired of it, when mastered the basics of sex and virginity lost aura. So I was her second. But there was something in it alarmed me. That activity, which she brushed his ability to have sex, suggestive.
Examples are many. One day she wanted to get fucked on the window sill that we had seen. A couple of times we had sex on the beach and we even saw some vacationers. She would be frightened, and she just more excited. Then she wanted to play in the rape and I turned into a strict master. I then tied her to the bed, then to a table and raped. Of course, it was no harm and I liked it even a little. I especially remember a time when I drove into the vagina Valentine bottle of beer and fixed it. At the same time, I fucked her in the ass a little spray of hairspray.
She liked the experiment and we bought a dildo four centimeters in diameter. Now both of her holes have been engaged in business. Valya with cum like crazy. It looks like it is inspired in the following experiment. Once, after such a dual relations, she offered me:
- What if we try a threesome? I think you will like.
- And the way you look, that you will fuck a stranger.
- Well, if you, of course, will not be jealous of me - playfully smirked Valentine - In fact, we are already doing this for a long time, instead of just an artificial member will be natural.
- And how do you propose to look for a partner?
- Take care of this myself. Who bringest order and loans. I'm all yours without reserve and obey your will.
After this conversation, I realized that everything goes to the fact that we part. Her desire to experience new sex was beyond my acceptance. I knew that if I did not, then she will find her two boys and still carry out his plan. And so I decided: I will fulfill all her desires, but on a serious relationship will have to forget.
A few days spent on the search for the other partner. And I found it. Sergei was my new friend. He almost did not know anything about us, so I invited him to participate in a session of group sex. It is, of course, agreed, and we came to the meeting with Valka by the end of her training in the section. Classes are held in a small room and we had seen plenty of other gymnasts. Valentine ... we saw and immediately understood. By the way, and the other girls saw us and all the gymnastic exercises quietly moved in our direction.
When the class ended, Valentine did so that she was closing the hall. We were left alone and locked inside. We met and mastered quickly. Valentine immediately began flirting with Sergei, and he reciprocated her. It was time to take the bull by the horns, I suggested Vale undress and jump in front of us in the nude. The notion that she arranged for us, would be forced to stand up and dead. Only the strings and stand what cost.
We quickly built a bed of mats and began to undress. This Valentine started doing stretching against a wall. We barely stripped shorts with rebellious members. Val, looking at us, just smiled and continued to excite us. We put her on an improvised bed and do business.
We first four hands and two mouths excites her. I licked Valkinu pussy and Sergei gave her mouth. Frankly, I liked the process. Then we swapped and put Valentin cancer. Serge first licked her fingers and inserted in the pussy, then tucked a member in the interior. Valya sighed and began briskly to sit down on our trunks. Each hit Sergei's mouth made her sit down on my cock.
We once again swapped places and I started to prepare Valentina's ass. Although the whole preparation was reduced to pushing in the lubrication hole in the elastic. When the anus well lubricated, I sent a member in the bowel. He naturally penetrated deep right. Serge only smiled delightedly and continued to ram the throat of our mistress.
Properly developing the ass, I offered Sergei try it. Naturally, he did not give up, and I made Valka to lick his penis. She eagerly joined in the process, but only that the member was deep into her ass. Naturally, we decided to make the penetration of the two bow.
I lay down on the mat, planted Wali pussy on his cock and pulled his arms around her buttocks. Serge was attached to the girl anus and slowly began to penetrate. I felt his cock as it millimeter by millimeter bore penetrates the intestine Valentina. Of course, living member of the couple is not artificial. Dildo can be positioned as you want, but a living man can enter only at a certain angle.
Val frowned, and even a bit of moaning in pain. Finally penetration happened and in my neighborhood got another member. Val panted, resting his hands on the mat. We gave her time to adjust and Serge began to move. At first I just lay there, feeling my cock massaging head Seryoga barrel. Then I, in the capacity measure, he began to move.
At first we did not work to move synchronously, but then we got used. We moved alternately, constantly encountering voice. Then they began to move synchronously, trying Push the members as far as possible. Valya became loud scream and twist booty, trying to restrict us. But we have already entered into the excitement and did not pay attention to her lamentations.
