First Fantasy

Your photos awaken imagination in me. Here I come to you. You meet me at the door. Deep neckline dress by the host almost does not hide your magnificent breasts. We go. You sit down, raised floors dresses and opened my eyes your slender legs, from one species which throws me into a fever. You stroked her beautiful hands hips, and I see that the dress - the only thing that hides from me your beautiful body. Waves desires one after another engulf me.
You bend over to me and I can not take my eyes away from your luxury chest. It is not controlling myself, I clench my hands your beautiful shoulders. The dress slipping from them, opening my eyes all the splendor of your luxurious body. I pull you to him and bites his lips to your breast. I feel your nipples swell as the waves rolled sweet shivers through your body. Slowly covering your breasts with kisses, I omit you on the table. My hands slide over your hips, raising floors dress higher and higher. I go down lower and lower, and then, finally, I have to push the luxury of your hips. My playful tongue touches your trembling wet pussy. My hands squeeze your luxury chest. I feel a wave of sweet shiver shake your whole body.
I bow your ankles and breed in your hand slender legs. Finally, sharp push enter into you. I take you more and more. Your sweet moans break the silence. Your gorgeous body - a toy in my hands. You dream of only one thing - that this sweet struggle never ended.

Unexpected meeting

Vasily Sitnikov stuck in the port city of Krasnoyarsk. Tightly. No spear in his pockets. He wrenched them several times, but what's the point - if not gested, where did they come from? In, I was! So spree spree!
But you can not afford to ever let off after eight years of his release on strict mode? From the heart. So that the earth trembled. In Russian.
But in the end what? In his pockets empty, my heart - longing dog. Sadly. And yesterday was a eagle! Buhoi boarded the plane - flight attendant almost shoved out, thank you, the passengers stood up when he began to tear his shirt and throwing his hat on the ground, cursing a cruel fate, sorrow, which he planted for many years in the slammer damned.
Now the little man in a plaid coat adolescence - Kent did not find another - who was sitting in the corner close by airport full of people some uzhaty, crushed, dejected, not even remotely reminiscent of Uhar. And to him there should have been more to fly. Oh, it has managed to be born at the end of the world, in a forgotten God and the people of Yakutia cold! Parents blame Specifically, the ancestors What they could not sit in the Lower? Drew, you know, to new lands Empire! Her mother's leg
His stomach rumbled, roared in my head, and just sick. In contrast to the red suitcase sat wench in a grayish-yellow Shubenko faux fur, makes it all round and like a dirty polar bear. She was eating with appetite bread with sausage, eating some pickles from an open glass jar, standing in front of her to spread out a scarf. Right character from the movie about the Civil War. Occasionally her eyes stayed on Basil. In her eyes, the net-net, lurked some sadness but faded at the corners of the lips played a smile. Her face was in a small, yet very noticeable wrinkles, out of men's hats extorted large strands of reddish hair. "Go shoot something one cigarette?" - Thought Basil, and wanted to get up from his squatting position, then it and the woman called out:
- Guy!
Basil stood looking at her.
- Hotish not eat? If Che, so sit, dine with me, - he said the woman with a good sense of inexpressible voice exactly as said: - I see you hungry, mate. So, do not be shy.
And if someone is soft, but the ruthless hand squeezed Vasili throat, already caught his breath. This chest voice reminded another native of forgotten childhood. The mother came out as if from a time far blurred cute face father drank heavily, and almost every day she and her mother quarreled and fought, and once the mother was taken to hospital, and there she had not returned. The father began to drink even more, just sat down and died under the fence of his house. And ten years Vasek with his sister went on boarding yes orphanages. And at eighteen Bob thundered in the slammer. For hooliganism. First year. On freedom walked only a few months. The second time has flown for a long time - eight years. One jaw in a pub emptied completely. And the fight was something trifling, so easy either because of what. A man entirely unknown. They could return to their life and never meet. Mug is not shared, but so drunk the blood splattered in the head, so off we go. And, here, podi you - eight years. It turns out - not zhmis. Now free. From bell to bell. Basil handed tickets to Krasnoyarsk, because from Tashkent to the small of his homeland flights were not, and a hundred rubles for the further journey. What do hotish
- Thank you, - Vasily growled. - I is not hungry
- Do not be shy. Sit down. Thank you is not enough of bush - and she moved a little, pointing place alongside, say, land.
And Basil already tearing the bread, sausage hands, dragged mushrooms from Krynki. During his ears already crunched.
- Here, I'll say, hungry - quietly said the woman, looking at him. - And you eyes to Natalia dale they call me. And you what? And what's the matter, man? Where are you flying?
"Natalia?" v Vassily thought, and his heart was pounding strongly. After all, his mother was the name. Basil looked at the woman again askance and unexpectedly began to tell everything about yourself, not concealing anything, not embellishing. And then the face of Natalia changed drastically - she frowned and began to stare intently at Basil, the blushing, then pale, then he asked:
- My head hurts?
- Rattles, - said Vasily.
Natalya reached into the bag and pulled out a bit of an opened bottle of vodka. She poured a glass and handed it to Basil:
- Heal.
- Wow-a fairy tale .. - with these words Vasily one breath knocked a glass content. He sat, feeling spreads over the body a pleasant warmth, bliss. Life again flashed all its joys, and he gasped:
- Ah, now would still smoke!
- I have a cigarette, - said Natalia from his pocket and pulled out a wad of fur "prima"- Kuri.
- Well, you, Natalia, is indeed a fairy - Basil shook his head.
* * *
When he stood smoking at the door of the airport, back Natalia's voice:
- And who is waiting for you tama?
- Sister Yes, I do not know now exactly where she went or what?
- I, too ... ... ... from the edges once lived there - she said thoughtfully, and roused herself: - Today I will fly at night. Guests here with my sister for a week. Homesick all! The farm I ... znash that, I leave you my address. If anything, come. We need workers in the farm hands.
She held out a piece of paper.
- And tomorrow I proshvyrnus the city. Well have to earn, - said Vasily.
- And how do you podzarabatyvat bush? Month? Year? A bush to live where? - Natalia asked.
- Eh! Where we did not disappear! - Said Basil.
- Hey, Bob! - Natalia breathed in the face Basil. - Come with me. I told you, at the farm there is a place for you!
Thought Basil, then he says:
- Duck because I still do not have money.
- I'll pay for you, - answers is Natalia. - Then rasplatissya
And then he waved his hand Basil:
- And let's go! What is the difference - where Russian peasant to die!
* * *
So Basil was in this village lost in the taiga.
Home Natalia was an old, but still strong pyatistenkom spacious vestibule. The yard was big, full of buildings.
- I have cows, pigs, chickens. Economy! - I said, coming into the house, Natalia. - Tomorrow I'll istoplyu bathhouse. Depart the soul and the body. Now pouzhinam ...
She was sitting opposite, resting cheek on his hand, and looked at how greedily eats Basil.
- You know what, Vasily ...
- What? v He looked up from his plate and glanced at Natalya.
- You know what ... v hoarse voice she said. v You ... you ... because my son ...
I cried Basil and jumped to his feet, pushing his plate. She fell on the floor with a crash and shattered into small pieces.
- What-oh? !!! My own mother died ...! ... !!
- Live I, Vasya ... Live!
Vasili sat down and, speechless, staring at Natalya.
- With your father, we lived like cat and dog. Strongly he drank ... Bill almost kazhny day ... Once beaten half to death ... In the hospital got ... And I was taken to the city ... Long treated, and when I came back, you have to Verka something it was. I was looking for you, but they told me that you died in an orphanage ... v face Natalya rolled tears. She cried silently. v And I went to her sister, to Krasnoyarsk ... but the city could not live ... It's arrived, and now, almost twenty years I live here ... milkmaid ... I did not tell you that there because I was afraid to escape v ...
Shocked Basil could not utter a word, but my heart warm blurred previously unknown sense of peace.
They sat on a bench by the stove. His mother stroked his son's head and said something, and Basil silently smoked one cigarette after another ...
Then it is his bed in a spacious room, and she went into the other, on the contrary. Light extinguished.
Sleep would not come. Lying Basil Dumka and all thought. Then he got up, pulled a cigarette from the pack, lying next to his chair, walked over to the window and lit a cigarette. A small light bulb is snatched from the darkness of the circle, covered with a thick layer of snow that sparkled with thousands of stars like Christmas tinsel. A few days ago Vasily was among the hot summer Central Asia
"Ma-ma ... v quietly uttered Vasili thought. v When I last spoke that word? ... .. weaned completely lost touch ... But miracles ... miracles and only ..." If he believed in God, he said: "Fertile thy works, O Lord!"
It was quiet. Not just quietly and calmly. Only occasionally somewhere barking dog
"That is the safe haven, - Vasily thought. - Mother's comfort Eh"
The room erupted Natalia light lamp, and her voice rang out:
- What, my son, I can not sleep?
- Yes, I do. I think - said Vasily and peered into the room.
Natalia in a long ankle-length white shirt sitting on a large bed.
- Melancholy? - She asked.
- Why? - Basil shrugged and smiled quietly. v How do I with my mother ... can be sad?
- And you were a woman? v Natalya asked.
- No. So random and only ...
- Do you want?
- How? v Basil breath.
- Babu poebat - as a dumb word easily said Natalia.
Like Basil nailed in place. He stood there and said nothing.
- I do not longed to prison for many years for the Baba? - Natalia asked again.
Basil swallowed and only vaguely shook his head.
- I can tell you a hand to ... After all, I have not had ... the guy ... And you have a great ... just like someone else ... And we are is a man and a woman ... You like?
- Yes, I have .. Yes, I do - Basil muttered.
Briefs already vomited on the head.
- Come here, - said Natalia and when Basil, as if hypnotized, approached her, put his hand into his pants. v You see what he will have a strong ... I'm all wet ...
She just sat back and took off his shirt over his head:
- Look, Bob.
Waist spilled large breasts with brown nipples. She lifted the bottom of her hands shook and sighed:
- Fifth resolution. I do not wear Bras
White was in her stomach fat folds, and she was in a big blue trousers up to the knees.
- Well, how do you? - Natalya gasped. - I live alone, without a husband does not have High-grade plaguing So, all in the wings, where and how torknessya and all
Basil just grunted.
- Come to me, I will appease Bob, - said Natalia, removing his trousers, and lay on her back, scattering legs. v It is the Lord both of us made a gift ...
Reveal between thick white legs Natalia red shed framed by red hair. She immediately covered his hands.
- Go on, do not be afraid And then find another young, so just go away will not hold - breathing hot Natalia.
Dizzy Basil, and he stepped forward, taking off her panties and if diving into the pool. He fell on a soft pliable large body of Natalia and hurriedly began to poke the flesh Intermedia her feet, where everything was wet. She was gasping for breath, he grabbed his flesh - her hand was warm and rough - and quickly sent it in hot damp crevice. Flesh covered only a circle, as if sucking, and Vasily immediately ejaculated sperm fountain.
- Ooh! - Natalya moaned, with the power of embracing Basil rough hands. - Rodnenky mo-th Sweet son, come on! Come on! Fuck me! Fuck!
Immediately right inside completely wet vagina again reared young energy and Basil began pounding furiously on Natalia, who had just moaned, she sighed, somehow laughed loudly-shouted loudly
So I flew night
In the morning if Basil fell into darkness when he woke up, it was quite light. Next, hugging his neck, snoring completely naked Natalia, pouting like a child. Her breasts collapsed on his shoulder, and one nipple, large and brown, stuck right in front of the eyes of Basil.
His heart was so quiet, calm and happy. He carefully removed his hand from the mother herself, stood up and made his way into the next room where his clothes lay, dressed and went out into the yard.
It was a clear day. On the blue sky shone brightly cold sun, snow whitened and blackened scattered at a considerable distance from each other's houses, buildings. Basil took a deep breath of fresh frozen air, stepped forward, went to the woodpile, grabbed an ax and, grunting with the force drove into a large circular log:
- Uh-oh!
It crunching shattered in half.
Basil turned and shouted:
- Oh-ho-ho !!!
Frightened crows cawing displeasure, scattered soared into the blue sky.
- I, Vasily Sitnikov, I will live here forever! Be-echno !!! Hear !!!
A porch was standing, smiling, mother
But what remains to be a man? What does he want for earthly happiness?