The first finished Sergei, drove a member so deep that I came into contact with the scrotum. While he is jerking his cock and I finished. Valentina refuel body with his seed, we cautiously got out of it and laid on mats. Val lay for a long time, trying to recover. We even had time to wash and dress. Then we helped her to tidy himself up and carried home.
Two weeks and Valentine did not think about group sex, and then again to the old. In total we have six months to fuck her together every week. Then Val wanted to introduce our company and we are the third boy to fulfill her wish. Now we're fucked insatiable once in three holes, zatrahivaya her to death. Valya liked the whole process to a disgrace. Once we earrings, quite by accident, raped her two terms in the vagina. Serge was labeled in the ass, and fell into the pussy. All are near and so well lubricated. We realized their mistake only when they began to finish, and Valka, it seems, this has not noticed.
The next item on her program became involved in an orgy. I had to look for such companies, and my quest to succeed. Two months we attended such gatherings where lustful Valentin had time to fuck up to ten lustful males. Every time I had to literally drag her home, because she did not have the strength.
The climax of her depraved desires was intercourse with a dog. You can not imagine how difficult it is to find a dog suitable for this. Found only shepherd that is so stretched her vagina node Valentina that we master dog entertained all evening, thrusting his hands into the wet hole girls. Thank God, she did not want anal sex with a dog, or feces did not stay longer in her gut.
I knew it was time to tie with Valentina. She became more and more to resemble the enraged nymphomaniac. And because I could infect anything. The reason for the break was my long trip to another city on business. Arriving there, I learned that Valentine went several times for group gatherings. I rolled her to the scandal and said that without me is treason. We're a little quarreling, and I left her.
Several years passed, and I learn from a mutual friend, that he was married to Valentina. He did not know about the past of the girls, and previous participants of orgies did not know him. He was just in awe of his wife. For glass, he said that it is an excellent housekeeper, caring mother (by the way, two children) and they have all great in bed. Suggestive careful questions I learned a lot.
Valentina fine having sex and he knows a lot of postures (well still!). It does not shy away from anal sex and even the ends of it (well, this thing she loved). I am pleased to be removed for a home porn (and this is something new!). In general, he became an exemplary wife. However, I crept into the suspicions that her husband grow great horns on his head, but ... Inside Man. I wished him a happy family, wishing to himself that he never knew of past adventures of the couple.

Psychology of Slaves (Part 1)

.... That not expecting, I made of female sex rabynyu.Ya hoisted her to have sex, both on unprecedented drug from the desire to get rid of that
impossible to drive that makes to go to all the most inconceivable
unizheniya.Menya Artm.E name last name Elena.Vprochem, first things first
Even in the age of the teenager, looking at some girl, and
desirable woman, I imagined myself a certain gentleman, for the object 1
... She imagined how she crawls in the legs, humiliated, gets beaten, but the stronger her pain - the more she loves me ... and now, at the age of 19ti years my fantasies come true.
I rested at the cottage of my friend in mid-June, when he suddenly
It needed to go into town for a couple of days. Friendship childhood bore fruit - do not hesitate to leave me the keys, he left early in the morning. I was
glad because since childhood preferred solitude or company
a person who is following me on some imaginary ladder.
So the first day I drank the entire stock of beer, staring, holding on
rooftop sunbathing devchnok..odnako they were kids, 14-15 years old, ugh, I instinctively felt that my calling - mature, adult females.
However, it had to choose, and I, bringing himself up decided
move to visit them, when it appeared.
Woman 32 years, perfectly folded, with the breast (if not mistaken) third dimension and straight black hair walked up the path to the (relatively) small house ... I think I was in a daze, went crazy with her perfect slim
legs, begins incredibly short shorts and ending
elegant sandals, from her breasts, which bulged under the checkered
shirt tied in a knot just above the stomach, but most shook
her gaze. Green eyes formed, already, by itself, have succeeded in
beast lives were so self-confident that the other term except
"queen" I did not come to mind. The closer she came to me, the
the more I felt that she was a little sweaty - God, how exciting it !!
Sure, I was for it meaningless boy to whom she
I came only to turning a little smoky nizkovat
tone, ask:
-Hello, young man, you're the owner?
O God, what does she mean?
-Ddda ... and chchchto? - He is not expecting such a stuttering I replied.
-Heat some kind, is not it? !! You see, I have money on
the train left, and give drink hochetsya..ne die of thirst? - on
surprise she smiled warmly and smile while I noticed a slight movement yazychka..ya felt like my body seemed to melt, though perhaps it was the whole reason for the June sun.
-Of course, the pass, arrange conductive. - A little come to himself, I said to her with a smile even more.
I missed it forward himself, inhaling the smell of stunning
creatures, led her into the kitchen, poured fresh water from the carafe and handed it to her.
She eagerly grabbed a glass and began drinking gulps and, as I
It seemed slightly moaning with pleasure. After drinking all for 5 seconds, she licked her lips and sat down with relief on the chair, crossing his legs. I
admiringly watched it all until she whipped me with his
overconfident look
-Well, what's your name? - It has been explicitly configured to a close acquaintance !!
-Artyom - I answered without feeling admiration, but no shyness
- and you?
She crossed her arms over her head, revealing a clean-shaven, and so appetizing
smelling armpits and said the name I remember for a lifetime:
-Elena.Davno the ... ahem, ahem, IS THAT YOU? - She surprised
He smiled, showing her foot on the monitor.
Oh hell, I'm there watching porn ved..postavil pause, did not expect
gostey.No there was a wave at me naglezha:
-Porn movies, and Th is not never seen?
-Ooooh, what an unexpected reaction. - A playful smile she said. -
Anyway, Tom, thank you for your help, it is time to me. I will not detract from the view.
She got up, but I caught a glimpse of her panties hair orange.
-Heh, good-bye.
And then I realized that I should deystvovat.Vernee, it is understood some
the other, the unknown Ya soon as she left the room, I ran back and
He grabbed her by the waist - Stop.
I doubt it, but it seems she did not expect such a scenario, the start
struggled, trying to kick me, with the result that both sandals flew.
-You Th doing, ubok!
-Psst ... - I dragged her into the hall, roughly thrown onto the couch and then nailed her hands with his own.
She was jerked beneath me, but could not do anything - I still had
a good physique to keep even and adult zhenschinu.Ya
He kissed her on the lips - surprisingly, it quieted down.
-Now listen to me, to be my pozhaluysta.Ty you
delicious, and you have no idea what I am for you gotov.Davay
I'll try to do something very, very pleasant, if you do not like it - you can get up and idti.Zapomni I - nasilnik.Nu not like?
-Hmmm ....- now she looked scared - well, let's try ..
I said nothing, but her tongue licked the sweaty neck, then moved on to the axilla, making the language of the circular rotary tender
dvizheniya.Ona subsided slightly postanyvala.Ya untied her shirt under
which did not have a bra, and he groaned in the form of its luxurious grudi.Tut also clung to him tongue, sucking first one, then a second, then licking at trough between them. My cock was already incredibly vzdyblen - but I kept the promise, just stroking Lena. Smell it again perspiring body drove me crazy - I licked the sweat from the skin, picking up the kiske.Snyav off her shorts, I noticed that the orange panties were pretty namocheny.Vdyhaya their smell, I through the fabric had a mouth on her vagina, causing the mouth of the Lena He issued a passionate breath.
My God, I do have nice mature woman! I pulled her panties to her knees, and deepened the language in the current pussy - the result: a series of even more passionate breaths. Then I very quickly started to make known a lot of movement "Propeller". Lena for me now just Lena, did not expect this and all bent, issuing a kind of "Whoa! " - And from the depths of the vagina on my tongue poured himself another piece soka.Ya was no less ecstatic, all furiously licking the intoxicating few moments dyrochku.Cherez Lena grabbed my head and pressed his face in her pussy - I'm feeling her orgasm allocated all saliva that I had at that time in the mouth deep into her - and almost simultaneously felt the salty taste of her juice.
Looking up, I noticed that Lena, panting, sprawled on
couch, repeating "Oh, God ... fucking .... ffuhh .... about .... "
-Well, still want to go? - I asked with a grin samodovlno
-No ... oh shit .... but I beg you, do not do anything else, I just
explode ..
-I'm on it and I rely - suddenly I chuckled and wrapped his lips clitoris.
-Noooo, Artem, I prosilaaaaa !!! Ahhhh !! Ooooooooo !!!!! .. - last
syllables she literally yelled.