Sister classmates

That May evening it was quite hot. I then studied at 11
class, dressed not great, but not too bad: in jeans with a low waist and a white T-shirt, tight to my body, exposing the inflated
Strong arms. Long brown hair, I trimmed and now my face
It looks more manly, and brown eyes, and even boldly
defiantly. Nearby sat a small company interested me
only the fact that my older sister was with them I odnoklassnitsy.Videl
vpervye.Eto was 19 years old girl with straight hair and golden eyes, her gray tsveta.V there was something special: quite pale
skin, thin lips, denim jacket hid grud.No here's what I would be interested and legs.
She wore a black mini skirt that showed
how they izyaschny.Ee legs were very shapely, and black shoes on
high heels emphasized that her skirt was seksualnost.Razrez
so deep that was visible delicate edge of her began kolgotok.Ya
think not masturbate to thoughts of her wonderful legs. But to
to my surprise, she got up and went to larku.Kogda she disappeared from view
those with whom sat, I decided to take a chance and hurried after her.
When I caught up with my sister my friend, I am at a loss not knowing what to say and cast that came to mind.
-The girl and I want to guess the name of your sister?
-I myself is znayu.Ya-she said-What are you bothering?
-Maybe I want to meet a beautiful woman? I Maksim.A you like to call?
She said nothing, I continued:
-You want to drink? -I Even surprised myself the question
She laughed: -I would neotkazalas vody.Zaydem from school?
She pointed to where I was, I was not a pause vozrazhal.Posle
she asked:
-You have decided to do this with me at the school?
This turn I liked (not have to spend time on the persuasion), but
not to be rude even so I said:
-Why did you decide that I want than what you do?
-Well, firstly you do not want to know my name when I neskazala.I
staliby you keep the girl in school if only want romance?
-True-confirmed I-Why do you need to agree to have sex with a stranger when
you have those whom you trust?
-I think I should not otchityvatsya.Ya often see you and it gives me
chance to find vas.Vy poshliby not go where I suggested, if only wanted to do something bad, but we have already come to shkole.Zaydya there quietly passed the door leading to the basement, and she said:
-Right here? So uncomfortable.
- Do not worry, follow me.
Bring her into the hallway the emergency exit I checked whether the closed doors leading to all floors shkoly.Zdes was less chisto.Eto place was a platform with 3 floors.
-Come here-said she- only faster but then I
a short time left.
Then she wrapped the sleeves dzhinsovki and bent arms pressed her wrists to stene.Vygnula back and rounding charming ass gave it to me. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out chlen.On was such a large and excited.
All covered with veins and peaked razmerov.Alaya, wet head become bare and swollen tight eggs from sperm accumulated there. I put his hands on her hips and strongly held by them in the legs, pulled to the middle of tights and felt naked kozhu.Eto has brought me, and I lifted up her skirt and pulled the thin black panties.
-Come on - she hurried
It happened. My cock sharply and strongly intruded between its relaxed
yagodits.Ya powerfully planted her ass on the dick up the middle.
-Do not stop - she said with a sigh of pleasure
With even greater power, I drove a member for the rest of dlinu.Ona obediently helped me nasazhivayas ass. I pulled it back a little bit and went back into the nee.Ya became rigidly fuck her tender ass, almost bringing member. Because it is easy to walk on it, it was clear anal-ass this girl had a lot of time. I quickly excited by this friction and pulling member laid flat between her buttocks and started not very quickly to rub it between them.
-You're going to make it so? I would not want you to come to me directly at spinu.- she said, barely able to contain deep moans in time with my movements.
Then again I grabbed her hips and forcefully vogngnal member on all dlinu.Ona thinly cried out in surprise, choked cry of pleasure.
-Do this - she asked pleadingly
-I'm ...
She nedogovorit succumbing udovolstviyu.Ya more tightly squeezed her thigh and
He became strongly stick on strong as a bone member, and pulling out completely
introducing ego.Ot my powerful shocks she almost shrank into the wall: its thin
wrist become completely white from the lime, the back with every movement
sagged more and more, rounding out the ass and let me fuck her, she
almost touching the face of the wall.
-Esche.Silney.A ... Ay..A-a.Da! Only Denmark and I heard
Soon I realized that after a couple of seconds we konchim.Moy member entered her almost completely, I held her hand back, and fingers of the other hand
podrachival member at osnovaniya.Eto closer orgazm.S new speed I
I began to tear it popku.Tut she particularly tense strongly curved
back and moans shedding from her lips was not possible to sderzhat.Vsem your body is fed on volume chlen.V totzhe moment on it flowed elastic jet.
The first part of the powerful, piping gushed between her
relaxed yagodits.Ya thrust member deeper. Shake it with sperm
It is moving easily and bystro.Vtoraya portion vyprysnulas when I took out
ego.Sperma bubbling in her anus and the remains were wiped on yagoditsy.Ya
a member of her ass and put a couple of seconds obratno.Ona come in
sebya.Natyanula pantyhose and panties. After recovering her skirt and she said:
-I like it. It is a pity that the time is short.