I sucked the hump though very gently, yet with such
intensity Lena all twitching and intended again poterzat
vagina, this time with his own hand.
-Oh, no, sssuka, hands Nitsche you have no right to do !! Hands put
his head, otherwise do so here! - I'm a little nipped the clitoris, but this
it was enough that she shrieked
"What is it with me Oh, fuck - let it just lit like me at the time of our
vstrechi.Ona now my toy " - I thought, and at the same time I decided.
I processed language of her clitoris with excessive, it seemed to me, zeal.
Hole everything flowed and flowed, and her feet a second had not been in the same position
- then compressed, on the contrary, scatters. Observing the agreement, I was still three times
nipped lobe - when noticed that her hands were once again drawn to the pussy.
The second time she trembled and bent, uttering unearthly
cry ...... But I immediately came up with a new occupation.
-You do not want to leave, bitch? - I growled some bestial part of me.
-Ohhhh ...... no .... strange ..... I like it! - It surprised
cry was so weak that he was fit to regret it, but I'll defer to
This is my game a success - bringing her pleasure without violence
- only a little rough, I gradually tame it to sebe.Mozhet
be, at first, she wanted sex with me, and maybe one net.Fakt -
it is mine, mine in every sense, to a long and very enjoyable time.
I understand - she thought it was the end of the oral "torture "In any case, she was hoping that I would give her time to what's otdohnut.No - carried my childhood sexual fantasy!
I took a mobile phone, put on "vibration " - Licked the already wet pussy and flushed - and slowly drove deep into the entire phone so that she could not get it any other way, except by hand.
-So so - I'll move on time, I do not know how to come back soon - but boring
You will not, my dear. - With these words from a landline phone, I
dialed his cell, he heard muffled barely audible buzz "of
Lena "And a second - its doomed moan like a sob that
slowly it developed into vopl.Konechno she reached out her hands to
painful device, but I cut short the attempt, tying her hands behind
head cord for recharging.
-Neeee nadooooooo ..... - she floundered, but I had already left, taking the tube
steady himself.
I went to the toilet leisurely gait, smoked a cigarette, looking at how
the lights of houses on the other side of the river, looked at his watch - already
Twelfth floor nochi.Ya I am looking forward to presenting a squirms on the couch winner already rather razdrochennoy pussy, and managed to come up with a few new lessons for us.
I went into the kitchen, picked up from the refrigerator two cucumbers - chosen specifically
very large, I looked at his watch for 23: 47.Eto horosho.Predstavlyayu that it's going on, huh.
When I returned, Lena met me completely crazy
look, from her mouth dripping saliva - because each seconds raw convulsions it
simply did not have time to shut down, and the lower part of her body is still
I tried to remove the mobile phone, rubbing against the surface divana.Odnako it
resulting in excessive stimulation of the labia minora, and now instead she moans
all was making some kind of roar, similar to mine.
I threw "call" - And she is blissfully gasp again spread out on the couch.
Without a word, I untied her hands, ordered to stand. She tried, but knocked down his legs could not stand such a load orgasmic. What a luck.
While she was moaning, writhing on the floor, I built a special, and with
the simple leash - two clothespins primotat unnecessary
telephone cord - and a clothespin clipped to the labia of my slave. AT
She responded only feebly twitched.
"Well, right now you're going to run straight at me, bitch " - I thought, and angrily pulled over povodok.Prischepki survived, but Lena - net.Kak an hour ago, she screamed and jerked in my direction, zaplakav.V total, I made 7 of these jerks and dragged her to the bathroom. Minutely fulfilling my further orders, she climbed into the tub
-Now I'll make you an enema, I'm Hoping you will not twitch?
-.....Mmmmmm ........ oooooohh ... no, Artem ... - mumbled osolovevshaya
-I do not fucking believe it !! - I shouted, pulling "leash "; Followed by a scream -
take precautions.
I grabbed a shower, turned on the average pressure of warm water - and stuffed it into the already
swollen pain center, which recently called "vagina ".
-AAAAAAAAAAAA !!! Too deep !!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaahh .... - screamed
-It still is not "thereby". - I hissed and slowly twist
hot water tap
-Burns !!! AAAAAAAAAAAyyyyyyyyyyyy !!! ... - she began to squirm, but
soon I realized that the more she pokorstva pokazyvate, the more determined I
reduces the flow.