When dispersed, then to visit me to impose on one of the classmates. In the purchase, she participated as spectators and cheerleaders: flushing said that all he can, and have the instrument in a pinch to her mother makes ...
When he came to me and sitting on the couch, she asked:
- Listen, and you have this extra?
- Mash, but you said yourself that you have a house still there ?! - I was taken aback.
- I was ashamed, - she blushed again. - To be honest, me it never did, but threatened that if I have a lot of sweet, you put an enema to ass are not stuck ...
- Hmm ... I think this all parents are the same - I was scared, too, so as a child ... The truth is not only scared ...
- Really?
- Yeah ... A couple of times when my brother and I load up chocolates, we put an enema "preventive and educational purposes"... Not that, never seriously do not you put an enema ?!
- Nuuu ... - red face and eyes to the floor. - When a little girl was, that once ached. I remember that parents stripped me, my mother put to his knees, and my dad put me in the ass pear and something they did ... Then I had the temperature dropped ...
- A! Perhaps it is you analginovuyu enema done! I went through it too ... Enjoy a little, want to use the toilet, but in order to bring down the temperature when the pills sick - the most it!
- Parents do not know ... for some reason, then the pot brought, but I'm in the bed lay there on his stomach, and the pot is not needed ...
So that? You do not have an extra?
- Do not ... We have it only one, with the morning I need it the most ...
- And if for a short while? A couple of hours?
- Maaash! You mother returned home late in the evening - this is clearly not two hours!
- I'd handled myself ... - she muttered under her breath. - I would like parents to vacation leave. Okay, I'll manage ...
- Stop! We have a sister, though complete fool, but if something is said, it is better to do! You were a doctor zadolbali tomorrow if neproklizmennoy come!
- What is there to do?
- Mdyaya ... Well, I can tell you to put your ...
- And you is not difficult?
- What's so complicated? Only, mind you, not me! And pripret or brother, or sister, or parents, but here you'll bare ass ... So going, and to you!
So a cup in the bag, there is - a tube of Vaseline ... Looking at the three tip to the circle, which it was completed, sour cream, all three - are superfluous! And yet - a hook for bags, which has long been firmly settled on the shelf with medicines near the enema ...
Room at Masha - "mother's dream".. Everything tidied nor pylinochki ...
- So - I'm starting to command. - I prepare the device, and you - the bed on the bed some oilcloth, and take off your clothes!
- Completely?
- Absolutely!
See to it that a bed oilcloth "where you have", I turn away to a table on which are unloaded cup and other accessories. Glanced back, I estimate Mashkin proportions and is screwed to the enema tube is the longest tip: although she is shorter than me, but a few years ago, I was with her growth and it absolutely does not hurt to use this tip ...
I take an enema in hand and carry in the bathroom on the content. Rear marking Masha - robe "One name" and panties with a bra ... After watching how I hand I measure temperature of the water and fill the mug, Mary asked that killed me
- Why water?
- What do you mean why? For an enema!
- And it put the water? I thought that just insert ...
- Nah! You. my dear, are not allowed! Now we'll insert the tip in the ass and to Fill the vodichku to everything as it should be washed! You wash your water, and not just the skin trsh washcloth? That need to wash ass Vodicka!
- And then? I'm with her and I will go?
- And then you will go to the toilet and it would result from the priests together with the dirt! - Why do I get the impression that by the end of the procedure ozvereyu ?! - And a bra and panties can take off - will be thwarted!
Go back to the room and hang a mug with a hook to the floor lamp - easy to use, the infection! As if a real medical staff!
- So, lie down on your left bochk, nose to the wall, his back to me.
- I thought that on my knees to put ...
- Well, friend, you give! Children at the knees enema, and you I'm on his knee did not meet at all desire! And do not forget to remove the underpants! So, well done! Not rzay - oilcloth sobsh!
- It's cold ...
- Selyava ... - I said, spreading petroleum jelly on the tip. Butt I'm not going to smear her - not with my manicure to climb - all scratched ...
- The legs bend at the knees and tighten slightly to the tummy!
- So?
- Good ... Now relax!
I lifted his left hand machine buttock, she oykaet, although I have not done anything yet and tenses. Naturally, again slams ass! And now she is tense and "overcome" so just do not go out ...
- Do not strain yourself! As I'll put it on you, if your do not see any holes? I can and touch, but, believe me, in this little pleasant!
- Listen, maybe it is not necessary? Suddenly, without it will cost? And tomorrow morning I'm on the toilet more similar and the doctor would not notice ?!
- Pfft ... How did he not notice if he is there to look? - Relaxing massaging Mashkina buttocks with his hand. Saw, how do nurses before inoculation in the ass - the patient to relax and stop thinking about how to ... Aha! It Helps! He did not have to resort From earrings to such tricks - he is able to relax, but here - handy! Continuing to hand pull the buttocks, I lifted her to aim and ...
- Oh!
- Painfully?
- No, just ... suddenly - so ass tensed again, but half done: part of the tip is already inside, and insert it deep - no problem!
I sit next to, so three centimeters to the navel navel ... Where? Yeah ... And now parallel to the coccyx ... The patient cries out, then everything is OK! Recent centimeters had to introduce two fingers stuck in between the buttocks ...
- Finish ...
- All? You can get up?
- You what? I just started! Who Let the sly vodichku! - I open the tap. Mug hanging is not very high, but it is enough to water lapped quietly flowing ...
- Well, there is still a long time? - Is heard in a minute. - I then parents again - and put ... And you ...
- Compare them! You and she then was fine, and put a small enema you! And such a great girl you need to fill it completely!
- Mmm? - Head turns ... and glances at the object of discussion. - Are you mad? I'm bursting! - An attempt to jump.
- Stop! Popa porvsh! - I bore down on her full weight. - There are only a liter of water! - (To be honest - and a half) - You're in the week a two-liter bottle of mineral water alone bunker, and then - miserable liter! I, for example, imagine two consecutive put. And you as a brand new - only Fill the liter!
- Yes? Well then fine...
- May be enough? - It is a couple of minutes. - I've got a place anymore! I'm bursting! - It is through the nose, sniffles and tears in his voice.
- Open your mouth and breathe! You know, to belly breathe ... Breathe in, breathe out ... Take it easy?
- Yeah. Thank you. Still a lot?
- Half somewhere ...
Soon I noticed that Masha rubs tightly clenched legs against each other and uneven sniffs ... Yeah ... More and shoved his hand back and began to moan ... to turn away just long enough to see only the tip of the ass and ... Oh! A tip for almost half climbed out of her efforts! They hook it between the fingers, hand clutching the back halves Mashkin ...
Final moan coincides with the sound of flushing water in a mug ...
With some difficulty persuaded to lie down for ten minutes, we maintain only seven - it has no power to lie, I - listen to the lamentations ... Then Mary is carried away to the bathroom, with both hands holding the ass, and I - my hands and going to boil tea ...
- Fuuu ... Is it really so much shit in me? In the morning, like, I went to the toilet ?! - After ten minutes, after using the toilet and bathtub, Masha burst into his dressing gown in the kitchen.
- Believe me, there is still so much left! For a good cleaning is necessary to put an enema three-pour until Vodicka transparent flow will not be!
- Yes? - Melancholy in his voice. - Then you suggest to repeat?
- As you wish ... I it is not cleaned up ... Yes, and for weight maintenance recommend ... - "Hit below the belt". That I can be fed to satiety - is still not potolsteyu, but the girlfriend ...
- Pour!
In general, the day we got to the condition "pure water"...
And the next - after the clinic went to the pharmacy, where he bought her a personal device ... as much as two liters!