-So that. Now, proceed to the main. - With these words, I took an enema and shoved her anal.Konechno as such for it was already melochyu.Na
Surprisingly, very few bowel movements erupted - just in case I
applied enema three more times, then he lathered Lena's hand and put it
Also in popku.Tselikom.Ponachalu she gave a timid "Aa ... " - But after
I reached for the faucet zamolchala.Takim, the ass was is clean.
I turned the water off, disconnect it from all the wires and hoses, delivered at the hands of the bath, and sat, naked, in the chair on the veranda, undressed himself. Looking into her eyes I said the following:
-Now you do not Lena.Ya can call you any word - whore, or
slave, slut - and you have every second otzyvatsya.Ya will not make
You eat shit or something else in this rode.No accept the fact that your
genitals are swollen every day, maybe porvannymi.Orgazm
It will be almost the same in the usual sense of how breeze for you by
skin. My body for you - ideal and something svyatoe.Slovom you have MOYa.No
one thing. You still can leave at any time.
She looked at me with her beautiful tearful
eyes, thinking, then shook her head.
-That is, you do not want to go?
-More Horosho.Ty regret etom.Teper lie down on the floor at my feet and
lick them, while resolving to stand.
An adult woman dutifully spread out on the veranda floor in the moonlight in front of almost a teenager, and began to lick the fingers of his right nogi.Eto was nice. I pressed her left foot to the ground, thrusting deeper into his mouth right. Lit. I admit, I really wanted to force her to suck me, but I wanted to make sure that she did not know I was this stremilas.Poka how to organize it, and just enjoyed the power over this delightful toy.


Every woman has a completely idiotic feature common to all. Being the daughter-in-law ignored it for years, and to become in-law once, genuinely puzzled why it brought her grandchildren to the bride once every two years, and my wife loved son is coming to visit, and even rarer. And my mother, and my wife in this regard odinakovy.Zapomnivshayasya my trip "to visit my mother" began traditionally. It is traditionally I bought two tickets to the NE. It is traditionally the last moment his wife decided not to go to visit my parents. And quite by habit I arrived at the station for half an hour to deliver its promised Friday bilet.Vecher companion with absolute probability, so I "bullet" dressed in T-shirt and sweat pants, and began to look at the passengers through the window. Ten minutes before the departure of my attention a couple of young, good-bye on the platform. She constantly cried, clinging to the guy. The guy obviously stayed "out of place" in an attempt to quickly end the excruciating for him protseduru.Nakonets they parted, and my traveling companion, sniffing, appeared on the verge of a coupe. The little girl was 19 years, and instead of greeting she squeaked: - I thought, I'll go alone, just bought a ticket just before departure poezda.- This train does not happen, you could get only one ticket, which passed ya.Ya went into the vestibule to give her a chance to calm down and freshen up. The conductor collected the tickets, and I decided to go back into the compartment. It is easier to not become. The girl continued to cry silently, staring at the dark window. It seems worth it to intervene, although I am not a practicing psihoterapevt.Slovo per word. I'm her "conversation". The girl's name was Tanya, she was rushed to Moscow to see her lover, naively expecting a romantic reception. But, apparently, already work on their relationship. Favorite proved indifferent, he did not understand why she came to him, relations broke down again a few months ago. As a result, a naive girl's heart appeared broken. I expected, reprimand, it will calm down, but in this case, this method for some reason did not work. And I decided to tactile contact. He sat down beside her and began to stroke the brush of her hand with his fingers. The tone of my voice has changed, now I'm just trying to persuade her to stop crying like a little girl trying to persuade. When her narrow palm was in my hand, she suddenly clung to me his head and began watering with tears jersey. I began to stroke her hair, smoothing her hair light gentle touches. Then, most fingertips, I began to stroke her face, making collecting round movements from the ears to the center of the face. At first the forehead, then the eyebrows, temples and closed his eyes, from the ears via the cheekbone to the tip of the nose. Movement of my hands a little comforted her tears became less. When my fingers touched her lips, her mouth fell open, trying to catch my palets.V knock on the door, I got up to open provodnitse.- Tea? Coffee? Are you alright? - The final question addressed the weeping Tanechke.