The story of one plane crash

Part 4Slegka staggering and waving a baton impressively, I wandered through the woods, bawling a song of his own composition. The song was created on the engine, the band's songs "Hands up" "my baby". In the performance of my song sounded much more, it seemed to me, abruptly. "Kk-kkroshki mm-my, well, where are you, exactly ?! Eek! Now I'm like all shall drop it!" - I yelled in a hoarse voice. My tongue slurred, so the song came out slurred, but without "plywood". Live sound and all that! Under "I shall drop it all" I mean a healthy palm tree stump, which I was carrying in his other hand. This stump was a godsend - the time and the sun made the tree hard as a rock, but it was empty inside the tree. How did it happen? Yes, I know where it! It was so, when I found him on the shore. Without thinking, I cut out his keys sharpened two circles out of the trunk of young trees. Thicker head began to serve, I drove him with a baton in the stump and the circle went so hard that the whole structure barely flowed. Upper circle I used as a cover. Bandaged barrel newly created his pants, creating something like a pen, or rather the strap as in backpacks, I completely filled the barrel Braga from all three devices. Yes, I have waited a long time, but now I was going to the girls with almost three liters of strong liquor excellent. My mood was excellent, and perhaps this could interfere with what I could not say exactly how many suns in the sky - one or two? Privolohav precious cargo in our hut, I discovered there girls. "Little my p-time to finish a swim, I did the same, b-b-damn, I want to fuck ..." - I sang thoughtfully and sat down to rest on a pile of leaves, which is intended to be used as a common bed of our dwelling. Pulling one of his self-made "cigars" I lit a cigarette and inhaled with delight.
Not surprisingly, in less than ten minutes, my heart-rending cries were Katya and Ira, in person. Their eyes appeared pleased with me, pulling in rasslabuhe "cigar" prihlbyvayuschy and coconut "cups" Braga. girls sat beside him and began binge after mocking my condition. By absorbing the remnants of the morning fish and drinking home brew is the case, we chatted animatedly. Under Braga fish was very, very personal. Soon our, respectable until now, the home began to resemble a brothel - fun, fragrant smoke filled the room. Girls warmed up and dropping clothes were naked. However, I already do not care, I drank too much. Even after a skilful blow job, which gave me two mouths, both girls, I did not. (This episode specifically included in this work, to show the younger generation how harmful abuse of alcohol. The Ministry of Health warns and all that ...) upset the girls began to caress each other, and I osolovelo watching this, soon fell asleep. Waking up in order to relieve the needs of nature, which is not surprising, considering the amount of alcohol consumed, I sat up and crawled to the exit. Night was falling. Piss on a nearby stone (unenviable fate - to lie there for hundreds of years, only to you it is not clear how pissed here Russian found himself in a drunken anchor, a student) I had wandered to the hut, when he suddenly noticed a hut for women. Behind the scenes (as far as possible in such a state of intoxication), I crept to the place of location of the female population of our island and began to watch. Girls, too, were already heavily drunk. Occupation them was as follows - they thrust themselves into the vagina different subjects that are there in the mind, it is not necessary to thrust. For example, when I came, Ira, enthusiastically groaning, slowly but surely, introduced his body a little coconut. "No dick!" - I was amazed, and continued observation. Attention shifted to my Katya - she desperately moved into the vagina ... Damn! My war club! (I'm telling you - I got multifunction stick!). However, seeing what the girlfriend, Kate pulled out of the vagina, my creation, and also tried to insert himself a little nuts (they were given these nuts!) Inside. However, it is obtained with difficulty - my feeling pussy in Irke was roomier than a girlfriend. I was so carried away that did not notice that my body already given in combat readiness. When I found it, then immediately dropping panties, Rushed to the girls. Seeing me, Katya took a coconut from the vagina and lay down on the ground, legs spread invitingly. I am a powerful impetus entered her. Irina, quite drunk, as she was, with a nut in an intimate place, sat on the ground and forgotten in a drunken sleep. After a nut (not for nothing that I do not love these coconuts!) My dick felt Katin body as a spoon in the cup. So I got up with the girl and put her on all fours, tried to enter her from behind. "No, Alex, please! I still never going .. Ah-oh-a!" - A groan of pain interrupted the monologue of my partner. But I did not care, do not care already. Although more and more obvious resistance, I did not depart. I almost raped the girl. In order to alleviate the suffering of the unfortunate one hand I began to massage the clitoris girl. It had its effect, the resistance has stopped, but in the end she even began to help me podmahivaya backwards towards my movements. When he had finished, I fell to Katie, who, like a friend immediately passed out.
The hard-winkle out Irki nut (a week ago, I even dream could not!) I dragged the girl into the shed and put on "bed", They are even covering the same clothes. Sitting around the campfire I smoked last "cigar" and realizing that I have something dangerously sober, he drank the remains of Braga. This anti-crisis measure is to take effect - the body has spread a pleasant warmth. I plopped down next to her, and embraced Katya fell asleep ... my sleep was troubled, I constantly heard some noise, some metallic voices in a foreign language. Prevent sleep light flashes and some nasty wind. Finally, I had enough of it and I opened my eyes. In the distance, through the doorway of the hut, our beach was visible, it was in the healthy twin-screw helicopter noise source to the contrary. On the beach shastali people in the form of a flashlight, occasionally hysterical yelling something into a megaphone ...
I barely focused his gaze on the muddy helicopters ... "USA NAVY" - After a while I read the inscription on the white spotted fuselage turntables ... "Amerikosy ... Well all of them on the dick!" - Flashed in the brain. Having given this very anti-American thought brain fell into the darkness of drunken oblivion ....
To be continued....

Wonderful Adventures of prisoners on the train

So short. I - bald old convict with a 30-centimeter member. We with my Druganov Petrukha going in a train compartment, Vladimir, Moscow, back to the area. We were wearing old, dirty, smelly prison uniforms. In the same compartment on the top shelf, sits a cute college boy twenty years in appearance. He wore a light sweater on two buttons of light and canvas trousers. We Petrukha gat an opened bottle of diluted alcohol, and apply on-line, from time to time casting sidelong glances on the top shelf, where the student took refuge under the blankets, and shaved pubis, occasionally throwing frightened glances down at us. When he finishes, I'm talking in a hoarse voice:
- Hey, Rooster, you want to hit hard vodyary?
- No, thank you, - answers college boy. - I have a whiskey and soda ...
- Whiskey and soda? - We Petrukha poured drunken laughter.
- Hey, Petrushka, we'd damn right now ... here a long time because in males zone is not used, - I say.
- Yes, it would be nice - responsible Petrukha stroking through robe huge mound between his legs.
College boy trying to tie razgovor- Well, in our time in pre-trial detention? The food is good?
- Lousy fed fraerok - meets Petro.
- Let's get down and then not patsanski. You're sitting on the bunk above, and the Godfather - I'm here.
Student tears and sat down on the bottom shelf, scrolling options in mind developments in the situation. I stare at the tanned skin of the student, his made-up eyes, long beautiful hair, and a strip of skin between the edge of the short shorts and topic. Frightened student suddenly notices that something bulge not only Petruhin but my robe.
- Petro, close-ka door, - a hoarse voice I say.
- W-W-W-why is that? - A trembling voice babbles college boy.
Petro gets up and closes the door, after which sits to the right of the student. I jerked off his robe pulls off, I get up in front of a student, and in front of his face jumps out my huge cock, twined with blue veins, with a thick purple head like a plum. At the tip of his made a drop of grease. Member exudes an unpleasant smell of dirty cocks.
- Suck, bitch - I snarl.
The student begins to beat sluggish, but Petro pulls from his pocket a huge rusty sword:
- Substitute the ass by a member or a knife, bitch! - He says, and pulls his pants.
- Undress, Cockerel. You know what real men. - I support a polite request Petrukha.
Student takes off his pullover and our view zekovskomu opened three rows of nipples and a small trunk, growing out of the navel.
- Oh, what a funny rooster! - I say, and then beat a miserable student fucked by, knocking teeth. He waited until he spit out the pieces, I Spreading his fingers and jaw thrust huge cock in his mouth.
- Be gentle, cock ... - I say.
Petro breaks thong panties, it is unclear how trapped on the student, and he spit on the cock, shoves it in his ass, tearing the sphincter. Student shudders of pain, but gathered courage, effort Petrukha heel from the bottom up by the testicles. Petro groaning in pain, takes cock from his ass and grabs both hands on the eggs. I rage thrust member of the student's throat. He wheezes and gasps, and I keep his head, so he could not be released.
Events begin to develop all stremitelnee- a terrible blow with his fist student comes to me just below the stomach. I folded in half, and the student, finally spitting out my dick out of his mouth, pulls out a tiny prick wand and blows on it. The wand turns into a blazing lightsaber. I've wanted to be frightened, but in the meantime Petrukha oklemalsya, and, in spite of everything, again with a sweep zahuyaril member of the student in the ass. Ass torn, and guts, too, along with it. Without turning around student pokes lightsaber random back and realize that the term again jumped out of his ass. Turning around, he sees that his lightsaber Petrukha entered directly into the right orbit and burned the eyes and the floor inside the brain. In Petrukha even no forces on the agony, and he slowly settles on the floor compartment. Already falling, he spews out his cock a red-hot jet, like all liquids in his body, the sperm. Boiling with Concha shmyakanem pierces the student in the left eye. The eye flashed. Blinded in one eye, a student from pain releases from the hands of the sword, he falls to the floor, burning a hole in the floor, and falls under the train on the way ...
In the meantime, I take out of the wide leg zekovsky a knife from a piece of bunk.
- Well, Cockerel, finished badly? - I scream, and, waving a knife and a member, go to the attack.
At this point, a student from the pain and from the moment of piquancy excited and his cock stood up. Valiant Hunter for higher education fell back into the compartment corner and became hard to shrug off my knife and a member of his cock and a piece Petrukhina member that he accidentally othuyaril. With a shout "Quillan"I jump up high and jump roundhouse beat ragged student member on the head. Member for almost reaches his head, but then the train begins to slow down a sharp jerk and stops soon. We fly on the wall at each other, and when the train has stopped, we find that lying in the compartment wall in position 69, and our members are in each other's mouths. I, without hesitation, with all his might bite his penis. Well, of course the student bites me for my cock. Take a bite dickhead, I fling and spit them a student in the eye. By Unfortunately for me I am in the eye, in which the sperm Petrukha pleased, and I understand that the student how the fuck. Monstrous effort, he throws me away and starts hitting me on the head and ribs down. I am a member of the student shoved his feet and stand up. Bitten is a member, and I bent down, they do sweeps, knocking down a student.
At that moment, the door looks half-naked blonde in panties - thongs red peach on the ass, and in combination, of which jump breasts:
- Boys, I've heard a noise! - She says.
- Lousy Petrukha door zakryl- I thought to myself.
The student, not even looking at her, causing her terrible blow to the forces eblu fist and she flies back out of the compartment, spraying blood and fragments were once beautiful teeth.
- What have you done? - I scream. - It's been a living pelotka!
I'm throwing away flown away baba, tear off her leg and her huyaryu student in the balls. The student, through the pain in the eggs, sits on the floor coupe and lights belomorinu. I sit down beside him and also get a light belomorinu. The coupe is creeping on one leg the very leggy blonde and starts an ugly bloody mouth making us turn a blowjob. . I tear off his cock from her mouth, walk around the back, and stood there where before was a leg, fuck a woman in pesdu, and the student is sitting and enjoying blowjob and belomorinu.
So went one of the most interesting trips to train in my life.

Scenes of family life (episode 2)