- It's okay - we both ordered chay.Saditsya I did not back, pondering the situation. My fellow traveler cloudy unseeing eyes stared thoughtfully ahead. She was not crying, but her breathing was still preryvistym.Zaperev door coupe for the conductor, I made the move to Tanya and led her out of his stupor phrase: - Play with mnoy.Ona woke up, and then I pulled off his pants in one motion with shorts . Tanya was confused, no longer stir the tea, she froze, staring at my cock, peacefully hanging 20 centimeters in front of her face. Raise your eyes to look at me, she did not dare. Apparently, the view of the male member near acted on it mesmerizing. I was waiting. Finally, she touched my pubic hair with his fingers and began to gently comb them timidly. Second hand slid to the testicles and began to stroke them. Her breathing returned to normal. Tanya was affectionate girl, and after a while these soothing gentle movements, my cock began to wake up. Now he is stuck forward, breaking between the girls' palms. Apparently, he started to smell like something in a special way, because her breathing became agitated. Tanya was fascinated. Thumb and forefinger she took it close, then release the head from the foreskin. From a member of the weasel he rose quickly vertically. Chubby was the nastoyaschey.- techesh? Instead of answering, he kissed the head of his hot dry lips, parted them and hand sent a member of his mouth, trying to swallow by the first movement of the whole thing. I groaned a general expectancy affection, hugged her head with both hands behind his head, plunged his fingers into her hair, instantly razlohmativ them. He began to stroke and caress her head to the beat of her sucking movements. We were got stronger and stronger, my thoughts began to go awry, I even began to wonder: is not the next step to do? But the initiative did not belong to me more, tear Tannin the mouth of my cock was impossible. Finally, she gently squeezed my throbbing cock with his lips, his tongue pressed against the palate, and I began to cum ... cum .... finish ... She released my member exploded from his mouth. And froze with his mouth full. Her eyes shone with some inexplicable light. It looks like she decided to swallow or not. I handed her a glass of tea has cooled down, and she swallowed .... I sat on her shelf, and she lay down on my knees, looking at me from below his eyes happy and content. I ran her hand in jeans. Panties were wet through and through, she tried to be ashamed, but entered a finger into her hot and wet hole, and since jeans were fastened with a zipper, it could not be released. I began to caress her clit, trying to dip his index finger as possible glubzhe.- can question? I nodded How did you know that I'll do it? I thought for a moment and otvetil.- Firstly, why women's tears? From lack of male recognition. You cry from what you all so romantic, beautiful and good, suddenly useless. And I trust you my most vulnerable, the most expensive to me intimacy, you have put in her mouth their masculine essence, I would say: I need you! You're in demand! This - the recognition - And secondly? - The girl purred And secondly, do you like. Condom we have, of course, is not? - I tried to change negative temu.Ona shook her head: - Can I still suck - Can - settled for more convenient?. One leg left on the shelf, pinning her to the wall, swung on the second floor. Tanya rolled onto all fours and, burying my head against the belly, the beginning of the second round. In the car it was cool, and I have long enjoyed the contrast of their frozen in an air-conditioned skin and wet hot member in her mouth tannins.
After a morning of the third one a blowjob, she invited her to visit when I'm in his hometown. But when I called her a few months later, Tatiana married. And never more we have not seen it.

Against the rules

Part 1
Hello my name is Marina I am 32 years old, living with her husband and daughter, who recently turned 13, my husband is older than me for 8 years ... well, about myself I can say that I am a nice girl with delicate features, height 165 cm, green dark eyes and almost black hair ... I gave birth while studying at the institute, so we had to postpone their studies until later ... by the way during delivery caesarean I did t. to I could not pass a child ... Well then like all was formed, a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, by the way is very similar to me both appearance and behavior .... I graduated from university with a degree in "interpreter" and went to work at the institute, teaching English ... At first everything was fine, I was engaged in favorite business, interact with people every day in the morning almost jumps out of bed to go to work ... I must admit that I dress loved effectively, for example hated tights and accept no panties besides tango, my husband liked it t. to. he loved to clothing emphasized my ass, well thong is the best way ... is my favorite shoes is always high heels and a little black colors ... As for outerwear that is no skirt pants with the exception of travel ...