I once read in one clever book that sexual feelings are stronger than all the other senses, and a man always striving for sexual satisfaction in spite of everything, both men and women. This thought came to me on Saturday morning, lying in bed and staring at the sleeping next to his wife. I carefully pulled back the sheet with her and admiring the beautiful body, and began to gently stroke her thighs, buttocks. The natural result of this was the gradual raising of the member to a working state. In the brain flashed the thought: - Well, the hell the garage (in the morning I was going to go work out with the machine). Tom opened his eyes, felt my dick getting up and smiled, looking forward to enjoying the upcoming process.
To some it may seem it is old-fashioned, but I love my wife, especially in those moments when it is not necessary to rush anywhere, and you can leisurely enjoy sex. I pulled his lips to hers, she said, and a few minutes we were kissing. Stroking her hips, I gradually moved his hand to her lower lip. Referring to them, I felt that they were swollen and the entrance between the damp, my hands already stroking the most tender place, inner thighs, the skin is so tender: palm pushing puffy lips and joined together thumbs fail in wet, hot pussy, feeling its convulsions, its juice, soft and tender inside of the vagina. One index finger I feel like a small sail gets clit. Another finger easily into her ass sweetie. Bend the thumb and forefinger, and they're almost rubbing against each other, separated by a thin stenochkoy. Tom softly moaning. I begin to make frictions with both fingers, trying to penetrate as deeply as possible. Then, pulling the fingers pripadaet his lips to her beautiful lips.
Somewhere deep into her tender body falls through my tongue, and then I turn on the tight head opened her clit and soon Tom shuddered in orgasm, the tongue perceives the taste of its juice. I can see her vagina, it is right in front of my eyes, it moves like a living, pulsing stretches me. I hold your breath. Tongue dive into it again. The nose pushes the wall, and also placed in the cave bursting with ardor. Tom softly moaning and makes me turn over. Now my hard dick gets her hot mouth. Then she lets out his tongue and touches my testicles. Carefully licked my scrotum, again she lets my rampant cock in her mouth. She did not hurry, gently caressing tongue head, bridle, slightly sucking, then swallow it deeper and deeper. And now my head is rather big body slips into her throat. For some reason it seems that he gets to the stomach. Probably very few women who can take so deep a man's penis. Something came into my anus: ah, yes, it was her fingers gentle massage carried within me, then started sweeping movements to fuck me. Feeling the pleasure of it all, I have tried almost all the head to get into her expiring juice hole. I felt that going to explode and pulled back sharply from her. Putting her on her knees, I go into her pussy mokrenkuyu. Deeper, deeper ... Stroking her half stunned ass, my fingers slide into her dark hole, finger instantly falls, I feel the thin wall itself. I slap his hand on her buttocks, pull out a member and then inserted into the brown tight ring. Tomochka screams, but I literally break through in her ass. She bends. We shout at the same time. Grasp at her hips, her sit down sharply on itself, sinking deeper and deeper, to sit down and sit down on it.
Something suddenly made me look aside in the doorway stood our four Maxim and looked at us with eyes wide open - "What are you doing here?" It was a shock. Tom in confusion even in a strange and laughed, sticking out his ass, she buried her face in her hands, having covered the face with her long hair. I'm entering a member until the end, tightly pressed his stomach to her buttocks. In the confusion, I could not figure out what to do, and his son came closer and, thinking that we are playing with his mother in "train"As we sometimes played with him, he climbed on his back to Tom. "Let's go" he shouted loudly. I thought it was the best option out of the situation and ordered: "Steam locomotive - forward". We Toma clumsily began to move, but then little boy turned and saw an unusual picture and asked: "Dad, why did you put his mom in the ass pussy?" Then his wife still could not stand it and jumped out of my penis. My strained stick slipped out of her priests, and at this time there was a discharge: a powerful jet of white sperm struck between these beautiful halves and flowed down the thick thighs Thomas, for the first and the second followed by a smaller jet, then another and another ... "Dad, what are you writing?" did not let the son - "And why do you have such a big pisya? And sticking up?" - With interest, he looked at my cock, which began to gradually fall off. The wife quickly ran to the bathroom. I, covered by the arm tucked Tomino robe, and a little come to himself, he began to explain, saying that her mother was ill and her stomach had to be urgently treated. "Remember, you have a sick stomach and my mother put you an enema, and so now it was necessary to do an enema mom". And then he tried to turn the conversation to another topic - about drawing and fast trip to the zoo. I like it happened and when, still red from embarrassment, his wife came out of the bathroom, we have already talked about the elephants and monkeys.
One of the many guests, the evening at dinner asked Maxim whether he loves Dad. This idea was picked up immediately and mother-in-law. Son in silence suddenly blurted out: - I'm the daddy very much, because we were with him in the summer playing football, winter sledding, and yet he knows how to be a doctor - yesterday my mom was sick tummy and he treated her. I insert your pussy to her ass and do an enema white waters.

Homeless slave

It happened when I was 17 years old ... At that time I was already working, and therefore earned not bad. Summer vacation just started, and after the last day of classes, I decided to walk. The mood improved by the fact that the parents went to the cottage, and I felt the owner and could do whatever I want. I went out on the street and decided to go to the market for groceries. I reached the subway, pay a visit, and was already wanted to sit in the car, but suddenly saw a girl in a dirty, torn in some places, clothes standing near the metro column with a cardboard sign on which was written:
"Please, help. My mother died. "
My mood was good, and the money was, and I decided not to give her a lot of money. I approached her and took her hand and put it in a rather large bill. She looked at me like a small dog looks at his master, when he gives her a treat. It was indescribable sight, and I realized that I could not just let it go. I asked her if she was hungry, but she said nothing and lowered his head, nodded positively. Then I asked her to go with me, and I'll give her anything ... She nodded again. I've already forgotten about the market and about the fact that I need to buy food, and led her home, as the restaurant it was impossible to carry on in this way. All the way we were silent and just looked at each other, when we arrived, I asked her to wash. And he showed where the bathroom is. I led her to the bathroom and waited, it took some time, and I heard her voice, gentle and timid. She asked how to open taps and let the water. I laughed to myself, but then I realized that perhaps she had never seen the euro cranes. type, and remembered the first time he agonized, opening them. I went to the bathroom, knocked on the door, and found that the bathroom door is not closed. I went into the bathroom and saw her. It was an indescribable feeling. She was completely naked, and looked at me without trying to close. Later, I learned that she was from an unfavorable, large family, and it was normal for her. I could not take her eyes a few minutes away. I looked at her beautiful breasts, then her pussy, which was entirely covered with black hair. It was a bit thin, but her figure was perfect! Then I recovered and went up to her. I turn on the water and offered to help her. She agreed. I took a washcloth and began to gently rub her. It was very dirty, it was kicked out of the house after the death of his mother, and she spent a lot of time on the street. But this I did not know. I started to wash her pussy. I wet a washcloth and dipped it in the white foam from the soap and began to slowly drive it on her pussy. She filed a sound, but I felt that it was a pleasure. Bast was tough, and I will continue to wash off the foam by hand. I felt her soft labia, which were a little excited and swollen, I took them by hand, under the guise that wash off the soap, then I started to rub her back and chest, she is at this time beginning to wash my hair. Well, I'm picking up a washcloth and began to wash her breasts and belly. I have never experienced such a buzz. Whether from embarrassment, or omitted from hunger her stomach contracted, and her nipples strained. Her chest was very soft and beautiful. My cock was already standing, and the only thing I wanted was to pounce on her and rape, rape and rape! But something stopped me. And I know that. Her eyes, which stared at me so sincerely and innocently that I could not move. She looked at me like a sister is looking at her brother. And I could not do anything. After I washed her chest and stomach, I began to rub her back, but then she moaned softly. I quickly washed the water and found a wound on her back, like a wound on the belt. I asked her:
- Where did you get it?
She said quietly, that it often molested stepfather and attempted to rape her, and when she ran or fought him, he beat her, and then drove out of the house half-naked and she had to hide in doorways and basements that it had not seen friends and acquaintances. But he was so angry after the death of his mother that attacked me with such fury, the younger brother tried to help me, but he started to beat them as well. Then, he took off his pants and tried to rape me, but I pulled away and ran into the street, he began to catch up with me, but before reaching the door, told me to piss off, and to his eyes more than I have not seen. With her eyes slowly dripped tears, and she hugged me and started crying in my shirt ... I hugged her and told her that everything will be fine, and I will not let anyone hurt her, then wiped the tears from her eyes and began to domyvat. I have not treated her as a sexual object. Feeling pity for her tormented me. I domyl her and began treating her wounds with hydrogen peroxide. She periodically cried, and I took her hand and asked to wait. And she suffered. Then I took the cream and began treating her legs and pussy. Since there was red, probably because she underwear all the time is not changed. She watched as I do it, and her eyes filled with love. Apparently she knew that I was the first man who tried to touch or come near her treasure, and not tried to rape her. After I washed her and smeared, I told her that she need other clothes, or washing would be useless. She said that the other clothes she does not have. I thought, and went into the room. I had no sisters, and therefore of women's things we had only my mother, but they were great for her, but since there was nothing else, I brought her to them. She dressed, and I led her to drink tea. Since I buy food and do not have time, you have to treat it with tea and wafer cakes, who bought his father, but we have not started because they do not particularly love the cakes of this type. But she ate it with such gusto that I was embarrassed to look at it and I went to the fridge, trying to find there something else .. Umyav entire cake and looked at me, I realized that it is not enough. And then I offered to take her to McDonald's, she agreed. We came to McDonald's, I ordered dinner, and we started talking. She told me about yourself and how hard she had at home. Also, from our conversation, I learned that her name was Luba and her 16 years. Summer we spent unforgettable. We went to the theater, cinema and McDonalds. It has become more relaxed, get in shape and confidence. We were like brother and sister. Often they bathed and slept together. But now not only I washed her, but she washed me. We undressed and climbed into the tub. She looked at my cock still, apparently, she had to see him. She mylila hands and rubbed me and then took my hand in pipisku and began to wash her. Though I did not want to fuck her, but my pipiska automatically got up and I was embarrassed. She, at first, too, was surprised and asked - as I do? - I replied that it was automatic when you touch it, it grows.
One day, she strongly rubbed my penis, and I could not stand it and accidentally left off. By this, I was very surprised by it. She had never seen a sperm and modestly said:
- And what is it?
This question troubled me greatly, and I said it was something a type of protein that is released when an excess and that is slightly similar to the cream. Hearing about a cream, she asked:
- And you can try?
I was embarrassed and said:
- As you want.
She washed her hands and gently took my pipisku and started to move up and down. But then I realized that if "cream" begins to take off, he again falls into the water and she took my penis in her mouth. Soon, she realized that she move her head and sucking more convenient than holding head with his hands and stroking his hand and began to suck me in. It was the peak of bliss. I then realized what she was doing and it was from this very well, I leaned on the edge of the Bathing and relaxed, and ... a sense that she does not understand that just makes me excited, but at the same time faded, my conscience, because I did not rape her, and she does not even understand what we are doing! Now is the peak, and I came in her mouth, before I had long refrained so "cream" it was very much, but she did not know that so much of "cream" glass on my eggs. She immediately began to lick them. Its small, but nimble tongue slid over my balls. Lick sperm, she said that her taste on what does not like. Slightly salty, but sweet in its own way, she liked it. After that, she almost every day I sucked, but then noticed that "cream"If every day suck becomes smaller. She asked:
- Why?
I replied that "cream" just do not have time to accumulate, in such a short time, and then she began to suck less that I was not very happy. Days passed and flew months, and the summer coming to an end. I knew that soon shall come the parents, and they will not be happy with her, and especially her manners often walk around the house naked and drink my "cream"Because they then know what it is. Every day I was tormented by the idea that we must somehow get rid of it, and the monotony began to bother me. So I decided to tell her the truth. I approached her and said that I have a serious talk to her. She asked:
- Again, go to the bath?
I said no. Then she looked attentively at me. And I began to explain to her that the parents will come soon and, referring to the fact that we have no place to accommodate everyone, I can not leave her, and she has to leave. She looked at me and burst into tears. And she said:
- Where do I go? I have no one near you, - she said - I can sleep on the floor.
I said I do not know what to do, but to let her live with me I can not, because the apartment is not mine. Then she fell to her knees and began to beg me to leave her. She cried and crawled in front of me. Then he started kissing my hands, and then fell to the floor and realized that I did not razzhaloblyus, started kissing my feet. Then he leaned toward me and grabbed me by the leg, put his head right into my domain member. So we stood for five minutes. Silently. And only occasionally broke the silence of her sincere and compassionate cry. Then, she suddenly jumped up and making a very compassionate person and posture said:
- I'll do whatever you want for you! I will do for you all, I'll cook you'll be my wife, a slave for you!
It's a phrase I liked. I said that if she would be my wife fully in every respect, I think that can be done. She immediately wiped tears from her face and ingenuous smile began to kiss me first hand, and then on the cheek. I was in complete bliss. I realized that now I can do with it whatever I want, and she offered it to me, so my conscience is clear !! I told her to go into the room, well, I will consider myself part. After thinking for half an hour, I came to the conclusion that we can not she stay, but what bothers me remove her normal room or cottage? It was brilliant! Climb over the Internet in search of ads for the surrender of the apartment or the room, I found what I was looking for !! Donating a very nice studio apartment in the next door! For a very good price! And I went to watch it. Everything I liked it. There lived an old granny who lived there alone, and which soon had to move to the grandchildren. A flat, which she slid grandchildren decided to surrender. An old lady was quite harmful and long wondered about who I want to settle here, but when I brought Lyuba, they quickly hit it off with her, and she began to help her around the house and granny even persuaded grandchildren reduce the price of accommodation. Lyuba, after the work done me much in love with me, maybe it was not love, humility, affection and a sense of obligation to me, but she did all that I asked her. I visited her every day after school, and she looked at me and waited for - I tell her to do. I recalled that it was going to be my wife, and a slave, and she said she would do everything for me.
Feeling the power, I forgot a lot. I told her why there is a cock and her pussy and told her the whole truth about sex, about which she had not heard due to the fact that she did not even have a TV in her family, through which it was possible to know this. She was as innocent as a child, listen to me carefully, without blinking. After my story, supported by videotapes with porn that I brought as a cognitive benefit and replayed it, I ordered her to undress. She unwittingly fulfilled my request. I realized that I can do with it whatever I want, and she will not say a word to me! I felt his power, which is so wanted, I dreamed of it all my life, and sometimes, in my dreams, jerk off to it. And now, in front of me a living man who, like a dog, will carry out all my teams !! Power blinded me. I told her to get on her knees, she stood up. I took off my pants and came up behind her ... and said that now she is my slave, and will do whatever I tell her, and she must now call me master! She just nodded ... Knowing that such a life is better for her wanderings around the city in rags, without food and water, to sleep in basements and begging. It was great for her humiliation, than my team. I began to fuck her in her ass without lubrication and Vaseline. She moaned softly, or pain, or pleasure. After some time, I was very sick and I went for Vaseline. Lubricate her ass and crotch, but it's not like the first time we met, in the bathroom, this time I worked hard as a gentleman who misses his slave. Having greased, I continued to fuck her. I fucked her with such force and aggression that has accumulated in me for all the time that I have abstained from sex, she began to moan and beg me to stop, but it just turns me on. When he finished it in the ass, I began to fuck her in the pussy lips. Oddly enough, she was a virgin, and it has brought me, I realized that I was her first and last man. I broke her virginity and of her blood splattered stream. She was afraid, but I said that everything is fine and as it should be. She calmed down. But then she began to enjoy my antics, as I thought. I always fucked her long and passionately, while she cried:
- Yes, my lord, I want to - I taught her this in advance.
But, fearing that it will fly, I never finished her pussy and pulled out a member, when I felt that I finish. On these days, a lot has changed. I became more uninhibited, fun, feel like a real man, and not paying attention to other girls knew that I was waiting for my slave. But every day I was getting duller and duller. And I began to invent for themselves, new entertainment. I began to make her crawl on her knees in front of me and kissing my cock, then I started to piss on it specifically. Then, I made her a pet. In the evening, when people on the street is not so much, I bought a dog leash and wearing on her, led her naked on the street. She begged me not to do it, but her entreaties only excited me. We went into the elevator. I told her to behave like a dog and bark sometimes. Going into the elevator, I clicked on the first floor and we started to go down, but suddenly, the elevator stopped on the 8th floor, and it became a young woman with a small child, who was on the strength of 3-4 years. Her gaze was directed at the child because he was crying, and she had not noticed my "dog"Who was on all fours in a corner of the elevator. But her child quickly noticed and was very interested. He approached her and began to stroke her in the back and the priests, and then legs and pussy. His playful hands and scurried through her body. I watched it and almost did not finish. Then I told her to bark .... She began to bark, and then turned to his mother and said:
- Once you climb to another's animal, that wait, bite.
She looked at the floor and saw that her son was stroking the girl, which in this case is barking. Her shock was not the chapel. She had eyes like it was worth seeing. At this time we got to the first floor, but none of us could not get out. After a long pause the woman said the child:
- Sasha, as well quickly get away from her!
To which the boy replied:
- Well, Mom, can I have it still poglazhu.
Mother firmly commanded:
- Come get away quickly! - And I grabbed the guy by the arm.
Then she told me that she go to the police and that this arbitrariness, corruption and lack of culture! To which I replied that nothing illegal is not here, and the maximum for which we are punished, it's for nudism, and that this girl does everything on his own and looked at Luba, I told her that she confirmed. Luba was a clever girl and not to put themselves, and I have an even more awkward situation, she confirmed my words and said that she likes to do. What woman he muttered to himself something like:
- Quite insolent youth, lost shame and conscience - and came out of the elevator with a child.
From the elevator we went out into the street, where there was quite dark and the people was not enough. We went to a park where parents walking with their children at bedtime. I ordered Lyuba pee in pieces, like a dog, the children immediately noticed my "dog" and began to ask parents what it is. Parents began to quickly divert children. Then we went to the river bank, where he was some guy. He saw us and greatly excited. Then he came to me and told me to give him my "dog" popolzovatsja and said I would pay well for it very well. But Luba beginning beg me that I did not do it and I agreed with her. This guy followed us for a long time and without hiding, nadrachival. But then we broke away from him and went home. Coming home we were silent for a long time, but then she admitted that she had something even liked it, especially the way I otmazatsya us to the woman with the child.
Since then, we have to live a normal family life. We never tired to be together, and I always come up with something new. Over the years, she has matured mentally and physically, she began to offer me a new fun and we both loved it. Now she, and I, already fully developed, matured and began to take everything from life. We live in perfect harmony, and have never quarreled. Soon, the old forgotten the humiliation and resentment, and even forgotten my help her with housing. We got married, my parents liked it very much. Oh, they knew how we met. Well, now, become a real couple. Now we resort to sadomasochism and often change roles. It has even become more interesting, but that's another story that I will tell you next time.