Well, that day I was wearing a very strict on me was just below the knee skirt, shirt, jacket my favorite shoes and dark stockings ... As for the underwear can only say it was a gift from her husband, well, a gift presented himself black silk piece of cloth with which Zadie did not close well, and nothing from the front a little tiny piece of cloth covered my shaved "girl "... Well, I gotova- I told myself looking in the mirror in the hallway ... I came out of the village in the bus, we had to go 20 minutes, sitting on the rear seats are best, I normally put the foot on the leg and opened a training manual, to see I have today will be in high school for a day ... Well, as usual at my feet and stared cutout which the morons, but there was something not foreseen that I felt the gift cracked her husband, and my hips pressure disappeared.
I was frightened in earnest, but we drove up to my stop and I had no choice but to do a run through the cabin weight while shorts have not fallen at all ... So I did, but as soon as I jumped out of the car down a present and hung on one leg to stop were two of my students who have witnessed this shame ... well, I threw her leg panties if nothing had happened, and greeted them went to college, feeling their eyes on their ass from that feeling was at first ashamed and then why the ache in the lower abdomen, and even the wind that blew under the skirt and caressing me ... Going into high school I immediately went to the bathroom on a small need, but sat down and realized that I have no panties, and unable to bear down on the handle of her pussy and began furiously rubbing the clitoris, starting at first one, then two fingers in the pussy itself, it did not last long and I finished soaking the whole hand and cuff shirts ... Coming out of the booth bringing myself up, I went into the audience ...
Today we had a set-off, more than half of the group I put machines, but I had had 6 guys that language Dov very hard, by the way among them were those two to stop ... it was 17 hours, and have passed the roofing 2, called and warned her husband that linger mustered terpeniyaYu I waited in their heads come at least some thought, well, apparently, and waited ... Sasha was the name of one of them was asked to go on perezdachu, took the record book and came out ... well, 4 boys still sat in silence, looking at them, I noticed a strange gleam in their eyes ... Well guys can prepare and perezdadite - I asked ... No, no I am ready to Alex I said, and started to come to me, sitting on against what he asked - How do you Marinochka no panties, no freezes ... Did you let yourself !!! - I said ... And then arose due desks Sergey and Vlad ran up to me and pulled out of his chair ... Ahh bitch schA we surrender all to you - Vlad shouted, and began to tear at my shirt with a bra ... Sergey is a jerk pulled up my skirt and put his middle finger in my pussy ...
Threw me on the table, Lesha pulled me to the desk so I could not move, and Sergei all enjoyed my little girl poking her finger, which was probably the size of a little less than my husband ... I screamed member twitched all bestolku t. To. Hand Leschi shut my mouth and the other held my neck ... Then I felt the severe pain and realized that Sergei put another finger in me and wielded already 2 fingers zadrachivaya my crotch, but failing to understand how wielded for 3 of my finger in me tormentor, Vlad does it all the time to keep my hands and cheering comrades ... in my eyes run down with tears brook flowed perfect makeup, and presenting himself to the side of his face smeared with shadows wielding his fingers under my ass and I began to get excited strange pleasure, and then she heard the voice of Sergei - Yes slut flowed, look guys, I have a whole arm wet ... then he pulled out of my fingers in my not had time to close the hole blew skvoznyachok.
Ahh .... - I prostanala, roughly finished, my rapists neighing, saying,
The ice was broken. . - Here I felt that something rests on me that something big and hot, I realized that it was a cock Serega girlfriend will not tell, that to when he started me go I like being torn apart huge club he served me a centimeter.. by inch, I tore at me like a rag I was afraid that I would die but he felt that his end ran into my uterus, and his balls hit at my hole ... Next was just a 5 minute Fucking t. to. Sergei with jackhammer pace fucked me slapping on my ass, I'm falling into what that crazy common impulse podmahivala him as the last whore, I do not even kept. Vlad and Alex stood and watched the whole picture of their podrachivaya embarking units that were very impressive size, but Aleksey filmed it all on the phone ... Suddenly Sergey increased the tempo and injected me with his seed, taking out a member of me went on and wiped it on my hair in its place immediately ran to the phone and Alex began to take off my rastrahannuyu hole from which oozed sperm my rapist ... Nichrome you developed it, this is called Lesch dyra- Sergei, who smiled in response, he said that was going to be at the bottom and left ...
- Well, that bitch still want - Vlad asked, raising my face by the chin, I'm dazed eyes closed ... But before he could come to his senses felt the member that abuts Vlad my lips, he arrogantly held my hair and drove a member of the face smearing her juices ... could not stand bolshii I began to lick his cock, I just wanted already fucked, I felt like a dirty rag that could wipe anything ... I lick his member moved to the eggs and then just planted on his machine which is difficult was placed in my mouth, which did not like this occupation though the husband and asked ... But in this position when weighing with a skirt at the waist even this morning I innocently kissed her daughter and her husband, by the way I was doing blowjob just 3 times, I ripped blouse hanging out my tits and rastrahannoy hole from which it is still warm semen flowed young Kobelkov I sucked as a cheap, trying to deliver maximum enjoyment ... Vlad. His cock literally tore my throat, but I liked it here, he called Lech offered to fuck me ... Coming together with Zadie he said that - Grey strongly stretched all here
Are you her in the ass - with a grin said Vlad
Feeling that the fingers Leshy Climbed first in my pussy, I relaxed thinking that all behind, but it was not there, Alex scooped up my juices with sperm Serege smeared mna ass and began to be administered to first one and then the second and then the third finger has orudyvali in my ass, I was badly hurt but t. to. The mouth was close member of Vlad, I could only mumble ... Feeling the pressure member Alex, I leaned forward to swallow cock completely ... and realizing the inevitability of ... relaxed letting Lesha a I lowed and tears flowed from his eyes, make-up has turned into a mess ... Alex has already begun to peck me, and I have felt nothing but humiliation from which I am infinitely cum ...
Ooooh - Vlad yelled pulling me into the penis and pulled my face and hair ... and Alex also did not take long, and pulled me in the ass, taking out a member, he wiped it on my skirt ...
I was lying in the middle of a class in a torn shirt, with the sperm on the face and hair, with battened down the skirt from under which could be seen two razebannye holes with consequent sperm mixed with blood, which dripped on my black stockings down and dripped onto the floor and realized that I was a slut and now I like to tear up so often and this became kayfovo ... Alex also made a couple of shots at your fucking cell phone and offered to take me home ... I do not wondering picked up her purse and we Lesha Vlad and earrings which are waiting for us at the bottom car drove home to me .... In the car, they forced them to me a couple of times still suck what I did with pleasure and as such all in the semen and disheveled I brought home ... Opening the apartment key thinking that her husband was asleep, I went into the bath ...
Going into the bedroom fell into shock from what he saw ....
Part 2
On the bed lay bare my husband, and deployed his little ass for me, too, stood on the bare lokotochkah my daughter enthusiastically doing blowjob, licking and smacking the whole room, the husband is holding her head is placed on his penis.
When he saw me standing in the doorway, they woke up and they both jumped under our blanket with her husband ... My husband began to make excuses, but I'm not losing a second came right up to her daughter and kissed her passionately, penetrating tongue inside her mouth, his hands, I slid down straight to her little Clitheroe and began rubbing his ... husband from what he saw was initially shocked, like daughter I have full caressing, penetrating fingers to one or the other hole ... and I thought that when I told her I thrust her fingers into the anus she liked more t. to. her moans became a deafening ...
Mom I want to finger there she told me guiding my hand myself in the ass, I could not resist and stuck first one finger and then another, and has 3 fingers trying to corrupt the young flesh of my daughter ...
Ooh Yeah !!! - I cried my baby and her body went limp, ...
Turning to her husband, I saw him lying, and jerking his cock watching us ... I crawled up to him took his penis in his arm about podrachivaya began to tell what happened to me, I was fucked, I liked it ... Turning to whom I showed the two rastrahannye ass holes that have still hurt ...
Oh blyadushka-whispered my husband and I finished the bay whole arm with his sperm, I leaned over and lapped up everything completely, opened her mouth and showed that there is nothing ...
Now everything will be new, you will be my personal whore, you and your daughter - he whispered in my ear. I smiled and nodded his head ... All three of us fell asleep ...
In the morning I woke up in bed was empty, went to the kitchen got there I found my favorite picture of her husband drank coffee, my daughter furiously sucked him under the table ...
So my whores day off, so you have fun today day
To be continued...

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