He is a former boy. When I seduced him, I was 18, he was 16. He has even appeared mustache. Then we parted and met 3 years. I had time to get married and give birth, he returned from the army.
God, how he has grown up! Staten, handsome, muscles, stomach in the box, accurate ass, vrazlet eyebrows and smile ... We talked, and fled on his own business. And the next day he came to me called out for a walk (it was the day of the city), of course, I ran. And after the holiday wormed his way to the disco. We were dancing! We were in the limelight. I have never felt so confident in the dance. And then we just merged. I could feel and anticipate his movements ... And it is mine. I was already excited and felt his cock stiffen in my pants, trying to break the zipper on the fly. I'm in shorts already squelched. I was afraid of only one thing - not to begin to undress right there ...
Disco is over. We went out into the fresh air, it was so cool. So far, reached my house, I even had time to freeze. I lived in a private house. We entered the house corridor, there is a little warmer. A couple of phrases and we kiss passionately ... ...
On my long black dress with a deep neckline, and from the laundry only black panties Transparent thong. Straps slipped off the shoulder, exposing his chest. He clung to her, began to fondle, nibble a bit. I lost track of time. Unbuttoned his shirt, held a tongue on the neck, around the nipples (they became solid lumps), below the navel spent a wet track ... She got to her knees. He leaned against the wall and gasped loudly. To cope with a lock of his trousers. Oh! And it is no panties! I raced down the breakneck speed.
His hot cock slid down his cheek, a gentle, satin ... Has tongue over it, slowly, from the bottom up ... then around the head. There was a drop of. The index finger began to drive on the head, smearing her, meanwhile showering kisses his penis. Then she took in her mouth. It was salty (salted or grease :). I began to caress it, to suck ... Oh, how I wanted it! And he did not disappoint. Lifted me from my knees, he said hoarsely:
- I can not more ... I want you ...
He turned his back, crawled under my skirt, pulled off her panties, powerful movement bent, a strong push inside me ... and froze. I finished. He stood for a moment and began to move in me. Slowly, then more rapidly, increasing the tempo ... And his movement awakened in me a strong desire that in the moment when he jumped out of me, I came again, feeling like his semen flowing on my feet ...
He left, and the more we have not met. [email protected]


Andrew K., my friend
Fall ... One of those piercingly clear days when the puddles in the morning covered with a thin brittle Ledkov, when the sky is bottomless, and the crystal-clear air, filled with bitter smell of burning leaves, absolutely motionless, as if afraid to break the random nature of wind blow the fragile beauty . We slowly walk along the old park alley. Alley covered with fallen leaves, she softly rustling underfoot, and the only sound disturbing the silence enveloping us. We do not need to talk, we understand each other without words, though familiar to only a few minutes. After all, both of us today do not go in dusty audience scribbled tables (from somewhere, I know that you, too, student), we both, subject to some kind of sixth sense, come to the old, empty at this time of year the park on the outskirts - and all this in order to make sure we get close, to meet his eyes and realize that we have finally found each other ...
Walk takes us to the shore of the lake, and we had a long standing at the water's edge. You take my hand, I shudder and froze, frightened away the feeling gripped me amazing peace. Somewhere in the distance thunder passing train.
You turn your head and look at me. I have time to notice amusement in your golden-brown eyes, and then suddenly you bend down, you pick up an armful of dead leaves and sprinkle me with them from head to toe. I extend my hand, I want to grab you, but you're laughing, dodge, and we, like two schoolchildren at recess, we start to laugh, to rush through the trees. Prim elderly lady to walk close to her no less prim dog, pursing his lips disapprovingly watching us. Finally I manage to catch you, and we, breathless and satisfied, while standing, looking at each other. Then suddenly you hold me, approaching his face to mine and our lips meet. I completely lose my head. It takes a few long moments, during which there is no one for us - just you and me. Then you with a quiet sigh, you put your head on my shoulder, and we is faded again. Shocked lady perplexed looks at us wide-eyed. Met my eyes, it was all bristles and contemptuously raised his sharp little chin, hastily removed, pulling on the leash his dog. Her gait clearly irritated read "but in my time ..."And it makes me laugh. You look at me, do you want to know what amused me, and I point out to you through the eyes of a lady. We laugh together, and then, hand in hand, walk along the shore.
We nabredaem at the outdoor cafe, which, oddly enough, still works. With asphalt pad in front of him, just strewn leaves, as well as all around the chairs had been removed, but the tables with wire frame umbrella still stand. However, they can not be removed - they dug into the earth, and they did have to stand all winter. Bored seller slightly enlivened with our appearance. We take a bottle of a dry Moldovan wine. You manage some unknown way to elicit the seller is not an ordinary thick glasses, and high-walled glasses and a couple of plastic chairs and triumphantly pull out their trophies outside pristraivayas to the nearest table. I found in my pocket "Victorinox" with a corkscrew, presented to me a year or two ago for my birthday, and I, a little fooling around, ceremonially open the bottle. We sit facing the lake, spill the wine, and smiled to each other, with a slight shift tinkling glasses. You can hear how the seller inserts a cassette into the tape recorder, and soft music fills the space.
A specter is haunting the autumn park
Burning fires of fallen leaves,
You again you put your head on my shoulder. I know you more than once to do so, it will be your favorite pose, when we together. We were both young and we believe that we have ahead of eternity ...
And yesterday it was so hot,
And we have forgotten about the fall ...
It was too short, this eternity ...
Memory - a capricious thing. I have forgotten a lot since then. Too much time has passed, and I do not have any of your photos. I began to forget your face. I remember only a few details - your hazel eyes, your soft brown hair, a mole on his cheek, but it has ceased to be folded into an image, which is two short years has eclipsed everything to me. I started to forget your voice. I remember only a soft whisper in the dark, it is often my dream, but I can not make out the words. I began to forget the day of our separation. I only remember the tears in your eyes when you do something haltingly tried to explain to me, and I stood there and did not know anything except that you're leaving and we will never be able to see each other. But one fine autumn day, many years ago, the old park, strewn with fallen leaves, I still remember clearly, to the smallest detail.
And, most likely, will never be able to forget ...
The text used poetry unknown to me Sverdlovsk musical group

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